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sharing my woman's other lover


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I sure do appreciate getting some mail back;

Sharing my woman's other lover, by Bigby, 2001

Nancy had been surfing the net again.

"This is hilarious! Honey, come take a look at this." She
called out.

I walked over and stooped down to see the screen. There was a
picture; head and shoulders, a smiling handsome black face.

"In a rut? Looking for some excitement? Let big Sean help you

Discrete, well endowed, five foot ten inch, 170 pounds, 25 years
old. Women or couples.

Send me a note and a picture of yourself, perhaps we can meet
[Seattle area].

My conditions; any time someone says 'stop', then we stop.
Mutual respect, hygiene, and discretion."

"What's so funny about it?" I asked.

"Everything! You think he could be serious? Surely it's just a
joke. I mean, really; 'discrete, well endowed'! And do you
think anyone would go for that kind of thing? It's a put on of
some kind." She giggled nervously.

"There's all kinds in this world, Nancy. If he gets enough
traffic, I'm sure someone who will give him a try."

Nancy was busy at the keyboard.

"What you doing?" I asked her.

"I'm sending him my picture. What should I write with it? How
about; 'Dying to meet you, please write to me.' Let's see what
comes back."

"Don't send that, Nancy."

but she already had.

"Don't worry honey," she said, "I'm sure he wouldn't be
interested in someone like me. I sent him my resume photo."

The thing is, I had reason to be insecure. I had been unable to
satisfy Nancy for quite a while. Things would start out fine,
but somewhere along the line my dick would go soft on me, letting
us both down. By this time, I was so nervous about sex that
there was hardly any hope of a decent performance.

I went back to the tv program I was watching, not feeling very
happy; it was just a little internet titillation, but still...

"Hey, I got an answer back from that Sean Guy already! Have a

"Hi, Nancy;

I think you're really cute. I'd be pleased to meet you. Are you
single? I don't mind if you're not."

Yours, Sean"

Nancy was typing.

"You're not going to actually answer this are you, Nancy?"

Hi, Sean;

thanks for your complement, it's made me go all Goosebumps.

Yes, I'm married. In fact, my husband is here reading this over
my shoulder.

XX, Nancy

"Shit, honey; don't send that!"

"Relax, Jim. It's just a joke!" She said, hitting the send key.

She was looking a little flushed, I thought.

The answer came back within seconds.

"Hi, Nancy and husband;

that's cool, I love it when everything's out in the open like
that. I'd love to meet you both, maybe we could have some fun
together. If things haven't been really hot between the two of
you lately, then I'm definitely your man.

What are you to doing right now? Are you within driving distance
of Seattle? I'm looking at your picture here, Nancy, and I'm
thinking I'd really love to meet you.

Affectionately and with anticipation, Sean.

"We're not doing anything. And we are in town on the south side.
Where are you?" Nancy typed, and sent it immediately before I
could say anything.

"What are you doing, Nancy?" I asked, a bit angrily.

"Oh relax, honey. It's just a little fun! You don't think he
would really come over here, do you? It's probably just some
pimply adolescent kid having a laugh."

"I doubt it. I think it's serious."

"No way. It's a joke, I'll bet you anything that if we invite
him over, nothing happens. Oh look, something's come in."

"I'm very close by, Nancy. Why don't we meet at Charlie's bar on
the corner of Madison? I can be there in 30 minutes if you're


"I'll be there, in a blue dress. Kisses, Nancy."

"Kisses? Your blue dress? Are you nuts, Nancy? This kind of
thing can be dangerous!"

"I'll bet you $20 he never turns up. Now come on, you said you
were going to take me somewhere this week for a change. Let's go
down to this bar and have a drink."

I tried to talk her out of it, but she was insistent;

"You're always promising to take me out, but we always end up in
front of the TV. I want to go out tonight, and if you won't take
me, I'll go by myself."

We drove down to the place on Madison.

Nancy is a fairly plain looking woman, medium height and thin.
She has short brown hair and brown eyes. She wasn't the type of
woman that turned a lot of heads; but she wasn't unattractive,
either. She rarely wore anything fancy; but she did look great
in her blue dress. She'd put on a pair of stockings and her only
pair of high heels, and a touch of makeup.

