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sitting tanya


Sitting Tanya (Mg, pedo, inc, anal)

This is my second published story... The first was "Nina," but that was
written about eight or nine years ago, anonymously. Anyway, if you have
read that story, you will know what to expect. My preferences are stories involving children and adults, and I also have this anal fixation...

This is a fantasy of mine - I would *never* do things like these described.
Children are the most wonderful creatures on Earth, and they must be
treated with respect. There is in my opinion nothing wrong with fantasising

This story must never be published on any "pay-sites", or in any way be
distributed for profit. It can be published only on truly free sites, like
ASSTR, or posted on USENET. And only with this header intact.

I'm trying to move slowly, building up a bit of character before getting to
the juicy details. So if you are looking for a quick-and-dirty wham-bang
story, this may not be your thing.

Adults only.


Copyright 2000
Mr B. (
Constructive feedback welcome

[I sincerely apologise for any spelling or grammar errors - I do my best to
get rid of them. The poor language in some "erotic" stories really put me
off, as does the non-critical use of spell checkers. But who am I to
criticise... English is not my first language.]

Sitting Tanya

=== Chapter 1 =============================================================

"Can I have a bath now?"

Tanya came running down the stairs at full speed. I was wondering how she
managed never to fall, but it seemed she was in full control of most of the
things she was doing, including skipping down staircases...


Tanya is my niece - my sister's pride and joy, and my source of great
admiration and mystery. She is one of those kids that can baffle you with
their knowledge and insight, and she has a brain that belies her years in
abundance. Always seeking to understand the world around her and the people
in it, she is quite often seen merely observing. Nothing much ever escapes
her attention, and when she does not understand, she will ponder the event
for a little, and inevitably raise a very to-the-point question. Like when
her little cassette player started playing up, she in quick succession
checked the power cord, the cassette inside it, and finally the magnetic
head. Finding nothing wrong, she came to me and wondered if maybe it was
'this little rubber thing that goes round' that was dirty. It was.

I have had many opportunities to admire the girl, as I am her favourite
uncle, single, and thus very easy to ask when a baby-sitter is needed. I
find it difficult to say no when my sister calls asking me if I can help
them for a night, a day, or a weekend. My work is very flexible, and I very
often 'tele-commute' anyway. Tanya is exceptionally well behaved in my
opinion, and she can literally spend a whole day to herself, busying
herself discovering new things in my garden, on my computer or even in my

Tanya is all of five years old.


When Tanya came running down the stairs, I was baby-sitting her for the
weekend. My sister and her husband were on an extended weekend trip
visiting his family that lived quite some distance north. They had wanted
to make the trip without her, since they were to visit his ailing mother.
Normally, they would fly up there, but since it was mid summer, they
thought they could make a little holiday out of it as well, spending at
least a few days between just the two of them. It was really time for some
holiday on my part anyway, and I had gladly accepted the request to look
after my niece for three or four days. Tanya didn't mind at all that she
was not going, and she had jumped up and down at the chance of spending
some more time with uncle Don. She had arrived this morning with her
suitcase filled to the brim with clothes, dolls, books and you name it, and
we had spent most of the day exploring my rather large property. It was now
Friday afternoon, and the day was drawing towards an end, at least as far
as Tanya was concerned.

"Can I have a bath now, uncle Don?"

She repeated herself, pulling me out of my thoughts.

"Of course, Tanya. Can you fill the tub yourself?"

"I've already done that!"

Smartass. With the tv on I hadn't even noticed.

"OK, I'll be up in a sec!"

"Goody! See ya there!"

With that, Tanya headed up the stairs again at the same incredible speed.

I turned the tube off and headed after her. My bedroom is upstairs, and the
adjacent bathroom has a nice tiled bath tub that Tanya just loves. It is
big enough for an adult to lie down in, and for one her size it is almost
like a little pool.

When I entered the bathroom, Tanya was topping up with a little more warm
water to make the temperature just right. She knew very well that she was
not allowed to go in the tub without someone watching her. She had already
stripped off all her clothes (all of her dress and panties), and was
standing there naked, leaning over the tub with her cute little bottom
pointing directly at me. I looked at her tanned little figure, admiring the
slender girl and that round, firm behind. I checked myself.

"OK, honey, jump in!"

Too late, I got my own mistake. She did exactly that. Jumped in, that is.
Needless to say, that action created quite a splash, and before I knew it,
my front was soaked.

"Hey, watch it, young lady!"

Tanya turned around and saw my predicament. Her jaw dropped, and she

"Oooohh.... Sorry uncle Don!! I didn't think!"

She may be smart, but physics takes a while to learn.

I looked at her glumly, shaking my head. She looked on the verge of tears.

"I didn't mean it, uncle... I ... I just..." Her mouth quivered.

"That's OK, doll. It'll dry. Just don't do it again, OK?"

"I won't, I promise. Sorry."

The accident forgotten, she started her bathing. Frolicking in the water
like the kid she was, she was soon all smiles and laughter. I watched her
diving in, sliding around, enjoying herself immensely. My shirt was rather
wet, and I tried to wring some water from the front.

"Oh, that's quite wet, uncle Don...!"

"Certainly is, miss. But it will be dry tomorrow. Don't worry."

Tanya looked at me. "You shouldn't wear wet clothes, uncle. mom says you
can catch a cold then."

"I'll take it off soon enough, we'll just finish here and I'll tuck you in

She pondered that for a moment. "But you can't tuck me in like that - my
bed will get all wet!"

Her eyes gleamed. "Why don't you take it off now?" Then she looked at me
expectantly. "You can take it off and come in here with me!"

"Take off my shirt and have a bath?"

"No, take it all off, silly. You don't do that any more, like you did when
I was little!"

"When you were little, I had to help you in the tub, and I couldn't do that
without getting wet!"

We looked at each other and both grinned. We both got the joke. I had to
put it differently...

"I don't think I should get in there with you now, honey. You're growing
up, you know..."

"Ah, baloney." (Where did she get the words from?) "You see me all the
time, and I've seen you lots too." She was right. We did go to nude beaches
together, with her parents' blessings.

"That's a bit different, Tanya. When we are on the beach, there are other
people there, but here we're alone. I shouldn't do it."

"So we're alone, what's the difference?"

I looked at her angelic little face. It had that puzzled look. She really
didn't understand my worries.

"The tub is very small, Tanya. We'll be getting very close, you know..."

"I know! Then you can wash me, like you did before!"

"You're big enough to wash yourself now, darling. Besides..."

"I know all about 'bad touching' and that, uncle Don! I'm not a baby any
more. I just want you to wash me, s'all. Come on in!"

She was standing on her knees now facing me, the water surface just below
her little slit. She looked so small, so vulnerable, so innocent. And on
her face was a pleading look. Big, round eyes and a lovely little smile.

"Let's first try something, Tanya. Stand still, please."

I looked into her blue eyes and smiled, touching her shoulder with my right
hand. Her smile widened, as if she knew my intentions.

I held on to both her shoulders, letting my hands slide down the smooth
skin on her back, until they rested on top of her small buttocks. A look of
wonder was on her face. I slid both my hands a bit lower, cupping the soft,
firm little buns of her behind for a second, then down her thighs and into
the water. My hands slid down to the back of her knees, then I slid them to
the front of her legs, feeling these lovely slim poles as I slowly moved
upwards again. I looked into her eyes as my hands moved slowly up, until
they were just a few centimetres from her little flower.

I moved my hands outwards a little, and soon held her little buns again.
Then I moved my right hand around towards her front again, slowly sliding
it towards the little-girl charms between Tanya's legs. My hand inched
slowly to the left, until my palm was about to make contact.


Good girl.

My right hand now moved up her little tummy, until it rested directly on
her little nipples. No reaction. I let my left hand slide behind her, until
i cupped both her little buns in one hand. Still no reaction. Then I let my
middle finger slide a little in between those firm globes, pressing
slightly so that it slipped just into the little crack. Tanya's hand
abruptly took hold of mine, pulling it away.

