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the Server


The Server; by Ace, 2001

I wanted to have the Server. I had for quite a while.

But The Server belonged to Brenda.

Brenda is our team leader. She's also better looking than me.

I'm taller, and I have bigger tits. I've got wide shoulders and a
very slim, muscular waist.

But Brenda's got this Angel face, a killer smile, and the kind of "in
your face" confidence that everyone, male and female, finds
attractive. I guess that's why she's the team leader. All right,
she's also smart.

By now, you might think it's Brenda I want more than The Server.

There are five tall, handsome, men on our team. You might think that
I should just latch onto one of them, and make myself happy.

But I want what Brenda has. I guess I always have, it's a problem of
mine. I want to be the leader, I want to be the popular one, I want
The Server.

It's not that I'm not personable and pretty myself. It's just that
extra spark that Brenda has; as soon as she comes in the room,
everyone else's light seems a little dimmer. I don't blame her for
it. She doesn't mean to diminish me.

On another team, I could be a big hitter. But on Brenda's team, I
felt like the token girl. All too often, it was Brenda and the guys scoring the points, while I just ran around the filling in the gaps.

Still, it was better to be a small player in a winning team than a big
player in a losing team.

Brenda called the shots, she was always the one to set it up. I have
to admit, she's very good. The guys always made the flashy big hits,
but it was Brenda quietly setting them up for it. People who knew the
game well could see that easily.

I've known Brenda for a long time. Longer than anyone else on the
team. We went to college together, we shared a room. Once or twice,
we even shared a bed.

We had been out together, and had a few drinks. As usual, there had
been lots of guys flocking around, and as usual, the only guys to pay
much attention to me were the ones that thought they didn't have a
chance with Brenda. We flirted with them all until they'd had too
much to drink, and then we split.

I remember sitting with Brenda on her bed, my arm over her shoulder,
as we talked about the boys who had tried to pick us up.

"The tall one was all right." Said Brenda.

"He was drinking even more than the others. I doubt he would have
been able to get it up." I replied.

"Carrie! You're so crude! I wonder if he had a nice dick?"

"And if he did get it up, he probably would've blown his load before
he even got it in."

Brenda turned pink laughing.

"You're right. guys are so useless. Why do we ever bother with

"It's the search for a hard dick. The futile search, I should say."

Brenda's bright eyes were burning into my head, and I don't know who
instigated that first kiss. Perhaps we met halfway, perhaps we were
so close at that time, that we just thought the same way.

We kissed and cuddled, he stroked each other's backs and asses, we
kissed and groped.

But neither of us wanted to be the first to take that next step; going
for the clit. We dozed off, and both woke up with wicked hangovers.

Neither of us said anything about it, and I don't know about Brenda,
but I couldn't get it out of my mind. I had to try it again, I wanted
to go all the way with her. What's the use of an experiment if you
don't complete it?

It was I who crawled into Brenda's the next night. She didn't object,

We made love, we went all the way. And we were sober, too. It was
nice, I liked it. It was so much less frantic that it is with a guy,
we had a kind of relaxed, lazy sex. Or should I say lazy lezy sex.

I don't know why we never did it again. I wanted to sometimes, but I
didn't want to be the one to instigate it for a second time. I wanted
Brenda to come to me; I wanted her to want me.

But she found a guy, and I found a guy, and we put the results of our
little experiment on a back shelf, and forgot about it.

So what does all this has to do with The Server? I'm getting to it.

"It's Robert's birthday on Monday." Brenda said to me at the bar one
night. "I don't know what I should get him. He was talking about some
CD the other night, do you remember what it was?"

"Oh, come on Brenda. You can't just get him a CD. He's your lover,
you're going to have to do better than that."

"I'm on a tight budget." Brenda replied.

"Well then, give him me. I won't cost you a thing."

"In your dreams, sweetheart." Said Brenda. This kind of banter was
normal for us.

"Come on, Brenda. Think about it. What do guys really want? Two
girls at once, that's what."

"Not Robert. I'm woman enough for him."

"Ha! Just ask him."

"I don't have to ask him. I know."

Brenda might be charismatic, pretty, smart, and team captain. But
that doesn't mean she doesn't delude herself like everyone else.

But I'd seen Robert giving me the eye when he thought no one was

"All right, then. If you're so confident, I'll make you bet; I'll ask
him what he would prefer for his birthday, to be the beef part of a
roast beef sandwich, or to get that CD. If he wants to be the beef,
then I get to be a piece of bread. If he wants to CD, I'll tell you
which one it is."

Brenda was still mulling it over when Robert came up the stairs.

"Hey, Server!" I gave him my best Mankiller smile, and pushed my
breasts in his direction. "The Captain and I were wondering what you'd
like better for your birthday; a CD, or a night of wicked sin with her
and myself."

Just to help my case along, I put my arm across his shoulder and
wrapped my hand around his head, and stroked his earlobe, while
lifting my knee to brush his ass and pushing my tit against his elbow.
I smiled back at captain Brenda evilly.

