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the Lottery Part 30


This is a copyrighted work and the intellectual
property of the author. Any reposting or reproduction
is strictly prohibited without the express written
permission of the author. 2001 By: Dark Vision.

The contents of this story are fictitious. Any
similarity to persons alive or dead is purely

This story contains descriptions of sex, including
sex between family members. It is intended for adults
only. If you are offended by material of this nature,
are under the legal age in your location to read this
material, or it is illegal for you to possess this
material, go no further.

The author may be contacted at Darkvision29@hotmail.com

"The Lottery" - Part 30 (mf, ff, oral, con, inc)
By: Dark Vision
The girls watched television for about two hours and
chatted about what they would do that afternoon.

"You know," Megan said. "I don't know if Paul and
Brad know how to dance. Maybe you guys could teach
them and me."

"You don't know how to dance?" Kim asked.

"No, not really. I have never had much of a chance
to learn." Megan stared at the floor as she told her

"Let's go out to the pool and we can start teaching
you now," Sally said, we still have a couple of hours."

The three girls scrambled off the couch and headed
for the pool. Kim went to the pool house, turned on
the stereo system and programmed several songs.

For the next hour, the three teens danced to the loud
music, Kim and Sally showing Megan how to do the
latest steps. They taught her the Hustle and were
going through the dance steps for the third time when
Marge and Anne walked out.

The two women got inline with the kids and started to
dance with them.

"You two know how to do the Hustle?" Sally said in a
surprised voice.

"Of course we do," her mom said, "Do you think we've
lived in a cave all these years! Your fathers know
how to dance too, in fact they are very good dancers."

The five of them danced to a couple more songs and
stopped to rest. They sat at a table and talked about
dancing and the type of music the two adults listened
to. Kim went to the cooler that Jack had placed in
the pool area and took out sodas for everyone. She
handed a can to each of the others and took her seat.
Glancing at the clock, she realized it was three-
thirty and Lisa and her brother's would soon be there.

"Where are Jack and Tom?" Kim said. "I hope they
aren't going to be late. Maybe I should call and be
sure they know what time it is."

Just as she stood up the go to the phone, her dad and
Uncle walked through the sliding doors into the pool

"Do you know where our brother's are?" Kim asked her

"The boys are right behind us, Tom and Jack have
almost all of the stuff put away in the darkroom."
Don walked towards his wife as he answered. He sat
down in what use to be Kim's chair and whispered into
Marge's ear. "Everything is set for tomorrow."

Marge nodded her acknowledgement and said, "We were
just dancing with the girls. It has been quite a
while since we've gone dancing."

"Your right," Don said, "We should go out to a club
some night and have some fun."

Marc pulled a chair over to the table and sat next to
his wife. Kim went and got another chair to replace
the one her dad had taken over and joined the group.

Moments later, Jack and Tom walked out to the group.
Tom carried his camera bag in one hand, his duffle bag
in the other. He was dressed in a pair of nice slacks
and a pullover golf shirt.

Jack, still dressed in jeans, said, "Hi, I'm going to
go change. I'll be right back."

He and Tom left and went up to his room. As he
undressed, Tom sat on the bed and waited.

"Jack, Sally and I did it last night. We went all
the way."

"No shit! Great isn't it."

"Yup, she was so hot. We screwed twice and she slept
with me all night. In the morning she came down to my
darkroom and we did it again. She bent over the
counter and I did her from behind."

"Wow, you two must have had a ball."

Jack took off his jeans and headed into the bathroom.
"I'll be out of here in a minute." He pulled the door
closed and jumped into the shower.

Tom sat quietly waiting for Jack to finish. His
thoughts went back to the photo session and the sex
that followed. As he remembered each detail, he felt
his penis begin the stiffed in his slacks. Quickly he
tried to think about something else, but to no avail.
He took out his camera and loaded it with a roll of
fresh color film. He pulled his 28 - 80mm lens and
attached it to the camera. He connected the flash
unit and carefully cleaned the lens.

Jack came out of the bathroom with a towel wrapped
around his waist, took a pair of boxers from his
drawer and pulled them on, under the towel. He went
into his closet and picked out a pair of gray dress
slacks and a black button down shirt.

"You know Tom, we had best be careful, we could get
into so much trouble if anyone finds out we had sex
with our sisters."

"Yeah, I know, but it is so hot. They have great
bodies and it is cool to be able to mess around with
them. Our parents have been doing it for years, and
it hasn't been a problem for them."

Jack buttoned his shirt and pulled his slacks up,
tucking the shirt into them. "All I'm saying is we
should be careful. Another thing is, I don't want to
mess up my relationship with Kim. No matter what, she
is still my little sister and I'm supposed to protect
her, not hurt her."

"Well, I for one am not going to worry about it too
much Jack, after all from what you told me it was
Kim's idea and it was definitely Sally that started it
last night. I think they wanted to do it too. It's
not like anyone forced them."

"I guess you're right Tom. I just think we should be
careful that we don't let it slip out." Jack began to
laugh. "You know, the only bad thing about having sex
with our sisters is you can't tell anyone."

Tom joined in the laughter and the two boys went down
to wait for their guests. They joined the rest of the
family and Megan at the pool, pulling chairs close to
the group.

As Jack moved his chair, Kim noticed Megan's eyes
following his every move. She glanced at her brother to see if he was aware of her friend's attention.
Satisfied that her brother was oblivious to Megan's
stares, she glanced at Sally.

Sally and Tom's eyes were locked, broad smiles on
their faces. She wondered what was going through
their minds as they shared a moment together, it
seemed like they were in a world of their own.

Kim and Megan jumped up when they heard the doorbell.
They ran to the front door and opened it to Lisa,
Paul, Brad, and to their surprise, their parents. Kim
greeted the family and Megan introduced them to Kim.

