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the choice

From sandman@bitsmart.com Thu Jan 01 23:56:35 1998
Newsgroups: alt.sex.stories
Subject: {ASS} STORY: The Choice (Bi) (M/F) (FF) (MM) (MM/FF)
From: sandman@bitsmart.com
Date: Fri, 02 Jan 1998 05:56:35 GMT

Content Warning: The following work of fiction deals with bisexuality
between consenting adults. If this bothers you or it is illegal to
possess such material in your locality please hit the delete button
now. This is a work of fiction and any similarities between any
person(s) living or dead can only be envied by the author but is
certainly nothing more than the chance that in an infinite universe
anything is possible. Under no circumstances should this material be
deemed suitable for minors.

Subject Matter: (Bi) (M/F) (FF) (MM) (MM/FF) (consensual)
Rating: (X) Not suitable for minors. May be illegal in some areas.

Author: The SandMan
Copyright: 1998 sandman@bitsmart.com
Distribution Rights: May be distributed freely WITHOUT MODIFICATION on
USENET, USENET II, not-for profit web sites, not-for profit ftp sites,
and news archival services which offer free public access to archived
articles. All other rights are specifically reserved by the author.

Creation Date: 1/1/98
Distribution Date: 1/2/98

The Choice (By The SandMan)

Sandra was a knockout by any standards with long flowing red hair falling luxuriantly even playfully around her exotic oval face. Her
green eyes where like twin emeralds set above a small perky nose. Her
lips where as red as a rose and full, with a slightly pouty expression
that seemed to have her companions hopping to try to change that to a
smile. And their efforts where usually rewarded with a smile that
opened up her face even more, sometimes revealing a set of perfect
white pearly teeth. She was amply endowed though not overly so. She
had an almost Barbie like waist which slowly curved into wide and
inviting hips. Her legs where long and slender, and in an aerobics
outfit they looked like they ran forever.

Her company and mine were in business negotiations and we where thrown
together frequently over many weeks with many lunches and dinners as
we hammered out the deal. If her company thought that providing a
beautiful and attractive woman would gain them an advantage they were
dead wrong, I drew as hard a line as I dared and drug out the
negotiations as long as I could. I was having to much fun just being
around her. After the first week I began to suspect that Sandra was
doing the same thing I was. When the bosses became impatient weíd
each give a little, enough to keep the negotiations open.

It was a lot of hard work really, with charts and figures to pour
over. But there was also time to kick back and relax, especially at
meals. And as we talked we found we had much in common; A love of
camping, the beach, various bands, even a shared concert a few years
back. And so when the negotiations ended and the deal struck we
continued to see each other.

The dates where routine fair, dinner and a movie, fine restaurant now
and then, a walk through the park, mostly we just enjoyed the pleasure
of each otherís company, the excursions where just the excuse. We had
progressed to long passionate kisses after a deliciously long
courtship but she drew the line there. Here was a woman with
principals and I fell head over heels in love with her falling deeper
with each passing day.

When she finally agreed to dinner at my apartment I was in ecstasy,
and threw on my gourmetís hat and cooked up a romantic dinner for two.
When she finally arrived, everything was perfect. A good meal, a good
wine, a surprise engagement ring, some petting on the couch to light
romantic music, followed by a trip to the bedroom and a night I would
never forget, and hopefully a night Sandra would never forget either.
She broke the news to me over dinner. I can still recall each and
every word. "Dan." She began. "Iím very, very fond of you otherwise
I wouldnít be here. But itís only fair that I tell you that Iím
bisexual and in a relationship."

I just about choked on my wine. The girl of my dreams was hitched up
with another woman or man. When I finally managed to clear my throat
I croaked, and thatís the word for it, croaked, "You mean you and IÖ"
I couldnít finish.

"Iíve known Sara and Jeff since I was a child, we have a very stable
relationship." She said as if she was discussing nothing more common
than the dayís news. "But I canít deny the attraction I feel for you
either, there is definitely something between us. But itís a package

"I donít understand." I fumbled, trying to get a reign on events.

"Sara and Jeff have both seen you, they sat next to us at several
restaurants. They both like you and think youíd be great for us as
well. Of course they donít know you as well as I do, but Iíve filled
them in on the important stuff. Weíre willing to give it a try if you
want to. Chances are itíll be a nice fling but you wonít stay, itís
not everyoneís cup of tea after all."

"You mean me and you, and me and this Sara" I asked.

She nodded, "And you and Jeff" she said pointedly staring at me all
the while. I donít know what my face looked like at the time but Iím
fairly sure it was a mixture of shock and disbelief. When I was young I had been with a boy before, we had even sucked each other off, but
that was years in my past and since then I had been an avowed
heterosexual. I never even recalled Brad, the boy I had experimented
with, until this moment.

"I donít know." I stammered.

She sighed. "Like I said weíre happy for the most part. Jeff is
Bisexual as well though heís never found the final soul mate weíve
been looking for. Sara and I let Jeff play the field, but itís tough
these days even when youíre cautious. The few men we have been
interested in never allowed themselves to open up to the
possibilities. To be honest this is the first time Iíve tried to
bring a guy into the group."

"Possibilities?" I asked. I was really just trying to keep her
talking while I sorted everything out, trying to find a diplomatic
solution that would certainly be lost if I started talking off the top
of my head.

She smiled mischievously and damn if her eyes didnít catch the
candlelight and twinkle like a thousand tiny stars dancing in her
emerald eyes. "Its the little things mostly, waking up in the arms of
people who truly love you. Being able to indulge every fantasy
without fear or shame. There are economic possibilities as well,
weíre quite well off as we all have significant incomes. Youíve been
in relationships before so you know thereís times when youíre in the
mood but your partner isnít, well in a threesome you stand a better
chance, in a foursome itís whenever the mood strikes you. Of course
weíre very discrete, so thereís no real social ramifications either.
Itís nobody elseís business what we do in our bedroom."

"I donít know." I said slowly. "I donít know if I can be with
another man like that and I havenít even met them, I may not even like

She shrugged, a resigned expression on her face. "I know. Itís hard
enough to find one special person let alone three. Weíve even been
together with several true bisexual men but they just never really
clicked. If it continues, it will probably just end up as another
fling, weíll have some fun, but youíll move on. Itís happened

"And youíll keep looking?", I asked.

She nodded. "We are so very close to being complete. What we have
even now is enough to know weíre shooting for something really
special. You can meet them tonight if you want. Theyíre down at the
coffee house around the corner. Thereís no obligations, we can just
meet and talk. You can take however long you need."

I thought it over, the objections where obvious even to my whirling
mind. But a girl like Sandra came around once in a blue moon.
Average was the best way to describe me. Short black hair, cut in
corporation approved manner. An average face that tended to be lost
in crowds though some have complimented me on my blue eyes. My chin
was masculine but not powerfully so. I had broad shoulders but little
muscle tone. You simply donít build that etched Greek God look
shoving papers around a desk. The only areas I wasnít average in was
my height, 6í2" and my cock which I have been told was pleasingly
larger than normal.

I had dated and slept with average women all my life. Sandra was not
average though, she could have been a playmate if she wanted, she was
the physical ideal of beauty. But it was more than that too. Looks
go far, but her looks were just the icing on the cake. We clicked. I
knew it, she knew it. She was someone I could sleep with, talk with,
and have fun with and that combination just doesnít come around once a
day. A manís lucky if it comes along once in a lifetime. And truth
be told if she had been "normal" in this one respect she would have
long since been taken and been completely out of my reach no matter
how well we clicked a wedding ring would have put a damper on my

Slowly, reluctantly I agreed to meet her friends. Even after that I
couldnít even bring my self to think I agreed to meet her lovers. The
walk to the coffee shop was short and quiet, as I was still staggering
under what I was doing, what I would say, what I would do. She was
just as apprehensive or maybe she was just allowing me the quiet I
needed to sort things out.

Karrís Coffee Emporium was a hot spot among the local yuppies, it had
a large common room, but in the back the coffee shop turned into a
virtual library with richly stained bookcases filled to the brim with
books of all sorts offered nooks and crannies where one could sip his
or her coffee to a good book, person, or people in relative privacy.
Sandra navigated through the warrens until we entered a small area
with a couple sipping coffee, they were laughing softly as we came in
but stopped as soon as we entered as we all sized each other up.
Sandraís eyes shifting nervously from me to them and back again as she
introduced us.

