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the bitch and the jerk


The Bitch and the Jerk (MF, cons, romance, slow, humor) Copyright (c) 2000,
2002 Bingain -----------------------------------------------------------

This story is a fiction. It does not relate to any real incidences or
real persons. This work contains explicit descriptions of sexual activity.
Anyone who may be offended by such contents, or persons forbidden by law or
any regulations, should not read, hear, touch, smell, or download this
story. Re-distribution, posting, and anything other than for personal
enjoyment are subject to explicit authorization by the author.

Special thanks to Morgan for editing this story. I believe this story has become more readable and enjoyable after his invaluable input.


Chapter 1 - The Plan has Changed

It was late Friday afternoon. I was in the office packing the stuff I
needed for a meeting with a client the following week when the intercom
buzzed. I was working for a medium size advertising agency in Chicago,
Illinois. I had been working there for five years, right after I graduated
from ISU. My best friend, my roommate at ISU, and now my boss Nick
recruited me to work for the agency.

It was Nick on the intercom. "James, can you come over for a while?
The plan has changed."

"Damn it!" I mumbled. This wasn't a good sign. Nick was the man who
knew me best, better than my parents and better than all my previous
girlfriends. I knew him very well too. What he indicated by the change of
plan would mean I wouldn't be going to Atlanta as planned. I was supposed
to go there for a review meeting with a client. It was going to be a piece
of cake for me. The client's budget wasn't huge; they had been very happy
with our performance; I knew them well; and we had been maintaining good
relationship for a number of years. The secretary of the client's
president, Alice, was a hot tease. I almost got into her pants last time.
I had been drawing up a plan, which I justly believed that it would work
this time. Now this "change of plan" was going to kill all my hopes.

I went into Nick's office with a mean look. Nick laughed. He knew what
I was thinking. There weren't many secrets between him and me. When I
first met him at ISU he was a senior and I was a freshman. Since then we
had been sharing each other's secrets. I knew almost everything about his
life, his wife, and even company information that I wasn't supposed to
have. I was his best man when he married his wife two years ago. I never
dared to tell her I knew what size of lingerie she wore, how frequent she
had sex with Nick, and all the juicy details about their life together.

"Well, your guess is correct, you're not going to Atlanta." Nick
maintained a wily smile. "Dave's going instead."

I was more than disappointed. Dave was another Account executive in the
agency. He was known to be an expert in dealing with hot teases. I could
picture Dave riding on the woman I had bought a dozen of condoms for.

"We may have a crisis with Roger & Wilson. We just know that another
advertising agency made a presentation to them this morning. Together with
the screw-ups we had earlier this year, this could mean losing a big
client. We need someone better to lead the presentation and negotiation in
Monday's meeting with them."

"Fuck!" I muttered. Dave was going to get the beauty and I was going to
have the beast. I knew why it was me who was chosen to handle this crisis.
I had known Roger Dreyfus, co-founder of this nationwide cosmetic
distributor, for most of my life. Roger's dad and my dad had been in the
same platoon in the Vietnam War. We had been having strong ties all my
life. In fact it was me who got Roger & Wilson for this agency and had
been dealing with them until Dave joined the agency 2 years ago.

"Jennifer will be going with you." Nick added with another wily smile.

"You've got to be kidding!" I leaned forward in the chair. Jennifer was
an assistant art director who joined the agency about six months ago. She
was a bitch. Whoever complimented her soft blonde hair, her ocean blue
eyes, her firm breast, or her slender legs, would be considered an
impetuous jerk to her. I knew that well, I made all those remarks when I
first saw her, and since then had been a total jerk as far as she was
concerned. She was creatively talented, which could explain her being
recruited into her position only 2 years after her graduation. However,
whether it was prejudice or difference in views, she had never concurred
with me on anything, not once. In meetings we always had the most
scorching disputes which were usually ended with her calling me "Jerk".
She must have been born to hate me. We just had a hot clash that morning.
She almost hurled her folder at my face.

"I'm not kidding. I'm sorry," Nick winked, "but she did all the artwork
of the new proposal and there is nobody who is better than her for the

"Damn it, Nick," I howled, "you know she's a bitch. Either she go or I
go, but I'm not going with her."

"James, I know how you feel. I hate to send you there with her. But
we're in a crisis. Do you think you can keep Roger & Wilson without
presenting this new proposal we've been working on?"

"Well, I can't guarantee anything. As a matter of fact, I don't care.
You can send the bitch there with anyone else. Damn, it's Dave account,
not mine. Send Dave; I want to see Alice."

"Listen, James, Bruce has assigned Roger & Wilson back to you, and has
agreed to raise your bonus in the consumer sector by a point. It's your
business and your future now. You need to retain Roger & Wilson for the
agency and for yourself."

I dropped back into the chair. What Nick meant was I would be getting
at least $10,000 additional bonus if everything went well. Roger & Wilson
was a major account for us while Alice's company was a small one. This
would also prove to Bruce, CEO of the agency, that I was a valuable asset
to him, which would enhance my prospect for promotion. Of course, that was
only if things went smoothly.

Nick saw that I was being swayed. He pushed a thick folder on his desk
towards me, on top of the folder were two air ticket envelopes. "Jennifer
had some personal stuff to handle and left early, so you are taking both
air tickets with you. You'll meet her at O'Hare on Sunday. You guys will
be staying at the Hilton Millennium. Study the file and if you have
questions, call me at home."

I sighed. I felt like I was a whore on my way to sell my body and soul.
Yet I knew I had no option. I had been working very happily in this agency
and it was a great pleasure to work for a boss who knew me, respected me,
cared for me, and would fool around with me. I wouldn't quit this job
because of that bitch.

Nick came around the desk and patted me on the shoulder when I was about
to leave his office. "Put up with her. It's only a couple days. Maybe it
won't be as bad as you think. By the way, they have a cocktail reception
in Monday evening, take a good suit with you."

I sighed again. "Okay. I hope so." I left his office.

On my way back to my cubicle I almost ran into Mary. Mary was Bruce's
secretary. She was a bigmouth, a gossipmonger. She was also the cousin of
Roger's secretary Mariah. Obviously she and Mariah were the sources of
Nick and Bruce knowing about our rival's activity at Roger & Wilson. Mary
gave me a sly smile when she saw me. I sighed. She laughed.


Chapter 2 - The Trip

I arrived at O'Hare airport at about noon on Sunday. I hated that
airport. I couldn't understand why they didn't build it so that the
shuttle bus would stop right in front of the check-in area. I already had
a couple tennis games that morning and I didn't need more exercises. It
seemed like a marathon run before I got to the departure lounge for my

I saw Jennifer when I approached the check-in counter. She was wearing
brown crewneck sleek top and beige stretch pants. Her hair spread softly
and smoothly over her shoulder, reminding me of those shampoo commercials.
She was around 5'6 and had slender legs which made her look like a
Victoria's Secret's model in those pants. She surely knew how to dress
herself. If she wasn't such a bitch I would no doubt be attracted to her.

She was glaring at me with an impatient look. "Can you be more
punctual? Do you know our flight leaves at one?"

"Why worry? Our tickets are confirmed and our seats were selected in
advance. I don't see any thing that could go wrong."

"They better not!" She was still glaring at me when I gave the tickets
to the man behind the counter. He gave Jennifer a glance when he took the
ticket from my hand. "Your sister?" He asked in a low voice.

I turned to have a glance at Jennifer too. I couldn't understand why
this stupid guy would think we were siblings. We had nothing in common.
She was blonde and I had dark brown hair. Her eyes were blue and mine were
brown. She was about 3 inches shorter than me but had a much nicer body
than mine. The only thing that could suggest Jennifer was my sister would
be her looks of hatred that my childhood neighbor's little sister used to
give him. But then, I never had a sister in my life.


"Your girlfriend? She's been standing here for more than an hour.
Pretty chick!"