"Mr. And Mrs. Phillips, this is Kim. Kim, this is
Mr. and Mrs. Phillips, Lisa, Paul and Brad."

"I'm pleased to meet you," she said as she held out
her hand to Lisa's father. "Please come in and meet

The family followed Kim and Megan through the house
to the pool area and everyone was introduced. Kim
introduced Lisa's parents to her mom, dad, Aunt and
Uncle. Immediately, the adults exchanged first names,
and shook hands with each other. Don said, "Bob,
Diane, would you like a drink or some coffee?"

Bob answered for his wife and himself, "Coffee sounds
great Don."

The six adults made their way into the kitchen and
Marge invited them to sit down. Don took cups from
the cupboard and set one in front of each person.
Marge poured the coffee and started another pot.

"I hope you don't mind that we dropped in like this,"
Diane said, "It's just that Bob and I wanted to meet
you and make sure that what Lisa had told us was
really what was going on. You just can't be too
careful these days."

"I'm so glad you did," said Anne, "It's not often
that parents take interest in what their children do
or who they do it with."

"Why don't we go out to the family room," Don said,
"We will be much more comfortable there and we can
watch the kids."

The adults went into the large room and sat down.
Diane, Marge and Anne sat close as did the men. They
chatted and watched the teens out by the pool.

The eight teens divided into two groups, the boys in
one the girls in another. They talked about school
music and their hobbies.

Lisa said to Kim and Sally, "I'm so embarrassed that
my parents came, but they said we couldn't go unless
they met your parents."

"That's no problem," Sally said, "We don't mind, do
we Kim."

Kim shook her head no and asked, "Do you and your
brothers get along with your parents?"

"Yeah, they're great, even if they're a little too
protective," Lisa said.

Kim noticed that Megan was acting a little melancholy
as she listened to the rest of the girls talk about
their parents. She didn't join into the conversation
with her friends, she just sat quietly.

Kim changed the subject and asked if they wanted to
check out the music. The four girls went into the
pool house and sorted through the stack of CDs. They
selected several and Kim loaded them into the player,
and turned it on. The pool area filled with music and
the girls returned to their seats.

The four boys sat about twenty feet from the girls and got to know each other. Paul and Brad told Jack
and Tom that they played golf and liked to hunt. The
two younger boys said they shot bows and guns with
their dad and got to go hunting several times a year.

Jack told the two that he and Tom fished and about
his boat. He also mentioned that Tom was into

"No kidding," Brad said, "My sister is into taking
pictures too. She even brought her camera with her
today. She is always pointing that thing at
something, or somebody and snapping away."

Tom smiled and glanced at Lisa. "Maybe I will have
to talk to her about that, she can probably teach me

Jack laughed and said, "You need all the help you can
get Tom. Does anyone want to go swimming?"

"We would like to go swimming," Paul said, "But we
didn't bring our suits because it was so cold. We
didn't know the pool was indoors."

"No problem," Jack replied, "I have several suits and
they should fit you guys just fine. Let's go up to my
room and see what we can find."

The boys got up and headed for the sliding glass
doors to the family room. As they walked past the
girls, Kim asked where they were going.

"To find swimsuits for Brad and Paul," Tom said.
"We're going for a swim."

The boys went into the house and Kim said, "Didn't
they bring suits?"

"No," Lisa said, "They said it was too cold to go
swimming. Megan didn't tell me that the pool was
enclosed so I didn't bring one either. Maybe I could
borrow one from you."

"Sure you can Lisa," Kim said. "Do you want to go
swimming too?"

"That would be great," Lisa replied.

The four girls got up and went into the family room.

Marge said, "What are you guys up to?"

"Going swimming," Sally said, "We have to get a suit
for Lisa."

"Don't forget to shower," Anne said. "You guys know
the rules."

"We won't," Kim replied and the girls headed for the

"You have a beautiful home Marge, the pool is just
wonderful." Diane said.

"Thanks, would you like to see the rest of the
house?" Marge replied.

Marge stood up and invited Bob for the tour. He and
the rest of the group followed her through the first
floor and upstairs to the bedrooms. They went to the
master bedroom first. Bob and his wife looked around
the huge room, nodding their approval. When Marge
showed them the bathroom, with its sunken whirlpool
tub and the large shower Diane said, "This is too
much! I have never seen anything like this before."

They left the master bedroom and Marge took them to
the kid's and guest rooms. She knocked on Kim's door
and opened it when she heard Kim say, "Come in."

"Hi mom," Lisa said, looking at several swimsuits Kim
had taken out. "Isn't this nice? It's bigger than
our living room."

"Yes, it's very nice. You should see Mr. and Mrs.
Graham's bedroom, it is almost as big as our house."

The six adults continued their tour, finishing up in
the recreation room. They went back down stairs and
into the family room.

"Would anyone like more coffee?" Marge asked her

Bob said, "Sure, that would be great."

Marge went to get the coffee and the men sat back in
their seats.

Marc said, pointing at the logo on Bob's shirt, "Twin
Oaks Country Club, are you a member there?"

Bob chuckled and said, "No, I'm not a member. I'm
the golf pro for the club. I could never afford a
membership. I do get all of the privileges of a
member though and so does my family. Diane plays
tennis and the kids took their swimming lessons there."

"Marc and I applied there," Don said. "We were told
that because we didn't have a sponsor, we would have
to go onto the open membership waiting list. We
filled out the application, but have not heard from

Bob laughed and said to his wife, "They are on the
waiting list at the club honey."

When Diane joined in her husband's laughter, Don
asked, "What is so funny?"

