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by David Lawrence

There are times when I need to be alone. Far away from everyone, and
everything; only then can I tune to the resonance of my own heartbeat, and
come near to touching that core of my humanity that's so easy to avoid in
the mad scramble of everyday life.

I once had a place of my own where no one could intrude, but now it's gone;
only the mountains remain as a refuge. My favorite place there is only
about two hours drive away, so sometimes, usually during the spring and
summer, I'll drive alone to Linville Gorge, and climb up to one of the
several places where the tourists seldom go, there to just listen to the
wind and the distant sound of the roaring waterfalls from the river below.

One late August afternoon I had arrived later than usual, and taken the wide
path up to the top of the last tourist overlook, and then gone on up the
small little trail to the ridgeline. From there, you could look down on the
length of the tree-lined canyon, from the long waterfall that fed it from
the south, down past the terrace of smaller falls, and finally the bend
where the river swept out of sight. Few people ever came to the spot I
selected, perched in a clearing below a large overhanging formation. Far
below, if you had binoculars, you could make out the tiny forms of the
onlookers peering over the rails at the falls.

It was a place to be alone and undisturbed. Even in the afternoon, you
still have plenty of light before the sun sets behind the Blue Ridge. I had
seldom seen anyone up here in the spot I thought of as mine, although a few
hikers had come nearby on occasion.

That day, I had several hours of peace under my belt, absorbing the pleasant
August sunshine (at this elevation, it isn't as hot as down in the
flatlands) before I heard the approaching footsteps on the dirt of the
trail. Damn. I was immediately annoyed. I generally like people, but when
it's time for a vacation from them, nothing is more unwanted than an
intrusion just when you've finally gotten comfortable with the gentle song
of the breeze through the trees, and the calls of the hawks and eagles in
the gorge below.

I was a good twenty feet away from the break in the trees where the trail
comes into the clearing. From the opening emerged a couple, the girl about
twenty-five I would guess, the man a little older, but not much. What
struck me immediately was their hair: she had long blonde tresses that were
obviously bleached lighter than any natural blonde would be, whereas he had
a long solid black mane down to his shoulders. They were scantily clad, as
hikers go; he having only a pair of cutoff jeans on and she not much more,
including her top. Even in August, they might be cold when the sun went
down. Obviously, they were not experienced in higher elevations. Tourists,
no doubt.

They saw me and stopped. I just nodded, hoping by my body language to
indicate that this was my spot, and they should find another. They looked
surprised, and maybe a trifle annoyed, to see anyone there, but did not say
anything, just looked at me for a moment before walking over to the edge of
the clearing to get the reward for having hiked all the way up here: the
spectacular view of the gorge down below.

Fair enough, I thought. Let them sightsee a little while, then get on back
down the trail. I could have started a conversation (they were only fifteen
feet away), but I feared that would induce them to stay, and that was the
last thing I wanted. There were plenty of other places nearby where they
could do whatever they wanted without bothering me.

I heard them talking quietly to one another. The language wasn't English;
French or Spanish perhaps. They admired the view for a bit, pointing out
things to one another. I was keeping a subtle watch on them from the corner
of my eye, while appearing to look down into the gorge myself. I could see
them look in my direction, and then I saw her lean up and whisper something
into his ear. He whispered back. What they were saying I have no idea, I
couldn't have heard them even if they spoke in English.

But from that little corner of my peripheral vision, I could plainly see
when she took his face in her hands, and began kissing him full on the lips.
His hands reached to her face, as their heads inclined to the side as most
lovers do when they are serious about kissing.

This got my attention. I felt embarrassed, but stole a glance over at them.
They knew I was here, but elected (I suppose that was what the little
whispering was about) to indulge in some oral pleasure regardless. They
ignored me. I could see her face; her eyes were closed, her cheek moving
ever so subtly, letting me know his tongue was deep in her mouth. I could
only see the back of his head, the cascade of black hair obscuring his face.