I stared at him and pointed my finger at his computer terminal.
"Girlfriend, you've got to be kidding." I murmured to myself. However, I
knew why Jennifer was so annoyed now. I hated waiting for people too,
especially an hour's wait. But then nobody told me to arrive two hours
before the flight, either. I never followed what airlines told me; only
idiots did. Well, bitches too.

When we boarded the plane I found out we would occupy the two seats on
the twin-seat side of this MD80. There were more passengers on board than
I expected, probably another convention or show fair in New York.

"Do you want the aisle seat or the window seat?" I turned over and asked

She was still glaring at me. "Aisle."

"Okay." I tossed my bag into the rack above us and offered to put hers
there. Jennifer shook her head but didn't stop the glare.

I bent and got into my window seat while she put her baggage into the
rack and closed the lid. She moved into her seat without looking at me.

After the plane took off, I unbuckled the seat belt and got the file out
from my briefcase. "Jennifer, I had a look at the new proposal. The ideas
and artistic part are great, but the client presentation technique could be
improved a bit." I made my points carefully while keeping my eyes on the

"Bruce said it was great. So did Janna and Nick." Jennifer replied in a
flat tone of voice. Janna was the Art Director.

I had expected that reply. Human would walk on their hands if Jennifer
would ever agree with me once. "Look, Roger doesn't like his company
having a feminine image although their business is almost totally about

"I had talked to Roger over the phone on the idea. He didn't express
any dislike. I don't think you understand it."

"Listen, Jennifer. Nobody in this agency knows Roger better than I do.
I would bet anything on that." I couldn't keep looking at my folder
anymore. I turned to look at her. There were flames in her eyes. I cursed
Nick big time.

"You're just prejudiced. Bruce had endorsed the way the presentation is
going to be made. We'll do it as planned." Jennifer turned her eyes to the
back of the seat in front of her. "I need a nap." She said as she closed
her eyes.

I had a feeling our proposal was going to fail, unless I could
accomplish the impossible mission of changing Jennifer's attitude towards

I was still looking at her. So I saw her breast rise and fall as she
breathed. Although her crewneck didn't expose anything other than her neck
and arm, it was soft knit and showed her curvature well. This was the
first time I saw her body at such a close distance. She had nice boobs. I
didn't have to take off her bra to know it. I had a lingerie client. I
felt blood rushing to a part of my body. Damn! Wrong moment, wrong place,
and wrong target.

"Juice or soda?" The flight attendant asked from the aisle.

Jennifer opened her eyes; she glanced over and caught me studying her
chest. "Jerk!"

I believed the whole plane must have heard her. The pilot must have
reported it to the control tower. I felt my face heating up. There was no
excuse. I needed a barrel - may be a whole tank - of soda. "Coke,
please." I told the flight attendant who was looking enquiringly look at

"And you, Ma'am?"

"No, thanks." Jennifer replied to the fright attendant.

I had put the file back into my briefcase. I sipped the Coke while
eating peanuts. I needed more Coke but I knew I had better be quiet. I
pretended to enjoy the view from the plane. The bulge had long gone but I
felt my bladder filling up. I needed to pee, but I knew I had better stay
put. Any movement would constitute an intended rape to Jennifer. It was
the worst flight I ever had.

I didn't even eat the lunch they provided. If I used the fork my elbow
might sway over and touch her, and I would be spending time in prison for
the crime. She didn't eat, either. She had been napping all the time. I
didn't think she was actually sleeping, just avoiding any contact with me.

I hate my bladder. I didn't drink anything after my first Coke on the
plane but it was now demanding some relief. I had to pee. I had to go to
the bathroom or I would pee in my pants.

I carefully declared my need in a tone I considered appropriate, while
keeping my eyes outside the plane. "I need to go to the bathroom."

Jennifer got out of her seat without a word and stepped forward to the
seat in front of us. She wasn't really napping. I moved out to the aisle
with great care and went to the lavatory. It was indeed a very relieving
pee; at least Jennifer wasn't around. I had considered staying in the
restroom for the rest of the flight but knew it wouldn't work.

Jennifer was still standing there when I returned. I huddled back into
my seat. She was moving back into her seat when a gorilla-like guy making
his way to the back of the plane bumped her. Jennifer fell against me. I
instinctively raised my hands trying to hold her when I realized touching
her was a capital crime. I lowered my hands and leaned back as much as
possible. One of her hands was on the window, another hand on my lap when
her cheek met my lips. If this was a kiss, it was the most horrible kiss I
ever had. It was also the first time a female had her hand in my lap and I
hadn't responded.

I saw Jennifer's face became bright red. "What are you doing?" She
stared at me after she had stabilized herself.

I had never imagined having my lips on a woman could be such a
frightening experience. "I, I'm sorry. I... It was..., was..., was an
accident. I did..., didn't..., didn't intend that... that..."

I was expecting a big slap in the face. But Jennifer just got back into
her seat, buckled up, and went to sleep again.

When I recovered from the dread, I played back the incident in my mind.
Jennifer smelled good. She wasn't wearing any perfume, but she must have
her hair shampooed that morning. Her fragrance was still in my nostril.
My retarded lap was sending delayed signals of Jennifer's hand in it to my
brain. I was licking my lips. I felt my dick swelling. I wished there
was a button I could use to deflate my dick. If she found it out, I would
be busted big time. That two-hour flight seemed to last 20 hours.


Chapter 3 - The Big Apple

It was almost five o'clock when we arrived at the Hilton Millennium.
Jennifer had not talked to me since the "kiss". When I asked her if this
was her first time in New York, she nodded. When I asked her if she had
ever seen anyone from Roger & Wilson, she shook her head. I started to
worry not only the presentation would be a failure, but also if we could
make a safe trip back to Chicago.

We had adjoining rooms. I could see her uneasiness when she learned
that. After the bellboy opened her door, I asked her if she wanted to eat
something. I was starving to death. She shook her head and walked into
her room. I followed her in, tipped the bellboy and told him to leave my
room key to me.

"Jennifer, that was an accident. I didn't mean to do that. I'm sorry.
I apologize."

"It's okay. I know it was an accident." She spoke for the first time in
two hours, but She wasn't looking at me.

"Thanks, Jennifer. I'm starving now. I bet you are too. Do you want
to get something to eat?"

"No, thanks. Please just leave me alone."

"Okay. Call me if you need anything."

I went into my room, but I didn't go to eat. I lay on the bed. I ran
through my mind to try figuring out what was wrong; what made this trip so
lousy? What made Jennifer felt so bad? I couldn't come up with any clues.
I just stared at the ceiling.

The "kiss" incident started to replay in my mind again. I had the bulge
again. I realized why I couldn't get into Alice's pants -- my dick
wouldn't react to the right circumstances at the right moments. I tried to
think about the possible failure of the presentation and my dick grew
harder. I tried to think about me having to quit the job because of this
bitch and my dick was a steel shaft making a huge tent in my pants.

I went into the bathroom and jerked off. I smelled Jennifer and felt
her hand on my lap when I was doing it. It didn't take long before I was
finished. I felt guilty. She was a bitch and I shouldn't be thinking of
her while jerking off.

I went back to the room and lay down. I fell asleep.

My empty stomach woke me up. I looked at my watch. It was almost eight
o'clock, which meant it was nine o'clock in New York. I hadn't had any
anything, except the pack of peanuts on the plane, for more than ten hours.
I got up, hesitated for a while, and called Jennifer's room. After a long
wait, she answered the phone.

"Jennifer, I need something to eat, and so do you."

"I'm not hungry."

"Jennifer, would you mind doing me a favor?" I asked.

"Go ahead."

"I need to eat, and I need to discuss the details of the presentation
with you. I don't want to screw up your presentation." I entreated.

A long pause.

"Okay, but let me use the bathroom first."

I waited outside her door for what seemed like twelve hours. She came
out carrying her big artwork folder. She was still wearing the same dress
she had worn on the plane earlier.

"I know a fine Italian restaurant nearby."

"I don't want to go out. I'm pretty tired and I hope we can get things
done fast."

