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separate pleasures


Here's my latest - this one is longer than what I've been writing. It also
goes a little more in depth and is definitely a change of pace for Diana
and Mike.

Hope you like it and as always - love to get your emails!

All my stories can be found at:

The following is a work of fiction. It contains sexual situations so if
you are offended by such material or are underage, please leave. No
reposting allowed without permission from the author.

Separate Pleasures By Mistress Diana

It was a warm summer day when I threw a bag into the back of my old Honda and prepared for the drive west to my convention. Other herbalists
were meeting for our annual convention, which would last the weekend. I
asked Mike if he wanted to go with me thinking it could be a little
getaway, but he didn't want to hang around 'us nature freaks'. I laughed
and kissed him good-bye and promised to call him when I got there.

I was looking forward to the drive since it would take me through
western New Mexico and southern Arizona. The convention was in Phoenix -
not the kind of place I wanted to be in the summer, but I didn't have much
choice. The conventions were usually very good and occasionally I got to
have a little 'fun'.

It was late morning and I was really into the easy rhythm of driving on
long desert highways, but the heat was really coming on. My air
conditioning was on full blast, but I was still hot. Then the unthinkable
happened - I saw the engine light come on and my car started to buck. I
pulled over and sure enough, steam began to spew out from underneath the
hood. My car sputtered to a stop and I found myself in the middle of
nowhere without a running vehicle.

I took a long swallow of water from my water bottle and realized it was
almost empty. No problem, I thought, that's what cell phones are for. I
picked it up and the dreaded words of: No Service greeted my gaze. I
cursed loudly and threw it down on the seat.

It was quickly getting hot in the car so I rolled down the windows to
let some air circulate. It was unbelievably hot and I started thinking I
should have left earlier to avoid the heat, but it was too late to think
about that. I sighed and got out of the car to scan the road.

I had broken down on a long stretch of the highway near the border of
Arizona and New Mexico. I could see mountains looming up in the distance,
but I didn't notice any towns nearby. I would have to rely on a passing
motorist to help me out.

During the next hour several cars passed, but none stopped. I began to
get angry and a little panicky. No way was I going to attempt walking. I
knew by the map it would take forever and by then I would be melted. I sat
in the car to get out of the sun for a bit and closed my eyes in despair.

Suddenly the quiet was broken by the sound of an engine, but I could
tell it was slowing down. I opened my eyes to see a small pickup truck
pull in behind me. Relieved as I was, I was so dizzy from the heat. I
looked in the side mirror and saw the door open followed by a dusty pair of
cowboy boots. Soon a compact body in jeans and loose shirt began to stride
up to my car.

"Having problems?" a voice asked.

I turned my head and looked out the window.

"Yes - I'm so glad you stopped. I've been out here an hour or so..."

"Engine overheat?"

"I guess so, I don't know much about cars," I said lamely.

"Well, pop your hood and I'll take a look."

I reached down and pulled the lever. My rescuer walked around to the
front of the car and I got a good look at him before he opened the hood.
He was about 5'7" with long, blonde hair with a bit of a wave to it. He
had a short blonde beard. I figured his eyes were blue, but he had
sunglasses on. His body was lean, tanned and muscular. I estimated him to
be about 25-26.

He spent a few minutes under the hood while I sat there dripping in
sweat. I could feel it running down between my breasts and under my arms.
I wanted to drink a gallon of water and take a cool shower. I could care
less about my car at that point. I started to drift off again until the
shutting of the hood startled me.

He walked over to the window again.

"I'm afraid it's the water pump."

"Shit," I said. I really didn't know what that meant but it didn't
sound good.

"I can give you a lift into town. My buddy has a garage and can come
out and tow your car."

"That would be great, thank you."

I reached behind me and grabbed my bag and opened the door. As soon as
I stepped out, the heat swelled up to meet me and the world started to sway
a bit. I felt very weak and suddenly I could feel myself started to go
into a swoon. The ground rushed up and I fell into the dust.

Almost immediately I felt myself being lifted up by a strong pair of
hands. I stumbled to my feet and clutched the arm of my once-again

"Are you ok?" he asked in a soft voice.

"I-I think so," I managed.

"Let's get into my truck and out of this heat."

He helped me over to his truck and I slid into the front seat. It was
running and the AC was on. Immediately the coolness hit my skin. He got
in next to me and handed me a bottle of water. I accepted it graciously
and began to greedily suck down the fluid.

"Good think I showed up when I did," he said as he put the truck into
gear and we sped off.

"Yes, thank you very much," I said between gulps. "By the way, my name
is Diana."

"Nice to meet you Diana. My name is Six."


"Yeah, I'm the youngest of six kids. It's a nickname."

I chuckled as he adjusted his sunglasses and we rolled over the hot
pavement into whatever town was next on the highway.


Mike got home from work early and thought he was going to enjoy some
time alone. Not that he ever minded being with Diana, but it was nice to
have the house to himself every once in a while. He quickly changed into a
pair of shorts, grabbed a beer and went into den to watch TV. It was
another scorching day so he turned up the AC and got comfortable.

After a few beers and a couple of hours of flicking through channels, he
started to get bored. Diana hadn't called yet and already he missed her a
little bit. He picked up the phone and punched in her cell phone number,
but there was no answer. Probably out with her new-age buddies, he thought
and hung up.

Invariably boredom led to horniness. He wandered over to the computer
and began to surf the Net for porn. Mike smiled when he got to the bondage
sites that Diana had book marked and remembered some of their previous
sessions with one of her many female subs. He started clicking on pictures
of women in some interesting positions and almost immediately his cock
began to twitch in his shorts. He reached down and started to rub it
almost unconsciously as he scanned the various pictures.

His hand moved inside his shorts and closed around his thickening cock
wishing Diana was there to take it into her mouth. Then the doorbell rang.

He removed his hand and jumped up wondering who it could be. His cock
softened a bit, but not enough to unnoticeable. Silently cursing, he
walked to the door and opened it a bit. Standing outside was his
neighbor's wife, Dawn. She looked distressed.

"Um, hi, Dawn," he said, hoping he wasn't noticing his semi hard-on.

"Hi, Mike. Sorry to bother you, but I have a problem."


"Steve is out of town and I can't get my AC working. I think it's a
really simple thing to do, but I just don't know how. Can you take a look
at it please?"

"Sure, I'll be right over. Just let me put some shoes on."

"Ok, thanks so much."

"No problem."

He shut the door and willed his cock to go back to normal, but it was
hard since Dawn was once one of Diana's slaves and he spent a weekend
fucking her. Since then, he rarely saw Dawn. No doubt Steve was enjoying
his horny wife. Diana said that they even had other women join them as
Dawn was discovering she had a bisexual side. He knew by experience that
Steve was a lucky guy.

Mike put on a t-shirt and sneakers and walked outside into the heat.
Dawn was waiting for him at the front door and he stepped inside their
house. Instantly he felt the stifling air engulf him.

"Shit, it is hot in here," he mumbled.

"Yes, I've been at work all day. I thought the AC would be running all
day, but it never came on."

"Alright, let's go downstairs and check it out."

She led him down the stairs to the basement, which was much cooler, and
opened the slider that led outside. The condenser unit was there and he
began to inspect it. He started sweating again almost immediately and kind
of wished he hadn't volunteered for this job, but he knew Dawn needed the
help. He tinkered around with it for a few minutes and finally got it
going. Dawn was relieved.

"What was it?" she asked.

"Loose wire. You should get it serviced soon so it doesn't keep

"I will. Thanks for your help."

"Anytime," he said and followed her back into the house.

When the got upstairs, the cool air was beginning to radiate throughout
the house.

"Can I offer a beer for your troubles?" she asked.

Mike almost said no as he felt a little uncomfortable around her. He
was getting an image of her with nipple clamps on her breasts and her mouth
filled with his cock. Quickly he tried to get the image out of his mind
otherwise his cock would act up again. He wasn't sure if Steve appreciated
him fucking his wife without permission and he knew it would happen if she
saw his cock getting hard.

But she was so grateful for what he just did; he decided to have one
beer to make her happy.


Six and me rolled into a small dusty town in the foothills during the
heat of the day. No one was about as the heat was relentless. Everything
seemed white from the glare. I felt much better from drinking the water,
but I still wanted a shower. And a nap. We pulled into his friend's
garage and he jumped out to talk to him. I stayed in the truck and

Six's t-shirt was tight across his back and I could see the muscles
rippling underneath. He was muscular without it being too noticeable. My
gaze moved down to his tight, firm ass and I unconsciously licked my lips.
I really needed to rest, I thought.

After a few minutes, he came back and got in the truck.

"Ok, here's the scoop. Dale says he can go out and tow you, but it will
take a while to get a new water pump. He doesn't have any for your car and
he'll need to call around."

I sighed, thinking I may not make this convention.

"Ok, well I appreciate the help. Is there a motel around here that I
can stay in until my car is back to normal?"

He laughed and I looked at him curiously.