"Don't do that, uncle Don! You're not supposed to touch me there!"

I smiled, lowering my right hand again towards her little pudendum. As it
was for the second time just to make contact, Tanya grabbed that hand also
and pulled it away from herself.

"I SAID DON'T!!!" She looked angrily at me.

"Why not, darling?" I queried.

"You're not touching me where I don't want you to! That's bad touching!"

"But what if I want to?"

"I don't care!"

"Please let me touch you there? I want to so much!" I moved my hand slowly
towards her pussy again, but was stopped as Tanya quickly moved away and
sat down in the far corner of the tub.

"I SAID NO!!!" The look on her face was really angry now.

"Very good, Tanya! That's just the reaction I hoped for!"

"I know that, silly!" Her face was suddenly all smiles again. "Coming in
with me now?"

The five year old had played her role very well, and she knew it. I guess
there was no reason for me not to have a bath with her again, as we had
done so many times when she had been a toddler.

I got up and started removing my shirt, still very wet from that splash
earlier. I hung it over the edge of the laundry basket, and proceeded with
my shorts. The little play had caused some reaction in my nether region,
but nothing much showed, so I quickly shed my shorts and underwear,
standing naked by the tub.

"Ready?" I smiled, making it look like I was going to leap into the tub.

"DON'T JUMP!!! Oh, silly..." Tanya made a face at me as I entered the tub
calmly. I sat down in the warm water and grinned at the nymphlet on the
other side. She made a jump at me, and I soon had my lap full of
five-year-old girl. She gave me a bear hug.

"I knew you would come in! Now wash me, please!"

Tanya turned around, grabbed the soap and gave it to me. She stood up on
her knees between my legs, with her back towards me. She turned her head,
cocked it a little, and then gave me a cheeky smile.

"I need to be clean, you know!"

I smiled back at her, lathered up my hands and started slowly stroking her
shoulders. I washed all around her upper body, marvelling at the feel of
her skinny little body. I washed down her spine down to her little bottom,
across her flat, little-girl chest and down to her equally flat, little
tummy. I tickled her bellybutton, making her squeal in delight. My hand
went down across her belly, stopping just short of the little swelling
below. Then I slid my hands down her hips, feeling the soft, perfect skin
of her little buns, and further down the outside of these slim, little
legs. I washed around her legs, keeping a safe distance from her private
parts both front and back. Then I kneaded those firm buttocks a little,
resulting in a little giggle.

"That tickles, uncle Don!"

"Sorry, honey."

"No, that's OK. It's a fun tickle!"

I spread my fingers a little, encircling these small cheeks completely with
my hands. My little fingers touched for a second just below her bottom,
where they lay across the valley between these little buns.

Tanya grinned at me again, then she surprised me by spreading her legs a
little! My fingers automatically slid a little bit in between her cheeks,
and I quickly removed them from her bottom.

"I need to be clean, uncle Don. You washed my bottom when I was little,

"You know that is bad touching, Tanya. You wash yourself there."

"It's not bad touching if I want you to, uncle Don!"

The little girl spread her legs wider, and then she bent forward, making
her crack open up a little towards me. She bent further, finally steadying
herself on the edge of the tub, and then she stood up on her feet and
stepped on the outside of my legs.

"I can see your bottom now, Tanya!"

"I know, uncle Don. Wash me, please?"

And there I was, my face just half a metre from her bottom, and she had
spread her legs so that I had a perfect view of all her charms. Her crack
had opened so that I could see the pink little pucker of her bottom hole,
and below that the lips of her little sex. Even in this position they were
almost completely closed, with just a small indentation hinting where her
opening was. And of course she was completely bare, with no hair anywhere.

I gazed at the beauty in front of me, the tiny cheeks spread apart, with
Tanya's most private parts practically shoved in my face. Why would she do
this to me? I looked down and saw the head of my now painfully erect cock
above the surface of the water. There was no hiding it now -- this little
nymphlet was turning me on something shocking. I reached out and touched
the top of her little bottom, sliding my finger softly down between the
cheeks. I stopped a little, wondering if I should do this at all.

"Please, uncle?"

That was it. This was what Tanya wanted, and even though it was indeed 'bad
touching', I wanted it too. My finger slid a bit further down, and finally
rested on top of the pink little opening of Tanya's bottom. She shuddered
when she felt herself being touched in that forbidden place where no-one
except herself were supposed to touch. I rubbed my finger a little back and
forth, resulting in a little gasp from Tanya.

"Ahh... Oh... Wash more, uncle Don..."

I started tracing my finger between the cheeks of my five-year-old niece,
going all the way from the top and down the valley between her legs,
feeling the soft, smooth lips of her little-girl puss. I rested my finger
at that little indentation, then moved back up until it touched the little
pink bottom hole again. I stroked back and forth, applying a tiny bit of
pressure, and as my finger slid across her vagina, it slipped just a bit in
between the little lips, making Tanya gasp again. I held my finger still
for a moment, then moved it a little back and forth against her tiny
opening. It was slick. She was wet!

I moved my finger back towards her butt again, and in the process
transferred her slick juices to the other hole. She shuddered again when
she felt my finger on her pink opening.

"I'll show you, uncle Don. Wash inside."

With that, Tanya reached behind herself and pushed her little finger at her
own anal opening. It slid inside a tiny bit, and she let out a rush of air.
I couldn't believe it. The child was masturbating her bottom in front of

"Now you, uncle Don. Please."

Tanya steadied herself on her hands again, wriggling her bottom a little in
invitation. Slowly, I collected a bit more of the juices from her, and then
I carefully pushed against the tiny pucker of my niece's bottom. Rubbing
back and forth a bit, I finally felt her opening up a little, and my
forefinger slid inside Tanya about a centimetre. She gasped out loud.


I let my finger rest inside her.

"Did it hurt, darling?"

"No, uncle Don. But your finger is bigger than mine. Wash inside me now."

So I started 'washing' inside my niece. Applying a bit of pressure, my
finger slid in a little more. Tanya relaxed her opening, and my finger soon
started moving a little bit in and out of her. It was a sight for sore
eyes, my adult finger moving inside the bottom of this little child, and
she started rocking back and forth as more and more of my finger went
inside her. Soon it was in up to the second knuckle, and with a shudder
Tanya pushed back, forcing my entire finger all the way into her. She
groaned as she felt the back of my other fingers rest against her buttocks,
and she knew I had my finger inside her as far as it would go.

"Oh, uncle Don, I have to go... Take it out now..."

My finger had stirred her insides quite a bit, and little Tanya now felt
the familiar feelings of having to relieve herself. I slowly pulled my
finger out of her beautiful behind, and she leapt out of the tub and
quickly sat down on the toilet. Her face was flushed as she let go. A not
very erotic sound emanated as she let things happen, and then a hissing
sound confirmed that she emptied her bladder as well. Finally, she wiped
herself, not wanting to look in my direction.

I got out of the tub and brought her a towel. Luckily, my erection was
down, and I dried myself while looking at my niece out of the corner of my
eye. She slowly got up, grabbed the towel and wrapped it around herself.
She looked down.

"Sorry, uncle Don... I didn't know..."

"Nothing is wrong, honey! You just had to go, that's all!"

"Yes, but..." She looked very embarrassed, so I thought it best not to say
any more.

"Do you want to go to bed now?"

"I think so, uncle Don. I'll just brush my teeth first, OK?"

"That's fine, darling. I'll make up your bed."

I walked into my guest bedroom and made sure the bed was nice and inviting.
I put a few of Tanya's dolls on the bed and dimmed the light. Then the
little girl came in with the towel still wrapped around her.

"Ready for bed, honey?"

She dropped the towel on a chair and jumped onto the bed. I held the quilt
open for her, and she crawled in underneath it. Tucking her in, I patted
her bottom through the quilt and kissed her softly on her forehead.

"Goodnight, little one. Are you all right?"

"Yes, uncle Don. Goodnight. And thank you." She closed her eyes and relaxed
her head on the pillow.