"Okay." I said and pressed the button for the elevator.

I finished my double order of steak sandwich in the coffee shop while
she watched from across the table. Jennifer only had a salad. She
obviously wasn't in a mood to eat.

I asked the waitress to remove everything except the coffee. I then
laid my folder on the table. I flipped to the middle of it and pointed at
some storyboard illustrations.

I looked at her while Jennifer was gazing at the pictures. "Jennifer, I
hate to admit this, but the idea you're presenting here is great. I know
Roger's going to like it, and so will the tv audience and magazine

"I don't believe you're sincere."

"Why not?"

"You never are."

"Jennifer, listen. This presentation to Roger & Wilson is not only your
baby, it is something important for me as well. I'm handling their account
now, not Dave. The success of retaining them is going to mean prospect and
big bucks for me." I saw that she was still staring at her works.

"Jennifer, look at me!"

She raised her head and looked at me. Her face displayed no emotion.

"I know you don't like me. I don't think I like you either. But we're
in the same boat and we need to work together. You are talented in
creativity and artistic design..."

"No, I'm not."


"You don't."


"You've never accepted my work. You never did, and you never will.
You're biased."

"What makes you think so?"

"You say it all the time. You always criticize at whatever I come up

"Jennifer, I always like your designs."

"You don't."

"I do!"

"You don't."

I leaned back all the way to the back of my chair and almost fell over.
I leaned forward again and put my arms on the table, then looked into her
eyes. "Jennifer, I like your designs, all of them... Well, to be honest,
most of them."

Jennifer was studying my eyes, apparently trying to decipher the
expressions in my eyes to see if I was lying. She didn't say a word.

"But you know what?" I continued.


"You're talented but you're young. There're a lot of things you have to
consider besides the arts, ideas and designs."

"I'm not young."

"Yes, you are. You only graduated two years ago."

Jennifer looked into my eyes. "How old do you think I am?"


"How old are you?"

"Thirty. I served in the Navy before college."

"I'm twenty-eight. I'm not much younger than you."

"Oh. You were enlisted too?"

"No. What were the other factors you were talking about?"

"Okay. Let me take Roger as an example. Do you know it was me who got
Roger & Wilson in?"


"Do you think it's because I was talented or smart?"

"You're smart."

I was taken by surprise. This woman said I was smart? I hope she
didn't mean smartness was a quality for jerks. "Nope."


I laughed. And for the first time in my life I saw Jennifer smiled.
She certainly knew how to smile. I felt sore, except my damn dick, which
was starting to swell. I was glad I wasn't wearing jeans.

I shifted a bit. "Okay. I've known Roger Dreyfus for more than twenty
five years. He was practically my big brother."

"Really?" Jennifer widened her eyes.

"Roger & Wilson was still a small enterprise in Ohio when I joined this
agency. I called up Roger and I got his contract. No proposal, no
presentation. That's why they send me here now."

"I see."

"But things are different now. They are now a prominent player in the
business and they can't afford losing the game. I may be influential but I
can't turn the tide if our plan sucks."

"You think our plan sucks?"

"Nope. In fact it is a marvelous one, except some details which I am
sure will bother Roger."

She looked at me with an enquiring expression. Gosh, she was beautiful
when she didn't show hostility. I felt my dick starting to drill a hole in
the table. I turned over and asked the waitress for a glass of ice water.

"So what are the bugs?"

I poured the whole glass of ice water into my throat in a gulp. I hoped
it would work. If Jennifer was not watching me, I would have poured it
into my pants instead. I knew that would work better.

It was a new experience for me. I had never been so aroused while
talking business. I wondered if I had mistakenly taken Viagra instead of a
Tic-Tac. Jennifer moved from across the table to the seat on my right.
Her head was only few inches from mine when we went through the details in
the proposal. Her fragrance made me thirsty. I must have consumed eight
glasses of ice water by the time I finished. To my amazement she had
concurred with me on the business parts of the proposal. Maybe she wasn't
as much a bitch as I thought.

"I'll have to retype it." She said after we changed some of the details
in her proposal. "Let's go to your room and fix them."

"Why my room?"

"Because you have the computer."

"What computer?"

Her eyes were the size of golf ball now. "Don't you have the notebook
computer with you?"

"I don't. I never carry a computer."

"Didn't Dave give it to you?"

"Nope. Nothing from Dave."


My dick responded to her four-letter word with four strokes in my pants.
If she continued to say that word I would for sure make a big mess
underneath the table.

"They have a business center here. I think we can even log on to our
computer to retrieve the file."

"Okay, let's go now." Jennifer stood up.

"Wait, let me get these papers back to my briefcase." I rearranged every
piece of paper in the folder to give me time, in fact, time for my dick to
return to its normal state.

We worked in the business center until two o'clock in the morning. It
was a torture for me. I was sitting next to her while she worked on the
computer. I had the folder on my lap to hide my everlasting hard-on. By
the time she finished printing everything we needed for the next morning's
meeting, my dick was aching from prolonged swelling.

I said good night to her outside her room. She gave me a smile before
closing her door. I went into my room and rushed into the bathroom.
Jennifer was smiling in the mirror while I was stoking myself. The whole
bathroom was filled with her shampoo scent. I was not sure if it was the
first time that I got multiple orgasms from jerking off. I did, however,
have multiple guilty feelings when I went to bed.


Chapter 4 - The Presentation

Roger Dreyfus had gained some weight since I last saw him a year
earlier. So had Wilson Smith, the other co-founder of the business.

"James! I'm so glad to see you again." Roger gave me a big hug.

"Me too, Roger. You need some exercises." I laughed when I said it.

I shook hands with Wilson and then introduced Jennifer to them. I could
feel uneasiness and even signs of dislike on Jennifer's face when she saw
Wilson paying attention to her face and body. Roger was married to a
former model but Wilson was single. I couldn't blame Wilson. Jennifer was
wearing a black notch lapel jacket and black poly crepe sheath that came
down to three inches above her knees. I wondered why I had never paid any
attention to Jennifer in the office, except the time she was introduced to
me on her first day of work.

"We're having a cocktail reception this evening at the Four Seasons
Pierre. It starts at seven. Bring Jennifer with you." Roger instructed me
as Mariah joined us. We headed for the meeting room.

The presentation was great. I knew I did my part pretty well. I knew
what these people wanted and opposed. I didn't have to worry about Roger.
If our package was comparable, he would award us the renewal without
hesitation. I also knew Wilson would never challenge Roger in this area.
Roger dealt with marketing and had contributed more than anyone else to the
success of this company.

Jennifer did her part even better. She even smiled during her
presentation, something I had never seen in our previous meetings. I could
see Roger nodding. I knew he liked Jennifer's ideas. He asked Jennifer
some questions and smiled at me when Jennifer answered in the way I told
her. I could see from the corner of my eyes that Jennifer glanced at me
after she gave Roger the replies. Wilson didn't ask any questions. He was
studying Jennifer all the time. I knew he had the same bulge I had. Two
hours into the presentation meeting and I knew we were going to get the
renewal. I was flattered.

After the meeting Roger told us that he would meet with his colleagues
and would let us know of their decision. He then leaned forward and
whispered to me, "The contract will be sent out on Thursday. Go buy
Jennifer some nice gifts. She's good... very good."

When we were back on the street I complimented Jennifer, "You did a
fabulous job. I'm glad I have you here."

"Thank you." She smiled. "But we still have to see."

"We've got the contract."

"We do?"

"Roger told me."

"He did? I thought he said he would let us know."

I laughed. "He told me the contract would be sent out on Thursday. You
see, things aren't always what they seem like."

Jennifer laughed too. "When did he say that? And what else?"

She noticed I wasn't responding and turned around to see me staring at
her. "What's the matter?"

"Do you know you are just strikingly beautiful when you laugh?"

Jennifer blushed. "Thank you. But I'd rather not."


"Maybe I will tell you sometime." Jennifer said after a pause. She was
looking at her shoes. "What else did he say?"