Now what? I hoped they would leave soon. If not, I felt I should; yet I
also felt a streak of stubborness: damn it, I was here first. Let them
leave, there were plenty of other spots to neck in where they would be
undisturbed, and I would be left in peace also. If this was a test of
wills, they'd lose.

I stole another glance. Now, he'd worked his way down until his lips were
buried in the juncture of her neck and shoulder. She had her eyes closed,
and appeared to be soaking up the pleasure. It was a rather affecting
little scene. I didn't turn away in time, and her eyes opened, looking in
my direction. As I saw this, I kept my stare for just a second, and looked
away. But from the corner of my eye, I could see there was no reaction,
except her arm came up to caress the bare skin of his side and back with her
fingertips. Shit, they were going to tough it out, I thought. I felt a
sense of discomfort rising, but stayed put, the stubborness in my nature

What happened next was stunning. I looked over again; by damn, I thought,
if they were going to carry on in front of me, I was not going to act shy
about it. Let them leave if they wanted. Her blue eyes were open, and
looking at me. Her beau had moved his attention up to her ear, and, eyes
closed, was licking it quite sensuously with his outstretched tongue. He
really knew what to do, swirling and licking and probing at it. I felt a
twinge, but nothing like the jolt when, her pretty face still turned in my
direction, she moved her hand from his back to his crouch, and began
obviously stroking his cock underneath his jeans.

Her eyes were on mine. I was shocked, but didn't turn away. The fact that
she was watching me watching them, in such a now obvious sexual situation,
could mean only one thing. She at least, and almost certainly him too, were
exhibitionists, not only willing but enjoying showing off their sexuality
before a stranger. I was odd to me how anyone could be so trusting - or so
stupid - as to make themselves so vulnerable before a man who for all they
knew could be an escaped serial killer.

But I was harmless, so they were lucky. I realized, as I watched her hand
rub the growing bulge in his pants, they'd probably hiked up here to find a
place to make love (they were certainly dressed for it), and coming upon me,
had decided to let it all hang out anyway. It was kinky, but I am not an
innocent. I could feel my cock start to swell as soon as I realized what
was happening.

She finally broke contact with my eyes, after determining that I wasn't
offended or embarrassed, and wasn't going to look away. Using a gentle
tugging, she stood him up and together they walked a bit back from the edge
-- a smart move, since that's not a recommended place to lose any degree of
control. Back about five feet from the precipice, they again wrapped arms
around one another, and again locked lips in a passionate kiss. He hadn't
looked in my direction once since they'd begun. I just stared, my latent
voyeurism fully engaged. The arrival of the sweet flow of blood into my
cock caused my whole mood to shift, and I now saw the interlopers in a
friendlier light. I now started to hope they wouldn't leave.

They broke their kiss, and she turned her head to me once again. As she
did, she stood a little away from him, and once again put her hand over his
now quite obvious erection. She started rubbing it again, this time in my
full view. He finally looked up at me, and gave me a cocky little grin just
a wee bit short of a smirk. Turning his hips towards me a little, he thrust
them out slighty, as a physical show of how good her hand felt on him, and
how he wanted more. She responded to this by rubbing harder, and he shifted
his attention to her tank top, pulling it up from the bottom. For my part,
I was now so hard I had to shift position to relieve the discomfort on my

He easily raised the tank top up over her breasts, revealing a sexy pair of
firm young mounds. Her nipples were small and sharply pointed. She didn't
seem to mind at all being exposed to a stranger, although she looked at his
eyes instead of mine. Her hand did not stop it's motion between his legs.
His hands wasted no time in enjoying what he had revealed both to himself
and me, fondling the springy soft white tits, and rubbing and pinching on
the nipples.

They stood there and traded pleasure in this way for a while, changing
position only slighty so he could bend his head down to again exchange
tongues with her. They way they did it was wild, uninhibited, and hot. I
just stared, all embarrassment and discomfort burned away by my arousal. I
love to watch, and there's no sweeter moment for a voyeur than to find a
pair of happy willing exhibitionists.

