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shaken stirred

Shaken and Stirred Up

by Jason D (M/F, spanking, oral, anal, first, shaving, light dom, rom)

As always, the author accepts responsibility for only his thoughts and
actions, not those of the reader or archivist. This story's copyright is
reserved by the author, with conditional archival and posting approval for
ASSM and www.ASSTR.org to post and archive this story. All other rights
reserved, tho conditional approval is granted for private storage and
reading, and free and uncharged distribution on non-commercial sites is
allowed, with prior consent of this author, Jason D Logan, who may be
contacted at the following email addresses:(JasonDkEldar@yahoo.com,
@juno.com, or @ hotmail.com;, ArchonDaniel@hotmail.com, or
JasonHaemonculus@excite.com)Any similarity to persons living or dead,
including the author, is coincicental and not a basis for factual account
or a false representation of actual events. This is a work of fiction, of
fantasy and any actions descibed herein are not intended as advocated or
subscribed to necessarily by the author, nor does he decry any consensual
behavior derived herefrom, but does declare no responsibility for actions
taken by readers of this work of fiction that may be considered civilly or
criminally negligent or harmful. All that being said, read, enjoy, and
discuss if you like.

He had waited a lifetime for this moment. It seemed that the night
would never come. As he sat against the head of his bed and watched the
figures moving on his television screen, he saw only the patterns of light
moving, not any specific scene or character there. Several times before,
he had thot he would have this chance to be with his love, but something
had always prevented their joining each other at the last moment.
Misunderstandings, nerves, bad circumstances that seemed to blindside them
on a regular basis, all things that in the past had found a way betwen
them. This time was different tho. She had called him hours before, giving
him her cell fone's number as she left her home city, leaving a mark on his
heart as he realized that this time she was really coming, this time she
would really see him up close, and not just in a picture. He pictured her
speeding towards him, her face strained as she chewed absently on her lips
and wrestled with her own worries and problems. He had promised her and
himself he wouldn't call her every hour on the hour, and he had waited
exactly five hours before calling her, catching her just coming thru a
median city's traffic and making her way onto the longest stretch of her
trip. He talked to her for minutes that seemed all to short as they both
wondered at their future, the night before them rushing closer as her car
chewed thru the miles. He heard the nerves in her voice and he promised
her he would call her again about the time she would be passing thru a town
much closer.

He looked at the clock now, wondering how her arm felt after driving for
this long now, praying that her nerves weren't as strung as his were right
now, that her car would not turn around and head home as he feared, and
waiting for the clock to read 8:00 pm so he could call her as she passed
thru the town so much closer and on into his arms. He smiled as he saw her
in his mind's eye, brushing her hair and fanning herself in the car, the
reality of her destination sinking home as she drew ever closer to Memphis.
He finaly relaxed as he saw the clock finally draw closer to eight o' clock
and his hand drifted towards the fone in his lap, knowing that as soon as
he hung up the fone with her he would be jumping in the shower, cooling his
head for the last fone call, the one she would make as she approached
Memphis and waited for his reassurances that she was taking the right exits
and driving in the right directions. His hand hovered over the receiver
like a gunfighter preparing for high noon and the big showdown. When the
clock struck 7:59, he cheated and dialed anyway, his breath in his chest,
caught there as the fone rang, chastising himself for worrying so much,
wishing he wasn't so fearful, but not so easily able to dismiss his
anxieties over her arriving. When she answered on the third ring he sighed
into the phone before he said her name, the name that rolled from his mouth
in a pleased, happy tone,

Her giggle in to the receiver brought the same smile to his face it
always did, the smile of one hearing his love happy. Her mischievous voice
was just the balm his soul needed at this point, her teasing prods at him
over the next few minutes were the very thing that helped the miles pass
quickly for her and him as well, and he hated hanging up when they both
were ready for nothing but talking some more. He walked quickly to the
bath, stripping fast and jumping in the shower to rinse away the nerves and
worries, shaving beneath the spray and cleaning the day from his hair and
body. He was looking into the mirror, toweling his hair when he heard the
knock at the door. Dismissing it as coincidence, he froze when he heard
her voice, asking for him. When his mother told her he was still in the
shower, he heard her wicked chuckle, and he hurried from the bathroom,
rushing to his room to toss on his pants and shirt, calling out he would be
in the den in just a few moments. Something must have possessed his mother that night, because no sooner had he dropped his towel and reached for the
boxers he had laid out, than the door opened to admit his love, who smiled
when she saw him in the midst of dressing, his shirt on but his boxers only
halfway up his thighs, stopped there in shock as he saw her, his hand going
to cover the erection that had sprung to life at the sound of her voice.
He thot to himself he had either lost time in the shower, or she had been
far ahead of schedule, and plotting to catch him by surprise the whole
time. Overbalanced in his amazed state, he tottered backwards, his hands
going to catch himself, and barely doing do before he collapsed fully on
the bed, boxers falling to the floor as he struggled upright again,
thoroughly embarrassed as he noticed her cheeks flaming and her eyes
concentrating on the ceiling as she laughed so very hard at his awkward
attempts at modesty.

Thinking of little else but her, finally here, within arm's reach,
however she might have first seen him, he grabbed his boxers and yanked
them up, rushing across the few feet between them and taking her in a hug
as he turned to lean against the wall. Bringing her chest up against him
she murmured an apology, her cheeks blazing red and her eyes dancing in
amusement as he rested his forehead against hers. Feeling her stomach
shaking against his, he realized just how hard she was controlling her
laughter, trying to prevent her chuckles from turning to full out howls of

Snickering at himself he said her name in a slow breath. Whispering in
relief, he told her the three words he had longed to say to her face to
face since their first conversation so many months before, "I love you."
With those three words his lips covered hers, tasting the soft mouth and
nibbling her tongue as it darted out to play with his. Realizing his state
of undress, the nearness of his bed, and his wanting to complete their
relationship in an appropriate manner, he groaned as her hips moved up
flush with his, her legs cradling his groin as he raged in need, pushing
thru the fly of his underwear and rubbing the front of herpants. Grabbing
her hand, he broke the kiss and the contact with her lower body, murmuring
in apology of his concern for their surroundings, and lifting his pants
from the bed to slip them up his legs, drawing her to sit on the side of
his bed as he fastened his jeans grudgingly, then sitting beside her as he
drew on his socks and shoes. His eyes never left hers as she watched him
silently, her embarassment over as he tucked away his sex in his pants and
his eyes communicated his patience even as his eyes blazed his wanting her.
With a final look around his room, he closed his eyes and kissed her deeply
once again, hearing her breathing his name into his mouth and feeling the
low groaning message her voice sent him. Her whispering his name sent
chills thru his frame, the message of hope in their meeting more clear now
to him than he had hoped for, ever. He smiled as her hand laced fingers
with his, he carrying his bag before him as they walked out to the front
room, preparing to make their trip across town.