Sara was an average woman of her age though from the care she took
with her appearance she would stand out slightly in a crowd. Not
beautiful maybe, but not plain either. She had long straight jet
black hair that ended in soft curls near her shoulders. She had brown
eyes, a slightly large nose, but full luscious red lips, all set in a
rounded though not plump face. Where Sandra stood nearly as tall as I
did at 6"0í, Sara was short, barely 5í2" to my 6í2", she was rounder
than Sandra with smaller breasts, and the hips just bordered between
invitingly wide and to wide. She was the sort of woman I had often
dated, and often slept with. Where she lacked in outright beauty she
compensated with a wholesome quality that is hard to define but easy
to spot.

I eyed Jeff nervously knowing he was sizing me up as a sexual partner.
He was just a little taller than I was at 6í3". Though I was not in
the habit of sizing men up, he was definitely handsome. His short
blond hair accentuated a powerful, rugged, clean-shaven face right
down to the strong powerful masculine jaw that I lacked. His blue
eyes stared openly back at me, meeting me eye to eye a few times,
though never for long as he dropped his gaze or I dropped mine. He
had large powerful shoulders, and his short sleeved shirt showed off
powerful arms. He definitely worked out, no doubt the rest of him
would be as well defined.

We stood there staring at each other for I donít know how long until
Jeff coughed and said in a rich deep voice, "Awkward isnít it?"

It was exactly the right thing to say and we all laughed nervously
breaking the tension and settled down. Sandra and I punched in our
order at the thoughtfully placed computer. She had chosen something
exotic, double mocca whipped something or other I chose basic black
with cream and sugar, my usual. We sat in uncomfortable silence which
slowly began to loom until the waiter, thankfully quick, brought us
our order.

The coffee served to smooth things out a bit. Jeff broke the silence
by telling me about his job as a weight trainer for the city pro
basketball team. That certainly explained his build, and there was no
tension at all as we began to discuss the local team and their current
state. Iím a rabid basketball fan, baseball I can take or leave,
footballís fun to watch when youíre with a group, but basketball is my
one true sport. I would have gladly named Jeff a friend just for his
knowledge of the game, and I actually got excited when he offered to
take all of us to the game on in a few weeks, and the only way to
describe the location of those seats would be "Totally Awesome".

The girls I noticed where listening attentively, even offering a
comment or two in passing, but it was obvious that we were talking on
a level way out of their league. They enjoyed basketball, true, but
they tended to take things on a game by game basis. After an hour had
passed Jeff and I had laid out the odds of our team against every
other team in the league. When we began pitting our team against the
all time greats, Sandra cleared her throat subtly and seeing her
expression Jeff and I leaned back in our seats and laughed.

"So tell me about yourself Sara.", I said diplomatically. I was
feeling darn good right now and weirdness or not I was having a good
time. So I was in a receptive mood as she spoke.

"Nothing so glamorous as rubbing down a tired, sweaty, ball pusher."
She laughed. "Iím a network analyst for CalCorp. I basically keep
all their offices connected to the Internet."

Bingo! With her third sentence she hit on our mutual interest. I am
beyond a doubt a computer hobbyist, I started with the old Tandy
TSR-80 (trash-80 and say it with affection damnit), graduating to the
Atari Line (The old Commodoreísí just didnít have the specs) then to
the PC line. I had run a BBS back when 1200 was as fast as you could
get, all the way up to when the Internet made all that obsolete. And
so for the next hour Sara and I talked over nothing but computers and
the Internet, and I was more than a little impressed that their house
had a leased high speed line directly to her companyís network and
then out to the Internet. What took me hours to download literally
took them seconds.

Eventually though the conversation shifted to more general topics of
current events, favorite vacation destinations, the arts, the
sciences, and everything in-between as we just let the conversation
flow where it would. The hour grew long and finally we parted
company. Sandra and I walked arm in arm back to my apartment tower.
I thought we would part at the garage as she returned home but she
surprised me by following me back up to my apartment. She smiled at
the door when I offered her a nightcap. "I think you had more planned
this evening than just a nightcap."

Again confusion overcame me. And seeing it she kissed me softly and
said in a low sultry voice, "If itís a fling itís a fling. Eventually
it will be an all or nothing deal. With the otherís you can go as
slow as you wish or need, but I think you and I at least are ready to
see if weíre as compatible as we think we are." I smiled as
understanding dawned. "There is one thing. We get screened for STDís
every three months and weíre all clean we want to keep it that way. I
trust you enough to let you decide weather we need a condom or not."

Confusion turned to eager anticipation as she melted into my arms,
there would be no condom - my company had a generous health plan for
executives and I was clean on my last check just a few weeks ago. We
kissed passionately there on my doorstep, until raw lust drug us
inside. When the door closed she started tearing off my clothing,
literally. Never before had I been with a woman so eager for sex that
she tore off my clothing, it was new and totally, totally exciting. I
replied in kind, ripping off several buttons of her blouse when
fumbling with them became to much of a frustration.

With all the urgency of pent up feelings for one another we joined.
It was not slow and romantic as I had envisioned but animalistic,
fast, and furious. As I slid into her warm moist folds I discovered
Sandraís last secret. Some women Iíve slept with might as well been
asleep letting me do all the work and with me receiving pleasure only
from the contact between us. Some women were more active and thus the
pleasure for me greater. Only one or two had control of their inner
muscles either consciously or subconsciously, and if you find a woman
like that hold on to her as tight as you can because sheíll make you a
very happy man. The only way to describe it is a full body contact
blow job while fucking your brains out.

The two previous women were modestly active, helping me along as the
needs warranted but relied on their skills to really bring me off.
Sandra was a woman with full mastery of this most erotic art and she
exploited it to perfection. If we had just held each other, neither
of us moving she would have been the best partner I had ever had. But
Sandra was also a wild woman, she moaned and grunted and even
screamed. The neighbors where surly awake by now and I was probably
going to get a reputation thatís not all that bad for a man to have.
Her thighs where firmly locked around my waist, her feet playing along
the inside of my legs. Her hands where firmly locked around my
buttocks sometimes with her fingernails biting almost painfully into
my fleshy cheeks.

Lord how that woman moved! She squirmed and rocked, pulled me in with
her hands, helped me out with her legs. I had to use every shred of
will power not to cum in the first thirty seconds. Her right hand
raced delicately up my back then she started feeling my face,
caressing it. It was a unique feeling and only added to the
excitement. She forced a finger into my mouth and probed, pulling at
my cheek. Then the hand was gone back to itís original position on my
buttocks as her very verbal cues told me she was close, which was fine
by me, I was long past my time.

Suddenly I felt her finger around my anus, and I tightened reflexively
but my own saliva on her insistent finger won through and as I felt
the intrusion I lost control even as her own earth shattering orgasm
arrived. Her whole body flushed and trembled. My rapturous grunts
mixed with her animalistic grunts and with each spurt of my seed I
felt my anus contract around her finger inside me. And then in the
throws of her own ecstasy she began to massage my prostrate. Some men can handle that, some canít. The ones that can handle the incredible
intensity of the result are changed forever and I was one of them.
My orgasm which normally would last only ten seconds or so stretched
out to an endless wave of pleasure. Her delicate touch inside me,
coaxing every last drop from me, extending the orgasm past anything I
had ever known before.

Finally it ended and I collapsed on top of her, allowing myself to
shrink inside her, hesitant to admit it was finally over. She was
breathing as fast as I was, panting as she recovered. From her
satisfied look and warm smile I knew that somehow I had pleasured her
well and truly. As our sweat strewn bodies touched we kissed with a
soft and gentle intensity.

"That was unbelievable." I said finally.

She smiled. "You can thank Jeff for the last part. It always drives
him wild when I do that."

"It had the same effect on me I assure you." I replied

"Like I say, thereís a lot of possibilities this is just one of them
realized.", She answered. I knew her negotiating skills well by now,
she was still selling me the idea and would be relentless until I at
least acknowledged it. But she was cheating horribly. A man would do
much for a girl like Susan on looks and personality alone, when sex
was introduced into the mix there wasnít much choice for the man at
all. Susan was every manís wet dream and ultimate fantasy and she was
right here in my arms.

