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sw5 chinesefortunenookie


Saucy Wench #5: chinese Fortune Nookie (F/F, Asian, shave)[1/1]

Chinese Fortune Nookie (A Saucy Wench Adventure, #5)
(c) 1998, by

I was dining in a chinese restaurant with a male companion. An
acquaintance who had pestered me to go to dinner with him so many
times that I finally relented. He was an interesting enough
conversationalist, and the food was good, so I was glad I accepted.
But he was flirting enough that I knew he was going to make a pass.
Which I would try to sidestep gracefully; no interest here.
I'm about 5 foot 5, 110 pounds, late 20's. Mid-length brown hair and
brown eyes. Slim, but a good figure. Perky. Cute. That's how I'm
usually described.
I was chasing my last few shrimp down with my chopsticks,
and playing with the rice while I continued to use up the
pot of hot tea, adding enough sugar packets to cause comment
from my date. And there was still a potsticker left! I wolfed
it down. Did I mention I love chinese food? Meanwhile, he continued
to make small talk.
I found my gaze drawn to our waitress. She was a short haired
Chinese girl, petite and pretty with an elven face. Dressed in
typical conservative fashion for a waitress at a chinese restaurant, her
figure was slim but there was something very sexy about her. She
smiled, and when she spoke she was friendly and bashfully shy at the
same time. She spoke English well though, so it didn't seem to be
awkwardness with the language. Just a reservedness, that still
didn't hide a good-natured aura that she broadcast. Cute.
We got our fortune cookies. His read, YOU HAVE GREAT
We played the Fortune Cookie game.
You know the Fortune Cookie game, don't you? You simply add
the phrase "in bed" to the end of any Fortune Cookie.
Instant double entendre! Usually to hilarious results.
Highly recommended, especially if you're ever dining out
with about six people at a chinese restaurant, everyone
reads their fortune aloud and adds that phrase.
Of course, my dinner companion used that as a lead-in
for more flirting. I tried to remain non-committal.
He excused himself to go to the bathroom.
Our waitress came by the table to take away some plates,
and asked if I wanted anything for dessert.
I smiled wickedly. "No, I couldn't eat anything else.
Well, almost anything." I looked at her directly in the eyes
and smiled. She looked at me puzzledly, also smiling.
I couldn't tell whether she just didn't understand what I meant,
or if she was wondering if I was flirting with her.
She smiled uncertainly, then reached across to get some
more dishes.
"What do you think of my fortune?" I asked.
She looked down. "Now is the time to try something new."
She glanced quizzically in the direction of the bathrooms.
I shook my head. "No, I don't think that's what it meant."
There was a pause. What the heck, I thought.
"But I do so like eating" I said.
This time I locked eyes with her, and licked my lips.
Her eyes widened, and she looked a little flustered.
My companion returned, and she hurried away.
She brought the check a few minutes later, and
my date got his credit card out. She continued to keep
herself busy at nearby tables, wiping them off, straightening
napkins, but I could feel her gaze on me periodically. I
made sure he gave her a more than generous tip.
* * *
A few weeks later I was pushing a shopping cart through
a supermarket. As usual, I'd gotten the one with a bad wheel.
"Now is the time to try something new." said a soft voice behind
me. I turned around, and it was her. She was dressed in
tennis shoes, jeans, and a plain white T-shirt. She looked
very fresh and vibrant.
I gestured to the plastic wrapped eggrolls in my basket
from the Deli. "Here I am, with a hankering to eat some
Chinese again..."
She giggled, and again, I wasn't sure whether she got the
innuendo, or was just politely responding the way you do when
someone says something that seems to be meant humorously.
Her name was Susan (I admit, I expected something more exotic
and Chinese). We chatted a bit. There was something about
her that really turned me on. She was 22. I'd thought she
was maybe 19.
After awhile, since we did both have carts
full of groceries, there was that awkward pause when we both
knew it was time to move on but not sure how to gracefully
part ways. I mentioned that I was going to work out later
this afternoon at my fitness club. She expressed an interest,
and I asked if she wanted to join me as my guest. No, she
couldn't today, she said, she had to work. But there was
something about the way she said it that seemed wistful. I wrote
down my phone number on a slip of paper. "Well, give me a call if you
want a workout some evening." Again her dark eyes widened, and she
looked away, but quickly glanced back with a look that seemed
inquiring; I sensed an interest. And I think she knew I was flirting
with her.