I had a vague feeling of dread as we walked in the place; with
good reason, as Sean was sitting at the bar. He saw us
immediately, he'd been watching the door. He really did look
just like the picture; a prominent square jaw, wide forehead,
intelligent eyes and an open friendly smile.

He stood and walked over to us. He offered me his hand.

"Hi! I'm Sean. I have to admit, I didn't think you two would
really turn up. I thought it was probably some kid playing a
joke on me."

Having shaken my hand, he proffered his to Nancy.

"Let's find a table and sit down." He said.

We sat at a table and made small talk, and had a drink or two as
I tried to think of a way for us to excuse ourselves gracefully.
But then I noticed something that sent a chill up my spine;
Nancy's face had that subtle extra glow; her smile was a little
bit too eager. Sean was holding his drink in his left hand; his
right was under the table; I could see the muscles of his right
shoulder flexing slightly; my wife was on his right side.

"So have you two done this kind of thing before?" Sean asked us.

"No." Nancy answered him, her face flushed. "What about you?
Have you done this a lot?"

"Not much. Once or twice I helped out some friends of mine; God
gave me a little bit more than he gave most guys, and you know a
lot of women have fantasies. Don't worry Jim, lots of husbands
like to indulge their wives, most of them like to watch. Anyhow,
I just got a new job here in Seattle, so I made that website, and
I put a couple of personals in the paper; but I only got one or
two responses so far. I really like to hang out with couples,
it's always a lot of fun, it's a cool way to meet people."

Her left hand was under the table, and I didn't know exactly

"It's a real demonstration of confidence in your relationship
when you open up like this, Jim." Sean said to me, "It sure is
better than sneaking around behind each other's back, don't you

No, I thought; I'd rather not know, I'd rather that she cheated
and I never had to face the truth of my own inadequacy. "Yes." I
said, Lamely.

"You're lucky Jim; I caught my wife cheating on me with the boy from next door. I realized after a while that it wasn't her
having fun that made me mad, it was that she was lying about it."

"That must have been terrible for you, Sean." Nancy said.

"It all worked out in the end. Delilah was really enjoying
herself with that kid, and I figured I loved her enough that I
should let her.

"What about you, Jim? Do you think you're man enough to let your
lady stretch her wings a little?"

"Of course he is, aren't you Jim?" Nancy answered for me, "Jim is
a progressive thinker."

"Say, Jim;" Sean said to me, "in that case, why don't you come
back to my place with Nancy? I think tonight could be a very
special night for all of us. I live just down the block."

Nancy and Sean were already sliding out of the booth before my
numb mind could formulate a reply.

"It's pretty late, maybe we should do this another time." I
said, hurrying after them down the street.

"Come on, honey! This will be fun!" Nancy answered me, walking
hand in hand with Sean.

"Say, Jim; you don't mind if I kiss your wife, do you?" Sean
asked me, stopping suddenly.

"He doesn't mind; you don't, do you honey?" Nancy said, throwing
her arms around his neck.

"Well actually, I..."

"Relax, Jim;" Sean interrupted me to say. "it's good to have a
little kiss like this, it breaks the ice."

I didn't want the ice broken; I lived under that ice.

"Don't spoil it, Jim." Nancy said to me, "Kiss me then, big guy."
She said to Sean.

His hands looked huge on her narrow hips, and they kissed there
on the dark empty street as I looked on with a growing feeling of

Her hands stroked his large black head, and his held her slim
body tightly against his powerful bulk. Despite myself, I had to
acknowledge that it was a provocative sight.

The three of us went through his front door, and upstairs to a
fairly nice apartment.

Nancy and Sean sat together on a sofa; Sean put his feet up on a
coffee table.

"Say, Jim; do me a favor, would you, and help me with my boots."
Sean said to me, his strong arm around my woman's thin shoulders.

"Go on, honey." Nancy encouraged me.

It all seemed so inevitable; I felt like I was off balance,
tumbling through space without control. I was trying to find the
walls, trying to get my feet back on the ground; but in the
meantime, I pulled off Sean's boots for him.

