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the elevator [if you can spare a moment from your hectic life]

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The elevator; by Ace, 2001 M/F 5,300 words

The earthquake? Sure, I was here. Actually, I have a great
earthquake story.

The whole office building I was working in ended up slightly tilted.
The power went out, and I was stuck in the elevator with my new boss.

It was terrifying, I can tell you that. I've never been so afraid in
my life, not even close.

As the main quake subsided, I found myself with my arms wrapped around
my new boss, and her arms wrapped around me. I swear, it could've
been a guerrilla escaped from the zoo, and I think we would've ended
up in the same position.

Ah yes, I can see your interest perking up. That's right, my new boss
was a lady. A very beautiful lady.

That didn't mean I liked her. In fact, I almost hated her.

I should have had the job. While the district manager was sick, I was
in charge of the whole division for three months; I kept everything
running as smooth as clockwork. But when it was finally announced that
he wouldn't be coming back to work, head office sends this WASP
college girl to take charge.

Okay, she wasn't really a "girl". She was about 30 years old at the
time. A university type, though. She had no experience at the job,
she was 15 years younger than me, and she was put in over my head. It
was hard for me to accept. I figured she must have screwed somebody in
the head office in Cincinnati.

Or maybe it was just racism, or heightism. Did you know that short
guys like me are often passed over for promotion? And of course being
black doesn't help much in this firm, either. Marlene is tall,
good-looking, and white.

Really tall, about five foot 11 inches. She should have been a model or something, instead of barging in here taking my job. She has the
face for it. She used to wear heels, too. She could look down her
pretty nose at nearly anyone with those heels on.

So there we were, grappling like a pair of wrestlers, leaning against
one wall of the elevator. My eyeballs were level with her throat, and
I could feel her tits against my shoulders. She only had small ones,
but I was sure I could feel them anyway.

It was strange to be holding her like that. You normally only hug
people that you have some affection for. And she was so tall and
skinny; nice to look at, real nice. But not built for comfort.

We let go of each other and started our long wait for rescue.

The emergency lights went on in the elevator, but the mains were out.

We could hear screaming and shouting, and people running down the
stairs evacuating the building for the first hour. The cell phone
network was still working, and we tried to get through to the
emergency services, but they were pretty jammed up. When we finally
did get through, they told us we were a fairly low priority since we
weren't in immediate danger. There were fires out there, and people
trapped in collapsed buildings.

So we started to talk. She had only been with us for a couple of
weeks at that time.

We talked business, first. Marlene asked me if our computer records
were backed up somewhere safe. We discussed how we were going to get
our offices out of the building, which would surely have to be knocked
down, and how we were going to get things moving again. Of course, we
had no way of knowing what had happened to the warehouse or the
trucking fleet, so we couldn't get into any serious planning.

So as the emergency system batteries ran down, and the lights began to
get dimmer, we started getting more and more personal. Marlene wasn't
a bad person. She'd been married; she believed in marriage, but it
hadn't worked for her. She wanted kids, but hadn't been able to get
pregnant. Finally, her husband left her for a woman who could bear
him children. Marlene had whipped out her degree, and hit the job

We turned out to agree about a surprising number of things,
considering we were from opposite sides of the tracks; I had worked my
way up into the office from the loading docks, and Marlene had got
herself a degree in business management but thought she would actually
spend her life raising kids.

It got quiet, and dark. We had the keep talking just to keep
ourselves calm. And like I said, the whole damn building was leaning
slightly. We sat on the floor and held hands. After awhile, she put
her head on my shoulder. I put my arm around her, and I stroked her
head. It was just a comfort thing, I sure didn't think I was going to
end up screwing my gorgeous young white boss in the elevator.

Then the first aftershock came; it was incredibly terrifying, maybe
more so than the first quake. We could feel the whole building
swaying from side to side, and we could hear things crashing and
falling down.

Marlene started to shake uncontrollably, and she clutched me like her
life depended on it. I was almost as afraid as she was, I think, but
I put on a calm outward show and held her tight, and tried to reassure

I was hugging her close to me, and I was holding the back of her head
in my hand. I really don't know how our lips came together; I don't
know if it was her or me who started it. Maybe we both did it had

There was almost no light left by then, and I took my glasses off
since I couldn't see much anyway. I knew what Marlene looked like;
gray blue eyes, and chestnut hair to the shoulders. Exquisitely
dressed, as always. Makeup, nails. All that stuff. You can still
smell someone in the dark, though. And taste them, too. Marlene must
have been about the last woman I'd have asked to spend six hours in an
elevator with, but she did smell great, and her mouth was as sweet as
any I've ever known.