The hot sex play, plus the charge of being watched, soon brought them up to
another level. We all three were totally commited at this point. She broke
contact with his mouth, hands, and body, and dropped to her knees before
him, bare kneecaps in the red dirt of the clearing. A quick flip of her
fingers and his pants were unsnapped, and fell quickly around his knees,
revealing his electric blue ultra-brief briefs and the thick bulge they
barely concealed. He stood looking down at her as she pulled the briefs
down too, causing his thick uncircumcised cock to bob free, standing out
from his body at the steep angle of the young and horny. Obviously he too,
at the very least, felt no embarrassment at being thus exposed to a
stranger. It was obvious now, if it hadn't been before, that they had
probably done something like this in front of others.

She took the cock in her hand, grasping it by the base. Turning to look
directly at me, she began to stroke her prize ever so slowly. The waves of
pleasure it had to be producing in his body communicated themselves to me,
and I too felt a renewed surge of lust. As I watched, rapt, she cast her
eyes downward to my own crotch, and made a little flicking motion with her
head. I was too thickheaded to comprehend at first, so she did it again,
looking back at his hard thick member and then back to mine. Oh! Finally
it dawned: she wanted me to take out my cock too.

This was the moment of truth. Should I wake up from this dream, do Momma
proud, and get up and walk down the trail to leave these kinky lovers to
their nasty deeds?

The sound of my zipper was the answer.

Confronted by the wanton display from fellow perverts, how could I refuse?
It felt good to get my cramped, fully hard cock out into the air. I lowered
my pants and shorts, revealing everything to them. Mine was not as thick as
his, but maybe a bit longer (I know -- why do men always do this comparison

As soon as I dropped my pants, joining them in their game, she turned back
to him and brought the head of his cock up to her lips. As she did, he
moved forward. Her puckered lips peeled his foreskin back as the head
slipped into her mouth. Remarkably, he made no noise as this happened (I'd
have at least groaned a bit), he just kept slowly pushing it forward. She
took quite a bit of it into her mouth, until he hit the back of her throat,
causing a slight gagging and drawing back on her part. But she held on to
it, and then began to suck him in earnest, sliding her lips up and down his
spit-slickend shaft. She was doing this for his pleasure, but also mine, as
she brushed her hair back and maintained an angle such that I could see it
all. I said nothing, and tried to fight to urge to grab my own cock and
start pumping. The last thing I wanted was to lose control and come before
my partners in crime had gotten their cookies.

She sucked, and he caressed her blonde hair as he looked down on the
delightful spectacle of her full pink lips tightly gripping his shaft,
taking him in as far as she could, and then slowly pulling back, letting her
lips rake him savagely. It had to feel unbelievable to him, but he kept
control and just stood there, taking his pleasure like a real man. I
wondered if these two made amateur porno movies, and if not, would they like
an agent?

Eventually, the sucking had to end, and just as my hands began to creep
involuntarily towards my own yearning member, she gave him what looked like
one last hard suck and let the head slip from her mouth with a nasty, sexy
liquid popping sound.

She stood up, and again leaned up and whispered something in his ear I
couldn't hear. On hearing it, he immediately sat down, slipped off his
sandals and the pants around his ankles, and then lay back on his back in
the mixture of soft red clay and pinestraw that made up the floor of the
little clearing. He was fully naked. I could ony imagine what would happen
if some real hikers appeared. Hopefully, they'ed either get into it and
watch, or run the hell away and leave us alone.

She then unsnapped her own shorts, and let them fall. Stepping out, she
stood up over his head, facing his feet, with a foot on either side of his
head. Then slowly, as if in a strip tease, she worked her panties down off
her sexy hips, sliding them down her tanned legs slowly until they were at
her ankles. Moving her feet till they touched his ears, she then bent down
and pushed the panties over his face, so that the smelly wet crouch went
right over his nose and mouth. I could see his tongue come out and start to
lick in the wetness. She watched this lewd, nasty, and sexy act from her
bent over position, and then, using her finger, begin to push the panty crouch into his mouth so he could suck on it.

