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story--reproducing or posting this story without the author's permission is

Sunbathing With Cheryl by Cactus Juggler (c) 1999

lesbian, facesitting, humiliation, domination

The three of us were sunbathing in Cheryl's yard just like always.
Nobody was home to see us baking ourselves for the sake of a tan. Sue got
up to get herself a drink, and then Cheryl and I were alone. I glanced
over and saw that Cheryl had her arm covering her eyes. With Sue gone I
could stare in earnest at the luscious curves of Cheryl's body. Neither of
them knew that I was into girls I'd only really figured it out that summer.
I hadn't even been daring enough to have an experience with a girl yet.
But with Sue inside and Cheryl covering her own eyes I couldn't certainly
imagine some things I'd like to do. I gawked openly at her, particularly
at her big chest. Her breasts seemed ready to burst out of her tight
bikini top. God was she hot. I'd kill to have a body like hers. Or to
kiss a body like hers. Cheryl lay there oblivious to my leering, until we
were both suddenly shocked by a steady stream of cold water splashing over
us both!

"Ahhhhhhhhh! Shit!" Cheryl shouted as she and I jumped up at the same

Sue was standing by the house, the hose she had just used to spray us
still in her hands. Laughing she put it down and approached us. I was
pissed, but nothing like as badly Cheryl was.

"You bitch! What the hell was that for?"

"Ha ha ha. I thought it would be funny. I snuck out quietly and
neither of you even noticed me picking up the hose and turning it on." Sue
laughed even more as she got right up to us.

Putting down her glass of iced tea, Sue turned her back on us and Cheryl
moved so quickly I didn't even realize what was happening. Cheryl pushed
Sue face first down into the grass and sat on her back!

"Go fill a pitcher with ice cubes from the tray and cold tap water."
Cheryl ordered me.

"No problem. Can you hold her down that long?" I asked her as I headed
quickly for the kitchen.

"Sure. I could hold her here all day!"

I rushed to get our cold revenge cocktail ready, and was quickly back
outside with the freezing pitcher in hand. As I walked down along the side
of the house towards the back yard, I could here a strange sound. I had no
idea of the unbelievable sight I was about to see as I turned the corner.
Cheryl was sitting on Sue's face!

"Mmmmm! MMMMMMmmmmm!" Sue's cries were muffled under Cheryl's crotch.

"My god Cheryl, what are you doing to her?" I asked her incredulously.

"She kept wriggling around. She rolled over and I just sort of ended up
sitting on her face." Cheryl told me, now also holding both of Cheryl's

Cheyrl settled her weight down onto Sue's face, her nose now pressed
deeply into Cheryl's mound. I couldn't believe what she was doing to her.
I was all for the ice-water revenge, but Cheryl was going too far. It just
wasn't right.

"Cheryl, I think this is going a little far. Why don't you let her
breathe?" I suggested.

"No. She deserves this for what she did. Come on. Help me take off
her bikini. Strip her while I have her pinned." Cheryl said firmly.

Cheryl lifted up off Sue's face for a second, and I briefly heard Sue
gasping for breath before Cheryl sat back down. I looked unsurely at
Cheryl. It was really kinky, watching beautiful Cheryl dominate Sue in
such a sexual way. It made me a little bit...sparky, you know?

"Do it! Strip her!"

I pulled off Sue's bikini bottoms without much trouble. I think she
didn't fight me doing it because she hoped only to get Cheryl off her face.
I had a little more trouble with her top, but soon I had it off too. I
glanced around, glad nobody was visible to see what we were doing to her.

"It's off." I reported.

"Alright, now hit her with the ice water." Cheryl told me, climbing off
of Sue's face.

Sue lay gasping and coughing, naked on the back lawn. She tensed and
squirmed as I poured a huge splash of ice and water onto her stomach.

"Come to the side door, and we might let you in." Cheryl told her, and
then she dragged me off to the house.

Once we were inside, she closed the side door and turned to me.

"I have an idea. Just follow along and do what I say." She told me,
almost jumping with excitement.

In a moment, Sue was cowering naked in the door frame, trying to press
herself as close to the building as possible so that no one would see her.

