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sw2 nighttoremember


Saucy Wench #2: A Night To Remember (M+/FF b&d exhibition oral)[1/1]

A Night to Remember (A Saucy Wench Adventure, #2)
(c) 1997, by

Several months back, my friend Brandi had been dumped by her
husband for another woman. She showed up on my doorstep,
crying her eyes out, running her mascara.
Brandi is a petite redhead...normally feisty, vivacious.
She's about the same size and figure as me...slim, 5 foot 5...
but she has much bigger breasts. I'm a bit small in that
department. Still firm, nice breasts...but I've always been
a little envious of hers. She's a little older than I,
late 20's. Very nice shape.
I've known her since high school. Once in college I got her to try out being bisexual. She seemed to enjoy
it..but obviously felt very awkward. We never repeated
the experiment, and have remained close friends ever since.
Now she was crying on my shoulder, and I was feeling
bad for the unsisterly thoughts I was having towards her.
For the next few months she went through various
Then one day she seemed to have made a decision.
She knew about my wild times in college, though I'd toned down
since then. Now she wanted to get a little wild herself.
Maybe she thought she'd get back at her soon-to-be-ex-husband.
Maybe she was just releasing some pent up frustrations.

To make a long story short, for the next few weeks
we did a lot of things...went to nightclubs to dance in increasingly
revealing outfits, daring each other on.
Went to bars without wearing panties.
Flirted with some college football players.
Hit some lesbian bars. And some gay bars.
One we went to dinner with a would be Dominant,
an older man. An anonymous meeting, arranged via email.
We had no intention of doing anything with him, so I guess
we were being teases, but the interview was naughty and exciting.
Brandi was very turned on by it, couldn't stop talking about it.

Eventually, a woman Dominant I knew talked us into a
really outre experience.