I turned to leave, and was almost out of the door when I heard her soft
little voice.

"Uncle Don?"

"Yes, Tanya?"

"Come here."

I walked back and sat down on the edge of the bed.

"What is it, honey?"

"I ... I'm ashamed, uncle. It felt so good, and then..."

"Did you like it when I touched you back there?"

"Yes. I liked it, but then it got so dirty..."

"Never mind that. If you liked it, that's what counts. You're not dirty at
all, Tanya."

"But when I ... I had to, you know ... you'll never do it again, will you?"

"Only if you want me to, dear."

"But..." Her voice faded, and she looked down into my lap.

"Your thing is getting big again, uncle Don..."

"Yes, honey. You saw it before, did you?"


"Do you know why it's getting big?"

"It's when you like a girl, isn't it?"

"Yes, basically."

"So you like me after all then..?"

"After all what, darling?"

"After the dirty thing."

"Yes, darling." I smiled. "Even after the dirty thing. I love you, you
know. But now you should get some sleep, and we'll have a wonderful day

"OK. I love you too, uncle Don."

"Goodnight, honey."


I watched the little girl as she closed her eyes again, and before I knew
it she was sleeping, a satisfied little smile on her beautiful face.

I went downstairs and sat down, not quite believing what had just happened.
Reliving the experience in the bathtub, I quickly got off on my own accord.
Just thinking of Tanya's cute little bottom was all I needed to start
spraying all over the place. I dried up and went to the bathroom upstairs
again. There I emptied the tub and got ready for bed. I was tired too,
after my most erotic experience ever.

=== Chapter 2 =============================================================

"Good morning, sleepyhead!"

I woke up feeling something on top of me. Opening my eyes, I was greeted by
the most beautiful smile in the world, and arguably the most beautiful girl in the world sitting on top of me. Her long blonde hair made a halo around
her head, and as I glanced further down I could see she was as naked as the
day she was born. Her legs were on either side of me, spread widely as she
was sitting on my chest. I couldn't resist -- I had to look down between
those little legs. There it was again, that little innocent slit, but this
time opened a little bit, showing a little of the folds leading to the
inside of Tanya.

"What are you looking at, uncle Don?" Tanya grinned.

"Oh, nothing but you, honey!"

"You shouldn't be looking at that, uncle Don! That's baaaaad looking," she
laughed. With that she raised herself on her knees and scooted forward a
little, bringing her little slit almost in contact with my nose.

"And this is baaaad touching!" she said, gripping her tight pussy lips with
her fingers and pulling them apart, exposing herself completely to my gaze.
Last time I had seen her this exposed was when I changed her nappies about
three years ago, and that had only been a passing, completely innocent
glimpse. Now this little girl was willingly spreading herself only inches
from my face, and a great view it was, too! On the top I could see her bald
little mound, and the way she was spreading her lips made the little hood
of her clitoris visible. Below that I could see her tiny inner lips
stretched by her fingers, and between them a bit further down was a dark
little recess where the entrance to her vagina was. It was all very smooth
and very pink. I couldn't resist, and I placed a little kiss smack in the
centre of the little-girl puss. She yelped.

"Oh uncle Don -- it's dirty there!"

"No honey, I told you you're NOT dirty! But that was really bad touching,
you know!"

"You're a bad uncle then. But I'm a bad girl, too!"

"You're very pretty down here, you know."

"You think so? I feel funny down there though."

"Like as if you want more bad touching?"

"Yeah, guess so..." With that she released the hold on her privates and
leaned back, raising her crotch up to my face again.

"Shall I kiss you again?"


I gave her little hairless pussy another kiss, and more, spacing them apart
all over her lovely little sex. She gasped when she felt me touching her
again. Then I took hold of her little hips and gave her a good long lick
all the way from her vagina up to her tiny clitoris. She let out a little
shriek. I licked down towards her vagina and let my tongue rest between her
little folds, enjoying the taste of the child. Her breathing was erratic,
and I could feel and taste that she was producing a bit of her slick

"Ooooh, stop, uncle Don! It tickles, and I have to pee!!!"

I let go of her little bum, and looked up to her flushed face.

"You like?"

"Yeah, but stop! I don't want to pee on you!"

"OK. More later then, if you like!"

She jumped to the floor, and pulled the quilt off me.

"Oh! It's big again uncle Don!" She grinned and raced quickly down the
stairs. If she had only known what she did to me, that little vixen...!


It was a lovely day, and I thought I could just as well spend the day in
the nude. After all, there wasn't much left to hide from little Tanya. And
I was sure she would be pleased if she didn't have to wear anything either.
So I quickly washed and went down to the kitchen, only to find Tanya there
getting breakfast ready.

"You're naked, uncle Don!"

"Right you are, girl. And so are you, by the way."

"Yeah, I was hoping I didn't need to wear anything inside the house. Is
that OK?"

"Sure, darling, but then I can be naked too?"


"Let's have breakfast outside, shall we? It's great out there today."

"No, I don't want to get dressed!"

"No problem -- we can be naked out there too, you know. There are no
neighbours to look in anyway. Just start carrying the things out, and we'll
eat on the balcony."

And we did. I made coffee, and we had a nice, long Saturday breakfast
outside in the sun, naked and happy.

When we had finished and cleaned up, we decided to catch a few rays on the
grass. I found some beach towels, some drinks and a bottle of sun-block.

"I'll put some sun-block on you, Tanya. Lie down please."

She laid down on her stomach, and I started applying sun-block on her
skinny little frame. I stroked her all over, from her shoulders down to her
little toes, of course not forgetting her firm little bottom in the
process. When my finger slipped a little in between her buns, she giggled
at me and called me a bad uncle again. Then I had her turn around, and I
started the delightful task of applying sun-block to her front as well. Her
arms, shoulders, flat chest and nipples, and down her tummy until I almost
touched her little privates. Then I proceeded down her legs, covering her
in a protective shield.

Moving up again, I stopped just short of her privates. I looked her in her
eyes, and she nodded.

"That's OK, I want you to touch me there now."

So I slid my fingers up to her beautiful child slit, rubbing her everywhere
around her vulva. When I moved between her legs, she lifted her knees and
grabbed them with her hands, spreading herself widely for me again.

A most delectable sight indeed, and I applied sun-block everywhere,
including around her lovely little pucker. She squirmed.

"Wait, I'll be right back!"

She ran inside, only to appear about five minutes later. She laid back down
and took hold of her legs again. Whatever she had been doing inside, she
had certainly cleaned herself. Her bottom smelled nice and clean, and it
was still a little damp.

"Put some more on me, and inside too, just a little?"

Despite the fact that the sun would never shine there, I applied some of
the slick grease just inside the little girl's bottom, feeling her tight
hole gripping my finger as it moved in and out a little. She sighed when
she felt my finger in there again, and she closed her eyes dreamily.

"Want a kiss down here now?"

Tanya opened her eyes and nodded. I moved down between her legs and gave
her little girl pussy another long lick. Then I licked down between her
buttocks, and pushed my tongue towards her tiny pink pucker. She squealed
again, but didn't say anything. I took this as a good sign, and pushed
harder. Tanya's anus opened a little, and the tip of my tongue entered her
back there, to her obvious pleasure. She now moaned a little, and I worked
my tongue in and out of her for a while.

"Oh, uncle Don -- why is that so good? That's where I poo and all!"

"There are lots of good things you don't know yet, doll, and that is just
one of them! Remember when you thought you had to pee this morning?"

"Yeah, it was strange, uncle..."

"You weren't going to pee, you know. You were about to have a special
feeling people get when they have sex..."

"Is that an orr-gasm, uncle Don?"

"Yes, darling. How do you know about that?"

"Mom told me when she saw me rubbing myself down there one day. She told me
all about sex and things, and she also told me it was private. You know,
bad touching and stuff."

"But what about all the bad touching I have given you? Didn't she say never
to allow that?"

"Not really. She said I had to be very careful, and never to let anyone
touch me that I didn't like or didn't trust. She said the wrong people
could hurt me bad."