I sat and watched them pet each other, and Nancy turned and
lifted one leg over Sean's lap. His big black hand held her
small pale ass cheek as they kissed and fondled, Nancy's light
clothing an inadequate barrier to Sean's probing hands.

I was in some kind of state of paralysis as their clothes came
off; Sean did indeed have "A little bit more than other guys".
His dick was huge, probably 10 inches long and 1-1/2 inches in

"Look at this, honey!" Nancy said to me. "Have you ever seen
anything like this?"

Her delicate pale hands looked tiny against the stiff black
shaft, teasing and caressing it as Sean kissed her and toyed with
her breast, so small in his large black hand.

"I just love white tits." Sean said, "And you have such nice
ones, Nancy." She held his head and giggled as he teased a
nipple with his lips. She didn't meet my eyes with hers.

Sean leaned back and looked at her expectantly for a moment.

I said nothing as she lowered her face to his waiting penis to
taste the huge black organ.

"Oh yeah, baby!" Sean said, "I just love it when a woman does
that with her man watching! What do you think, Jim? Does this
look good or what? Come on, man, admit it; your old lady going
down on a big black dick turns you on. It's okay, man. Its
normal! It's not your fault that I'm made this way, you
shouldn't feel bad about it. Just get into it, man, it's great.
What do you think, Nancy? Do you like my thing?"

"It's wonderful, Sean. Magnificent." Nancy answered him, both
her hands wrapped around it, its glistening head pulsing visibly,
anticipating the moment it would penetrate my woman.

"Do you think you want to go all the way, Nancy? It's alright if
you don't. If you feel unsure about it, or you think maybe this
isn't your thing after all, I'll understand."

He was a decent guy, I thought to myself. Now was our moment to
excuse ourselves and go home.

"Oh yes, Sean! I'm dying to try it, Yes please!" Nancy said to
him eagerly instead.

"Well, I like everyone to be in agreement." Sean said, looking
at me. "Do you want me to do it to your old lady, Jim? She'll
like it, I promise you that. I'd really like to make your woman
happy for you, Jim, but I want you to agree to it. What do you
say, Jim? Big time satisfaction for Nancy, or not? It's up to
you, dude. Don't worry, Jim, she'll be fine. I won't hurt her."

"Just say yes, Jim." Nancy said, squeezing the great cock and not
taking her admiring eyes off of Sean.

"All right." I agreed, finely. How could I refuse? I had been
unable to satisfy Nancy for a while now, how could I refuse to
allow her this satisfaction, especially now that it had gone this

"You don't sound very enthusiastic, Jim." Sean said, his large
black hand teasing one of my wife's small white breasts. "Are you
sure you want me to? Now I'd really like to make Nancy happy,
but I don't want to do it if you don't want me to."

"Yes yes, I said it was all right." I said, surprised to notice
that I was looking forward to seeing it done; not that I wasn't
extremely jealous at the same time, but the thought of that big
rod in her; it would do what I couldn't, it would do what was

"Well, Jim; all right then. I'll do it for you, there's just one
thing I want you to do first for me."

"What's that, Sean?" I didn't quite notice at the time the
subtle shift; he was doing this for me now?

"I want you to take a hold of my dick; I want you to hold it for
Nancy while she climbs on. Now that's not such a big thing, is
it? That way, I know you really agree."

There was the moment of silence.

"Come on, Jim!" Nancy said impatiently, and with a hint of
desperation, "Do what he says. Please, honey."

Everything was happening so incredibly fast; and suddenly, I
understood why. At last, I saw the depth of Nancy's need. She
was oblivious to my distress, she needed physical satisfaction
and she needed it now. She held the tool that could provide that
satisfaction in her two small hands; but it was up to me to make
the choice. I believe Sean would have respected my wishes had I
said "no", and that would have been the end of it for that night;
but Nancy would find what she needed with or without me

I don't know who it was that got on his knees in front of Sean
and reached his hand out to grasp the big black cock; it couldn't
have been Jim, it couldn't have been the Jim that I knew; it must
have been some other Jim, some Jim that had been hiding somewhere
until now.