She smiled shakily at him as they got into the car, her nerves still a
little frayed from meeting his parents and niece. A bit overwhelmed by the
attention, she had been very quiet and reserved, her hand clinging to his
as they talked about the weekend's plans and what all they were to do
before Monday evening came. She seemed to handle the questions well,
relieved that noone seemed to know this was such a momentous event for her,
such a big step to trust him enough to come all this way to spend time with
him alone. She smiled bigger when after backing out and heading down the
street his hand went to hers again, twining his fingers thru hers and
smiling at her as she made small talk . His eyes were smiling as they
looked at her, and she politely told him it was not proper to stare so at
her. His laughing rejoinder that he could not get enuff of her eyes and
mouth in his memory yet to suit him left her blushing furiously, hissing at
him to behave when they exited the car and his hand went to hers, which was
reaching for his as well.

When she had ordered what she wanted, she looked at him sharply when he
ordered something small to go along with the tea he had ordered a pitcher
of. He smiled back at her telling her he was far too nervous to stuff his
belly with anything but drink while she was sitting so near him. Her
laughing suggestion that she move across the table so he could eat was met
with a denying snicker, causing her cheeks to blaze just a little brighter,
leaving her looking fevered and wanting, a state he was hopeful to make
true enuff this weekend. He told her so and told her he didn't want to be
left behind without leaving her wanting to be back with him soon, as he
would definitely prefer them to never be separated for more than a few
hours ever again. How she made it thru the meal she didn't know, but all
too soon they were back in her car, wending their way past the too many
streetlights to her hotel, the one she had called from the road and
reserved a room in while she was deciding not to turn back to her
apartment, almost halfway here.

He let her handle her own check-in, waiting in the car until she
returned, anxious and nervous in his own right. When he started on her
return, he laughed at himself so hard she asked him nervously what he found
so funny now. When he told her he was as nervous as a virgin on prom
night, her "I am not amused by your lil joke" look caused him to laugh all
the harder, accepting the cuff on his shoulder from her in the spirit it
was intended, his laughter subsiding slowly as they drove around to the
entrance closest to their room. When he walked to get her bag from the
trunk and motioned her on towards the building, he caught her worried
glance at his ability to handle their luggage, knowing that she would need
time to understand all his limitations, and abilities still intact. Lord
knows his parents did not fully understand it yet, and they were in the
house with him day after day, from the beginning of his problems. It was
when they reached the room and he swept inside to lay the bags down that he
sighed in relief, seeing the single bed, king-sized and comfy, no hint of
separate accomodations, asubtle way of her perhaps backing out of things.

He set his bag down on the little closet's upper shelf, slipping the
zipper open and removing his kit bag, stealing a kiss as he promised to
retuen in just a few moments, giving her time enuff to settle her things
where she wanted while he brushed his teeth and performed what maintenance
was appropriate for the time being. When he returned, he saw her sitting
barefoot on the side of the bed, her bath things in hand and a nervous and
determined smile on her face. She murmured her intentions to shower,
alone, to him, and seemed disappointed when he agreed, relieved that he
wasn't pressing to join her and yet upset he didn't seem eager to insinuate
his way into the shower alongside her. His whisper in her ear affirmed her
belief in his anxiousness to have her tho, his suggestion that she come out
ready to sleep next to him, as she slept when noone stayed with her made
her both smile and chide him for his wicked suggestions. When she finished
her shower and stepped to the door with her towel still wrapped around her,
she opened the door to a darkened room, the light from the bathroom falling
on his form reclined in bed, awaiting her.

Steeling herself to meet him halfway, knowing she wanted his touch on
her as much as he wanted to have hers on him, reminding herself she did not
come all this way to sleep in a chair while he slept feet away from her in
the bed, or vice versa, she slipped off her towl. He saw her outlined in
the light for just seconds before she turned off the bathoom light, leaving
the room lit only by the lights outside in the parking lot, highlighting
her legs and stomach and leaving the rest to his memory of the too brief
glimpse of her charms as she was framed in the fluorescent light of the
bathroom, his breath still caught in his throat from that view of her nude
body. He felt the covers moving back, and he was glad he turned on the air
conditoning in the room when they arrived, for his forehead was sweating
heavily, and the heat from her body was coming over him in waes as she lay
only inches from him in the cool sheets, cooler against his skin as he
drwoned in the warmth of his passion. Reaching over to pull her close to
him, he whispered in her ear, "I once promised you I wouldn't take you the
night you came to me, that I would wait for the morning to claim you as
mine forever."

He continued,"There are so many things we can do that don't involve my
taking you, my love, and I intend to explore a few of those right now."
Saying that, his lips closed over hers, and he dragged her farther towards
him, until she rested with her hands to either side of his chest, and her
legs straddling his thigh, his erection hard and yet not pressing her too
tightly with any demands. When she relaxed against his body, her breasts pressing against his stomach, her nipples tight and scraping his skin, he
knew that she truly did trust his control, and welcomed his kisses as much
as he craved hers.

When he felt her calves wrapping around his knee, he knew she was aching
for more than his lips on hers, their many minutes of kissing having the
same effect on her that they were on him apparently. His lower torso ached
with the need she was stirring in him with her breath and taste mingling
with his in his mouth, creating a tightening of his nipples that nearly
matched her own diamond tipped breasts. When he cupped her breast in his
hand finally, feeling the smooth skin of her swollen flesh cradled in his
grip, he knew she was truly made for him. Her flesh seemed to fit
perfectly in his palm, his fingers naturally curving around to massage her
areola, sending a shiver down her stomach as he moved to take her on his
lips, the tip of his tongue darting out to taste her tense nipple.

