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summer break


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Summer break, by Ace, 1999

I saw her out in the back yard from the window.

That mountain of blond hair, that megawatt smile as she looked up
and our eyes met again for the first time in six years.

Six years since my parents' divorce, when I'd left this house and
moved west with my mother.

I was only thirteen then.

She used to sunbathe topless in her back yard next door,
confident that the corner where she lay wasn't visible from the
street or her neighbors. She never knew that I was watching her
through the vent slats in our attic while I jerked off.

She still looked great, her large breasts and slim hips
complimented by her sweater. I wondered if her breasts were still
as firm as they were when she was my number one sexual fantasy.

She must be getting on now, I thought as I walked through to the
back door to go out and say hello. She must be... forty-six years

'Hi, Diana! You're looking as sexy as I remember you!'

If only I'd had this kind of confidence with women when I was
thirteen! Life would have been different, I can tell you.

'Why Fred, you have grown up!'

'Really sorry to hear about Tom'.

Her older husband, who had died several years before.

'Thanks, Fred'

She was standing very close to me. Too close, I realized. Of
course, when I was thirteen, I wouldn't have been able to put my
finger on why Diana had always made me mad with horniness. Now,
older and with some knowledge of human sexuality, it was clear to
me that she'd always flirted with me like this.

We talked quietly together for a while. Her face was only ten
inches from mine, we could have whispered.

Her blond hair had some grey in it now, I could see. Somehow, it
made no difference. Maybe it even added to her appeal, the
knowledge that her remaining blond hairs where natural.

Her deeply tanned face was showing the signs of long term sun
damage; her complexion was still very even, but up close like
this, the many small lines in her skin were visible.

Whenever our eyes met, I thought I would drown in her huge blue

As you may have noticed, I still wanted to have her. Even though
I was not the virgin thirteen year old who had made my sexy
neighbour his fantasy, even though I had been with girls and
women who had figures superior to Diana's, even though she was
now quite middle aged, I still found her as sexy as ever.

I reached out and put my right hand on the small of her back.

She looked slightly shocked, but as I gently pulled her to me,
she did not resist.

As my left went up to her shoulder blades, we kissed at last,
after all those years of unfulfilled desire.

'We'd better go inside' she said, and turned to enter her house.
I followed, of course.

We sat on a couch, kissing and feeling each other's still clothed
bodies. She untucked my shirt, and ran her hand up my shivering

I stood, and moving away from her slightly, in order for her to
be able to clearly watch, I slowly removed all my cloths.

My cock was like steel, pointing strait in front of me as I
rejoined her on the couch.

We held hands and kissed gently as she stroked my penis. She was
still fully dressed, she hadn't even removed her shoes. Our
bodies were only touching at the hands, lips, and my cock.

After some time, she stood, and taking me by the hand, led me to
her bedroom.

It was a woman's room, softly decorated.

I sat on her bed and stroked myself as I watched her undress, bra

Her breasts were as full as I remembered them, even if her ass
had grown slightly.

She sat down next to me, and we put our arms around each other,
bringing our bodies to maximum contact, and kissed for a little

She slid backwards to the middle on her bed, and stretched out on
her back, arms over her head. I spent a few seconds admiring her
form before lying down beside her.

We enjoyed a long foreplay period before I finally mounted her.
As I slowly entered her for the first time in real life, my cock
felt as though it had finally reached the home it had never had.

As I reached a medium tempo, she came, hard. I couldn't stop
myself from doing the same.

We lay together for a while, then I went to her bathroom and
rinsed off my cock in her sink.

I returned to her, and lay next to her silently as she ran her
long fingers over my naked young body.

Her eyes bulged as I got my second erection.

She gave me head for a few minutes, and it was so exquisite, I
almost had to come again. She looked disappointed as I removed
myself from her mouth, but her expression changed as I positioned
myself to enter her once more.

To myself, I call my second erection "the lady killer" because I
can keep it for so long. I now kept a merciless rhythm as she
came again and again. Finally, I pumped my small second load into
her as she came for, I think, the fourth time.

As my cock shrunk, still inside her, I lay on top of her, spent.

'Oh Fred' she whispered in my ear, 'tell me this can happen

'I'd like that, Diana'

She held me tight.

I was back in my dad's place, enjoying that fully drained
feeling, when he came home from work. We hugged, and he told me
it was good to see me.

I was surprised, but not unhappy, to learn that he had invited
Diana over to eat with us.

After our dinner, he walked around behind Diana's chair, and
putting his hands on her shoulders, said 'Son, we have something
to tell you...'

As a strange feeling rose from my crotch towards my throat, and
Diana looked down at her empty plate, her face turning crimson,
as he continued, 'Diana and I are going to be married...'

Oh, my. Oh my oh my.....

Ace, 1999

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