"There is no waiting list at the club. That's how
they try to control the membership." Bob stopped
laughing and said, "I'm sorry, it's just that they
think the club is so special. It is a good country
club and they do have a lot to offer, but I think they
are a little too protective at times. If you folks
really want to join, I can help."

Marc said, "Don and I just took up golf and would
like to get some lessons and have a nice place to
play. We thought the rest of the family would enjoy
going too. If there is anything you can do, we would
appreciate it."

"May I use your phone?" Bob asked.

Don led him into the kitchen and showed him the
phone. Bob dialed a number, spoke to someone for a
moment and hung up.

Returning to the family room, Bob said, "It's all
set. Just stop by the club, pay your membership fees
and sign some papers."

Marc and Don thanked him for his help.

"I can't wait to start taking some lessons," Don
said, "I really need the help."

The three men talked about golf and the women about
the club.

In Kim's room, the four girls selected swimsuits.
Megan had the black and yellow two-piece she had worn
before, Sally selected her red one piece and Kim
pulled out a black and white striped bikini. Lisa
looked over the selection of suits that Kim had placed
on the bed. She held up one and then another trying
to make her selection.

Megan pulled Kim's Wild Weasel micro bikini from a
drawer and held it up.

"How about this one Lisa, you would look cute in it."

Lisa took the tiny suit from Megan and examined it.

"Can I try it on?" Lisa asked Kim.

"Sure, go ahead."

Lisa pulled her tank top off and removed her skirt.
She unfastened her white bra and put the leopard print
top on in its place. She removed her panties and
pulled the bottoms on, adjusting the thin strap that
ran between her firm butt cheeks. She stepped in
front of the full-length mirror and admired herself.

"Wow, this sure doesn't leave much to the
imagination. If I wore this, the boys would all have

The other three girls laughed at Lisa's quip. They
watched as she adjusted the top in an effort to cover
as much of her breasts as the small top would allow.
Giggling, Lisa removed the suit and picked up a green
two-piece that Kim had set out. She put the suit on
and checked the fit.

"I think I should wear this one, my mom might get mad
if I walked out in that other suit."

The rest of the girls giggled, stripped off their
clothes and put on their swimsuits. When Sally
realized she was the only one in a one-piece suit, she
quickly changed into the bikini she had also brought.

"Let's go down and shower," Kim said. "The boys should be done by now."

The four girls went downstairs and through the family room to the pool. As they walked past the adults,
Diane said to her daughter, "You look cute in that
suit Lisa."

"Thanks mom, you should have seen the one I was going
to wear, it was even cuter." The young girl replied
with a giggle.

"Which one was that Kim?" Marge asked.

"The leopard print one that we got up north"

Marge nodded and the girls went into the pool area.

Diane turned to Marge with an inquisitive look on her
face. "Am I missing something here?"

"When we were on vacation this summer, we bought
Wicked Weasel bikinis for the girls and ourselves."

"You did!" She heard Don say. "Why didn't we get to
see you girls in them?"

"You are a dirty old man Don. You shouldn't think
about our daughter like that."

Diane said, "Aren't men all the same! When we were
in Florida last winter it was all I could do to keep
Bob's eyes in his head."

Bob turned to his wife and said, "I seem to remember
that I wasn't the only one checking out the members of
the opposite sex."

Diane blushed and returned to her conversation with
Marge and Anne.

As the girls walked towards the pool house, they saw
the boys were already in the pool, swimming and diving
off the board.

The girls went into the pool house and headed towards
the shower room.

"Who's going first?" Lisa asked.

Megan grabbed her friend by the arm and pulled her
into the shower room along with Kim and Sally. Lisa
looked around the room and with a big smile, removed
her suit.

The girls, each under their own shower head,
proceeded to shampoo their hair and wash themselves.
Lisa, like the other girls, checked out the naked
bodies in the room. When she noticed that Megan had
shaved her pubic hair, Lisa moved closer to her.

"When did you do that?" she asked. "Last summer, at
the club, you were bushy."

"I did it the other day," Megan replied. "Kim helped
me. I couldn't keep my hair from showing around my

Lisa looked at Kim and Sally's trimmed mounds and
said, "I guess I am the only one here that doesn't
shave their pussy."

Sally said, "Well that can be fixed, if you want."

Lisa re-assessed the crotches of the three girls and
said, "What the hell, you have a razor in here?"

Kim left the shower room and returned with a razor
and a can of shaving gel. She handed it to Lisa and
said, "Here you go. Do you want help?"

"Sure," Lisa replied, "Can you make it look like

Sally took the razor from Lisa and said, "I will do
it for you Lisa. We don't have scissors so I can't
trim it short right now, but we can get rid of the
unwanted hair. Put some gel on and put your foot up
on the bench."

Lisa applied the gel to her crotch and rubbed it into
a foam. She put her left foot on the bench and spread
her legs. Sally knelt on the floor and began to
scrape the unwanted hair away. She used her
fingertips to pull Lisa's puffy lips aside so she
could shave them. Sally finished her task, leaving
Lisa with an inch wide strip of pubic hair above her

Sally handed Lisa the spray head and she rinsed the
remaining gel. She gazed down at her newly shaved
crotch and smiled.

"Now I'm one of the gang."

The girls all giggled and as they were putting their
suits back on, Kim said, "So Lisa, do you have a

"Not anymore," she said. "I was going out with a guy
for about six months, but we broke up."

"Sorry to hear that," Sally said. "What happened?"

"Oh, you don't have to be sorry. He turned out to be
a jerk. He wanted to get into my pants and I wouldn't
let him, so we broke up. I would let him feel me up,
but he always wanted more and he just wasn't the
one if you know what I mean."

Sally said, "I have never had a real boyfriend, but
I'm sure it will happen someday."

