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the shoplifter


This story is copyrighted 2001 by author. Do not post on other sites
without specific permission. Email any comments to


The Shoplifter

At first I couldn't believe what my eyes were seeing. The two young girls standing at the discount bin at the store were absolutely gorgeous! I
would guess them to be about the 11 to 14 year range, but the way that
girls mature now days, it was really hard to tell. I watched the young girls even though I was not officially on duty today, it was still my job
as the head of security to watch the store merchandise.

I had just sat down in a chair by the changing room to wait for my wife to finish trying on the clothes. It was a Friday evening she was picking
out a dress for the wedding that we were to attend tomorrow. I never
looked forward to weddings but sometimes a man has to go just to keep peace
in the family.

I smiled as I watched the girls in action. They would pick up first one
item and then would look at each other and then just giggle as loud as they
could. They repeated this over and over and no matter how many times they
did it, they would giggle just as loud as the last time. The tall one was
probably the oldest although not necessarily the prettiest. She was a dark
skinned little girl, probably about 13 years old, and approximately 5' tall
with shoulder length walnut brown hair. I looked at her from the bottom of
her legs to the top of her head. Wearing a white cotton blouse (with
obviously no bra underneath) when she turned just right, you could see the
outline of her little brown breasts. Her waist was slender and she was
wearing a very short plaid mini skirt that did little to cover her shapely
thighs. My eyes made their way down her smooth legs that were capped off
with little white bobby socks. A pair of black and white Nike tennis shoes
finished the ensemble. She had an almost grown-up way about her that came
out in her personality. Her pretty brown eyes glistened in the artificial
lights of the department store.

The shorter one was a blonde, about 11 or 12, blue eyes and just a bit
chunkier but at the same time, the baby fat was intoxicating. Like the
first girl, she was also wearing a white blouse, but you could tell that
she was wearing a bra. She wore a faded pair of loose carpenter's jeans
that did little to hide her luscious hips.

The little dark skinned girl picked up a pair of satin white panties from the bin and held them to her hips. I felt my cock start to rise a
little as I imagined them tight against her sweet little hips. The little
blonde girl blushed slightly and then she picked up a pair of purple thong
panties and held them to her hips. The girls giggled and cackled, drawing looks of disgust from one of the clerks who walked toward them to keep an
eye on things. A person would think that a clerk watching them would have
made them self-conscious about what they were doing, but it seemed to have
the opposite effect. The little blonde girl just looked at her and flipped
her the bird and then they both giggled a little louder.

"How does this look?" I heard the sultry voice of my wife ask. I turned
my eyes from the two girls and looked at my wife. At 40, she was still a
stunning a blonde and although her mature figure was ample, she was still
as attractive to me as when first met. I smiled at her as I stood up.
Carol winked at me, turning around so I could get a good view of her sweet
rear end in the sleek dress. "Very nice," I said as I took in her beauty.

"You don't think it's too much?" she asked as she showed me the price

"Well, we only sell quality merchandise here," I said, winking at her.

As if she had radar, her eyes moved down to my crotch area and she could
see the outline of my hardon against my slacks. Moving towards me, she
pulled closely, kissed my cheek and subtly pressed her hand against my
dick. My body quivered and I almost came in my pants as she massaged my
prick through my jeans with her expert fingers. "Mmmmmm," she whispered in
my ear, "I guess you DO like the way it looks!" She gave my prick a gentle
squeeze and then released it. Licking her lips, she posed and put the
palms of her hands against her body and moved them down her figure. She
then smiled and with a twist of her hip, turned to walk back to the
dressing room.

"Fucking tease," I said under my breath as I turned my attention back to
the discount rack. To my disappointment, the two young girls were gone!
"Damn," I said as I plopped back down in the chair and once again the
boredom that comes to men in this situation returned. Closing my eyes, I
did my best to imagine the little dark skinned girl slowly unbuttoning her
white blouse, exposing her little chocolate brown breasts to me. Trying to
cover the cock straining against my pants, I put my hands in my lap and I
am sure that I must have been smiling as I imagined her with her plaid
skirt hiked above her hips, bent over my desk and my cock sliding deep into
her sweet little pussy.

"Sir, can I see you for a moment?"

