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Authors name: Crystal Brooks story title : Sex Soap - Part One

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Sex Soap - Part One By Crystal

The sound of water filling the big bath lulled her thoughts, as she
looked out of the window. Things would be good here, she thought to
herself. The last few weeks had been full of turmoil - moving is never
easy - especially from one state to another, but now it was all over and
they could get on with their lives.

Her early days were of rebellion, and this had resulted in a pregnancy
at 16. Giving birth to Triana had been a difficult thing - not least
because her parents were vehemently opposed to her going through with the
pregnancy and her decision to marry Jim, the bays father. That had all
been patched up - Jim had transformed during their early years of marriage
from being "one of the lads", who liked to drink, date and drive fast cars
- to being a very respectable businessman. His business was e-business -
and the meteoric advancement in their income over the last two years or so
had been staggering.

The move to Sydney from Melbourne though had tested the whole family.
Triana and Billy both mumbled their discontent at leaving their old home -
the prospect of having to find new freinds in a new school more than a
little daunting.

The new house was beautiful though - overlooking Sydney Harbour, it was
a large 5 bedroom, 4 bathroom modern building - very classy and very
expensive. Jims new offices in the city were a 30 car ride away, Trianas
and Billys school a mere 15 minute walk.

It had been one crazy morning getting husband and children off to their
respective destinations. Time to de-stress - nothing did that better than
a soak in the tub.

By all rights Selina Richardson should have been the happiest woman in
the world. She was only thirty-two. Her face had lost that
little-girl-look nicely - high cheek bones, full lips. men had come on to
her during her marriage, and she had spurned them all. She didn't regret
that. Part of her duty being a good wife and mother. Her body was in good
shape, but she was worried about it, because she had got lazier now that
she didn't have to go out to work. She had liked her job in the Gym -
being surrounded young firm bodies was a very pleasant passtime. But when
she left work, the enthusiasm to keep herself in peak fitness had certainly
diminshed. Her breasts were firm... her stomach flat. She didn't think
she looked like the mother of two teenage children. Ha.. Children?
Triana was 16 herself now, the same age as Selina had been when she got
pregnant with her daughter. Was Triana sleeping around the same as her
mother had been at her age. She hoped not - certainly if she was she hoped
that she would at least be taking precautions. Jim had proposed the moment
she told him she was pregnant - and for the first few years life was great.
Only in the last three or four was she aware of her longing for more than
she had. And why not - she was still attractive.

She posed in front of the bathroom mirror, admiring herself. She
allowed her fingers to trace over the contours of her body as she watched
closely. She licked her fingers and traced them over her nipples, making
them hard. She shook her head slowly, remembering the sex she had had with
her husband in the early years of their marriage- heated, intense, loud,
fulfilling. Her fingers just could not make up for that. As Jims work had
become increasingly demanding, so his need for intimacy had almost
disapeared. He certainly seemed to be more in love with his job than her.

She brought herself back to reality, realizing that the bathtub was
almost full. She turned off the water and stepped in, waiting a moment for
her body to adjust to the very warm temperature. It smelled and felt so
good. As she lowered herself into the water, her body was released into a
dreamy state of relaxation.

She lathered herself slowly with her bar of oatmeal soap, letting it
slide over her breasts, her stomach, and between her legs. She imagined it
as a man's tongue bathing her body. The soap had a rough texture, which
scraped over her nipples until they were hard, and grazed her clit until
she moaned out loud. She closed her eyes. A stranger was licking on her,
tearing at her, giving her pleasure. She reached down and opened her lips,
letting the hot water seep inside her. The sounds of her
self-gratification echoed in the bathroom. She stirred in the hot water,
her breathing fast and shallow. Her stranger was on top of her, pushing
himself into her. She moved against the water, allowing it to splash onto
her neck and into her face as she rubbed herself. She moved toward her
climax quickly - her need for release so strong. Her orgasm shook her body
from her head to her toes.

She laid in the bathtub with a silly smile on her face, her arms and
legs hanging over the edge. She started to giggle, then laugh until tears
came from her eyes. Wouldn't her husband just die if he'd seen her? The
thought made her laugh more.

<center> <IMG
SRC="http://www.asstr.org/~Crystal/Stories/Pics/soapone1.jpg" WIDTH="231"
HEIGHT="371" BORDER="1" ALT="Soap - Chapter1"> </center>

Selina was brought back to reality by the sound of the doorbell. "Shit"
she thought to herself - typical that as soon as you get settled in the
bath you have to get out of it.

She could just let it be - but she suspected it was Telstra come to make
the final connections to the Phone cable - and Jim wouldn't be happy to
know that she'd missed them. Knowing Telstra it would take them weeks to
come round again.

She quickly got out of the bath, wrapped a towel around her and trotted

"Coming" she shouted as she descended.

"Then maybe I should come back later" replied the person on the other
side of the door, a female voice, quite cultured. Selina didn't know what
she meant, but it certainly disdn't sound like your typical Telstra
engineer. She opened the door.

"Hi.... um, you're not Telstra then?" she said. Unless of course
Telstra now were issuing uniforms that looked like pretty summer dresses.

"No, sweetie, I'm not - but I am here to make a connection" the lady
replied. "Patti Lyber-Jenkins from next door. Just come to say hello."

Selina hadn't expected the neighbours to descend so soon, but she knew
it would be rude to turn away her guest. She was very keen to make new
friends and this was an ideal opportunity to start.

"Please come in"

"Thank you, I will, but not for long, OK?" Patti swept past. Her voice
gave away the fact that she was what Selina used to call "Posh" - a term
which she realised probabbly included her now. The houses in this street,
a cul-de-sac of perhaps ten houses, were far from cheap - the whole suburb
reeked of "serious money". She guaged Patti to be about late thirties,
early forties - very slim, very attractive with a short but stylish cut of
flame red hair that looked great on her quite petite frame.

Patti was aware that as the new family in town the Richardsons would be
nervous for the first few weeks in a new home, and she did her best to make
Selina feel very comfortable. They talked about many things, nothing too
intimate, but after about an hour Selina had learned quite a bit about her
new friend and about some of her neighbours too.

As she was about to leave, Patti turned to Selina.

"I was wondering what you were doing this afternoon?" she asked

"Um, apart from waiting for Telstra to arrive, not much" Selina replied.
"Oh good, then come round to my place at 2:30 if you can, a few of the
girls in the street get together for a cuppa - and some fun - it would be
great if you could join us."

"Sounds good" Selina answered as she opned the door for her fr

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