The girls all nodded and left for the pool. One by
one the girls dove from the board into the cool water.
They swam around and played a makeshift game of tag.
Tom swam over and splashed water at his sister,
starting a free-for-all, the boys against the girls.

Soon the splashing turned to dunking and the game got
heated up. Sally was trying to push Brad under water,
but the stronger boy just grabbed her and tossed her

"Let's play chicken, Jack said.

The teens paired up into teams. Jack and Megan, Tom
and Lisa, Brad and Sally and Paul and Kim. The girls climbed on the boys' shoulders and wrapped their legs
securely around them. In the shallow end of the pool,
the combatants pushed and pulled at one another in an
attempt to topple their foe. Paul and Kim were the
first to knock Sally off Brad's shoulders. Lisa and
Megan had a hold on one another, both girls finally
falling together, leaving Paul and Kim the victors of
the first round.

The girls started to remount their partners'
shoulders. Lisa said to Tom, "I am going to sit this
one out and take some pictures."

"That sounds like a good idea Lisa," Tom said. "I
will get my camera too."

Tom and Lisa climbed out of the water and picked up

"Where are you going?" Brad asked his sister.

"Tom and I are going to take some pictures, we will
be back in the game in a few minutes."

Lisa went to her bag and removed her camera, an older Nikon F3 HP. She attached her flash unit, headed to
the edge of the pool and began to snap pictures of the
rest of the group.

Tom walked up next to Lisa and also began to take a
few shots. The three girls, in the pool, climbed back
onto the shoulders of their partners and resumed the
game of chicken. The three teams moved around in the
water, attempting to get a hold of one their
opponents. Kim and Paul moved in behind Megan and
Jack and Kim grabbed Megan's shoulders, pulling her
backwards. Jack tried to twist around to save his
partner, but Kim had already dislodged her and she
fell backwards into the pool.

Both Lisa and Tom captured the sequence with their
cameras. Kim and Paul went after Sally and Brad,
grabbing at each other as the rest of the group
watched. Kim felt Sally grab her top and try to jerk
her off Paul's shoulders, but the top gave way leaving
her topless. She quickly covered her bare breasts with her arms and toppled into the pool.

"Give me that back!" Kim yelled at Sally.

"Come and get it," Sally replied, waving the top over
her head.

Kim remained hunched down in the water, only her head
exposed. Sally flipped the suit top to her and
turning her back to the group, she put it back on.
Once she was covered, Kim want over to Paul and
climbed back on his shoulders.

"No more grabbing clothes," Kim said.

The teens again began to push and pull at each other,
this time trying to avoid getting a hold of the
other's suit.

"I got that on film," Lisa said to Tom. "Did you?"

"I think so, I have a little trouble shooting action
shots, I always seem to be a little behind."

"It just takes practice, you have to burn a lot of
film in order to get good at it. You have to
anticipate what is going to happen next and be ready
for the shot." Lisa walked back to the table and set
her camera down.

"Are you done?" Tom asked her.

"For now, I want to get back into the pool. Are you
going to join me?"

Tom put his camera away and walked to the pool with
Lisa. He stooped down and she climbed onto his
shoulders. They joined in the game and were soon
pushing and pulling at Sally and Brad. Lisa knocked
Sally off the boy's shoulders and into the pool. As
she twisted and turned on Tom's shoulders, Lisa could
feel the back of his neck rub against her crotch. The
constant friction it created caused her to become
excited. She could feel her nipples harden and a
tingling in her vagina. Feeling a little
uncomfortable, Lisa allowed Kim to knock her into the
cool water.

One by one, the teens made their way out of the pool
and took seats. This time they all sat together as
opposed to the divided groups they had selected
earlier. Jack picked up the remote and turned on the
music, Kim served her guests sodas. The teens sat and
chatted among themselves, talking about the game in
the pool.

Sally stood up and asked, "Does anyone want to dance?"

Kim, Megan, and Lisa joined her, followed by Tom and
Jack. They started to dance to the loud music, moving
around the area that had been cleared earlier in the
day. About half way through the song, Kim and Sally
went over to Brad and Paul and asked them to dance.

The twin boys shook their heads no, but the girls grabbed their arms and tried to pull them from their

"We don't know how to dance," Brad said.

"Well get up and we will teach you," Sally replied.

Reluctantly, the two boys stood up and joined the
group. Kim and Sally showed them how to move their
feet and move with the music. Soon the twins were
dancing with their new friends and commenting on how
easy it was to dance.

After a couple more songs played, the music for the
Hustle started. The teens began to line up and move
through the steps of the dance. The twins tried to
copy the other's movements, but were having trouble
keeping up.

"Just watch me," Kim said to Paul. "Brad you watch

When the song ended, Kim asked Jack to start it over.
The twins were starting to get the hang of the steps
and soon were able to keep up with the others. While
the teens were dancing, their parents came out into
the pool area and joined them in the dance. The song
ended and everyone clapped.

"You boys did real well," Diane told her sons. "I
told you two that dancing wasn't that hard."

A slow song started as the large group chatted. The
adults quickly paired up and began to dance to the
music. Tom took Lisa's hand, wrapped his arm around
her waist and began to dance the way his sister had
taught him.

Jack asked Megan to dance and she reluctantly agreed.
He put his hand on her waist and held her other hand
out and away from their bodies, being careful not to
be too aggressive.

Kim asked Paul to dance. He protested that he didn't
know how, but would try. Together, they started to
sway to the music, Paul's feet planted firmly in one
place. Kim told him to move his feet, following her
for now. Soon the pair was moving around, Paul

Sally and Brad also joined in, and now everyone was
dancing to the song. When the music ended, it was
followed by another slow song. The entire group
continued to dance, the teens moving closer together
as they gained comfort with each other.

