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smuggler1 6


Smuggler (Mf Mm sci-fi pedo rom cons oral)
by SupMario

Chapter One

As I settled my freighter gently down in the docking bay's hanger, warning
messages flashed to the left of me, as I gazed over the cockpit's controls
once more, double checking that all systems were shutting down correctly.
That last run had been a tough one, what with the Telarian Cruiser attacking
me and nearly crippling my ship in the process. I was just glad that I'd
installed that new hyperdrive accelerator. Without it, I'd never have been
able to escape.

I made sure the clamping locks were in place and made my way out onto the
busy hanger. I signalled a loader droid and gave it the orders for the cargo
in my ship. It immediately opened the outer cargo bay on my ship and began
unloading the valuable cargo.

I went to the nearest lift and rode it up to the command deck to make my
report to the Commander. I really disliked working for the military, but
they paid well, at least. But Commander Shawkin, who I had been smuggling
quantum translocating chips for, would be expecting a personal report from
me, so I might as well get it over with.

The lift stopped and I walked out into the drab grey corridors, and was
quickly confronted with armed guards who stared at me menacingly until I
showed them my level omega access card and they quickly went back to their
former bored-out-of-their-skulls existance. I made my way down the twisting
corridors until I came to the right door, and pressed my thumb on the
identification grid next to the door.

The door opened quietly and I walked in, pointedly ignoring the naked young boys lying around everywhere. The Commander was not shy about the fact that
he was very much into little boys. I walked into his private office, knowing
he'd be there this time of day, and found him sitting at his desk, a young
boy knealing in front of him, servicing his "master's" cock. The Commander
had some amazing mental powers which had helped him get to the position he
was in, and kept him there.

"Ah, Mr. Targin you've returned. I see you've again been successful. How
grand, please sit. I have a surprise for you."

I sat in a chair in one corner of his office and a small boy of maybe 7 or 8
came into the office, stark maked as usual, and nealt on the floor in front
of me and waited.

I looked up at the Commander questioningly but then felt the boy's hands at
my groin, opening my pants and pulling out my limp cock. boys aren't my
thing and the Commander knew it. Before I could protest or get up however,
the blonde haired boy engulfed my entire cock in his mouth and began urgently
sucking and licking me, giving me the best head I'd had in years. This kid
had talent! I was shocked and amazed at the small boy sucking my cock with
such expertise. I simply lay my head back and enjoyed the pleasant feelings
my cock was relaying to my brain.

After what seemed an eternity, I felt my climax building and my balls
tightening until I came violently in the child's mouth. Rope after thick rope of my seed gushed into the eager boys's mouth, and he swallowed it all
down until I had spent my last drop and he gave one last kiss to my deflating
cock as it came out of his mouth. He put my pants back in order and quietly
left as I regained my senses and looked over at the Commander, who was
smiling at me, a devilish grin on his face.

"Like that, huh? I knew you would. Here's your pay, as promised." He
handed me a credit chip and I quickly placed it into my portable scanner,
verifying that the funds were really there. They were. I bowed gracefully
at him and left, eager to get out of the creepy guy's office. He had been
trying to seduce me for months now, and the fact that I wasn't the least bit
interested simply made him all the more eager. I was afraid he was going
to try something this time, and I was glad I got off with just a blowjob from one of little slaves.

That made up my mind though. No more doing runs for him anymore. I was
sure that next time he'd fuck me. He was losing patience with me, and I
think he realized the only way I was going to do ANYTHING with him, was if
he used his power on me. Now that I thought about it, he must have used it
to keep me from stopping the boy, cause I normally would have. Even though
it had been one of the best damn blowjobs I've ever had in my life, I still
felt disgusted now.

I went down to the hanger and got back aboard my ship and quickly left the
space station, glad to be getting out of there. I set course for the Malary
system, and went back to my cabin to get some sleep. I had sufficient
warning systems set up that I'd be awakened if anything out of the ordinary
happened. I shrugged off my clothes and hopped into bed, glad to finally be
getting some sleep.

I awoke with a start. The warning system was beeping at me, and all sorts of
warning messages were flying through the small monitor by the bed. I cursed,
got dressed and went to the cockpit to see what what all the fuss was about.
It was a small fighter of some type. It was firing at my ship with some type
of energy beam. The shipboard computer had automatically raised my shields
when the ship drew near, and it didn't look like the energy beam was going
to penetrate my shields. I quickly scanned the other ship and found it
lacking shields, odd.

Why was it attacking me? Surely it knew it couldn't get through my shields?
I sent off a warning shot, designed to scare the thing away, and to my utter
shock it imploded as soon as I hit it. Hmm. Must have been some kind of
self-destruct. Well, no time to wory about that. I was coming up on my

The Malary system had two colonized worlds, both similar to earth-prime, but
the largest of the two, Bilan, had a thriving space port that was good for
picking up smuggling jobs of all kinds. I docked, then left ship to check
out the local scene. I went over to Delara's Cantina and ordered a galactic
gargle-blaster. I had acquired a taste for the things since a hitchhiker
had introduced me to them a few years ago. They pack quite a punch. I'm
one of the few humans who ever orders them in this place.

Well after a few drinks I became alot more sociable, and I began talking to
the others around me and found an old geazer who wanted to find passage to
the Binor system.

"My name's Scott Targin. My ship is a MX-1 Freighter, it can get you there
in a few days if you have the money. How many passangers? Just you?"

"Yes, just me. So how much?"

"2500 credits, half in advance. You pay me the rest when we get there."

"Okay, here's the money. How soon can we leave? I'll pay you extra if we
can leave NOW."

"Sure thing. Let's go." I led him out of the cantina to my ship and he
strapped himself in beside me in the cockpit while I detatched the ship
from the docking clamps and headed for deep space. As soon as we'd broken
orbit, I set the coordinates for the Binor system and showed him a cabin
where he could rest and relax. I showed him the holocubes in case he got
bored and went back to the cockpit where I'd be spending the next few days.

I never slept when I had passengers on board. I had a drug for these
occasions that kept me from getting tired until the thing wore off, which
didn't happen as long as you kept the dosage up. Of course, you can't take
it longer then a week at a time, otherwise you can slip into a coma once
the stuff wears off. I know that from personal experience.

The trip there was uneventful, so I won't bore you with the details.

Once we got to the Binor system, we set down on Binor Minor, our destination,
and the old man had me come with him to a very scummy apartment building
where he entered and came back out with my money. I thanked him and went
on my way, back to my ship.

As soon as I got there, I felt like something was wrong, but I couldn't see
what. I quickly did a scanner sweep over the entire ship and didn't find
anything unusual so I set the internal scanners for continuous sweep just
to be sure and I went up to the cockpit and made the jump to lightspeed.

I made my way back to new earth and home. I set the ship down and made ready
to leave when I past the scanner console. It had found something. There was
a small lifeform in the cargo hold. I got out my blaster and went outside to
check it out. As soon as I opened the hold, a small filth-covered child
stared back at me, huddled in a corner, scared out of its wits. I say 'it'
because I couldn't tell either way if it was a boy or girl as dirty and
mangy as the child was. I put my blaster away and held my hand out to the

"Hey, it's okay. I won't hurt you. You can trust me, okay?"