We were just trying to fight off the fear and the dark. If your eyes
are closed, you don't know if it's dark. And if your mouth is on
someone else's mouth, and their tongue is moving in out of you, and
yours in out of them, it distracts you from anything else that might
be going on.

I suppose each of us kept expecting the other to call a stop to it;
but we just kept going. Marlene had a really slim body. Great hips,
if her tits were a bit on the small side. She kept running her hands
over my arms and shoulders, and over my stomach and chest by the time
it was completely dark in there. I was pretty surprised. I think she
was just terrified, and she wasn't thinking strait. A lady like
Marlene doesn't normally make out with a guy like me.

It wasn't the most romantic setting, that's for sure. But then again,
I don't think Marlene and I would've ever found ourselves together in
a romantic setting.

"Larry? Is this all right with you? Do you think we should?" She
asked me at some point.

All right with me? Jesus, as if any man wouldn't go for Marlene given
half a chance. But she was my boss, and we might regret it, I was

"I suppose not." I told her. "There must be 100 reasons why it's a
bad idea."

But neither one of us relaxed our grip on the other, and within ten
seconds, we were kissing again. It just felt much better to me when I
was kissing her; I knew it was stupid, I knew we would both regret it
when this was over. But while I was exploring her mouth, while I was
holding her tight, I could forget the terror. It must've been the
same for Marlene.

And I suppose there was some actual fear of death; we were both
charged with adrenaline, and had no other outlet than each other.

The emergency services were calling us back every half hour or so; as
I said, Marlene was terrified, but she kept telling them that we could
wait as long as there were other people who needed help more than we
did. She impressed me a lot by telling them that.

And each time she put the phone back down, we picked up what we were
doing again.

Somehow, just holding each other and kissing wasn't enough after a
while. For either of us. She unbuttoned my shirt, and I unbuttoned
hers. I unhooked her bra, and slipped it off her shoulders. I
stroked her firm little breasts with my fingers, and I kissed them.

I must say I was surprised that she took it to the next level. A
little hugging and kissing can be plastered over, but when we start
handling genitalia, then an incident is a little harder to explain

I felt her hand feeling my cock through my trousers. I knew then that
I was going to have her. I guess that's about the most exciting
feeling a man can have; when you know that there's almost nothing that
could happen that would prevent you from having this woman; a fresh,
beautiful, woman. A woman you've never known before.

It was really a shame that I was unable to see her fine long white
fingers wrapped around my black cock. I really didn't expect her to
go down on me, but she did. The dark didn't bother me at all then;
neither did the danger or the worry about the rest of the city. With
Marlene's sweet lips around my dick, I didn't care about much.

"Good God, Marlene, that feels so good." I told her.

"It feels nice for me, as well, Larry." She answered, "It's reassuring
to know something is still working well in this town."

"Marlene, I can promise you that's one thing you can always rely on."
I said.

It's a strange thing, having your dick sucked on by a near stranger in
total darkness. No one spoke for a while, as Marlene licked and
sucked my cock and balls.

"Your dick is so hard, Larry." Marlene said to me.

"It's so hard, it almost hurts." I told her.

"Do you want me to stop?" She asked me.

"Hell, no! It's wonderful, Marlene. Wonderful."

I wanted to return the favor, but she asked me not to. She said it was
cold. I kissed her for a while more, and held her and stroked her. I
groped around in the dark, and pulled off her panties. She held my
dick in her hands, and then she guided me in.

It wasn't really great sex. I wish it was, but it wasn't, and that's
the truth. We were just making the best of a bad situation. It was
damned uncomfortable for her on the floor under me, and the whole
position made it hard for me to perform.

But it felt great anyway. I'd been living alone for quite a while at
that time, and I hadn't had a woman in my arms for ages. I couldn't
see her, but that just made the feel of her body against mine that
much more intense.

The floor was hard on my knees. I don't even know if she came; I think
she did. She wasn't the type of lady who would be used to doing it on
a cold hard floor; she deserved better.

I rolled us over, so she was on top. It felt great to feel her
rocking back and forth on me, it was really too bad it was so dark. I
would've loved to see her during all of this.

She came then. I really liked that, and I held her tight to me and
ran my hands over her cute little ass.

I managed to hold out, and she kept going, but there was nothing

I started playing with her ass, feeling around her anus with my
finger; that seemed to turn her on.