"Let me in! At least give me my clothes!" She shouted, pounding on the

I was still holding Sue's swim suit. Cheryl looked at it, pulled the
bottom from my hands and examined it for a moment. She hooked the little
chain that let you open the door a few inches, and then opened it that

"You want to come in, huh?"

"Please Cheryl. This isn't funny. Somebody is going to see me here."
Sue plead.

"I'll only let you in if you agree to be our slave for the rest of the
night." Cheryl told her.


"You heard me. You have to do whatever we say for the rest of the
night." Cheryl explained.

"Fine. I'll do it, just let me in." She begged.

"I don't trust you Sue. Not after this incident with the hose. Put
your hands in the door." Cheryl ordered her.

Sue tentatively put her hands in the door as Cheryl handed me the bikini
bottoms. Cheryl grabbed Sue's hands and held them together.

"Tie her wrists. Tie them good and tight." She ordered me.

Sue didn't struggle, and I quickly tied her wrists. Once Cheryl was
satisfied that her wrists were secured together, she undid the chain and
let the naked and bound girl into the house. Cheryl pulled her by her
wrists into the living room as I closed the door. I followed them into the
living room and watched as Cheryl pushed Sue down to her knees.

"What should we do with our little slave?" Cheryl asked me, with an evil
glint in her eye.

Slave? Hearing Cheryl say that with Sue naked on her knees made my
pussy squirm with forbidden kinky delight.

"I don't know. What did you have in mind?" I asked her, playing along.

What Cheryl did next was more than I could hope for.

"Kiss me. Right here." Cheryl said, and she was pointing to the crotch
of her bikini!

"You're crazy. I'm not doing that!" Sue exclaimed, and she began to get

Cheryl put her hands on Sue's shoulders and pushed her back down onto
her knees.

"Oh yes you are." Cheryl told her, and then Cheryl was pulling Sue's
face into her crotch!

How was I ever going to keep secret the fact that I was into girls with
Cheryl doing this? I watched in amazement as Cheryl held Sue's face in
tight to her bikini clad crotch. This was the second time I'd seen Cheryl
put Sue into an amazingly kinky, totally dominated position. Sue thrashed
about, her cries muffled, as Cheryl just kept the girl's face pulled up
into her crotch. Cheryl held her like that for a long time, before finally
pulling Sue's face away from her. Something inside me twitched as I
realized that I was turned on by the idea of Cheryl treating *me* this way.

"Are you ready to be our slave yet?" Cheryl demanded.

"Go to hell!" Sue spat.

"Alright then." Cheryl smiled, before pulling Sue's face back into her

Cheryl smiled over at me as I watched her smothering our friend in her

"This feels *really* nice." She told me.

"My god, Cheryl. I can't believe you're doing this." I told her, while
Sue continued to cry out, the sound pathetically muffled in Cheryl's

Watching her pull Sue's face into her crotch was making me wet. Cheryl
was so mean and beautiful, I really couldn't believe the things she was
doing. I *really* wished it was me Cheryl was abusing. I had to be strong
and hide my twisted desires though.

"Whats's wrong slave? Can't breathe? You should have thought of that
before you disobeyed me. See what you get? My pussy in your face for the
second time today. And that moisture you feel isn't from the hose. Ha ha
ha ah." Cheryl laughed at her before letting the kneeling girl breathe

"Are you ready to obey me yet?" Cheryl asked, as Sue's heaved in great

"!...." Sue said between breaths.

Cheryl rammed Sue's face back into her crotch.

"I don't know why she doesn't just give in and kiss it. It's her own
fault she's still got her face rubbing in it. She must like how it smells
or something. Is that it *slave*? Do you like sniffing my pussy? Ha ha
ha ha. If you just give in and kiss it, I'll let you breathe. Really."
Cheryl taunted her.

I hadn't really done anything yet, and I wasn't sure what to do. I
thought about helping Sue, but the sight of her kneeling there with her
face in Cheryl's crotch made me hot. I *should* help Sue out, but I just
couldn't stop thinking about how it would feel to be Sue right now. Or how
it would feel to rub *my* crotch in her face. I thought about it for a
moment, and then I made my decision.

"Here Cheryl, let me help you." I told her, as Cheryl let Sue catch
another breath.