The small child studied my face entently and then nodded in agreement and
put its small hand in my own and I led the child into my loft, so I could
clean the kid up and find out what kind of stow away I'd discovered. I was
a bit astonished at the fact that the kid had gone from scared shitless to
totally trusting in a matter of minutes. I took the kid into the bathroom
and showed it the shower and asked if he/she could manage it alone. The
child grinned and nodded so I left and went to the kitchen where I fixed
us both something to eat. The poor kid looked like he/she hadn't eaten in
days, and I was pretty hungry too.

Just as I was putting the food on the table, the kid walked into the kitchen
wearing the robe I had left in the bathroom. She was a girl. That much was
obvious, now. Her long red hair, which had been matted and bunched together,
now hung luxuriously over her shoulders, hung down almost to her waist. Her
sparkling green eyes seemed to laugh as I asked to her to sit and eat with
me. She sat down at the table, grinning at me and ate ravenously, eating
almost three times what I did.

When she was finally full, we went to the living room and talked.

"Well, first off what's your name?"

"Carrie, sir."

"Well Carrie, my name's Scott. I'm glad to meet you. How old are you?"

"Eleven, sir."

"Carrie, you can drop the 'sir' stuff. I'm only 26. Now why did you hide
on my ship?"

It was a long and sad tale of abuse and neglect. Her parents had both died
during a routine flight and she'd been shuttled off to live with her uncle
who beat her and abused her until one day he took her into the city with him
and the two of them had been attacked by thieves. Her uncle had been killed
and she had run away, frightened.

She had lived on the streets for over a year before the authorities had
discovered her. She was on the run from them when she hid in my ship.
I sat back and thought about what I was going to do with her. I couldn't
keep her, not with the work I do. Smuggling is not the most healthy
environment for a growing child. Maybe... no. My parents hated my guts.
I very much doubted they'd even let me in the door, kid or no kid.

Carrie must have known what I was contemplating, because she got up and
sat down in my lap and put her arms around me.

"Please don't send me away!" She buried her face in my chest and started
crying her eyes out. I put my arms around her as my heart melted. I
couldn't give up this wonderful child. She'd felt so much pain in the
past few years that I couldn't think of sending her away.

"Okay, Carrie. If you want to, you can stay with me."

She looked up at me through teary eyes and smiled at me. She nuzzled against
me and simply laid in my arms, resting her head on my chest. She lay like
that for an hour before my tiring day finally caught up with me and I took
Carrie to bed with me. She woke up while I carried her to bed and as I sat
her down on the bed, she took off the robe and slid naked under the covers,
grinning at me as I undressed and got into bed beside her. She snuggled up
against me and fell asleep, and I followed her son after.

I was dreaming about screwing a voluptuous red head, feeling my cock sliding
in and out of her warm cunt when I suddenly realized... it felt too real!
I opened my eyes and found Carrie on top of me, slowly grinding her eleven
year old cunt onto my hard cock. Oh god, I'd never felt _anything_ as
wonderful as this beautiful girl's tight, greedy cunt! It felt like her
pussy was slowly milking my cock, sending spikes of pure pleasure all over
my body, as I lay there staring into Carrie's hypnotic green eyes.

Neither of us said a word as she began grinding her hips over mine faster
and faster, lost in the need to find her release. My own orgasm was building
within me as Carrie's head flew back and she let out a cry of total
abandonment, then looked me right in the eyes, and her green eyes flashed
at me. She looked like a hungry animal, right then, finding a glorious
feast, and I was the main course!

Her hips increased their tempo and my climax was suddenly upon me as I gushed
my hot seed into her young receptive womb, sending her over the edge once
again. She collapsed on top of me and we both fell asleep again, holding
each other tightly. She's so beautiful, I thought, as I drifted off.

(Note: a special thanks to KombatKid, a friend of mine from IRC
who gave me some great ideas that helped me continue this series.
Thanks! :))

Chapter Two

I woke up in the morning, and felt a small, warm body snuggled
against me. It took me a minute to remember the bizarre events
of yesterday, bringing the little redhead into my life. I looked
down at her slumbering form and smiled. She was gorgeous, and
so peaceful. This was probably her best night's sleep in a
good number of years. It was amazing how quickly I had gone
from wanting to find a way to get rid of her to wanting to
keep her forever and ever. And then I remembered what had
happened last night.

Had it really happened, or was it just a dream? I couldn't tell,
really. A part of me was desperately hoping it wasn't, because
that had been the best sex I've had in a LONG time, dream or no
dream, and the thought of having an eleven year old lover
was strange. As I lay there gazing at the slumbering girl beside me, I thought of my own parents and my own childhood. If
Carrie was going to live with me, I really needed to consider trying
to patch things up with my folks, because I'd need their guidance
if I was going to raise her myself.

God, me a father. That's a scary thought. I had always hoped to
one day settle down with a nice woman and start a family, but
there was a decided absence of a motherly figure here. Hell,
I hadn't even dated anyone in over a year. Work always just
seemed more important somehow.

There was always some shipment that had to be smuggled to some distant
planet right away, and with a nice profit to boot. I guess I was
really about as wealthy as I had ever wanted to be, but the lure of the
open space lanes kept calling and so I kept on. Sometimes I
think I did it just out of habit more than anything else.

My thoughts were interrupted by my little house guest waking up.
She blinked up at me as she rubbed her eyes and seemed disoriented
momentarily. Then she looked up at me and sat up in the bed and
raised herself up until she was sitting on her knees and her face
was level with mine.

She looked up at me and gazed into my eyes, her bright green eyes
searching mine, like she was reading me like a book. I got the
distinct feeling that she was studying me in some way, so intent
was her concentration as she gazed deeply into my eyes. After a
few minutes of this, she bent forward and pressed her lips softly
against mine. Shocked, I sat there for a few seconds and then
surrendered to her advances and kissed her back with a passion
born from months of loneliness and frustration. Her soft lips
pressed hungrily against mine as our kiss grew hotter. She
pressed her tongue up against my lips and realizing what she wanted,
I parted my lips and let her tongue explore my mouth.

Our tongues danced and entwined with each other as our kiss went on
and on until finally we broke apart to catch our breaths. I was amazed
at this girl. She seemed to know exactly what she wanted and
wasn't afraid to go after it. She wrapped her arms around my chest
and snuggled up against me, lying her head on my shoulder and sighed.

"Good morning, sweetheart. Did you sleep well?"

"Better than I have in a long time, thanks. I feel so safe here.
I can't remember the last time I felt this happy." She grinned up
at me and got up, going towards the bathroom. I got up too
and went into my den where my terminal was set up. I logged in and
canceled the shipments I was supposed to pick up in the next few
weeks, since I would need to concentrate on Carrie. I might just
go ahead and officially retire. I was pretty proud of the fact
that I COULD retire at 26. The smuggling I had done in the past
few years had really paid off, even if I was wanted dead or alive
in a few systems. I'd never be going way out into the farther
galaxies any time soon anyway.

That done, I went to the vidphone and called up my parents' home.
My mother answered and looked suprised at me calling.

"Hello? Scott? Is that you?" She seemed shocked.

"Yeah, mom it's me. Listen I know we haven't talked in a while
but I've had a bit of a crisis her and I was wondering if I could
come and visit? I could really use your advice."

"Sure, honey. Come on over. When can I expect you?"

"Um, probably by tomorrow morning if not sooner. I'll see you
soon! Love ya, bye."

"Love you too, son. See you soon."