Holding her upper thigh with his other hand, he loved her first on one
side of her chest. Then when she could not stand another kiss without the
pressure bursting her tightened skin it seemed, he switched his attention
to her other breast, his second hand moving to her other thigh. Pulling
her legs up to wrap around his waist as he tormented her senses with his
mouth, he dipped to kiss her navel in between teasing to the point of
aching her sensitive breasts. When she buried her fingers in his hair and
tried to drag his mouth up to hers again, seeking to ease her tormented
senses, he laced his fingers in hers, dragging her hands up over her head
and catching them together in one hand before dipping his hand down to
massage the backs of her hips, dipping a finger between her buttocks to
dance along the hidden flesh between the backs of her legs, careful to
merely skirt the edges of her sex as she moaned and pressed her hips
towards his hand, seeking release by way of his finger as he continually
lifted his thigh away from contact against her seeking mons. When she
whined deeply thru her nostrils, teeth clenched in frustration, he rewarded
her forebearance to this point with a teasing swipe of his fingers thru the
seam of her labia, swirling the tip of that finger in a small circle around
her clitoris, making her hips shake as he danced away again to massage the
very small patch of flesh between her sex and her backside.

Her impatience grew as the teasing continued, his kisses falling farther
and farther down her belly between his assaults on her now- throbbing
breasts, she caught her breath as his breath blew over her groin, his
kisses making their way to the fringe of hair covering her treasured,
coveted place. Arching her hips up when his kisses ventured that far
again, she felt the flutter of his lips over the very upper swelling of her
vulva, the heat of his moist breath sending chills and gooseflesh dancing
down her legs and skittering up the backs of them, her toes pointing then
curling under from the near contact. Her breasts stood out at their
highest as her hands fought to free themselves of his grip on them,
yearning to bury themselves in his hair and push his head directly against
her puss, her frustrated sob sounding like a wail to him as she found she
could not free herself nor force his mouth into her center, freeing her
climax to crash around them and send her flying. She heard her own voice
pleading with him to help her, to let her fly, promising everything and
more if he would only help her. His answer was the fastening of his mouth
over her lower belly, his teeth anchoring her clitoris against his teeth
while his tongue massaged it against the imprisoning grip he held on her
pink knot of nerves. When she felt his fingers invading her front and back
at the same time, her heels kicked out and her knees arched back againt her
body, her lower half angling up off the bed to force itself against his
mauling mouth. Her eyes closed tightly while she shuddered and moaned thru
her blissful release, finally attained after his long minutes of guiding
her round curves and down alleys.

He felt her release flooding his tongue and chin, and smiled against her
body as she drummed her heels unknowingly in his back, her voice choking
off as she shuddered thru the climax until she lay limp and exhausted. His
hand moving to replace his tongue, he moved back up alongside her, kissing
his way up her body again, and finally molding his mouth over hers and
kissing her lips, his dew-covered face leaving traces of her scent in her
nostrils and hints of her taste filling her senses. When she felt his
hardness burning against her leg, and his fingers stirring her desire once
more, she kissed him hungrily, turning sideways on the bed, carefully
keeping his hand in the juncture of her legs as she made her way down his
body, her tongue tracing from his neck to his navel, then dipping down to
cover his glans with a swipe of her hungry lips before she dove to take him
inside her mouth, returning a little of the pleasure she had garnered from
their encounter. When she felt him lifting her hips and resting her
restless groin on his face, her lower body now open and reachable by his
his hands AND his mouth, she sighed thru her nostrils, enjoying the senses
she tormented of his, just as he was once again torturing her passion to
the burning point, the promise of the next morning fresh in her mind as she
felt his body responding as hers had moments before, and did again at his
touch, their love and desire blending together to make them mad for each

He slept with an ache in his gut, the strength and depth of his
release having left him dry-mouthed and amazed, feeling her own passion
evaporating from his chin and cheeks. She slept against him, having
succumbed to her fatigue moments after he wrung the second blissful time
from her. He remembered the minutes after, her snuggling against him
beneath the covers, her face still smelling of him, and her breath stirring
the hairs on his chest as she relaxed her self atop him, her legs atride
him, the possibilities for pleasure leaping thru his mind, tempting him to
tell her it technically was morning now... somewhere. He had smiled to
himself even tho he stirred against her stomach, stiff between their bodies
even while he checked his unruly desires and rubbed a pattern of contented
abandon on the smooth skin of her lower back, his hand finally stilling
against her bottom as he went to sleep himself, his hardness still swollen
against her belly. He awoke several times, to find her looking up at him
as well, their lips moving to the others' and caressing in comfort until
their heads fell back away from each other and they slept on. When he
finally awoke the next morning, it was to find the clock reading nearly the
end of the morning, and her fast asleep against his chest.

Rolling slowly to his side, he cushioned her head back on to the pillow
and rolled to rest between her legs, his mouth going to her neck, and his
fingers caressing beneath her arms and up over the sides of her breasts.
He saw her stir lightly and her legs move against his, but still she slept
on, even as his mouth went to join his fingers atop her breasts, coaxing
her nipples to an aroused state of seemingly-painful tightness. When his
hand moved between them to part the seam of her vulva, her eyes sprang
open, looking confused and then smiling dreamily as he moved up to kiss
her, moving his lower body until he rested with the glans of his
membergripped lightly by her labia. Whispering her name in a questioning
tone, he lifted her legs up to his waist and waited for her responding
movements, or her request to stop and wait for a later time. Feeling her
ankles hook over each other in the small of his back, and the responding
gush of her need over the length of his cock, he knew that she would not
deny herself this moment with him. Hearing her pleading call of his name,
"Jason!!!", he cried out his heart to her, and moved til a bit more of him
was inside her, stretching her slowly as he searched for the limits of her
virginity to block his progress inside her body. Hearing her chanting in a
strained voice her love for him, he grunted low and hoarse as he puhed on
deeper still, finally reaching her hymen, buried nearly to her cervix, but
there and keeping him from seating his prick in her fully.