"So I'm not the wrong people then?"

"Of course not, silly! I love you and you love me! That's why it's OK."

"You're a smart kid. Don't ever let anyone hurt you."

"I won't. I showed you yesterday, didn't I? But now it's my turn to put
cream on you!"

And she did. First on my back, everywhere she could reach, including
you-know-where. She giggled when I clutched my buttocks in response to that
one. Then she had me turn around, and my proud member was standing in full
attention as she touched me all around my front. She looked curiously at
it, but she didn't touch that area.

"Uncle Don? Shall I?"

"Only if you want, honey."

"Yeah. But uncle Don?"

"Yes, darling."

"How come you haven't got any hair down there? Most grownups have lots of
hair you know."

"It's just because I like it that way. I shave it off, just as I shave my
face. Lots of men have beards too, right?"

"I know, but that's icky. I think hair down there is icky too, yours is
much better. Just like the boys on the beach, only much bigger! Shall I put
cream on there now?"

"If you want darling. But do you remember how good it felt when I rubbed
you there this morning?"

"Licked me, you mean?"

"Yeah... It will feel just as good for me if you rub me there."

"And you will feel like peeing too? Having an orr-gasm?"

"Yes, doll. And that can get quite messy you know."

"The sperm you mean?"

She knew quite a bit, this little baby.

"Yeah, that's what I mean. Can you handle that?"

"I don't know, I've never seen that. mom says it's like cream. Is it?"

"Sort of. It's very sticky, and it smells different. But it's harmless."

Tanya didn't answer, she simply put lotion on her hands and started
spreading it around my nether region. Whether it's instinct I don't know,
but she was extremely careful when she rubbed my balls with the stuff. Then
she took hold of my cock with both her hands, rubbing carefully up and
down. I gasped.

"Oh, darling, that's good!!!"

Tanya smiled widely, increasing her movements a little, and picking up some
speed. I looked down at her tiny hands as they masturbated me -- she needed
both hands to reach around my cock, that's how little she was! It took all
of fifteen seconds before I felt it starting to explode.

"Oh, Tanya honey, it's going to happen now -- just keep rubbing please!!!"

And she did just that. The five year old girl gave me a hand-job as if it
was the most natural thing in the world, and looking at her naked little
frame sitting next to me brought me to a climax I had never before
experienced. I held back for as long as I could, but inevitably my muscles
spasmed and a geyser of my sperm hit the air, my abdomen, her hands, her
face and her little body. I let out a long groan as I drifted away in a
feeling of pure bliss, brought to me by my beautiful little niece.

"You can stop now, darling. Oohhhh, that was the best ever!"

"Did I do good, uncle Don?"

"The best, my precious. That is the best feeling I've had in my entire life
you know. Thank you!"

She giggled. "That was fun, uncle Don! But this thing is very sticky!" She
looked at her fingers and sniffed them.

"Smells bad?"

"Not really, just different, I guess. Do I smell like that too, you know,
down there?"

"Not at all, darling. I think you smell deliciously. But let's go and clean
up now. I don't want this stuff everywhere."

So we went and cleaned both of us up, having great fun in the process. A
long shower after, we were both squeaky clean, stark naked, and smiling.


"Do you want to lie down in the sun again now, Tanya?"

"No, uncle Don. Can we go for a walk or something?"

"We sure can. Why don't we bring some lunch and walk down to the stream
across the field? We can sit under the trees there if you like."

"Yeah! Let's go!" She started running towards the door.

"Not so fast, little one. Shouldn't we pack lunch first?"

"Oh, that's right."

So we prepared lunch for us both, packet a basket with everything and went

"Should we bring some clothes, uncle Don? Maybe there are people down

"That's not necessary, honey. Lots of people go there to sun in the nude,
and it's just a short distance from my fence anyway."

"Oh, OK. I'm just not used to be allowed to walk too far being naked."

"Well, you don't live 'in the country' like here, so I guess that's the
reason. Your parents don't mind your being naked inside, that much I know."

"Guess you're right. I like being naked too."

We picked up the towels and sun-block, and walked the relatively small
distance through a small forest, and found a nice place under some trees
near the little stream. There we unpacked the lunch and had a really good
time eating, observing birds and small animals, and just being together.

Then after a period of silence,

"Uncle Don?"

"Yes, dear?"

"I shouldn't tell anyone about this, should I?"

"About what, Tanya?"

"About everything."

"Well, right now we're just sitting like we've done lots of times on the
beach, you know."

"Yes, but I mean the other things we did. Like in the tub, or on the grass

"Would you like to talk to someone about it?"

"I don't know. It's sort of very private. I've heard about men being bad to
girls and things, and they always say you must tell if someone touches your
privates, since that is bad."

"Was that what your mom said?"

"No... The people in the park said that. mom said it was OK with good
people, remember. So I don't know."

"You are a very smart little girl, Tanya, so you will have to do what you
feel is right. But I have to tell you that lots of people will think that
what I've done to you is very wrong. I could even go to jail for it."

"What about what I did to you? Could I go to jail too?"

"No. It's not wrong since you're a little child, and I'm an adult."

"But that's silly! I asked you to wash my bottom, so I did wrong!"

"That's just not how it works, Tanya. In people's mind, I'm the one
responsible for all that happens."


"No butts, darling. That's the way it is. You make up your own mind about
what to do."

"Then I'll NEVER tell anyone! It wasn't wrong!"

"You can tell your mom if you like. She'll understand."

"Oh. Maybe. Do you mind?"

"No Tanya, I don't mind. I'm sure she'll understand. In fact, I've talked
to your mom about those things already, and she's just concerned that her
daughter might get hurt. She doesn't mind me touching you at all as long as
you want it."

"You've talked to mom about me?"

"Yeah. She knows she's got a very bright girl, and she knew that you would
one day do as you did yesterday. She probably thought you would wait a few
years, but she knows you."

"I'm not very bright!"

"Oh yes Tanya, you are. Which other five-year-olds do you know that can
talk like you do?"

"Oh, I don't know. None of the kids in the park, I'm sure."

"You're so right, Tanya. Sometimes you act as if you were an adult

"I can do lots of silly things, too -- see!"

And then Tanya turned the jar of strawberry marmalade upside down over her
chest, spilling the entire content on top of herself. "Ooops!" she laughed.

"Oh dear, looks like I've got quite a bit of girl cleaning to do! You know
what -- you look good enough to eat!"

I leapt over her growling, and started suckling on her chest, causing my
little niece to explode in a fit of giggles.

"Oh uncle Don! You're tickling me!!!"

"I'll tickle you all right, but I'll also make sure I have a clean girl,
not a messy one!"

I continued licking her chest, paying more attention to her flat little
nipples than the rest of it. She stopped giggling and laid down on her
back, breathing heavily. I continued my feast of little girl, and soon I
could feel her tiny nipples actually getting erect under my tongue. She

"Uncle Don, this is good too!"

It certainly was, and she certainly was... I moved a bit down her chest,
lapping up what I could find of marmalade on her. Down to her tummy and
into her bellybutton, which caused a new fit of giggles. Then, as I neared
her hips she got very silent, a few heaves of breath being her only sound.
I looked down on her, and it looked like I had a bit of pee-pee cleaning to
do also. Tracing downwards, I soon had her little hairless pudendum just
beneath my chin. I licked all around it, down to her hips and thighs, but
leaving the centre of attraction alone. Then I felt her little hands on my
head, trying to move my tongue towards it.

"Please, uncle Don... Lick my pee-pee again..."

I dove in, licking every nook and cranny of that beautiful little slit,
getting first the marmalade, then something more tasty on my tongue. Tanya
opened her legs widely again, and I soon had my tongue feasting on
little-girl juices that seemed to erupt from her little opening. It was
floating down between her legs, and I lapped it up all the way down to her
little anal opening. Going up again, I inserted my tongue into that little
seeping hole of my little niece. Then I tried to locate the minuscule
clitoris between her folds. She went crazy.