I hang up and walked back to the bathroom deep in thought. She
seemed worried or something. I couldn't put my finger on it, but
she seemed different somehow. Oh well, I'd be there in person
by tomorrow and could worry about that when the time came. Carrie
was back in the bed, under the covers looking sleepy. I smiled at
her and went into the bathroom, taking care of business and then
returned to the bedroom. When I got there, she was on her back
with her legs spread suggestively, and she was holding her arms
out to me, inviting me over to her, suggesting... well, there was
no mistaking what she was wanting. Not with her like _that_.

Perhaps I hadn't dreamed that last night after all. Oh well, live
and let live, I guess. I just couldn't resist her innocent charms
on display so seductively. Her whole body language said "take me",
"ravage me" but we had to get moving if we were going to make it
to the inner rings by tomorrow morning, so I kept my loins in check
and knelt down on the side of the bed and took her into my arms,
hugging her for all she was worth.

"Carrie, we need to get busy now. You and I are going to go on a
little trip and go visit my parents, okay? I'm sure they'll love
you as much as I do." I said, while stroking her long flame red hair. Her only reply was to nod her head positively and hug me
tighter. I took her over to the holo-shopping grid and explained
how it worked. I punched my access code into the machine and after
I made a quick credit check, I punched up the shopping grid and
then FHT (female human adolescent) clothing and showed her how to
work the controls so she could pick out clothing and then the
holo-grid would show what she would look like wearing it. It was
an expensive machine, but it was great for shopping at home.

I left her to her shopping and went into the den, logging onto my
terminal again to check my mail. Mostly junk, as usual. Assorted
bills and someone telling me how I could get rich by sending five
complete strangers five credits apiece. Sheesh. I did a systems
check on my phantom GX7, which I used when going on little trips
like this. I hadn't used it in a while and needed to check it out,
make sure it was in god running order. Just as I thought, it needed
a tweak or two before we could go anywhere.

I went into the bedroom and found Carrie still standing in front of
the holo-grid, having the time of her life. I told her that I'd be
in the hangar and went off to do some work on the GX7. I got out
my gravometric tools and went to work, losing myself in the work
for several hours. I always loved working on my ships, it gave me
a lot of satisfaction working on the things myself.

Before I know it, it was lunchtime, and I went to the kitchen, intent
on getting some lunch for Carrie and I when I found her there already,
cooking for the two of us!

I was amazed at her resourcefulness, as I my kitchen was a bit old fashioned, as I preferred real pots and pans to cook in as opposed to
just pushing the buttons on some nutritiomatic. My parents had always
been naturalists and generally hated technology, being more "hands on"
type people, and justly, my mother cooked real food, and she'd spoiled
me on it, I suppose. So when I walked into the kitchen and found
Carrie standing in front of the stove, cooking away, I was astonished,
yet impressed, to say the least.

I sat down at the table and she served both of us, steak and Zevian
eggs, scrambled no less. She'd made a green salad, and poured us
each a glass of wine. I thought about refusing to let her drink
the wine, but after her slaving over the stove for me I couldn't.

As we ate, I told her a little bit my childhood, and she told me
more about hers. Her mother had taught her how to cook when she
was younger, and she told me that she was glad that I had the
cookware, that she too preferred real food as opposed to the
synthetic stuff.

After we finished our lunch and cleaned the kitchen, I took her
to the translocator and we found the clothes she had
purchased from the holo-grid waiting for her in the small
machine. I opened it and gave her the containers which held
her new acquisitions.

She ran into the bedroom to try the new clothing on, and I went with
her, after she begged me to let her show the things to me. What the
heck, I'd let her model the things if she wanted. She spent nearly
an hour trying the different thigs on, and I have to admit, if nothing
else, she has excellent fashion sense.

I told her we had to get moving, so I packed us a few days worth of
clothing and we hopped on board the GX7 and I made final preperations
for lift-off. Carrie hopped into the co-pilot's chair and gave me a
big kiss. I took off and set the course, and relaxed.

It would be a eight hour flight, even at .8 past the speed of light, so
I took Carrie by the hand and we went back to my quarters and watched
holo-vids for a while before turning in. As I've mentioned before, I
have sensors and monitors hooked up to the side of my bed so that the
ship's computer will wake me if anything happens out of the ordinary.
We undressed and got in the bed and Carrie cuddled up against me and
sleep gradually overtook me.

I awoke to find Carrie straddling me, riding my rigid cock like a
Venucian in heat, pumping her small hips up and down wildly. The
strange part was that she seemed to be asleep!! As awareness came
back to me in greater quantities, I comfirmed that she was indeed
snoring softly while her body, seemingly having a mind of its own,
screwed her slender hips down at mine, joining us in the most
intimate bond two people can share. I laid my head back and groaned
softly as I let the pleasure overtake me.

Just then, right as I was pumping my seed deeply into the Carrie's
eager, if unaware, belly, the vidphone bleeped at me at the side of the
bed and Coimmander Shawkin's ugly face came into focus. As soon as he
saw what I was doing, his grin grew into a look of pure mirth, and he
grinned from ear to ear.

"Why Mr. Targin, I didn't know it was little girls you liked. You should
have told me! My very own cousin owns a brothel full of the little things
in the outer Retian system. But I digress, I've got myself in a bit of a
pickle and I was hoping you'd be interested in doing a little business
for me?" The Commander seemed to be watching Carrie with a bit more
interest than was warranted, and I wasn't _about_ to do any more jobs
for that creep anyway.

"No deal Shawkin, I'm officially retired as of this morning, go see for
yourself." And with that, I cut the connection, making sure he couldn't get
through again. Sighing, I looked down at my sleeping beauty who was still
now, and looking angelic as ever.


Commander Drave Shawkin sat in his office, fuming at the dead vidphone. That
smuggler was his only hope of getting the RSL-3 turbo batteries that his troops
needed on... well, so be it. What's a few soldiers compared to the rest of my
vast army, he thought to himself. It was then that he began to wonder about
the young girl he had seen Targin with. She seemed familiar somehow and he
couldn't shake the feeling that he had seen that face somewhere before. Ah well,
he thought, as he casually stroked the silky brown hair of a young boy giving
him head, it will come back to me. I never forget a face.


I woke up when the bleeping monitors beside me told me we were nearing our
destination. I woke up Carrie and I quickly got dressed and went back to the
cockpit and made the preperations for landing. I punched up the coordinates
for my parent's place from the nav computer and put it on manual, while Carrie
walked in and took the seat beside me and kissed me on the cheeck, then sat back
and let me concentrate on piloting, such as it was.

We finally touched down at a nearby landing pad and exited the ship after I
locked the ship down and shut it tight. We walked the small overgrown path towards
the small community that I had grown up in all those years ago. I hadn't been here
in over ten years, and was more than a little nervous about it. I mean don't get me
wrong, no one here (as far as I knew) wanted me dead or anything, but it was still
a bit ackward after the things I had said when I left here before, and never looked
back. Still, seeing everything from a child's perspective, as Carrie was doing, did
help me remember the place as I had known them as a child. She would point out a
small nest of Trylons and giggle at the mother feeding her young, which admittedly
looks a bit strange, or ask why the sky was orange instead of blue.

It didn's take us more than ten minutes to get to my parent's home, but it seeemed
longer than that. We got to the front door and I buzzed the small receptor. My
mother's smiling face came up on it and said "Oh" and then the door opened and there
she was. My mother didn't look a day older than when I'd left ten years ago and that
in itself was odd, but not unheard of, I suppose.