"It's Ok, Larry." She said to me after a while, "Let it out."

"Are you sure?" I asked her.

"Yes, it's OK. Let it out."

I started bucking my hips, taking charge of the action from below;
Marlene began to whimper a little, and I held out for her so we came

It was just wonderful to hold that sweet young high class thing tight
as she came, while I blissfully injected her thin white body with my
cheap slime. She shuddered for a few seconds; I think it was pretty
strong for her. It sure was for me.

We just cuddled in the dark afterwards for a while. We were both
feeling better, but we suddenly didn't have much left to say.

When we heard the firemen coming up the stairs, we got dressed as best
we could. It was pretty funny, we were both kind of panicked, feeling
around in the dark for our clothes, trying to tell by feel which was

I wiped my face in case there was any makeup on it, but Marlene was a
mess by then, and there was no disguising it. Those firemen were
having a good laugh when they found us like that.

The next week, as we buckled down to the job of getting our division
on the road again, Marlene and I had a talk; we agreed to forget what
had happened, and concentrate on what we had to do. There was no
possibility of a romance between her and me, that was clear.

She kept looking at me strangely; staring at my face and then looking
away while we were talking. Somehow, I knew what she was thinking,
and I said it out loud, to bring it into the open; "I suppose you're
wondering how it could've happened. A tryst with a subordinate. And
a short subordinate, at that." I left the age and race things unsaid.
After all, interracial relationships aren't such a big deal these
days, and lots of women go with men a decade older than themselves, if
not a decade and a half.

"You're right, Larry. That is what I was thinking."

"Don't worry, Marlene. We were just both afraid, I think anyone would
be. We have our differences, but I want you to know that you can
count on my discretion. It was between you and I, and that's how it'
ll stay as far as I'm concerned. Now let's put it behind us, and get
back to work."

"Thank you, Larry." She told me, "I thought you were a decent man, and
I'm glad that I was right." And she gave me a last little peck on my
mouth to remember her by.

I still wasn't so wild about her. I didn't hate her like I did, but I
still resented her being in what I thought should have been my job.
And I didn't like a lot of the decisions she was making, either. She
was a damned fine woman, and she wasn't stupid. But we had absolutely
nothing in common, and we both agreed on that, if not much else.

It was hard to forget the fact that we'd done it. Sometimes, when I'd
see her moving around in the office, looking like a million bucks, I'd
remember how her body had felt against mine. I'd remember how those
perfect pink lips had sucked my black cock in the dark. A man can't
help but fantasize. But I worked on it, and after a few months, she
was just my boss again. And we were even getting on all right.

In fact, we made a great team. Marlene took care of relations with
head office, financing, and conceptual work. I ran the nuts and bolts
of the business; stock, delivery schedules, hiring and firing, all
that stuff. Our division had the fastest growth ever during that
period, actually.

Then she told me she was pregnant.

I asked her if she was sure it was me. She said I was the only one
she'd been with for the whole last year. That made me feel sorry for
her. She deserved to have a nice guy, I thought. I'd always thought
that a tall good looking white yuppie with a Porsche would turn up and
sweep her off her feet one day.

She said she wanted to keep the baby. She didn't know if she'd ever
get pregnant again, this might be her only chance.

And, she believed a child should have a father. Marlene totally
disapproved of the breakdown in family values. She believed that if a
man made a woman pregnant, he should marry her.

And so did I.

So we got married.

We knew each other well by then, as friends and colleagues. But we'd
never been romantic. Except that one time, of course. It was very
frightening for both of us, but it was what we both believed in.

I think neither one of us really believed that we were really going to
do it. But we both had our convictions, and neither of us would call
it off. I guess we each thought the other would back out at the last

It was a funny thing in the church, but when the priest said, "You may
now kiss the bride", it was true. I could, and I hadn't ever kissed
her before except in complete darkness and fear, all those months
previously. Now it was all bright and light. I was kissing her for
the first time, again.

She wore this fancy lacy white wedding dress when we got married, and
we spent the night in a hotel before going on our honeymoon in
Acapulco. When we got there [the hotel], I wanted to make love with
her. Hell, she was my wife, that's what newlyweds are supposed to do,
right? And wanting to make love with Marlene was a pretty natural
thing. I think any man would want to make love with Marlene. What I
wasn't sure of is whether Marlene would want to make love with me. We
were afraid, but we weren't in the dark. It wasn't death we had to
fear now; it was the unlikely relationship between the two of us.
Three of us, soon.