"He said you were good, very good," I said, "Roger rarely gives
compliments. If he meant your presentation was good, then you were
outstanding. If he meant you were nice looking, then you were gorgeous.
His wife is one of the most beautiful women I've ever seen."

"Which one did he imply?"

"Both, he said 'good' twice." I grinned at her.

She laughed again and glanced me out of the corner of her eyes. I had a
strange feeling that I couldn't pin down. I was starting to worry that I
might begin to like this bitch.

"I'm hungry. Do you mind joining me for lunch?" I asked.


"What about Italian?"

"Fine for me. The one you suggested last night?"

"Nope, I know another one nearby."

"Seems you know New York pretty well."

"Since Roger & Wilson moved to New York three and a half years ago,
whenever I came here, I took a vacation. Melissa and Roger would show me
around. Melissa is part Italian."

"His wife?"

"Yep. Well to be exact, she was his girlfriend. They got married last

When I was sipping my coffee after the meal, I asked Jennifer. "Do you
want to see the Statue of Liberty? We have the whole afternoon open."

"You've never been there?" She asked.

"I have; but you haven't."

Jennifer thought for a moment. "Okay, but I want to drop the material
in my room first."

"Sure, I haven't seen anyone there with a briefcase myself."

When we were in the hallway outside her room, she said, "I think I might
as well change into more casual clothes."

"Good idea. I'll do the same."

She came out of her room in the dress she was wearing the day before.
Before she closed the door I saw something like a dress hanging outside the
wardrobe. "What's that? I pointed inside."

"Oh, that's my dress for this evening. Bruce had told me they were
having a cocktail party."

I peeked inside. Jennifer snickered. "Want to take a look?" She opened
the door wide.

It was a drapery knit matte jersey shirtdress. "You're going to look

Jennifer smiled, closed the door and headed towards the elevator lobby.

When we returned to the hotel it was a little past five o'clock.
"Jennifer, I will knock on your door at six-thirty. I need to do a little

Jennifer nodded. "Okay, see you later." She smiled and walked into the
hotel lobby. Her smile reinforced my determination to do something stupid.
When I got back to my room it was almost a quarter after six. I took a
shower real fast and changed into my black suit. I got everything ready
and went out to knock on her door.

"Oh, my goodness! You look better than I expected." I couldn't hold
back my praise when she opened the door.

"Thank you. You look good too, except your tie." Jennifer smiled.

I looked down at myself. I was wearing a dark green tie with some
neon-green design that I wore to the meeting that morning. It was a gift
from an ex-girlfriend. I saw nothing wrong with it. It was one of my best

"Jennifer, may I come in?"

"Sure." She pulled open the door and stepped back. I thought she would
at least hesitate but she didn't.

I went inside. "Jennifer, I hmm, I have something for you. I think it
will look nice on you." I reached into my pocket and took out a necklace
with a pendant.

Jennifer studied the necklace for a moment. It was a 14k gold wheat
necklace with a shinning stone pendant. "Where did you get it?" She asked.
"Sears is having a sale. I saw it while looking for something for
myself. It's some gemstone on the pendant but it looks like a diamond.
Isn't it nice?"

"How much is it?"

"Well, it's on sale, only $199."

"I can't take it."

"Why not? Is it terrible?"

"No, it's beautiful. But I can't accept an expensive gift from you."

"Look, Jennifer. You've helped me earned more than ten thousand
dollars. This is nothing." I raised my voice. "Now turn around so I can
put it on for you."

Jennifer hesitated. She looked at the jewelry in my hand and looked at
me. She looked at the necklace again. I saw her eyelashes fluttering.
She turned around.

I put the necklace on her neck. Her skin was smooth as silk. I didn't
know what perfume she was wearing. Her fragrance drove me nuts. I had to
keep going through the multiplication table in my mind to keep myself from

Jennifer went over to the mirror and looked at the necklace on her.
"It's really beautiful. Thank you."

"You're welcome. You look great wearing it."

She smiled at me, and then opened her handbag. "Do you know you have an
awful taste in clothing? Your tie is more a napkin than a tie."

I look down at myself again. I never had a napkin on me so I didn't
know how much it looked like a napkin. I raised my head and saw her
holding a tie-envelop in her hand. She pulled a tie out and toss the
envelop into the litter bin. "Put this on. It will look great on you."

I took the tie. It was a brown and black silk-jacquard tie with a
tweedy pattern. I flipped it over and noticed it was an Yves Saint Laurent

"How much is this?"

"Much less than the necklace. Put it on"

I went over to the mirror and replaced the tie.

"You look decent now." Jennifer smiled.

I was confused. To tell the truth I didn't know why I bought Jennifer
the necklace. This tie she bought me added more bewilderment to my mind.
It didn't make sense.

"Why did you buy me the tie?"

"Why did you buy me the necklace?"

"I thought it would look great on you."

"I thought your tie was ugly."

We both laughed.


Chapter 5 - The Cocktail

When we arrived at the Four Seasons Pierre function room where the Roger
& Wilson cocktail reception was held, there were already at least 200
people there. I saw Roger and Melissa. Roger gave me a hug, so did

"Melissa, you're drop-dead gorgeous!"

Melissa giggled. "Thank you, James. You look great too. Nice tie
you're wearing. It's much better than those napkins you usually wear."

I glanced at Jennifer and saw her snickering happily. I introduced her
to Melissa.

"You're beautiful, Jennifer. Oh, this necklace is dazzling!"

"Thank you. You're gorgeous. James bought the necklace."

I saw Roger giving me an endorsing wink.

Melissa waved a woman to come over. "Maggie, meet Jennifer and James.
They're from Roger's advertising agency. James' also Roger's long time

Melissa turned to us. "Meet my sister Maggie. She just moved to the
Big Apple last year."

"Nice meeting you, James." Maggie shook our hands. "Nice meeting you,
Jennifer. Wow! This necklace looks so beautiful on you."

"Nice meeting you, Maggie. Thanks you," Jennifer added, "James got it
at Sears. The pendant is some gemstone."

Maggie looked at me with an astonished expression. "Sears?"

"Yeah, ah... What do you do, Maggie?"

"I'm a jewelry designer."

"Shit!" I said to myself.

"Why are you so surprised?" Jennifer asked Maggie.

"Because Sears don't sell Tiffany Collections."

"What are Tiffany Collections?"

"Well, I think we need a drink." I nudged Jennifer's elbow.

"Honey, the necklace you're wearing is a Tiffany Collection, and it's a
diamond pendant. Tiffany only uses diamond, not even ruby or sapphire, and
never other gemstones." Maggie replied.

"How can you tell?" Jennifer glanced at me and turned to Maggie.

"I'll go get some snacks." I said and sneaked away. I wanted to go to
the airport at once and get back home.

I was hanging around at the bar when someone pinched me at my back. It
was Jennifer.

"How much is it?"


"The necklace. You liar!"

"Look, Jennifer. Maggie could have made a mistake."

"She works for Tiffany."

I knew I shouldn't have come to this party. I knew I shouldn't have
bought Jennifer that jewelry. I knew I shouldn't have come to New York.

"How much?" Jennifer took a small step toward me. She was so close to
me her breast was almost against my chest. She looked right into my eyes.
I looked at my shoes.

I turned around and saw my life saver. Wilson was coming towards us. I
lowered my voice. "Let's talk about this later, okay? I promise."

Jennifer saw Wilson, too. I was safe for the moment. Jennifer smiled a
lot at the party, except when she looked at me. I never enjoyed being in
cocktail parties, but this one was the worst.

At about nine o'clock Jennifer talked to me first time since asking her
question. "I think we'd better go. I'm tired."

"Okay, let's go find Roger first." We started looking for Roger and

"You really have to go now?" Melissa asked.

"Yes, I really enjoy it here. But I stayed up late last night working
and I'm pretty tired." Jennifer said.

"All right. Take care, honey. Do come more frequently. I'll show you
around." Melissa gave Jennifer and me a hug. Roger did the same.