She hugged me and I hugged back politely, and when she pulled away from me she looked
down at Carrie and her bulged from their sockets almost. She seemed very startled.

"Who... is this Scott?" My mother asked hesitantly.

"This is Carrie, mother. She's... well she's my girlfriend." Carrie positively
beamed when I said this, and my mother seemed to be as affected by the young girl's
charm as I was, and she had us come inside. As we walked in, I wondered why the hell
I told mother that Carrie was my girlfriend? I had made up my mind from the beginning
to tell her that Carrie was my adopted daughter. I couldn't believe that I'd told her

We sat down in their spacious family room and talked. I told her how I'd found Carrie
and everything that had happened between us, and I mean EVERYTHING. Carrie and I were
both blushing by the time I was through, and I ended my tale by confessing my love for
Carrie and it finally clicked. My parents must have a truth shield erected around the
place. I tried a simple test.

"My name is Scott Targin." Yup, I was right, I had tried to say "Carrie Targin" but it
came out as my real name.

Carrie giggled. "We both know that, silly!"

I came right to the point. "Truth shield, eh Mom?" I looked deliberately at her and
she calmy agreed, nodding her head. "Your father and I have nothing to hide between
each other. We've had it in place for years, ever since some con men lied to us in
our own home, making off with a lot of our retirement money. Luckily the men were
caught and we got it all back, but we put up the truth shield after that." She smiled
at us and then asked us if we'd like something to eat. Carrie enthusiastically said
yes, and the two of them went off to the kitchen to cook. I went to the back of the
house to my old bedroom only to find it full of pink frilly things that made it
look like a little girl's room. Curious, I went to the kitchen and asked mom about it.

"Oh, that's Mary's bedroom. We adopted a little girl a few years ago after we failed at
having another child naturally. I was astonished when you showed up at first because
your little Carrie is a dead ringer for our little Mary. Her and your father should be
getting home any minute now and you two can meet her then."

They went back to cooking and I went back to the family room to wait when the front door
opened and there was my father and... my god! I was speechless. It was Carrie with
short black hair. I stared at her without hearing a word my father said as he came over
and shook my hand.

Mom and Carrie came into the room just then and Carrie came over to me and was asking me
to introduce her to my father when she saw Mary beside my Dad. The two of them walked
up to each other and stared at each other. As far as I could see, the only physical
difference was hair color and length. Same face, same body shape, same green eyes,
the same height, it was eerie. Carrie looked like she had seen a ghost. She was
white as a sheet almost.

I went over to Carrie and took her hand in mine and she squeezed it tightly.

"Carrie, could this be your sister? You two look like twins." Carrie didn't take
her eyes off Mary for an instant. She replied while still staring at her intently.

"I thought she was dead. I thought you were dead." She directed the second to Mary.

The two girls slowly stepped closer together while tears formed in their eyes. By
the time they hugged each each other, they were crying tears of joy on each other's
shoulder. I told my father everything that had happened between Carrie and I, blushing
again as I related our acts of love to him and the two girls were still hugging each
other, although they were both sitting on the couch now. My parents and I sat and
talked about my retirement while the two girls got to know each other again. I didn't
know how this was going to affect my and Carrie's life, but I'd be there for her no
matter what.

Chapter Three

It was three in the morning when I opened my eyes and rubbed them, trying
to wake myself up. Something was on top of me and I quickly realized it
was Carrie. She and Mary, her twin, had talked and carried on for hours
and around eleven my mother finally chased them both to bed, where Carrie
slept with her sister, and I was relegated to the couch in the living

Carrie was on top of me and looking at me with her great big green eyes
flashing at me, as if she were greatly amused by something.

"I have a secret." She said seductively, while lowering herself down
on top of me so that she was looking right into my eyes, her face level
with mine. She softly pressed her lips against mine in a tender kiss
and I responded eagerly. She put all of her energy and enthusiasm into
the kiss and I just sat back and enjoyed it. One thing I could say
about her, she was a really good kisser.

I ran my hands along her slim back and up under her night shirt to feel
the sides of her small breasts which were pressed against my chest. She
cooed into my mouth as I slipped my hand down into her panties and cupped
her wet sex in my hand, slowly rubbing my fingers up and down her slick
love tunnel. After a minute, she broke off our kiss and laid her head
down on my shoulder and enjoyed my attentions. I continued rubbing her
labia and reaching down, giving attention to her just emerging clit.

Suddenly, she arched her back and sighed contentedly as she melted into
my arms and purred. After catching her breath, she stood up momentarily
and took off first her shirt then her soaked panties and then laid down
on the other end of the couch and spread her legs for me. I crawled over
to her and laid down between her legs, out loins joining together easily.
I leaned down, putting my weight on my elbows and began thrusting my hips
as I hungrily kissed her. I licked her cheek and worked my way over to
her ear, kissing all the way, and took her tiny earlobe into my mouth
and gently sucked on it which made her give a small squeak of pleasure.
I muzzled her neck and gently kissed the hollow of her neck just
behind her jaw and she gave me another small squeak which made me happy
just hearing it. I continued thrusting my hard cock in and out of her
eager, tight cunt while I kissed her softly, our tongues entertwining
together in a duel of love.

Suddenly she arched her back and every muscle in her small body seemed
to tighten and then relax as she came in a thundering orgasm that seemed
to go on for ages. Her quivering cunt walls seemed to milk my creamy
seed straight from my balls as I erupted inside her belly, and then rolled
us over so that she was on top of me. I took the blanket, which had fallen
on the floor, and put it over the two of us and then drifted off to sleep.

The next morning, I awoke to find Carrie gone. I looked around and at
first the house sounded empty but then I heard sounds coming from the
kitchen and found Carrie and mom there, talking quietly.

"Good morning, son. Carrie and I were just talking about you." My mother offered me a cup of coffee, which I gladly accepted, sitting down at
the breakfast table next to Carrie and sipped the bitter brew while we
chatted about silly, unimportant things. I learned that Dad and Mary had
gone out again, this time to a doctor's appointment for Mary, who had been
experiencing strange stomach pains occasionally in the last week. mom said that she didn't think it was anything very serious, when she saw the
look of worry on Carrie's young face.

Carrie and I took a long walk later that morning, and I showed her some of
the local landmarks around the area. I showed her around the area and was
happy to see a few friends from long ago pop up here and there along the
way, some of which I hadn't seen since I was a child. Carrie took it all
in stride, enjoying every bit of my little tour. She beamed that big
smile of hers to everyone and especially me. We came back to my parent's
flat in mid-afternoon and I told them that we were planning on leaving
that evening, but my mom would have nothing of it. She insisted that we
stay a few more days for Carrie and Mary to get to know each other better,
and after talking it over with Carrie in private, we decided we could
stay as long as we needed to. We really didn't have any place we needed
to be, but I didn't want to just move in with my parents or anything.

We ate dinner that evening and then whole family sat down to watch
nature holo-vids which were pretty good. I made a mental note to myself
to buy some of them when I got home. Mary and Carrie disappeared in the
middle of it and didn't reappear for some time. When they did, it startled
both me and my parents. They had done something to Mary's hair and they
both looked EXACTLY alike now. They were wearing identical blue dresses
and I couldn't tell which was which at all. Finally, holding back a
giggle, one of them (which I assumed was Carrie) came over to me.