I looked up and one of the young girls that work in the store was
standing at my side. I frowned at her and she looked nervous until I
smiled at her. "What is it Rachel?" I asked her.

"We've caught a shoplifter sir. Carl didn't show up tonight and the new
guy isn't sure how to handle it."

"Doesn't know how to handle a shoplifter?" I asked wrinkling my forehead
at her.

"All I know is what the guy told me. I know you're on your own time,
but we really need your guidance on this one sir."

Standing up and trying to keep the young girl from noticing my hardon, I
told her to take the perpetrator to my office and I'd have to let my wife know. It was a slow night here at the store and I knew that nobody else
was in the dressing room so I walked down the hall and knocked on the door.
"I need to see you for a minute dear," I told my wife. Carol opened the
door slightly, peeking her head out and then when she was sure the coast
was clear opened the door to the little room. "Well, what do you think?"
she asked me as she stood there with nothing on but her panties and a bra.

"Not too bad for an old lady!" I said snickering.

"I'll show you later what us mature women can do better than those two
little babies you were gawking at earlier!" she said teasing me once again.

"I'll have to take a rain check on that Carol," I said trying to hide my
embarrasment at having been busted. "Duty calls."

The look on Carol's face sobered. "What do you mean 'Duty calls'?"

"Well, looks like we have a shoplifter and I need to go take care of

"But you promised no work this weekend!" Carol had developed that
wife-look that told me that I would be sorry for this intrusion into our
free time. "It shouldn't take too long," I promised her. "Why don't you
walk around the mall and I'll call you on the cell phone when I'm done and
we can meet back here."

Carol got a gleam in her eye and she walked toward me and putting her
arms around my neck, gently nibbled on my ear. "Are you sure you have to
go?" she asked.

"I'm sorry Carol. I promise I'll get it done as quickly as I can," I
said as if I was a lawyer pleading my case before a judge. To make sure
that I would indeed come home, Carol released my neck and moved to her
knees. I smiled as she looked up at me and took her hand and massaged my
hardon through my slacks. "Carol, please," I said faking protest. Carol
winked at me and her hand moved to the zipper, and I hoped that the sound
of it coming down couldn't be heard in the next booth. Firmly but gently,
Carol reached into my pants and pulled my rock hard cock out of my
underwear. My dick jumped as she released it and gently bumped her face
against it. I felt the muscles in my balls contract as she stroked my hot
memeber, running her hands up and down the length.

"And what would daddy like little Carol to do right now," she said as
she looked at me. Her eyes danced as she teased me, gently placing a kiss
on the underside of my manhood.

"I think you know what daddy wants right now," I said as I looked at my
wife kneeling before me.

With that, she moved her mouth close to the tip of my cock and her
tongue gently licked the slit and then moved back. I watched as a string
of the precum oozing out went from the purple head to her tongue. sucking it in like a string of spaghetti, she grinned a big white toothed grin at
me. "Is that what daddy wants," she asked?

"You know it is baby," I told her, running my hands through her blonde locks. With that, she moved forward and I felt her warm mouth take the end
of my hardon between her lips. Carol slowly moved her sweet mouth down the
length of my cock and back again and it popped from her mouth. "Mmmmmmmm,"
she said grinning. Once again she took my prick between her lips and moved
forward. This time I moaned as my dick reached the back of her throat. My
knees became weak as her expert mouth worked the head with her tongue.

"Oh baby, that feels so wonderful!" I exclaimed as I felt the cum build
up in my testicles. Carol looked up at me, holding my cock deep into her
mouth and then she moved her head off of my hard shaft and then to my
extreme disappointment, she stood up.

"Well, that's just a little sample of what you'll get if we get home at
a decent hour tonight," she said as she turned and walked away from me.
"Now go take care of your job. It's obviously more important than what I
was doing!"

I stood there in disbelief. "You're not going to just leave me here
like that are you baby," I asked, trying to not sound too desperate. Carol
just turned around and covered herself, motioning for me to leave. I could
tell that she was deadly serious. I wanted to just take her right then and
there, but I knew that would not be prudent given the situation. With much
reluctance, I somehow managed to put my dick back in my pants and zipped
them up. "You're going to get it good later baby," I told her as I slapped
her gently on the ass.

