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the motorbike girl


The Motorbike Girl, by Ace, 2000

I couldn't help but stare. She was small, yet strong; compact. She
was young, too. Early twenties, I guessed. She had short blond hair that stuck straight up in spikes about an inch. She was
dressed in worn racing leathers.

She was sitting on motorcycle, one of those God awful fast
four-cylinder Japanese things. She had her helmet in her hand, and
she was talking to somebody, laughing, eyes bright with amusement.

I had been admiring the way her handsome rear end looked in the
leather trousers, and I didn't notice for a moment that she was
staring back at me.

"What are you staring at, old man?"

I should stay here that I wasn't an old man. I was 42.

"I'm sorry, I didn't mean to be rude."

She laughed at me, sitting in my suit and tie at a little table of a

"Well, you were rude, whether you meant to be or not."

She was so much my opposite. The opposite of my wife. My wife is
large. Not very fat, but plump. Her hair is always conservatively
styled, she's always conservatively dressed. I guess you could say
that my wife is fairly conservative.

"Hey, I said I'm sorry. What do you want from me?"


I had to laugh, this girl was really outrageous.

"Well, come sit down then."

I hadn't enjoyed my lunch so much for years. Just the company of
this young woman in her leathers was enough to shake up my
middle-aged libido.

We flirted and had some laughs, I paid the bill, and I thought that
would be the end of it.

"Wanna come for ride?" She asked me, swinging her helmet from her

"You only have one helmet." I replied.

"I've got another one right here in the luggage box." She told me,
unlocking it and opening it up.

I didn't want to tell her that the idea getting on the back of that
motorcycle scared me shitless.

"What will I do with my briefcase?"

"That'll fit in here." She said, indicating the luggage box again.

"I have to get back to work." I explained.

"Stop making excuses! Are you afraid or something? It's okay if
you are, I understand."

She looked me in the eye, a smile of challenge on her young face.

I suppose it was a very stupid thing of me to do, getting on that
motorcycle. Midlife crisis, I guess.

"Hold on, old man!"

It was a damn good thing I did, because that bike took off like a
rocket ship. I think the front wheel came off the ground as she
accelerated away from the curb.

I don't remember ever being so afraid in all my life. I kept my two
arms locked around her slim but muscular midriff, as she swooped
through curves, Blasted down straits, and generally showed a lot of
disdain for traffic rules and common sense. I have to say though,
Judy really knew how to ride that bike.

She stopped the bike on a pullover, a scenic spot that overlooked
the town. I didn't move for a moment, and I didn't relax my grip on
her wonderful compact body. It wasn't sexual, I just wasn't able to
move yet.

She reached her hand back between us, pushing down into my groin.

"Well, you managed to hold you water. That's not bad, old man!" She

"Jesus, I'm glad to be alive."

She laughed again, "probably more alive that you've been in a

She was right.

And she was alive. Very alive. The thrill of the ride was shining
in her eyes. And her eyes were pointed at me. I didn't know why
they should be pointed at me while shining like that, but they had
an effect on me. More effect than hugging her tightly from behind
for the last fifteen minutes. Of course, then I had been scared out
of my wits.

We both removed our helmets, and there was an awkward minute. She
swung her leg over the bike, and sat down on it sideways. She
looked at me with that challenge on her face again.

I did another stupid thing. Or maybe it wasn't so stupid, who can
say? I stepped up to her, I brought my face within one inch of
hers. I looked into her eyes; the challenge was still there. I
kissed her.

I put my hand on the side of her head, rain it around the back of
her spiky blond hair, stroked her neck, and kissed her some more.

She stood up and put her arms around me, her leather jacket against
my suit jacket. In her boots she was still two inches shorter than
I. I wasn't sure who would win at arm wrestling, though.

I felt a searing heat in my body as my tongue met the young woman's
tongue. I felt a searing heat in my mind at the thought of what we
were doing.

She lived in a big mobile home in a trailer park outside town.
There was a shed where she kept her bike.

She took me by the hand and led me hurriedly inside.

It was a difficult job, getting out of those leathers. Of course, I
was happy to help.