We made love again later on, slow and gentle this time. Unhurried,
uncomplicated, more taking pleasure in being with each other than for
the act itself. The climax while not as powerful as before, was
satisfying in itís own right. There were no exotic tricks this
time, just the low gentle grunts of pleasure. And when it was over we
slept the best kind of sleep. There is nothing like drifting in and
out of slumber feeling yourself inside a woman next to you with the
normal (at least for me) morning hardon finding safe sanctuary within
the warm folds of her womanhood. When we were both awake enough to
appreciate it, we finished what we had started as we had the last
time, slow and easy.

We spent a leisurely Saturday Morning complimenting each other over a
breakfast we made together. I was surprised at how much I ate, but
the previous night had taken a lot out of me and I suspected I would
need my strength. After breakfast Sandra borrowed my phone and called
home she assured whoever it was that she was safe, sound and very
happy. She then went into excruciating detail on our previous nightís
activities. I was more than a little flattered to hear her describe
just how much I had managed to please her.

That afternoon we went over to her house, it was a stylish home in a
ritzy suburb near town. I probably could have afforded a house in the
neighborhood but it would have been a stretch, these were not
inexpensive homes. Jeff and Sara met us at the door and they each
hugged and kissed Susan. Sara kissed me on the cheek with a sly smile
and Jeff shook my hand. Sandra and I could well have been two old friends who had stopped by to say hello.

We all settled down to watch a football game over a few cold beers and
I was surprised that Sara and Sandra got as involved as us guys did.
They really were sports fans - but only when a game was actually
happening, debating what ifs and comparing possible matches didnít
really hold much attraction for them. When the game ended Jeff and I
set up the barbecue out by the pool and made ready to grill up some
handsomely cut steaks. The girls were inside covering the rest of
the meal.

"You did right by Sandra last night." Jeff said.

I wasnít sure how to respond since it wasnít a question and I wasnít
used to discussing my intimate life with other guys. "She seemed to
enjoy it." I replied. "I know I did."

He smiled broadly. "Sheís a wild one all right. Saraís a real hoot
as well. Sheís different, but itís like comparing two sunrises."

I blushed as we waded into still uncomfortable territory. Feeling
bold I asked the question that had been nagging me. "You donít look,
I mean you donít seem the kind of guy who hangs around other guys."

He laughed warmly, either at the statement itself, the fumbling way I
made it, or my inability to say the obvious. "I grew up with Sara and
Sandra. We were doing the wild thing before I could even ejaculate.
Sara found her fatherís pornography stash one day when we were about
10, and well sheís always the inventive one." He winked at me. "But
when we got older and Sara and Sandra started sizing up the boys, I
found myself joining in. It really didnít seem terribly unnatural for
me to think Bill Hershower had a great body right along with my two
partners. When one of the guys on the basketball team made a subtle
pass at me, Sara urged me on with Sandra right beside her. They had
been with each other and thought Iíd have just as much fun. They were
right. Itís a different sort of sex, less foreplay more action, and
it has itís own merits. But I donít flaunt who I am, if thatís what
you mean. To me discretion has always been the better part of

Thinking back on my days with Brad I realized he was right at least
about the foreplay part. A mouth was pretty much a mouth, a few women
reciprocated oral sex with me and it was all pretty much like I had
remembered with Brad. But with Brad we simply met, dropped our
drawers, sucked each other off, then moved on to whatever play two
young children could get into. I wonder if I would have been as open
minded about the subject as Jeff if Brad hadnít moved away a short
three months after we had started.

Hesitantly at first, but with a little more confidence as I progressed
I told Jeff about my only previous experience in the area. He nodded,
understanding completely. "Itís normal, believe me. Most kids have
that kind of experience though usually it only goes so far as jacking
each other off. In real life most people grow out of it and settle
down with a member of the opposite sex, but some of us never grow out
of it, and others just bury it as deep in their past as they can push
it. All of us know youíre at least heterosexual, the only real
question is if can you recapture your youth a little bit."

"I donít know." I said feeling lost. "I certainly like you. We
could be friends in any circumstances. Iíll even admit that youíre
very pleasing to the eye. But I donít know if I could go that far
with you or anyone for that matter. And thatís what scares me,
because if I canít Iíll loose Sandra."

He frowned with a sad face. "Youíve got it bad all right. She can
certainly have that effect on people."

"If I canítÖ." I paused. "Thereís no possible way to work out an

He shook his head. "Itís complicated beyond all reason I know man,
but if you havenít noticed, the singles scene out there is scary.
Aside from the diseases thereís the psychos and the wackos. If you
stay just for Sandra or even for both the girls that still leaves me
out in the cold and we play dice with our lives with every partner I
find, though weíre as careful as we can possibly be. If you canít
handle me then sooner or later youíll demand more. Youíll wonít
understand why she still wants to be with me and not exclusively with
you. Itís human nature, I know Iím fighting a case of it myself right
now. Sad as it is, thems the facts. Everyone in this house has to
deal with them no matter how hard it hurts."

It made sense I have to admit that, though at the time I sure wish it
didnít. I definitely wanted Sandra and I had already confirmed Jeffís
statement because I wanted her all to myself now and forever.
Eventually the conversation shifted to lighter fare and by the time we
had the steaks grilled to absolute perfection we were laughing and
chatting like old friends.

The dinner was a smashing success. The long afternoon of guzzling
beer topped off by the perfectly selected wine gave me a warm buzz.
After dinner as a discrete maid whisked away the dishes we chatted
lightly over a game of spades. Sandra and I were partners at first
until it we found we were completely unbeatable. The long weeks of
negotiations had given us a finely tuned sense of each otherís moves.
So we switched and it was the guyís vs. the gals with mixed and often
humorous results.

The hour came when it was to late for Sandra to drive me back home,
when I managed to get her off to the side I propositioned her but she
smiled and said, "Not tonight dearest, and donít think for a second I
donít want to feel you inside me again, but I have another engagement.
Sara will sleep with you if you want, or you can sleep alone in the
guest bedroom, or you can join us. The choice is yours."

"You planned this." I accused. It had her fingerprints all over it,
she had maneuvered me almost the same in our negotiations, giving
something my company needed then refusing to yield further until
something equally dear had been won.

She patted me on the cheek and smiled warmly, "Like a chess match
studmuffin. Weíre shooting for mate with everything weíve got."

I couldnít resist it, I laughed as I caught the pun that worked on so
many different levels. "I donít think I should sleep alone tonight."
I said finally. "I guess it might be fun to see if Sara and I are

Sandra kissed me warmly. "I knew youíd try." She said. She said it
without a trace of pride in herself, but rather pride in me. And
despite my mixed feelings I took pleasure that I had passed muster at
least this far. Up to now it had all been for Sandra, for me and
Sandra as she sucked me into her world. Now it had to be for someone
else as well otherwise it would all fall apart.

Sandra slipped away and I saw her whisper something to Sara who
brightened and looked at me with an open smile. She strutted over to
me, that was the only word to describe it. In a low sultry voice she
said "So Lover tonight itís you and me. Youíd better prepare yourself
because weíre going to put alt.binaries.pictures.erotica to shame.

"With or without the spam." I quipped.

She laughed heartily then shot back, "Iíll spam you until youíre balls
are blue." And as if to emphasize the point she boldly reached down
and squeezed my cock through my pants.

She looked thoughtful for a moment as if considering what she held,
though it was hardly in itís crowing glory at the moment, though if
she continued that would soon change. "I think something special
tonight. Something maybe just a touch taboo." We were alone now,
Jeff and Susan had slipped off to the bedroom.

"You like Porno Stud?" She asked.

"On occasion." I answered. It served its purposes between
relationships and sometimes during.

"Then youíre in for a treat. Iíve got just the thing to get us in the
mood. You can watch, but donít do anything until I tell you." She
warned. I nodded, feeling like a twig that had just fallen into the
rapids. She pressed her fingers to her lips and pulled me into the
same bedroom Susan and Jeff had gone into.