A shudder ran through my body as I felt the heat of Sean's great
penis in my hand. I couldn't help but squeeze it gently, testing
its potency.

Sean's cock was as stiff as could be; despite its impressive
size, he seemed to have no trouble keeping it inflated. The skin
over the shaft was smooth and able to move freely against the
inflated core; the mushroom shaped head was pulsing still, and a
small droplet of fluid oozed from the tip. And it was hot; I
could feel it heating up my palms.

"Go on, Jim." Sean said, softly.

"What?" I asked. Go on and do what?

"Taste it, Jim." Sean said. "We can all see you want to. Go on,
try it. Do you think he should, Nancy? Would you like to see
Jim taste my dick? I know I would. Go on, Jim. This might be
the only chance you ever get to have a black dick in your mouth.
You just give it a try, and then I'll do Nancy good. Come on,
Jim; it's completely normal, everyone wants to. The only
difference is most don't dare to admit it. There's no shame in
it, Jim; most every boy in my school gave it a try, most every
white boy, anyway. You tell him, Nancy, Tell your guy here to
suck my dick for me."

"Oh, go on then, Jim." She told me. "It's not a big deal, there's
nothing to be afraid of. just try it, it's fun."

I wish I could explain. But I never did figure out exactly what
motivated me to open my mouth and lower it over Sean's big black
penis. No one was forcing me; but I had to do it, there was an
unexplainable irrepressible urge to know what it would be like to
feel that great cock inside my mouth.

It's blunt tip touched my lips first; male/male oral/genital
contact. My lips parted of their own accord, my jaw opened wider,
allowing the dark alien organ to enter. My heart accelerated with
fear and excitement.

I felt the organ's power against my cheeks and tongue; it's heat
and potency. Its ability to deliver great sensual pleasure both
to its owner and to others; to Nancy. To me.

I liked it. I liked how it felt to hold it, suck it, worship it.
I loved its sensual heat. I ran my tongue up its length, I
pressed it deep into my virgin mouth; his balls were big, heavy,
and soft in my palm.

A strange euphoria seemed to flood me; it felt as though it was
flowing out of Sean's penis, through my cheeks and down my
tongue, filling my being with a warm happy glow. The fear and
anxiety I had been experiencing seemed to dissolve, fleeing
before the onslaught of Sean's great energy and confidence. I no
longer feared or resented him; of course Nancy desired him,
everyone must desire him. I wanted to share him with her, I
wanted Sean to put his powerful organ into her body, this organ
that was now so wonderful in my mouth would be even more
wonderful for Nancy. I couldn't provide such a thing any other

"Shit, Jim!" Sean said suddenly; "I think we might have hit a
button there. You better ease up some, and let me take care of
your lady first. Easy now Jim."

And he carefully lifted my eager mouth from his cock.

"Let's go to bed, sweetheart." He said to Nancy, who was looking
completely shocked by what she had just seen. I followed them
sheepishly, in considerable shock myself. My dick straining at my
clothes, harder than it had been for a long time.

I undressed, and sat naked at the foot of the bed, playing with
myself as I watched Sean screw my enthusiastic Nancy.

She cried, literally cried, as she came, holding our lover
tightly with all her skinny limbs. Sean's tight round black ass
just kept rising and falling, delivering Nancy the satisfaction
she needed, the satisfaction I had been unable to provide. Once
wasn't enough for Sean; he made her come 2 or 3 times as I
watched with fascination and admiration. I'd realized I had
nothing to lose; I'd been unable to do my duties as a man for too
long, and I would lose Nancy if I kept her frustrated.

Sean pulled out, and rolled over onto his back, his great dick
flopping onto his belly.

"Here you go, Jim. Do your thing." He told me with a smile.

My thing; yes, sucking his prick was my thing now. It was wet
with Nancy's juices, and I was hungry for it.

I wondered if he would come in my mouth, and if it would be ok,
as I once more took the wonderful object in my hands.

"Hang on a minute, Jim." Sean said, "Are you sure you want to do
that? Do you really want to suck the cock that's just been doing
your work for you?"

I paused in confusion; I wasn't really sure what I wanted, I was
just acting on impulse.