Her breasts were medium sized, and firm. Her skin was very pale,
her nipples pink. She had blonde pubic hair, short and curly. The
first taste of her vagina was salty with sweat, but soon her sexual
juices were the dominant flavor.

All the long hours I've spent in the gym were made worthwhile by the
next hour and a half, as I fucked and fucked that young woman.

I'd had a big argument with my wife the day before, and she'd gone
off to stay with her mother. I felt great.

Maybe I even was great. Judy said I was.

I asked her afterwards, her young head lying in the crook of my arm,
what it was about me that had attracted her?

"I guess I'm on the rebound." She replied, "My lover just left me,
and then I saw you staring at me in such an obvious way. It was
just so outrageous, I mean, you're like my exact opposite, with your
briefcase and your suit, sitting in that fancy sidewalk cafe.
Probably old enough to be my dad. Probably have a nice, steady

"Well, yes, I suppose I do."

"I never expected you to get on the bike. And then, well it seemed
such a wild idea, and I guess I'm a wild girl. "

She got out of the bed, and went into the shower. I waited until
she was done, and then I cleaned myself up.

"Need a lift back to your car?" She asked me.

"Please." I replied.

"Can I see you again?" I asked her as I handed her back the spare
helmet later.

She hesitated, then said "You know where I live."

Helen returned the next day, and I tried to get my life back to
normal. But I couldn't get the motorbike girl out of my mind.

I went to the trailer park, I knocked on her door.

"Hey, old man!" She said, smiling at me from the doorway, "Come
back for another ride?"

Yes, Oh yes.

But she meant on the motorbike.

I was nearly as scared the second time, if not quite as
inappropriately dressed.

Again we returned to her place, and again we made love.

Everyone told me was a big mistake, all my friends said I would
regret leaving Helen and moving in with Judy.

Even Judy was mixed about it;

I moved into the second bedroom of Judy's mobile home.

"I thought when I would move in with you, I would be moving into
your room." I said.

"I need my own space, Eric. Don't look so disappointed! It doesn't
mean that I can't spend a night in your room, or that I can't invite
you to spend the night in mine." She said.

I took a real roasting in the divorce. Helen got the house, and
half my salary. I got the car, and Judy.

We had a set of leathers made for me, and most evenings and every
weekend I would sit behind Judy as we swooped through the canyons on
the bike. We'd often ride with other men and couples, all on
high-performance machines, but we never met another woman who could
handle a bike anything like my Judy. And of course, I was the only
male sitting on the passenger's seat. It was slightly emasculating,
I admit, but I was cool with it.

We were happy for a time, and I didn't even mind living on half my
pay. We lived in Judy's trailer, even though on our combined
salaries, we could have afforded a better place. Judy seemed to
like the idea that we lived in her place; it made her feel more in
control. "It's my way or no way" was her favorite phrase.

Then the phone rang one Saturday afternoon. A woman's voice I did
not recognize, asked for Judy.

Judy was slightly cold on the phone; "Well, really. alright. in an
hour, then."

"Who was that?"

"Michelle. The girl who used to live in your room."

Michelle, her ex-lover. Judy had told me tales about the crazy
Moroccan girl.

"Baby, would you mind giving us some time?" Judy asked.

I went out. I came back after a few hours, and found them sitting
together at the kitchen table. Better than finding them together in
bed, I suppose. Then again, perhaps not.

Michelle stood, and offered me her hand.

She was a tall girl, almost as tall as I. Skinny, delicious hips,
no tits. Large eyes made larger by her makeup, frizzy hair fanning
out and down from her head, like a pyramid. A slightly unfortunate,
oversized, strait nose. A wide mouth, attractive smile. Even,
light brown complexion.

I shook her hand; "I'm Eric."

"I'm Michelle. It is good to meet you, Eric."

She had a sexy accent, French with a hint of Arab.

"Eric," Judy said, "Michelle is moving back in."

I think my eyes kind of glazed over, it was like the wind was
knocked out of me. I sat down.

"And I don't have anything to say about this?"

"Like I said from the beginning, old man, it's my way or no way."
Said Judy.