They were completely disrobed and just getting into bed when we
entered. They glanced at us as Sara sat me down on the couch but only
a glance. Susan was as beautiful as I remembered her, and Jeff as
chiseled as I had imagined. A Greek God with a Greek Goddess. I
couldnít help it, it was nothing more than basic human instinct, and I
mentally compared Jeffís engorged member with my own rapidly swelling
instrument. Though average in looks I was a little more well endowed
than the average man and Jeff looked to be about 5" to my almost 7".
A porno flick would have served the same purpose, but watching my
lover with Jeff, watching these two beautiful people together,
watching it live knowing that real flesh was touching real flesh, that
was sex almost in and of itself. Jeff started slowly, he kissed her
passionately cupping her breasts. Then he moved down and sucked on
her full ripe breasts alternating from one to the other. Then down
further to her abdomen, then he planted himself between her legs.

My cock throbbed at the sight of them, of Sandra squirming, imagining
her pleasure, remembering the night before. I reached down to
straighten it but Saraís hand grasped my wrists and she whispered in
my ear, "Look but donít touch."

"For a second." I insisted, and quickly made myself more comfortable.
She smiled knowingly and turned to watch the show.

Jeff tongued my lover to a loud orgasm that sounded just as satisfying
to her as the night before. When she was done she purred and pulled
him up for a kiss. I could see his cock poised above her, ready to
impale her. But they parted and she turned over and raised herself
onto all fours. Doggie Style I thought wickedly, a position I had
seen on porno but never experienced. Jeff played his penis around her
pussy, teasing it, dipping it in and out until even in the dim light I
saw the sheen of moister glistening around his cock.

Then he parted her ass and plunged deep into her hole. Sara leaned
over to me and whispered in a wickedly devilish voice. "Sheís taking
it up the ass for him. Does it make you hot to realize thereís a
willing and open hole? Sheís so in lust right now sheíd tear you to
pieces with her need. Does that make you hot? I makes me hot."

I looked over and noticed that Sara had disrobed and was fingering
herself openly. When she noticed my gaze she pulled her lips farther
apart to reveal the perfectly shaped folds within. Moving her finger
up to massage the largest clit I have ever seen on a woman. This girl was built for sex and she was letting me know it in no uncertain
terms. She let me watch her a moment then turned my head back to the
other action, not that I couldnít fail to notice them. Even when not
in my sight they were both very vocal.

"Ohhh yea, fuck that ass lover." Sandra said sharply. "Deeper, all
the way in, ohhh yea."

Jeff replied in kind, "Ohh yea bitch you love it, you know it."

How much of it was play on Sandraís part and how much was real I
really couldnít say for she had dropped her head and chest onto the
pillows and was fingering herself rapidly. Jeffís part was completely
genuine, thereís just no way to fake that kind of enthusiasm. He had
a firm grasp on her waist and was almost brutally pulling and pushing
her to gain the leverage he needed to reach that speed. Then he
grunted and fell forward, embracing her, humping her ass like a dog in

As they recovered, Sara pulled me up and began disrobing me as she led
me to the bedroom next door. I was almost in pain from the sexual
tension. It had been almost half an hour watching Sandra and Jeff go
at each other and with most of that time a nubile and very willing
woman fingering herself off to quite a few orgasms by my side. My
need was almost overpowering but she pushed me away as I attempted to
take her.

"Get on the bed." She ordered. I complied, with extreme haste. If
I just touched my cock now it would explode. She walked to a nearby
chest of drawers and rummaged around. I saw her fasten a belt around
her waist, and noted painfully how it tucked seductively inside her
buttocks like a thong. She turned around and I was shocked to see her
wearing a dildo, a fairly small one, but a dildo non the less. The
intent was very clear.

"Turn over stud. Youíre going to feel everything Sandra felt and
more. I promise.", She said.

She approached the bed and I hesitated. I was caught up in their
game, and their plan. Lust merged with anger then resentment. As she
approached I grabbed her wrist and pulled her onto the bed.

"Ohhh!" She said in surprise.

I ripped the toy off of her, noting with surprise the garment was
doubly endowed with a much larger one for her, exposing her to my
eager eyes. My hand slid between her legs roughly and I grasped her.
She was dripping wet, and her swollen clit was erotically obvious. I
threw her game back in her face as I began to finger her.
Involuntarily her legs parted and I seized the opening diving down
and partaking of her generously. She was so hot it was like a fever,
my tongue plunged deep and I sensed the same muscular control that
Sandra had, then up as I sucked her clit into my mouth, letting my
lips and tongue roll over the super sensitive flesh. I knew she was
nearing climax and almost at the peak I stopped and moved up to her.

"Now we play please the house guest or we play nothing at all." I
said more harshly than I intended. I had never really played these
kind of sex games before, it had always been straight missionary wham
bam thank you mam with occasional oral sex to spice things up, I knew
it was a game, I knew I had broken the rules, but damnit I NEEDED
release. And fortunately so did she for she pulled me into her with
surprising speed. The orgasm began on the third thrust and hers
followed soon after. Jeff was right, she was different, but different
as two sunsets. Both beautiful, both totally satisfying. For her
sake I endured the brief after climax over stimulation and saw her
through to the end.

"Iím sorry." I said as we lay together afterwards. "Itís all to much
to fast and I couldnít stand the need. If you had resisted I think I
might have raped you."

She chuckled. "The moment I put my hand on your crotch this moment
was cast in stone, how we got here was a question, but we got here.
You did fine, there are no rules to this game you know."

"Yes there are." I reminded her solemnly.

She sighed. "If you force it Dan it will never come. Just go with
the flow, have fun, and stop thinking about what ifs."

"Is that an order?" I asked mockingly then softly biting her
surprisingly large and plump nipple.

"I think Iíll pass on the orders for now, youíre not to good at
following them Call it a suggestion." She grinned as she reached
down and grasp my well used tool. And thought it had been but
minutes, and though I had practically exhausted myself the night
before and the morning as well, she coaxed it to life again to our
pleasant surprise.

"Can I suggest a new position?" She asked playfully. "Missionary
gets a bit old after youíve visited the wilder side not that it isnít
an old favorite."

"Just what where you going to do with that thing anyway." I knew the
answer but I wanted to make sure.

She laughed. "Whatever you let me do with it. You know it wasnít
curiosity that killed the cat, it was the pleasure." She winked.

"Jeff likes it?" I asked.

"Jeff goes wild.", She promised. "Of course he also goes wild for
fruitcake so draw your own conclusions." She laughed.

"Be gentle." I said, trying to hide my apprehensions behind a comedic
virgin joke. "Itís my first time."

She practically beamed as she refastened the Velcro toy and expertly
placed me in just the right position. She reached over to the night
stand and pulled out a tube of jelly which she applied liberally to my
ass, carefully massaging my hole and ensuring there was plenty of the
stuff in and around me to spare. Sheíd pause as she loosened me up to
reach down and jerk me just to keep the old juices flowing. Then the
moment had arrived. My end was small enough, maybe 3" tops and not
very wide. But as the tip penetrated and the rest followed it felt
like a baseball bat had been thrust inside me. No pain just the ever
present feeling of fullness.

She paused for a long moment to give me time to adjust or object, then
she began to move in and out rubbing by back with her hands, the jelly
like a masseuseís oil. I just let myself go in the sensations, it was
pleasing yes oddly satisfying in a way, and erotic enough for my cock
to bob in the air in time with her thrusts. Slowly, gradually she
picked up the pace and I realized I was feeling pleasure. As my cock
thrust unresponsive air futilely each involuntary thrust contracted my
anus around the foreign object and each contraction a unique source of

From Saraís moans of pleasure, her end was working just fine for her..
"I can see you fucking air lover boy." Sara said playfully as she
reached around and tugged on me much as once might tug on a cowís teat
for milk. The electric thrill the additional stimulation caused was
overpowering and I grunted in pleasure.

She leaned over me her breasts pressed firmly on my back her head
moving beside mine as she rocked forwards and back, letting me support
her weight so her hands could caress my chest. The thrill was
definitely present. She was breathing hot and heavy now, right into
my ear, grunting with more and more frequency. Between grunts she
spoke to me. "You fuck Air now lover mine, imagine though, imagine
itís not air but Sandraís hot wet pussy, sheís clamping down on you
hard like it has a mind of itís own, feel her clit run along your
shaft as you pump in and out, in and out."