This was about the sexiest thing I'd ever seen. I could no longer control
the actions of my hand, and began to lightly rub my cock and balls. It felt
so good. I wanted to feel what they were feeling.

Soon they tired of the panty game, and she stepped out of them and flung
them aside. (Too bad she didn't fling them to me -- what a nice souveneir!)
Stepping forward slightly, she put a foot under each of his armpits, and
began to slowly and teasingly lower her ass towards his face. He looked up
eagerly, awaiting the arrival of the sweet tangy slit that brimmed with her
copius sexual lube. Soon she was there, and as his head raised up, the
sooner to get his tongue in, she sat down full on his face. You could see
the instant change of expression on her face as his tongue began it's
licking and sucking. I had seen his work on her ear earlier, and although
from my angle I couldn't see what he was doing in detail, I knew the gist of
it. You had only to see her face to know he knew all her special spots.

Inevitably, from their position, you knew what had to come next. She bent
down, took his cock in her hand, and bent it to her lips once again. It was
nice how their body sizes made for a well-fitting sixty-nine; he was at
least 10 inches taller than her, and this made it possible for her to suck
him while sitting on his face with having to bend him back at an impossible

I was so hot I was on fire. They weren't just having hot, uninhibited sex,
they were putting on a show for me and loving every minute of doing it. And
they knew I was loving it too, from the way my eyes were glued on them, and
the way I slowly stroked my cock. Slowly, lightly, because I feared coming
too soon and not getting the maximum enjoyment out of this precious moment.

The sixty-nine didn't last more than a few minutes before they changed
position again. She rose up off her knees, revealing on his cleanshaven
young face and lips the shiny trail of her honey. She turned around and
straddled his cock, taking it in her hand and guiding it to it's target, the
soft little hole inside the puffy pink lips. I could see the head press in,
the foreskin folding back again, as she lowered her hips. Without even a
moan, he watched as his cock disappeared inside her. Indeed, we all three
watched the delicious progression as a smaller and smaller length of his
white shaft was left revealed. Soon, her light brown pubic hair touched and
mingled with his dark black bush. He was all the way in.

She then leaned forward, putting her hands into the dirt on either side of
his head, and kissed him lasciviously. I knew she was sharing her own taste
from his lips and tongue so recently inside her. These two lovers were my
kind of people. I wished then I was with my own girl, to be doing the same
wicked things to her, both of us loving it. But that would wait -- she'd
wonder why I came back from the mountains so horny, and, eventually, I'd
tell her, maybe after our first session, to fire her up for a second round.

In front of me, she sat still and turned her face in my direction for the
first time since she'd started sucking him ten or fifteen minutes ago. I
looked right back into her eyes, and began to stroke my cock harder. She
took the hint immediately, and began to fuck her lover in a slow, sexy
rhythm. He reached up and played with her tits and nipples as she rose and
fell on his thick shaft. Her delicious ass was so sexy, rising up and down
in the ancient movements of love.

Soon I could see that the foreplay, and the intense stimulation both were
exchanging, was starting to drive them towards their mutual come. Her rhythm
began to be a little less steady, and picked up some speed. He was no
longer the passive partner, but began humping up at her. As I saw this, I
started to stroke harder. To simulate the feel of being inside her, I
licked and spit into my own hands, and then wrapped them around my cock and
pushed up and down, imagining myself inside a woman as I watched them. The
feeling was exquisite. I knew I'd be ready when they came, which seemingly
wouldn't take long now.

But I underestimated the sexual prowess of the exhibitionist lovers. She
suddenly rose up off him, his cock leaving her with another audible pop.
Without a word, she flopped down on her hands and knees, her naked white ass
pointed straight at me. I could see the sloppy tangled wetness of the
pretty pink slit. Her lover wasted no time, he knew what she wanted. He
got up, and got on his knees behind her, and quickly reinserted his hard wet
cock. I had a full view of the insertion this time, and he pushed it in
without any teasing. She was so wet, his thick cock sank in easily, the
thick oval balls pressing up against her clit. I could just feel the
pleasure it gave to both of them in my own body. But I stopped stroking,
and resolved not to start until they did -- I was timing my come as best I

He didn't make me wait long, he started pumping his hips in the time-honored
way that people do when they are fucking like the animals they are. I could
see him rest him hands on her hips as he started. The view of his ass and
hers from behind, with the cock sawing in and out, was wonderful but I
missed seeing her face and the pleasure-agony she must be going through.
But I knew she had positioned herself, like an experienced exhibitionist, so
that I would see the maximum sexual contact.