"Nope, there's nothing around here. Even if there were, I wouldn't let
you. You can stay at my sister's house."

"Which number is she?" I asked, making a weak joke.

He laughed again and took off his sunglasses. His eyes were a brilliant
blue and I melted a bit.

"She's number two and her name is Emily. We'll go over there now."

We drove to the other side of the town, which only took us about five
minutes. Emily's house was a cute adobe structure surrounded by cactus and
sage bushes. I immediately liked it.

I slid out of the truck and felt my clothes sticking to me. I couldn't
wait to get under some cold water.

"She's not home - she's teaching today," he said as we stepped inside.

The cool air washed over me again and I looked around admiring the décor
of the place. It was cozy and very neat. I set my bag down on the floor
and looked around.

"Nice place, huh?" he said, watching me.

"Yeah it is. She lives here by herself?"

"Nope, I live here too," he said casually.

I raised my eyebrows but said nothing. I had no idea what he did for a
living but figured he couldn't afford a house of his own.

"Ok, there's the bathroom. I'm going with Dale to pick up your car.
I'll call Emily and tell her about you so she doesn't wig out when she gets
home. She'll be here in about an hour."

"Great, thanks again, Six," I said warmly.

He smiled at me and I melted a little more.

"Anything for a lady in distress."

And with that he went back out into the blinding white light.

No sooner then I heard his truck pull out did I go into the bathroom and
start the shower. I stripped off my sweaty clothes and stepped into the
cool water. I let out a long sigh as the coolness enveloped my body and
washed away the sins of the day.

Sometime later I was dozing in the comfortable rocking chair with a book
in my lap when Emily came in. I opened my eyes and looked at her standing
there. She was taller than Six and very slim. Her blond hair fell about
her shoulders and there was a big smile on her face. There was no doubt
she was his sister.

"Diana," she said brightly.

"Yup, that's me," I said starting to get up.

"You don't have to get up. I heard the heat got you."

"Yeah, it did. I'm so glad your brother came along when he did."

"That's Six. He's always helping out people," she laughed.

She set her book bag down and pushed back her long hair.

"Let's have some iced tea," she said walking to the kitchen.

The sound of that got my mouth watering again and I followed her. She
poured two tall glasses with ice and lemons and we sat at her kitchen table
and chatted. She told me she was divorced but had no kids. I think she
was around 40 by her looks. Six moved in after her husband left her and
they were very close. I asked a couple of cautious questions about him and
found out that he worked with Dale at the garage and no, he didn't have a
girlfriend. Not that it mattered to me, but I was just curious.

After another glass of iced tea, I started to notice the shadows
lengthening. I suddenly thought about Mike and figured I better call him
and let him know what happened.

"Can I use your phone? I have to call my boyfriend and let him know
where I am. My cell phone doesn't work out here."

"Sure, you can use the one in the living room," she said.

I went out there and dialed our number. It rang four times and went to
the answering machine. He was probably out with his buddies after work, I
thought and left him a message telling him what happened. I told him I
would try again later.

As I hung up, Six pulled in. I watched him walk up and again admired
his body. When he got closer I saw that we was covered with dirt and
grease. He came into the house and smiled at me.

"Well, we got your car and had a hell of a time getting the old pump
out. Dale is going to get your new one tomorrow so you should be ready to
go by tomorrow afternoon."

"Great, thanks again," I said a little gloomily. I was probably going
to miss most of the convention, so I figured I better just return home

"Well, I'm going to get cleaned up," he said as he made his way to the

I went back to the kitchen and watched Emily start dinner. She sensed
my gloominess at once.

"Not good, huh?" she asked.

"No, it looks like I won't get out of here until tomorrow afternoon, at
least. I think I'll just drive back home."

"Sorry to hear that. Well, at least while you're here, we'll try to
make it enjoyable for you."

"Thanks," I mumbled and drained the last of my tea. Soon I was going to
need something stronger, I thought.

Dinner was great. Emily was a great cook. I began to forget my
troubles and started to enjoy being in their company. Six spent the whole
dinner entertaining us with stories about his experiences working in
Phoenix. Apparently he hated big cities and it was evident by the stories he told. I was laughing hard and so was Emily even though she probably
heard them all before.

We were all drinking beer by then and I was feeling much better than I
had that afternoon.

"So, Diana, are you ready for some fun?" asked Six mischievously.

"What kind of fun?"

"I thought I'd take you down to the local watering hole for a few beers
and maybe a little dancing. It is Friday night after all."

My eyebrows raised in surprise at this suggestion. Emily smiled at me
and said nothing. She knew I had a boyfriend, but Six did not. I figured
I might as well - there was nothing better to do.

"Are you coming too, Emily?" I asked.

She shook her head.

"I'm going to visit a friend. Us 'old' folks like to sit in and drink
wine on Friday night."

I made a face and she laughed.

"You two have a good time."

So with that Six and I got ready to go out on the town. Emily whispered
to me that Six was a perfect gentleman and I had nothing to worry about. I
nodded at her and we stepped out into the warm night.

Jake's was your typical western bar and apparently the only place to go
on a Friday night for miles around. The place was packed. Six led me up
to the bar and we found a spot at the end. In no time we had two cold
beers in front of us. Since it was a small town, most people knew Six and
even who I was. I guess word traveled fast.

We spent the time just drinking and talking. I found him very easy to
talk to about anything, but I was purposely vague about the details of my
life. He didn't seem to mind and had no problem filling in the gaps in our
conversations with stories about himself. I began to lose myself a little
in his blue eyes and I wondered how his hair felt under my fingers.

I think he noticed me looking at him that way and I saw a faint blush
creep into his cheeks. He set his beer down and looked at me.

"Would you like to dance?" he asked suddenly.

I looked around and was immediately skeptical. I had no idea how to do
whatever dance they were doing out there. Loud country music was playing
and everyone was moving in synch across the dance floor.

"I'm not sure-"

He slid off the barstool and grabbed my hand and pulled me out to the
floor. I could see he was in his element.

"Now just watch and follow me. In no time you'll get the hang of it."


"Trust me," he said with a dazzling smile and I felt compelled to follow

He placed his hand on my left hip and took my right arm and began to
glide me around the floor with him. I gamely went along with it, not
wanting to disappoint him. My eyes crept upward and I watched the other
couples strutting across the floor. Most of the women were dressed much
better than me and I felt a little inferior in my simple jeans and white
cotton blouse. At least I remembered to bring my western boots.

Six was a patient teacher and in time we were sliding across the floor
to the music. I began to laugh and he let out a hoot.

"You're a natural!" he shouted over the din.

"Thanks," I said, smiling back at him.

In fact, I was enjoying it. I was also enjoying his hands on my hips. I
pushed aside thoughts of home and went with the moment.

The two of us danced along to the music for what seemed like an hour
before I finally needed a break. He pulled me back to the bar and ordered
us two more beers.

"How about a shot of something?" he asked.

"Um, like what?"

"I prefer tequila on a night like this," he grinned.

"And what kind of night is it?" I asked.

"One with many possibilities."

I narrowed my gaze at him and wondered exactly what he had in mind as he
ordered two tequila shots, but I said nothing. He handed me the glass and
lemon and we proceeded to do the ritual. The bitter liquid hit the back of
my throat and I almost choked. I grabbed the lemon and sucked on it hard.

I let out a loud 'Whew' and he laughed that easy laugh of his. He took
the glass and the lemon from my hands and placed them on the bar. The
music changed to a slow song and he looked into my brown eyes.

"Let's dance again," he said in a low husky voice.

I wasn't sure if I should, I could see things had changed subtly, but I
really wanted to and the expression on his face was telling me I should. I
nodded and followed him out to the dance floor.


"So where is Diana this evening?" Dawn asked as they sipped beers in her

"She's out of town at a convention. She'll be back on Monday."

"Oh," was all she said in reply.

Mike saw the situation looming in front of them. Both of their
significant others out of town for the weekend...

"She's an herbalist," he said, clearing his throat.

"Oh yeah? That's cool. I'll have to talk to her about a few things."

"She's pretty good, I guess," he said, laughing. "I don't know much
about it."

"It's a new age thing."


The silence closed in on them again. Mike drained his beer and decided
he better head home. Diana might be trying to call him. Besides, he felt
uncomfortable with Dawn. Although she looked unbelievably hot, he thought
that it wouldn't be a good idea to hang around much longer. A couple of
beers later, things could change.

He stood up.

"Well, thanks for the beer, I gotta go."

"No, thank YOU," she said, smiling at him.

"It was no problem."

She walked him to the front door and he opened it to the darkening sky.
It was still hot, but not as bad as before.

"See you around, I guess," he said lamely and walked outside.

He heard her phone ringing in the house and she quickly said good-bye
and shut the door.

Once back inside his own house, Mike let out a sigh and sunk down onto
the couch. It would have been so easy just to fuck her right there in the
kitchen, he thought. The whole time they sat there, her body language was
saying she wanted him. It was an effort not to give in.