"Hey, Mariah is leaving too. She can give you guys a ride," Roger said
as Mariah showed up from behind.

"We can take a cab," I said.

"Where are you guys staying?" Mariah asked.

"Hilton Millennium," I replied.

"Well, that's on my way. I'll give you guys a ride," Mariah said.

As soon as we got out of Mariah's car in front of the hotel, Jennifer
repeated her question. "How much?"

"It's nothing."

"How much?"

"I got a good deal. It was on sale."

"How much?"

"Two thousand."

I reached out my hands to stop Jennifer. She was trying to take the
necklace off her neck.

"Get your fucking hands off me!"

I didn't release her hands. "Jennifer, listen! I know it is stupid. I
don't even know why I bought it. But I knew it would look great on you,
and you deserve it."

"What do you want from me?"

"What do you mean? I told you already. You helped me made a
significant amount of money. I get a great bonus from your outstanding
presentation. It's my expression of appreciation."

"I was just doing my job. I was paid to do it. I don't need anything
else, especially not a two thousand dollar 'appreciation'."

I didn't know what to say. I saw her eyes getting wet. She tried to
get away from my hands.

"Jennifer," I hold her arms, "whatever it was that made me do that
stupid thing buying you the necklace, you deserve it."

"Why did you lie?"

"If I told you I bought you a two thousand dollar necklace, would you
have accepted it?"


"You did when you thought it was two hundred."

"I shouldn't have."

"Jennifer, I had some girlfriends in the past. Whenever I bought them
gifts that cost a few hundred bucks I had to think it for a while. But I
had no hesitation when I bought you this necklace. I just thought you
deserved it."

"I'm not your girlfriend."

"I know. I was just saying that you deserve it."

"And you lied."

"I'm sorry for that, Jennifer. I feel like hell."

"Of course you do, your lie was uncovered."

"I know. It was the shittiest cocktail party I've ever been to."

Jennifer laughed. I felt relieved. "Keep the necklace as if it were a
two hundred buck one, okay?"

Jennifer hesitated, then said softly, "I'll think about it." She was
looking at her shoes.

"Let's get inside. We are providing a free show for the pedestrians."


Chapter 6 - The Revelation

We were in the elevator when Jennifer asked, "Why did you go to

"I don't know. I was just browsing around. I wanted to get you a nice
piece of jewelry. I wanted you to look nice in the party."

"Why did you want me to look nice?"

"I just thought you should. I know I'm stupid."

Jennifer didn't say anything.

"Roger told me to buy you some gift."

"Why would Roger tell you that?"

"I don't know. I'll call him to find out."

"You do whatever he tells you to do?"

"Nope, not always. I wanted to buy you something anyway."


"I don't know. Why did you buy me this tie?"

"Because your tie was ugly."

"Lots of people's ties are ugly," I said, as we stopped outside our

"Because you gave me a lesson on the presentation and the business. It
was my appreciation."

"I did that for my own benefit."

"But it also benefits me, a great deal."

"I'm glad you appreciate it."

"I always do."


"You're smart in dealing with clients. You always gave me insights in
our meetings."

"I thought you hate me."

"I do."

I was confused.

"I hate it when guys judge me by my appearance. I remember what you
said when you first saw me."

"I remember it too. They were compliments." I said, "Why?"

"Why what?"

"Why do you hate it when guys compliment your look?"

Jennifer opened her door, turned on the light, and went inside. "Come

I hesitated a bit and followed. I closed the door behind me.

"Take a seat." Jennifer pointed to a chair as she sat in the other one.

I sat down, wondering what she was about to say.

"I got used to being the center of attention when I was in school. I
was very active. I had tons of boyfriends. I got to pick the best-looking
guys. It turned out they were all jerks.

"I got married at the age of seventeen; to a guy I thought he was real
great. A year later I caught him in our bed with a redhead. Know what he
said afterwards?"

"What did he say?" I asked.

"He said I was still the best blonde he ever had."

"Damn it. Sorry to know."

"It's okay. It's the past. A few months after my first divorce I got
married again. Six months later I caught my hubby in our bed with another
woman. Guess what color of hair this time?"


"Blonde. He said blondes were the best fucks."

"I'm sorry to hear that. What happened afterwards?"

"I got divorced again. I was a disgrace to my family. I moved out,
worked as a waitress. I dyed my hair dark brown and wore ugly plain-sight
glasses to reduce the harassments I got. I went to junior college in the
evening; got my Associate Degree; then finished my Bachelor Degree. I
completed them in six years with an average five hours of sleep at night."

"I'm proud of you. It's real hard and needs a great deal of
determination and endurance."

"Thank you." Tears started flowing from her eyes. I had an urge to go
over and kiss the tears off her face. Instead I passed her the box of
tissues from the dressing table.

"It's nice that you did it. You're a creative talent. It would be a
waste for you to stay home or to serve dishes."

Jennifer laughed. Her shirtdress was buttoned down the front. She
didn't loose any button but when she sat with her legs crossed large
portions of her slender legs were exposed to me. Together with her
laughter and smiles I just couldn't help my hard-on. I knew I was going to
jerk-off again real hard that night. I crossed my legs to hide my

"But know what?" Jennifer asked.


"I still can't get away from this appearance prejudice." She continued.
"People always, and yes, always, judge me by my appearance. I don't dye my
hair anymore, I have enough confidence and I know I worth more than a
brainless blonde."

"I saw the way Wilson looked at you this morning."

Jennifer laughed. "He was disgusting. Do you know half of the guys in
the our agency want to get into my pants?"

"You're kidding."

"No, believe me."

"Including Dave?"

"Of course."


"Not yet."

I couldn't hold my laughter. "James?"

Jennifer laughed. "Do you?" She turned to look at her hands but glanced
at me over the corner of her eyes.

"I do." I was representing my dick.

"You don't, unless you have a crush on bitches."

I didn't know how she found out she was a bitch to me, but I knew I was
into bitches now. "I have a crush on a bitch," I told myself.

"So you never have a boyfriend since your divorce?"

"No, I had no time, and I needed time to get over them and restore my

"I understand that. You've been doing well."

"You know why I like you?" Jennifer asked after a pause, looking down at
her hands again.

My mouth dropped open. "You kidding?" I asked carefully. "You hate

"Both." Jennifer blushed. "I hate you for your compliments when you
first saw me. I hate you for calling me a bitch and let the entire office
know it."

"I'm sorry. I'll renounce it."

Jennifer laughed again. "I hate myself too, because I knew I like you."
She was still looking at her hands. "I like you for several reasons. You
taught me a lot at the office. You did it the harsh way; you made me cry
in the bathroom; but every time I talked to you I learned something. You
didn't do it because you wanted anything from me. You're also a caring
guy, to beauty and to bitches. Remember what you said when we were in
Nick's office discussing the donut-chain proposal?"

"Nope, I don't. When was it and what did I say?"

"You called me an idiot. No man had called me an idiot before, not
until after they had fucked me."

"I'm sorry for that. Sometimes I have a temper." I moved my eyes away
from her legs and looked at the vase on the tea table. I knew I would want
to fuck her if I kept on watching her legs.

"I bawled in the bathroom after that. But despite you calling me an
idiot you also reminded me to watch out for that womanizer operations guy
that I would be meeting. You cared for a bitch you hated."

"Oh." I murmured. I had no memory of saying that. I started to wonder
if I had ever really hated her.

"You'd have managed to take me to the meal last night even if you didn't
need to talk about the proposal with me, right?"

"I... um... I don't know. Why do you think so?"

"Because of your tone. You forget I had substantial experience with
guys." Jennifer moved her attention from her hands to my eyes. "I knew you
cared for me, even though I was a bitch to you.