"Promises, promises," she said winking at me. "Now get the fuck out
before I call security!"

Fucking thieves, I thought to myself as I walked out of the dressing
room. I did my best not to be pissed, but it was hard not let my anger get
in the way. As I was walking back to my office, I looked around to try to
spy the young girls that had been there earlier but they weren't anywhere
to be found. "Fucking thieves," I mumbled under my breath as I walked into
my office.

"What's up?" I asked the young guy sitting at my desk.

"I caught someone shoplifting sir," he said sheepishly.

"And you couldn't take care of it yourself?" I asked as I gave him that
look that only bosses can get by with.

"I-I-I'm sorry sir. I'm still pretty new at this."

"It's ok Bill," I told the young man, trying to reassure him. "Where's
the little fucking thief right now."

"In the holding room," he said.

"Well, send the little thieving bastard in," I said as I sat down at my
desk The young man got up and handed me a sack. "The loot is in the sack
sir," he said as he walked out of my office, pulling the door shut behind
him. Pulling my drawer open, I pulled out my Polaroid camera out that we
used for photographing evidence of a crime and sat it on the desk. I
relaxed back in my chair and waited until I heard the door start to open.
Sitting back up in an upright position, I waited for the young man to bring
the piss poor excuse for a would-be thief into my office.

I'm not sure exactly what went through my mind at this time but I can
tell you that my heart skipped a couple of beats when he came bringing the
thief into my office! I couldn't believe my eyes or my luck! It was the
little dark skinned girl in the plaid mini skirt! "Here she is sir," he
said as he brought her in.

My hardon which had gone down since my half-assed blowjob from my wife started to return when I saw the young schoolgirl standing before me.
"Well I'll be damned," I said as I tried my best to keep the surprise from
my face. "Thank you Bill," I said firmly, "You can leave now." Bill nodded
and walked from the office.

"Well, well, well young lady! Just what do we have here?" I asked her
doing my best not to drool.

"I didn't steal nothing mister," she said giving me that smart-ass kid

"Uh huh," I said looking at her. "That's what they all say kid." I
picked up the sack that Bill had handed to me earlier. "What have we got
in here?" I asked the young lady.

"I don't know what it is," she said nervously. I looked up from the
sack and then looked back down. "Hmmmmm," I said as I opened the bag and
looked inside. "Nice choice," I said to the girl as I reached into the bag
and pulled out a pair of silky white panties. The girl blushed and hung
her head. "Yes indeed, nice choice" I repeated as I reached back in again
and took out a pair of black thongs. "Bet these would look nice on you
little girl," I said as I felt the blood in my groin boil.

"Look mister, I'm sorry. If you let me go I promise I'll never do it

"Uh huh," I said. "You know how many times I've been told that by you
little thieves?"

"I mean it sir," the girl said, her hands shaking visibly.

Shaking my head back and forth as if in disgust, I reached back into the
bag. This time I pulled out a pair of white cotton panties. My eyes lit
up as I realized that we have never sold this brand of underwear before.
"And where'd these come from young lady?"

Shame filled the girl's face as I held up the cotton undergarment.
"Hmmmm, let me guess," I said as I put the panties up to my nose. The
young girl's sweet womanly scent filled my nose as I took a breath and
stared at her. "You wore these in didn't you?" I asked trying to look
stern even though my hormones were running wild.

Knowing that I would get no answer from her I stood up and walked back
to the front side of the desk. I draped the evidence on the desk and
picked up my camera. I took a picture of each pair of panties for evidence
in case we decided to prosecute the youngster. "Well, looks like we caught
you red handed kid." Tears started to fill her eyes as she realized for the
first time that she was in a deep mess. "How old are you little girl?" I
asked her. Ignoring the question I shrugged my shoulders and picked up the
purse that Bill had put on my desk.

"Leave that alone! You've got no right," she said angrily!

"No right? No right? Seems like you're the one who doesn't have the
right to come in and take someone else's property you little bitch!"

Rustling through her purse I took out her wallet and started to go
through it. It had the usual young girl stuff in it but after digging I
found what I needed. "St. Joseph's junior high?" I asked. "14 is a
little young to be starting a life of crime isn't it Katie?"