I leaned down behind Sue, and reached around and grasped her little
breasts. She was panting for breath, and she cried out sharply as I
squeezed her little tits.

"Now do what you're told!" I told her, squeezing even harder for

Cheryl smiled broadly at my joining in on her humiliation of Sue. She
smiled even wider when Sue leaned forward and planted a soft kiss on
Cheryl's mound!

"Come here Connie. It's your turn." Cheryl called to me.

I took Cheryl's place in front of the panting girl on her knees.

"Now kiss Connie's pussy!" Cheryl ordered her, pulling her head up to my
crotch to help her along.

It felt really good when she lightly kissed my pussy through my bikini.

"More, kiss it more!" Cheryl ordered, smacking Sue on the back of the

It began to feel even better as Sue kissed my mound over and over again.
I felt really kinky, and it gave me ideas. But even as I joined in Sue's
humiliations, I still couldn't help but wish it were me that was being
forced to surrender to Cheryl. I pulled her face in tighter to my crotch
so that Sue could get a good whiff of my sex..

"Sniff it, take a deep breath." I ordered her, and she did immediately.

I pulled her face away and looked down into her eyes.

"Now tell me you like the way it smells." I told her, and her eyes

Cheryl reached around and tweaked her nipples meanly.

"Say it!" Cheryl ordered her.

"Please Connie, please let me go." She begged, her eyes beginning to
tear up as she started to cry.

"Oww! I like it I like the way it smells!" She blurted, after Cheryl
twisted her nipples viciously.

"What? You like *what?* Say it." Cheryl ordered, still not satisfied
with Sue's debasement.

"Her pussy! I like the way her pussy smells!" She cried, now sobbing
against my crotch.

It made me *so* hot. To hear her saying these things, on her knees, my
crotch in her face. It made me think awful, kinky thoughts.

"Quit your crying, you know you love it." Cheryl told her.

"I know how to shut her up Cheryl. Let's give her something else to
smell." I said, and then I turned around so that my ass was right in her

I reached back and pulled Sue's head into my ass. Pulling her head
forward, and wriggling my butt back against her face, I buried her nose in
my ass crack.

"Sniff my ass, slave." I told her, and it felt great.

I held her there for a few humiliating moments, Cheryl laughing at the
sight, until I tired of it and pushed her away. I let Cheryl take over, I
was really more interested in watching Cheryl abuse her anyway. Cheryl
stepped in front Sue and took control once more. God was she beautiful,
more beautiful than ever, as she stood there and broke Sue down.

"It's all right Sue. Just accept it." Cheryl said, stepping closer to

She stood right in front of Sue, and pulled Sue gently forward until her
face rested softly in Cheryl's crotch.

"You know this is right. Can you really tell me you don't find me hot?"

"No." She sniffled in Cheryl's crotch.

"Tell the truth. You liked it when I sat on your face, admit it. I
felt it, you didn't even try to fight that hard when I did it. You enjoyed
it, didn't you?"

I was stunned by Sue's whispered answer.


"That's better Sue, just admit it. Are you ready to be my slave?"


Cheryl stepped back, and pulled her bikini bottom off. Sue stared
through teary eyes at Cheryl's exposed bush. Cheryl caressed herself idly
as she stared regally down at her new slave.

"My *total* slave, and you *know* what I mean." Cheryl told her

"Yes." Sue whispered, and I watched enthralled by the surreal scene as
she crawled forward and buried her mouth in Cheryl's hairy crotch!

Sue knelt there tonguing Cheryl's pussy, and I think a feather would
have knocked me over at that point. It was Cheryl I couldn't keep my eyes
off though, she just looked so sexy, standing there, her hands haughtily
resting at her hips while she enjoyed her slave's toils. She looked
powerful and beautiful. Our friend Sue was on her knees, naked, hands
tied, and noisily slurping at Cheryl's sex.

"Do you find me sexy, Connie?" Cheryl asked me, moaning a little at
Sue's work.

"Yes." Was that throaty whisper from me?

"Do you like these?" She said, reaching up and cupping her big boobs.


"Would you like to see them out?" She asked me.

