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sw8 virtualreality


Saucy Wench #8: Virtual Reality (MM/f, Fantasy/SciFi)[1/1]

Virtual Reality (A Saucy Wench Adventure, #8) (c) 2001, by

It was called a Team-Building Exercise. Everyone on the project, from
management to the tech weenies, were going out for dinner and drinks, and
then we were going to play this latest Virtual Reality game. It was at one
of these places that looks like a casino inside, video games as far as the
eye can see. Racing games all networked together, lights flashing and
sounds of explosions and gunfire and engines revving. Yawn. And all the
guys from my company running around like it was Christmas morning, little
boys with their toys. Oh well, who was I to say no to a free meal and
drinks. And two other girls from the office would be there. I thought we
might get to chat, but realized as soon as we got seated for dinner that
the sound level prohibited conversation.

But a couple of glasses of wine and I was having a good time. And I was
even enjoying flirting a bit. A few of the geeks were actually kind of
cute. All of them were trying to make conversation above the roar of the
games behind us. Most of them were mentally undressing me with their eyes.
Of the three women present, it might be immodest to say, but I was the
best-looking one there. Well, actually, Julie might have been competition,
but she was married. Andrea is sweet but a little overweight. It was
Casual Friday, and I'd worn jeans and a t-shirt. The guys were all staring
at my chest, which was odd, since I don't have big tits. Good thing I'd
worn a bra; I'd debated about it that morning. I didn't mind the stares,
but my manager's boss was laying it on thick, putting his hand on my
shoulder several times during the evening, his thigh brushing against mine
at the table. He'd flirted with me in the break room several times, and
once on a business trip to San Francisco I'd ended up alone in the hotel
bar with him one evening with him plying me with drinks. He didn't come on
overtly, but I knew he was wanting to find a way into my pants. older guy
with gray hair, handsome enough, but married with three kids, no thank you.
As for the tech geeks, well, let's face it, most of them don't date a lot.
I knew one of them had a big crush on me, and Andrea had told me some of
the things she'd overheard the other guys talking about in a conference
room. Basically in a "who would you fuck in our company" discussion, I was
the office sweetheart. Nicely, Mike, the one with the crush on me, had
defended my honor somewhat, when one of the other guys had gotten a little
graphic in what he wanted to do to me (basically it involved him knowing me
in all three orifices). I don't have sex with people from the office
though (well, with rare exceptions, Julie being one...but that was another
business trip), so the guys had no idea that beneath my innocent exterior I
was probably every bit as wild as their fantasies. Actually, if they could
have seen what Julie and I did in the hotel room that one night, they
probably would have creamed their pants then and there.

At first, predictably and boring, everyone talked shop. Would we meet
the deadlines, would this work out, would that work out, would the server
come in on time, would the network handle the load. But then they started
talking about the Virtual Reality game we'd be playing after dinner. It
was apparently the new State of the Art thing, much better than earlier
efforts. I had tried one a few years ago with the helmet and all, and
found it mildly interesting, even if I couldn't shoot the broad side of the
barn. This was supposedly much better. As I understood it, we'd all go
into these separate little booths, where we'd strap in to the thing. Then
in the Virtual Reality world, we'd all be lumbering around in gigantic
robots, blowing each other up. Well, OK. I'll try anything once. I'm not
very good at these kind of games, but it should be an interesting

It was very popular, there was a two hour wait; we'd put in the name of
our group before sitting down for dinner. After dinner, it still wasn't
our turn, so we wandered around the arcade. The guys all played racing
games and shoot-em-ups. I joined in on one racing game, at their repeated
urging, after I acted reluctant long enough for someone else to plug the
little credit card-like thing into the slot for me (Hey, I'm not going to
put down my own money for this stuff!). And I ended up coming in 2nd
place. Take that! The rest of the time, I just wandered around, watching
other people play. And having married Guy sidle up to me some more.
Hmmmmph. Don't these places still have an old copy of CENTIPEDE around

And then, it was our turn in the VR game. This guy with a ponytail
seemed to be our Host. He was not only undressing me with his eyes, he was
bending me over a chair and doing me doggy-style with his eyes.