Looking into her eyes, he told her what he had wanted to for so long, "
You are mine, now and forever, my love," and seeing her agreement in her
desperate nods and clinging arms, he covered her mouth with his and pushed
on inside her, severing her last marks of innocence from her, and claiming
her for his true love forever after. She stiffened beneath him for long
seconds, her tears wetting his face as the sting eased inside her--the
stretching that led up to her giving her cherry away finally not nearly as
sharp a hurt as she expected, but his breaking thru her last barrier a
bittersweet memory that she would have forever. Her arms moved to hold his
hips still after he had slid to the depths inside her, her legs locking
tight around his waist for the same reason, but she had not reckoned with
his curving entry, and the ability of a man to hunch into her whether she
wished it or no, and he did just that, moving thru the tender flesh slowly,
but resolved to have her, and to gentle her to the claiming he was imposing
on her. She felt her flesh ache for long seconds, then slowly burn hotter,
the pain melting into a wonderful ache that drew all her senses to the
center of her sexuality, the flesh there welcoming his movements now, her
heels moving to dig into his hips from the sides, and lift her own hips to
meet his motions, her body climbing his as he moved in a gentler but more
active rhythm in her body, stoking the fire she felt burning on her skin,
the one that raced over her from toes to nose and then gathered in the pit
of her stomach, rushing outwards along the flesh his hardness stretched
over itself, to kindle hotter on her clitoris, burning there til his finger
played alongside it and sent it deep inside her. She sensed an answering
chill rushing out from her inner walls, shivering her around him as he
worked magically against the sensitive front portion of her puss, the rough
flesh beneath that soft covering gripping him in waves, signaling to him
the passion building to a head inside her.

Answering a long cry of his name on her lips, he chanted her own name in
her mouth, speaking of his love as she melted in a shattering orgasm,
cumming around him and searing his flesh with her heated passion, drawing from him the hotter balm of his own cum to melt away the last aches and
tenderness. He collapsing against her form, his knees and elbows giving
way as he rested his weight on the fronts of his thighs and the backs of
his arms. Rolling her to her side as he rolled to his as well, pulling her
close as he slowly softened inside her, he felt her body still tremoring
around him as she joined mouths with him in a kiss. He whispered over and
over to her of his joy and love for her and of his belief that they were
meant to share this wonder together, that he had never before felt this
close to another person, as he felt them to be part of the same being,
wrapped in joy and floating in their own personal corner of heaven, two
made one in the rapture of their union.

He felt her hair moving on his shoulder, he having rolled to his back
with her atop him somehow in the minutes after their pleasure. He stirred
when he heard the fone ringing, cursing silently for having given the
location of their hotel room out at all. He rolled partially to his side
and snatched the receiver from its cradle, not even thinking of who might
be calling, and cursing his actions even more when he heard the unfamiliar
woman's voice asking for his precious one to come to the fone. Luckily for
his peace of mind, the voice was a young one, and he handed the receiver to
his lovely lady as he eased from the bed, kissing her neck as he slipped
into the bathroom so she could have the privacy to talk, and to arrange a
pleasant surprise for her.

When he heard her hanging up the receiver, he stepped from the bathroom
walking naked towards her and lifting her from the bed as bare as he.
Kissing her as he went with her silently to the bathroom, he lowered her
into the foamy water he had drawn for her, his eyes smiling as she gasped
at the remembered promise. When she rested comfortably in the water, the
suds covering random parts of her body, his hand went to a bottle of wash
he had brought with him, filling his hands with the rich smelling silky
liquid. His hands started with her feet, working up over her legs to the
tops of her thighs, and around between, but only touching her legs with the
lather. He lifted them one by one to work the lather down the backs of her
legs and then over her feet again, rinsing them and kissing her instep and
the tips of her toes as he finished with each leg. When he filled his
hands with the wash again he saw her shudder and arch her back, raising her
stomach clear of the water and thrusting her breasts thru the surface to
glow in the warm bathroom light.

Taking her hint as a sign of her comfort with him, he covered her
stomach with the rich lather, massaging the silky wash into her skin as she
groaned thru her lips, his eyes moving to hers as his hand moved farther
north, gently massaging with the tips of his fingers the tender skin of her
breasts. Feeling her twisting her upper body to try and press her
tight-nippled breasts into his hand, he pinched and twisted her aching
areolae, causing her groan to deepen and her legs to slip wide open, her
hands massaging her inner thighs, too shy to touch where she wanted to, but
needing to ease the want building in her with action of some sort. Filling
his hands with rich, smooth-scented liquid, he took her hands away from her
inner legs, massaging first one palm then the other, and working his way up
from arm to arm, part by lovely part--first both her wrists, then both her
forearms, onto elbows and then onto her upper arms, stopping when he
reached there to rinse her arms and upper body thoroughly. Thinking him
thru with her front, she made to roll towards the wall, freeing up her
back, before she realized his hands were on her and held her still where
she was.

She saw him squirting the wash on the tips of his fingers, and looked at
him confused til she remembered the other half of his promise regarding her
bath. His hands lifted her arms one after the other, massaging the wash
beneath them, tickling her as she felt him rubbing the wash there, knowing
she could have no more than light stubble there, but also knowing that he
meant this for her as a sign of his word, and remembering the rest of that
word left her shivering as she saw him taking up the razor he had sat near
the tub, lifting her arm high and razoring quickly there, his eyes never
leaving hers, but his hands still sure and quick. When he had performed
such an intimate service for her, his hand drew her face to his, kissing
away her shyness and any lingering embarrassment. His smiles were
reflected there in her eyes as she smiled back at him, their eyes meeting
as he moved back from their kisses. He smiled brighter and wider as she
gasped and looked at him desperately, hearing him clicking a pair of
scissors together. He laughed as she got a wickeder smile on her face, her
answering smile clear in its intent.

She slid from the water quickly, coming to her knees to have him finish
her bath, her eagerness to have his hands explore her fully, clear in her
sweet, teasing smile. She wrapped her damp arms around his neck and held
tightly to him while he worked more lather over her shoulders and upper
back. He spent long moments rubbing deep into her skin, using the layer of
suds as a slickening surface for his fingers to slide on as he worked them
into her muscles, easing the stiffness after a long night and long morning
as well. When he loaded his fingers again and worked his fingers down over
her lower back and began to work the wash into her bottom, she arched into
him, plastering her soaking-wet front against him, her nipples stiffening
as she felt his fingers working the magic, refreshing lather over her
cheeks. Finally he moved in between them, covering her intimate flesh with
his sudsy fingers, rubbing circles over her most secret of places, feeling
her trembling and her skin heating against him as she kissed his neck in
response to his wicked explorations.