"And you bought me this two thousand dollar necklace without knowing why
you did it. You even told me it was a two hundred dollar one. guys who
bought me gifts always inflated the price of the gifts." Jennifer was
handling her necklace. "Have you ever bought a woman something like this?"
I went through my mind for gifts I had bought for others in the past. I
didn't think I had bought anyone anything more than two hundred dollars. I
still couldn't believe I spent two thousand dollars on this necklace. I
shook my head. "I thought you were angry when you knew it was two

"I was. I hate people lying to me. But you bought me something you
wouldn't even do for your girlfriends."

I didn't know what to say. I realized I was looking at her exposed legs
again. I knew I needed to leave but I couldn't stand up with my obvious

Jennifer stood up. She came over to me and took my hand. She pulled my
hands to get me stand up. I stood up and tried to bend to hide my bulge
but I couldn't. I would be kissing her if I lean forward. Jennifer looked
into my eyes. Her wet crystal ocean blue eyes were only a few inches from
mine. I wanted to kiss her.

Jennifer wrapped her hands around my neck and pressed her lips onto
mine. Her lips were softer than cotton and warmer than my heart. It was
just a soft touch. She moved back a bit and whispered. "Do you like a

"Yeah, I am into a bitch." I didn't know what I was saying. I wrap my
hands around her waist. I didn't know what I was doing.

Jennifer leaned forward. Her soft breast pressed firmly on my chest.
Her warm body came in contact with my bulge. "I can feel it." She
whispered and closed her eyes.

Next thing I knew I was kissing her. Our lips touched, parted, and
touched. My lips moved from her upper lips to her lower lips. My tongue
probed in between her lips. I licked her teeth and felt a wet soft tongue
meeting mine. Our tongues danced together. She caressed my shoulder and
twined my hair with her fingers. She massaged my body with her breast and
legs. I never had a more passionate or exotic kiss in my life.

I caressed her. I moved a hand to her shoulder. I could feel the
softness of her body beneath the fabric. I played with her bra strap. I
lowered my other hand and slide it down to her butt. I cupped her ass
cheek and stroked it. I pressed on her ass pulling her closer to my bulge.
Jennifer moaned lightly into my throat. She moved back a bit. I was
wondering if I did something wrong. She looked at me, her hands still
around my neck. "The buttons are on the front."

I wasn't an idiot, not at that moment. I moved my hands to her front
and started to unbutton her dress. I had some problem doing it as my hands
were trembling. Jennifer was wearing a black seamless deep-V bra with
front closure. One-third of her breasts were exposed from the bra
coverage, making a strong and intriguing contrast between her fair skin and
the dark lingerie. I gulped when I put a hand on her bra. Jennifer
quivered slightly when I touched her semi-covered breast, "Buttons first."
She whispered after taking a deep breath.

I did as commanded. When the buttons were all free, she lowered her
hands to her side and jiggled. The dress slid onto the floor. Her black
cotton bikini panties came into view. I gulped again and undid her bra.
She jiggled again and her bra fell onto the carpet behind her. I grunted
involuntarily at the sight of her bare breast in front of me. My first
impression on her, which made me a jerk in her eyes, was totally correct.
Jennifer had firm nice tits. They were not big, but nicely shaped.
Gravity didn't have much effect on them. Her nipples were stiff and
erected. The necklace and shinning diamond pendant on her naked chest made
it even more intriguing. I felt my dick was swelling to a size it had
never before achieved.

"Like what you see?" Jennifer asked teasingly in an alluring low voice.

I nodded. "You're a goddess."

"Thank you." Jennifer smiled and ran her hands behind me again. We
kissed and fondled each other. We caressed each other. We stroked each
other. After a while she pushed me away and started to pull my jacket off
and unbuttoned my shirt. She pulled the tie from my collar and unbuckled
my belt. I helped her undressing myself until I was only in my jockey

Jennifer giggled as she saw a huge wet stain on my brief. She ran her
fingers from the tip of my cock down through the fabric. She was sending a
huge amount of electricity into my dick. I groaned. "Like this?" Jennifer
asked while watching her fingers fondling my dick.

"Yeah. I died and went to heaven." I groaned. I was afraid I would
shoot in my brief.

Jennifer smiled. She carefully removed my brief from my hip. "Get on
the bed." She instructed me.

I wiggled my legs to get rid of my brief. I stepped over and sat on the
bed. Jennifer came over and sat beside me. "Lie down." She said softly. I
wish I had a recorder with me. I wanted to hear those words in her sexy
voice over and over. I lay on my back and Jennifer took my hot rod in her
hands. She fondled it and occasionally played with my balls. She was
watching me the whole time. I was watching her. I wanted to kiss her. I
wanted to fondle her boobs. I wanted to melt into her.

Jennifer bent and kissed on the tip of my dick. I quivered. My dick
reacted to the kiss with a strong bounce. Jennifer giggled and licked my
dick, starting from the tip running down the shaft while gently squeezing
my balls. I felt her warm wet lips wrapping around the tip of my cock. I
groaned louder. I felt her soft hair tickling every inch of my skin around
my pelvis. I felt her hot lips engulfing my dick. Jennifer started to
move up and down my shaft, sending waves of thrill through my cock to my
brain. I knew it wouldn't take long. I was groaning hard when I touched
her head and exclaimed, "I'm coming." Before Jennifer had a chance to react
I was shooting a huge load into her mouth. I almost passed out. Jennifer
slowly let go of my deflating cock when my ejaculation ended. She got up,
smiled at me, and went into the bathroom. She came back a little while
later with a towel in her hand. She wiped me clean with the warm damp
towel and then snuggled beside me. We kissed while fondling each other.

Jennifer broke the kiss, "How long since your last time?" She played
with my deflated tool. "You almost shot your load into my stomach." She

"About two years. Since I broke off with my ex-girlfriend. You?"

Jennifer giggled again. "No wonder you came fast and hard, you poor
boy." She massaged my balls. "I haven't had sex since my last divorce."

"I am sorry. I couldn't control it." I played with her nipples, "You
missed it longer than I did."

"Why sorry? You'll perform better the second time." Jennifer smiled,
"Well, I got something at home in case I have the need." She blushed.

"I love seeing you blush. In fact I love seeing you everything."

Jennifer gave me a poke in my chest. "I love seeing you hide your face
too. You looked so cute."

I laughed and turned to her. I knew I was in trouble now. I want this
woman, whether a bitch or an angel. I didn't care; I wanted her. I sat up
and looked at her. Jennifer was looking at me. She was happy. I could
feel it. I kissed her and made my way down her neck and to her chest. I
cupped her breasts and fondled her stiff nipples while running my tongue
all over her breasts. She started to moan. I loved hearing her moan. I
sucked her nipple and ran my hands all over her. She moaned louder. I
moved my tongue down to licked every inch of her skin. I stuck my tongue
into her belly button. She spread her hands and grasped the sheet tight. I
ran my tongue around her pelvis. Jennifer was trembling.

I slid my hands under the rim of her panties and slowly pushed them down
her hip. Jennifer raised them. I pushed them further down her legs. When
her panties were below her knees she wiggled her legs and kicked them off.

Jennifer was a real blonde. I never had any preference on hair color
but it looked so pretty on her. She didn't shave but her bushes looked
very sexy. I knew my cock was three times the size of a baseball bat now.
I enjoyed the view below while bringing back a hand to her breast and put
the other hand on her bushes and caressed. I moved my hands further down.
Jennifer spread her legs. I moved my hand over her pussy and felt the
stream flooding. She moaned loudly.

"You're very wet." I turned my eyes to her face.

"I am. I've been wet many times today, in fact yesterday too. I was
even wet after you had your lips on me on the plane."

I was astonished. "I didn't know that."

"Of course you didn't. You're an idiot."

"Damn it," I thought. I was jerking off hard the day before without
knowing my bitch needed a man. "I'll make up for it." I smiled to Jennifer
and moved my head down.

"You'd better." She smiled while spreading wider.