"Oh, uncle Don -- I have to pee now!!!"

She tried to pull my head away, but I kept on attacking her tiny pussy with
my tongue until she suddenly went stiff, a low howl coming from her throat.
Tanya's whole body shook as she went through her first orgasm ever. I kept
the pressure on her tiny clit a little more, then I slowly removed my head
from between her thin legs.

She was still for a minute or two, then she looked at me.

"Oh, oh, oh.... uncle Don, was that an orr-gasm?"

"Yes doll, that was an orgasm. And a pretty good one too, I would say!"

She looked sheepishly at me, still not fully comprehending. Her head fell
back, and she let out a loud sigh.

"That was really good, uncle Don! mom never said it was this good!"

"You can't tell what it's like, honey, you have to feel it. Isn't that

"Yeah... It was really really really really great!!! Does it feel like that
to you too?"

"Probably. At least it's the best."

"Yes. It was the best. Can you do it again?"

I looked at her cute, innocent smile. Having a five year old girl ask for
another orgasm is unique. It must be experienced, too...

"Let's wait a little, honey? We can sure do it again later today!"

"Oh, OK. But I'm sticky all over. Maybe I can go clean off in the water?"

"Not without me, you can't, but we could go together, darling!"

"Yippee! Let's go!"

Revealing her age for once, Tanya skipped on one foot down to the creek and
stood there patiently waiting for me. I got there, lifted her up and
splashed into the water with her high over my head. Once I got her in the
water I started rinsing her off, getting rid of the sticky sugar from the
marmalade. I paid special attention between her legs, and she squirmed in
my arms as I felt her up. When I carefully put a finger inside her anus she
squealed, trying to hump up and down on it. Whatever made her like this so
much I will probably never know, but I do know I liked doing it to her! Her
little hole squeezed my finger as she clamped down on it, and when I
removed it from her behind she pouted.

"Why did you take it out, uncle Don?"

"My arms are getting tired, honey. We should head back now."

"Oh, do we have to?"

"Yes we do, but we'll have more fun later if you like!"


So we collected our things and walked back through the little forest. When
we got back I told Tanya I had a few things to do, so maybe she could play
alone for a while? She agreed, and I spent a few hours on my computer,
organising a few things for the coming week. I had decided to take the
whole week off, and if I was lucky, maybe I could spend some of the days
with my favourite niece.

=== Chapter 3 =============================================================

Dinner time was coming up, and I thought we could make it easy on us both.
I found some sausages and accessories, got the barbie ready, and called for
'my' little girl.

"Ready for dinner?"

"Yes, I'm starving!"

Growing up certainly takes its toll I thought, but luckily there is food to
keep the kids happy... If nothing else, I though, smiling at my own

We had a nice dinner together, both of us still naked. I liked being in the
nude when I was on my own, but having little Tanya around made things so
much better. And she enjoyed it, too!

After dinner, we watched tv for a little while, during which Tanya insisted
on sitting in my lap. She snuggled up against me, making the whole thing
very cosy indeed. After a while of having a nice, cuddly little girl in my
lap, I couldn't help but realise that a certain part of me started growing
again. Tanya noticed, too, as it soon pressed against her little butt. She
shifted her position so that she was sitting with her back against me, then
reached down and placed my cock snugly against her little cleft. Then she
started wriggling her butt a little bit, and I got rock hard in an instant.
I could feel the soft folds of her tiny pussy and the cleft going between
her legs pressed against the top of my cock. I reached in front of Tanya
and fondled her a little between her legs, before I took hold of my cock
and pressed it up hard against her.

"Look, I'm a boy now!"

Looking down, I saw my cock sticking obscenely up between her tiny legs,
her soft pussy lips cradling the top of it. Tanya reached down with her
little hands and took hold of my cock too. She pressed it against herself
and moved her butt back and forth a little, effectively masturbating both
of us. I had to tell her to stop, otherwise I would make a mess again.

"Oh, you like this?" she grinned. "Me too!"

I thought I must be in heaven... Never in my life had I experienced such a
high as I did now; my little five year old niece was rubbing my cock with
her tiny pussy, stating she liked it!!!

"Come, let's go have a shower," I said, "then we can both feel really good
again! How about that, honey?"

"Goody!" She jumped off my lap, leaving me with my poor cock sticking right
up and quivering after her smooth little pussy slid off it. I watched her
run towards the staircase, and I just couldn't believe what was happening
between me and this pre-schooler.

I climbed the stairs, only to find the bathroom door closed. I knocked.

"Wait! I'm on the loo!"

So I waited until she called.

"You can come in now!"

I entered, and found her patiently waiting by the shower. I got the water
nice and warm, and we both stepped in. I lowered the nozzle and started
washing my little lover child. I cleaned her thoroughly, even to the point
of 'cleaning' inside her anus a little. Tanya gasped at this, spreading her
legs to get more of my finger inside her. But I thought it could wait a
little more, so I quickly rinsed her off and told her it was her turn to
wash me. She did a good job at washing my cock and balls, happily
forgetting anything else.

After we finished, we towelled off, and I lifted my tiny girl up, carrying
her into my bed.

"What are we doing now?" her little voice asked.

"Now we're having fun again. You want to?"

"Oh yes!" Then she whispered in my ear, "are you going to lick me down
there again, uncle Don?"

"Maybe that," I said, "maybe more if you like!"

She squealed as I put her down on my bed. I then opened a drawer and
withdrew a tube of KY.

"What's that?"

I knew the question was coming, but I just unscrewed the lid and asked her
to open up her legs. She did, again revealing her tiny, undeveloped vulva
to my gaze. When I lowered the tube to her behind, she looked puzzled.

"What is that, uncle Don?"

"You'll soon know darling. It's nothing dangerous at all!"

Then I applied a liberal amount between her spread cheeks and slid my
finger around against her little pucker, letting her feel the slippery goo.
I applied some more, then I gently pushed my finger inside her. It slid in
almost without effort, and little Tanya let out a gasp as her insides were
invaded by my finger. She made an "O" with her mouth as she understood the
meaning of the jelly. I slid my finger all the way inside her, making her
purr as she felt herself fill up.

"Uncle Don!!! That feels sooo good in my bum! More please...!"

I let my finger slide in and out a while, and I felt her anus relax a whole

"More, Tanya? Do you want another finger in your hole?"

"Maybe... That is so good...!"

I applied more lubricant, and then I carefully pushed a second finger up
alongside the first. When it made contact with her little pucker, she
shuddered again. I was careful not to let a nail come in the way, and then
I slowly pushed both fingers home into the child.

"Aaaaaahhhhhhh ... aaaahhh ... aaahhh ... What ... are ... you ... doing?"
Tanya's breath came in short gasps as she felt her anus being opened.

I held my two fingers still inside the five-year-old.

"Does it hurt, darling?"

"Ahh ... no ... ah ... very strange ... sooo ... full!!!"

Sliding my fingers slowly out of and all the way into the girl, I noticed
the look of disbelief in her eyes. She looked shocked, but not the least
bit uncomfortable.

Time for finger number three maybe. I squeezed out yet another dollop of
KY, then let my third finger gently touch the little girl's opened anus.

"Another, doll?"

She looked at me, amazement in her eyes. Then she simply nodded. It didn't
hurt at all, but it was the strangest feeling she had ever had! Like as if
she were passing a really big one, but one that came back. It was so dirty,
but it also felt ... good!

Finger number three slowly made its way into the child. She was hardly
breathing at all as it inched its way inside her. Only when it stopped
moving did she breathe. Short, ragged breaths.

"I ... I must ... must go!"

"No darling, you just did. Just relax and feel how it is!"

Tanya relaxed her tense shoulders, letting her head fall back on the bed,
her eyes closed. I didn't move my fingers for quite a while, and then
Tanya's eyes fluttered open.

"Are ... three fingers ... in my bum now?"

"Yes darling, and it looks marvellous!"

"I want to see!"