"Look mister, I said I was sorry. Please let me go." To be honest I
really did think about stopping here but I knew that thing had gone beyond
my control.

"Well Katie, it seems to me that if you have 2 pair of panties in the
bag that you took from us and one pair that you wore in here that there are
two choices. Either you have another pair of our panties on or you have no
panties on. Now which one is it girl?" Mascara was making dark streaks
down Katie's cheek as I stood looking up and down her young frame.
"Doesn't matter if you tell me or not. The camera doesn't lie!"

"The camera?" she asked.

"Yes, the camera young lady. I use this camera to collect evidence of a
crime. And....since you're not being forthright with me, looks like we'll
have to rely on the camera!" Katie's trembling was more pronounced as I
picked up the camera. "Hold your head up Katie," I said, aiming the camera at the young girl.

Katie held up her head and gave me a defiant look as I snapped a picture of her face. "Very nice," I said as I watched the picture develop before
my eyes. "You could be a model you know." I took a step back and took a
full shot of the sweet thing before me. "That is you could have been
before you turned to a life of crime." As soon as the next picture developed, I returned to my seat. ""Yep, too bad you picked a life of
crime instead of pursuing an honest career. Jail is pretty hard on a
person's looks I've heard!"

"Please don't let them arrest me mister. My mom would kill me!"

"Well, maybe there is something I can do. But, I do need a little more
evidence. If, and I say only if you are willing to cooperate, I might be
able to let this one slide Katie."

Perking up slightly Katie nodded in agreement. "Ok Katie, then you will
have to do as I say. Is that understood?" Katie nodded her head again and
I leaned back in my chair and put the camera on the desk. "Ok then. I
guess it is time to start taking off your clothes."

"I don't fucking think so mister!" she said loudly.

Placing my finger to my lips to hush her I nodded. "I fucking think so
Katie. You see, like I said the camera is for evidence and I think that
you have a pair of our panties on, so drop the fucking skirt!"

"NO!" she yelled at the top of her lungs.

"Strip or your mama will have to go down town and bail your sweet little
arse out of jail!" I said glaring at her. Katie looked around and realized
that she had little choice in the matter. Pulling her belt loose, she one
by one pulled the buttons loose on her skirt. I could feel my blood
pressure rise along with my cock as she pulled them apart. When the plaid
mini skirt fell to the floor I could hear Katie let out a slight sob.
"Very nice," I said as I raised the camera and snapped a picture of the
teenage girl. The silky material of the tan colored panties seemed to flow
across her young hips. "Now turn around Katie." Katie did as she was told
and my mouth watered as I looked at the smooth ass cheeks in the silky
undies. I raised the camera once again and took a picture of the young girl's backside.

"Are you through now you pervert?" she asked me with ice in her voice.

"Not quite little girl. Now turn around and take off the blouse!"

"The blouse! Why?"

"Because I need to make sure that you haven't stolen one of our bras
too. Now off with the blouse girl!"

I watched the little hand as it unbuttoned the top button of her shirt.
My cock was straining at my pants as I realized that I was in total control
of this beauty! Katie undid the second button, and then the third, and
then the fourth and then as if in slow motion she pulled it from her
shoulders and it too hit the floor. Katie covered her breasts with her
hands and I took another picture. "Put your hands down to your side
Katie," I ordered. Katie did as ordered and I almost groaned out loud as
my eyes took in the puffy nipples that capped the newly ripened mounds of
her breasts. I aimed the camera at her and took a snap of the almost nude
teenager before me. I took pictures of Katie from the front, from the side
and from the back. Katie was in tears and I could not remember a time when
my dick had been so hard. "Are you through now mister," she asked me
regaining her composure.

"Well, almost. We can't let you leave the store with stolen property so
I want you to give me the panties."

I expected the girl to put up a fight, but instead she turned around,
bent over and pulled the panties from her waist. That moment will last
forever in my mind. I took a shot of the girl's lovely ass as she slid the
panties off. "Get a good shot mister," she said defiantly, staying bent
over and spreading her legs. Katie's bald pussy lips could be seen between
her legs. I snapped another photo of the young girl's sweet backside.
"How about this," Katie asked, moving her hands behind her and she spread
her pussy lips, inserting a finger into her sweet little hole. I took one
more picture and then she stood up and turned around facing me.