* * *
Three or four days later I got home from work, and the
phone rang. It was Susan. She wanted to go to the fitness
center with me. We arranged to meet there.
She was waiting in the parking lot when I got there.
Sweatpants, T-shirt, and tennis shoes. We did a few
different exercise machines, and ran a treadmill. Worked up
a good sweat. After about 45 minutes, I got some towels.
"Let's hit the showers." She looked at me appraisingly.
A few minutes later, in the locker room, she shyly peeled
off her clothes. I followed suit. I unabashedly examined
her naked body. Trim, a little boyish, but very pretty.
She had small breasts like mine, and was a couple of inches
shorter than I was. She looked very innocent..and very sexy.
On an otherwise pale body, she had a beautiful thatch of pubic hair,
as jet black as that on her head. She was hairier down there
than I would have imagined. I myself was recently shaved
(not by myself!). She was looking me up and down too as we
stepped into the showers and soaped up. But she was trying to
do it out of the corner of her eye. I didn't hide, as the warm
water hit me, I stretched luxuriously, arms above my head, up on my
tiptoes, arched my back, raised my chin and with eyes closed offered
myself to the cascade of water. As I soaped up, I made a show of
washing my breasts, between my legs, and I bent over a couple of
times to soap up my legs and feet, pointing my ass at her one
time, another time facing towards her, my small breasts hanging
down, rivulets of water dripping off them and my hair.
Afterwards, I took her hand and led her to the sauna.
We sat, towels wrapped around us, covering our breasts.
We were alone. I started kneading her shoulders, her neck,
running my fingers down her back, tracing her shoulderblades,
her backbone. She shivered, despite the sauna heat. I pushed the towel
down to get at the small of her back. We were both covered in a sheen
of fresh sweat. She closed her eyes, enjoying my massage. "I love
backrubs!" she cooed.
"Have you ever been with a woman before?" I said.
She looked shyly downward. "Not..not with a Caucasian."
"But you have ---?" She nodded.
Well, I wasn't corrupting the innocent then.
I reached around, ran my fingers over her breasts, in smaller
and smaller circles that ended up on her nipples, which I
squeezed gently. They were already hard.I snuggled up to her,
my towel falling, my pussy against her ass, my legs around
hers on the bench. I reached down from her breasts, ran
my fingers through her pubes, then started to toy with her
pussy and clit. She started sighing softly.
She turned and our mouths met, and her tongue darted
in and out. She slowly traced a line downward with her
tongue, down my chin, my neck, between my breasts, across
my smooth tummy, and when she got between my legs, she started
licking me down there. I stared down at her pretty face,
and continued to stroke her neck and back.
Suddenly we heard voices outside the sauna. We
straightened up, she snatched her tongue out of my snatch,
we grabbed our towels, and the door banged open. In walked
two women in their 40's, and not very attractive ones at that.
I felt all flushed, and when they looked at us, I wondered at
first if there was something about us that telegraphed what
we had been doing. But I finally decided no, we probably
just looked like any two disheveled sweaty girls in a sauna.
We exited a few minutes later. Instantly the moisture
on me turned cold and clammy. As we passed a toilet stall,
Susan pushed open the slightly ajar door and pulled me in,
closing it behind her. I looked around at our small space.
It looked reasonably clean; I don't ordinarily like to
cavort in a public bathroom. She put down the lid of the
toilet, and sat me down. She started frigging
my pussy, first two, then three fingers. She had small hands,
and slim wrists and arms. But what she did next surprised
me. She was opening me wider and wider, using her other hand
to hold my pussy lips open, while her fingers invaded me.
After a few minutes of this, she worked her entire hand into
my pussy. I felt opened wide and very filled. It was a
little painful, but it was also a unique sensation. As many
times as I'd been with women, none had ever done this before.
I looked down. It was very strange, her arm led right between
my legs, and her thin wrist disappeared into my pussy. It
looked really bizarre, like an amputee or something. But
I could tell her hand was there; she worked me from the inside.
My opening was stretched wide, it gaped lewdly. I bit my lip to keep
from crying out. After a few minutes I came so hard the
room swam for a minute, I felt lightheaded. I had my arms
around her, and I bit her shoulder gently to keep silent.
I slowly came back to my senses, her warm flesh pressed against
me. She pulled her hand out, with a audible noise. I felt
a void down there, like my sex was a living thing, left hungry
and gasping when its meal was withdrawn from it. Vocalizing
its loss, I made little mewling noises. My eyes slowly came
into focus. Susan was looking at me steadfastly. Her eyes
were bright with excitement and barely contained lust.