Then, I swear, he led us into a little tiny theater where we all sat
down and watched a little 5 minute TRAINING FILM on how to play the game.
It didn't seem too complicated. We'd put on this suit, and then each go
into our little pod, which actually looked like the teleport booth in THE
FLY. Maybe this was all a trick, and they were going to experiment on us
as teleport subjects. I'd try to get the bug-free chamber.

I confess, I wasn't paying that close attention to the video. I got the
basics. Squeeze left hand to trigger missiles. Squeeze right hand to
shoot machine-guns. Turn your head to turn your virtual head. Move your
feet to clomp around in the virtual world. There was a lot of other stuff,
about jets and jumping and teleporting and whatnot, but I forgot it as soon
as I heard it. Run around and shoot each other. Like Virtual Paintball.
It looked like it would be fun, especially with the company paying for it.
And it was fairly expensive.

Then he led us off to the booths, like astronauts. "Houston, we've got
a problem." I quipped. married Guy laughed like it was the funniest thing
he'd ever heard. I think if he could have arranged it, he would have liked
to be sharing the Virtual Reality booth with me, and guide me in the use of
his missile launcher. Meanwhile, Mike, the nerd with a crush, looked at me
with those puppy dog eyes. It's nice to have a fan. And he was kind of
cute. I just didn't want to be the one to take his virginity.

We all climbed into our little booths. I pulled on the plastic suit,
which was covered with sensors. It made me look like the Pink Power
Ranger. Well, except it was silver. Then ponytail guy leaned in, and
pulled several straps tight. His hands ran over me while he did it.
Creep, copping a feel. He wasn't terrible looking, but the way he looked
at me was somehow less wholesome than the leers of the company guys. He
made me feel soiled. And that takes some doing. Once I was all strapped
in, he lowered the helmet over my eyes. Things went dark. I was
completely blindfolded. "Comfy?" he said, in a voice that reeked of the
fact that he had a hard-on for me that he'd like me to get to know on a
first-name basis. He adjusted me, and connected several cables to my suit.
I had a feeling this guy was a bondage enthusiast, and got off on strapping
women into these things. I wasn't sure I'd be able to get out of it
without assistance.

Then he shut the door, and even the ambient light that leaked through
the sides of the helmet vanished. Pitch dark. I guess this wouldn't be
entertainment for a claustrophobic. There was a hum in the walls, but most
of the sound of the arcade outside was shut out. This was like one of
those sensory deprivation chambers.

This was supposed to last 50 minutes. I was still in the dark. What if
my pod wasn't working? I wasn't sure I could untangle myself from the suit
and the helmet and the cables. I was trussed up here like someone's kinky
fantasy. And I had a feeling whose fantasy that was, the guy with the
ponytail who ran this thing. It wasn't terribly uncomfortable, but it
would be very boring to sit here in the dark for 50 minutes. But I didn't
want to shout or scream and cause a scene. I had a vision that Ponytail
Guy was sitting in a room with a dozen cameras that showed the interiors of
all our pods. Maybe some kind of light amplification. Was he getting off
on seeing my bound figure in this getup?

I shook around in the suit, and could feel the attached cables swaying.
I decided if I really had to, I could rip this thing off...although I think
the guy had strapped me in a little tighter than normal. First I'd get my
arms free, and the rest should be easy.

