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The Slow Quickstep.

He looked up as she came into his Den. She was carrying a beaker of

“Thought you'd like a drink - it's so hot today.”

As she came towards where he was trying to ignore the excessive heat and
work on some documents from the office, he noticed that she was just
wearing a snug-fitting button-through dress. It was very short, almost too
short, he thought wryly, as he felt stirring in his groins. The neckline
was almost down to her midriff; even though she was very short, barely 5ft
tall, she looked fantastic in it.

As she leant forward to reach across him to take the empty beaker and
replace it with the full one, her dress rode up to show that she did not
have any underwear on. He looked his surprise and she replied

“Took them off earlier. If I could get away with wearing absolutely
nothing today, I would, but I could hardly go to the shops like that, could
I? They were awfully hot,” she added with a smile, “It was a relief to get

She ruffled his hair and murmured

“Why not take a break? I know you want to,” and she ran her fingers
across his lap. “Go on, it would do you good.” He half-heartedly squirmed
away from her insistent fingers.

“No love, I can't. I've got to get these done by lunch-time. After
that I promise I'll take it easy.”

An abrupt change came over her then. Instead of being quiet, she
suddenly snatched the papers from his hands, and, laying them on the desk,
swung the chair around.

“I want to fuck you - and I'm going to do it now, not in two hours
time!” She planted herself on his lap with familiar ease. As her bottom
touched his groin, he groaned in exasperation mingled with desire. The
desire grew as she pulled his T-shirt off and began to run her hands across
his torso.

He made a move to undo her dress, but she pushed his hands away.

“No. This is going to be a long fuck - twice over. The first time it's
just going to be me, then you can join in the fun. This time you can look
but not touch.” With this, she undid her dress and laid it across his

She had small breasts, with small nipples, a slightly padded belly and
buttocks. Despite the extra weight she was very desirable and as he gazed
at her, longing to be allowed to hold her, he felt his cock strain to get
out of his old-fashioned Y-fronts. She smiled and, keeping her eyes fixed
on his face, unzipped his jeans. She found the opening in his pants and
gently stroked the tip of the quivering cock.

As she bent down to lick it, his cock grew and hardened even more. With
her lips around the end of the member, she reached into the pants to tickle
his balls. He groaned and gazed at her back and shorn head, longing to
touch her but knowing that she'd abandon all lovemaking completely if he
did so. If she was sufficiently cross, she would sit on his desk with her
feet on his chair and masturbate herself while he had to watch. Then she'd
just walk out of the room, leaving the smell of her on his desk and papers.

She motioned to him to lift his bottom up so that she could pull his
clothes down. He did so and within minutes he was as naked as she was. He
too was not as perfectly slim as the ad agents would have one, but his
proportions were, to her, just right. Once she'd played with him for a few
moments she whispered,

“The bedroom - now”. They walked through to the bedroom; she walking
behind him with her hands wrapped around his waist and pressing her body
against his.

She had drawn the curtains and the bed turned back. So she'd planned
this seemingly impulsive diversion. She pushed him onto the bed and then
straddled his torso so that her bottom was temptingly near his face.
Taking her time, she caressed his sac and cock, then took him into her
mouth. She could feel herself getting wet between the legs and knew it was
driving him mad as well.

Changing her position slightly, she began to nibble at his balls. This
is the part she really enjoyed, feeling the hard bits in his sac but
knowing that they would slide from her lips easily and she'd have to nuzzle
around to find them again. All the while she was gently but insistently
rubbing his shaft till it was completely hard. The nibbling drove him mad
and he said "Fuck me" repeatedly.

He was panting by now, and she knew she couldn't keep him at this point
much more if she wanted a second bite at the cherry. She rapidly increased
her hand movements and licked the tip of his cock in encouragement. Soon
she felt the pulsating sensation of his ejaculation and held her mouth over
him while his release came.

She was really needing a good fuck herself now, and she swivelled round
and lay half across him. Putting his arms across her back, she lay
quietly, blowing kisses at his chin. Having had the unspoken sign that the
'No touch' time was over, he ran his hands across her soft back in thanks,
and gradually, as his energy returned, his fingers became more probing.
Soon he found the wetness between her legs and realised that she was
totally turned-on by masturbating him.

He began tentatively to caress her back and shoulders, not sure yet what
she had in mind for part two. As he felt her slide down his body he
realised that she had not relinquished the control of the session. He felt
her hand very gently cup his delicate feeling sac and very slowly fondle
it. She was very careful not to push him too fast now. Sitting up, she
smiled at him and murmured

“Now it's your turn to play with me, but just for a while.”