I looked around, then retrieved a little mirror from the night stand. I
held it up, trying to get the angle right so Tanya could see what was
happening to her. She gasped when she saw herself from that angle. On the
top a tiny pussy with a darkened, little opening, and below that, her
widely stretched anus with three fingers lodged inside it.

"Wow, I feel full down there! You have three fingers inside me!"

"I told you. You didn't believe me?"

"Not really. It doesn't hurt at all..."

"It depends on who you are I guess. Your little hole can stretch wide,
that's for sure..."

"Yeah... My bum is really big now. It feels so strange... Move them a

I held the mirror for her to see, then slowly stroked my fingers a little
bit in and out of her.

"It feels strange, but it looks even stranger, uncle Don!"

She was right. As I withdrew my fingers, it looked like her hole tried to
pull them back in again, following the outward movement a little. When I
pushed in again, the whole ring muscle seemed to disappear between her firm
little buttocks.

I moved my fingers a little faster, sliding them smoothly in and out of the
well lubricated arse of my niece. She seemed to enjoy the treatment, and
her breathing synchronised with my movements. What an unbelievable sight! A
tiny, naked, five year old girl, not more than 1.20 metres tall and 30
kilos in weight, her legs widely spread, and between her round, firm little
buns an adult hand pushing three fingers into her arse! She was gasping and
moaning as she grabbed hold of her ankles and spread her legs as wide as
she could. Her head fell down to the bed again, and she was moving it back
and forth with her eyes closed and mouth wide open. Her blonde hair
cascaded from her head, spread out on the pillow below her. She looked so
young, so innocent, so small, so sexy!

I stopped my movements and slowly pulled my fingers out of the little doll.
After a little, she opened her eyes again and looked at me.

"Uncle Don? Why did you stop?"

"I was wondering if we should try something a little different, darling...
You know all about sex, don't you?"

"You mean having children?"

"Well, sort of..."

"I can't do that, uncle Don. I'm too little to have children, and I don't
want that anyway yet..."

"Oh, I didn't mean that, honey! You know what people are doing when they
want to have children?"

"Uh-huh. That's when the man puts his thing in, eh... about here." She
pointed to the little indentation in her immature pussy.

"I can't get anything in there, uncle Don. I think I'm too small for that,

"I know, honey. I would never try that with you! Not until you grow up
more, anyway. But I was sort of wondering..." I stopped and looked down at
the little child in front of me.

"What, uncle Don?" she asked quietly.

"You know, when people have sex and the man puts his penis inside a woman,
it feels very good for both of them... It's much more than just having
children, that's why it's called making love. Do you follow me?"

"I think so."

"To the man it's like what you did to me this morning with your hands, only
much better. Remember how good I felt when you used your hands on my

"Yeah! That was fun!"

"To me it was more than fun -- it was great. When the penis goes inside the
woman, it feels even better you know, the vagina is squeezing it and that
feels fantastic."

"My vagina is too small for your penis, uncle Don!"

"It is, and I don't want to do that to you. That would really hurt. But,
can you think of anywhere else it might go?" I looked at her, smiling.

She thought about that for a moment, then she clicked.

"Do you mean my bum, uncle Don?"

"That's exactly what I meant. To me it would feel great, and I think my
little girl here really likes to have her bum played with."

"Oh." She looked bewildered for a moment, then she looked down on me, first
at my cock and then at my fingers, as if trying to compare sizes. Speaking
to Tanya about this had made my cock swell to its maximum, and it was
bobbing slightly up and down. She pondered the idea a while longer, then
she spoke up.

"It is bigger that your fingers... I'm not sure if my bum is big enough for

"It's all up to you doll. If you want to try, I'll be very happy to do it,
but you decide. And we can always stop if it doesn't work."

Tanya looked uncertain. She had no idea how it would go, but the thought
excited her quite a bit. And, after all, she HAD liked the sensations in
her little bottom when my fingers had been inside there.

"Do you want to put your penis in my bum, uncle Don?"

The question from my niece almost got me over the edge on its own accord...
Imagine, a FIVE year old girl asking me if I wanted to buttfuck her...

"Oh Tanya, I would like that!"

"OK then. We can try. But only if you're really careful. If I say stop, we
stop, OK?"

"Of course, doll. You want to do it now?"


A simple answer, but the answer to fulfil one of my biggest dreams. The
girl hadn't even started school yet, and now she wanted me to push my cock
inside her bum! I had had a virgin before, and I had really loved that, but
she had been fifteen years old and quite well developed. This virgin in
front of me now was the ultimate in *undeveloped*. Not a hint of anything
anywhere -- no tits, no hair, no hips, no female shape. Just a thin,
straight child, that apart from the hair had to be seen naked from the
front to make sure it was female. And a virgin she would remain -- her
pussy was way too small to be penetrated.

I laid down on my back next to Tanya, telling her I wanted her to sit on
top of me. That way, I said, she could control everything. She thought that
was a good idea.

I found the KY, and started rubbing a fair amount onto my member. Then I
gave Tanya some, asking her to rub it onto herself. She smiled a bit shyly,
but spread her legs and applied it to her own pucker. I was getting more
and more excited by this, and this was another first, seeing a child
rubbing herself back there..!

"Come up here when you're ready, doll," I said, laying down with my pulsing
organ standing straight up. She looked at me, a little unsure of what to
do, but she eventually removed her hand from her behind and crawled closer.

I took hold of Tanya's hips and lifted her on top me. She didn't weigh
much, and it was easy to lift her, just like a doll! I placed her on top of
my cock, and when she spread her legs, it slid along her little pussy. I
couldn't resist, and I moved her up and down a few times, feeling her pussy lips sliding along the sensitive underside of my cock. Tanya felt this,
too, and she gasped a little when her pussy and clitoris were rubbed
against me. I asked her to try positioning herself on her her knees and
hands, so that I could put my penis up against her bottom.

She did, and I reached around her, sliding my finger towards that tight
little hole. She gasped again when I found it, and yet again when my finger
slid in a bit. I fingered her a little, attempting to loosen her up

"Ready, Tanya?" I reached for my cock and moved it up to the hole my finger
had just been inside. Lowering her hips a little, I let the tip rest just
outside her pink, narrow opening.

Tanya shuddered at the touch and let out a little "oh". Then she nodded. I
let go of her hips and told her to take over. With a look of stern
concentration she began to push down. She grimaced a little, then reached
for my cock and adjusted the position. I felt a small indentation on the
tip, and I knew she was on target. Another little push downwards, and I
could feel that her little pucker opened slightly. A sudden intake of air
told me that Tanya had felt it as well. She breathed heavily, and then she
pushed some more. Nothing happened. Another push, a little harder this
time, and I felt her anus give way a little more. Then, with a look of
concentration on her face, Tanya slid down another centimetre or two on my
cock. The look changed to horror, and I felt her tiny hole opening up,
letting the head of my cock just slip inside her.

"Oooh ... oohhh ... it ... it's inside me!!!" Tanya was gasping for breath
as she felt her anus being stretched immensely by my cock. She held still
for a minute, and her breathing returned to normal. The look on her face
was now of utter astonishment, her mouth and eyes wide open. The feeling
was exquisite, her anus was squeezing me with great force, almost draining
the blood from my cockhead.

"OK, darling?" I asked her.

"Y ... yes. My hole is ... so big now, uncle Don. I ..." And then she
pushed down again! I now felt her inner ring muscle opening to the tip of
my cock, as another few centimetres slid gently into the child. This made
my little niece yell.

"AAAHHHHH!!!!!!! OOOOOHHHHHH! Ow!!!!" Then her tears came. She did not know
she had more muscles inside there, and she had been a little too fast. I
held her still, but amazingly she didn't try to pull away. After a minute
or two a little smile returned to darling Tanya's face.

"That hurt, uncle Don. It hurt in my bum! Then it went away ... it doesn't
hurt now!"

"Maybe we should stop, little one?"