Just at that time, the display in my helmet lighted up, and I decided my
fears were groundless. I found myself in a large room with
metallic-looking walls. The effect was amazing. Ok, it didn't look REAL,
it looked computer-generated. But it was still amazingly textured. I
walked a few steps. The scale didn't look like I was in a giant robot
suit. This was weird, nothing about this had been in the briefing. Maybe I
was supposed to go through that door and then there'd be a giant robot suit
I'd climb into? I looked down at myself. To my surprise, I saw a female
body. Completely nude. Not my own. I'm pretty petite and slim, a good
figure, but I don't have a comic book hourglass figure. This made me look
like Lara Croft. Big tits. Perfect body. But a bit stylized. No pubic

I opened the door, revealing a corridor. At the end, it opened out into
another room. I walked along it, marveling at the effect. I had no idea
Virtual Reality had come this far along. This was like THE MATRIX or
something. Ok, not THAT real, but this was incredible.

Before me was a table. On the table was...there's no other way to
describe it. A large dildo. Fairly realistic cock shape. It had little
ridges and whatnot. I reached forward and picked it up, and almost dropped
it. It was WARM, and it also was slightly greasy with a lubricant. How
could this be, I could actually feel the sensations. We didn't have this
kind of technology. I set it down again, and rubbed my hands together. I
could feel the greasiness still on them.

A door at the far wall opened. There stood two big Conan the Barbarian
types. Tall, muscled. Strong-looking arms and legs. Again, I could tell
it wasn't real; it was computer animated. But very well done computer
animated, very detailed, right down to the expression of their eyes. Which
was a hungry look. Their mouths had wolfish grins. They could have been
twins, but the one on the right was black. And they were anatomically
correct; they were stark naked, and sporting two very rampant erections.
They had big cocks too. As thick and solid as the rest of them.

"If we catch you," said the one on the left.

"We fuck you." said the one on the right.

A spasm of fear went through me. This was crazy, this couldn't be
happening. But I turned and ran. I couldn't believe how real this was. I
could feel my bare feet slapping hard on the metal floor. I sprinted
through the room I'd started in, through another door. I hadn't seen it
earlier, because I hadn't been facing that way. Behind me I could hear
pounding footsteps. I risked a look, and sure enough, there they were,
coming on strong, like wolves on the hunt.

I sprinted through the door, and found myself... OUTSIDE. Under my
feet was grass that felt like Astroturf. I was in a very stylized world,
but it was large. Small hills and valleys, and bushes and trees. Again,
very detailed, very textured, but ultimately fake-looking. The sky was
blue, with clouds. But clouds that, taken altogether, looked artificial,
like the same pattern repeated over and over. There was a sun in the sky,
but it too was artificial, little more than a bright circle. It provided
no heat, and, I suspected, no real light, I thought everything in this
world was illuminated the same, although I didn't take the time to look for
my shadow.

For what seemed like an endless time, I ran through the trees and
bushes. I could hear the pursuit behind me, the pounding feet, catcalls and
wolf-like cries. What's worse, I was actually getting out of breath from
running. I slipped and stumbled on the fake grass, and then decided to try
to hide in a little valley. Almost instantly I realized my mistake, it was
a tiny box canyon, with no way out. The walls looked too steep to climb. I
looked behind me. White Conan was close behind, and I suspected Black
Conan wasn't far behind that. I tried to scale the wall anyway. It was
textured, but was curiously lacking in handholds. Slick to the touch.
Like it had never been intended that someone would try to climb it.

I slipped, and fell. Right into the waiting arms of White Conan. Quick
as a wink, he had an arm under my knees, and another around my shoulders.
He tossed me up and repositioned me, like I was feather weight. Which I
was, to someone this strong. I flailed and writhed and tried to slip from
his grasp, but it was pointless; it was like being gripped by an iron

His arm shifted, and the hand that had been supporting me under my knees
repositioned itself between my ass cheeks. His sure thumb found my pussy and begin exploring it, teasing along the outside, nudging towards my clit
like it was an on-off switch. I could feel his hard cock pressing into my
side. Then with one quick movement, his other hand grasped my long hair
(which was crazy; I didn't have long hair!) and tilted my head back. His
lips met mine, and I was so surprised, open-mouthed through all this, that
his tongue slid right in. His hand repositioned again to reach around my
back and grasp one breast. He squeezed hard and thumb and forefinger
pinched at the nipple. My nipples were hard, and I was amazed to find a
surge of sensation from down below; my pussy was getting wet by all this. I
was still breathing hard from the run, now I was gasping due to other