When he had finished, and lay her back into the water like a revival
preacher, she gasped and reached for him again, leaving him covered in the
water from her memorable bath. When he lifted her from the water, only to
settle himself on the edge of the tub and sprawl her across his lap, he
sensed her deepening trust when she wrapped her hands round him and held
tightly but never protested at his moving her round like a child's doll.
On the contrary she seemed to welcome his arms around her in any fashion,
and she seemed bemused and amused at his positioning her just so in his
enfolding embrace, her back facing him, and legs astraddle one of his
thighs. After he had spent many ticks of the clock distractedly rubbing
the still smooth skin of her legs, almost disappointedly she noticed, he
scooped handfuls of water and slowly poured them over her belly, so the
water cascaded down between her widespread thighs. When he loaded a hand
up with the wassh, she was nervous he would not be careful and began to
murmur. She cut her protest short when the arm that was folded round her
side came farther around and that hand moved to hold her labia sealed while
he lathered up the soft curls and the creases of her inner thighs and
still-tingling groin.

She sighed against his jaw as he rinsed her with handful after handful
of water from the tub, then moaned as he brought a towel between her legs,
deliberately holding it against her center with one finger while rubbing
briskly with the other hand to dry her shielding hair. The resultant
motions on her still pulsing core sent her toes arching out at the end of
her legs, and a soft moan echoing from her throat, a moan she heard from
him as well as he removed his hand from her welcoming folds, and fluffed up
the hairs she still wore over her sex, reaching sdown for the narrow sharp
shears, made to trim shorthair shorter, some he had had for years to trim
beards, and which he just knew would be perfect for his plans for her.
Pushing down on her stomach, he forced her hips to move forward and open
her crotch more fully and free of the guarding of her legs, moving a finger
back to guard her tender inner lips, and now-aching pink trigger. She
shivered against him as he clipped away the majority of the hair covering
her lower torso, leaving behind the shortened stubble. Her fingers dug
into his upper arms--where her hands had gone to when she decided not to
fight him but to experience this somehow symbolic surrender to him,
allowing him to remove the hair that she had worn there her adult life so
far. When he rinsed away the remaining hairs, leaving behind the stubble
that she knew he would now shave away, she saw how nude she would appear
now, how much more open her fully matured puss would appear, and how much
more vulnerable she would be to his approaches, her flesh open and bare to
him when he kissed, stroked, or filled her there.

She dug her fingers deeper into his shoulders when he rubbed more wash
into her skin, coating the stubble and stimulating her skin to surrender
the last hair to his razor, watching as he bared her fully, leaving her as
exposed as she thot she would be. He somehow knew how vulnerable she would
feel to him, for he promised her in her ear that she would never once
regret givng this gift to him as well as the gifts she had already blessed
him with. When he had rinsed away the last traces of her curls, she
watcehd, amazed as he lifted her in his arms again, taking her still damp
body back into the bedroom til he found a chair nearby, sitting her there
on edge and moving her thighs open to hook over his shoulders. He looked
up into her eyes, and she saw the wonder there as he marveled at her
acceptance of his wish, at her belief in his care for her, and her
eagerness to become his in every way they could each think of.

When she reached down to try to bring his head close to hers, he smiled
as she whispered her plans for him as well, her fingers going over the ink
that had been drilled into his skin, then going to the back of his head to
caress his scalp as she felt him moving his lips down to open her tender
core with his tongue. When his mouth embraced her newly-shaven cunny,
fondly massaging the inner and outer surfaces of her sex, she arched her
hips up in the chair, bracing her arms on the chair's arms. She lifted her
lower body to press her charms hard agains his tormenting teeth and tongue,
aching for his touch to bring out her body's ribute to his attentions, the
release she had been craving since his fingers first touched her in the
bath. Crying out his name, she felt him break contact with her puss as she
went over the edge, hearing his chant of "I Love you" deep inside her soul
as she arched back against his mouth, still moving in his words to her
while she shuddered against his face.

When her spasms eased, she noticed his lips had not stopped their
questing, and that he seemed more determined than ever to pleasure her.
His mouth found her sweet places again and again, touching the magic button
and fluttering against the more sensitive regions of her feminine valley,
her eyes rolling back as she felt te tension building quickly in her again,
his touch more insistent as he stoked the flames of her arousal higher than
before, sending the climax tightening her lower belly again, making her
ache in denial at the quick onrush of pleasure while he treasured the soft
flesh laid before him so willingly. He heard her chanting her love in
response as her legs locked behind his head and her feet drummed a tattoo
against his inked shoulder blade,her bliss taking over her responses once
more. The sweet scent rising from her body and the silky liquid filling
his mouth was all the treasure he could ever want.

He felt her easing her pressure agaist his ears and neck, and he moved
quickly to push her legs back against her body, positioning his aching
erection against her still-tender, but so well-prepared puss. Looking into
her eyes, he waited til they opened in question, then widened at her
brain's realization of his and her respective postures before he claimed
her. Then sliding into her fully with one well-paced, but still
overwhelming thrust, he claimed her again for his own as she shivered in
her welcome of him, her hands moving to pull her own legs back, his lips
kissing the backs of her knees. She felt his pulse thru his cock, the
swollen flesh of him throbbing in time with his racing heart, his eyes so
filled with need for her that she ached to see it, and her hands moved up
to cradle his face as he lowered his lips to hers for a kiss, feeling her
smile against his lips while he finally began to move, very gently inside
her body.

When long minutes later, both aching from their exertions in the throes
of passion, he lifted her in his arms again, she felt an emptiness inside
her, one she knew would only ever be filled by his loving her with his body
as well as he loved her with his heart and mind She knew that they would
need to often express their love physically to ease her fevered passions,
which he had awakened to full rage today, and which he would have to
satiate now that he had. It was not a merely physical, carnal craving she
had for him, but rather a wanting for his touch in answer to her desire,his
own love together with hers, joined with her on the many planes that
happened when love was present in the physical act. When he laid her down
on the bed, tenderly cleaning the both of them with a towel that he had
left nearby, she felt the warmth inside her stir to more, slightly
disappointed that he was merely drawing her to him for more rest, but
understanding he was just a man, after all.