Megan and Jack were the first to come in contact with
one another. He could feel her soft stomach against
his and her small breasts in his chest. She put her
head on his shoulder and moved effortlessly in his
arms. Jack slowly rubbed her back as they danced,
gently pulling her closer to him.

Tom also pulled Lisa closer. He looked down at the
short girl and talked about photography as they
danced. She had both of her arms around his waist and
her chest pressed tightly to him.

The display didn't escape Kim or Sally. They watched
as their brother's danced with the girls. Kim pulled
Paul closer to her and felt his chest against her.
She rested her head against his chest and moved with
the boy.

Sally was also snuggled up close to Brad. As they
danced, she felt his penis move in his trunks and
press against her tummy. She made no effort to move
away and held him a bit tighter.

The song finally ended and the couples separated.
They all took seats around the table and picked up
their drinks. The teen's parents noticed that the
boys were shifting around and the girls all looked a
little flushed.

Marge, fighting the urge to giggle, said, "Is anyone

The teens all indicated they were ready to eat.
Marge told them to sit still and she would get the
food. Anne and Diane followed her into the kitchen.
Away from the group, the women broke into laughter.

"Those two boys of mine are about ready to explode,"
Diane said. "I just hope they can wait until they get
home to take care of themselves."

The three women laughed at Diane's remark. They put
food on the trays, carried them out to the pool area
and set them on the long table. The teens jumped up,
boys first, and started to load their plates. Once
they were done, the girls went to the food table and
fixed themselves a plate.

Marge asked, "Kim, do you guys mind if we join you?
We haven't eaten and there is plenty of food."

"Not at all mom, glad to have you."

The adults fixed plates and sat a table away from the
kids. They ate and talked about the dancing.

"I'm really amazed at your children," Bob said to Don
and Marc. "My kids would have been telling us we were
lame and to get away from them if we would have joined
in their party."

"Yes, they're great kids," Don said. "We have a lot
of fun with them."

Paul and Brad got up for seconds, leaving Kim and
Sally at the table they shared.

Sally leaned over to her cousin and said, "Brad got
hard while I was dancing with him."

"So did Paul," Kim said. "I wonder about our

Sally just smiled at Kim as the two boys returned
with their plates filled with food again. They didn't
say too much to the girls, eating being more important
at the time.

Soon the teens had eaten their fill and sat back in
their chairs. The four girls got up and cleared away
the disposable plates and flatware, placing it all in
a large trashcan. They returned to their seats and
asked the boys what they would like to do next.

"Can we go in the hot tub?" Paul asked.

"Heck yes," Jack said. He went to the pool house and
turned on the tub, allowing it warm up.

The teens gathered around the hot tub and one by one
climbed in to the hot water, and sat next to the one
they had danced with earlier. Soon they were all
relaxing in the swirling water, chatting about the day.

"So," Kim said. "Does everyone want to go to the
dance next weekend?"

The teens all talked amongst themselves and then
decided it would be fun to go the dance.

Megan sat between Kim and Jack in the tub. He had
his arms stretched out along the edge, one behind
Lisa's head, and the other behind Sally's. Megan sat
with her hands folded in her lap, fully aware of
Jack's leg pressed against hers. Cautiously, she
leaned her head back until it rested lightly on Jack's
arm. Jack turned his head, looked at the tall redhead
and smiled.

"So Megan," he said, "will you go to the dance with

The shy girl lifted her head, looked at Jack and
said, "Yes Jack, I would really like that."

"Great, then it's a date." Jack smiled at her,
having asked a girl out for the first time.

Megan blushed and nodded yes. She thought to
herself, this would be the first time she ever had a
real date with a boy. She also became a little scared
about the thought, remembering her last encounter with
a boy.

Lisa and Tom were still talking about photography.
He was telling her about his new darkroom and his lack
of experience in developing film and prints.

"I had a darkroom class at camp last summer," Lisa
said. "Maybe I could come over to your house and give
you a hand."

"That would be cool," Tom replied. "Maybe next week

"Sounds good to me, just give me a call."

"Ok, um would you like to go to the dance with me
Lisa?" Tom asked her shyly.

"Of course I would like to go with you." Lisa smiled
at the shy boy.

After a few more minutes, the group began to exit the
hot tub. Lisa went over to her brother's and said
quietly, "Are you two going to ask Kim and Sally to
the dance?"

"I thought we all decided that we would go," Paul said.

"Yes," their sister said, "but it's polite to ask."

The two boys shuffled their feet and worked up the
courage to ask Kim and Sally.

They walked over to the two girls and stood quietly.

"Kim," Paul said, "Would you go to the dance with me?"

"Yeah," Brad said to Sally, "Would you like to go
with me?"

Kim said, "Yes Paul, I will go the dance with you."

"I will go with you Brad," Sally said.

The teens gathered around the food table and snacked
on chips and sodas. The girls all sat at a table and
watched the boys as they stuffed themselves with the

"I think I am going to change out of this suit," Kim

The other three girls agreed and made their way to
the pool house. Once inside, they removed their suits
and went into the shower room and turned on the water.
As they rinsed themselves, they all talked about being
asked to the dance and what they would wear. One by
one they finished in the shower and went into the
common area to dry off.

"We didn't bring any clothes with us," Megan said.

"That's ok," Kim replied. "We can just wrap towels
around us and go up to my room to change."

Once they were all dry, the girls wrapped a towel
around their bodies and another around their wet hair.
Quickly, they made their way across the pool area and
into the family room.

"No clothes girls?" Marge said, as the four teens
scurried through the room.

"Nope," Sally replied.