We cleaned up afterwards, took another shower,
and got dressed. Susan had worn her sweats to the gym, but in
her bag she had other clothes...a denim skirt, white button down
blouse, a plain white bra and pink panties. In the parking lot, we gave
each other a hug, which didn't look too suspicious, we could have just
been two good friends. "Follow me to my condo," I whispered,
"I'm going to shave that hairy pussy of yours smooth."
Her eyes widened with surprise in that delightful way she had.
"And I still haven't eaten chinese yet..."
We got back to my Town House. As soon as the door was
closed, we attacked each other with our mouths, I pressed her
up against the wall. Kissed her hard, and frenched this little
Chinese girl. My hands worked down the buttons of her blouse,
and then I began cupping a breast through her bra. We stumbled
into the living room. I kicked off my tennis shoes and jeans,
barking a shin on the coffee table. Soon she was down to the
pink panties. I was completely nude.
I led her upstairs to the bedroom, and pushed her back onto the
big waterbed. "Wait here." I said. I went to the bathroom,
got some warm water in a bucket, some shaving cream, a safety
razor, and some towels and washcloths.
I spread the towels under her legs, several layers, to cover
the bed. Told her to raise her ass. Got a big thick towel under
her. Each rearrangement made the waterbed slosh a little.
I put the bucket down carefully on the bed. Eyed it to see if
it was about to spill. It seemed stable.
I put a washcloth in the warm water, and then took it
out and massaged her cunt with it. After several times, she
was washed and wet down there, and her pubic hair was in damp
piles, no longer a curly, springy bush but a wet mass. I used
the rough texture of the washcloth to give a little wet friction
between her pussy lips, and on her clit. She sighed softly, eyes
closed. I foamed a little shaving cream into my hand, then
spread it over her pussy hair. Her eyes opened at the sudden
cool sensation. "Hold still." I said. I began scraping away
at her pubic hair, carefully. After every few swipes, I'd slosh
the razor around in a bucket, and wipe her with the washcloth,
then add more shaving cream as necessary. Susan spread her
legs wider and wider as I did this, possibly a subconscious
invitation, offering her sex exposed as much as she could.
Soon she was hairless down there. After the final wipe with
the washcloth, I wetted a fresh washcloth and again started
the wet friction on her now smooth pussy. This time I increased
the tempo unrelentingly, my fingers working the washcloth
hard among her folds. Her eyes were open but dilated; she
was staring up at the ceiling but not seeing anything. She
gasped, moaned, her breathing ragged. She was mumbling some
little words here and there, some English, some Chinese.
I started alternating the speed of my washcloth strokes, three
fast, then one slow. I did it like clockwork, very mechanical.
Working her pussy like I was a Morse Code operator.
Dit dit dit...dash! Dit dit dit...dash! She found the pattern
and began bucking her hips in response. She cried out, and
rhythmically came for a few minutes. Her body spasmed, and her
legs thrashed a bit. I grabbed the bucket to make sure it
wouldn't go over. She settled down and I got off the bed,
removing the buckets and the towels, using the last towel to
dry all around her cunt, wet with the water and with her own
I climbed onto the bed, and kissed her forehead. She smiled.
I moved downwards, to her breasts, and took each in turn in
my mouth. Her body had a delightful, unique scent. And taste.
I slid further down, my hands each grasped an inner thigh,
and I spread her wide again. My tongue slid across
the area I had shaved, and then my lips started making love
to her lower lips. My tongue started the same rhythm as the
washcloth before, three quick strokes, and then a long, loving
lick. My hands continued to push her legs apart, spread to
a point that had to be almost painful. But she seemed to be
spreading them herself as wide as she could. I quickly had
her moaning incoherently again, spasming with multiple orgasms.
I was wet and frigging myself with one hand. I eventually came
too. We spent a few minutes drowsing in that postcoital
bliss, a warm glow of spent sexual heat enveloping us. We
lay side by side, her breasts pressing against mine. She
played with my nipples leisurely, and I had one finger that
was toying around her clit and smooth pussy.
I had a toy someone had given me that I hadn't used.