"What about me? Am I still welcome here?" I said

Judy laughed; "of course! I'm not throwing you out. Michelle is
going to moving to my room."

"What about you needing your own space?"

"Well, there's only two bedrooms in this place. Michelle can't move
into yours."

Judy would spend some nights in my room, and some in her's with

Michele wouldn't ride with Judy any more. Apparently, that was one
of the reasons they had broken up. "I love Judy, but I want to
live!" was how Michele put it.

I didn't get on very well with Michelle at first. She was always
bickering with me about inconsequential things.

In some ways, though, she made my life easier. Judy loved to go out
to clubs, dancing and drinking until late. Before Michele came, I
was exhausted all the time trying to keep up. I used to go in for
that sort of thing when I was Judy's age, but these days, I prefer
my sleep. Now Judy could dress up and go out clubbing with Michele,
and I could sleep easy.

I can't say I wasn't jealous of my girlfriend's new lover. Well, old lover, really. But somehow it didn't seem so bad, my woman with
another woman. The lack of semen made it much easier to accept.

Judy would get really pissed off if our arguments would get to out
of hand.

We were bickering one evening about who was going to do the dishes;

"I've been working my ass off all day, I don't want to come home and
have to do the household work as well." I said.

"Well, I've been cooking in cleaning all day for you two! I have
had enough now, I want to relax!" screeched Michele.

"I've had enough of this shit!" Judy suddenly hollered. "Now I'm
going to say how it's going to be and that's how it's going to be!
Got it?"

We both mumbled that we did get it.

"Eric, you do the dishes. Don't talk about it, just do it!" Judy
glared at me, while Michelle grinned.

"Don't look to happy, you." Judy said to Michelle, "I've got
something in mind for you, too."

I moved into living area and sat down to watch tv with the women
when I'd finished.

"Take your pants off, Eric." Judy said.

I was confused; I looked at the two of them. Michelle was looking a
bit stunned, Judy was looking mischievous.

"Go on," Judy insisted, "do what I tell you!"

I knew that tone of voice by then; when she used it, I had learned
not to argue.

"And the underwear" Judy said.

"Michelle," Judy said, and pointed to my naked penis.

"What?" Michelle was staring at my naked sex, looking somewhat

"Suck on Eric's cock."

"No, no Judy, please. Don't make me do this! This is too much,
really. I will be good, I will always do the dishes, I won't argue
with Eric anymore!"

"I've heard that rap before. I've had enough of the bullshit, now.
You two both live in my place, and you'll do as I say. I'm

Michelle stared silently at Judy for a little while. Then she
slowly moved to my chair, and got down on her knees before me.

I hadn't been able to help but get excited; nevertheless I didn't
want either of them to think that I had sexual desires for Michelle.
Of course, from time to time the thought had crossed my mind, as it
does when males and females are in close proximity. But basically,
Michelle and I didn't get along, and I hadn't given it much serious

I'd been working hard to keep my cock from getting hard, just
thinking about putting it into Michelle's pretty brown face. But
when she took it in her hand, the blood came rushing in, and I was
hard nearly instantly.

Michele has sexy hands. Slim hands with long brown fingers. Fingers
that now gently, tentatively, wrapped themselves around my stiff
white manhood.

Without looking at me, or saying a word, Michelle obeyed Judy.

Judy loved to receive oral sex, but she didn't like taking me in her
mouth all that much herself. This was a really kinky scene.

"You really don't have any idea how to do that, do you?" Judy asked

Michelle shook her head, my cock still between her lips.

Judy sighed. "Let me show you, then."

Judy took over for short period, taking me deep into her mouth,
deeper then she ever had, I think. She stroked my balls with one
hand, and ran the other along my belly under my shirt. When she
handed me back to Michelle, I was only barely in control of my

"He's going to come now." Judy said. "I want you let him come in
your mouth, and then I want you to swallow it."

Michelle took her mouth away from my organ, "Oh no Judy! I don't
want to do that! Please don't say I have to do that!"

"You do it. You've asked me enough times what it was like with men.
Now you're going to find out."