"No. It is ... is so big in me. And strange. And good, now. It's ... ah ...
I'm so full in my bum!" She relaxed her legs a little and slid down a bit

"Uncle Don! I feel it inside my tummy! It tickles inside!" Then she let
herself down even more, so that almost half of my cock was inside her! Then
she stopped, with a wild look in her eyes. When she didn't move for a
while, I took hold of her hips and lifted her up a fraction. Then I lowered
her again to the same position. I repeated the process a few times, letting
her get the feel of movement inside her. Tanya didn't look at all
uncomfortable, and she soon got the idea. When I let her go, she continued
moving up and down by herself. I was really fucking the little girl in her
arse!!! I can't describe the feeling of having her tight little hole moving
up and down my cock, except that if I had died there and then I would have
died a very happy man indeed.

After a while of sliding up and down on me, Tanya's legs got tired. Then I
took hold of her, and while she was still solidly planted on my cock, I put
her down on her back. then I pushed her knees towards her chest, and she
automatically held on to them, keeping herself spread wide open. I gave a
few tentative pushes, and Tanya responded with a grunt each time my cock
moved inwards.

Now I could really see what was going on, and what a sight!!!

Tanya's tight little pussy lips were stretched taut, and were widely
separated downwards from her little grain of a clitoris. I could now
clearly see the tiny opening of her vagina, no bigger than the tip of a
match. And below that, her round buttocks were spread as wide as they would
go. Between them was a little string of smooth flesh leading down to her
red ring muscle. When I pushed in a little, all that could be seen was a
pole stuck into her, and when I pulled out again, the ring was pulled out
from her a little, showing how immensely stretched she was around my cock.
What made it absolutely unbeatable was the complete lack of hair anywhere.
Tanya was of course naturally hairless all around, and would stay like that
for at least another six or seven years...

I am about average size, I would think, but the child in front of me made
me look like a giant. One could be fooled to think she almost had a third
leg down there. When I pushed in, I could actually see her tummy growing a
little, that's how tiny this girl was.

I made a few longer strokes inside Tanya, and she grunted on each push.
Being careful to try not to hurt her, I filled her a little more on each
stroke. When about two thirds of me was inside her, I felt I bumped into
something inside her. A little squeak from Tanya told me to stop there. But
I had more than enough inside to enjoy the most fabulous ride of my life!
The combined sensations of looking at her slim little body and her angelic
face with the astonished look, and feeling that incredible pressure around
most of my cock, made sure I reached a height I had never even dreamed
about. I gritted my teeth, but I could no longer hold back. With a few last
strokes, I felt an immense release when my balls exploded. I saw stars, and
I groaned when I felt myself empty into my little niece. Her pressure made
me even feel the ripples of the stream as it flew into her; It felt like
pissing inside her for an eternity, but eventually it stopped with a few
last spurts, and I had to support myself on my arms so I wouldn't crush the
little girl.

I was gasping for breath, and came to my senses when Tanya finally spoke

"Uncle Don? Can you take it out now? I'm sore in my bum!"

I looked down at Tanya and tried to shake the cobwebs. Of course, I should
pull out of her now! Pulling out a little, I was amazed to see I was still
rock hard. Slowly, I pulled my cock out of my niece. When the head popped
out of her, it left her anus wide open for a little while. When it slowly
closed, a little trickle of sperm leaked out of her. I rolled on the side
and collapsed next to the child, looking at her in admiration.

"Tanya darling, that was the best I have experienced in my whole life! How
do you feel now?"

She gave me a little smile. "It felt like I had a leg in my bum, but it was
really good for a while. I'm sore there now, and I must go, uncle Don!"

She climbed off the bed, and with a funny look on her face she walked
unsteadily to the bathroom. She stayed for a while, but finally I heard her
flush the toilet and wash her hands. Then she came trotting back to the

"I'm sore! All the white stuff came out, but I almost couldn't wipe."

"Let me get something to put on for you, and it'll soon be good again!"

I found some anaesthetic cream, and had Tanya lie down on her stomach. I
carefully spread her cheeks and applied the cream to her abused little
hole. She winced a little when I touched her, but didn't say anything. Very
carefully I spread the cream around and inside little Tanya, feeling that
her anus was presently quite loose. Checking her, I found no traces of any
blood or real bruises. I patted her bottom and assured her that she would
be fine indeed.

"Mmmm. It feels better now, uncle Don..."

We were both exhausted, and I didn't even ask if she wanted to sleep with
me. I cuddled up close behind Tanya, feeling her pressing her soft little
body up against me. I stroked the little girl from head to toe, feeling her
wonderful body. She was so soft and smooth all over... Her hair, her face,
her flat little chest and tummy, her bald little mons, her legs... I was
about to slumber when I heard her voice.

"Uncle Don?"

"Yes, honey?"

"You know, I liked it a lot when your penis was inside my bottom. I like
this, too, cuddling. You can touch me everywhere, you know. I love you,
uncle Don."

"I love you too, honey. Now go to sleep, and we'll have a lovely day

Tanya then took hold of my hand and placed it between her legs, showing me
where 'everywhere' was. I curled my finger and let it slide between her
pussy lips, gently stroking her from her clitoris to her tight little
vagina. When I pressed a little at her opening, I found she was quite wet
down there. Tanya purred as I gently masturbated her, and soon she drifted
off to a peaceful sleep. I followed shortly after.

=== Chapter 4 =============================================================

What a way to wake up on a Sunday morning! Neither of us could have moved
during the night, and when I slowly came to my senses, I felt a warm, soft
little body still pressed tightly against mine. Looking towards the window,
I found we had another lovely day ahead of us. Now, how to get out of bed
without waking the little doll? I had to pee, badly. I moved slowly away
from Tanya, and managed to roll out of the bed without stirring her. I cast
a glance at her peaceful face, smiled and went to do my duty.

When I came back, she had rolled over on her back, pulling the quilt off
herself. She was lying with one thumb in her mouth, and her legs were
spread wide apart, with her other hand between them, slowly rubbing
herself. Quite confusing, really -- on one end a little pre-schooler
sucking her thumb for comfort, on the other end a display of sexual lust. I
found my digital camera and made sure the moment would not be forgotten.
Then I went downstairs and started making breakfast. I got the newspaper,
and absentmindedly started flipping the pages while I waited.

It wasn't long before I heard a stirring upstairs, then a thump as Tanya's
legs hit the floor. Shortly after a hissing noise, toilet flush, then
little feet speeding down the stairs. A naked little frame appeared with
untidy hair and a huge smile.

"Good morning, uncle Don!"

"Good morning, Tanya! Slept well?"

"Like a bear. What shall we do today?"

"How about breakfast, a shower and then more sex?" I grinned.

"You're a bad uncle! Always thinking of sex!"

"Look who's talking. I caught you this morning rubbing your pee-pee!"

"Did not!"

"Did too. Want to see?"


I pointed to my camera. Tanya's eyes opened wide.

"You didn't..."

"Sure did, honey. Ready to see a beautiful, sexy angel?"

"I'm not sexy. That's for grown-ups."

"Well then, look here."

She looked at the miniature screen on the camera, showing herself spread
out on the bed. "I didn't know I was sucking my thumb any more!"

"That's normal for a child your age. How about the other hand?"

"Oh... You know, when I wake up I sometimes feel really tingly down there,
and when I wipe myself after peeing I'm really wet?"

"So you're thinking about sex, too. And you're very sexy, you know."

She pondered that for a moment, then I turned the camera off and told her
we could have breakfast. And we had a normal, healthy breakfast like most
people, although both naked. In fact, being naked was the only 'unusual'
thing we did during that day, and we went for a walk, swimming, playing
ball and enjoying being together like a 'normal' uncle and niece. We had
lunch on the grass, we explored my property together, and then just after
we had finished the barbecued dinner, the phone rang. I went to pick up the
cordless, and answered on my way out again. It was my sister, Tanya's

"Hi Don! How's it going?"

"Oh hi Monica! All is well over here, we have just finished dinner. Oh, it
looks like someone wants to speak to you -- I have a girl here jumping up
and down. I'll put her on!"