Then he heard the beeping of the answering machine. He played the
message and heard Diana's voice telling him she was stuck in some little
town in Arizona and her car was dead, but not to worry, she had it under
control. She also said she was going to call back later.

He hung up feeling bad that her car broke down. He knew he should have
let her take his truck since it was newer, but she loved that little Honda
of hers. Of course she had everything under control. It was her nature.

Turning on the TV, Mike settled down with a fresh beer and began to
watch tv until he dozed off.

It was sometime later he woke up. His head felt fuzzy from the beer and
he realized he hadn't eaten anything in a while. He got to his feet, a bit
unsteadily, and padded out to the kitchen. Fifteen minutes later he was
out on the patio eating leftover spaghetti enjoying the night air. The AC
had made the house too stale.

As he sat there, he gradually became aware of voices coming from Dawn's
house. He stopped chewing and could hear two different female voices
talking from the direction of the pool. Then he heard a splash. He
resumed eating, wishing he had a pool too, until the curiosity got the
better of him and he crept over to the hedge that separated their yards.
Diana had found a good spying place and watched Dawn one day masturbate in
the sun. From there, things had got interesting.

Mike felt a little foolish, but there he was peering through the opening
in the hedge. He saw Dawn and another woman sitting by the edge of the
pool. It was hard to see in the dark and only a few candles lit the area
that they were in. But it was definitely light enough for him to see that
they were naked. He decided it was worth checking out so he crouched down
and got comfortable.

The other woman was a short blonde with big tits and, as he checked her
out, he felt a slight stirring of his cock within his shorts. As luck
would have it, they were beginning to caress each other and then their
bodies joined together in a kiss. Mike caught his breath as Dawn pushed
the blonde down on her back and began to seriously make out with her. He
could see that she was very aggressive, no doubt reveling in her newfound

The two women embraced on the towel spread beneath them. Dawn broke the
kiss and lowered her head to suck on the blonde's tits. He heard her moans
in the still night air and his cock stirred again and began to twitch.
Without even thinking he brought his hand down to rub himself. He almost
laughed thinking what he was doing was so adolescent, but he couldn't help

Dawn continued to slurp and suck the blonde's nipples and Mike would
have given anything to be closer to see them swell up in her mouth. Sweet
moans drifted across the yard to him and he slipped his hand inside his
shorts to stroke a little harder.

Eventually Dawn moved her body down and opened the blonde's legs.
Without ceremony she dived in and began to lick and suck her friend's
pussy. Mike could almost taste it from where he was. The blonde began to
moan and thrash around on the ground. Her hands reached up and squeezed
her full breasts over and over. Mike breathed harder and stroked faster.
His cock was fully engorged and throbbing in his hand. He wanted very much
to cum with this blonde and he silently urged them on.

Dawn's hands reached up under the blonde's ass and pulled her pelvis up
so she could lick harder. When she managed to get a couple of fingers into
the blonde's snatch, Mike almost shot his load right there.

"Oh my god! Yes, fuck me! Fuck meeeee!" the blonde cried.

"Oh yeah, I'll fuck you, you little cunt," Mike mumbled as he increased
his strokes.

He closed his eyes and paced himself along with the moans coming from
the next yard. Soon she was shouting she was going to cum and that was it
for Mike. He totally forgot himself and let out a long groan as he shot
his load into the bushes. At the same time the blonde was crying out that
she was cumming. Mike heard her and felt spurt after spurt eject from his
rock hard cock. He groaned again, not caring who heard. It felt so damn

Minutes later when he felt recovered; he stumbled into the house,
exhausted and spent. If Dawn and her friend were going for round 2, he'd
have to miss it. He fell into bed and was asleep in minutes.


I was swaying to some sappy country song with Six. He was holding me
closer than I thought was appropriate at the time, but I just went along
with it. My hands were at his back and I felt the hard muscles through his
thin shirt. He felt so good having this hard body next to me. His hands
had wandered down to my ass where they gave it a little squeeze. I
stiffened slightly and he murmured something into my hair, but I didn't
know what it was.

We went on like that for while longer and I softened my pose and eased
my body closer to him. It was exactly what he wanted, and his arms locked
around me even tighter. My head drooped on his shoulder and I felt drowsy
from the alcohol and the moment.

When the song ended, he pulled away slightly and whispered in my ear:
"let's get out of here."

I nodded and we walked of the dance floor hand in hand. I noticed a few
women giving us looks and figured he probably had broken a few hearts in
this little town at the foot of the mountains.

He was uncharacteristically silent as we walked to his truck. He opened
the door for me and I slid inside. Soon the engine roared to life and we
began to head out of town. The radio came on and he tuned it into some
classic rock.

As we headed into the desert, I could see the mountains silhouetted
darkly against the night sky. We had veered off the main road and onto a
bumpy dirt one.

"Hold on," he said as dropped it into four-wheel drive.

We bounced along the road and I was aware of the fact that I was with
someone I didn't know too well in the middle of nowhere.

"Six? Where are you taking us?"

"Almost there," he answered and swung onto another road.

I looked out and saw nothing for miles.

After another fifteen minutes of jostling around in his truck we came to
a stop. He killed the engine and suddenly it was quiet. The dust began to
settle around us and I saw that we were on top of a high plateau.
Stretching out before us was the valley we had just driven out of. I could
see the lights of his town far below.

"This is my escape place," he said simply.

"It's beautiful. You can see forever...and the stars..."

There was no moon that night and the amount of stars we could see was
phenomenal. I was awestruck. We were both quiet for a while as we took in
the beauty of it all. Finally he spoke.

"There's something about you, Diana. I can't put my finger on it..."


"Yeah. You have this 'edge'. I'm not sure what it is. What else do
you do beside the herb thing?"

I laughed.

"What's so funny?"

"You really want to know?"

"Yeah, I do. Tell me."

I took a deep breath. I wasn't sure why I was hesitant to tell him, but
I was.

"I'm a dominatrix," I said at last.

He turned to face me.

"No shit!" he said, laughing.

I laughed with him.


"Wow. I knew this chick in Phoenix that was one. She was intense."

"Did you have an experience with her?" I asked.

"Hell yeah. It was great. Freaky at first, but great."

I chuckled softly and was surprised that he had experienced it.

"So you get dressed up in leather and tie up guys and shit?" he asked.

"Well, not exactly. All my subs have been women."

"Women? So you're a..." he didn't finish.

"No, I'm not a lesbian if that's what you were asking. I'm bisexual. I
like men too; I just have never dominated one." I took a deep breath. "I
have a boyfriend, Six. He participates."


We were silent again. An Allman Brothers song played softly on the
radio and I swore I saw a shooting star. Then he spoke:

"I need to take a piss. I'll be right back."

He left the truck and walked a distance away from it. I sat there
wondering what was going to become of the night. I knew deep down that I
wanted him. Not to dominate, but just have. I pictured his body above
mine, muscles rippling. I sighed heavily and stepped out of the truck and
went around to the front to stare at the sky. I leaned against the grill
and got lost in the depths of what I was seeing. After a few minutes, I
heard Six walk back and he joined me. He leaned next to me and his arm
almost touched mine, but not quite.

We stood that way for a while - not saying a word and just enjoying the
night sky. I felt my eyes close as I lay against the truck feeling the
heat from the engine and the heat from the ground. Then, ever so slightly,
Six closed his hand over mine.

That was all I needed. The tenseness of the situation finally got to
me. I had to have him and I had to have him now. I turned to him.



"Kiss me."

He turned his body to me and pulled me close to him and pushed his lips
to mine with such intensity, it took my breath away. He parted my mouth
easily with his tongue and forced his way inside. I accepted him without
question and swirled my tongue around his. His arms went around me and
held me so tight I couldn't move, but I didn't care. The longer we kissed,
the hotter it got. His hands began to roam along my sides, hips and
finally my ass. When he grabbed me and began to squeeze I heard him moan
deep in his throat. My own hands were gripping his biceps and enjoying the
hardness there.

At last he broke away and we were both breathing hard. We had crossed
the point of no return now, I thought. I leaned against the truck and
reached out to rub the bulge that had formed underneath his jeans. As my
hand pressed the hardness through the rough denim, I could feel that he had
a good-sized cock in there. With my other hand, I pulled him towards me
again. He wanted to kiss me, but I tilted my head back and exposed my neck
to him. He began to lick it and then lightly suck. My hand was busy
stroking and squeezing his cock. His groans increased each time I did

When his mouth got to the tops of my breasts, he pulled the front of my
blouse so hard, the buttons ripped off one by one. Suddenly my front was
exposed to the night air. He grabbed my arms and spread them out wide to
the sides of me and held them there. I tilted my head back even further
and pushed my breasts out for him. He began to suck on my nipples through
the thin material of my bra. I moaned and thrust my pelvis out as well,
letting him have his way with me completely.

When he let go of my arms, I kept them in the same spread position. He
grunted and pushed up my bra to find my nipples were hard little points. I
almost died when he sucked them into his mouth. His hands were cupping my
breasts from underneath and pushing them together. Back and forth his
mouth went, sucking and licking and gently biting. I didn't have to urge
him on or direct him to my pleasures. He knew exactly what to do.