"Jesus, Judy, if she doesn't want to, it isn't right to force her."
I said, while actually aching to explode inside Michelle's pretty,
exotic mouth.

"Michelle needs a lessen. You and I both work hard all day,
Michelle does the housework, that's the deal around here. If
Michelle wants you to do part of her work, she's going to have to do
something for you. Anyway, it's time she knew what penises do." She
said, a twinkle in her eye.

Michelle looked up at me, and the sight of her big dark almond eyes
was too much for me. I exploded, I could no longer hold back. I
hadn't really wanted to come in Michelle's mouth, not because of any
aversion for Michelle. Michelle is an attractive woman. I just
like everything to be by mutual consent.

I couldn't help it; I grabbed her by the hair, holding her there
until I had finished. She pulled away, and looked at Judy
pleadingly, her mouth obviously full of my jism.

"Go on," said Judy, "it's good for you."

And Michelle swallowed.

Things sailed along fairly calmly for the next few weeks. I went out
of my way to be nice to Michele, I was feeling slightly guilty, and
I didn't want her to resent me any more than necessary. I was always
sure to compliment her on the meals she made for us all [I had come
to love Moroccan food by then, anyway]. Michele also seemed to be on
her best behavior, she was definitely less bitchy than usual. I
figured that she didn't want Judy to get mad at her again, and make
her engage in any more nasty heterosexual acts.

Judy was as fair as Solomon, spending alternate nights with each of
us. I don't know what went on when she was with Michele, but on her
nights with me, we would usually go for a little spin after dinner.
And if we did that, we would have great sex afterwards.

Then Judy announced that she was pregnant.

She was very attractive to me, even pregnant. Especially pregnant.
It hadn't been that way with Helen, 20 years ago. But young Judy,
radiant, carrying our child, filled me with joy, love, and lust.

After Judy was three months along, I convinced her to stop riding
the bike, and use my car.

Up until then, a hard ride had almost always preceded sex.

It was hard to get Judy turned on without access to the danger of
the ride, but slowly she said succumbed to my attentions.

Michele had mixed feelings about the pregnancy. On the one hand, she
was thrilled that we [she used the word "we", thereby including
herself in the enterprise] were going to have a baby, and on the
other hand, she was upset about the relationship between Judy and
myself becoming more concrete.

She started getting bitchy again.

"I'm not cooking tonight, I cooked all week! One of you two should
cook. We should go out, order a pizza, I don't know!"

Judy and I had both had hard days at work. I can't remember how it
escalated into a screaming match between the three of us. I finally
calmed everyone down by offering to pick up a take out.

We all felt better after we had eaten.

"Michele," Judy said, "I think Eric has been doing your work again."
She had that glint in her eye again. I started to feel excited.

"No, no, Judy, Please!" said Michele, her dark eyes wide, "Don't
make me do it again!"

"You didn't seem to mind so much last time, in the end." Said Judy.
"Anyway, this time I have another Idea. Take your cloths off,
Michele. MICHELE! Do as I say!"

Slowly, Michele complied.

"Hey, come on, Judy, I don't know if this is a good idea." I started
to say.

"You shut up. men should keep quiet and do as they're told." Said

That got a laugh out of the now naked Michele.

"Dance for us, Michele." Said Judy. "She's a good dancer, Eric.
Check this out."

It was true. Michele could really move her hips. She twirled before
us, gyrating her hips and arms. I found myself quit turned on.

"Now sit here between us, Michele." Said Judy, patting the couch.

Michele wedged her thin warm naked body between us.

"Ok, you guys, I want to see you kiss." Judy said.

Michele and I stared at each other in mutual confusion.

"Go on." Insisted Judy.

Slowly we brought our mouths together, until our lips met. We let
them stay that way for a moment, then pulled away from each other.

"Guys, Guys!" said Judy, "Get into it! I want us all to be one
family now, not me and you and you. When I say kiss, I mean kiss! Go
on. I'm waiting."

I started to put some effort into it. Judy had a point, and besides,
after watching her dance naked like that for us, skinny brown
Michele was looking pretty good.