My eyes drank in the exquisite beauty of her youth as she stood there in
her Nike's and bobby socks. "You'd really like to have some of this
wouldn't you sir?" she asked, a wicked smile coming over her face. Sweat
beaded up on my forehead as my eyes followed her sweet ass. Doing her best
to keep my attention, she sat her sweet little body on top of it. "Yep, I
bet you'd like to come over here and get some of little Katie wouldn't
you?" Katie closed her eyes and inserted the finger that had been in her
tender pussy into her mouth and sucked it in deep. "And I DO taste good
sir," she said, opening her eyes. Leaning back on my desk she left one leg
draped over the edge, bent one leg and put her foot on my desk, spreading
her honeyhole wide. The pink vaginal lips glistened under the fluorescent
lights and I could tell that she was as turned on as I was. Katie closed
her eyes once again and moved her hand between her legs and her finger
rubbed across her clit. "Oh yes, please fuck me mister," she moaned as she
frigged her pussy with her finger. "Please fuck me!" I aimed the camera and I took one last shot of the now totally nude girl spread eagle across
my desk. Snapping her eyes open, she abruptly sat up. "Can I get dressed
now mister?"

"That would probably be best young lady," I said trying not to show my
loss of control of the situation. I picked her white cotton panties and
waved them at her. "And I think I'll keep these here for physical

Katie shrugged and put her clothes back on. "Now listen Katie. If I
ever catch you or read in the paper of you stealing again, I'll post these
pictures on the internet!" Seeming to not hear my words, she buttoned the
final button. When she was done, I paged Bill to come back into my office
and escort the teenager out of the store.

I put my evidence into the safe and just as I shut it, I heard the door
to my office open. Carol walked in and shut the door. "Isn't the girl that just walked out of here the one that you were looking at earlier?" she
asked eyeing me suspiciously.

"Yeah, they caught the little bitch stealing. It was her first time so
I just put a little scare into her."

"What's her name?" my wife asked eyeing me suspiciously.

"Katie I think. Why?"

"Mmmm. I just wanted to know," she said matter of factly. "These
Katie's?" she asked picking up the panties from the desk.

"No, they belong to the store."

"Hmmmm. Did you fuck her?"

"No! I told you I just put a scare into her!"

"Did you want to fuck her?" she asked looking at my face as if to judge
my truthfulness.

"Look Carol, she's just a kid who made a mistake. I let her go because
I didn't think one mistake warranted going to jail."

"You are such a thoughtful man," Carol said walking toward her. I could
smell her perfume as she approached me. "In fact, you are such a
thoughtful man that I started feeling guilty about earlier." The gleam in
Carol's eye was back and I smiled as she once again got on her knees and I
felt the familiar feeling of her unzipping my slacks.

"Very nice," she said. "And so hard!" Carol opened her mouth and took
my prick between her lips for the second time today. Carol looked at me
with those big blue eyes and she looked so sexy. The warm wetness of her
mouth moved down my shaft and I knew that when I came, it was going to be
like "Old Faithful".

"Carol! You feel so good baby." Carol released my cock from her mouth
and her tongue moved down to my balls. "Oh fuck," I moaned as her hands
grabbed my buttocks and she moved her mouth along the shaft. "Does the big
man like this?" she purred as she licked.

"You know I do Carol. Keep that up and I'm gonna cum baby!"

Once again Carol removed her lips from my swollen cock. "Wouldn't want
to waste a good cum," she said as she stood up. Moving over in front of my
desk, Carol reached behind her and undid the snap that held her skirt
against her waist. The soft sound of her nylon zipper could be heard and
then it fell to the ground. "Take what you want big man," she said as she
pulled her blouse over her head. Shock, disbelief and total excitement
filled my being as I beheld my wife almost naked in my office! Moving
quickly to her, I put my hands behind her back and undid the clasps that
held her 38D bra on her shoulders. I pulled it from her shoulders and her
heavy breasts fell out into the open.