"How does she look? We found a hair-changing machine in the big closet
and used it to make her hair like mine. Doesn't it look just like mine?"
She looked up at me with eyes dancing with mischief and looked like she
was holding something back. I looked over at Mary who was giggling
softly, trying to keep from laughing outright. Suddenly, Carrie turned
around and pressed her lips to mine, kissing me gently, if eagerly. I
responded in kind and we kissed for a minute or two before I remembered
that my mom and Dad were right there watching us.

Carrie turned around and I hugged her from behind, placing my hands around
her tummy gently and we both looked over at Mary who had doubled over from
laughing so hard. Her infectious laughter caught on and soon we were all
laughing. Carrie went over to my mom and sat down while Mary came over to
me and dropped the bombshell. SHE was Carrie, and I had just kissed Mary!!

Both girls giggled triumphantly at tricking all of us and we all complimented
them on their ingenuity. I was just glad it hadn't gone any further than
a kiss. That would have been REALLY embarrassing, never mind the fact that
my parents would have witnessed the whole thing.

After that, the rest of the evening was rather uneventful, and by the time
I got to bed (on the couch that is) I was pretty tired from having
entertained two 11 year old tornadoes all evening. I laid back on the lumpy
couch and tried to get to sleep. I succeeded, and after an unknown amount
of time, I was awakened by the wonderful feeling of my hard cock being
sucked by a hot, eager mouth.

I opened my eyes and there was Carrie, leaning down by the couch by my
waist and urgently bopping her head up and down as she sucked me with
relish. She had tied her red hair up in a pony tail and it bobbed to
and fro as her head went up and down on my swollen limb of love.

As she continued her passionate work, I could feel my balls tighten and
then sweet release came over me and I blew my load into her young mouth.
She swallowed my offering eagerly, then came up with me onto the couch
and laid down with me where we fell asleep in each others arms.

The next morning I woke up alone. Wondering where Carrie was, I went
into the kitchen but it was empty. I went to the bathroom and did my
business then went to Mary's bedroom where I finally heard voices.

Mom was leaning over Mary's bed looking down at Mary, who was in the bed.
Carrie was right next to her looking on at Mary with a worried expression
on her young face. When she saw me enter the room she ran over to me
and hugged me tight.

"Scott, Mary's really sick. She got real sick late last night and we
don't know what's wrong with her. Your mom has a medical team on the way
but we're really worried about her." Carrie cried softly into my chest,
still hugging me tightly. She was obviously worried about her sister.

My mother called me over to her and we talked a bit. She wanted me and
Carrie to go back home and let the medical droids do their work. They
had just arrived while we were talking and were already swarming around
the bed, prodding and poking Mary as they began their work.

We went back into the living room to talk.

"Scott, why don't you and Carrie go back home for now. I promise I'll
call you as soon as there's any word about her. Its going to get pretty
crowded around here as it is." I was about to protest but Carrie agreed
with my mother so we left, both worried. We retraced our steps and got
back to the landing pad and got in the ship and took off. I set the
course and we went back to my cabin... no our cabin and got on the
bed where Carrie completely broke down and cried in my arms, very worried
that she was going to lose her sister when she had just found her again.

We made it back home and I set us down in the hangar gently. We unpacked
the few things from the ship and went inside. Carrie was still pretty
upset and said she was going to bed. We were both tired from the trip
so we both got undressed and got in the bed and went to sleep.

I awoke suddenly feeling something was wrong. I looked around and found
Carrie missing. I looked in the bathroom but she wasn't there. She wasn't
in the kitchen or living room either but when I checked the den, I found
sensors going off from the terminal. Someone was trying to steal my ship!

I raced to the hangar after grabbing my blaster and found Carrie in the
cockpit trying to take off. I grabbed her and tried to get her to talk to
me but she pulled some kind of small blaster out of a pocket and started
shooting at me!! I dodged behind a bulkhead as her blaster fired rapidly
around me. She was a good shot with that thing.

I didn't want to hurt her so I set my blaster on stun and rolled to the
left and fired a quick shot at her point blank. She went down, but not
before scraping her leg on the pilot's chair. The astonishing thing was,
instead of blood, circuits and wires fell out of the whole in her leg.
She wasn't human, she was a droid!

I couldn't believe it. I felt around the hole in her leg and found that
her "skin" was nothing more than a rubber-like stuff that just looked and
felt like skin. I tore the stuff off and easily found her main circuits.
I took her out of the ship and into the diagnostics area where my equipment
was. I hooked her up to my diagnostic computer and her programming came
onto the screen. And then I received another shock.

This was Mary. She was designed to specifically draw me away from Carrie
and then escape or kill me if possible. She had been constructed just to
get me away from Carrie! I blasted the damn thing and tore off towards
my GX7 where I pried her for take-off then blasted my way out of the hangar
and poured every ounce of speed into getting back to my parent's home.

I nearly burned out the engines but I turned a several hour journey
into a 90 minute hop. I sat my ship down on the same landing pad that
I'd used before and ran the whole way to their place. I ran into the door
and found the place completely empty. No people, no furniture, no nothing.
I went into the bedroom which she had been in and found it just as empty.

I fell down onto my knees and cried "NOOOOOOOO!!!!" and cried like a baby.
Grief rose in me like a giant black cloud and threatened to consume my
very soul if I let it, but Carrie wasn't dead. No, whoever had gone to
all this trouble hadn't done it simply to kill her. I'd find her if I
had to comb the entire cosmos, system by bloody system!

Chapter Four

It had all started to go wrong when we went to the home of Scott's
parents. I had felt something really WRONG in that place but I
couldn't put my finger on it, so I kept it to myself. Then when I
was introduced to Mary, I didn't know what to think. Mary was my twin
sister who had died when I was very young. Some kind of accident,
I don't remember what. I don't think I ever DID know much about it,
as I was so little at the time. And now here she was, back from the
dead, it seemed. She was very friendly and bubbly, and we became
fast friends.

It wasn't until that night, when we were in Mary's bed that I began
to suspect that something was strange about her. Since I was born I've
had certain abilities that I like to keep to myself. My mother knew
about them and I think that maybe she had the same kind of abilities
too, though I'm not certain of that. For sure, Daddy didn't know, or
he never let on that he did, but looking back, I guess that he must
have, if mother did. Anyway, I can look into other people's heads
and see what they're thinking and feeling. But the weird thing was,
I couldn't sense *anything* from Mary, not a single thought or emotion,
nothing. I guess that right there should have tld me something, but at
the time, I just figured that maybe she had the same kind of powers
like me and we cancelled each other out somehow. It seemed reasonable
at the time, anyways.

So the next night when Mary tld me that she liked my long red hair so much, I was flattered and we set out to make her hair look like
mine. We had found this little hair machine in one of the big closets
that was supposed to make your hair do anything you wanted it to do.
It was some high-tech gadget that Mary figured out right away and
proceeded to make her hair look just like mine. We spent a good while
that evening dressing alike and when we pulled the swich on Scott that
evening while Mary pretended to be me and showed the new "Mary" off to
everyone, we all thought it was great fun.

If I had but known, I never would have agreed to it. That night, as
Mary and I were falling asleep in her bed, she climbed on top of me
and pinned me down to the bed. Her right pointing finger retracted
into her hand and a needle suringe came out! She injeected the stuff
into me and I immediately passed out. I awoke the next morning feeling
horrible and unable to speak. I saw Mary with Scott in the doorway
looking sadly at me. I wanted so desperately to call out to him and
tell him that it *I* was Carrie, not her!!!