"Ohhh" She moaned, and I moaned right along with her as the powerful
image took root in my mind. "Iím about to cum stud, but Iím a poor
substitute. Below you is Sandra above you is Jeff. Feel him in you,
not cold plastic but hot throbbing flesh, not slender arms wrapped
around you but strong masculine arms. But youíre no less a man,
Sandra is proving that Stud, you can fuck with the best of them and oh
youíre fucking her now, being fucked is just the spice. Ohhhhhh."
She gasped but continued. "Jeffís fucked Sandra before you, youíre
sliding in and out of her, her juices mingled with his sperm. And
when Jeff cums you know it, his strong hands pulls you in he is so
deep, and you feel his hot seed begin to fill you fast and faster and
you canít stand it when Sandra comes you follow them both into the
most explicit explosion youíve ever felt. OH GOD YES!" She screamed.

And the image was so intense, her words so demanding, her proximity so
close, the sensations so keen that for the first time in my life I
climaxed with barely a touch and not a touch at all at the end. And
as my seed splattered over my chin and chest, I lived the image. Jeff
was damn straight when he said Sara was the imaginative one, you
couldnít get more imaginative than this. To tired for words, to sated
for anything, we fell asleep in each others arms with a very contented
smile on my strange partnerís face.

My sleep was light and troubled as the old battled the new. I
remember a most disturbing dream where I prowled the gay leather bars
openly propositioning dangerous looking men. I woke with a start to
that one, but Sara only snuggled closer and I drifted back to sleep,
itís hart to feel gay snuggled up to a pleasingly soft woman. The
other dreams are hazy and foggy, but most involved the four of us
together. Sometime during the night I woke again, Sara had shifted in
her sleep and had guided my dream induced erection inside her. How
much was dream after that and how much reality Iíll never really know.
The next morning Sara proved that she could enjoy "normal" sex as much
as the next person if you call her on top of me riding me like a wild
bronco normal. She was a creature of fantasy and when she came it was
with a "YEEEEHAW!" that shook the house to itís very foundations. And
I came shortly after with her hands running rampant across my chest
while I grabbed onto her breasts and held on for dear life. With
Sandra there was true love, we had known each other long enough. With
Sara there was true Lust and that would serve for the time being. In
two short days I had fallen deeper into "perversion" than I had ever
though possible and there was a huge abyss yet before me..

It was Sunday morning and over yet another large breakfast which I
eagerly consumed, Sara recounted in the most excruciating detail the
night before while Jeff and Sandra smiled knowingly, obviously
familiar with Saraís games. Sara would pause now and again her
silence an invitation for me to join in, but partly from embarrassment
(after all who wantsí all his friends to know he had just been royally
and thoroughly fucked?) but mostly because she was far more vivid that
I ever could be I declined the offer with my silence.

"I swear I had to wipe his cum off his face, he was that turned on."
Sara recounted. "I do believe thereís hope for him yet."

"Is there really hope for you Dan?" Sandra asked hopefully.

"Letís just say Iím still thinking it over, although a strong friend
of the court case has been made." I said diplomatically. Everyone
laughed at that.

"Watch out for her Bud", Jeff said. "She once had me imagining myself
being fucked by a giant octopus. The experience totally ruined the
sushi bars for me afterwards." And another round of laughter rippled
through the room.

It was a quiet, peaceful, relaxing day spent around the tv watching
the football game, drinking beer, chatting, eating popcorn, and just
generally being surrounded by fun people. As dusk fell, I made my
apologies, though none were needed, and Sara drove me home. She
offered to stay the night with me, "to set me off to work in style"
she said. But I begged off, two nights and two days of very intense
sex had finally taken itís toll and if I slept with her tonight Iíd be
burned out the next day and I had a big meeting that afternoon. She
understood, friends are like that sometimes.

The evening was young yet, barely going on 7:30, and I flipped idly
through reports and statistics. But the numbers blurred together and
I found my mind drifting back to the trio. I could picture myself
with Sandra, I could picture myself with Sara, but without the heat of
the moment Sara had provided I just couldnít picture myself with Jeff
not without every emotion possible all jumping onto center stage at
the same time. And as 7:30 turned to 8:00 I realized I had a major
problem on my hands.

I shoved the reports aside noticing for the first time really how
silent and lonely the apartment was. I missed Sandra already, and
felt incomplete, again for the first time. Odd how I had never
noticed such things before. Only those who can see and then are
blinded know what they are missing, those born blind are spared that
singular pain. I missed Sara too, her wit, her humor, and her
quirky imagination. I missed Jeff but again with the lack of any real
hint of sexual desire or if the desire was there buried under those
damned mixed, jumbled, swirling mass of emotions.

Frustrated, I rummaged around and found my car keys and headed out to
Philís. Philís was a dive pure and simple. The customerís there went
to drink and little else. It was my designated breakup spot, I always
went there after a relationship broke up, weather to celebrate,
forget, or commiserate, depended on the relationship. The room was
surprisingly deserted with only one lone drunk in the far booth
snoring away with his hand on a half full glass of beer and his head
on the table.

I pulled up to the bar and sat down.

"Whatís yer pleasure?" The barkeep asked. A thin skinny man who
always reminded me of the bartender on the Simpsons, Moe I think the
characterís name was. The voice just about fit as well, though maybe
not as nasally.

"Jack Danielís" I replied, then on a whim said, "Iíll take the

"Serious night." The barkeep said as he dropped a shot glass and a
half full bottle of the whiskey on the bar.

"Relationship problems." I said as I poured a full glass and gulped
it down, waiting for the fire to subside.

"Breaking up?" He asked.

"Just getting started." I groaned.

He laughed and I joined him for it really did sound ridiculous. "To
me a just getting started breakup is the best kind, saves you money."
He said trying to play the consoling bartender.

"Trouble is, sheís THE ONE. I know it here." I pounded my chest as I
took another swig.

"Ouch." The barkeep said. "Unrequited."

"Nope." I said, taking the third. "Sheís as hot for me as I am for
her, and you wouldnít believe the sex."

"Sounds like paradise." He said trying to get a handle on my problem.
"Hold on for a second." And he moved out from the bar to serve two
rough looking characters who had taken a booth near the entrance. A
couple more came in, then a few more people drifted in and it was
almost half an hour before he returned and at that time I was feeling
no pain and had decided I really didnít need a shot glass. It was
getting hard to keep it all in the glass anyway, even once I had it
poured. A day of beer followed by a night of whiskey especially lots
of whiskey tends to do that to a person I guess.

"Ok." He said as he returned. "Let me see if I got this straight.
You found THE ONE. You love her, she loves you, and the sex is
unbelievable. Whatís the problem?"

"Sheís bishexuaal" I replied.

Again he laughed. "Thatís a problem? Two for the price of one? You
donít have a problem pal you have a bloody miracle."

I studied an interesting chip in the bar for a moment before
remembering what I was doing. "Sheís gota boyfriend andr girlfriend.
Girlfriend way hot sex fun fun fun. Boyfriend bishexuaal to thatís
the problem."

The barkeep gingerly removed the bottle from my hand and replaced it
with a hot cup of java that could taste good only to a drunk. I
frowned but at that particular time one beverage was pretty much the
same as another and my common law psychiatrist returned to his job,
making sure my cup was topped off as he passed by now and again.

The bar was empty save for me and the bartender when I woke up. I
must have drifted off to sleep. Even in a dive like this it was the
rare bartender who let patrons sleep at the bar, thatís where the
money was made. It really musta been a slow night. "Sorry." I

He shrugged. "Thatís what weíre here for. Slow night so I didnít
disturb you, you looked like you need the sleep anyway."

"How much do I owe you?", I asked fumbling for my wallet. The clock
said 1:30, I was going to be a wreck tomorrow morning.

"$50.00 will cover it. You can have the rest of the bottle now."

I waved it off and slapped a hundred on the counter. "Keep the
change." I said.

He hesitated as he took the bill then as I was turning to leave he
said, "Look Pal, I donít know you, you donít know me. We get all
kinds in here, believe me so I tend to look on it all philosophically.
When itís closing time and I find to men going at each other in the
stall, well I guess the best thing to say is they donít look like
theyíre hurting each other. At least not usually. Not that Iím
advocating mind you, Iím a straight arrow myself."