"It's alright, Jim." Sean said, "I just want to hear you say it.
Tell me you want to suck my dick. Go on, say it."

I looked at Nancy, Sean's big penis pulsing in my hands.

"It's alright, honey." She told me kindly, "Tell him."

"I want to suck your cock, Sean." I blurted out.

"Say 'please', Jim." Sean told me.

"Please, Sean. I want to suck your cock." The words came out of
my mouth without having been consciously processed by my brain.

"Alright then." Sean said, "Go on."

I lowered my mouth over it, once more experiencing that curious
happy warmth. There was a flavor this time, it was coated with
the flavor of Nancy's passion for him. The experience was
enhanced by what had just occurred, by my vision of this cock
inside of the woman I love.

"Nancy, honey, why don't you attend to your man there?" I heard
Jim say, "He looks to me like he's a man in need. Roll over, Jim.
Say, you're not so badly built for a white boy."

My cock was aching it was so hard, and Nancy climbed onto me,
enveloping my hot dick with the wet tightness of her body. but I
didn't stop what I was doing; it was too good, too magical a
sensation to give up. She started moving up and down, her
muscles tightening on my penis, as Sean started sliding his in
and out of my mouth.

"What you think, Nancy?" I heard Sean asking, "Should I let
loose in Jim's mouth? I'm not sure he's ready for that. Say,
Jim; why don't you turn over on top of your lady?"

He removed his dick from my mouth, and I felt his strong hands on
my body, encouraging me to roll over.

"That's the way. You like it better like that, don't you Nancy?"

"Yes." she said simply, and I found myself screwing her in a way
that I hadn't done for years. My dick was hard as stone, and I
pounded her gloriously, exhilarated with the sensation of
potency, with the passion I was inducing in her and she in me. I
stopped for a moment and kissed her. I was incredibly turned on,
and I was completely confident in my ability to finish the job
this time; and in any case, there was always Sean as a backup. I
was confident that my Nancy would be satisfied many times
tonight, and I was glad.

Sean shuffled up next to us, and slid his long hard dick between
our faces; our tongues shared the task of licking it up and down,
as Sean held our heads in his big hands.

He popped his dick into Nancy's happy mouth, and then into mine.
I screwed Nancy some more, and I felt her start to come. I
concentrated my mind on all of this, the joy of Nancy's orgasm,
of Sean's big friendly cock in my mouth; I tightened my
sphincter muscles and I felt my own balls start to contract after
so long. Nancy was coming, I was coming, and then Sean let loose.

Hot powerful streams of thick salty slime flooded my mouth; I
could feel the pulses traveling the length of his quivering cock
before each new eruption. I didn't like having come in my mouth;
but I loved the fact that he came there.

Nancy pulled his cock from my mouth when he was still only
halfway through, and ecstatically accepted whatever he had left;
she groaned with the sheer eroticism of feeling the stranger's
come in her mouth, and she smiled at me as we each swallowed our

I'd never felt such sexual excitement and fulfillment; I was
coming the whole time Sean was, shooting my load into my woman,
perhaps even starting the baby we both wanted so badly.

"Can we see you again, Sean?" Nancy asked him at the door as we
were leaving.

"I'd like that." He said, "My wife will be arriving next week.
How about coming for dinner with us? You'll like Delilah, Jim,
she's a knockout."

We went for dinner with Sean and Delilah a couple of weeks later,
not without some controversy.

I was all for it, but Nancy was hesitant. It surprised me, since
she had been the adventurous one the first time.

"I don't know what came over me that night, Jim." She told me,
"it was all so surreal. I kept thinking you would put a stop to
it, and then... I can't talk about it."

"So you regret it, then?" I asked her.

"I can't deny that I really enjoyed myself; and it sure did put
the heat back in our love life."

I should mention here that sexually, things had been going much
better between us.

"But I don't know if it's something we should be making a habit
of. It could be dangerous." She continued.

"Dangerous? The first meeting was dangerous, but now we know
that Sean is cool. It's hardly dangerous now."

And of course, the whole thing had me quivering with excitement;
I couldn't get the memory out of my mind, and every time I
thought of Sean's big dick in my mouth I felt a longing to feel
it again. I wasn't completely happy about him fucking Nancy,
that was kind of bittersweet; it turned me on, but made me burn
with jealousy.