I moved my head between her thighs and kissed her on her pussy.
Jennifer arched her back and raised her knees. "Ah-o-ah!" She moaned. Her
aroma was very strong. It filled up my nostril completely. Her lips were
swollen and her juice was oozing out. I suck her slit and stuck my tongue

"Ohhhhhh!" Jennifer cried out loud. She pulled my head tighter against
her body. I stuck my tongue all the way into her pussy. I felt her hands
gasping my hair, pulling and pushing. I withdrew my tongue and lapped
around her lips. I moved up through her coarse hair and found her clit,
swollen and rigid. I ran my tongue around it. I felt her pelvis shaking.
I enclosed her clit with my lips and push a finger into her slit. Jennifer
reacted by grasping my finger with her pussy muscles. I thrust my finger
in and out of her tunnel. She shoved her hips up and down meeting my
thrusts. I kept on enjoying her sweetness while her motions became more
vigorous. I added a touch to her clit with my tongue while sucking it.
Jennifer was trembling all over. I felt waves after waves of contractions
engulfing my finger inside her when she arched her hip high into my face.
She was silent. I stopped my movements and waited for her. After a while
she lowered her hip to the bed, gave out a long sigh. I slowly ran my
finger in circular motions inside her and lick around her clit softly for a
few moments before moving up to her face.

Tears were flowing out from Jennifer's eyes. I bent down to lick them
off her face. She pulled me towards her lips and kissed me vigorously and

Jennifer held my cheek in her hands after the kiss and looked into my
eyes. Her eyes were filled with joy and passion. "Do you know that nobody
had ever made me come the first time I have sex with him? You're the first
guy. You made me come like I never had climax before."

"I'm glad I can bring joy to you. This is the most passionate sex I
ever had." I looked at her. I had never seen such a pretty face before,

"I thought I liked you, James. I was wrong. I love you." Jennifer
continued, "Otherwise I wouldn't have come so hard." Tears were forming in
her eyes again.

I kissed the tears from her eyes. "I've also realized I'm in love with
you. It sounds stupid, but I honestly love you, Jennifer. I want you to
be happy"

We kissed again. I wanted to hold and kiss this bitch till the dawn,
till the dusk. Jennifer's fingers were all over me, touching every part
she could reach. She stopped when she found my once again rock-hard cock
and stroked it gently.

Jennifer broke the kiss again and whispered. "I want you to fuck me. I
want you to fuck my brains out." Her eyes were filled with a mix of passion
and lasciviousness.

"Me too." I replied on behalf of my dick and my heart. Suddenly I
remembered something. "I don't have rubbers."

Jennifer grasped my cock hard. "I don't care, just fuck me."

I wanted to ask, but Jennifer put a finger on my lips. "Fuck me now!
Fuck me hard!"

Jennifer's words definitely had a strong effect on me. I felt my dick
was growing into a monster. I knew I had to fuck this bitchy angel till
the world ended.

I positioned myself between her legs. Jennifer was still holding my
cock. She guided me into her wetness. I immediately felt the mixture of
softness, wetness, and warmth surrounding my cock. I had sex many times in
my life before but nothing could compare with this feeling I was having at
this moment, nothing even close. I wanted to stay like this forever but
Jennifer's hands were pushing on my ass and her hips were rising to gobble
up my meat. I thrust all the way inside her.

"Yes! Yes! Do it! Do it! Don't stop!" Jennifer's moaning was goading
me. I thrust all the way in and all the way out. I picked up the pace.
She was thrashing back and forth, meeting my thrusts halfway. Our pelvises
slammed at each other's.

"Oh, oh goodness! Fuck me! Fuck me! Fuck me hard! Fuck me harder!
Fuck... ohhhhhhhhh..." Jennifer was moaning hard. I was groaning out
loud. I moved my hip in a speed beyond my imagination. I had never been as
horny like I was now. I saw sweats dripping down my face on to Jennifer's
face, mixing with hers and dropping down on to the pillow. Then all at a
sudden Jennifer came still in the air. Her mouth was open but no sound
came out. Her eyes were tightly closed. Her nails dug deep into my ass.
Her pussy went tight engulfing my cock. I stopped and enjoyed her
contractions around my dick. It seemed her convulsions never ended. They
came wave after wave. The stimulus was so strong I knew I wasn't going to

Jennifer opened her eyes after another long breath. She pulled my ass
hard against her. "Come inside me, James."

I nodded. I shoved myself inside her and went back to the madness of
both rhythmic and random paces. It didn't take long before I felt the
uncontrollable urge. "I'm coming!" I managed to get the words out.
Jennifer nodded, wrapping her legs around my ass and grasping my waist with
her hands. I shot another huge load into her pussy when I thrust deep
inside her. I thought I had nothing left after I unloaded into her mouth
earlier, but I was now giving her more than the previous shot. I felt my
cock contracting and felt her muscles around my cock contracting as well.
Both of us were motionless. We made no sound.

I didn't know how long we maintained that position. I only knew my arms
were shaking from the prolonged push-up. Jennifer opened her eyes, smiled
at me, and whispered. "Come down on me, I want to feel you and hold you."

I fell onto Jennifer. We held each other tight. We kissed
passionately. My semi-deflated cock was still inside her. Her legs were
still wrapping around my ass. After I regained strength to roll off her,
Jennifer turned on her side and looked deep into my eyes. "James, I never
had a comparable fuck before, not even close."

"Me too. I love you, Jennifer." I caressed her hair.

"I love you too, James." Jennifer caressed my cheek.

We went to sleep cuddling together without a shower. We were too
exhausted for anything. When I woke up in the morning I was still holding
her in my arms. My neck was stiff from the position I slept but my cock
was as hard as a baseball bat. I was studying the sweet smile on her face
when Jennifer opened her eyes. She smiled at me, moved over and kissed me.
We made passionate love again in the bed, and later in the shower. My dick
was so sore I was certain it wouldn't function for a week.

We had the return flight at four o'clock, so we went out for a meal and
hung around the downtown for a while before going to the airport.

I called Roger when we were in the lounge at the airport waiting for the
flight. I told him I was leaving and thanked him for the contract as well
as the cocktail. I then asked him, "Why did you tell me to go buy Jennifer

"Because she deserves it. She's good. She's a nice girl; and she likes
you," Roger replied.

"How can you tell she likes me?"

"Listen, little brother. My business deals with women. I deal with
women. I know women. That's why I succeed. Can't you see it from the way
she looks at you?"

"Nope. She used to call me a jerk. I called her a bitch."

Roger was laughing hard. "See? The two of you are made for each

I went back to Jennifer. The confused look was still hanging on my

"What's the matter?" Jennifer asked.

"Roger told me he could tell you liked me."

Jennifer laughed. "That's why I hated you and liked you, James. You're
a stupid silly duck."

I started to ponder if Nick had been honest with me, and whether there
was any hidden reason he was sending me here.

"For how long?" I asked.

"I don't remember, but it's been a while," Jennifer continued after a
pause. "When we get back to Chicago I will show you something."

"You aren't on pills, are you?" I asked the question I was stopped last

"No. I've not been on pills since my last divorce. No need."

"You were taking a chance with me then."

Jennifer turned away from me and looked at the check-in counter. "My
period came a few days earlier. Chances were slim. If I get pregnant I
will bear the responsibility. I'll keep and raise the baby. I take sex
seriously. I didn't just make love to you because I was horny." Jennifer
stopped for a moment looking at her fingers. "I didn't ask you to be
responsible. I knew I wanted to do it with you anyway. That's why I
stopped you last night. I knew what you were going to ask."

"Know what, Jennifer?"


I held Jennifer's face in my hands. "If you get pregnant, the baby will
be ours, not yours."

Tears started running down her face. She leaned forward and sobbed on
my shoulder.

"I love you, Jennifer." I whispered to her ears.

"I love you too, James." Jennifer still had tears hanging on her face as
she raised her head to look at me. I kissed her on her face.

"Maybe we should simply get a plan to make a baby."

Jennifer laughed. "Now?"

My dick responded by swelling. "Do you want to do it here now?" I
teased her.

Jennifer poked me in my chest. "You little dirty jerk." She laughed.