At that he grinned and pulled her down onto the bed. He ran his hands
expertly across her body, watching with enjoyment when she couldn't
restrain an involuntary moan or movement. He squatted at her head, knees
each side of that shorn head he thought so attractive.

He ran his hands over her breasts, pretending to examine the tips of her
nipples very closely. Though her breasts were small, they were very
responsive, especially as he pulled the nipples upwards and rubbed the
tips. He bent forward and licked each nipple in turn before taking each
breast into his mouth and sucking hard.

She arched her body up to increase the amount he could take in, and
whimpered. His hands were roaming across her belly all the time he was
suckling her, and as they very slowly moved lower, she became more
impatient for his fingers to reach her vagina. Finally they got there and
she sighed with pleasure as she felt him lightly brush the opening lips.

He shifted his position then, leaning forward so that his cock was
within reach of her mouth and she felt his head go down to her bush and
lick gently. As his licking intensified her desire, she responded by
reaching for his cock and began licking it like an ice-cream. He then slid
a finger right in between her wet, hot lips and gently rotated in search of
her G-spot. Once found, he flicked it and rubbed the ever increasingly
sensitive clit alternately, using finger and thumb in tandem.

Her attentions were rousing him, and she ran her finger along between
his legs towards his anus, but not going that far. She could feel the
gradual tightening of the veins that flowed into his glans, and she knew
from experience that the sensations she was producing were pleasing him.
As she sucked him she reached round his bottom and pulled him closer to

In reply, he quickened his finger movements and then went down to suck
her clit and its lips hard. Soon she felt her climax building rapidly,
threatening to tear her apart in that delicious way it had when he sucked her. She pulled his buttocks apart and down as she frantically tried to
take his now firm cock into her mouth.

He sucked and flicked her bud faster and faster until she shuddered to
her long-awaited release. The palm of his hand replaced his mouth, cupping
her as she quivered and shook to the conclusion of her climax.

As she had hoped, her climax had left her hungry for more so when she'd
recovered her breath, she gently pushed him off her and straddled his
waist. She smiled at him and murmured

“It's me again.” She held him close, keeping his cock warm between his
belly and hers, and he fondled her breasts and buttocks while they kissed.
They could taste the other on the lips they were kissing, but the two
tastes mingled well.

Slowly she sat up again, and sat, caressing his cock, allowing it to
brush against her bush, and watching his expressions change. When she knew
they were both ready, she lifted herself up and took him into her heat. He
opened his eyes at this, he hadn't expected this yet. She moved slowly,
just rocking up and down and he settled back to enjoy this phase. Reaching
for her shoulders, he pulled her forward and bent his head to suck her

After a while, she sat up again and, whilst fingering herself, increased
the speed and impact of her movements. Soon her vagina was rippling again
as she brought herself to climax. Again and again she did this, all the
time moving more ferociously on him, until she was bouncing so hard in her
attempts to get him to touch the neck of her womb that she was in danger of
toppling sideways.

She felt him grip her waist and guide her up and down, controlling her
wild movements until she attained her goal. She threw her head back as she
felt his cock penetrate her completely - but she determinedly continued to
finger herself until he pushed her hands away and continued for her.

The change proved to be a very opportune one, as it meant she could
concentrate on moving up and down, urging his body to keep up. She was
enjoying the cascade of mini-climaxes coursing through her.

She could feel him becoming more urgent in his reactions, but she wanted
to stay in the 'driving seat' so she focused on bringing him to climax at
the same time as she would finally implode. It was not easy, but she was
enjoying herself, pleasuring him at the same time as taking pleasure from

She began to moan and cry out as she climaxed yet again, feeling the
ripples run down his cock. Eventually she could hold back no longer and
she became urgent in her movements.

He matched her, move for move. Faster and faster, he still fingering
her now super-sensitive bud and outer lips to coax her body to yet one more
mini-climax while his cock raced her to explode. They climaxed together,
very nearly, and she fell on top of him, utterly exhausted but totally

A long time later, he woke from a light doze to realise that she had
been right. He would make more sense of those papers after this interlude.
He smiled at her, still sleeping, and wondered whether to wake her up. He
decided to, so he began gently nibbling at the nipple he could reach.
Those papers could wait. After all, it was the weekend. . .

Copyright Too-Kay, 2000 All rights reserved. Do not reprint or post
without permission. -- Pursuant to the Berne
Convention, this work is copyright with all rights reserved by its author
unless explicitly indicated.
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