He paused and then continued. "Look when I graduated I met my ONE,
man I was in paradise, she was to I think. We talked about settling
down, raising kids, all that rot. Then the war came and when my duty
was up I got a job that took me halfway across the country. Well it
had been years since I saw her, and I wrote her a dear Jane letter and
packed up. The company went bust and I bounced from job to job until
I ended up here. She married my best friend and he went to work for
the steel mill and even made executive now they have a nice house,
nice car, and a passel of kids running around. I looked but never
found the ONE again. Never. And you know I donít envy my friend his
job, his house, or his car. But his girl I envy and his kids and it
eats you up inside."

"What would you do." I said solemnly.

"Knowing that there would never be another truly special person like
that, someone who really made life seem bright and cheery? Iíd let
the bloke bugger me until I was blue in the face and be thankful to
boot. But like I say, you see all kinds in here, and you develop a
thick skin."

"And if there was another one around the corner maybe? Maybe not
someone quite so exciting but very conventional and very safe?"

The barkeep thought on that. "If I KNEW, and I mean KNEW it would
happen and Iíd die happy, then I think Iíd pass on the first one."

It was still twenty minutes to closing time and I sat back down asking
for a coffee for the road. When he returned I almost regretted the
order but I swilled some down. "Thatís the catch isnít it. No one
knows. Her girlfriend I could grow to love, she really is exciting
physically and we click well. The boy friend I like him, heís even
handsome really. But just the thought of it all I like him and hate
him, I desire him and am stark raving scared of him. That and every
other confused conflicting emotion in the book."

He shrugged. "The gayís donít have it easy you know, at least once a
month I have to break up some fight or other where some dirtbag whoís
only claim to dignity is he isnít homosexual or black or Jewish
decides that a queerís head would make a damn fine baseball.. And
thereís otherwise respectable people whoíd actually cheer him on.
Thatís probably what youíre really scared of. Not the act, but what
others would do if they found out."

I frowned. There was most certainly that. If my friends, or family,
or some homophobic dirtbag found out I could find a significant
portion of a life I still depended on put in jeopardy. But they were
discrete, only a select few knew and they tended to have good taste in
people if not for anything very long term.

A cop poked his head in the door and looked around. "Evening Harry."
He said. "Slow night?"

"Yup." The bartender replied. "The economyís good, the stars are in
alignment, everyoneís to happy to be in a joint like this at least
until Monday."

"You need a ride home pal?" He said obviously meaning me. I must
have looked a complete fright..

I touched my nose with my finger and walked a straight line just to be
sure. I grinned as I shook my head no. I was feeling better, though
it was still like to little butter over to much bread as a famous author once said.

"Ok, but be careful anyway. A straight line isnít always a straight
line at 55.", he waved goodbye and disappeared.

I availed myself of the facilities and closing my eyes and nose to the
general debauchery around me I focused on Jeff and same thing. Then I
laid out very specific parameters, the foremost being that we would
NEVER be found out. And the image came! Not as strong as with
Sandra or even Sara but a faint interest tinged with desire, mixed
with curiosity. Iíd have to delve further to really root out my
fears, but suddenly things didnít seem so dim any longer.

I stopped by the bar one last time. "I think Iíll try for the
second." I lied blatantly. "Maybe Iíll find her, maybe I wonít but
at least I can keep my life as uncomplicated as I can until then." I
smiled and slapped another hundred on the bar.

"I really canít take this." He protested.

"Youíve done me more good than a dozen years of psychiatrists" I shot
back, "and youíre still cheaper by far and you serve free drinks." I
winked mischievously and sauntered out of the bar without a care in
the world.

Six AM comes along very early after a hard weekend and even earlier
after a long night of hard drinking, drunken slumber or not. And
after a quick shower shave and my usual pop-tart and coffee I was in
the morning rush hour. Back to the old grindstone. Soon I was at my
desk pouring over the reports, when Lisa my secretary came in with my
coffee. She was an attractive older woman who had worked for the
company much longer than I had and while other senior management
seemed to favor young pretty air heads, I had chosen her as my
assistant because of her track record and had never once regretted my

"You have a good weekend?" She asked.

"It was different." I replied noncommittally.

"It must have been, you look different, happier maybe more content.
Did you finally have a fling with Ms. Waters?" She asked as if we
were going over the morning report.

"What is it with women?" I asked exasperated. "Some sort of radar
or something? Sandra and I were nothing but professional in the
office, what could possibly give you the idea that weíre an item?"

She smiled knowingly. "Call it my grandmotherly matchmaking sense."
She replied. "Every woman in the office could see you were attracted
to her and her to you. Even if they couldnít see I know you to well by
now. If it helps you at all, we all think itís a very good match."

I laughed. "Lisa you donít know me half as well as you think." I
said with a wink. "Deep down I could have a deep seated lust for
grandmotherly matchmaking secretaries, and you know I donít think it
would surprise me in the least today."

She blushed and laughed. "Ohhh, she must have been good for you. You
havenít been this jovial in a long, long time." And the smile on her
face was genuine to a fault. A dark, bitter, hateful side of me
wondered what she would think if I told her everything, but it was a
thought easily squashed under the mountains of paperwork on my desk.

I was not as prepared for the meeting as I would have liked but I
muddled through it none the worse for wear. When I returned to my
office Lisa told me Ms. Waters had called requesting the pleasure of
my company after work at her house. Lisa had taken the liberty of
accepting for me. She also stressed that the rest of the week was
very light and she could cover for me. Which is why a good executive
chooses the best assistant he could find. But with Sandra, Sara, and
Jeff all working as well, chances are I would manage to keep at least
bankers hours the rest of the week.

I met them at their place for a well cooked meal by their very
versatile maid. Almost half of Saraís salary went to support her
wages but it was worth every penny in everyoneís opinion. The demands
of professional life were rigorous enough without the upkeep of the
house and cooking and cleaning to boot. She was also very discrete,
in part because of her lack of English, in part because she was paid
well over scale to be discrete. And she had been with the group going
on six years now.

Over dinner Sandra broached the subject. "Dan, weíd like you to know
that if you decide to bring over some cloths and hang your hat up for
a while weíd all be more than happy at the decision."

"We like your company!" Sara piped in. "Itís nothing permanent you
understand just an extended sleep over to save the commute back and
forth and to avoid missed nights."

I groaned with a smile. "I donít think I could have to many nights
like this weekendís. Iíd be a dried shriveled old prune before the
week was out."

They laughed but Jeff replied. "Oh we donít play to much during the
week. Sometimes maybe, more often when Iím in the off season. The
players tend to wear me ragged sometimes."

"YOU donít play much during the season, Sara and I just keep each
other comfortable when we need it." Sandra said with a face that was
just short of a girls face with her tongue sticking out. She turned
to me and said with a wink, "One of those possibilities I mentioned to
you a few days ago. But as much as I hate to admit it, Jeffís right.
Thereís not all that much sport during the season. Jeff doesnít have
to many weekends off and occasionally he has to travel with the team
on long road trips so it can be hard to schedule time together."

"This weekend?" I asked.

Jeff shook his head. "Nope. I have Friday off though."

"I can take Friday off." Sandra said thinking it over first.

"Ugh. I canít." Sara replied. "Weíre bringing up a new office this
week, local, but itís a lot of work to get it integrated into the

"Iíve got an assistant who swears she can do my job better than me."
I said. "I guess Iíll let her give it a try and take Friday off. And
I think when I come over tomorrow Iíll have a few change of cloths."

After a wonderful evening I decided to stay over and wake up a little
early to swing by my apartment in the morning. Sandra snuggled into
the guest bedroom with me. She kissed me warmly and said, "I want you
to know how happy youíve made us all. Youíre a great friend, and I
know for a fact that I love you."

I kissed her back. "Then the favor has been returned ten fold. I
think for the first time ever Iím really happy. I know it sounds
silly, weíve only slept together one night, but I think I knew from
that very first day you were THE ONE. And now maybe itís not just ONE
at all."

She snuggled closer. "Maybe not just a fling?" She pried.

I smiled. "Are you sure you didnít work your way up through
marketing? You can drop the sales pitch. When the timeís right Iíve
decided to have a fling with Jeff and weíll see where the chips fall."

She touched my cheek with the back of her hand and her voice was
choked as she replied. "Oh Danny, I hope with all my heart they fall
in the right places. I think I may have given to much of myself to
you to really turn back if they fall wrong."