They had spent the rest of the day just enjoying one another's company,
kissing at stoplights, holding hands as they walked thru a mall's food
court, nervously catching one another's eye as they ate & talked about the
rest of the weekend, and finally going to a movie, sitting close and
talking softly in the back row, making out thru the slower parts of the
movie, and desperately wanting to get closer than the armrest allowed them.
She had met his friends that afternoon, before they headed into the eastern
part of the city to play together. She was nervous, worried about her age
and his friends' reception of her. She had been amazed at their surprised
but quick acceptance of her among them, even getting the chance to talk to
his friends' wives without him around, he being called away to help with
something in another room. She was still nervous about the next day with
some of his family there, but he assured her that it would prolly just be a
couple people besides whom she had met Friday night.

When they finally made their way back to their room that evening,they
both were worn from the day, and he was stripping off his shoes, pants and
shirt as he closed the door. Folding everything, he stripped off his socks
and boxers and walked to her--standing looking at him with wide eyes,
unsure of their next few hours together. Their earlier intimacies had
still not given her immunity from embarrassment or shyness, and her cheeks
burned as he covered her mouth with his, drawing her into his embrace as he
walked backwards, pulling her with him into the bathroom. He adjusted the
taps in the bath, letting it fill with mildly hot water as he turned back
to her, his eyes questioning. She watched him with a grin, her eyes
suggesting he take the bit fully between his teeth if he was going to run
this course with her. Giving her a leering grin in return, he wasted no
time in undoing her belt and waistband, slipping her body free of clothing
below the waist, leaving her naked from belly button down.

He pressed her back against the wall just like that, raising her left
leg to hook it over his shoulder, fastening his mouth to her vulva,
drinking away her day's passionate buildup of moisture, and stoking more to
rain slowly down over his tongue, filling his mouth with the heady
ambrosia. He felt her hands bracing atop his head, keeping her body from
folding forward over him, and murmured against her smooth slick folds, she
dazedly asking him what he was saying. Parting his lips from over her
clitoris, where it had been feasting and sending shivers of pleasure thru
her, he asked her to turn off the bath, strip her top bare, and let go her
tension, floating in orgasm and showing her trust in him with her release.
When she whined thru her nose, he knew the words barely registered in her
mind, and she was fast falling thru her climax without his prompting,
shaking and barely able to keep her hands in his hair. He reached up with
his hands and slid her top up beneath her arms, baring her breasts and
capturing her nipples in his fingers. He felt her grunt of helpless
abandon building in her chest, finally to break from her mouth, past her
clenched teeth and thru her lips.

Many seconds later, when she roused from her dazed whirl of pleasure,
she found her clothes gone, the tub silenced, and herself ensconced in his
arms, the water washing over them both as he held her against himself, his
eyes smiling when she turned back to look over her shoulder to him. His
hands had hers laced with his, and he was rubbing both of their fingers
over the smooth skin of her belly, running in a lazy oval from ribcage to
thighs, whispering what he wished had happened with them already. Her legs
shivered when he spoke of wishing he had filled her belly with his children
already, but knowing the doubts she still harbored about them, she wondered
if his wishes would be grantable, but she did look forward to the effort,
if their tries were as enjoyable as they had been so far.

He rolled her over in the water, facing him, and lying on his chest and
stomach, face to face as he ran his fingers over her buttocks, exploring
her intimate areas with fingers he had somehow loaded with lather behind
her back already. She shivered when his fingers probed her still virginal
bottom, wondering when he would get around to demanding his rights there as
well. One questioning glance told her that time was almost near, his eyes
blazing with wicked desires, and his prick straining against her belly
already, her responses to his fingers' gentle explorations all the
incentive he needed to move quickly and stand, pulling her up with him and
toweling her off gently, drawing her from the tub and after him to the bed,
his smile wide and her eyes misting from the thots of the night to come.

With wild, searing strokes of his his fingers in the valley of her inner
thighs and upturned buttocks, he stroked her skin with the oil he had
brought specifically to rouse her snesuality in this new endeavor. She
felt the impatience in his hands as he massaged the yielding, heated flesh
close around her most private place, the attention making her legs shift
restlessly on the bed, her eyes gazing back over her shoulder at him,
seeking to know at all times what he was doing to her as he knelt up on the
bed. "You will trust me," he growled low to her, watching her anxious eyes
dart quickly to his face and just as quickly back to his hand kneading the
moistness of her well-buttered buns, the oils scented of rosemary and
jasmine causing her bottom and inner legs to glow lightly in the dim light
of the one lamp lit in the room. Seeing her still-worried gaze lighting on
his hands and arms, he dropped to sit on the side of the bed, dragging her
across his knees and lifting her head to a level with his own.

Kissing her firmly, he groaned into her mouth, then told her softly, "I
was saving this for later still, but you must learn to trust me before I
take your last virginity, my love, and I know of no other way to ensure
your cooperation and willingness than this one. Please understand this is
for your good as well as my peace of mind at your surrender to me tonight?"

With those few words, he pulled her face down to the level of the bed,
slipping her thighs off his one leg to trap them in between both of his
legs, leaving her bent at the waist, lying over one thigh while she
remained trapped between the both of them. Suddenly she realized what he
was about to do, and she kicked out hard, yelling out "NO!!!". With every
ounce of his resolve he held her, still bending over his lap, his resolve
seeming to become clear to her now. Realizing that her yellls didn't faze
him one bit, she looked back at him again, this time with a touch of fear.

He looked at her sadly, mouthing the words, "Trust me," to her, and
seeing the warmth still in his eyes, knowing he wasn't playing a sick game
with her but was attempting to show her that she could trust him even to
warm her posterior and not harm her, merely sting her, she suddenly
understood what he intended. Calming down a bit, she was still none too
pleased that she was tail-up over her lover's lap, about to receive a
child's punishment, and all she had done was to doubt for a moment his
gentle care of her when she surrendered her ass up to him. Thinking of the
irony, being punished on her bottom for not trusting his care with her
bottom, she flinched when she heard him softly tell her he loved her,
realizing that their love was stronger in him than his lust for female
warmth surrounding him, and that he would never harm her, merely sting her
for a bit, and the same care and control would hold true during her
buggering. If she had simply accepted his mastery of her, she wouldn't
experience his loving her bottom with a pair of rosy cheeks to rub against
his belly.