When I heard Scott's mom tell them to go home, I weeped in frustration,
fearing for myself and Scoot as well. I didn't know what Mary had in
mind for him and I was scared. After Scott and Mary left, his "mother"
took on a drastic change as the medical team arrived. She shimmered for
a moment and then it was a man there, in her place. I remembered seeing
his face somewhere, but I didn't know where. The man told the medical
people to get me ready for transport and left the room.

They put me in some kind of weird harness and I passed out again. When
I woke up next, I was in a small dark cell, lying on a small bed. There
was a toilet and a sink on one wall and a blank vid screen on the other.
The third wall had some kind of locked door and the fourth wall had the
small bed attached. I was lying on the bed feeling lonely when the
vid screen lit up and a woman's face appeared on the monitor. It looked
just like my mother! She stared at me, looking kind of sad, then the screen
went blank once again. I didn't know what to think.

Boredom forced me to go back to sleep and I awoke an unknown amount of time
later with a tray of food by the bed and a small pitcher of water with a
small plastic cup next to it. I drank the water thirstily and then ate
the food and sat down again and got bored really fast. I closed my eyes
and tried to feel out any minds around me, but couldn't find any. It was
harder to do than if I was right beside someone. Staring into the person's
eyes helped a lot, it was like reading a book when I could look in their
eyes, but all alone, it was a lot harder.


A tall black haired woman stood in the corner of a small room watching a
video monitor. Her name was Zayla, and she had an agenda to keep.
On the screen was a small female child, alseep on a bed. The woman watched
the sleeping girl as she thought of the many things the child could do for
her and the organization.

I was entrigued when Shawkin told me that one of his teams had captured
the girl, as capturing a telepath is no small accomplishment. Of course
the girl was but a child, she would be easy to manipulate. I had the girl moved into the unused bedroom in my suite while she slept. I had put a
small chemical in the water she drank which assured me that she would sleep
for a few more hours before waking up without a single memory in her
confused little head. I had contemplated simply erasing her memories, but
that often did small amounts of bain damage, and I didn't want her harmed
in any way for the plans I had for her.


I woke up and found myself in a big bedroom lying in a huge bed that seemed
to swallow me up. I looked up and saw a dark haired woman looking at me
with concern on her face, sitting beside me on the bed, slowly stroking my
hair, making me feel nice. Was this my mother?

"Momma?" I asked tentatively.

"Yes dear, Mommy's here. How are you feeling? That was a nasty bung you
tok on your poor little head." She gently rubbed a small bump on my head,
which hurt a little, but not much. I slowly tried to sit up, but found
myself too weak. I tried to remember what I had been doing before the
accident, but I couldn't remember much of anything!

"Momma I can't seem to remember anything. What's wrong with me?" I asked,
scared now.

Momma just looked down at me and smiled. "It's okay dear, the doctor said
you might have some memory loss, but don't you worry," she took me into
her arms as her eyes teared up. "I won't let ever let anything happen to
my baby." She gently weeped as she held me tight against her and I cried a
little in sympathy too. I tried to peek in her mind, but found that my head
hurt whenever I tried it.

"Ow!!" I couldn't help blurting out when my head throbbed with sudden pain,
when I tried to use my mental abilities.

"What is it dear?" Momma asked me, almost talking right into my ear.

"I tried to peek in your head but my mind hurt realy bad when I tried it."
I looked up at her hopefully.

"The Doctor told me that might be a side effect, once I told him of your
abilities. Don't worry dear, I'll let you know when your mind is ready for
you to use your powers again. Promise me you won't try to use them again,
until I say so okay? I don't want you to hurt yourself. Okay honey?" She
smiled sweetly down at me, waiting for my answer.

"Okay, Momma. I promise." I snuggled down against her and gently fell
asleep, happy that I had such a loving mother. I felt her gently put me
down on the bed and pulled the covers up around me. I heard her tell me
to have pleasant dreams before I fella asleep conpletely.


I walked out of the bedroom, feeling pleased with myself, on several levels.

First of all, I had always wanted a daughter of my own, but nature had
deprived me of that little joy. No longer. Second of all, I just given the
finest performance of my life, and had made a complete mental scan of Carrie's
mind while I was in there. The drug we have given her would only suppress
he real memories for so long, so we had to fill her head with a comletely
fake existance before the drug's effect's wore off. So I had several months
to make her my loyal, loving daughter. I was interrupted by the young Commander Dravin coming out of the monitoring station.

"You really ought to win some sort of award after that praticular
performance. However DID you cry like that? I almost wept myself at one
point." He said with a big grin.

"Oh you never know what your capable of until your faced with a challenge.
I have a favor to ask of you as well. You are without a lover at the moment,
right?" He looked at me with an even bigger grin, raising one eyebrow.

"That all depends. You finally going to take me up on my offer and try me
out for size?" He said, grinning even wider, if possible.

"I don't need to try you out to know your size. For me you would be quite
unsatisfactory I'm afraid. But for an 11 year old, you'd be just purrfect,
as the cat would say. What do you say? Wanna try out my neice? I bet she's
REALLY tight." I grinned like a cat seeing his shocked expression.

"You want ME to fuck that pre-teen? That's disgusting! Why would you even
think such a thing?" He actually seemed a little agnry, but it focused more
on himself for admitting to himself that he WOULD fuck he child, then at me
for suggesting it.

"You forget, little man, that I can see right into your devious little mind.
I can see that you're turned on by the prospect. You see, she had been the
lover of a 29 year old male, and although she won't remember him, she will
miss his presence, the feel of his cock inside her. Those things her body
WILL miss, and I have to fill those gaps, and soon."

Frank Dravin gave the idea some thought and agreed. Maybe it would be a
step towards getting between Zayla's loins. For that, he was willing to do
almost anything, and she knew it well, he mused.

"Oh all right. I'll be the loving boyfriend. Just tell me what I've got to
do. Listen, I'll catch up with you later, there's a briefing I need to
attend on deck 27, see you later."

Zayla watched the young man depart and went back to her spacious quarters
to orchestrate the next big scene in her "daughter's" recovery. She smiled
evilly at the prospect. God, molding people's lives like clay always gave
her such a rush. It also made her horny as hell. She walked into her
bed chamber and pressed a button on a small panel by the bed and a large
masculine droid walked in the room from a hidden dorrway off to the side.

The droid came up to the bed and stopped, awaiting instructions. She had
gotten the thing as a cleaning droid but she had gotten special modifications
done on it so that it could service her more carnal needs, should he need
arise. And the need DID arise, quite often. She had found that few men could make lover to her as strongly and as rougly as her father had, so she
had programmed this droid to rape her whenever she felt like it. Pain was
a big part of it for her, and she loved every minute of it. She pressed
a very complicated sequence rapidly into the data pad and laid back on the
bed, waiting for her mechanical lover to ravish her.

The droid sudenly came to life, ripping her clothing off with lightning
speed and climbed on top of her and began alternating hitting her and
caressing her naked body. A panel opened up in the droid's groin and a
ten inch life-like penis came out, ready for action. It pinned Zayla down
and entered her swiftly. It began pistoning in and out of her love canal
with inhuman speed, artificial lubricant pouring from around its penis
to coat the insides of her cunt so that the quick fucking didn't rub her
cunt walls raw.