We weren't in love, but we wanted to be. We were married, and we were
having a baby. Being in love would be good. Neither of us said it in
so many words, but we wanted to make love, literally.

She did look amazing that wedding dress. There's something about a
white wedding dress that makes a woman look incredibly appealing to
me. She had just a tiny bit of bulge showing by then, but I wasn't
put off by it. It was the product of our love [well, our something],
in her womb, and it just made me feel stronger about her. I don't
think I can say I loved her at that moment; but I was prepared to. If
nothing happened to stop it, I could love her. Of course, it isn't
difficult to fall in love with an intelligent and beautiful woman like
Marlene. But I was far from sure if she could love me. I'm a decent
guy, but let's face it; I was one and a half times her age, earning
less money than her, and shorter than her. Never mind the race thing,
that's a matter of taste. A beauty like Marlene, with personality and
charm to match, a university degree and a good job, had a wide choice
of possible husbands. The only reason it was me was due to her belief
that the producer of the sperm should take part in the raising of the
child. And to do so successfully, a relationship with the mother was
required. A relationship called marriage.

So I took my new bride in my arms, and I held her slim body to my own
for the first time since the elevator. She was afraid, I could feel
it in her body. We sat on the bed together, and I held her and
stroked her like I had done before. We kissed, and after a while we
both started to relax. I don't know what it is about sharing oral
fluids that seems to take the tension out; maybe some scientist will
figure it out some day. I started taking the dress off of her; getting
one of those things off of a woman isn't something you could do in a
hurry, even if you wanted to. She was willing. Willing to have sex
with me, that is. That was kind of a relief to me, but I was worried
that she was just going to do it out of some sense of duty. She'd
married me out of her conviction; her belief in family values and all
that. I didn't much like the idea that she might be letting me make
love with her just out of a sense of duty. But by God, she was sexy.
And she was my wife. I had every intention of spending my life with
his woman; I wanted her, I wanted her bad.

She was one fine looking bride, a long white lady in white lace. I
didn't like that she was taller than me, and I'd never really thought
that mixed race marriages were a good idea. But she was damn fine, and
she was carrying my baby. She was my wife, and I was willing to try
hard to make it work.

I treated her as well as I knew how. I kissed her everywhere. We had
to work together to get most of the dress off, but we left the sexy
underwear on her. That was a real treat for me; I'd never done it with
a lady dressed up like that.

It was good to be able to see her. While we made love, I mean. I had
never realized just how beautiful she was; none of those magazine
girls could hold a candle to my Marlene. It was a bit scary; I knew
she was way, way, too good for me. The only reason she was my wife was
because of an accident. She believed in our marriage, but how could I
be sure that was enough? I swore to myself right then and there that
I would do everything I could to make this work; I would take those
wedding vows seriously, not just about being true to her; But to love
her, honor her, and care for her as best as I possibly could.

I rubbed her feet and kissed her skinny white ass. She liked that, so
did I.

She let me lick her out, and I enjoyed doing it. But oh lord, did I
want to wet my willy by then. I sat back and took a good look at her
first. She had those long skinny legs spread out, and she was wearing
white silk stockings and a garter belt. She still had those funny
white half gloves on from the service, and her headdress. This couldn'
t be my wife, I was thinking, no way.

But when I got on top of her, and she put me inside herself again,
then I could almost believe. She was wet inside, I was really happy
about that. If I could turn her on sexually, I was thinking, maybe
this could all work. If Marlene could look at me and think to herself
that I was a good looking man, a man she could love, then maybe it
could all work after all.

I'd never been married before, so it was all new to me. I'd never
held a woman in my arms and thought to myself that I would be holding
this woman in my arms from now on.

Still, I felt that I was making love with a complete stranger. I
didn't know her at all, not really. We worked together, we had talked
a lot, and we had had that one strange coupling while battling our
terror in the dark elevator. But I didn't really know her as a
person, as a lover.

She wrapped her long white body around my short black one, and around
my cock. I screwed her and looked in her eyes, trying to see what she
was feeling. But I didn't know her well enough for that, that would
take more time. Being able to see what she was feeling, I mean. The
screwing part went quite well.

She came, and that made me happy. She came good, there was no doubt
about it. I came soon after, and then we just lay around together for
a while. Suddenly, I felt so comfortable with her; I was a bit
relieved at that. I was afraid that she'd go funny after sex, like she
had after the elevator. After a while, I started stroking her body
again. Shit, I was thinking, if this works I'll be the luckiest man alive.