Hearing his breath inhale sharply, she tensed suddenly and felt the
first stroke of his hand caress her skin with a sharp sting. The heat
bloomed beneath his palm, glowing hot as a coal for a fraction of a second,
then burning low under her cheek's delicate skin. She tensed, knowing the
next stroke would be sharper somehow, believing it would all get worse in
the pit of her stomach, but somehow amazed that the stings were not what
overwhelmed her over the next few moments, but the burning which seemed to
transfer from her nether cheeks to her face, causing the blush on her face
to glow as red as her bottom was beginning to, the heat building behind her
eyes as the spanking continued, five entire minutes of slow spanking, til
her tears rolled down her face unchecked, and the first sob escaped her
mouth, tho she had fought to hold it back.

Hearing her cry out, when she had stoically swallowed the slightest
squeal until then, punishing him in return with her silence, he drew her
face and shoulders round to him. Looking in her eyes and seeig the honest
emotions warring in her, the shame at her being tanned like a child, and
the need for this feeling somewhere buried deep in her soul, the wanting to
feel his hand thusly on her so evident now that he drew her over him on the
bed. Lying back with her and placing her head high on his shoulder, he
slicked his hands with more of the spice-scented oil, massaged away the
sting on her sweet rear and kissed her softly, crooning a soft nonsensical
singsong to her, comforting her as she cried gently against his cheek.
When her tears slowed, he drew her mouth to his again, kissing her hungrily
and making her aware of the erection that had burned against her this whole
time, hotter now with the recent actions of them both.

Feeling his hands on her still-heated bum, she flinched as he massaged
them harder now, bringing the sting back to the surface before he turned
her on to her belly on the bed, rising over her and massaging a large
amount of oil into the tender places surrounding her bottom's tight iris.
She tensed slightly when his head came next to hers on her shoulder, his
lips kissing her ear and neck as he lifted her hips from the bed, pulling
her up and against his body as he leaned over her, pushing her legs up
under her stomach and rounding her behind out to meet his prick, placed
carefully against her puckered sphincter. When she felt the pressure
against her resisting flesh, her fingers dug into the bedsheets, clenching
hard til his own hands covered hers, lifting them free of the mattress and
entwining their fingers together, giving her something to brace herself
with as she felt the relentless invasion start to gain its way inside her,
stretching her unmercifully. Her eyes, nearly dry just before he pulled
her beeath him, sprang fresh with tears as she felt the tip of his member
slipping deeply in her guts.

Her breath seemed caught in her throat, the pressure seeming to drive
all thot from her mind as the length of him expanded her, feeling as if he
were driving thru her belly now as he pressed his stomach against her
bottom, fully impaling her on him. She tensed suddenly, crying out as the
pressure got more intense inside her, and then relaxing as she felt her
body adjust to his intrusive taking of her. Her groan then seemed to be a
signal to him, and he slowly moved inside her, sliding an inch or so
backwards, the suction of him moving causing her to gasp as she felt the
incredible sensations pulsing thru her from her insides.

The heat blooming in her belly nearly erased the heat she felt in her
bottom, still warm from his hand's wicked stinging. She sighed out heavily
as the pressure of him moving in her body sent shivers up her spine,
driving her to arch her calves and move sleepily beneath him, her body
drugged from the pleasant tingling of pain still involved in his claiming
of her most private, intimate place. She gripped his fingers so tightly
her own ached from it, but she wanted nothing more than to move with his
movements, to answer his thrusts as he moved more and more inside her, the
grip of her own body causing her a twinge or two as she was now and again
overwhelmed by their unique coupling, the wonder of her passion with him so
much more enjoyable than she ever dreamed it could be, and even her warming
beneath his spanking hands a pleasure in her memory now, as it simply added
to her total experience of him, assuring her of his control over himself
and his care and love for her as well.

With a cry of shock, she felt the first shudders gripping her lower
body, the waves of climax crashing over her body as he moved more and more
violently inside her, his fingers suddenly free of hers and manipulating
her breast and sex as she rocketed thru this orgasm and on into another
immediately following it, her mind stunned as she felt the weight of more
to follow looming behind the second. She surrendered to the welcome
wasshing of her body in light and music, the blanketing pleasure enfolding
her in its embrace as she sensed his body moving to join hers in release,
her mind losing count of the number of times she walowwed in ultimate
pleasure now. When she came to herself minutes later, it was to the
realization of him locked in tension over her, the pulses of his seed
burning in streams of heat into her guts, the swelling of his cock filling
her more fully than ever before as he cried out in shocked explosions of
sound, his orgasm seeming to last forever to her and definitely blinding
him to whatever else happened in the world, his body and soul only attuned
to her pleasure, his only coherent thought her name echoing over and again
on his lips.

She woke to the touch of his fingers in her hair, and she roused slowly
from the dreams she was having. She had been standing in an auditorium, at
the front near the stage, her hands joined with his as she spoke her
wedding vows. Her eyes were still filled with tears when she awoke, and he
was murmuring his love to her, reassuring her with his voice and teliing
her to please not to cry, that he would be gentler with her now. She
smiled thru her sleepy eyes at him, outlined against the dim light
filtering in thru the curtains of the room. Slowly she adjusted to being
awake, and she reached up to draw his mouth to hers for a deep kiss,
surprised by the dampness of his hair.