There we stood in a cinderblock building.
It was empty, but looked like a small warehouse/garage.
It was February, so there was quite a bitter chill.
The place had a large old fashioned wood burning stove heater.
Near it was blastingly hot, but further away it was increasingly
cold. Brandi and I stood there, she in a red cocktail
dress, me in denim skirt and blouse, very sexy. I shivered.
I could feel my nipples hard under the blouse, and I could
see Brandi's standing out. "Her highbeams on", as
an old boyfriend once described it.
The room was fairly dimly lit, a few dim naked lightbulbs.
The red glow from the stove flickered, causing weird shadows.
There was about eight big muscular guys there. Two of them
black. Two white women. And our Mistress, and Master.
About a dozen witnessing this.
"There's the door." said Master. "Your choice."
I looked at Brandi. She licked her lips nervously, and
locked eyes with me. She was scared, nervous...excited.
Me too. She gave a little almost imperceptible nod.
"Strip." said Master.
Again our eyes locked. Brandy's eyes averted, stared
at the floor. She had a subdued, resigned, almost docile
look. Earlier she'd stood proudly, head held high, now her
head was bowed. Truly submissive. She stepped out of
her heels. Barefoot in hose on the cold cement floor.
Then she reached up under her red dress and peeled off her
pantyhose. Her tiny bare feet now rested flat on the
chilly floor.
I undid my white blouse. Let it fall to the floor.
Now I stood there in my black bra and denim skirt.
Undid the skirt, and let it fall. Stepped out of it.
I reached down and pulled off my boots. I had to bend
over to get the leverage, they were tight boots. I could
feel all the eyes in the room on us, burning bright like
fire despite the cold.
Now we were both barefoot on the cold floor.
I in my black bra and panties, she in her red dress.
She fumbled with the zipper in back. I helped her.
She shrugged it over her head. She held it in her hands,
not wanting to drop it on the floor. After a moment, she
walked to a nearby table tentatively, to see if Master was
going to say otherwise. She placed it on the table
and walked back. She walked like a sexy cat.
Down to our underwear now. Two petite, pretty
women...a brunette in black bra and panties. a redhead
in red bra and panties. Shoes and hose and other
garments on the floor pooled close around us like an atoll in a
cement sea. Hungry stares drank us in. Circling sharks.
I started to undo my bra, when Mistress said, "Wait."
She went to the table..rummaged...came up with two ball gags.
She handed one to me. One to Brandi. "Put it on her."
she said to me. I walked up to Brandi. Her green eyes flashed
at me, then she closed her eyes and opened her mouth.
I slid the ball in. Walked behind her, fastened the strap.
Mistress nodded to her. I let my hands fall to
my sides, and allowed her to do the same to me.
I expected things to start happening heavily then,
but they didn't. Master said, "Serve drinks and snacks!"
Everyone stood in little clumps. Brandy and I would
walk to them, and mutely with a nod of our head, ask
what they'd then go fetch it
from the table. Then we'd carry around plates of various
snacks...chicken wings....eggrolls...and the like.
People talked among themselves, appraised us cooly.
Sometimes a hand would rub over us....along a bare belly
or leg or back...or squeeze a nipple through the bra...or
cup our panties.
A boombox started playing music. Sometimes they'd
set down the empty bottles or glasses or drop napkins and
paper plates on the floor. We'd have to bend over the pick
them up, take them to the garbage can. Whenever I
bent over, I could feel eyes examining me.
After about a half hour, they formed up in a rough
circle around us again.
The boombox started playing dance music.
Mistress looked at us. "Well, dance!"
For a couple of songs, Brandi and I danced the
way two girls would dance together at a nightclub.
But we were barefoot in bra and panties! I kept balanced
on the balls of my toes.
"Now, strip dance..." said Mistress. I took this
to mean she wanted us to dance like girls in a strip club.
I'd had some experience with this..amateur night...but
Brandi had not. She was blushing crimson now. A
delighful flush over her. Already glowing in the
flickering stove light. She danced awkwardly, I
was a lot better. Soon we were both naked.
The song ended. People returned to their conversations.
Some came up and opened examined us up close, now that we
were completely bare. I was shaven, Brandi was sporting
trimmed proof she was a true redhead. She had bigger, larger
breasts then me. But my small ones were getting their share
of squeezes and prods. My nipples stood out like pencil erasers.
Hers were half dollar size. My butt kept getting pinched,
and I saw Brandi start violently when she got goosed from
behind. Periodically our eyes would meet. Expressive
behind the gag, I got the simultaneous impression she was
excited, embarassed, a little scared..and wondering if she
was in over her head. But seemingly resigned to her fate.
I was a little more confident. A little. I trusted Mistress.
And Master. But there were so many strangers! Brandi and I
found ourselves moving towards the stove. In part for the warmth,
in part I think an instinctive reaction to move closer to the fire
when surrounded by predators in the forest. The flickering
red glow played off our naked bodies.
"Arms behind you. Parade rest. Stand up straight" ordered Mistress.
Our wrists were gently moved...and handcuffed.
We were...urged...down...until we were sitting Indian style.
My bare ass and legs now on the cold cement floor. Elastic
straps around knees and thighs to hold us so. We were