"Well, that's a no-brainer!" Said Robert, giving my ass a pleasant
squeeze. "Hurry up you two, we have to get down onto the court. We
play next, and the score's 10-13"

We called Robert "The Server" because of his wicked serve. They tend
to get the girls out of the way on the opposite side of the net when
they see Robert up to bat. It's one of those funny things in coed volleyball. The guys have way more power than the girls, but there
has to be two girls on the court.

I wanted The Server, I wanted him bad. I suppose it was partly just
because Brenda had him, but he's so cute. He has the biggest
brightest smile, and a cute little ass that just won't quit. I wanted
to see him jump around in bed way he jumped around on the volleyball

I tended to be a bit of a tomboy. Maybe that's why Server went for
Brenda instead of me. Well, I was going to change that. I was going
to show them I could be feminine. I've got the better body, I just
needed to do something with my hair and get myself dressed up like a
boy's fantasy. It was a card I'd never played yet, it had never
appealed to me before. But now I was into it; I was going to get
myself between Brenda and Server, and get one or both of them.

I went down to the mall and stretched out my credit card on some
lingerie and shoes. I was surprised how excited I felt about it, I
had never thought of myself as the kind of girl to go for that kind of

I went to the hairdresser, and came out of their looking like I had
more hair than I went in. My hair is very dark, almost black. Now it
was perfectly shiny and cut. I was looking good, and I was loving it.

I did my eye lashes, I used eyeliner, and a touch of lipstick. I put
on the lingerie, and a slinky dress over it. I pulled it tight around
my hips with a belt, and headed over to Brenda's place. I had to take
a taxi, I couldn't ride my bike in that getup.

I have to admit, I almost lost my nerves as I was about to knock on
the door. What if they laughed at me? What if they made a joke out
of all of this, and told everyone else on the team?

But there was no going back. Literally. There was no way I could get
a taxi home, without using Brenda's phone. There was nothing to do,
but knock on the door.

Server was goggle eyed at my new look, and so was Brenda, actually.
None of us ever dressed up, not like this. Dressed up for us meant a
clean pair of jeans and a nice blouse, at most.

As soon as I saw his reaction, I knew that everything was fine.

"Well, are you going to give me a kiss, or what?" I asked him.

As Server took me in his strong arms, I glanced over his shoulder at
Brenda. She wasn't looking completely happy. But the time for
objection had passed, it was full speed ahead now.

"Well Brenda," I said to my friend, as her lover broke his embrace
with me, "Do I get one from you as well?"

I didn't get a chance to watch Server's face as I walked up to Brenda,
and gave her a big kiss on the lips. That would have been priceless,
I'm sure. Still, one can't have it all. One can have most of it, but
not all of it

In the heels, I was almost a head taller that Brenda. I hadn't worn
hells since I was 15, and then it was only because my mother had
bought them for me and insisted that I learn to walk in them. Maybe it
was my rebellious streak that had prevented me from wearing them
again, or maybe it was fear of injury.

I was taller than Brenda normally, but this was somehow different; I
towered over her, it was a power trip. My big tits were in her face,
my stockinged legs made up for her sharp wit. I loved it.

I released Brenda from my embrace. There were a few awkward moments
then, none of us was quite sure what we should do next.

Brenda, as usual, took charge.

"Why don't you two go sit on the couch, and I'll get us some beers."
She said, with what I took to be a certain resignation in her voice.

I've never felt so sexy in my life. I've probably never been so sexy
in my life. I sat on the couch, and lifted one leg, so as to let the
skirt slip over it, put it over my other knee, and let my sexy new
shoe dangle from my foot.

One of the things I find so sexy about Server is his smile. He has
this big shit-eating grin that comes over his face whenever he's
having a good time. I couldn't help but grin back.

We were all tongues and hands by the time Brenda came back with the
beers. I think she had reconciled herself to the situation.

Server and I disengaged, and we drank our beer.

"I've never seen you like this Carrie." Brenda said.

"It's the first for me." I replied, "I thought, 'hey, if I'm going to
be a birthday present, I should do it right'"

There was another awkward pause, as we all wondered if we were really
going to do this. We were buddies, teammates. Okay, Brenda and I had
been lovers for night or two, but I guess that had been an anomaly.
We normally hung out in sweat pants, and maybe shared a beer at the
bar after a game. For us all to now strip off our clothes, and get
down to some lovemaking, was either very frivolous or very serious.
Maybe both at once.

I felt totally self-conscious. Not just that I had instigated this
dirty little trio thing, but at how far I had opened myself up; I was
suddenly embarrassed about getting all dolled up like this.

But there was nothing to do but muddle on through, and hope it all
worked out. Brenda had sat down opposite Server and I, and I looked
her right in the eye as I leaned against her lover, and put my arm
around his neck. I pulled his face to mine with my other hand, and
kissed him lightly. I looked back at Brenda. At that moment, I
didn't feel spiteful, jealous, or malicious. I felt horny but

"Is it okay?" I asked her, quietly.

Uncharacteristically, her expression was hard to read. "Go on. It's
okay." She said.