Michele was beginning to respond, her hands were on my shoulders,
mine were holding her head and smooth naked back, when I felt Judy
removing my shoes. Then my belt, trousers, under wear. Judy's cool
hands on my burning cock made me jump, and then I noticed Michele's
hand was also there.

Judy turned her attentions to Michele's groin, her blond head moving
up and down in there. I found myself wondering if she tasted
different than Judy.

"It's time, old man." Judy said to me, coming up for air, her
fingers in Michele's vagina. "This crazy Moroccan chick's been a
virgin long enough."

Michele pulled away; "No, no, Judy! I don't want it! Anyway, I could
get pregnant!"

"So? You've been telling me for years how you wanted a baby. Or
isn't the father of my child good enough for you? Stop worrying,
nothing will happen anyway. It's time you got over your fear of
men. I want you to relax, lay back, and let Eric screw you."

Judy pushed Michele gently back onto the couch. Michele regarded me
with wide, fearful eyes.

"Judy," I said, "I don't know if this is really okay. I don't
think it's right to coerce Michele into doing something she doesn't
really want to do."

"Go on, baby," said Judy, squeezing my rock hard dick, "we can all
see you want it."

I was quite surprised at Judy's behavior, she wasn't normally so

"Just because I have a hard on, it doesn't mean I necessarily want
to screw."

"Just do it now!" Judy was getting exasperated "I've had enough of
the bullshit and petty jealousy going on around here! I want you and
Michele to get it on, and I want you both to enjoy it. This running
back and forth between the two of you has been getting me too
stressed out, especially now that I'm pregnant."

Once more, she had a point. The thing was, I liked Michelle, but I
didn't love her. I loved Judy, I was mad for Judy. Yet Michele was
looking very sexy, skinny and brown and spread on the couch. A part
of me wanted to fuck her, no doubt about that, but I didn't want to
imperil my relationship with Judy in any way. Now there was Judy,
swollen with four months of pregnancy, one hand on my prick, the
other on Michele's knee, demanding that I do it to her. But was
that what Judy really wanted? And was I man enough to satisfy two

By the time all this had gone through my head, my penis that found
its way to Michele's semi virgin entrance.

Without my consent, it was pushing inside, being welcomed by the
lubricated tissue of Michele's tight young cunt.

I carefully worked my way into her, wrapping my arms around her slim
hips. She let out a gasp, and I felt her skinny arms and legs wrap
around me.

I worked her gently for a time, then I started pounding her, jamming
forwards and upwards, sending a shudder through her body at the
impact at the end of each stroke.

I knew she had never been fucked by a man, and I didn't know if she
would be fucked again by a man. I thought I'd better give her the
best experience I could.

And yes, although it was not the same thrill, could not possibly
compare with having sex with someone that I truly love, it felt
great fucking Michele.

I kept bonking her heavily as she came. I was really happy that she
did, I wasn't sure she would be able to.

She squeezed me like a vice, both with her limbs, and her cunt.

I felt Judy's hand tickling my balls from behind, and I let my load
loose deep up into skinny Michele's womb.

We were happy triangle after that. I became more and more fond of
Michele; it was impossible to keep fucking her like that without an
emotional bond forming. My first love was still Judy, growing
larger by the day. Michele felt the same way about Judy, Judy was
like Michele's God.

Michele missed her period. Then another. She was pregnant.

"Eric," Judy said one day, "I think you should marry Michele."

"Judy! If I marry anybody, it has to be you. Why do you say I
should marry Michele?"

"She's carrying your baby. And it's time we got Michele's
immigration problems straightened out. I'd marry her myself, if it
was legal. She's such a lovely girl. Don't you love her, Eric?
Just a little?"

"I do, Judy. But you're my woman. My main woman anyway."

But, as you know by now, what Judy wanted, Judy got. Michele and I
were married in short order. We immediately filed her immigration
forms, and waited for the immigration authorities to come knock on
our door.

During this period, Michele and I shared one room. My regard for
her grew as we slept together, my hand on her swelling womb.

Michele had let her hair grow out, and it now hung in spirals to the
middle of her back, black and thick. She started to gain weight,
especially at her midriff, of course, but her breasts were filling
out in the most pleasant way.