Chapter 7 - The Dildo

"Where is your car?" I asked Jennifer when we were back at O'Hare

"I took a cab to get here. Driving to O'Hare is always a nightmare."

"I'll give you a ride then. But I am hungry. Would you want to have
some a snack with me?" I was holding her hands in mine while pushing the
luggage cart towards the exit.

We shared a candlelight dinner instead of a snack. When I stopped my
car outside her apartment building, Jennifer asked. "Do you want a cup of


I followed Jennifer up to her apartment. It wasn't a big unit, but she
decorated it well. It made my apartment looked like a doghouse.

"You have talent for interior design too." I made a sincere remark.

"Thank you, James." She turned over and smiled at me on her way to the

I had already developed a horrible habit, more accurately my dick had.
Whenever Jennifer smiled at me, my dick swelled. Whenever she laughed, my
dick swelled. Whenever she blushed, my dick swelled. Needless to say when
she was in my arms or leaning on me, my dick swelled.

"So what was it that you were going to show me?" I asked her when I was
sipping the coffee while caressing her hair in the couch.


"You said you would show me something when we got back to Chicago."

"Oh, that one." Jennifer suddenly blushed. My dick responded.

She stood up, took my hand, and led me into her bedroom. My dick
responded. Jennifer saw it. She giggled.

We were standing next to her bed when Jennifer talked. "Do you remember
I told you I had something at home in case I felt horny?"

"Yeah, I remember," I said. My dick responded.

Jennifer opened the drawer in the night table. She took out a dildo.

I laughed.

"That's what a bitch uses." Jennifer laughed. She then handed it over
to me. "Take a look."

I was somehow taken by surprise. I knew what it was for, but I had no
use for it. Nevertheless I took it in my hand. There were some markings
on it. The room was dim. I bent down to look at it under the lamp on the
night table. There was a marker-pen written word "James" on it.

I turned around and looked at Jennifer. Her face was bright red. "This
is the only dildo I have." She said in a barely audible voice, looking at
her fingers.

"How long has it been here?"

"I don't remember. A few months." Jennifer was still looking at her

"I'm an idiot," I sighed.

"Yes you are." Jennifer smiled. My dick responded.

I moved towards Jennifer, with the dildo in my hand. "Which one is

Jennifer chuckled, and she grasped my bulge. "You'd better be better."

I wasn't sure how many times I made love to Jennifer that night. I
almost had to craw to the bathroom the next morning. When I got out,
Jennifer was already in her work clothes.

"I'm going to the office now. I don't want them see us getting there at
the same time. If you're hungry there's a donut shop at the corner two
blocks down. I'll see you in the office, okay?"

"Okay, Jennifer." I pulled her close and kissed her. My dick responded.
Jennifer chuckled as she left.


Chapter 8 - The Proposal

The receptionist at the office gave me a sly smile when I got in. The
girl who helped me with paper works gave me a sly smile when I got to my
cell. I knew there was something wrong. I dropped my briefcase on my desk
when Nick's voice came through the intercom.

"Got a moment?"

"Sure. Coming." I replied, and walked towards his room. Nick's
secretary gave me a sly smile when she saw me.

"Close the door, James," Nick said when I got into his room.

"What's the matter?" I closed the door, pondering what had happened.

"How was it?" Nick asked, giving me a sly smile.

"Great. The renewal contract will be sent out on Thursday."

"I know that. I meant how was she?"


"Jennifer, or if you prefer, your bitch." Nick had a big smile on his

"What about her?"

"Damn it, don't fool with me. The whole office knows you bought her a
Tiffany necklace. Don't tell me you did that as a business gesture."

"Everyone knows?" My mouth dropped open.

"Everyone knows. Mariah called Mary. How was she?"

"Fuck!" I growled.

"You fucked her?" Nick's smile grew bigger.

"Nick, She doesn't like it."

"She doesn't like what?"

"News or rumors spreading around." I kicked the guest chair.

"Well, is it rumor or news?"

"Damn it, Nick, I thought we were buddies." I was a bit angry.

"Of course we are. What do you want me to do? I can't tape everyone's
mouth. I can't tape Mary's mouth. You know her." Nick was laughing.

"Damn it." I sighed. "Hey, Nick." I had remembered something.


"Why did you send me to New York with her?"

"I already told you."

"Is that it?"

"James, she likes you. Everyone knows."


Nick was laughing real hard. I was starting to hate this guy.

"Okay, James. I have to admit I had hidden this from you. But I
haven't known it for long either. I knew you liked her too. You just
didn't know it yourself."

Nick continued. "I won't tell anyone what you tell me about her. I
don't need to, anyway. How much was that necklace?"

"Two thousand."

"Wow! Two thousand. I'm glad Roger & Wilson is your account now."

"Me too." I sighed again.

"Jennifer is a very nice girl. She's worth everything to you, buddy."

"I know. Thanks for the tips and news," I said as I left his office.
Nick still had that big smile on his face.

I was filling my cup with coffee in the pantry when I saw Jennifer came
in. She had fire in her eyes. I sighed. Jennifer wasn't smiling. She
stared at me, came over, and slapped me on the face. I knew this would

"What did you tell them?" Jennifer said angrily. "You jerk!"

"I didn't."

Jennifer stared at my eyes, then turned around. I grasped her on her
shoulder and turned her around. Jennifer screeched, "Let me go!"

I hold her arms. I looked into her eyes. She starred back at me with
flames. "Listen, Jennifer. Mary is Mariah's cousin. Ask Mary."

Jennifer widened her eyes. "Mariah told Mary?"

I nodded. "And Nick told me everyone knows I bought you a Tiffany

"Fuck!" Jennifer growled. "I'm sorry, James." She lowered her voice.
"Did it hurt?" She put her fingers on my cheek.

I saw Mary coming into the pantry. She saw us and retreated. "Wait
Mary!" I raised my voice. Jennifer turned around and saw Mary. Her face
turned red.

Mary was standing still. She didn't say a word.

"Mary, I love Jennifer." I said.

Mary couldn't close her mouth. She stared at us for a while and

I returned my attention to Jennifer. She was blushing big time, but she
was also smiling from her heart. I kissed her briefly and lowered my
voice. "I'll see you at lunch, okay?"

"Okay." Jennifer left with a sweet smile on her face.

I moved into Jennifer's apartment that weekend. I didn't need my
apartment anyway. I hadn't used my bed since I returned from New York.
People in the office had stopped looking at us with sly smiles. I had made
our relationship public.

"I'm glad to announce that James has been promoted to Assistant Vice
President, Major Accounts, effective immediately." Bruce made the
announcement towards the end of a staff meeting three months later.

I rose to thank Bruce, Nick, and everyone congratulated me. I wasn't
surprised. Nick had already told me about it.

"Anyone got anything else?" Bruce did the routine before adjourning the

I raised my hand. "Yes, James." Bruce nodded at me.

"I've got a question for Jennifer." I glanced over to see Jennifer
widened her eyes.

I turned to her. "Jennifer, will you marry me?"

She was shocked. Everyone was shocked, except Bruce and Nick who were
smiling. Jennifer's face turned red. It was an unexpected question for
her in a staff meeting.

"Do you have the ring?" She asked when she recovered.

"I do. It's a Tiffany ring." I took the ring out from my pocket. I
spent a fortune on it. I walked over to Jennifer, and showed it to her.

I saw tears in her eyes. I saw joy in her eyes. I saw her shivering.
"Will you marry me?" I asked again.

"Yes, I will." She looked at me with her tearful eyes.

I put the ring on her finger. I held her close and kissed her.
Everyone was applauding.

"Meeting adjourned." Bruce declared. "Jennifer and James, stay," He

After they left the boardroom Bruce said, "Congratulation, Jennifer.
Congratulation, James." He shook our hands. "Take the rest of the day off.
You two need some time together." He winked at me.

- End -

---- Written by Bingain Edited by Morgan Last Update: 6/16/2002


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