When she raised off the pillow and reached to turn the light on, he
stilled her hand and brought it to his mouth instead, kissing her fingers.
His breath washed over her inner wrist as he moved up her arm, slowly
drawing her hand back behind his head and gathering her lips to his,
kissing her gently. She was a little stiff, but in a good way, and a smile
lit her face as she remembered him waking her with his entry into her
still-singing center in the middle of the night. Her thighs shifted
restlessly beneath the covers, kicking them down her body and lifting to
wrap around his body, her stomach rubbing against his as she felt the
wanting building in her again, something she had always hoped would happen
when she was finally with him, that her desires would build rather than be
fulfilled. When he rested his weight on her lower body, she felt the towel
separating their bodies and she moaned unhappily, wanting his presence
inside her to ease the ache that was building, already missing his presence
inside, tho she had only tasted of the sweet pleasures of their love hours

Slowly breaking their kiss, he lifted his body away from her and drew
her to her feet. Moans came from her as he broke their contact, and she
came fully to waking as he whispered into her ear. Surely he had not just
ordered her to take care of her morning bathroom rituals and meet him back
in the room in 10 minutes. She looked up at him as she sat back down on
the bedside, gasping as he drew her back to her feet and bent her over his
hip, his arm holding her across her chest and preventing her rising by the
grip of his hand on the inside of her outer elbow. Feeling his hand
rubbing the side of her hip, she tensed when he smacked quickly a dozen
times on the lower curve of her buttock, all in the same spot, just where
her thigh and bottom met in close to the junction of her thighs. He raised
her back to standing next to him, and he asked her softly was she going to
the bathroom alone or would he have to help her along. Dazed by this side
of him coming to the fore, she walked naked and chastened to the bathroom,
seeing her toiletries laid out on the bathroom counter, and a small pile of
clothes, HER clothes, laid out next to her brush and other items which she
had left packed in her bag.

Bemused and a bit confused, she took care of her necessary morning
things, and was surprised when the bathroom door opened while she ran the
water. Unapologetic, he walked in to the bathroom, wearing only his pants
and shoes, smiling at her as he went to the bathtub and began running water
in the tub, adding bath oil and laying out the wash he had used when he
bathed her before. Looking around in the bathroom, she realized her bag
had disappeared from where she had stashed it before, and he smiled at her
confusion as he asked her to put her hair up for him. Still unsure as to
what was happening this morning, she saw to her shock that her hands had
risen to her hair, bunching it up at the back of her head as he removed the
shower cap from its wrapper and held it over her head. She was not sure
exactly what was happening in her head or her heart, but she was not afraid
or nervous with him, even after his surprisingly fast resorting to swatting
her rear when she didn't leap to follow his commands.

Smiling at her unsure, bemused expression, he drew her to his side,
kissing her slowly until she groaned again in his mouth, rising on her toes
as his hands cupped her bottom, one hand stroking the smarting spot his
fingers had left on her lower cheek minutes earlier. When his hands left
her buttocks and went beneath her body, lifting her by her knees and
back,she wrapped her arms around him by reflex more than anything, and she
smiled as he lowered her into the welcome warmth of the bathtub, the water
closing over her body as she felt his hands stroking her beneath the
surface of the suds covering her now. His hands covered her body like a
glove, filling her with wonder as she felt her nerves singing in wonder,
waking to his touch and tightening the muscles of her abdomen with her
fully-realized passion coiling deep and gathering strength. When more and
more of his touches passed over her body, cloaked innocently beneath the
guise of washing her, she sent a low hiss of frustration out, opening her
eyes to look imploringly into his. Seeing the humor there sent her
grumbling back into a restful position against the bottom of the tub,
knowing he had long minutes of temptations in store for her, and resigned
to enduring it if she could but just taste the passion he had brought to
her this weekend.

When he lifted her leg from the water long minutes later, she smiled
softly, enjoying the feel of the silky smooth wash over her skin, then
showing a bit of the trust she was feeling for him by giving herself
completely over to him, allowing him the freedom of her person to shave
her, somewhat surprised at his care with every part of her, then relishing
the attention. Her eyes became heavy as he rinsed the suds from her flesh,
then turned onto her side slightly to give him her other leg without his
asking for her cooperation. When he had scraped the stubble from her legs,
she felt him parting the tops of her thighs and massaging more of the wash
in to her only slightly stubbled mound, but his gentle hands held her still
as he finished there and raised her arms one by one to shave there as well.
By the time he had finished with her she was nearly asleep again in the
warm waters of the tub, and didn't notice the water draining away, or the
sounds of him moving beside her bath. It was only when he drew her to her
feet that she noticed the curtain closed and he standing in the bath wih
her, his body naked again in the bright light of the bathroom. He drew her
mouth to his, kissing her hungrily now as he turned the shower on to bathe
them in a gentle rush of warm water.

drawing her body to his, he massaged her back, shoulders, and buttocks,
working away the last traces of her short lesson this morning and her
longer lesson the night before. The last vestiges of stiffness left her as
his hands worked , easing the aches of their exertions from sore muscles,
even her legs gaining his attention as he bent her backwards agaist the
tile of the shower. When he had finished massaging her body, he broke his
mouth from hers and moved to lip her stiffened nipples, making her breasts ache as he suckled first one then the other, sending the tips of her
areolae into painful tightness.

She was moaning when he turned her to face the tile wall, kneeling
behind her and bending her forward slightly,her achingly erect nipples
rubbing against the cool tiles now, only serving to increase their heated
wanting. When she felt his hands parting her buttocks, she gasped in a
breath, feeling his tongue against her anus and nearly falling as her knees
buckled. His low chuckle behind her as he worked the flat of his tongue
over her still tender nether hole signaled to her aching body that her
pleasure would soon soar greater, and after the shock of his tongue had
lessened, she felt sudden heated pleasure wash thru her. His tongue's
caress suddenly sent the passion coiled in her belly flashing out and down
her secret places. When finally his fingers found her pink, tneder core,
she felt the bliss shatter her consciousness, making her slide noiselessly
down the shower wall, to huddle beneath his mouth and fingers on the tub's
bottom, moaning as his mouth sent spikes of pleasure over her body and thru
her nerves to shake her spasmodically. As he gathered her against him, she
felt the water ease in pressure again, a soft patter of warmth now as she
dazedly huddled in his embrace.

With her last murmur of questioning wonder, she felt him moving over her
again, his body covering hers in her huddle in the bathtub, the water
dancing over them. Then he was inside her, his body filling hers as he
mated with her again, like a stallion covering a mare over and over,
ensuring his mastery. With her last coherent thought, she wondered at the
coming day, and her future with him, a happy one she was sure, blazing into
climax quickly. <The End, for now>

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