How did she know? How did she know how badly I did indeed want to see
her big tits. I swallowed, my mouth suddenly very dry.


"Come closer, take off my top." She said, and I took a few slow steps
towards her.

I stood in front of her, sandwiching Sue between myself and Cheryl. I
saw Sue's eyes peering up at me from her place between Cheryl's legs as I
reached around and undid her bikini top. It fell forward towards me as I
lifted it over her shoulders. I held her top, and stood staring stupidly
at her magnificent breasts.

"Kiss them." Suddenly Cheryl was telling me what to do.

With that first small decision to obey her when she told me to take off
her top I had given her power over me. I don't know what drove me, but I
lowered my mouth to the silky smooth skin in front of me and then I was
doing it, I was kissing her tits.

"I thought so."

She put her hands on my head and roughly pulled my mouth to a nipple.

"Suck it. And look up at me while you do it." She ordered, and I did.

"You love it, don't you?" She said, and I just nodded my head.

Sue sucked her below, and I sucked her tit, and Cheryl just looked down
on us like we were idiots.

"I had a feeling about you, but I wasn't completely sure before. I am
now. You want to be like her, don't you?" Cheryl asked, pushing me away
from her teat.

I couldn't even say it, I just nodded dumbly.

"Are you sure you're ready to give yourself to me?"

I nodded again.

"Prove it. Get down on your knees with Sue and show me who's in

I knelt and Sue angled to one side to allow me access as well. And then
we were both doing it, both down on our knees licking Cheryl's hot cunt.

"That's right, both of you stupid sluts should kneel there and lick my
pussy. Because I am better than you. Because I deserve to be in control.
You morons are just my little sex toys now." Cheryl told us, and her nasty
verbal abuse somehow just made me hotter.

She pulled both of our heads in even closer, and turned us face-to-face.

"Kiss each other. Go on you little lezzie sluts! Savor the taste of my
pussy between you."

And then Sue's tongue was in my mouth and she was kissing me more
passionately than I'd ever been kissed before. The kinky lesbian play just
made me hornier as I returned Sue's kiss with equal intensity. Cheryl
broke us up, turning our faces back to her sex.

"You disgusting little lezzies. Get back to work on my cunt."

The longer we followed her orders, the bolder she got. She held us both
together at her pussy at first, and then she started alternating between
us. First she pulled Sue's face into her pussy, and then mine. She
switched us back and forth for a while until it was obvious she couldn't
last much longer. She pulled both of our mouths into position together.

"Now both of you. Both of you lick it together. I want to cum on both
of your faces at once!"

And then we were doing it, we were both licking her wet slit. We began
alternating strokes at her clit, and then started slurping it together in
sync. We settled into a steady rhythm together, trapping her hard clit
between our tongues with each upward stroke. She didn't last ten strokes
this way before she cried out and mashed both of our faces roughly into her
sex. She pushed us away and stood shaking slightly, catching her breath.

"Now smell each other's faces. Go on, sniff each other. That's the
smell that proves you're both a couple of little lesbian cuntsuckers.
That's the smell of a better woman's cunt. And I know you both love that
smell. Clean off each other's faces with your tongues."

While we licked Cheryl's sticky fuck-slime from each other's faces,
Cheryl kept up the verbal assault.

"That's it, enjoy my cum. Because that's the taste of a *superior*
woman on your faces. Look at you sick little lesbos, you can hardly keep
your hands off of each other. I own you twisted little submissive sluts
now. You're mine. Now both of you, lay down on your backs next to each

We stopped our licking and sucking and lay back as ordered. I could
only gaze in awe at the sight of Cheryl's huge boobs dangling before me as
she bent down and removed my bikini bottoms. I felt her finger slide
easily into my wet slit and I almost came right then. Cheryl's other hand
was doing the same to Sue's exposed sex.

"It's obvious you little submissive lezzies are just dying to have
somebody take control of you. Now if you sluts want to cum, repeat the
following: I will worship and obey Cheryl. Just keep saying it. Drive it
into your little pea brains."

"I will worship and obey Cheryl. I will worship and obey Cheryl." We
began chanting in sync.

As we said what she wanted, she started stroking our cunts. As her
fingers danced back and forth over my clit I just repeated the phrase again
and again like a mantra.

