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Summer Games

Six of them had booked a holiday in the sun. Now, lying in the sun by
the pool, five of them were startled out of their laziness by one of the
girls announcing

"I feel like a good screw in the pool. Anyone interested? Let's have a
show of cocks!" Two of the three men responded, and she laughed,

"You'll have to catch me first, though!"

With that she dove into the cool water of the pool and swam slowly away
from them; her bottom lifting out of the water as she swam. Pulling off
their trunks, the two men dove in after her and were quickly chasing their
target. The other three turned over to watch the game, one of the women
already fingering herself.

The female swimmer swam underneath the men, briefly touching each man's
cock, before escaping their grasp. After a few minutes romping in the
water, she allowed herself to be caught. They peeled her bikini off her
and she felt the cool water bathe her between her legs. The blonde man grasped her bush in his hand and began caressing her while his friend
played with her breasts. The water was making her nipples stand up away
from her soft flesh and it was easy for the red-headed man to twist her
nipples upwards and pull on them.

"Yes. Yes. That is wonderful," she murmured as she was swept along by
the sensations being produced in her.

The men propelled her towards the steps nearest their audience and,
lifting her onto one of the steps, proceeded to caress her. Changing
places, the blonde man took each breast in turn into his mouth. She had
large breasts and it was possible to bury his head between them or
alternatively, for two men to suck her simultaneously.

His friend stood in the shallow water and lightly touched her mound,
exploring the outer area under water. He began playing with the woman's
cunt lips, teasingly pulling at them as he watched her get fully aroused.
Leaning forward he kissed her belly as his fingers searched through the
floating hair for her cunt.

Finding the opening, he slid his finger tip in. She was ready for him,
so he mounted her and amid a lot of splashes, began fucking her. She came
quickly with the attention of two men stimulating her. The red-head
continued to fuck her and felt her orgasms ripple along his cock until his
climax came and he thrust deeply as he came.

Moving away to let the other man take her, the red-head watched the
woman on the pool side finger herself frantically. Getting out, he went
over to her.

"Allow me." Accepting the offer, the woman laid back and splayed her
legs. Finding the woman's clit, he rubbed it with a slowly increasing

Meanwhile in the pool the blonde man had stopped sucking the woman's
breasts and was pulling her partly out of the water to lie face down over
the pool edge. Her bottom hung down almost to the water and he parted her
legs and buttocks. Running his hands between her legs and buttocks he
teased her before pulling her back into the water. He slid her onto his
hard cock, pushing his hips upwards and the woman down onto him to
penetrate her deeply. She writhed in pleasure.

"Do it to me. Fuck me hard," she begged.

While this was going on, the two people who had, previously, just been
watching their friends, decided to pleasure each other as well. The raven
haired woman went over to the other sun lounger and began fondling the
other woman's breasts. The receiver of this attention smiled and suggested
that they suck each other's cunts. Straddling her friend's face, the black
haired woman slowly lowered herself onto the others' face. Feeling her
tongue lick the outer lips, the black haired woman bent to administer the
same to the woman beneath her. As she felt the other slip her tongue
between the lips to send ripples of pleasure through her, the dark haired
woman paused. She found herself abruptly brought back to reality by a soft
nip in her cunt. She busied herself, nuzzling into the fair hairs that
covered the centre of her friend's mound to find the bud of her clit. She
sucked hard on it, while experiencing similar sensations herself.

The other pool-side couple were now engrossed in each other, the man bringing the woman to repeated climaxes whilst his cock grew firm again.
Almost entirely spent, the woman nodded agreement and the man slipped
easily into her wet cunt. In contrast to the woman he had taken earlier,
she was loose. He found it pleasant for his slightly tired cock to be able
to move in and out of her without too much effort.

As they thrust lazily together the pair in the water continued to
torment each other.

"Damn you, I want a screw. I don't want a slow fuck."

"You will get a screw when I'm ready, and I'm not quite yet."

With that, the blonde man withdrew his cock from her and pulled himself
out of the water. Lifting her out after him, he went to an empty lounger
and lay down on it.

"I want to suck you while you suck my cock."

"O.K., but not for long, though," the girl retorted. "My cunt is hungry
for you."

Copying the position adopted by the two women, she bent forward to play
with the man's hard cock and balls. He, in turn, probed a finger into her
cunt, searching for her G-spot. She shifted her position to help him, and
sighed with pleasure as he found it. Flicking it rapidly, he brought her
towards yet another climax. Taking his finger out, he sucked her deeply as
she came.

Flipping her over and reversing his position, he entered her cunt and
powered towards his own long-awaited climax. Holding his hand over her
mouth to muffle her screams, he felt her climax rapidly and powerfully.
This stimulated him even more and, with a final thrust, he ejaculated strongly. As they lay there, exhausted, they listened to the others

It had been a wonderful session, the instigator thought; next time she'd
have a woman too.

Copyright Too-Kay, 2000 All rights reserved. Do not reprint or post
without permission. -- Pursuant to the Berne
Convention, this work is copyright with all rights reserved by its author
unless explicitly indicated.
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