Now, we all simply drove ourselves towards our orgasms. He stroked her
pussy and I stroked my cock. Finally, the overwhelming feelings started to
force noises from her heretofore quiet throat. I could hear as she groaned,
and mumbled words, some of which sounded like "Qui, qui, ohh, qui." They
were French, my mind noted in passing. He stayed silent, but the liquid
squishing sound of his cock in her, and the wet slapping sound as his loins
whacked against her ass, made up for it. I love the sounds as well as the
view and the feelings and the tastes and the smells -- why leave any senses
out of the feast?

Oh, it was heavenly, but it couldn't last long at this pitch. She spat out
some word I didn't know, but it must have been "harder" because he started
to really hump her with long hard strokes like a jackhammer. Soon she
started to wail, and hump her ass back at him. They were so close! I
pumped harder. I wanted to come when they did.

Suddenly they both stopped moving. He held still inside her. She was
silent for a second, then she basically screamed and shook her head from
side to side. He kept his dick up in her, feeling the tightness and spasms
as she came on him. lovely...I stroked my firey pole with
abandon, loving the building feeling. But I wasn't there yet as he started
again, this time without regard to anything but his own come. In no time,
he let it flow. I stopped my own motion for a few seconds, to watch him ram
his hips up as if he meant to force his cock all the way through her, and
groan as his cum squirted in deep where it belonged.

He kept it up for a long time, before finally relaxing and exhaling his
long pent-up breath. Both were gasping a bit. I continued my stroking, a
bit disapointed that I hadn't come yet, but now determined to come in full
view of them, as a reward for their show to me. In front of me, he began to
slowly extract his still-hard cock from her. As he did, the thickness
forced gobs of white cum back out of her pussy, so much that two little
rivulets ran down her thighs. God, was that ever sexy to see. I was glad I
hadn't cum and could still enjoy it.

Finally he drew out, his sloppy cock streaked with white cum and shiny girl honey. Her pussy looked frothy and well-fucked, which it was. I was so hot
I was getting close, and slowed my motion. I wanted them to see me. Just
as I was contemplating asking them to turn around, she bent up onto her
knees and looked around at me. She smiled a languid little smile when she
saw I was still hard.

As I watched and stroked myself, she reached her hand down to her pussy, and
inserted two fingers and swished them around inside her. Slowly removing
them, she brought the cum-covered digits up to her mouth and very sexily
licked them before inserting them and sucking their mingled juices off. Her
boyfriend watched this too, on his dirty knees beside her. She did it
again, reaching in and taking another dollop of mixed cum out, and this
time, she put it in his mouth and began kissing him. That did it for me.
It was too sexy, and I groaned as I felt my body tighten up.

Both turned their heads at my groan, and within seconds I was spraying the
ground between us. She murmured a sound of approval at this. My come was
fiery, intense, furious, and seemed to go on for minutes, with spurt after
pent-up spurt pulsing out. At last, it ebbed, and I sat back on on the
ground in dazed exhaustion. I think I did manage a weak smile in their

Soon after recovery, we all quickly pulled on our discarded clothes, aware
that someone could appear at any moment, however unlikely that was. I
intended to say hello to them and try to strike up a conversation, since
(surprise) I'd really like to get to know them better. But as soon as they
had gotten dressed, they held hands and headed for the path, turning their
back on me. I watched them go, both with knees stained by the red dirt,
giving away to any experienced onlooker what they had been doing. But I'm
sure they didn't care, or maybe they wanted it that way.

I sighed. At the first bend in the path that would take them out of sight,
she turned for a second and blew a kiss to me.


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