She quickly approached orgrasm and screamed out her joy as her cunt spasmed
around the artificial invader. The male droid was very strong and was
programmed to be VERY good at fucking, which it was. She had several orgasms
in quick succession and went limp, feling extremely satisfied. She reached
to her right and keyed in the sequence to make the droid stop its carnal
task, but it didn't respond, in fact, it began fucking her even harder, if
possible. She realized hat she was in trouble. The thing was out of
control! She keyed in the sequence to deactivate the droid and still didn't
get a sesponce from the thing. Suddenly a panel in the droid's chest opened
and a small video screen popped out along with a small hypo which went right
to her arm and sprayed something into her. The small screen lit up,
displaying simply "drug to make you ovulate immediately."

She didn't like the sound of that one bit. She fought with renewed vigor but
the droid pinned her arms above her head and kept them there. The small
screen lit up showing her the face of one of her biggest rivals, Captain
Giralls, who she had personally seen disgraced after he was caught stealing
from the organization. The small screen then showed one simple message, then
went blank. "I told you I'd get you, bitch." The small screen slid back
into the droid's chest and the panel closed behind it.

The droid suddenly stopped its assault on her cunt and pushed its cock all
the way inside her cunt and began spewing its cum into her now-ripe cunt.
She realized the implications. She was going to get pregnant by that
bastard and there wasn't a thing she could do about it! She had learned
long ago that having a child would most likely kill her because of some
birth defects and now she was being impregnated by that damn bastard, out
of some sick sense of revenge! The droid kept spewing what felt like
quarts of sperm into her stuffed cunt then stayed there, with its cock
buried in her cunt, forcing the cum to stay in her womb so that it would
have its maximum chance of getting her pregnant. God, I think I'm pregnant
already, she thought hysterically.

She stayed like that for hours, until she fell asleep, with the bulky droid
silently keeping its vigil inside her cunt, every hour spewing a fresh
load of sperm into her cunt. She awoke in the morning hearing a small
explosion. Her eyes jerked opened and she witnessed the droid
self-destructing at the other end of the room. She dove behind the other
side of her bed and called security. She quickly got dressed and went to
the medical center after filling the security team in on the details. She
entered the main sick bay and got the medical droid to check her out.

Luck seemed to be with her, she wasn't pregnant after all! She was so happy,
she hugged the medical droid. When she got back to her quarters, the
security team was busy analyzing what was left of the droid that had attacked
her. She walked over to the officer in charge, her face a mask of

"I want yo to find out who modified this droid and get me the current
where-abouts of Catain Frans Giralls, formerly of our organization. That
is all." She turned on her heels and left the room, walking swiftly down
the corridors towards her "daughter."

Chapter Five

On top of a small hill, a lone figure stood surveying the small
village nestled in the valley below. He target was somewhere
down there and she would find him easily enough. She was an
assassin for the same organization that her mother worked for
and had been doing contract assassinations for a year now, ever
since her mother, Zayla, had finished training her. It had been
a hard three years of grueling exercise, both mental and physical.

Her mother had taught her how to read people's minds which made her
work a lot easier. She was trained in four types of martial arts
and was a top marksmam with the small blaster she carried on her
hip. She was 14 and had long red hair cascading down her back
and a lithe, athletic figure.

Carrie was her name and killing people, very special people, was her
game. She was also a top notch spy that her mother trusted when it
came down to the wire. Carrie wasn't always a spy and a killer. She
had once been the lover of a kind and loving man, but she remembered
nothing of this, thanks to her "mother" Zayla who had kidnapped her
3 years before and brainwashed her into becoming her daughter.

Carrie walked down the valley's rim and into the small village humming
tunelessly, walking with a spring in her step. She loved making these
evil scum pay for their crimes, it was so exhilerating to watch them
beg for mercy and then vaporize them! Or sometimesm if he hit was in
a dangerous area, she'd drop a death drone into the air and program
it to home in on the target. The things were so silent, they could
sneak up on the target and WHAM, the end.

The teenager opened her mind and tried to seek out her target. It was
a older Ralarian female who had murdered fifteen people on her home
world and then dissapeared. The intergalactic police had been looking
for her for years. But what's more, one of the people she had killed
had been a top ranking member of the organization and that was why
Carie was here, seeking her out.

When she finally found the woman, she realized that the situation was
more complicated than she was normal. Usually these types would hide
out and stay rather secluded, hiding from authority. This woman had
started a new family and had two toddlers nursing at each breast.
She didn't mind killing the guilty, but innocent children? Even she
couldn't make herself do that. She decided the best thing to do was
return to base and explain herself to her mother and hope she didn't
get into too much trouble.

She walked back to the secluded spot where she had landed her small
fighter and got into the cockpit. She made the preperations and then
took off, flying out of the planet's atmosphere and towards her home,
on Travilia 4, where the organization's HQ was.

Her flight was unenventful, and she landed in the large hangar bay,
eager to see her mother after the four months that she had been in
space, doing her job. The corridors seemed strangely empty to Carrie
as she walked down the twisting passageways that led to her mother's
spacious quarters. She keyed in the code for the door and slowly walked
in the room. Her mother was lying on her bed asleep, snoring softly.

Carrie got undressed and slipped into the bed with her mother, and
snuggled up to her and swiftly fell asleep, glad to be getting the rest.

Now long ago, Zayla had realized that to keep Carrie with her, she'd need
a way to keep her from reading her mind, along with all of the rest of the
people who knew the truth about Carrie. The solution was a small microship
which was surgically planted the into the brain. This kept the mind free
of telepathic snooping. Zayla, in the months since Carrie had left, had
developed an inoperable form of brain cancer, which even in their advanced
society, they had no cure for.

The microchip had been taken out in one of the many attempts at treatment,
and so when Carrie awoke, several hours later, she had total access to her
"mother's" mind.


I awoke feeling rested and looked around me, wondering where I was. I was
in mother's bedroom, and mother was right her with me. I shook her gently,
but she didn't awaken. Startled, I reached into her mind, trying to see if
she was alright. I kew she didn't like me using my abilities around her,
but I was concerned. What I found was nothing short of astonishing!

She was really my aunt, my mother's twin. She had kidnapped me three
years ago and brainwashed me. I couldn't believe it, but I did when I
found the codeword in her mind that unlocked my hidden memories and
suddenly I realized that I hadn't seen Scott in three years! My god,
I thought deperately, I hope he's okay!


It had been three long years since I'd lost Carrie. I had tried retiring
for a while, but without Carrie around to keep me interested, I quickly
grew bored and went back to smuggling. I was good at it and it kept my
mind off other things, like losing the one true love of my life.

I had gotten home from a long run in the Gresious Nebula when there was
a knock on my door. I opened it and a red and black blur knocked me to
the ground. It was her. After three years she just arrives on my
doorstep. She was crying in my arms and babbling incoherently. I got up
and carried her over to the sofa, closed the door and went over held her
in my arms for the first time in three long years. Soon I was crying too,
out of joy.

Chapter Six

Carrie had changed so much in three years, and yet when I held her in my
arms and gazed into her loving eyes, the differencs didn't matter a bit.
The "organization" as Carrie has referred to it, is responsible for many
things that I want answers for. Where did my parents go? Is Carrie's twin
Mary out there somewhere? Why would someone kidnap Carrie and train her to
be a spy and assassin? It just didn't make sense.

I made my way back to the bedroom where Carrie was lying in bed, waiting for
me to join her. It had been a long day, and we were both tired. We had
spent most of the day searching for information about the "organization" and
what we could do about finding my parents, and perhaps even Carrie's twin,
Mary. We had been a little sucessful, in that Carrie had, with the security
clearances that she had, found their main base of operations, which was a
bigger complex than the station that Carrie had stayed at. We were hoping
that we could find some answers there.