He lifted his head from my breasts and looked up at me.

"Spread your legs."

I complied with his request and he thrust his hand between them and
rubbed my already throbbing pussy through my jeans. I gasped from the
intensity and my body began to tremble all over.

"Oh, Six...fuck yes..."

He quickly undid my jeans and unzipped me for better access. Soon his
hand was inside my pants and parting my wet lips. He roughly pushed his
fingers into my slit and rubbed hard. My clit popped out and he found
that. Satisfied with that, he went back to my nipples and sucked them very
hard until it was on the verge of hurting, but not quite.

Leaning against the truck in the middle of the desert, I looked up at
the night sky and was soon lost in the stars. My body was on fire by this
wonderful man and I knew I was fast approaching the brink.

We said nothing to each other as he fucked me with his fingers. I was
moaning softly and moving my head back and forth and he let out the
occasional grunt, but there was just no need to say anything. He knew how
to please me and I was content.

He began to sense my approaching orgasm and began to thrust harder. I
thrust my hips at him again and again, riding his fingers. I wanted
something larger there, but I figured that would come later. For now I was
at the mercy of his rough fingers and his rougher mouth. My arms bent and
my hands sought his head so at last I could clutch that blonde hair. And
then it started.

"Ohhhhhh...I'm cumming...soooooo..."

I couldn't finish. Suddenly the night exploded around me and I came
very, very hard. Six's fingers continued to pump me and I knew they were
now coated with my cum. I screamed and cried out over and over as he kept
it up. I didn't want it to ever end.

But eventually it did. Slowly he withdrew his fingers from my pussy and
he lifted his head from my breasts. I was breathing very hard as I watched
him lick my juices from his fingers. My legs were weak and I could hardly
stand. As he watched me, he unzipped his jeans to free his cock. It
sprung to life and when I reached out to touch it, I felt the precum
already oozing out.

He pushed my hand away gently and told me to take my pants off. I
kicked off my boots and pushed my jeans and panties down and stepped out of
them. My blouse and bra were still on, but in disarray. I went to remove
them but he took hold of my arms and spun me around.

"Bend over and hold on to the truck. I want you from behind."

I said nothing and went along with him. I bent at the waist and grabbed
a hold of the grill and spread my legs wide for him. He moved behind me
and pushed his cock into my wetness with ease. He groaned softly and I
heard him say "so wet" very softly.

I braced myself and he began to thrust in and out of me. His body
leaned over mine and one hand sought my breast where it squeezed gently.
Gradually his rhythm increased and he thrust harder and harder. My breasts bounced all over the place and I thought my pussy would split in two from
his size and intensity. I kept pushing back at him so he'd go deeper and
he did. He was bumping up against my cervix with his deep thrusts. I was
panting with the effort and tried to hold on the best I could.

His hands were wrapped around my ass and he used that leverage to ram me
against his cock. It was all I could do to keep up with him. Then
suddenly he stopped and let out a long groan. Although he didn't say it, I
knew he was cumming. I could feel his cock twitching inside me and my
pussy muscles milked it. He spent himself inside of me.

Slumping over me, he kissed my back and murmured something, but I
couldn't hear. I was overwhelmed by the whole situation. It was so

At last he withdrew and I felt the cum oozing out of my pussy. He got
down on his knees and began to lick all of it. His tongue traveled up and
down my thighs and across my swollen lips until at last I was clean of the
all the cum from our fucking. I stood up and turned around to see his
semi-hard cock and I knew I wanted to do the same thing for him. I got
down on my knees and licked our sweetness from him.

When I finished I stood up and put my jeans and boots on. He zipped up
and I tried to arrange my blouse so it covered me.

"Sorry about the blouse," he said. "I guess I got carried away."

"Don't worry, I have others back at your sister's house."

We both climbed in the truck and settled in for the ride back to town.
No further words were spoken.

When we got back to Emily's house, it was dark and her car wasn't there.
I asked Six about it and he told me she probably crashed at her friend's
house. Sometimes it was easier to just stay put when you've been drinking
and doing whatever else.

The ride home had been strange. After all the talking Six had done all
evening, it seemed uncharacteristic of him. I wondered what he was
thinking, but didn't ask. We went inside and he went to the kitchen to get
some water for us. I pulled a t-shirt out of my bag and slipped it on. I
would have to find all new buttons for that blouse, I thought.

He gave me the glass of water and showed me Emily's room.

"You can crash there," he said. "I'm heading off to bed."

I looked at him, but his face gave away nothing. There was no hint of
the passion that was there before. It was like he turned it off after we

"Ok then," I said lamely. "Uh, thanks for, um, everything. I'll see
you in the morning."


And with that he climbed the stairs to the loft and went to sleep.

I felt confused and somewhat used, but we both knew that nothing would
come of this, so maybe he was right to be that way. But still...

I shook my head and got myself ready to go to bed. Suddenly I was very
tired from the long day I had. I shed my clothes and climbed into Emily's
soft bed and drifted off to sleep.


Mike woke suddenly from a deep sleep. He wasn't sure what woke him up,
but he saw by the clock that it was 1am. He lay there in the dark for a
while and then he heard the music coming from Dawn's house. Because it had
cooled down, he had the bedroom window open for some fresh air.

He sat up in bed and looked out the window. Lights were on next door
and the music was a bit loud. He sighed and got up. Pulling on his
shorts, he padded downstairs for a drink of water.

As he stood there by the sink, he could hear Dawn's high-pitched
laughter and wondered what she was up to. He also wondered if her friend
was still over there. Maybe he would just walk over and ask them to turn
the music down. It wouldn't hurt and then he could get a better look at
that blonde. So against his better judgment, he walked next-door wearing
nothing but his shorts.

When he rang the doorbell all of the laughter stopped and Dawn opened
the door with a look of surprise on her face. He looked in and saw that
she was wearing next to nothing. She had on a skimpy t-shirt that just
barely covered the panties she had on underneath. He didn't see the

"Mike! What are you doing here?"

"Well, I was wondering if you could turn the music down. It's kinda

Dawn laughed a little and he could see that she was a bit drunk.

"Oh, I'm so sorry," she apologized.

Mike didn't think she sounded sincere about it though.

"I don't mean to be a pain about it, but it woke me up."

He shifted uncomfortably in front of her door and then a smile lit up
her face.

"Why don't you come on in and join us? Now that you're awake..."

Mike looked at her again and saw her nipples poking through her shirt and swallowed hard.


"Yeah, my friend Jasmine is here. You'd like her, she's real nice."

Before he could answer, she was literally pulling him inside. Suddenly
there he was in the house and Jasmine was walking down the hallway.

"Dawn? Who's there?"

"It's my neighbor, Mike. You remember me telling you about him?"

Jasmine came into full view and Mike got an eyeful. She was completely

"Um, maybe this isn't a good time..." he stammered.

"Don't be silly, Mike," Dawn said slyly. "After all, we're pretty close
neighbors, aren't we?"

"Well, yeah, but-"

Dawn stepped close to him and looked up into his eyes.

"Mike, you fucked me, remember? I think that makes us pretty close."

She reached for his hand and guided him down the hallway into the living
room. Jasmine followed and Mike couldn't keep his eyes off her large
breasts bouncing as she walked. She was a total knockout from her long
blonde hair, to her slim waist and full ripe ass. He felt his cock
stirring again in his shorts.

When they got the living room, Dawn wasted no time and pressed herself
to Mike and sought his lips with hers. She kissed him hard and tried to
force her tongue inside his mouth. He backed away a little.

"Come on, Mike. Don't be shy. You know I've been looking forward to
fucking you again since that weekend."

"Yeah, but what about your husband..."

"Fuck him," she said in a harsh voice. "He's never here anyways."

Mike looked at Dawn and then to Jasmine. An opportunity like this may
never present itself again, he thought. Maybe just a little fooling
around. No one needed to know...

Dawn saw him gradually beginning to cave and she seized the moment to
feel the growing bulge in his shorts. She smiled and knelt down in front
of him, lowering his shorts at the same time. His full nine inches sprang
into view.

"Jasmine, get over here. Look at him!"

Jasmine came over and knelt beside Dawn.

"Wow, he's huge," she said.

So then it started. As Mike stood there, both women began to fondle his
cock. At first they used their fingers to tease him, then they began to
lick his hardening shaft. He couldn't believe what was happening but he
certainly wasn't going to end it. He pushed out his pelvis a bit and Dawn
engulfed his cock in her mouth as Jasmine kneaded his balls.

"Oh fuck, you two...that is so hot," he gasped.

Dawn and Jasmine took turns licking and sucking his cock. They passed
it back and forth between their hot mouths and Mike felt like he died and
went to heaven. They were teasing him, though. He knew they didn't want
him to cum yet so eventually they stopped.

Dawn stood up and removed her t-shirt and panties. Mike took in the
sight of her body and thought he was going to explode with the two of them

"You can fuck Jasmine first," she said. "Well, how do you want it
Jasmine? You want to ride that big cock of his?"