Unceremoniously, he tossed me up in the air, and Black Conan caught me.
His hands ran over my breasts and legs and arms and ass. And then he
flipped me, almost gently, until he had me in position on my hands and
knees on the fake grass. And then I felt two pairs of muscled arms on me.
Hands on my ass, Black Conan urged my knees wider apart with his feet, and
then unceremoniously mounted me, starting to fuck me doggy-style from
behind in my pussy. Meanwhile, White Conan took my face in his hands, and
slowly lowered my head towards his waiting cock. I bowed to the inevitable
and opened my mouth and his cock slid past my lips. I closed around his
cock and started sucking. I could only fit part of his cock in my mouth,
and fortunately he didn't make me deep throat him, but that big cock was an
insistent pressure, thrusting in and out of my mouth. Meanwhile the other
rhythmically slammed into me from behind, fucking my pussy. Periodically
one of their hands would be on my breasts, kneading and squeezing.

They didn't lack for ardor, but there was still something mechanical,
soul-less, in the way they slaked their lusts on my body. Would they
actually come, or would they just keep slamming into me forever like

And it's true, it wasn't like being fucked by flesh and blood men.
Their touch was like plastic, like mannequins. But it sure as hell beat a
dildo or a vibrator. And they kept going with a power that few real men can match.

I could feel the sensations revving my body up, I could feel that
ethereal lifting up like a drug high, and I knew I was close, and then I
was coming. Still they pounded on, for what seemed like an endless time,
and the orgasm went on and on. I could feel the blood roaring in my ears,
the waves of heat radiating from my pussy, and going through my entire
body. I cried out. And then, finally, they both came. Black Conan behind
me grunted and let out an inarticulate cry and he thrust even deeper.
White Conan gripped my hair and spurted into my mouth. It certainly tasted
like come, hot and salty, but pleasanter than most I've sampled. They were
slowing down, but still pumping me, their hands still roaming my body, but
at a reduced pace. My orgasm sailed on and on into oblivion. Everything
went black.

Light stabbed into my eyes, and I felt the helmet lifted off my head.
Ponytail guy was looking into my face, grinning lecherously. "Enjoy your
trip?" he said. I felt confused, disoriented. Sleepy. Disheveled.
Slowly he peeled the straps back from the suit and disconnected the cables.
I clambered out. I felt like I'd been rode hard and put up wet. I felt
like I'd had my brains fucked out, and I had the after-sex high to prove
it. And what's more, I could tell my panties were sopping wet. I just hope
they didn't stain through my jeans. My pussy was sore, my legs ached, my
nipples felt so sensitive that just the material of my bra was stimulating.
Self-conscious, I could certainly smell my sex, humid in this little pod. I
felt like it must be obvious that I had came. I wonder how loudly I had
cried out.

I stumbled out of the pod like a sleepwalker, brushing by the guy, still
confused. Others from my group were backslapping each other, bragging
about their kills, already reminiscing like soldiers about these incidents
that had happened only in the depths of a row of memory chips. They looked
at their stats, and crowed about who won and who lost. There was a little
good-natured ribbing that I was in last place, but I don't think anyone
thought about the fact that not only did I not have any kills, I didn't
have any deaths. I bristled a little bit at the assumption everyone had
that it wasn't surprising I was ranked last. This was a game for the
hunter-gatherers of the tribe, they thought.

I must have fallen asleep in the pod and just never have been activated
into the game. The technology I experienced just doesn't exist. It was
all a dream. An amazingly erotic dream, no doubt, I actually came. But
still just a dream. Right?

The End


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