We kissed, and I was running my hands up and down her legs, and around
her little white ass. She shuffled down, and started sucking on my
dick again. Well, a pretty smiling white girl wearing a wedding veil
with a big black dick in her mouth is one fine sight. If it's your
dick and your wife, then it's even better. I got hard again, and that
hasn't happened to me since I was 18 years old. After that, we just d
id it and did it, we were rocking until late in the night. I don't
know how many times she came, but I found I was loving her more each
time. I figured if I can make her come like that, she must like me.
There must be more between us than just that baby growing inside her.

Marlene and I weren't kids anymore. We did it during our honeymoon a
lot, but not much after that until young Lenny was almost a year old.
The funny thing is, we just kept getting happier and happier with each
other. Sex or no sex, there was real affection there.

There was that one time, though, when she was about five months along.
The pregnancy was hard on Marlene; her thin body didn't seem to be
really made for bearing children. I always did my best to make her
comfortable. She had to eat about six times a day, because there was
no room for her stomach in there anymore. We were both still working,
and I did most of the housework and cooking since she was so exhausted
at the end of the day.

And I always made sure to show her plenty of affection; I'd hold her
hand, or massage her back while we were watching tv in the evening,
things like that. I always gave her plenty of hugs. We were trying
to do something really difficult; we were two strangers who were
trying to start a family together.

Anyhow, we were just cuddling on the couch, and we started kissing.
We hadn't kissed much, not the real sensuous kind of kissing, since
our honeymoon. Things just kind of progressed, and I told her I loved
her. That was the first time that I'd ever said it.

She looked kind of shocked, and I think I did to. I hadn't even
realized that I'd never told her before. Maybe it was the first time
I really felt that way. I kissed her, and I told her again; "I love

It's a funny thing, but it was a little frightening to say it. It's
funny that it would be frightening to me, since we were already
married, and she was pretty swollen with our child. But I felt it at
that moment, and I said it, and I was glad I did.

She started to cry. I suppose the hormones must have had something to
do with it.

"What is it, sweetheart?" I asked her, holding her to myself; "Why
does it make you cry when I tell you that?"

"You're so good to me, Larry." She told me, "No one has ever treated
me like you do. You make me so happy, I'm so glad I have you." And
she threw her arms around me and she started to kiss me like there was
no tomorrow.

She was pulling on my dick again in short order, and her nipples were
standing up hard and proud. I always loved to say that when she was
lying down, she wasn't taller than me; but when she was five months
on, I couldn't say that anymore. I rubbed her and kissed her, I went
down on her. She came, and I felt like I had come already. But then
she went down on me.

It's such a pretty thing, when my wife sucks my dick. I just love her
so much, and I know that. But the way she loves sucking my dick lets
me know she loves me, too.

Then she said it. She took my dick out of her mouth for a moment, and
says to me; "I love you, Larry." Looking me right in the eyes. Then
she went down on me again.

Everyone had said it would never work. Both of our families and all
of our friends kept telling us not to do it, get married I mean. How
could a woman who looks like Marlene fall for a man who looks like me?
Okay, I'm not downright ugly, but you should see Marlene.

But there's more to this love thing than looks. Okay, it usually
starts out with looks. But I tell you, looks aren't what make it
work. It's about really caring, offering yourself to the other
person. It's about being willing to do the work, and compromise
yourself if necessary. It's about commitment; not just the promise
that you're going to stick around and not have sex with other people,
but also the commitment to really try to make someone else happy. I
work hard every day to make Marlene happy, and it makes me feel at
least as good as it makes her feel.

It turns out it doesn't matter we had nothing in common. It's kept
things from getting boring, if anything. I wouldn't trade Marlene for
any woman on this planet, I can tell you that.

We made love, right there on the couch. That was the only time we did
it when she was really pregnant, because it made her little bit
afraid. Actually, I was more afraid and she was, I think. I didn't
want to do anything that might be dangerous to our baby. But I
screwed her loving and gentle, until it was late. It was like our
first time together all over again, after we both said the "L" word.
I'm telling you, you should try it some time. I've always enjoyed
sex, but sex with love is like cake with frosting. When my wife comes
in my arms, the feeling I get it is hard to describe. It's the
greatest, just the greatest. You can have your snowboarding and
bungee jumping, I know how I get my thrills; just holding my wife in
my arms is enough for me.

Henry's five years old now, and Marlene didn't get pregnant again. but
we don't plan to stop trying.

We sure are having a lot of fun trying!

Ace 2001

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