"I will worship and obey Cheryl. I will worship and obey Cheryl. I
will worship and obey Cheryl. I will worship and obey Cheryl. I will
worship and obey Cheryl. I will worship and obey Cheryl. I will worship
and obey Cheryl."

"Now say: I will do anything Cheryl wishes."

"I will do anything Cheryl wishes. I will do anything Cheryl wishes. I
will do anything Cheryl wishes. I will do anything Cheryl wishes. I will
do anything Cheryl wishes. I will do anything Cheryl wishes. I will do
anything Cheryl wishes. I will do anything Cheryl wishes. I will do
anything Cheryl wishes."

"Cheryl is my owner."

"Cheryl is my owner. Cheryl is my owner. Cheryl is my owner. Cheryl
is my owner. Cheryl is my owner. Cheryl is my owner. Cheryl is my owner.
Cheryl is my owner. Cheryl is my owner. Cheryl is my owner. Cheryl is my
owner. Cheryl is my owner. Cheryl is my owner. Cheryl is my owner.
Cheryl is my owner."

"I am Cheryl's slave."

"I am Cheryl's slave. I am Cheryl's slave. I am Cheryl's slave. I am
Cheryl's slave. I am Cheryl's slave. I am Cheryl's slave. I am Cheryl's
slave. I am Cheryl's slave. I am Cheryl's slave. I am Cheryl's slave. I
am Cheryl's slave. I am Cheryl's slave. I am Cheryl's slave. I am
Cheryl's slave. I am Cheryl's slave. I am Cheryl's slave. I am Cheryl's
slave. I am Cheryl's slave. I am Cheryl's slave. I am Cheryl's slave. I
am Cheryl's slave. I am Cheryl's slave."

I was struggling to keep up the chanting and it must have been obvious
that I was about to cum. Cheryl, still stroking us, turned around and
straddled me. As she slid her ass back towards my face, were it hovered
close to my face, Cheryl slowed her strokes on my sex almost to a halt.

"Eat my ass slut. Surrender to me, submit fully to my superiority."

I paused, frozen at her unbelievable demand.

"Go on, cunt! Spread my cheeks with your hands and worship my asshole
with your mouth!"

She startled me with her barked commands. I don't know why I didn't
fight my sick urge to obey her. It was like I was somehow addicted to
giving in to her. I slowly pulled her round fleshy ass-cheeks apart with
my hands and buried my face in her ass. At the moment I started to do what
she ordered, started to tongue her ass, she returned to frigging my cunt. I
didn't even think about how disgusting my chore was, I just broke down and
gave myself to her totally. Only moments passed before I came, my tongue
up Cheryl's ass as I had the best orgasm ever. Cheryl sat completely back
on my face, smothering me in her ass as she continued her stroking. My
clit was painfully erect, but she just wouldn't stop her stroking. I was
totally unable to draw even a tiny breath, her ass completely sealed off my
air. She just kept working at my clit, and her persistent touch drove me
to orgasm after orgasm. I'm usually only good for one at a time, and then
I'm too sore to continue. But laying there about to black out under
Cheryl's sweaty ass, I came again and again. It wasn't just my best time
ever, it was a hundred times better than ever before.

"Now it's your turn to worship my ass." I barely heard Cheryl ordering
Sue as she stopped touching my abused clit and climbed off of my face.

I just lay there gasping for breath, shuddering from the strength of my
sexual orgasm-athon. I was aware that Cheryl now had Sue's face up her ass
as I lay there, but only barely. It was like my brain was fried, I
couldn't even think. I looked over after a while and saw that Cheryl was
stroking both her own and Sue's clits while she sat there on Sue's face. I
knew from experience that Sue was tonguing her anus under there while she
smothered in ass. I could tell Sue was coming as she arched her back under
Cheryl, spasming out of control. A few seconds later, still riding the
orgasming girl, Cheryl came herself with a great cry. She rolled off of
Sue and lay next to her on the floor, and we all just lay there recovering
for a while.

I didn't dare say anything as I lay there, for fear that this fantasy
would end. I only hoped that somehow this strange new part of my life
could continue.

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