The girls ran upstairs to Kim's room, shed their
towels and dressed in the outfits they had worn

Lisa and Sally went into the bathroom and began to
fix their hair.

"Your brother is really nice Sally. I really had a
nice afternoon with him."

"Thanks Lisa, your brother's seem nice too. Do they
have girlfriends?"

"No," Lisa giggled, "I don't think they have ever
been out with a girl. How about Tom, is he seeing

"No, he is kind of shy, but he seems to like you."
Sally felt a bit jealous as she talked with Lisa about

The two girls worked on their hair, sharing the only
blow drier between them.

Megan and Kim sat on the bed and waited for the other
two girls to finish in the bathroom.

"Are you ok with all this?" Kim asked.

"I guess so," Megan said, "I was a little scared when
your brother asked me to the dance, but I still said
yes. I think I can trust him not to do anything I
don't want to do."

"I'm sure you can Megan, Jack is a nice guy."

"I know, but I'm still a little worried. Kim, have
you said anything to him about what happened to me?"

"No, of course not. I told you I would never tell
anyone and I haven't, except I told my mom that you
had a bad experience, but no details."

"That's ok, your mom is so cool. Maybe you should
mention something to Jack so he doesn't feel like it's
his fault if I freeze up or do something stupid."

"I can say something if you want me to Megan." Kim
smiled at the girl and put her hand on her leg. "I
really don't think you have anything to worry about

Kim heard the blow drier stop and removed her hand.
She and Megan changed places with Sally and Lisa in
the bathroom and began to fix their hair.

"I'll leave it up to you Kim, you always seem to know
what is best."

Kim agreed and the girls concentrated on their hair.
Once finished, they joined the other girls in Kim's
room and went back down to the pool.

The girls were settling into their seats when Bob and
Diane came out to the pool.

"Lisa, Brad, Paul, its time to go now. Clean up your
things and get ready," Bob said.

The three teens protested their parent's request,
pleading to let them stay for a little longer.

"Come on guys, you have had a nice day. Your mom and
I are going to take Mr. and Mrs. Graham and Mr. and
Mrs. Phillips to the club for dinner tonight." Bob

Reluctantly, Lisa and her brothers picked up their
things and said goodbye to everyone. The teens all
agreed to call each other the next day and maybe get
together during the week.

Megan said, "I had better get going too, my dad will
be home soon and I told him I would be there."

"Ok Megan," Kim said. "Thanks for coming. I hope
you had a nice time."

"It was great! I don't ever remember having this
much fun." Megan turned to Jack and said, "Thank you
for asking me to the dance Jack, I really appreciate
it and I am looking forward to going."

"Me too Megan, I'm sure we all will have a good
time." Jack smiled at the tall girl and added, "Do
you want me to walk you out to your car?"

"Yes please, that would be great." Megan turned to
Sally, Kim and Tom and said, "I will see you guys soon, maybe we can go shopping for dresses next week.
I will give you a call tomorrow."

Megan picked up her bag and followed Jack out to her
car. When she unlocked the door, Jack opened it for
her. She flipped her bag over the seat into the back
and turned to Jack.

"Thanks for being so nice to me Jack, it really means
a lot to me."

"No problem, it's easy. You are a real nice person
and I would like to get to know you better."

Megan blushed and got into her car. She pulled her
door closed and rolled down the window.

"Bye Jack, I will see you at school Monday."

"Goodbye Megan, I can't wait to see you again."

Jack stepped back from the car and watched her pull
away. Once she was out of site, Jack went into the
house and joined his cousins and sister.

The four teens went out to the pool and began to
clean up the remains of their party. Jack and Tom
collected the empty soda cans and took the table back
to the garage. Kim and Sally gathered the leftover
food, took it into the kitchen and put it away. Just
as they were finishing, their parents came into the

"Did you guys all have a good time this afternoon?"
Anne asked.

"It was the best," Sally said. "They are all so nice
and fun to be with. I can't wait for the dance next
weekend, it is going to be so much fun."

Marge said, "Well I'm glad you had a good time. We
are going to dinner with Lisa's parents tonight, what
are you guys going to do?"

The four teens chatted amongst themselves and decided
to stay and watch a movie or something.

Tom said, "Mom, if it's late when you get back, or
I'm asleep, just leave us here."

"Ok," Anne said. "We shouldn't be that late. Don't
forget we have the birthday party tomorrow."

"We won't forget," Sally said. "You have a good time
and we will see you later."

Everyone said goodbye and the adults left.

Kim and Sally went into the family room, followed by
their brothers. The two girls sat on the couch, the
boys on the floor. Jack picked up the remote and
turned on the television and began to flip through the

"So," Kim said. "How did you guys like Lisa and

"They're nice," Tom said. "Lisa is really into
photography and she knows how to develop film and
pictures. She said that she might come over and help
me in the darkroom someday."

"Megan is cool too, but she seems very shy. Do you
know why she doesn't go out with boys, or at least
hasn't up till now." Jack said.

Kim and Sally shrugged their shoulders.

"How about Paul and Brad? How are they?" Tom asked
the girls.

"Brad is nice," Sally said. "I didn't really get
much of a chance to talk to him."

Kim said, "Paul too, they both are a little shy."

The four talked about the afternoon and the upcoming
dance. Kim and Sally sat Indian style on the couch,
giving their brother's glimpses up their short

Out of the blue, Sally said, "So Tom, did you get
hard dancing slow with Lisa?"

Tom's face turned red, giving away the answer to his
sister's question. "Um ah," he stammered, "what do
you mean?"

"You know darn well what I mean, did dancing close
with Lisa excite you?" Sally was giggling as she

"Yeah Jack," Kim said. "Did Megan get you turned on
while you were dancing?"

