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F/m, mast.
By Typoman
Edited by Mrs.Typo
Do not repost this story without my header.
Do not remove my name from this story.

This story contains graphic descriptions of sexual
encounters between a 16 year old female and a 10 year old boy.
It is totally fictitious, but derived from an actual
childhood event. My battle with red ants, and my mom having
to quickly remove all my clothes.
If you are offended by stories like this, or you are under
the legal age to view material such as this, do not read any

Most of my stories have internal thoughts by the main
Do aid in reading, I have put these thoughts in all capitals
and italics



Both my parents worked full time when I was a child.
During the summer, I had to go over to the babysitters house
next door. I was an only child. My babysitter was a single
mother of one girl age 16 at the time of this story and I
was a boy of 10. At that age, I just needed someone around
to make lunch and to keep an eye on me. The mother, my usual
baby sitter is of no importance to this story so I won't
mention her name. Darla, her 16-year-old daughter had to
watch me on that fateful day. We never paid a whole lot of
attention to each other normally, the age difference being
the main reason. Darla, at 16 was a real beauty, with jet-
black hair and nicely developed body. Even at the age of 10
I was starting to notice the curves on females. Darla was no
exception to my notice. I had no sisters to explore with and
had become fascinated with the opposite sex.
There were both girls and boys on my block around my
age to play with, and I had got to see one girl's pussy when
we were both 6. She even let me touch it, once.
Unfortunately, her family moved away and that was the one
and only actual close up look and feel of the real thing.
One day, my mother told me that Darla would be the one
looking after me. Her mom had something to do, and would be
gone all day.
That day, I went over to her house and hung around
Darla, being a general pest. She had on a loose button up
men's shirt that showed her bra and ample cleavage. I was
lucky enough to see down it that day. She was doing
housework and I was glued to her cleavage and legs that
whole morning. Her dress was the normal length for that era,
just above her knees, but that was good enough for me. When
she bent over, I either got a look at her cleavage or the
upper part of her legs.
Before too long, she lay down on their sofa to watch
the afternoon soaps. Now there was no way to see up her
dress without giving myself away, and I soon got bored.
"Darla, I'm gonna go outside and play in the field
"Okay Larry, I'll fix us lunch in about an hour. Don't
go too far away okay?"
"Okay, I'll just be out back."
Little did she know about my ongoing battle I waged
with the big, red ants in the field. I had such a great time
throwing dirt at them while stomping the red bastards! For a
while I even stole some of my dad's charcoal starter and
burned the red horde. It was a continuous battle with no
definite winner as of yet.
I had gotten in big trouble for playing with fire. My
dad grilled me about why we were always out of the precious
ant-killing weapon and I had finally broke down and
confessed. I had stopped using it until today. We had a
brand new can of the stuff and I deemed it time to up the
ante on my red enemies. They were out in force today for the
battle. I stomped and threw dirt at the bastard communist
ants, drawing them away from their main base. Then I
deployed my secret weapon!
What a victory I was witnessing! My Ring of Fire had
them trapped, they couldn't retreat to their hole, and those
that tried were soon crispy critters.
Little did I know that the commanding ant general had a
secret weapon of his own.
The commanding general knew from past experience that I
would stand still long enough for him to deploy his commando
team. The little (red) communist bastards had secretly
climbed up both my legs and even into my underwear and
socks. With a pre-arranged signal, they all bit at once!
I started batting at my legs, but this just spurred
them on more! Panic-stricken, I retreated from the field of
battle in panic, crying and screaming.
Darla was lying on the couch with one shapely leg
draped over the back when I burst in, screaming in sheer
terror. Her two top blouse buttons were undone and her hand
was under her bunched up dress. I never thought much about
what she was actually doing until I recalled this event much
later in life.
She sprang up from her reclining position,
straightening out her dress, clearly flustered as I ran up
to her and started yelling in incomprehensible sobs about my
"What the heck is wrong Larry?"
I was in a full bawl, batting at my legs. One little
bastard bit me in the balls, and I started batting at my
She finally got the idea and unbuttoned my jeans, then
yanked them down. My underwear went next. Still having my
shoes on, I tried to step out of my pants, but got tangled
up and fell on my butt.
"OH LARRY! You really do have ants all over you!"
She jerked my sneakers off, then my socks. Finally she
removed my pants and underwear. I managed to get my tee
shirt off while she was getting the rest of my clothes off.
Darla screamed, then gathered up all my clothes and threw
them out the front door. When she returned. I was standing
again while dancing around and batting at my body. She sat
in front of me and in a firm voice, ordered me to hold still
while she brushed the remaining ants off me. I yelped again
and lifted my leg, exposing several of the dirty little
bastards biting my balls.
It was the thrill of having my little prick and balls
roughly examined, then cleared of my enemy's that gave me
the erection. Seeing one of her breasts out of her bra when
she bent over added to my little woody. At this point I
didn't care if my own mother was my looking at my prick when
it was hard. I was terrified and hurt!
To this day, I remember that open blouse. Somehow, one
titty was completely out of her bra. My face heading right
towards the erotic sight as Darla pulled me to her. She
hugged me to try to calm me. It was glorious fate that