Shaking those thoughts from my head, I climbed into bed with my love and
kissed her lovingly, letting my tongue dance passionately with her own.
I climbed on top of her and began kissing my way down her chest, paying
homage to the stiffening nipples topping her ripe breasts on my way
southward. I stopped at her naval and gave it a quick french kiss which
made Carrie giggle happily.

She pushed my head further southward and I nudged her inner thighs with my
lips, kissing them all over and slowly making my way to her inner core, her
sexual center. I blew softly onto her love wound and she moaned, letting me
know that I was pleasing her. I licked my way up and down her slit until
her arousal made her cunt open up like a flower's petals. I inhaled deeply,
savoring her musky scent which drived my wild. I put my arms around her
upper legs and as she spread her legs further to better occomodate me, I
feasted on her delicious sexual nector.

"Oooh, that's soo goood. Keep it uuup!" She cooed, looking at me with
glassy eyes, a dreamy expression on her lovely face. I took her clit into
my mouth and began drumming my tongue back and forth rapidly, getting a
"oohh Goooddd, YESS!" from her as she came violently around my invading

I climbed up beside her and held her tightly against me as she slowly calmed
down from her orgasmic bliss.

"I love you, Scott." Carrie purred into my ear.

"I love you too." I answered, running my fingers through her long red hair,
luxuriating in the soft silken strands between my fingers.

Carrie had talked me into going to the headquarters of the "organization"
to find out about my parents and her twin sister. It was possible that her
security clearances would still work and she would be able to get us into
the highly secured facility relatively unscathed.

We hopped into my freighter and made the preperations for take-off. Soon
we were in space and I was setting the course that Carrie gave to me and
we were speeding along on our way. Since Carrie had never actually been
to this particular facility, we were basically flying by the seat of our
pants, so to speak, and were going to have to adlib everything. When we
finally arrived, the place turned out to be a fairly sizeable station on
a large asteroid, which had been fitted with huge repulser engines so that
the rock could be steered, in emergencies or some such I suppose. Carrie
sent her identification codes and was given clearance to land in the 3rd
hangar bay, which was near the bottom of the facility.

We landed and I set up the security systems on my ship as we got out and
walked calmly across the hangar, watching soldiers march by on their
patrols and a few even nodded at Carrie like she was some kind of military
Commander or something. We made our way into the heat of the station and
found a computer station which was currently unmanned, much to our delight.

Carrie watched the door as I sat down in front of the colorful panel and
began going through my entire knowledge of code cracking when Carrie came
over to me and grinned at me.

"Sorry, Scott. Here, let me." She typed in her security authorization
and went back to the door, her hand at her hip, resting casually on her
blaster, watching for anyone coming.

Now that I was inside the main computer, I quickly searched for any mention
of Mary, Carrie's twin. I didn't find anything on 'Mary' but I did locate
the main research lab, which sounded promising, and the high security
prison area, which also might be worth checking.

I picked up an unused datapad and transfered the map of the facility onto
the datapad and then we left the room, heading for the lift. As we got onto
the lift, we had our first real problem. Carrie and I ran into someone
who recognized her.

Commander Dravin entered the lift and immediately recognized his "girlfriend"
that Zayla had set him up with. Carrie stared at the man Zayla had fixed her
up with while she had been brainwashed. The commander smiled warmly at her
and asked casually "Who's your friend?"

Carrie stared coldly at him, her hand at her blaster. "Cut the bullshit,
Dravin. I know what you and Zayla did to me and I don't have to take your
crap anymore." With that Carrie swiftly drew her blaster and shot him
cleanly between the eyes, firing from the hip. He hit the ground with a
sickening thud and Carrie fell back against me, holstering her blaster.

The lift came to a stop and the doors opened revealing a long corridor with
doors leading left and right. Written on a plaque beside the left door was
a small sign which read "Main lab: prohibited." I took the dead body of
Coammnder Dravin and over my shoulder, knowing that we couldn't very well
leave it inside the lift, and followed Carrie into the lab's doorway, after
she unlocked the thing with another of her security access codes.

There wasn't anybody insise the large white laboratory, but it was full of
life of various kinds, however. Large jars, cells, and cages held all sorts
of bugs, animals, and assorted things that I couldn't recognize. I put down
Dravin's body on one of the tables and walked over to Carrie, who was busy at
the terminal of the main lab computer. I could see that she was looking for
any mention of her sister, and it looked like she finally hit pay dirt.

One of the displays mentioned Mary's name and a "robotics wing" whatever
that was. I looked at the datapad which had the map of this facility and
searched for a "robotics wing" and came up with a little room near our
current location.

"I think I found it. Let's go." She got up and we quickly exited through
a side door and found the "robotics wing" which was a big fancy name for a
little room packed full of droids. And I do mean packed. It was all we
could do to get in the small room. There was a small terminal on the right
of me and I looked it over. There was a inventory here of all the droids
in here, and their name, function, etc.

I entered the name "Mary" and came up with three droids which had that name,
believe it or not. We activated the three of them and looked around,
watching the crowd of droids to see which were starting to move. One of them
was a small cleaning droid about 4 feet high. The second was a tall thin
one which looked like some kind of maintanence droid, but the third one was
the promising one. It was humanoid shaped, and resembled a small girl. We
went over to it and finished activating it. The droid's head came up and
looked at Carrie.

"Oh what now? Can't you people just leave me alone? Isn't it bad enough
that you took away my body?" Carrie and I looked at each other and grinned.

Carrie looked down at the little droid staring up at us.

"Mary, is that you?" She asked, hope in her eyes.

"Hey, you're not one of the scientists! Who are you?" The droid asked

"Mary? It's me Carrie!"

"Carrie? But my whole family is dead. Your not my sister. Go away!" The
little droid turned its back to us. Carrie looked at the little droid
intently, concentrating on Mary's mind which was trapped inside the little
droid's body.

Carrie spoke to Mary's mind saying simply "it's really me, sis!"
The small droid turned around and stared in shock at Carrie. Without saying
another word, Mary took Carrie by the hand and led her through a series of
doors and corridors until we came to a small room with cryo-sleep chambers.

Mary spoke once we were inside the small room.

"My body's in here somewhere. They kept promising me that they'd put me back
in my real body after one more test, one more mission, but they never did.
When I stopped cooperating they simply turned me off." Mary sounded really
depressed for a few seconds, then turned to Carrie and said "lets hurry and
find my body ok?"

We split up and looked at all of the tall thin tubes which held various
humanoids until we came to one that held a small girl inside, or her body
anyway. I activated the door on the side of the tube and carried Mary's
small body with me as we headed back to the main lab. Carrie, with Mary's
help managed to her sister back in her own body while I guarded the door,
looking for guards. I took them back to the ship and had them wait there
while I took care of one more small matter. I decided to leave a little
present behind. I ran back to the hangar with a full squad of guards on
my heels and we took off, grateful to be out of that place. Just as we
left orbit, my little present detonated the facility's power core and blew
the place apart.

We went home and fell onto the bed, exhausted. Mary settled into Carrie's
arms while Carrie settled into mine and we fell asleep, content and happy.
As I drifted off, I pondered the problems was going to have, being a teen
trapped in a five year old body...

The End


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