"Oh yeah," she giggled.

Mike sat down on the couch and spread his legs wide. His cock was
practically standing straight up, he was so hard. Jasmine came over to him
and straddled his cock, but she was facing away from him. Mike groaned as
he watched her ass come into view. Then her pussy settled down on his
cock. She was very wet inside and he wondered what the two of them had been
doing since he saw them by the pool.

His hands reached around the front of her and pulled her back so she was
almost resting against him. She used her hands to support herself and he
began to thrust slowly.

"Oh fuck Dawn, he's filling me..." she moaned.

Dawn smiled and moved next to them on the couch.

"Mike, feel Jasmine's tits. They're very squeezable," she giggled.

Mike reached up and squeezed her big mounds. Jasmine moaned louder.

"Oh yeah, nice and big," he grunted. He kept squeezing them and
occasionally he pulled on her fat, hard nipples.

Dawn moved her head so that her face was right over Jasmine's pussy.
She watched Mike's cock sliding in and out of it. Jasmine was incredibly
wet and Dawn wanted a taste. She lowered her face down to lick Jasmine's
protruding clit. Her nub was very hard and she sucked it like a little
cock. Jasmine screamed in pleasure. Dawn's hand went around Mike's shaft
each time it slid out of Jasmine and it was very slick. Her expert tongue
lapped around Jasmine's clit and then began to lick Mike's cock. Back and
forth she went, driving both of them crazy.

Mike lay there squeezing Jasmine's tits as she rode him harder and
faster. Her moans were filling the room and Mike could feel her on the
brink of cumming. Her pussy was gripping his cock tightly and he tried
mightily not to cum, wanting to save himself for Dawn, but when she started
to scream out she was cumming, he couldn't hold back.

"Oh fuck, I'm gonna cum too," he yelled.

Both of them were yelling and Mike felt his cock release deep into her
cunt. Then they both stopped moving as Jasmine's pussy throbbed all around
him. He relaxed his muscles and laid back, spent for the moment. Jasmine
slid off his cock with a squelch and he saw that it was covered with their
cum. Dawn also saw this and immediately knelt between Mike's legs when
Jasmine moved aside. She took him completely in her mouth and licked the
cum that had coated his cock and balls. After she got every drop, she
pulled Jasmine close for a kiss.

"Now you gotta do me, baby," she purred to Jasmine. "My cunt is
dripping for you."

Mike watched as the two hot women took their places on the floor. Dawn
lay on her back with her legs spread while Jasmine knelt near her pussy.

"Yeah, eat me out. Make me cum all over your face," she breathed.

Jasmine lowered her face to Dawn's pussy and began to lick her moist
slit up and down. With each long lick of her pink tongue, Dawn moaned and
squirmed around a little. Jasmine pressed her tongue against her friend's
slit and pushed her puffy lips aside. Mike decided to help them out and
got on the floor next to Dawn. His hand enclosed one of her breasts and
began to squeeze and tweak the nipple. Dawn closed her eyes and sighed.

"Oh god, Mike. Don't just squeeze them - lick them...bite them."

Mike grinned and brought his mouth down on one juicy nipple and began to
suck it into his mouth.

"Yes! Harder!"

He complied with her wishes and sucked it harder into his mouth. By
this time her snatch was completely soaked. Jasmine pushed two fingers
into it and began to fuck her.

"Ohhhhhhhh...yesssss," she moaned over and over again. "Fuck me with
those fingers!"

As Jasmine pumped her fingers in and out of Dawn, she began to slap her
clit lightly. That brought louder moans from Dawn. Mike continued his
assault on her tits, biting the nipples hard and watching her cry out in
ecstacy. Suddenly she clutched his head and began to buck her hips up and

"Oh fuck, I'm gonna cum," she panted. "I'm gonna cum all over your
face, Jasmine, so suck me!"

As Mike wrapped his teeth around the hard nub of her nipple she screamed
out and began to thrash around. They both held on to her as she came in
long, ragged bursts. Mike thought she was going to go on forever.

But eventually she calmed down. Jasmine crawled on top of her and began
to kiss her tenderly and caress her. Mike watched the two of them and
slipped away to find his shorts. It was time to call it a night.

He went back to his own house and collapsed into bed. It was pretty
late, but he knew he could sleep in. Just before he slipped into dreamland
he realized Diana never called back.


I awoke with a start and went through that moment of confusion when you
don't know where you are. Then I remembered where I was and relaxed. I
was in Emily's bed. I got up and looked out the window. Six's truck was
gone. I was all alone.

Sighing, I put some clothes on and went into the kitchen. I felt a
little weird poking around, but I really wanted coffee. I hunted
everywhere, but couldn't find any. There was a coffee maker on the kitchen
counter, so I knew someone drank coffee. I guess they were just out of it.
Settling for orange juice, I drank a glass of that and decided a shower was
in order.

Minutes later I was under the warm water. Being out in the desert, the
morning was cool, but I didn't mind. I let the warmth envelop me as I
thought back to the night before. The whole thing seemed a little surreal
as I thought about it in the light of day. A little guilt crept in as I
thought about Mike. Then I remembered that I forgot to call him back. I
cursed a little and told myself to call him after my shower.

I heard the front door shut and I wondered if that was Emily returning
from her friend's. No doubt Six was already helping Dale get my car in
order. I silently prayed for them to finish quickly so I could get out of
there. I didn't want to spend an awkward day around him and his sister.

Then I heard the bathroom door creak open. I froze, not used to
strangers entering the bathroom while I was in there. I opened the shower
door a crack and saw Six standing there with two coffee cups and a big grin
on his face.

"Oh, it's you..."

"And you were expecting someone else?" he asked.

"Well, I, uh." Then I started laughing.

I watched his gaze lower to try to see the rest of me. His face
suddenly got serious and he set the cups down.

"You better shut the door, you're getting water on the floor."

"Um, yeah. You're right."

I shut the door with a frown and began to soap my body up. But I didn't
hear him leave. I turned and saw that he was shedding his clothes. Then
he approached me and opened the door and slid inside. He pulled me close
and kissed me tenderly as the water cascaded over the both of us.


I said nothing and slid my hands around his waist to pull him closer.
His cock pressed against my leg and it was already getting hard. I reached
down to squeeze it in my soapy hand. He groaned softly.

"Diana," said again. "Last night..."

I silenced him with a kiss.

"Let's not go there - we got carried away."

"Yes, but you deserve to be worshipped. Not used like last night." He
kissed me again. "God, you're so beautiful...and sexy."

He pulled me so tight to him and our bodies melted against each other.
My legs felt weak from his kisses and the warmness of the water. He broke
away to squeeze some liquid soap in his hands. He rubbed them together to
make some lather and began to soap up my breasts. His hands enclosed them
and rubbed them gently, smearing them with the soap. His caresses were so
tender after the rough treatment last night. My arms dropped to my sides
and I shut my eyes.

He continued to do that for a while and then he moved down to my stomach
and hips. The massaging had a hypnotic effect on me and I drifted a little
bit. I almost didn't notice when he stopped. I slowly opened my eyes and
gazed at him with hooded lids.

"Turn around," he said softly.

I did as he asked and he began to work his magic on my shoulders. His
hands slid over them and he pressed and squeezed my muscles. I felt myself
loosen even more, if that was possible. I was already feeling like jelly.
Then he made his way to my back and my sides. Up and down went his hands,
squeezing and pressing. I was facing the shower door and my hands were
pressed against it to prop me up. As his hands went even lower, I felt
myself leaning forwards so I could push my ass out to him.

He knelt down in the spray and began to soap my ass. His hands massaged
and squeezed me and I couldn't help but moan. He worked the flesh there
before going to my thighs and then down to my calves. I was in complete
and utter ecstacy.

"Spread your legs, my sweet," he said.

I opened my legs to him. His hand reached up and caressed my pussy so
gently. I sighed deeply and moved slightly against his hand. When he
slipped a finger inside he told me how wet it was and it wasn't from the

He gently massaged my clit and I felt little shivers go through my body.
Then he stood up.

Without a word I felt the tip of his cock pressing against my pussy.
Gently he nudged in and my lips opened to take him. He slid inside easily,
but he did it very slow so I could feel every inch. I groaned and pressed
my breasts forward so they were mashed against the door. I felt the
coolness from the glass radiate through my nipples and they got very hard.

Six placed his arms along mine and closed his hands over mine. After a
minute we got a rhythm going and it felt delicious. His cock slid in and
out of me in long forceful strokes. My legs were spread wide and his knees
were keeping them open. His whole body was pressed against the back of
mine so I was basically pinned by him. Not that I minded the least.

We rocked and grunted and moaned. My breasts rubbed against the door
and it sent shockwaves throughout my body. I felt myself getting close and
I told him. He responded by lowering his hands to cup my breasts and
squeeze them gently. That was too much for me and I came in a long,
rolling wave. It wasn't an earth-shattering orgasm, but a nice feeling
washed over me.