I loved to feel the weight of them, and Michele didn't object as I
held her from behind, my penis stiffening at the heat of her body. I
kissed the back of her neck, and let my hand roam over her,
stroking, feeling, caressing her. I slid my hand into her panties,
and toyed with her curly pubic hairs, and she shifted one leg, so I
could go lower. She didn't speak, but she was breathing a little
faster as I fingered her clitoris. Finally, her hand came behind,
touching, then grasping my burning cock.

I gently tugged her over onto her back, and started to kiss her
mouth. After a long time, I slowly climbed between her legs, and
gently penetrated her. I wanted to screw her very carefully that
first time we did it without Judy, partly because she was five
months along by then, and partly because I didn't want Judy to know,
sleeping at the other end of the flimsy structure we called home.
But Michele started tugging insistently, urging me to do it harder.
She made no sound as she came, but Judy had felt the place shaking
with that unmistakable rhythm.

"So, you two have fun last night?" she asked at breakfast.

We both blushed. I could even see it through Michele's brown skin.

Judy was like a bomb by then, ready to burst. Her normally compact
body looked like an inflated balloon. She laughed; "Hey, it's cool,
guys! We're all one family now."

Unlike Michele, Judy didn't have much interest in sex during the
later part of her pregnancy, but she was happy that Michele and I
were doing it together. She loved a good cuddle, though, and both
Michele and I made sure she was never starved for physical

The immigration officer knocked on the door early one fine morning.
Seeing Michele's condition, he made no fuss. We all had coffee, and
he approved Michele's residency.

"What's it like," he said to me at the door, "living with two women,
each carrying your child?"

"What gave us away?" I asked.

He laughed; "It's a small town, Mr. Levi! Have a good day."

Judy couldn't wait to get back on that bike, and only three months
after Megan was born, and just before Michele delivered Tomas, Judy
was back in the saddle, her figure once more able to squeeze into
those worn leathers.

We lived, loved, and slept in every combination; sometimes Judy and
Michele would crawl off together, other times I would sleep with one
or the other of them; curiously, although I felt Judy was my true
love, I looked forward to sleeping with Michele just as much,
whether or not we had sex.

Finally, we put the babies in one bedroom, and we all slept together
in the other.

I treasured our infrequent 3 way love sessions, but both the ladies
seemed to prefer one on one. Usually two of us would head for the
bedroom early, and whoever was left could listen out for the kids,
so the lovers would not be disturbed.

When they would let me, I loved watching Judy and Michele make love.
The unhurried way they kissed and cuddled, the way they touched,
always made me want to be part of it. They showed me how they liked
me to lick their sweet pussys, but let me know that I could never be
as good as a woman. Then I would fuck them, both of them,
alternating between them. They loved each other, but they also loved
the feeling of my penis, deeply penetrating, filling.

Two breadwinners and one homemaker worked very well financially, and
things improved further for us when I renegotiated my divorce

Helen was tired of the big house, anyway, and she gave it back to me
in return for an apartment that I bought for her on a mortgage.

Also, thank God, I finally reconciled with my elder daughter. She
hadn't spoken to me since I'd left Helen.

It was strange, moving back into my old neighborhood with my new

And then, as fast as it had begun three years before, it was over.

The kids were two years old, and starting to develop their
personalities and characters, when mom no.1 [Judy] met Sally, the
killer bike wonder dike.

Judy raced Sally down some back country roads one fine evening,
ending up in a café. They were both surprised to find the other a
female, and I guess the attraction was overwhelming. Judy wanted
Sally to move in with us, but Sally is a true lesbian; she was not
interested in sharing her house or her woman with a man.

So, by default somehow, I live with my wife, Michele. We have both
the kids, and Judy helps out a bit with the bills. She and Sally
come by most weekends, roaring through our quiet neighborhood on
their fire breathing motorcycles.

We still love Judy. It's wonderful and terrible to keep seeing her.
Perhaps her relationship with Sally will end one of these days, and
she will come back to us.

Meanwhile, Michele is pregnant again. I suppose in time, I might get
over Judy.

Ace 2000

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