My lips moved to the large pink nipples. Pulling one into my mouth, I
kneaded the other tit with my hand. Carol arched her back and pushed her
tit tightly against my face. "Oh yes!" Carol groaned as I sucked her
nipple between my lips. My mouth moved from one breast to the other and I
flicked across the pink bud with my tongue. "Please be gentle with me sir,
it's my first time!"

I removed my lips from her nipple. "Carol? What did you say?" I asked,
sure that I had heard wrong.

"My name's Katie mister. Please be gentle with me. I'm a virgin," she
said once again, this time in a little girl voice. Carol pulled away from
me and leaned back across the top of my desk. I looked down at my
beautiful bride as she lay on top of my desk in her panties.

"Carol, I think we'd better not go there."

"My name's Katie mister. If you promise not to tell my mom I was a bad
girl I'll let you do what you want to me sir!" Lifting her hips up
slightly, I took my cue and pulled the panties off and threw them in the
corner. Moisture glistened on my wife's neatly trimmed pubes and I knew
that I was going to be in for one hell of a ride.

"First Katie," I said trying to play along, "you've got to promise not
to tell ANYBODY!"

"Oh no sir," my wife said. "I promise I won't tell if you won't!"

"I won't tell anybody Katie," I said as I moved between my wife's legs
and kissed her passionately on the lips. Carol moaned and her tongue
darted into my mouth and she held me tightly against her breasts. Shifting
her hips slightly, she spread her legs wide and put her heels against my
ass. Breaking the kiss, she relaxed back and pulled my hips against hers.
"Please be gentle sir," she said as I felt my not steel hard cock touch the
entrance to her pussy lips.

"This will only hurt a little at first Katie!" Years of exercise had
paid off as somehow Carol was able to clamp her pussy muscles tight and I
felt a pressure grip the head of my cock as I pressed it in. "Oh god sir,
It's so big!" she moaned as I entered her.

"Just relax Katie," I said as I pushed it in a little deeper. I worked
my dick in and out of my wife's wonderful pussy, moving it in a little more
with each attempt. Carol clamped her pussy tightly and my cock stopped as
if hitting a barrier. "Relax Katie," I said as I pulled out. I gripped
Carol tightly and with all my might I pushed my cock deep into my wife.

"Owwwwwww!!!!!" Carol cried as I moved all the way it. "It hurts so

I left myself deep into my wife's tight cunt. Stroking her hair, I
whispered to her, "It'll be alright Katie, it'll be alright." Carol started
moving her hips in a circular motion against me. I moved my cock out until
the head was once again at her entrance and then I pushed it hard against

"Oh god yes mister, please fuck little Katie," she whipsered into my

"Such a tight little cunt," I said as I pushed my pelvis against hers.
"Such a tight little cunt Katie," I moaned.

Carol's breathing increased as I fucked her on my desk. "Yes! Yes!
Yes!" she groaned as I fucked her.

"So sweet! So tight Katie," I said as her pussy muscles milked my hard

"Please mister. Please, I'm cumming!" Carol cooed. My wife's words
were like and I could hold off no longer. My cock jerked and then a warmth
started at the base of my cock and a squirt of cum came out that felt like
the end of my cock would explode! "Oh god Katie," I moaned in my wife's
ear as I stroked into her, "Katie, so hot……so wet…… tight."

Pushing, pulling, pumping and shivering I shot the last of my red hot
cum into my wife's tight milking pussy. I put my weight on my wife, laying
on top of her and after a few minutes of kissing and holding each other, I
pulled my now half limp cock out of her cream filled cunt. "I love you
Carol," I said as I started to get dressed. My wife smiled and stood up,
wiping the cum from between her legs with Katies's white panties. "And I
love you too," she said as she tossed the messy piece of cloth back onto
the desk.

My wife slipped her clothes back on and, straightening out as much as
she could under the circumstances walked to the door. Turning, she looked
at me, "Oh by the way, it's a DAMN good thing I didn't taste little Katie's
cunt on your cock or you'd have been very sorry!" Carol opened the door and
paused one more time. "You know," she said as if thinking, "I bet's she's
right. I'll bet she tastes very good! Oh, and don't forget to bring your
'evidence' home. I think I'd like to see it myself!" With that, she turned
and walked out of the room. Tonight would be a very special night indeed!

The end.


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