After I calmed down, he pulled out.

"Did you cum?" I asked, not thinking that he did.

"Not yet, but don't worry. Just stay in that position."

I stood there, arms and legs spread, pressed against the door and
waited. Then I felt his cock pressing against the crack of my ass. I
smiled as I knew what he wanted and I was very willing to give it to him.

He pulled my asscheeks apart and gently eased himself in. I grunted as
my ass began to fill with his cock and I relaxed so I could fully take him.
When he got all the way inside, I felt his pubic hair brush my ass.

"Oh fuck, that's so tight," he moaned. "I'm going to fuck this sweet
ass of yours."

And fuck he did. His hands gripped my ass firmly and he used it to push
and pull me against his cock. He was firm, but not too rough and it didn't
take long before he began to moan that he was cumming. I braced myself
against the door and after one final thrust he cried out.

"Oh yes! Oh god yesssssssssss!"

He leaned over me and nipped my ear as he spurted his seed deep within
my ass.

When his breathing returned to normal, he pulled out and washed us both
off. He shut off the water and stepped out to get towels for us. His face
was very flushed as we dried off, but he had a huge smile of content on it.
I smiled back at him and watched him ruffle his blonde hair. He was
unbearably cute just then and leaned over to kiss him.

"What's that for?"

"Just because," I said smiling.

He wrapped the towel around his waist and handed me the coffee. It had
cooled down, but it was delicious.

"Well, I hate to leave you, darlin', but I have to get your car fixed.
Dale should be back to the garage soon.

"Ok, I won't stop you."

He kissed me again and went up to his room to get dressed. Feeling very
satisfied, I wondered if I could go back to sleep for a while, since I had
nothing better to do. I crept back into bed and dozed off. I was dimly
aware of Six leaving before I fell back to sleep. Once again, I forgot to
call Mike. +++

Mike woke up late and hard. Images of the night before flooded his mind
and made his cock painfully hard. He started to feel guilty and decided to
just get up and take a piss. That usually made it go away.

After a shower and some coffee he felt human again and decided to wash
his truck. It was warm out, but not as hot as the day before. As he
pulled the hose out, he occasionally glanced next door, but there weren't
any signs of life to be seen. No doubt the two of them were sleeping off
their hangovers.

He went about the business of cleaning his truck but he couldn't get the
images of Jasmine ass bobbing up and down on his cock or of Dawn screaming
and writhing on the floor as he bit her tits. He had to admit it was
pretty hot.

Eventually he finished and started to wind the hose back up. Just then,
Dawn's door opened and out they came. They were both dressed in impossibly
short shorts and halter-tops. He was starting to feel like he was in a
porno movie.

"Hi Mikey," Dawn said, waving.

Her and Jasmine giggled. He waved back.

"Hi there."

They sauntered over to where he was and he couldn't help noticing how
Jasmine was spilling out of her top. He wondered if he could take any more
of it that day.

"So what are you up to today, Mikey?" Dawn asked.

He cringed inwardly when she called him that. He hated that name.

"Um, just washed the truck. Other than that, not much."

"We want to let you know we had a spectacular time last night," Dawn
said, edging closer to him.

"Um, yeah, well just don't tell Steve. He might not like that."

"Oh, I don't care about that."

"Well, whatever."

He finished with the hose and stood there and looked at them. The
darkness of Jasmine's nipples was showing clearly through her top and he
felt a little uncomfortable again.

"We have a question for you, Mike."


"Can Jasmine and I play in Diana's dungeon?"

He wasn't expecting that one.

"Uh, I don't think she'd like that. I don't even go down there that

"We won't break anything, we promise."

"I don't know..."

Dawn smiled sweetly at him. "Come one...let's have some more fun. You
know you want to."

To demonstrate her sincerity, she moved close to him and started to rub
her hands all over his bare chest.

"I never got to feel your cock inside me," she purred.

Mike couldn't believe it was happening again. And exactly on cue, his
cock stirred again. He looked over at Jasmine and she was smiling at him
and rubbing her nipples through her top.

"We better go inside. I don't want all the other neighbors gawking at
us," Mike said, pulling away from Dawn.

The three of them stepped inside into his cool house. Dawn immediately
went to the basement door and opened it.

"Come on, Jasmine. You're gonna love this."

She followed Dawn down the stairs, and Mike went along too, closing the
door behind him. When they all got downstairs, Dawn began to show Jasmine
all of Diana's toys and devices. Jasmine's eyes went wide when she saw all
the whips and ropes.

"Wow. You spent a weekend down here?" she asked Dawn.

"Yup. It was fucking great."

"Not at first," Mike reminded her.

"Yes, well I had no idea what she had in store for me, but by the last
day I didn't want it to end. I've been dying to come back since then."

Dawn picked up a whip and looked at Mike.

"So does she ever tie you up?"

"Nope. It's not her thing."

"Really? Just women?"


"Ever fantasize about it though?"

"Not really."

Dawn glanced briefly at Jasmine and back to Mike.

"How about letting us tie you up?"

"Uh, I don't know..."

"Oh come on...Mikey."

He noticed a subtle change in her and wondered exactly what she was up

"We shouldn't even be down here," he said taking a step back from her.

Jasmine came over and the two of them began backing him up to the bed.
He couldn't believe how aggressive they were becoming. He was getting a
little nervous, but at the same time it was exciting.

"We'll be gentle, we promise," Dawn said with a glint in her eye.

And with that they pushed him down on the bed and began to kiss and
caress him all over. He shut his eyes as two pairs of lips glided over his
bare chest and four hands touched him all over. His cock throbbed and
started to grow and once again he gave in.

Dawn sensed it and grabbed some ropes as Jasmine kept him occupied. Her
firm breasts pressed against his chest as she licked and sucked his neck.
Dawn knelt on the bed and grabbed one arm and quickly tied to the bedpost.
Jasmine did the same to the other arm. Next, they yanked off his shorts
and tied his feet. Before he realized what had happened to him, he was
tied spread-eagle to the bed. His cock rose in excitement.

They got off the bed and stood before him.

"Well, look at him now. I wonder what we should do with him," Dawn

"Of course we have to tease him," answered Jasmine.


Dawn stepped over to Jasmine and began to rub her full breasts through
her thin top. Then she lowered her head to take one nipple in her mouth.
As she sucked Jasmine looked at Mike.

"I bet you wish you were doing this, don't you?" she asked. "I've seen
you looking at them today. You want to suck my tits, huh?"

Mike found that his mouth went dry.

"Yes, I want to suck them - very much," he rasped.

She threw her head back and laughed. Dawn lifted her head and they both
looked down at Mike. He pulled at his binds, but they were tight. He
wasn't going anywhere.

Without a word they joined him on the bed and kneeled on either side of
him. They both removed their tops and their breasts spilled into his view.
He licked his lips. Dawn leaned over his body, avoiding his cock and began
to kiss Jasmine passionately. Their tongues swirled against each other and
he could see them doing it and it drove him crazy. They pressed closer and
began to rub their full breasts against each other. Mike let out a long
groan and thought he would cum right then and there.

Jasmine broke the kiss and proceeded to unzip her shorts and wriggle out
of them. Looking at Mike she straddled his body and pushed her full tits into his face. He smiled as she guided one fat nipple to his mouth and
sucked eagerly.

"Oh my..." she gasped.

Mike had been dying to get his mouth around those nipples and he sucked them hard - going from one to the other. As she leaned over him moaning,
Dawn got behind her and began to push a finger into her ass.

She screeched with that new sensation and began to rub her pussy furiously.

"Why don't you let you let me lick that pussy of yours," Mike suggested.

She lifted up from his face and moved her body up so that her cunt was
positioned over him.

No sooner than her sweet lips touched his face, than his mouth opened
and his tongue came snaking out. He had much more experience eating pussy than Dawn did and he was going to give Jasmine one hell of a licking. He
slid his tongue expertly along her shaved lips and began to pull them into
his mouth where he sucked hard. Jasmine moaned opened her legs wider,
going down lower. Mike responded by thrusting his tongue deep into her
cunt and then moving up to her clit. When he found it, he sucked hard,
pulling it and nibbling on it slightly.

"Oh my god!" she cried.

Mike smiled and swirled his tongue around and around her hot cunt,
lapping the juices that were flowing so freely now. Her hands were
gripping the bedpost as she rocked against his tongue. Her moans were loud
and ragged as Mike tongued her sweet pussy closer and closer to release.

She began to writhe on top of him and shamelessly hump his face, as she
was lost in her own pleasure. Mike never let up and continued to fuck her
with his tongue, tasting her nectar.

At last she cried out that she was cumming and he felt her cum flooding
his face. He drank her down, loving the taste and she rode him until she
couldn't move anymore. When she finally finished and moved away, his face
was covered with her juices.

She looked at Dawn.

"Oh fuck, you have to try that. He's incredible."

Dawn laughed went over to Mike. She was naked now and he could see she
was shaved as well. Before she straddled him, she bent over to lick
Jasmine's cum from his face. He shivered a little as she did that - it was
very erotic.