Tanya grabbed the phone. "Hi mom! ... Yes, very good ... Yes, mom ... Yeah,
I'm getting brown all over you know! ... No, just uncle Don and me ... Of
course! ... No, I'm good ... OK, bye!" She handed the phone to me again.

"Monica? Me again."

"I can hear you're having fun there, Don. I thought you wouldn't be wearing
too many clothes in this weather. Tanya loves it." She giggled.

"Yeah, she's an angel. I'm having no trouble with her at all. But I have to
tell you -- remember what we talked about the other day? Well, she has
started already."

"Oh, really? Well, I knew she was curious. How did you respond?"

"She's very hard to resist, Monica..."

"I know. Just follow her lead, and show her the good parts of it if you
like. I trust you to do the right thing -- well, right in my opinion
anyway. I know you love her."


"No problem. Listen, I had a reason to call you, I'm just sorry I'm so late
at it. We're still here, and should probably stay for a few days. My
mother-in-law isn't doing too well at all. If you could drive Tanya to our
neighbours tomorrow morning? I'll call them, they said they could take care
of her if need be."

"I could, but it's not really necessary. I have the week off now anyway, so
she could stay with me."

"Really? Could you do that? That would be much better for her. Are you sure
about that?"

"No problem, Monica. I'm sure we can busy ourselves, and I love her
company, you know."

"You would, you dirty man!"

"Now, now, don't get nasty with me! I can certainly deliver her to your
neighbours already tonight!"

"I'm just kidding, Don. We've discussed this already. Just make sure she
gets sun-block all over, I don't want her to get burnt anywhere."

"All over?"

"*All* over, please. I'm sure she has made you rub her everywhere already,
hasn't she?"

"Well, yes..."

"Good then. Just make my little girl happy. I love you, Don."

"Love you too, Mon."

"I'll call back on Tuesday then, is that OK?"

"That'll be fine. Hope things go well up there!"

"Hope so. Tuesday. Enjoy! Bye!"

Monica hung up, and Tanya was looking at me expectantly. "What was that?"

"Do you want to stay with me a few more days, honey?"

"Yeah!!! Can I?"

"Your parents are staying a bit longer, and I guess I'm stuck with you..."

"Great!" Then she frowned. "But uncle Don, did you talk to mom about, you

"I did. She knows we're playing."

"What did she say?"

"She said we do just as you want. You're the boss here!"

"Am not! But she's told me I'm the boss of my own body. That's mine."

"Yes, honey, that's what she meant."

I put the phone down, and Tanya jumped up, hugging me. I held her tight,
feeling the familiar growing between my legs. My cock grew and was soon
sticking straight up, cradled between Tanya's soft legs. She felt it, too,
and reached down, pushing it up against her little folds. Then she closed
her legs and squeezed, moving her behind a little back and forth. I

"Is this good, uncle Don?"

"Yeah, baby. Wonderful! How's your bum, by the way?"

"It's good. Really good. I'm not sore any more now! Oh... I like when your
penis is rubbing my bum and my pee-pee -- uh, vagina."

"Pee-pee is just fine, honey. There are lots of other names for it, but
pee-pee sounds just about right from you..."

"Because I'm a kid, right?"

"That's it. Because you're a little kid."

"But little kids don't do THIS!" she exclaimed, rubbing herself furiously
on my member and flashing me a big, cheeky smile.

"You're the best kid in the world, you know that?" I said, kissing her
forehead and caressing her little bottom.

"And you're the best uncle. But now I must go upstairs. Let go of me!"

She left me with my prong bobbing up and down, and I went inside, plopping
down in front of the TV. I turned it on and flicked absentmindedly through
the channels. I stopped at a children's show featuring some little kids on
a beach. Tanya came down, smelling nice and clean. She sat down in my lap,
dropping something on the floor. Turning to the TV, she giggled.

"Oh look, they've all got clothes on! They're silly."

"Maybe that, Tanya, but that's what most people do."

"I still think they're silly. It's much better with nothing on!"

She snuggled up against me, then took my hand and placed it between her
legs. Spreading them a little to give me access to her charms, she sighed.

"It feels better without anything on, too, you know..."

I could only agree, and started fondling her bare little puss. My finger
again slid between Tanya's smooth lips, dipping a little into her tiny
crevice. She was wet all right... I continued masturbating her, and then
she raised her head.

"Uncle Don? Can I sit on your lap?"

"You are, honey."

"Yeah, but I mean REALLY sit on your lap... Like yesterday."

She reached down and picked up what she had dropped. It was the KY. My cock
sprung to attention, and Tanya giggled when she felt it underneath herself.

"That means yes, doesn't it, uncle Don?"

"Let me look at you first, darling," I said, taking hold of her hips and
raising her so that her bottom was level with my face. She stood on my
legs, then bent forward and spread her knees a little. I opened my legs
too, making hers spread more. And there it was again, that gorgeous little
slit. I spread her cheeks with my hands and looked between them. Her anus
was clean and pink, she must have just washed herself. Surprisingly it was
neither red nor swollen; Tanya had been right when she said it was good.

Not wanting to give up this opportunity, I took the KY from her and started
squeezing the slippery stuff onto, and into, her anus.

"You rub it in, honey," I said, and started spreading the stuff on my cock
as well. My wonderful little niece spread the jelly around her anus, and
pushed some inside herself as well. When she was satisfied she squatted
down, giving me a lovely view as my cock made contact with her. Without
further ado, Tanya moved herself downwards, and before I knew it her little
hole started spreading, allowing my cockhead to slip inside her. She
stopped momentarily, gasping, and then continued her journey down on my
cock. Oh, how tight! I gasped, too, when I felt her little bum massaging
more and more of my cock.

"Hold me!" she said, and when I held her by her hips she straightened her
legs, leaning back against me.

"Now ... now we can ... UH ... watch TV!"


I let Tanya down a little, then lifted her up again and then down. Moving
her up and down, she sank even further down on my now painfully erect cock.
Eventually her bottom rested on my lap. I was all the way inside the five
year old girl! How could she manage all that inside her little body?

"It is sooo good, uncle Don! All of me tickles inside!"

I started tickling her outside too, letting my fingers explore all of her
undeveloped little crotch. I collected a fair amount of juice from her
pussy hole and rubbed her tiny button with it. Tanya started squirming in
my lap, giving my cock a massage it had never before felt. She moaned and
gasped when I rubbed her, moving her little bottom up and down a little on
me. I could hardly believe how good it felt, myself, and I intensified my
attack on Tanya's little clitoris. That got her going, and I felt the whole
girl vibrate when she reached her climax. Her hole contracted fiercely,
squeezing my cock with an immense force. Almost out of this world I came
too, feeling a slight pain as my cock exploded into that narrow canal.

We both eventually came back down, and Tanya relaxed, still filled to the
brim by my never deflating member.

"Keep it in me, uncle Don..." the little girl said, now visibly relaxed
despite her anus being widely stretched. And we sat there, occasionally
cuddling a little, while we watched the rest of the show with the kids on
the beach, and then some cartoons. I have never in my life felt so aroused,
and while Tanya moved around a little and squeezed her anus, I actually
came twice more inside her before the stiffness went down.

"Oh, uncle Don, it's getting smaller now," she observed, squeezing me with
her muscles. Suddenly it popped out of the girl, followed by a few drops of
semen. She was holding the rest in, and it really amazed me that she could
tighten her anus after the prolonged stretching it had experienced.

"Do you need to go, honey?"

"I think so, uncle Don... I feel all squishy inside back there."

I lifted her off my lap, putting her gently on the floor. Carefully, she
started walking towards the staircase, straining to keep her cute little
buns closed together. I saw a drop of semen dribbling obscenely from her
bottom, trailing down her slim little leg, and I smiled, then got up and
carried Tanya upstairs. I had big problems comprehending that this little
girl, so easy to lift up, had spent the last hour or so with my cock inside


That ends this installment of "Sitting Tanya." This could be an ongoing
story, but time is the problem.

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