Both boys were now red in the face, as their sister's
teased them about dancing with Lisa and Megan. They
both squirmed around on the floor trying to avoid the
girls' questions.

Kim and Sally were giggling and teasing the boys about becoming aroused by the girls. As they laughed,
they moved around on the couch giving their brothers a
clear view up their skirts.

Jack finally said, "How about you two, did you give
Paul and Brad hard-ons while they danced with you?"

"Paul was turned on," Kim said.

"So was Brad," Sally added, "I guess we're just sexy."

The four teens continued to taunt each other each
making more and more suggestive remarks.

Kim leaned over to Sally and whispered into her ear.
The two girls jumped off the couch and onto their

Kim grabbed Jack's hands and held them over his head,
rubbing her crotch against his. She could feel his
stiff cock through the thin material of his dress
slacks as she pressed herself against him. Jack broke
her grip, flipped her onto her back and held her down.
She fought to escape, but her brother was too strong.

Sally and Tom were also wrestling around next to Jack
and Kim. Jack had Sally on her stomach and was
sitting on her butt, holding her arms at her side.
Both girls bounced around under their brothers, but
were unable to get free.

"So now what are you two going to do?" Jack asked.

Kim looked into her brother's eyes and said, "Let me
go, and I will show you."

"What do you think Tom, should we let them up?"

"I don't know, do you think they can behave?"

Jack slowly released his grip on Kim's hands. He
looked down at her and said, "Now what?"

Kim gazed into his eyes, put her hands around his
neck and pulled his head down to her. She kissed him
softly and probed his mouth with her tongue. She
rubbed his back with one hand and held his head firmly
with the other.

Jack relaxed and laid on top of her, returning her
kisses. He rolled onto his side and moved his hand
down her body and rubbed her butt. The two pressed
against each other as they kissed passionately. Jack
moved a hand to her breast and massaged it through her

Tom, seeing his cousins, let Sally up and began to
kiss her too. He put a hand under her shirt and
squeezed her bra-covered breast. Sally put a hand
into Tom's lap and rubbed his penis.

After a few minutes of kissing, Kim said, "Anyone
want to go for a swim?"

Kim let go of Jack, stood up and removed her top.
She unhooked her bra and let it fall to the floor,
followed by her skirt and panties. Slowly she walked
out to the pool, climbed onto the diving board and
dove into the water.

Sally untangled herself from her brother, stripped
off her clothes and joined Kim in the pool, followed
by the boys. The teens swam around for a few minutes,
splashing and dunking one another.

Kim swam over to Jack and put her arms and legs
around him. She pressed her breasts into his chest
and kissed him on the neck. Jack put his hands under
her ass and supported her weight, holding her tummy
against his penis. Kim released her grip, slipped
under the water and took his penis in her mouth. She
sucked and bobbed on it until she couldn't hold her
breath any longer and came up for air. Jack went
under and pushed his mouth between her legs and licked
her, then came up and held her tight.

Kim felt someone come between her and Jack. She
looked down into the water and saw Sally with Jack's
penis in her mouth. She reached for her head, but
felt Tom's hand between her legs, his finger probing
her vagina. Sally popped up between Kim and Jack,
gasping for breath.

"You taste good Jack," Sally said.

The four kids were all hugging and groping each
other's bodies. Kim felt two different hands on her
breasts, one Jack's the other Sally's.

Tom said, "Let's go back into the family room and get

The four teens climbed out of the pool and grabbed
towels to dry themselves with. Kim and Jack dried
each other and so did Sally and Tom.

They went into the family room and all collapsed onto
the floor in a tangled heap. Tongues and hands were
exploring the bare flesh, groping, squeezing and
probing. Soon, Sally was on all fours, Tom pushing
his cock into her from behind. Jack was on his back,
Kim seated on his face.

Kim watched Sally and Tom as they went at it, feeling
her brother's tongue deep inside her. Sally moved a
bit, bent over and took Jack's cock in her mouth and
lowered her head on him.

Kim said, "What are you doing Sally?" As she watched
the girl swallow her brother's cock.

Sally lifted her head off Jack, smiled and said, "I
saw this in a magazine, and wanted to try. You don't
mind do you?"

Kim shook her head no and concentrated on the tongue
buried in her. Sally resumed her oral activity as her
brother continued to pump in and out of her. Kim
reached over and took Sally's breasts in her hands and
massaged them, rolling and pulling at her nipples.

Tom let out a loud groan as he came in his sister's
pussy. About the same time, Jack exploded into her
mouth, filling her throat with his hot cum. Sally
sucked and swallowed, taking Jack's entire load. She
bucked back against Tom and he tried to keep his cock
buried in her contracting hole.

Kim released Sally's breasts and grabbed her own as
the spasms of her orgasm rumbled through her body.
Soon, the four teens collapsed next to each other on
the floor. They were panting and trying to catch
their breath. After a few moments, Kim crawled over
Sally, and to the amazement of the boys', buried her
face between her legs.

Tom and Jack watched as Kim sucked Tom's cum out of
Sally, pushing her tongue as deep into her as she
could. Jack immediately got hard again and knelt
behind his sister. He used his hand to guide his cock
into her wet pussy and began to pump her at an ever-
increasing pace.

Sally reached up and grabbed Kim's breasts and rubbed
them roughly. She moaned into Sally's pussy and then
lifted her head. Tom was kneeling between Sally's
legs, his hard cock pointing straight out. Kim
wrapped her hand around the hard shaft and guided it
into her mouth.