"Ok, well let's see how good he is," she said as she spread her legs.

Unlike Jasmine, she was faced the opposite way. She nestled down on his
face and he proceeded to do to her what he did so well to Jasmine. Within
minutes she was into it and her moans were equally as loud as Jasmine's.
Occasionally she leaned forward so she could lick the tip of his cock.
That only made him suck and lick her harder. She wiggled and moved all
around him so he could get every bit of her sweetness. She even moved so
he could lick her asshole, which drove her wild with desire.

Mike never let up and soon she had a loud and long orgasm like her
friend. She rocked on his face and came very hard before collapsing on the
bed next to him. Jasmine quickly came over and licked Mike's face so she
could taste Dawn.

After a while, the two of them left him and went upstairs to get
something to drink. He lay there, tightly tied and tried to relax. o His
cock started to soften and go limp. It was just as well; he had been so
hard it hurt. He wished he had jacked off that morning so it wouldn't have
been so painful. He shut his eyes and wondered what Diana would have
thought had she seen the three of them.

Some minutes later, they came back. They ignored him at first and began
to look through Diana's toys. He heard a squeal of delight when they found
her strap-on. His cock twitched again as he pictured the two of them using
that on each other.

Dawn strapped it on and went over to him and untied his legs and arms.
He rubbed his wrists and stretched his muscles a bit.

"Ok, get on your hands and knees," she commanded.


"You heard me, turn over and get on all fours."

He shrugged and did what she asked. He didn't want to get her pissed
off - she seemed too unpredictable. When he was in the correct position,
Jasmine tied his wrists to the bedpost again and pushed his head down.
Suddenly his ass was high in the air and exposed and he realized what was
going to happen.

"You ever been fucked in the ass before?" she asked.

"Not by one of those," he answered. "Just fingers."

"Well, there is a first time for everything."

He started to panic a little, knowing how big that dildo was.

"Don't worry, I'm lubing it now as we speak. You're gonna love it,
trust me."

He groaned and shut his eyes thinking he trusted her way too much
already and that's why he was in that predicament.

"Ok, here goes," she said.

He felt the tip of the dildo pressing against his asshole and he tried
to relax. She pushed it more and inch by excruciating inch until she got
it inside him. He began to sweat from the pressure it was exerting on his
muscles, but it actually began to feel good. When she was all the way in,
she stopped to allow him to adjust. He took a deep breath and she began to
slide it back out all the way to the tip.

The next thrust wasn't as gentle and he cried out as she pushed it in.
He kept telling himself to relax. She began to pull it out again and when
she got to the tip, she stopped.

"Jasmine, sweetie, I think you should suck his cock, don't you?"

"Oh yes, good idea."

She scooted underneath him and took his semi-hard cock into her mouth
and began to lick the cockhead. Dawn resumed her fucking and slid the
dildo back in. Mike let out a groan and squeezed his eyes shut and tried
to concentrate on Jasmine's mouth enveloping his cock in her wetness.

Dawn started to get the hang of it and her hands firmly grasped his ass
as she began to rock her hips back and forth. Jasmine took Mike into her
mouth and deep throated him as best she could.

"Oh shit...yes...." He moaned.

Never had he experienced pleasure like that. His ass was full of this
dildo and his cock was being sucked expertly by the hot little blonde bitch. He was totally at the mercy of them and it only drove him closer to

"Oh...don't stop, suck my cock..."

"Yes, Jasmine, suck him off. I want him to cum all over your pretty

Jasmine increased the intensity of her sucking and Dawn fucked him
harder and harder. The feelings were incredible as his ass was filled with
her fake cock. He loved the feeling of her thrusts and it only made his
cock push deeper into Jasmine's hot mouth. He began to feel his
self-control fall away and he thought of nothing but the feelings in his
ass and on his cock.

He tossed his head from side to side and moaned uncontrollably. Neither
of them let up and suddenly he saw white as his cock exploded into
Jasmine's mouth. She gagged on his cum and pulled away. He shot his seed
all over her face as the dildo in his ass stopped moving and stayed buried
deep. He screamed and pulled against his bindings and spurted over and
over onto Jasmine. It was incredible the feelings he felt and he almost
swooned from the intensity.

Dawn pulled out of him and he sunk down slowly. Jasmine sat up with cum all over her face and began to use her fingers to lick it off. Dawn came
over and helped her and together they licked it all off. No doubt Mike
would have loved to see that, but he was spent on the bed - his eyes shut
and his breathing ragged. Dawn untied him and he just lay there oblivious
to the two lovely women that had brought such indescribable pleasures to

Meanwhile the answering machine was beeping upstairs.


I eased out of my slumber and got back up feeling more refreshed than
ever. I stretched and pulled on some clothes. It was 1pm and no sign of
Emily. I yawned and went into the living room and picked up the phone. No
doubt Mike was wondering what was going on.

I punched in our number and it rang four times and went to the answering
machine. Sighing, I told him that my car was being fixed and I was either
going to drive home that afternoon or wait until morning, depending on when
it got done. I told him I loved him and I missed him before hanging up.

Again the guilt washed over me as I thought about the morning session in
the shower. Six had such a way about him. It began to feel like something
more than sex, but I needed to keep my distance. I began to hope that my
car would be done soon, so I could put some distance between us. It would
be for the better.

I heard a car door close and saw Emily approach the house. She smiled
when she opened the door and saw me.

"Have a good time last night?" she asked.

I blushed slightly.

"Yes, I did. And you?"

"Oh I just hung out with my friend Eric. We had too much wine and then
you know..."

I laughed and nodded in agreement. I could tell she figured out what
had happened between Six and I. I could feel the heat in my face.

"Well, let's have lunch, I'm starving."

"Great idea," I agreed and followed her into the kitchen.

The rest of the afternoon passed lazily. The two of us were spent from
our activities of the night before. I think she wanted to talk about it a
little, but I was reluctant. So instead we watched tv as the day heated up

It was late afternoon when the weather reports started warning of severe
thunderstorms. I turned up the volume and we watched the radar as it
showed a nasty looking front moving across the state. It would be there
soon. Already the sky looked a little darker.

"I hope you're not going to try to drive home in this," Emily said.

"No way. I hate storms. Plus, I have no idea how my car is coming

"I'll call over there and see what's going on. Those two aren't known
for their speed."

She dialed the number for Dale's and got Six on the phone. They talked
for a bit and she hung up.

"Well, Dale just got back from getting the pump. They're putting it in
now. He said that you should come over now. I can drop you by there."

"Sounds good," I said, standing up. I really didn't want to hang around
the garage, but maybe it would speed things up. There was a possibility I
could beat the storm.

When I got to Dale's the wind was beginning to pick up. Dust swirled
around in the parking lot. I said good-bye to Emily and told her she'd be
seeing me again if the storm got here before I was ready to leave.

Dale and Six both had their heads under my hood and were working away. I
watched them argue the finer points of water pump replacement and began to
get bored. I took a seat outside and watched the sky.

Finally, I heard Six call me. I got up and went over to them.

"Start your car up," he said.

I slid behind the wheel and it started the car on the first try. Six
let out a whoop and shut the hood.

"Let it run for a bit," he said. "Dale is writing up the bill. I
promise he'll be easy on you."

I joined them inside the little office with my checkbook. They gave me
a huge break and I smiled my thanks at them. Dale slid a look to Six and
right then I knew he knew what had happened. My smile faltered a little,
but it was inevitable.

I went back out to the car and looked outside. The sky had become
impossibly dark in minutes.

"Shit," I said, as I looked out.

Six came to stand next to me.

"You're not going anywhere for a while."

"Guess not," I sighed. "I was hoping I could beat it."

"What's the hurry?" he asked as his hand slid around my waist.

"Well, I'm gonna book it home before the sky opens up," called Dale as
he headed to his truck. "Be careful!"

We waved good-bye as Dale took off trying to beat the approaching doom.

"Well, let's get out of here. I know a great place to watch the storm."

I looked at him. "Where?"

"We'll take your car for a little ride out of town, not too far, and we
can watch it roll in over the mountains."

"Are you nuts? I want to be safely inside somewhere, and this garage
isn't a bad place."

"Come on...I'll drive. It'll be fun."


He ignored me and pulled me over to the car. We got in and he backed
out into the parking lot. He left me briefly to close up the garage and we
sped off down the road. All around us, dust was blowing. I could see
lightning streak the sky over the mountains. It was going to be a bad one.
I prayed there would be no tornadoes.

We got out of town and drove upward a little to a higher ground. It
gave us a good view of the town and further west. He assured me we would
be safe from flash floods. I laughed a shaky little laugh and he turned
off the engine.

We sat in silence as the rumbling got louder and the sky darker. It was
kind of thrilling, but I still preferred to be inside a house.

Six reached over and took my hand.

"Diana," he whispered. "I don't want you to leave."

"I'm not going anywhere right now," I said gesturing to the sky.

