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Silent Running

The lovers stood by the chest of drawers, looking at each other in the
full-length mirror. He was totally naked, his penis already slightly
erect. She was wearing an extremely tight bikini, made out of a rubbery
fabric. It was so tight that the bottoms pulled tight across her pussy,
cutting into her vaginal lips slightly and her breasts squeezed into a bra
top at least one size too small. There were holes in the cups to slide her
nipples through, but she had not bothered with that.

He began rubbing his hand across her pants, she quivered in reply and a
moan escaped her.

“Ssh. We agreed you were going to be on silent running and I was going
to be an enemy battle-ship. If you make any noise I'll have to attack you
more ferociously. I've got a muzzle, but I don't want to put it on you.”
He paused and then continued, “I will, though if you can't - or wont - be
quiet. Got it?”

She nodded. She knew what she was going to do, tempt him to put that
muzzle on her by making noises, but not enough to have it happen.

He stood behind her, and, watching themselves in the mirror, they
started their sex game.

Reaching round in front of her, the man caressed her confined pussy. It
was a delicious sensation, even when he pulled the pants up higher, to
increase the confinement. She felt the material slide further between her
buttocks and she knew that it would pull when he took her bikini bottoms

“Naughty girl. You haven't put your bra on properly. I'll have to
rectify that, wont I?”

His hands moved up to her breasts, sliding his fingers into the holes to
hunt for the nipples. It took some time because the cups were so tight,
and he tweaked and pinched her breasts in the process. Eventually, her
nipples were peeking through the holes in the bikini top, ready for sucking and fondling.

He stood behind her, kissing her neck and pulling her nipples between
two fingers, as if they were cigarettes. She still made no sound, enjoying
the slightly brutal sensations, knowing that it would arouse her massively.

“Shut your eyes,” he commanded.

There was a pause, then she felt him slide a narrow bamboo stick between
her legs. He then reached round, and holding one end in each hand, began
rocking it back and forth along her cunt. She couldn't help it, she
moaned, he was teasing her too much.

“Quiet. The battle-ship has heard you. Prepare for heavy bombardment.”

The rocking increased rapidly, and he raised the stick a fraction to
press it further against her. She swallowed down more moans, and the
rocking slowed again. Still tantalising her cramped cunt, his mouth sought
out one of her nipples. He pulled hard on her, causing more of her breast to come through the hole. Her breast, being viciously held, while the
nipple and aureole were free, responded by feeling that it grew in size.
He turned his attention to the other breast, doing the same to it.

Opening her eyes, she saw in the mirror that his penis had grown large.
He dropped the bamboo stick, and knelt in front of her, fondling her
breasts. Then, reaching for a dressing-gown cord, he tied it firmly around
her upper thighs, before pulling her bikini bottoms down. As she expected,
the material became caught in her buttocks, and because he had tied her
thighs, she could do nothing to stop it pulling her lips. He left the
skimpy garment rolled part-way down her bottom and began fingering her.
She swayed, so he got to his feet and returned to his position behind her.

Continuing to finger her roughly, pushing her rapidly to climax, she
felt a moan begin to escape her lips. This had the reverse effect to the
previous response, he slowed his fingering to an incredibly light touch.
This time she did cry out.

“Fuck me. Please. Fuck me!”

By way of reply, the man pressed his now very erect member between her
legs, forcing it between her and the material that clung to her like a
limpet. Gasping, partly in pain as he sharply yanked down the bikini
bottoms, pulling on her tender outer lips and her hairy bush, she felt his
hot, satin-soft skin press against her.

By mutual accord they moved to the single bed, where she lay across the
width of the bed, head hanging back over one side, still with her thighs
bound, waiting for him to take her to heaven. He came and knelt across
her, his bottom hovering over her face, and began to lick her clitoris
gently. Straining to open her legs to him, she responded by lifting
herself up and crying her pleasure out loud. He quickened his deft,
practised tonguing and slid his hands beneath her to hold her buttocks. As
she moaned, he buried his mouth further into her, intent upon bringing her
to climax at least once before entering her.

She replied by lifting her head and nuzzling his sac, licking its root.
He quivered and sank down further so that she could suck him. This she
did, and flicked her finger-tips along his straining penis. Then, pushing
him upwards, she took him into her mouth and sucked on him powerfully. He
shuddered and inserted his finger into her vagina and began to rotate it
rapidly. As she continued her assault on him, he pressed down on both her
face and her cunt. Smothered by his balls, only able to nuzzle them by
moving her chin, she licked the skin she could reach, thereby tantalising
him sweetly.

At last, he undid the cord and pulled the bikini bottoms off completely.
She stretched her legs wide apart, then, enabling him to lift her buttocks
and he dived deep into her. Then, reaching for another bamboo wand, he
placed its length along her wet, eager opening and rubbed her clitoris bud
hard. She bucked up against the wand, increasing the contact as she

“That was lovely,” she murmured, thereby earning herself a few
additional strokes with the wand on her pulsing organ.

He turned around and lay on top of her; his penis replacing the bamboo
wand, while his hands explored her breasts again. He ping-ed the tight top
between her bulging breasts and saw her wince slightly. He then devoted
himself to pulling and sucking her nipples until they felt that they were
on fire. She felt the most incredible darts of pleasure run from her now
super-sensitive nipples down to her belly. She moaned and clutched at his
head to push him against her. Finally, she was aware of him unclipping the
front-fastening of her top and felt her breasts spring free.

All this time, he was moving his hips against hers, and she felt him
graze his shaft across her now frantic opening. He reached down with one
hand and guided himself in. He whispered,

“Final attack! My battle-ship has found you. Sound all alarms!
Prepare to be screwed hard and fast!”

At last, released from the code of silence, she could give free rein to
her vocalisations. Pulling her two breasts together, he licked the
almost-touching nipples rapidly. She moaned quietly at first, then, as she
felt him shifting his weight to thrust deeply into her, her moans got

He was big, almost too big for her to take in as quickly as he wanted
to. He slid one hand down to flick her clitoris rapidly, though more gently
than before. She started to cry out

“Oh my God! Oh! Fuck me darling! Push harder, faster, faster.
Faster, damn you. Fuck me. Hard and fast, please!”

He obliged with pleasure, and was soon pounding fiercely into her and at
the same time, tormenting her with his finger on her clitoris. She
thrashed about in delight at this powerful attack on her body by the man she loved. Soon she felt a cascade of small climaxes that ended in one
huge, engulfing one.

He continued to pound her hard for a minute or two before his release
came. By this time she was beginning to whimper at the persistent assault.

“Sorry, love. Mis-timed it rather. Enjoy it?”

“Yes, but next time it is my turn to be battle-ship, OK?”.

He smiled as he whispered agreement, knowing that she was very adept at
bringing him to climax twice or even three times in such a game.

Copyright Too-Kay, 2000 All rights reserved. Do not reprint or post
without permission. -- Pursuant to the Berne
Convention, this work is copyright with all rights reserved by its author
unless explicitly indicated.
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