Tom, matching Jack's pace, began to push himself in
and out of the young girls mouth, driving his cock
into her throat. Kim rocked back and forth, meeting
the boys on each thrust. She felt Sally's fingers on
her clit and her vagina grip Jack's penis. The boys continued to pump her as she neared her orgasm. Her
body began to quake and her muscles began to jump
under her skin. Tom was the first to cum, squirting
his load into her mouth. Next Jack started to spurt his semen into her cavern, emptying himself into her.

As soon as his cock stopped filling her vagina, Jack
pulled out. A large drop of hot cum dripped from
Kim's hole and landed on Sally's face. She quickly
pushed the spunk into her mouth and then covered Kim's
pussy, licking up Jack's discharge.

Tom fell back on his heals and watched his sister eat
Kim. He stared as Kim pushed two fingers into Sally's
pussy, and began to pump them in and out of the girls overheated crotch. Soon Sally and Kim were in the
troughs of another orgasm, each girl moaning and
wiggling around.

Kim rolled off Sally and lay quietly next to her on
the floor. The two girls didn't say a word, they just
breathed heavily. The two boys sat in awe, watching
the girl's chests rise and fall with their labored

Kim was the first to speak, "Wow! Thanks guys, that
was so hot. I thought I was going to explode."

Sally also moved and said, "Thanks, I wanted to try
that ever since I saw it in Tom's book. I need a
shower, anyone want to wash my back?"

The girls giggled, the boys were still speechless.
The four got up, gathered their clothing and went into
the pool house. They went into the shower, turned on
the water and stood under the spray.

Kim took a bar of soap and slowly began to cover
Jack. She leaned close and whispered into his ear,
"You aren't mad are you?"

Jack shook his head no and Kim soaped his flaccid
penis. She rinsed the soap away, knelt in front of
him and took the soft member into her mouth. She
sucked gently and pushed it around inside her mouth
with her tongue. She cupped his tight balls and
rolled them gently in her hand before letting him slip
out of her mouth. Kim stood up and Jack took the soap
and washed her.

Tom and Sally were hugging each other, rubbing their
soapy bodied together. Sally pressed her breasts into
his chest and her tummy into his crotch. Tom held her
by her butt cheeks, massaging them firmly. Sally sat
on the bench and guided his head between her spread
legs, inviting him to lick her vagina. Tom extended
his tongue and licked the length of her hairless slit,
poking at her clit. Sally enjoyed the sensation for a
few moments and then pulled her brother up, kissing
him deeply. She broke the kiss and said, "Thanks Tom,
it was a dream come true."

Tom smiled at her and they finished rinsing off and
left the shower room to dry off. Once everyone was
dry, they dressed and returned to the family room.

Kim sat on one couch and Sally on another. Jack
flipped through the channels until they found a
program that every one agreed on. He stretched out on
the couch, resting his head on Kim's leg.

Sally and Tom were snuggled up on the other couch
watching the television, paying no attention to Jack
and Kim.

Kim carefully took Jack's hand and guided it under
her skirt. He traced her thigh up until his
fingertips came to rest on her naked pussy. He
glanced up at her and she quietly said, "I left my
panties off for you."

Jack smiled and ran his fingertips through the new
growth of soft pubic hair that adorned her mound,
making small circles. Kim put her hand on his head
and ran her fingers through his hair and closed her
eyes, enjoying the attention.

Tom was sitting up, his sister's head in his lap. He
gently rubbed her breasts through her shirt as he
looked down at her. Sally's skirt was up, revealing
her blue panties. She put her hand under her head and
rested it on Tom's penis.

The teens drifted off to sleep, each holding their
sibling. The sharp report of the telephone jarred Kim
out of her slumber. She got up and answered the
ringing phone.

After speaking to her mother for a few minutes, she
returned to the couch and woke her brother.

"Jack, that was mom. She and dad are going to stay
at Aunt Anne's tonight."

Jack slowly sat up and asked, "Why are they staying

"I think they had too much to drink, mom was all
giggly and I could hear dad and Uncle Marc in the
background making jokes."

Sally picked her head up and asked what was going on.

Kim told her about the phone call and what her mom said about staying at Sally's house.

"Well," Jack said, "I guess I'm going to bed. We
have our birthday party tomorrow and I want to get
some sleep."

Kim glanced at the clock and saw it was after
midnight. She walked up to her brother, wrapped her
arms around him and gave him a kiss. "Happy birthday
big brother," she cooed. "How does it feel to be

"Thanks Kim, it feels the same as it did yesterday."

Sally said, "Yeah Jack, happy birthday." She went
over and gave him a quick kiss.

Tom also wished his cousin happy birthday and shook
his hand.

Jack turned off the television and said, "Thanks
guys, I'm going to get some sleep."

The teens went upstairs, Kim whispered to Sally as
they followed their brothers.

Kim grabbed Jack's arm and pulled him into her
bedroom and closed the door. She stood in front of
him, unbuttoned his shirt and unfastened his slacks.

"What are you doing Kim?" The baffled boy asked.

"Getting you ready for bed. I want you to sleep with
me tonight."

Jack smiled, stepped out of his slacks and stood in
his boxers. He helped Kim remove her top and bra, and
then her skirt. He looked over her nude body and
pushed his boxers to the floor.

Kim turned down the covers and climbed into the bed,
followed by Jack. She stretched out on her side
facing away from her brother and waited for him to
snuggle up to her. Jack spooned up to the nude girl and put his arm over her. Kim could feel his hard
penis against her butt as Jack wiggled his hips. She
parted her legs, reached between them and guided his
penis against her vagina. She closed her legs,
trapping the hot shaft, and softly stroked the velvety
head with her fingertips.

Jack closed his hand around her breast and massaged
it softly. Together, the siblings drifted off to

In Jack's room, Tom and Sally got undressed and into
bed. They lay facing each other and fell asleep
wrapped in each other's arms.

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