Delilah was a fine looking woman; a very dark complexion, like
dark chocolate. High cheekbones and big clear eyes, the fine
lines around her eyes and mouth were the only visible signs of
her middle age. her hair hung in thick black curls down past her
shoulders; her hips were slim, her breasts generous. I couldn't
help but wonder what she would look like without her clothes.

But it soon became clear that Nancy and Delilah weren't hitting
it off. The signs were very subtle; Nancy would contradict
Delilah on small points, and at one point offered her some
cosmetic advice, as though anyone had the right to give advice to
woman as good-looking as Delilah and 15 years older than oneself.

I started talking to Delilah about cooking, which we were both
enthusiastic about, and left Sean to talk to Nancy. The
situation was delicately balanced; I knew Nancy would have liked
to leave, and although Delilah and I were getting along fine, I
didn't have the feeling she was hot for me.

That's when Sean stood up; he started unbuttoning his shirt.

"Does anyone mind if I get undressed?" He asked us.

The ladies both just kind of stared in shock.

"I don't think anyone minds." I said, filling in the silence,
"Do either of you mind?" I asked the ladies.

They both shook their heads, and watched silently as Sean
undressed completely, until his large, lean, muscular black body
was completely revealed to the three of us. He grinned broadly;

"Let's move into the other room." He said, in a completely
casual and relaxed tone, as though taking off his clothes was a
completely normal part of having company over.

He stood in the middle of the living room and turned to face us,
his big black dick swaying flaccidly between his thighs.

"Delilah, you kneel down right here. Jim, you kneel down next to
her, that's it. And Nancy, honey, you kneel down right here.
Now, ain't that a pretty sight. Who wants to go first?" He
asked, standing with his dick hanging down in front of Nancy's

"Go on, honey." He encouraged her.

Nancy hesitated; but she had obeyed when he told her to kneel
down, and it would've been somehow unreasonable to refuse to suck
his cock at this point. I suppose that sounds really strange,
but that's how it seemed. Her cute little mouth opened and she
looked up at him; without using his hands, he put the tip of his
great cock to her lips. Delilah and I watched as it slid inside,
swelling and stiffening as Nancy worked it.

"That's good, that's real good." Sean said, "How about you, Jim?
Here you go."

He pulled his cock from Nancy's mouth, and pointed it at my face.
My mouth opened with no hesitation, and with one hand on his
balls, and one wrapped around his ass, I had it in my mouth again
at last.

I felt as though I was plugged in to the power grid; the sexual
power grid. I could feel sexual energy streaming out of that
penis, filling my soul with power. I know in reality it was all
only in my own head, but that's how I felt. Sean's cock was my
power cord, and my batteries could be charged up by sucking it.

"Good Jim, real good. Here, Delilah; give me a little tickle.
Oh honey, I have been missing you. Nancy, why don't you take
your clothes off now?"

Nancy stared up at him for a moment; she was still kneeling on
the floor, fully dressed. She couldn't resist him, she couldn't
resist the urge to have him inside of her body once more. She
stood and undressed as I took his dick back from Delilah, and
once more worked to pleasure her black lover, savoring every
moment, relishing the texture and heat, feeling the maleness of
him sliding across my tongue.

"Ok, Jim, that's enough for now." Sean told me, and he turned to
Nancy, pulling his organ from me. He crouched down, put a strong
dark arm behind her knees and one behind her shoulders, and
stood, lifting her slight body easily.

"How about we go in the bedroom sweetie?" he asked her.

She didn't say anything, she just looked a bit overwhelmed by it
all as Sean carried her naked body into his bedroom. To my
surprise, He swung the door closed behind them, leaving me alone
with Delilah.

We stared at each other for a moment; I think she was as confused
as I was. Sean was the star, he was the one we all wanted.
Delilah and I had only just met.

"Well," she said, "how about that?"

She grabbed my cheek between her thumb and forefinger, and
continued; "Come on, lets fool around on the couch."