I went and fetched it from the closet. It was simply a long
flexible double-ended dildo, a pseudo-flesh color (although
not anyone's flesh color I had ever met). Susan still
was in a post-orgasmic stupor, eyes slightly open, but
unseeing. I playfully trailed the dildo across her tummy,
between her breasts, slid it between them like someone
would titty fuck her, and when she opened her eyes to see
what it was, she found this long dildo nestled between her
breasts, one knobbed business end pointing at her face,
a few inches from her mouth. She looked a little apprehensive.
I slide back on the bed, on my knees, my head and torso bent
backwards to position my pussy forward. Without too much
ceremony I slid it into my cunt. It wasn't too thick, but
it certainly made its presence known.
I sort of straddle-walked up the bed until the other
end of the dildo was sliding towards her. She cautiously
assumed my position...On her knees, leaning backwards. She
inserted the dildo. Even with it in both of us, there was
still a good 18 inches of it exposed between. It was about
two and a half feet long.
We began a strange waltz there on the bed, sort of a duel,
thrusting towards each other, the other thrusting back. I leaned
forward at one point and tweaked each of her hard nipples, and
then I had to fall back, it was too strenuous trying to maintain
that position. Muscles in my legs were getting a workout they
never did in the gym, no matter what exercise equipment I used.
It was like we were doing some strange sexual version of the Limbo,
bent backwards to pass under an invisible bar.
We each grunted and moaned a bit on the alternating thrusts.
Each reaction had an equal and opposite reaction. Here we were
two nude, sexy, petite women, Caucasian and Oriental, joined by this
lewd sextoy, invading each other. After a few minutes, trying to
keep on my haunches was too exhausting and painful, so I leaned
further back, and straightened out my legs, flat on the bed
pointing to either side of her. She continued to kneel between
my legs, bent backwards, rocking me and her in a sexy rhythm.
After a few minutes we both came. She made the most delightful
little noises in the midst of her orgasm.
Almost immediately I got the worst charly horse I've ever
had in my life; the muscles on one leg seized up hard and painfully.
I cried out, and grabbed my leg. Susan quickly saw my distress, and
she instinctively scurried towards me. Of course, we were still
joined by the implement, so that caused an even deeper penetration. I
gasped. She slid backwards and awkwardly pulled the dildo out, first
out of me, then out of herself, each with a wet pop. She tossed it
aside, wet from both our pussies. She rubbed my spasming leg muscles
and I gritted my teeth and straightened my leg and waited for it to
We lay there, exhausted and sweaty. "Obviously I need
to do this more often, get those muscles in shape." I gasped.
Eventually, I recovered enough to move. I went to the kitchen,
got some wine. And some fortune cookies I had from takeout awhile back.
"You know the Fortune Cookie game?" I asked.
"You mean the '--- in bed' one?"
She looked at me like I was a dim bulb. "You think I could
work in a chinese restaurant and not know the Fortune Cookie game?"
She was starting to lose that shy bashful reservedness!
We cracked our Fortune Cookies, and lay there in bed, reading
Hers read, "Simplicity and clarity should be your theme in dress."
Mine was "You display the wonderful traits of charm and courtesy."
We read both of them aloud, and then added, "in bed!" after them,
and burst out laughing.
"Wait a second, yours had a second fortune." I peeled the other
slip of paper out of the crumbles. "A wise man knows everything.
A shrewd one, everybody." "in bed!" we both chimed. And giggled.
"Well, sometimes it works better than others."
"What are you doing tonight?" I said.
"I'm free...I don't have to work until 2pm Sunday afternoon."
"Well, we have a Saturday night ahead of us then. How'd you
like to go dancing?"
She dressed in that denim skirt and white blouse. I had some
soft boots that fit her. A trim little package.
I dressed up in a black leather skirt and a red silk blouse.
I decided to wear heels. I actually looked pretty slutty, which
is unusual for me, usually I have an innocent nice girl facade.
We stood in the bathroom mirror, looking at our makeup.
We looked pretty damn good, if I do say so myself.
We got to the door. "Oh, there is one thing." I said.
I reached up under her denim skirt, and peeled down those pink
panties. I sank to my knees and guided them off over her boots,
making her step out of each leg.
"Now you do the same to me." I said to her. Susan looked at
me appraisingly, sank down and reached up under my skirt. She
groped around a minute, encountering only my smooth pussy. "Oh,
I forgot, I'm already not wearing panties." I said. She laughed.
I took her panties and threw them across the room, where they landed on
the sofa. "Let's go!" We headed out the door into the night.

The End


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