"You know what I mean."

I sighed. "I know. But you know I have to."

I avoided looking at him because I didn't want to see the disappointment
written on his face.

A bolt of lightning streaked across the sky followed by a loud boom. I
stiffened slightly and he squeezed my hand. It was getting darker by the
minute and we started to notice that the town was getting harder to see.

We sat there and watched the storm roll in. When the first drops of
rain began to splash on the windshield, he turned and leaned over to kiss

"I want you so bad," he murmured. "I want you and I want to keep you
here with me."

I couldn't say anything to him at that moment. My hands went to his
hair and I stroked it softly, loving the feel of it on my fingers. I
pulled him to me again and kissed him deeply, letting my tongue glide along
his lips. I knew in the back of my mind we shouldn't be doing this, but I
wanted him as badly as he wanted me.

We kissed and stroked each other gently. All around us, the rain beat
down and the wind howled and the lightning flashed. I did my best to
ignore it and concentrate on his kisses. He began to pull me towards him
so my breasts were crushed against his chest. At last he broke away and
tilted the seat back.

I took a deep breath and realized how stuffy it was getting in the car,
but if we opened the window, we'd be drenched.

Six undid the buttons of his fly and I saw that he wasn't wearing
underwear. That was fine with me and I took his cock in my hand and
stroked it.

"Oh baby, suck me," he whispered. "I want to feel your sweet mouth on

I positioned myself on the seat and leaned over him so I could get my
mouth on him. My tongue snaked out and licked the tip of his cock ever so
lightly. He let out a soft sigh and I opened my mouth to engulf the head.
Sucking on it slowly, but hard, I pulled him into my mouth. My lips parted
wider and I moved my head down further, taking in as much as I could. He
groaned louder and clutched my head with his hands.

"Oh yeah, so good. So fucking good."

I slid one hand to his balls and cupped them gently as my head lifted up
and my lips and tongue caressed his growing hardness. I continued that for
a little while, teasing his cock and driving him wild. Meanwhile my own
body was responding. I could feel the wetness between my legs.

Just as I released his cock, a huge bolt of lightning struck nearby and
I shrieked. Six sat up and pulled me to him and held me. I was shaking
from the fright of it.

"I'm so sorry, I didn't mean to be a baby," I said in a shaky voice.

"Shhh, it's ok. Just bad timing."

He laughed a little and stroked my hair. It felt so good to be held
like that and we stayed like that for a little while as the main part of
the storm raged around us.

Soon his stroking stopped and he was kissing me again. I did my best to
concentrate on that and he pushed my hand to his lap so I could touch him.
I gripped his cock in my hand and began to get him back to full hardness
again. He moaned into my mouth.

"Take your shorts off," he said roughly.

I undid the button and slipped them off. I went to push my panties down
but he told me to leave them on.

"Now climb on top of me."

I gingerly eased my body over the stick shift and somehow was able to
straddle him without getting the steering wheel up my ass. He had the seat
way back and had moved as far back he could. I got on top of him and began
to rub my panty-clad mound over his cock.

"Oh fuck, that's great," he moaned.

His hands slid up to my t-shirt and pushed it up and over my breasts. I
pulled off the shirt and sat there in my underwear. He looked up at me and
lust was all over his face.

"God, you're beautiful," he said.

I blushed slightly and looked down at him.

"Slide your bra straps down slowly."

I did as he asked and slid each strap down.

"Now push the cups down and under your breasts."

I grabbed the material and pushed it underneath, thankful I didn't have
an underwire on that day. My nipples were now exposed to him and they were
flat and wide and begging to be sucked.

"Play with them," he said.

I closed my eyes and brought my hands up to gently cup my breasts. I
kneaded them softly and began to make circles around my nipples. I started
from the outside and slowly spiraled in. As my nails trailed around the
darker flesh, I felt his cock twitching against my panties. His breath
quickened as I began to pinch the sensitive nubs. I gasped and sighed as I
did this, lost in my own ministrations.

"Mmmmm...yeah. Can you suck them?" he asked.

I nodded and stretched my neck. I brought one full breast up to my lips
and took my nipple into my mouth and started to suck.

"Oh fuck, yeah," he moaned. "That is so hot."

I leaned over him and offered my other breast for him to suck. A deep
growl went through him as we sucked my nipples to hard little points. I
released myself and let him do all the work. He pushed them together and
licked between the cleavage. I panted and moaned and rubbed myself through
my panties.

"Oh, Six, I gotta have you inside me - I can't take it anymore."

He continued to suck me and I pushed my panties to one side and guided
his cock into me. I gasped as I slid down on him. My hands rested on his
hard chest as I lowered myself. He groaned at the sensation of his cock
fully engulfed by my wetness.

I wiggled on top of him and raised myself up only to push back down.
His hands went to my ass where he grasped my asscheeks. I did the work
this time and I rode him hard. His mouth went back to my nipples and I
told him to bite them.

"Harder!" I screamed.

He bit down and I cried out.

"Oh fuck yeah, Six! Fuck me!"

He grunted and continued to assault my breasts. My pussy was filled
completely by him as I rode him hard. I became oblivious to the raging
torrent outside. My only thoughts were of him.

"Mmm...ride me, baby. Ride my cock."

And ride him I did. Up and down I went. My breasts bounced and jiggled
as he tried to bite them over and over. I tossed my head back and growled
as my pussy clenched around his cock.

"Yesssssss...I'm so close..." I breathed.

"Yes, cum for me, baby," he urged.

"I'm...oh god...."

At that instant my body exploded and my orgasm rushed over me like the
rain outside. I shut my eyes and panted and moaned like a bitch in heat.
That drove him over the edge and yelled out that he too was cumming. We
both rode each other as our shrieks filled the car andcompeted with the
noise outside.


Mike woke up in a daze. He was still on the bed. He sat up and they
were nowhere to be found. He let out a sigh of relief at the fact that
maybe he was alone now and they wouldn't bother him again. Not that he
really minded, but he was exhausted.

He rolled off the bed and was instantly aware of the throbbing in his
ass. He thought it would be a while before he tried that again. As he
scanned the room, he saw that they had put all the toys away in their
proper place. He was glad, because Diana would be pissed off if she found
out. He straightened out the bed and went upstairs.

The sound of the answering machine beeping greeted him when he got back
up to the main floor. He quickly went over and turned it on. Diana's
voice came on and told him she wasn't sure if she would be home that night.
Her car wasn't fixed. Then she told him she loved him and missed him. He
thought her voice sounded sad.

Sighing, he shut the machine off and got a beer. Settling in front of
the TV, he started flicking around on the channels. He paused at the
weather. Severe storms were traveling to the south of them. He wondered,
rather hoped, that Diana wouldn't be driving through them. As much as he
wanted her home, he wanted her safe.

As he thought about her, little pangs of guilt tugged at him. True,
they had had their share of her slaves, but he never fucked any on his own.
Their agreement was that they had to share, or at least let the other know
what they were going to do. For his part, he had never fucked anyone
without her either participating or setting it up. He knew about her tryst
with Alex, a fellow Dom, but that was in the context of her bondage world.
After she spent an evening at Alex's house, she never brought it up again.
And she still hadn't let him tie her up.

We wondered if he should tell her what he did with Dawn and Jasmine and
thought that maybe it was better he kept it quiet. He just hoped Dawn
wouldn't say anything to Diana. There was that chance, but he decided to
take it. He made a silent vow not to get involved with her again.

He went back to channel surfing and after a few hours he dozed off.


The next few hours I spent in a daze as I sped across the state. The
storms had moved south and I was going northeast, so I was safe. Six was
behind me now and only after I put some distance between us, could I think
about it.

After we had sex, he got quiet again. I knew what he was thinking, but
I didn't go there. Instead we drove back to the garage so he could get his
truck and go home. The storm had cleared and it was just raining lightly.
We got out of my car, as I had to use the bathroom before I started my
drive back.

When I finished he was leaning against his truck. He had his cowboy hat
on and the rain gathered at the rim and dripped off. My heart ached at the
sight of him and I didn't want to leave either, but it was useless to try
to prolong it.

I stood before him and looked at his deep blue eyes.

"Six, I don't know what to say..."

He shook his head.

"There's nothing to say."

I stepped closer and pulled him towards me for a deep kiss. My hands
went around him and brushed his firm ass. Then suddenly I pulled away.

When I looked at him, I swear I saw a tear forming in his eye. He
blinked a few times and a half smile came to his lips.

"Thank you again, Six. For everything."

"My pleasure, Diana," was all he said.

And with that I got in my car and drove away. In his back pocket was my
card and I wondered when he would find it.


I got home after dark. The house looked dark, but Mike's truck was in
the driveway. I let myself in the door and heard the TV.

I crept into the den and he was sleeping on the couch. I smiled and
went to him quietly. He didn't wake up until I was leaning over him,
kissing his lips softly. His eyes fluttered open.


"Hi sweetie."

"God, I'm so glad to see you," he said, as his arms went up to hug me.

"Me too, believe me."


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