tilted onto our backs. A pillow was thoughtfully put behind
our heads due to the hard concrete. But now my whole bare back
rested on the cold floor. Brrr! I stared up at the shadowy
Mistress examined me and Master examined Brandy.
Discovered we were both quite damp in our cunnies.
A length of rubber tube was produced. I felt a hand
applying some lubricant to my anus. I'm not really
into anything anal, but kept silent, I knew trying to voice
my protest through the gag would only come out sounding
foolish grunts...and would probably cause hilarity.
The tube was slid into me..and Brandi (I heard her
grunt). We were connected by this length of rubber
tubing, invading us behind.
Mistress then produced two identical small dildos.
Moving my legs slightly, she slid one into me. This time
I heard me grunt. The process was repeated with Brandi.
We were tilted upright again, and slid back to back.
We were made to grip each other's hands. An elastic cord
was tightened around the wrist cuffs.
Another elastic cord went under our armpits,
above our breasts. Another below our breasts. One
more at about belly button level. All cinched tight.
Nipple clamps were attached. None of these---
the tubing, the small dildo, the clamps..were particularly
invading or painful. I think it was more symbolic, a
reminder from Mistress that our bodies were hers to
So there we were...two petite, pretty women...sitting
Indian style...wrists bound behind us, hands entwined. I could feel
Brandi's tight grip, her sharp nails. Tight Cords pulled us
back to back. A rubber tube invaded our asses. Twin dildos in
our pussies. Tiny nipple clamps tweaked already
hard nipples. Surrounded by a forest of legs.
The ball gags were removed. A glass of wine
was brought, tipped to my lips. I sipped greedily
to sooth my dry mouth. Brandi did the same.
"Comfy?" said Mistress.
"Yes, Mistress." we answered, more or less in
unison. Brandi perhaps with more of a quaver to her
"Our beautiful hostesses have had nothing to
eat or drink this evening. We must remedy that!"
said Mistress.
A pillow was placed behind our heads. Now I could
lean back into its softness without knocking Brandi's
There was a sound of zippers. And then a lot
of exposed cocks.
"Bon appetit!" said Mistress.
One man approached me, and unceremoniously
presented his cock to my lips. I took it in.
I couldn't see behind me, but from the sucking,
slurping sounds, Brandi was obviously being
force fed as well.
You've heard of a couple in coitus described
as the Beast with two backs? We were the Beauty
with two fronts. Or some Janus mythology variant---
a two headed goddess of pleasure.
The large cock filled my mouth. His hands
played in my hair. He rocked my face...not too
hard...but not too gentle either. I was glad
for the pillow, else our heads would
be knocking together. As it was, we were both
pushed hard against each other by the face fucking.
Pinned. Angelic faces, but our mouths stretched lewdly
by our phallic meals. Cheeks alternately bulging
or hollowed as we sucked.
Occasionally, someone from the side would reach
down, squeeze a breast, tweak a nipple clamp.
Other hands reached lower, gave the dildo a
few energetic tugs in and out.
From the grunt behind me, someone had just
come in Brandi's mouth. I could hear her gurgle
and swallow. She gasped as it popped out.
"You may want to breath through your nose, dear."
said Mistress.
Mine followed suit and I felt the warm gush
of salty cum in my mouth. I swallowed rapidly and
kept sucking. He pulled out with a pop, and a sticky rope
of semen streched out from my lips before breaking. Another
cock took his place.
Brandi had wanted A Night to Remember. Like
that title of the book about the Titanic, I thought
wryly. Well, looks like we were both going to get one.
And, like the Titanic, we were certainly going down.
Mistress came over and leaned close, kissed us
on the tops of our heads. "You two are doing great. I'm going
to step out for a bit. It's about midnight. Master
will be here to make sure things dont get out of hand.
At 4am I'll come back, take you home. A warm bath, a massage,
then it'll be off to bed for you two little workhorses.
But for now...enjoy!"
From the sounds behind me, I could tell Brandi's current
assignment was a woman. Mine was a black cock.
We went through the all ten. Five each.
Four men and a woman for each of us.
The men seemed to like me to make eye contact
during their blowjob.
The woman, a older blonde, just looked at me
with an evil smirk before grinding my face into her cunny.
At one point, Brandi came. In part due to the
dildo that someone was manipulating. But she later told
me, as much because she was getting very turned on by
this whole suck slave bit.
Halftime. We were given another glass of wine
to wash down our efforts.
By then, everybody was ready for more. Brandi
got the five I had done, and I hers. There was talk they
would vote who gave the best, me or her.
Master studied the whole thing from a distance.
The only difference for round 2 was..he produced blindfolds.
Now we were in darkness, my world consisting of what was
being offered to my mouth, the music from the boombox
(and whoever had made the tape had a sense of humor,
the song lyrics were all highly suggestive of what was
happening), and the sounds of Brandi working them over.
I imagined her also blindfolded...and somehow the knowledge that
she was going through the same thing made it that
more wild. Sweet, innocent Brandi. It took a lot longer to get people
off the second time around. Brandi came again, and this time
I did also.
Ray Bradbury once called 4am Long Past Midnight.
It took a long time coming...

The End


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