I was hesitant to touch her in a sexual way; I was distracted by
thoughts of what must be going on in the next room, and I wasn't
sure about what to do. I liked her, but she was 15 years older than me. And I didn't want to endanger my relationship with
Nancy; now it's true that she was at that moment making it with
Sean, but I had led her into that myself this time. I somehow
knew she wasn't happy that I was alone out here with Delilah.

"Relax, Jim." Delilah whispered, "Don't worry about Nancy. You're
here with me now."

"I'm sorry, Delilah." I told her, "It's not that I'm not
attracted to you, it's just that Nancy and I go back a long way,
since we were kids."

"You love her?"

"Yes. I don't know why I thought this was a good idea."

I poured my heart out to her; I told her how Nancy had been the
one who wanted this to happen the first time, and how it had
excited us both so much. How it had improved our love life for
the last week, but how it had been me who had insisted on us
coming here tonight.

"And now you're afraid that you're gay?" Delilah asked me,
taking both my hands in hers.

"Yes." I told her.

"Every man has a little bit of woman in him, and every woman has
a little bit of a man in her." She told me, "Just like a man has
tits, he also has a little bit of penis fascination. It doesn't
mean you don't like women, Jim. Do you find Nancy beautiful?"

"Absolutely. I think she's gorgeous."

"There you go. You are attracted to women. You said you find me
attractive. Do you want to make love with me, Jim? I mean, just
a little? Don't you want to know what my body would feel like
against you? You're a fine looking man, Jim; you're young and
well built."

Delilah started to kiss me, first on the cheek, and then on my

"You turn me on, sweetie." She whispered to me.

I could hear Nancy moaning in the bedroom. I could hear her
giggling and Sean laughing.

"Sean and I never had any trouble from fooling around." Delilah
told me, "I can't make you any promises, sugar, but if you two
are committed to each other, then a little fooling around won't
damage you. Your lady and my man are doing it, Jim. Sean's got
his big black dick in her right now, and its sounds like she's
loving it. So why don't you let me show you a good time?"

Delilah did have great legs; and big breasts, too. And her dark
chocolate complexion was so wonderfully in contrast with my pale
skin. her tongue was in my mouth, her body was tight against
mine, and it was good.

The bedroom door opened, and Sean came out. There wasn't quite
steam coming off of his powerful body, but almost. His great
cock hung flaccidly, visibly wet with a mixture of his and
Nancy's sexual fluids.

"Shit, Jim; your Nancy is really something. I'm glad to see you
two are getting along alright."

He walked up next to where we were sitting, his big friendly
black cock swaying between his legs.

"Here, Jim; why don't you give my John Thomas here a little bit
of your treatment, then I'll go back and give it to Nancy some

Delilah looked more than slightly annoyed, but I couldn't resist
Sean. I leaned forward, and cupping his balls once more in the
palm of my hand, I sucked his cock into my mouth, again feeling
the electric sensation of sexual energy, once more feeling the
blood pulsing through it as stiffened from my attentions.

"That's good Jim, that's real good." Sean told me approvingly,
"I'm going to go back into the bedroom now, 'cause Nancy hasn't
had enough yet. She's a real sweetheart, Jim."

He left Delilah and I alone once more.

Delilah's clothes slid away, revealing her voluptuous body; her
dark, low hanging breasts and slightly generous ass contrasting
beautifully with her narrow muscular hips.

"Kiss my ass, baby." She told me, turning around so that her
elbows were on the couch arm and her ass sticking up.

"That's the way, baby." She said approvingly as I did what she
had asked. "Lick it. lick my ass, good boy. You wanna lick my
asshole? Go on, just do it, get your tongue in there. Oh, yes!
Sweetie, I like you! Lick it honey, lick it!"

Delilah smelled wonderful, and the taste of her dark skin was
slightly sweet on my tongue. Even her asshole was perfectly
clean; as my tongue explored the rim and the little dark hole, I
realized she must have showered just before our arrival, no doubt
anticipating this treat. I had to pull her black ass cheeks
apart with my hands, and I couldn't help but compare them to
Nancy's tight white little buns.