We kissed a little bit more, but we both felt a bit self-conscious I
think. Then Brenda came over and sat on the arm of the couch on
Servers other side. As he turned his head to kiss her, I took the
opportunity to pull his shirt up, and with Brenda's help, I removed it

We stroked and kissed him, we pinched his nipples. Brenda was the
first to squeeze his dick through his trousers, but I was right behind

I stood up, untied my belt, and let my slinky dress fall to the floor,
revealing my sexy underwear. I felt myself blushing.

"Wow, Carrie. You look fabulous." Brenda said from the couch, her
arms around her man.

They were black silk stockings, that came up to my upper thigh. Then
there were pair of black lacy panties, and a matching push-up bra that
left my nipples exposed.

I sat down on Servers strong legs, facing the two of them. I put a
hand on the back of each of their heads, and began to kiss Brenda.

I took a peek at Servers face, and I could see this was really turning
him on. I felt hands on my nearly naked body, four of them. It was

I got Server's pants off of him, letting his beautiful, wonderful
penis out of its restraints. It was fantastic to hold it and stroke it
's length while kissing him and Brenda at the same time.

I'd never really wanted to suck dick before. I'd done it, but it wasn'
t really my type of thing. I'd felt that it was kind of debasing
myself somehow. I'd cringed at the thought of one guy telling another
"Carrie sucks cock".

But I had an overwhelming urge to get Server's cock into my mouth. I
wanted to taste it, have it, hold it. I wanted to savor it, suck it
gently until he was on the edge, and keep him there. I wanted to feel
and control it's wonderful potency, it's vital hardness.

I trusted him completely. I got on my knees, pulled my hair to one
side, and lowered my head to do it.

I looked up at my friends as my lips met the gorgeous organ. They were
both watching in fascination, waiting see if good old Carrie was
really going to suck cock.

Oh yes. Good old Carrie did, and good old Carrie loved it.

Brenda's face was priceless. She just kept staring as I worked on
getting Server's big beauty as deep as I could.

I knew I had to stop, or he would come. I wasn't quite ready for that
yet. So I reached for Brenda's shorts, and she lifted her sweet little
ass so I could pull them down.

I wanted to lick her snatch again. I'd enjoyed doing it to her, and I
wanted to try it again. While Server watched.

She didn't want me to at first, but I insisted. I think she was
embarrassed about revealing her little Bi streak to her boyfriend.
Well, so was I, but I was going to do it anyway.

They stroked my shoulders and neck as I probed Brenda's clit with my
tongue. Soon her juices were flowing nicely, and her inhibitions
evaporated as I did her.

I wanted some attention for my own neglected parts by then. I had
Server's dick in my hand, and I wanted it somewhere else.

The spell broke for a minute as I stood and took off the panties and

"What happened there, Carrie?" laughed Brenda.

"Well, I had to shave my legs for the stockings, and I just sort of
kept going." I said, feeling a sudden resurgence of
self-consciousness, as well as a burning in my cheeks.

They both wanted to taste my naked pussy, and who was I to argue?

We all went into the bedroom, and I threw myself across the bed, and
spread those stockings out so they could get to it.

Brenda kissed me While Server licked me, then she licked me while he
kissed me, then I licked her again. finally, Server served me his dick
where I really needed it, in my pussy.

As I had suspected, he's a fucking machine. Server is lean and long,
with plenty of muscle to hold onto. That much I had known in advance.
I had only dreamed that his dick would be so long and perfect, and
that he would have as much timing and grace in bed as on the court.
Server fucked me until I'd come twice, and then went for Brenda.

It was weird sit there and watch them fuck. I felt as though I should
be part of it, but there didn't seem to be any way in. So I just sat
back, and relaxed into my own warm afterglow while I watched.

I was surprised at how much passion they had for each other. They had
been together for nearly half a year now.

Server groaned, and he came inside Brenda. He pulled out of her after
a time, rolling over onto his back next to me. I surprised myself at
what I did next; I started sucking his cock again.

I had been hesitant to do that when it was clean and fresh, but now it
was coated with a mixture of all our juices. I just got into it, and
I found that I didn't mind all. And when his cock stopped shrinking,
and started to grow again, I felt really honored.

All three of us are athletes. Okay, we're not Olympians or anything,
but we all take our sport seriously. We have condition.

Brenda and I took turns with Server, over and under, backwards and
forwards. It was magnificent. And finally, when none of us could
handle any more, Brenda started sucking Server's balls while I had his
cock in my mouth. I was surprised at how much stuff he had the second
time. I felt no disgust as it filled my mouth. I didn't swallow it,
I know that's what you're supposed to do, but I didn't. I went and
spat it out. But I was glad to let him come in my mouth. He had done
Brenda and I both so proud!

I pulled off those silly stockings, and we all snuggled in the bed
together to sleep.

"I'm completely in love," I heard Server saying. "This is the best
birthday I've ever had. Thank you baby."

And he kissed Brenda for a while.

I want The Server. I want him now more than ever. But The Server
belongs to Brenda.

Ace 2001

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