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sue's treat


Sue's Treat (MF, oral)


By: Rascal (

Adult fiction with sexual content. Read only if permitted.

(c) by the author, no reproduction or reposting without permission!

Posted at ASSTR Oct. 2002.


I was overwhelmed when I saw what she so willingly presented to me.
After all, this was the first time we met in private at her place. I
looked at her; she smiled realizing my confusion, this little onset of
shyness. She gave me an encouraging nod: "Go ahead, its all for you." I
did not need more, I was ready to indulge, ready to enjoy this unexpected
treat. I closed my eyes, breathed in, inhaled the aroma-filled air. The
smell was hard to describe, it was heavy, signaled ripeness, as if speaking
to me "eat me - now." I could feel the excitement build in my body, yes, I
was ready, yes, I knew this would be a wonderful experience.

I opened my eyes again. The ambience was appropriate, silent music, two
candles providing romantic illumination, the white cloth spread out as if
its only purpose would be to bring this offering to me. I moved slowly,
not to disturb this special moment. On first contact my lips tingled, I
could feel softness and warmth. I paused for a while, looking forward to
whatever came next, yet enjoying this experience just a bit longer. I had
done this many times before, but every time it struck me with new
intensity, this first contact, this first connection, it was always
something special.

Then my lips took it in, my tongue slid forward to meet it, it was there
just for me, prepared just for me to enjoy. She giggled, I knew she was
watching me, but I did not care. I enjoyed this moment so much, and I knew
she was enjoying it too. My tongue signaled to me this familiar taste, yet
this time it was different, more intense than ever. It was beyond me to
describe it with words, yes, I could try, but I knew I would fail. Tangy,
yes, but the potpourri of flavors was overwhelming. Cumin, I thought, at
least that describes the base, but there is more to it, much more. Again,
I sucked, licked, rolled it with my tongue. Slimy juice dripped, ran down
my chin, I did not care.

Her gentle voice called me back into reality: "How are you doing?" she
whispered. I replied quietly, thoughtful: "I don't think I can describe it
in words, but let me say so much, it is probably the best lamb curry I ever
had in my life. You have to share the recipe with me."

She laughed, replied: "Of course I will. Somehow guys always like this
dish; it seems to have a special effect on them ... it seems to make them
- excuse me for remarking this - incredible horny."


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