allowed my head to go right through her open unbuttoned
blouse. My tear-streaked cheek stopped against soft breast skin. One of her hands was on the back of my head. Her other
hand was cupped around my butt. She pulled me to her
tightly, sighing lightly at the sensation she felt. My
little erection jumped when it made contact with the fabric
covering her lower belly. Darla gently guided my face
towards her exposed nipple. I was a little calmer, but still
very upset.
"Larry, I'll let you suck on my breast, You'll feel a
lot better and I don't mind."
Her nipple was pressed against my lips. Her hand on the
back of my head had guided me there. All I had to do was
open my mouth, so I complied with her wishes. She was right,
I did feel a lot better after I began sucking on her nipple.
Darla sighed and lay back on the couch, taking me with her.
It hadn't registered in my young mind what was really
"See? You feel better right?"
"I snuffled and nodded my head. Her hand stroked my
back, then my butt while she lifted one of her legs and
draped it over the back of the couch like I had seen her do
before. My leg was now trapped between her leg and the
couch. She released my head and reached down, then pulled on
my other leg, spreading my legs open. Her other hand was
still stroking up and down my back. Then she moved to my
butt, and beyond to unexplored territory. When I felt her
hand graze lightly across the back of my balls, I jumped in
surprise! I tried to clamp my legs together but she still
had both my legs held firmly open.
"That tickles, let go!"
"Stop squirming Larry I'm just checking for ants!"
I felt her hips lift, and then her dress moved out of
the way. Now the bare skin of her pelvis was against my hard
little prick, as she pressed our bodies together.
"Does that feel better Larry?"
"Here do this," she started moving her hips. "Work your
hips like I'm doing! Mmmm yeah, that's it!"
Darla's hand slid down across my back again, then and
over my butt. I felt her pull her panties down. At least
this time she didn't try to feel my ticklish balls for ants.
Then her hips started to move again. She had her eyes closed
and a smile on her face, and I didn't try to resist while
she was feeling herself down there.
It finally dawned on me what we were doing.
It felt so.NASTY! I decided that I wouldn't make her
stop as long as she didn't try to tickle me again. I even
helped her by moving my hips the way she wanted me to. The
feeling was still sorta nasty and forbidden, but nice. The
way some forbidden thing's I've tried before felt.
Her tempo increased and I could hear little wet
smacking sounds coming from down there.
She surprised me when she roughly grabbed my cock and
forced it down between her legs, scooting my body down. My
mouth slipped away from her nipple in the process.
I squirmed again, trying to get away from her iron
grip. The upper side of my cock was against something
slippery, wet, and moving. Darla's hand was not tickling me
like before, so I quit fighting. The movement of her now
slippery hand was feeling really good, pressing my dick
against her gyrating pussy. Every so often, she would even
stroke the underside part of my hardon where most of my good
feeling came from.
My young mind told me "WOW! SHE HAS MY DICK ON HER
"Oh Larry, that feels sooo good with my pussy rubbing
against your hard little dick! Does it feel good to you
"Yeah Darla I like this! Are we fucking now?"
"No Silly! Your dick is just rubbing against my pussy,
not inside!"
Darla looked as if she was concentrating on something.
She increased the tempo of her hips and her hand movements
on me. I could feel wetness all over my dick and balls.
"I'm almost there Larry! Just a little more, don't
"Almost where Darla?"
"OH I'm.Ready to..CUMMMM!"
Her hips bucked against my little prick wildly, making
my good feeling increase. Then something happened. The
feeling started to build and build!
"Darla arched way up from the couch, and convulsed. She
made more funny noises. She quivered and sighed sighed, then
she stopped moving. My nasty forbidden feeling was building,
so I kept going."
"I think I'm gonna do it too Darla! Hold my dick like
you were doing before!"
She looked surprised, but wrapped her hand around my
cock and squeezed while I thrust my cock into her slippery
wet hand.
"Come on Larry! I want to feel you come in my hand!
Fuck my hand!"
Darla pushed on my butt now, in time with my thrusts,
her hand around my little cock squeezing. My good feeling
increased and then reached a peak, then it turned into sort
of an itch, so I stopped.
It's sort of hard to describe the feeling. The best way
I guess would be to call it a pre orgasm. I was too young to
experience the real thing until a couple of years later.
Even then, only a drop of clear stuff would come out of my
Darla wanted to see me cum so she kept squeezing and
milking my cock. I desperately tried to get away. The good
feeling had turned into a feeling that went way off the
Richter scale. Nobody can stand something like that. I
started to cry then thankfully, she stopped.
Darla apologized, but she still held me prisoner on top
of her. I had to suck on her nipple again until I calmed
She exacted a promise from me to keep what we did a
secret. As part of the bargain I demanded that she strip
naked and let me see her pussy spread open.
She showed me where her clit was, telling me that it
was the spot that made girls come, and showed me the hole where a prick goes. I touched her wherever I wanted. Then
she asked me to lick her pussy, promising to suck my cock in
What a dumass I was when I was young!
Even though Darla promised not to tell about the ants
and me. I got a royal spanking when my mother saw all the
bites and made me confess.
But good news! My dad conquered them damn communist ant
bastards with insecticide. I got my revenge!

Authors note:
The story about my battle with the ants is true. I ran
screaming to my mother and she had to take off all my
clothes in front of her friend, the mother of the kids next
Of course, nothing sexual happened.


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