"Ok, now my pussy." She said, turning over. "You ever lick a
black pussy before white boy? I didn't think so, but you're not
the first white sissy I've shared with Sean. Don't worry, sweet
thing, it's cool. Sean told me, and I saw you myself sucking his
thing. Sean has a great cock, if you're going to suck someone's
cock, it might as well be Sean's. But he won't lick me. That's
right, honey; you're doing something for me that big Sean
doesn't, and it feels good. That's it, uh huh. Sean is a great
guy, Jim, and he has a dick to beat all, but he ain't perfect.
Tease me, baby, tease me!"

She didn't say anything for a time, but her two insistent hands
on my head left me no doubt as to her desires. She came against
my tongue.

"Show me your dick now, honey. I want to see your pink dick."
Delilah told me, reaching for my belt buckle.

My cock was on fire, and cool air of the room was electrifying by
itself; Delilah's elegant black hands sliding over my genitals
were exquisite.

"Oh baby, this is nice. Delilah wants this, Delilah wants this
thing big-time. Come closer honey, I want to taste it."

She took my pale dick into her dark mouth for a moment of
excruciating pleasure. Her fingernails scraped across my bare
ass as she sucked my cock deep and hard. All in all, it was one
of the greatest moments of my life; she was beautiful, she was
exotic, and she wanted me; she was Sean's woman, but she wanted
me. It made me feel incredibly powerful, and all of my senses
seemed to be in overdrive. Then she lay herself on her back on
the couch, stretching out her body luxuriously, one dark shapely
leg up on the back rest and one on the floor. I had to pause for
a moment to admire the sight of her; not just her voluptuous
body, but her friendly smile of desire, her bright anticipating

"Turn around, sweetheart." She told me, "Let me see your white
ass. Bend over, honey."

Delilah's warm hands roamed over my ass, then reached between my
legs to fondle my balls and stiff cock. A fingernail scraped
over my ass hole again, before pushing itself inside. It was a
strange feeling, the penetration of my body; it was slightly
painful, fairly frightening, and extremely erotic.

"You have a gorgeous but, sweetie." Delilah told me, "Like two
scoops of vanilla ice cream. And your pink dick is just fine."

I knelt on the cushion between her legs, and she took my cock in
her hands, fondling it lovingly before giving me an insistent tug
and guiding it into her body. The wet smooth tunnel of her love
was tight against it as I slid it up into her; her dark body
arched upward in response. I held her head and kissed her as she
stroked my back and shoulders, and I had the feeling that I was
completely engulfed by this woman I'd only known for a few hours;
physically, emotionally, and spiritually.

"Yes, honey, oh yes. That feels good, very very good!" She
whispered in my ear as I began sliding myself in and out of her,
feeling a power and confidence that I don't think I'd ever known

I was climaxing, pumping my fluids into Delilah, sharing the
sweetest possible moment with her, when the bedroom door opened
once more. It was Nancy.

"What's going on? What are you doing, Jim?" She asked, as
though she hadn't just been fucked to within an inch of her life
by Sean in the next room. I couldn't answer her; I had to
finish, I had to let the last few spasms pass through my ecstatic

"What does it look like I'm doing, Nancy?" I asked her after a
moment, lying in the cradle of Delilah's long dark spread legs,
her arms around me and my dick shrinking inside her.

"I want to go home." She said, looking away. She was already
dressed, right down to her shoes. I gave Delilah a last kiss,
and went home with Nancy.

Our relationship went through a rocky period over the next few
weeks, while we came to terms with what we had done, and tried to
work out why we had done it. Nancy was afraid that perhaps we
didn't really love each other, and that was why we had been so
responsive to Sean and Delilah. I had been afraid that I was
gay, and my relationship with Nancy was doomed. But after my
wonderful experience with Delilah, I knew better.

It took me almost two weeks to seduce Nancy again; and I was at
least as thrilled as she was to find that my new confidence was
still with me. She squealed as I tongued her asshole, as I
slowly wound her and wound her, kissed her, gave her head, loved
her like I hadn't known how to love her before I met Delilah.

You don't have to be black to be good. A cock doesn't have to be
huge to please a woman.

I sure would love to screw Delilah and suck Sean's cock again.
Maybe I'll talk Nancy into it someday.

Bigby, 2001

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