"You love them so much donít you?" I asked, thought it was not a

"With almost all my heart." She replied. "The rest belongs to you."

"I wonít break your heart." I promised. "Iíll do everything within
my power to make you happy."

"Promise me though, promise me youíll leave room for them.", She said
quickly. "Promise me youíll love them as much as you love me, as much
as I love you."

"With you it was love at first sight." I explained. "With Sara and
probably even more with Jeff itís going to just have to grow out of
friendship. Thatís the best I can do right now. I wonít make
promises that will only hurt worse later if I canít keep them."

It was the right answer, and she snuggled and fell asleep in my arms,
and I followed soon after.

Lisa eagerly agreed to cover for me Friday, and my car was loaded with
several change of clothing, enough for a full business week and a few
leisure clothes. When you traveled as I often did you learned to pack
quickly and efficiently. The rest of the week passed in a foggy
haze of work and community and more and more the house began to feel
like home to me. And when I arrived home Thursday afternoon I was
brimming with anticipation.

Thursday night Sandra and I renewed our passion every bit as fiercely
as the first night we had been together. Sandra and I were good
together, shoot we were great together, and we fitted each other
better than any woman I had ever been with. I hit her in all the
right spots and she certainly had my number. The first round we
climaxed to an audience, we had been so vocal that Sara and Jeff
sauntered over about halfway through and watched rather than trying to
feign sleep when the wolves were howling. I noticed them entering
mostly because of the way the bed was positioned and our odd position
on the bed. Straight missionary but we had managed to whirl in our
activities so we were almost sideways on the bed. Performing to an
audience was new to me and Iíll admit it certainly added to the
excitement, and what the heck, I had seen Jeff with Sandra and I had
been with Sara so there was no need for secrecy. I certainly didnít
see any disapproving looks. Sandra climaxed me with that little
finger trick of hers and judging from her reaction and shouts she was
every bit as satisfied as I was.

Jeff and Sara applauded boisterously and acting the clown I sat up in
bed and bowed with a flourish. When they shouted "Encore!" I obliged
them by moving down and orally stimulating my partner much to
everyoneís pleasure. It was the first time I had really seen Sandraís
pussy and it was a beautiful thing indeed. Where Saraís clit was a
massive engorged beast, Saraís was a tiny erect nub about the diameter
of the tip of my finger. Her juices where the most pleasant I had ever
tasted, tinged with the bitterness of my own recent pleasures. And
whatever I did, I did it right because I had her going as good as

"Oh fuck this." Sara said dejectedly and rushed out.

I paused and frowned, wondering if I had done something wrong, but
Sandraís hands on the back of my head had me quickly focusing on the
task at hand. Sandra exploded violently threatening to squeeze my
head to a bloody pulp between her thrashing thighs. Jeff was shouting
"Bravo!" in a most approving manner.

I lifted my head and Iím sure I had a very self satisfied grin. Sara
returned and had her hands on her hips. "No way am I going to miss
out on this fun." She said sternly. "I just sent an e-mail to my
assistant and a few others saying I had a fever, which I guess I do,
and I wouldnít be in tomorrow." She smiled and said, "So I guess weíd
all better retire to the master, itís got the only bed big enough for
all of us."

Sandra gazed into my eyes and asked softly. "Are you ready? So

I looked over to Jeff noticing the obvious bulge in his underwear and
then his slightly apprehensive expression. I answered her while I
looked at him. "Yes Iím ready."

We all retired to the master bedroom, and the bed really was
monstrous, able to hold five people with relative ease. Once again
Sara took charge. "You two go sit on the sofa a while, Danís been
busy so Sandra and I will show him how itís done while he fully

Jeff settled down and made himself comfortable. "Better settle in for
the long haul pard." He said solemnly. "When those to start they can
go on for hours and hours."

Sandra stuck her tongue out at Jeff playfully and then made the most
wicked flicking movement with it Iíve ever seen openly displayed.
Sara gave a little shriek of pleasure as she finished disrobing and
jumped into bed with my previous lover. They moved into the six/nine
position laying on their sides and began to work each other over.
Their soft warm bodies coming together in the most eye pleasing of
manners. Sara looked up and smiled at me, "Still a little of you
left there Stud. Mighty good eatin tonight."

Watching them together was as much a turnon as watching Jeff and
Sandra the other night. Semi-aroused while I had worked over Sandra,
I was rock hard from almost the moment the two girls started. It was
beautiful and sensual and slow and their hands roamed freely,
touching, caressing, each other, fondling each others breasts, muffled
grunts of pleasures breaking through their otherwise busy mouths.
After about half an hour and at least to orgasmís apiece Jeff put his
arm around me and rested his head on my shoulder. I didnít move away,
letting my head rest against his as we watched the show.

Finally they were done and I was on stage again so to speak and I
definitely felt the glare of the spotlight when Jeff looked up and
said, "How far do you want to go pard?"

I gulped, swallowing my fears and hesitation. "All the way. Show me
what to do and Iíll follow."

We traded places the girls taking the couch and leaving the bed for
us. As we passed each other Sandra grasped my hand and squeezed, the
look on her face said it all, she loved me, and thatís all I needed to
know. "Iíll get you started by sucking you off a bit and you can
finish inside me That pretty much covers all the major points
everything else is just so much exotic positioning." Jeff said. "If
youíre up to it afterwards you can do the same for me, but thereís no
pressure if you say back off I back off itís as simple as that."

I nodded and soon felt his mouth around my very stimulated shaft, he
took every last inch of me, something no oneís ever done before and
other than that it was straight oral sex, no biggie, been there, done
that, I was cool. I was also having a good time, and it only improved
as I noticed I had a very clear view of Sara and Sandra fingering each
other on the couch as they watched attentively. To guys, watching two
girls is damn near a universal turnon, I guess all things being equal
girls watching two guys could be just as much fun.

Jeff had an amazing feel for my cock, and he managed to stimulate
places that had rarely been stimulated that and his amazing capacity
to deep throat me ranked this as the best blow job I had ever
received. He also had an amazing knack for timing, speeding up when
I seemed to need it, applying more suction when it was called for. He
also neatly predicted my "midpoint" that mysterious place between
flaccid and orgasm. And he pulled away. For a brief second my cock
went unattended as he applied lubricating jelly to himself and then to
me and he rolled over and spread his ass cheeks wide apart giving me a
clear and unobstructed view of the target.

He was certainly no virgin in this territory, I had seen anuses before
in my partners always small puckered things. This seemed wide and
inviting and I accepted the invitation. I plunged in and despite my
initial impression, Jeff was TIGHT with a capital T. He grunted and I
realized I had probably pushed in to fast, but I was the virgin and he
was the teacher so when he didnít say anything I began to move.

It was so tight it was indescribable. The friction was absolutely
amazing. I grasped his waist firmly and began to explore this brave
new world. Iím sure I wasnít his best lover, I was to concerned on
keeping my own act in gear to really worry about his. But as my
urgency grew, I felt Sara behind me just be her feel and her scent and
she took one of my hands and guided it around his throbbing member.
In for a penny, in for a pound they say and as I finished building to
what promised to be a truly momentous EVENT, I pounded away at his
meat. The hand position was perfect it was almost like masturbating
myself save for the fact I was in this most incredibly tight, hot

Suddenly I gasped and doubled over as the first spasms hit. And as
the first jet of cum jetted deep inside him the full impact of it hit
me. I was fucking a bloody guy! And it was like another orgasm all
over again. Damn the sex with these three was amazing, comparing them
to all the others Iíve known would be like comparing the geo metro to
a Ferrari. When I was done I just held on to him, feeling the raw
power beneath me as I recovered.

"Good thing you came when you did Partner, your huge stick inside me
and your hand on my dick was almost to much to handle! Sara shouldíve
known that but she likes to watch that part as much as the other."

We rested a moment, though Jeffís erection didnít diminish in the
slightest, the rest gave him time to prolong the inevitable. It was
my turn, and hesitantly I tried to do as I had just been taught. The
feel of his cock in my mouth was titillating to say the least, I had
never had a grown manís cock in my mouth before and I brought to bear
all my limited prior experience on the subject. Thought he was
smaller than me, I nearly gagged when I tried to take it all in and
after another similar failure I decided it was something that needed
practice and pulled back enough to be comfortable.

I was just starting to enjoy myself when I felt his hand on my
shoulder. "Now or never pard. If you want you can finish me like
this.", he said.

"No." I said. "All the way, and I meant it." As I turned over and
offered myself to him. He liberally applied the jelly and worked a
finger in to loosen me up, teaching me how to relax. I took the
second finger in stride, and grunted at the third. When he judged me
as ready as Iíd ever be, I felt the head of his cock slowly push in,
then I felt a tearing followed by a terrible burning and the most
incredible pain as he worked his way completely inside me.

He stopped and said. "This has to hurt. You are soooo tight."

"Yea." I grunted. "Give me a second."

The pain and burning passed and I gritted my teeth as I urged him on.
He pulled out slowly and it felt like I was taking a massive
involuntary shit. The burning and pain returned though not as bad.
Again he paused, then pushed in again slowly. I bit the proverbial
bullet as I endured the pain once more. I donít know how long that
long, slow in, out pace continued. Minutes, hours, eternity itself
maybe. Then the pain and burning passed and was replaced by a mild
feeling of euphoria, I recognized it as the effects of endorphins the
bodies natural pain killers. The euphoria left me staggering under
the release and I noticed for the first time that despite the short
turnaround time I had a raging hardon again. It appears my body at
least liked being fucked up the ass.

Jeff continued with his long slow thrusts but as I began to move of my
own accord he caught on. I felt his strong arms on my shoulders and
back touching me where men never knew they liked to be touched. As
he began to thrust harder and faster I felt his strong arms around my
chest as he pulled closer to me. I felt the rough skin of his face on
my neck, felt his hot panting breaths on my face. When I felt his
hands folding my quivering shaft I knew immediately that yet another
orgasm was well within my reach. He stroked deftly, expertly, timing
his strokes with his thrusts. As his need became more urgent his
hands returned to my waist, no longer sparing thought for anything but
his own impending release.

Sara had returned to our domain and as Jeff fucked me harder and
faster now she began to suck me off with the deft experiences strokes
and touches of a true master of the craft. I could feel Jeff cum inside me, more by his ragged breath and newly timed thrusts than any
internal sensations. But the picture was fixed in my mind. I had
been fucked, even now his seed was filling me. The timing was off as
I was still moments away from my own, but he stayed inside me, his
member long over aroused refusing to yield so quickly and soon Sara
took me over the top. As I started to thrust I leaned back and Jeff
pulled me into him so I stood on my knees with the feel of him pressed
against my back, the feel of him with his hands on my chest, the feel
of him inside me, shrinking even now, but a presence not to be
ignored, feeling Saraís warm expert mouth as she deftly swallowed all
I had to give and then suck firmly until the last possible drop was
It was wonderful, it was different, it was sensual, and I was
completely and utterly spent. As we all fell flat Sandra joined us
and Jeff said, "More than I ever expected so fast. You are a most
determined man Dan Springer." He said. I smiled lazily. "Do you
think you could develop a taste for this?" He asked.

"It will take a bit of getting used to, but it certainly has itís
rewards.", I replied with an exhausted chuckle. The girls embraced
me warmly, one on either side and I spent my first night at home as a
true member of the family.

The next day we began to play with different positions and
combinations, the variety was staggering and the possibilities
certainly seemed endless. Sometimes it was one on one, one on two,
and even a two on two ring that had all of us moaning and Christina
the maid probably green with envy at least until one of us managed to
stager out and send her home for the day. I think it was Jeff and Iím
pretty sure he was naked as the day he was born when he walked out of
the room. He had called his office earlier and told them he was
coming down with something, pro-sports was virus paranoid, payers
meant money, sick payers meant lost money and he was told in no
uncertain terms to stay home and to check back Monday. Sara had to
field several work related calls, putting on a very convincing flu
sounding voice, but generally we were left to our own devices.

Over the weekend Jeff and I made a silly bet at how long we could keep
alternating between lovers and who would drop out first. It was silly
because he was in far better shape than I was, though I managed to
surprise myself. We thoroughly used Sara one after another until she
pleaded for mercy, and we turned our attentions to Sandra who after
watching with near rapturous awe the heights we had lifted Sara was
all to eager to help us settle wager. Through a quirk, each session
of ours took longer and longer to complete, giving the resting guy
more time to recuperate. So in the end we found a self maintaining
balance. When Sandra cried for mercy we declared it a draw and
everybody won, and the girls unanimously voted all the poor women with
just one partner who rolled over and went to sleep when she was half
way through the ultimate losers.

To say the sex was great was an understatement, but between the sex
there was the company of good friends who shared common interests and
common goals. It might not have been what my parents had in mind when
they raised me, or even what I had in mind when I boldly set forth in
the world but I was really happy and that happiness spread wherever I
went. Work didnít seem as drab anymore, and my employees seemed
happier as well, the promotion I had been waiting for finally came
through as I was finally made Vice President of Acquisitions mostly
due to the deal I had struck with Sandraís company when we bought one
of their subsidiaries.

The friendship between us blossomed and matured over the following
weeks and months. The sex of course tapered off a little but never a
lot. Whenever I was in the mood I had but to ask. When asked, even
if I didnít feel like jumping in to bed, I made the effort anyway and
it was usually worth it save for the one or two times I was really to
tired to make a production of it. Friendship turned to a deep trust
and that in turn eventually to love, physical, mental, spiritual, the
whole ball of wax. Iíd be lying to you if I told you Sandra didnít
retain a special place in my heart, a pedestal of sorts. But there
was certainly room for Sara and Jeff as well. And though like any
good friends we had disagreements and arguments, like any good lovers
the making up was always fun.

We had three children together, the four of us, a girl by Sara, and
twin boys by Sandra. Donít ask us who the fathers are, we donít know
or care. As far as weíre concerned they all look like their mothers.
Long before the first pregnancy we had a huge joint wedding
celebration with me married to Sandra officially on paper, and Jeff to
Sara.. It was done partially for tax purposes, partially to satisfy
friends, co-workers, and family who couldnít deal with anything other
than straight male/female monogamy (with the occasional affair on the

Since married coupes of means simply donít share houses, however
large, and however close friends they are, we purchased two good lots,
tore down the buildings and replaced them with two very nice houses.
For a while one was strictly for show, with timers keeping up
appearances as we drove into the garage and then made our way down the
walk to our real home behind the privacy fence. After running through
a few downpours we even had the bright idea to make the walk covered.

For the childrenís sake we really did move into the separate houses.
Face it, life is tough enough for a kid without have to explain why he
or she has two mothers and two fathers.. To Jeff and Saraís daughter we were Aunt Sandra and Uncle Dan and that was good enough for
anybody. The move to separate houses was tougher than we imagined but
we visited each other often and frequently and it wasnít to much of a

Sexually life was very fulfilling. The expected need to stray never
materialized as I already had a mistress and a mister! While sex
with Jeff was always rewarding in itís very unique way, we all tended
to realize that however much I loved Jeff he was always the one who
initiated our love making never the reverse, that or one of the girls would insist on a show, or it would be a natural outcropping of a
group get together. There just never was a spark of real desire in me
that direction until the offer was made. Perhaps the desire was
inside me but just had longer intervals than Jeffís and thus was
always sated by his more frequent advances.

Jeff was a true bisexual finding both men and women equally appealing
and with a very deep and profound need to be with each, not
necessarily at the same time though that was always fun! I tended
more to the bi-interested leaning more towards heterosexuality, but
you can certainly teach any dog new tricks especially if theyíre fun.
However it worked out, I managed to satisfy his needs in that
direction and he added a spice to my sex life that was truly rewarding
to me.

The kids Iím happy to report are all off in college and seem to be
happy well adjusted youngsters, and weíve all since retired, our
mutual incomes and absurdly low expenses making us rich well beyond
our time. We spend most of our days doing charity work and keeping
otherwise occupied. The sense of community fills a need that goes
deeper than love and deeper than sex. Itís not everyoneís cup of tea
but hey, Iím happy, weíre happy, and in the end thatís really the only
thing that counts.


Hold fast to love where ever you may find it
It is the fleeting wind
A falling star to grace the heavens but once and never more
Twilight between dark and dawn
And the last morning frost of winter.

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