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the trouble with swapping

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1. , Andrea

Bob and I have been together for five years now, since we were kids, really.
I was a virgin when we met, and before the time of this story, Bob was the
only man I'd ever had full sex with.

Now, for some time, I'd noticed that Bob's eyes would be following other
women around, and white women in particular.

Also, he kept bringing up 'swinging'. The subject just kind of emerged into
conversation somehow. I started to realise that Bob wanted some variety, and
I decided it would be better to cooperate than have him go behind my back or
even leave me.

Finally, I relented, and let him put an add in a 'swinger's' magazine.

Bob went through the replies, there were dozens of them! He said most were
from perverts and such, and only showed me the few he thought were genuine.
One of the couples was completely fat, and I'm sorry, but that's the one
thing that really turns me off. The second pair looked friendly and pretty,
but Bob said that they lived too close to were we lived.

That left the last, and they were so much older than us! Bob's 24, and I'm
23. This couple looked to be, well her in her late forties, and him in his
late fifties! Why, he hardly had any hair, and what there was was grey. He
had a friendly smile, though, and he looked to be in good condition. The
woman had a radiant smile, and she was white and blond with blue eyes, but I
was still surprised that Bob would be interested in such an older woman.
Still, I figured that at least he wasn't likely to run off with her and make
her pregnant!

So I agreed that we should send them a [clothed, you bet] photo of us, and
see if they would like to meet us.

2., Bob

Well, I'd been a little worried about Andrea. You see, we'd always had great
sex together, but I knew that she had no sexual experience, and had some
unfulfilled curiosity. I guess I was just insecure. Andrea is a very
beautiful woman, and I knew that men must have been hitting on her all the
time. I wanted to be able to work during the day without worrying what my
woman was getting up to.

And she kept bringing up the subject of swinging. I figured I'd rather her
do it with my knowledge than without. When I offered to arrange it, she was
so enthusiastic, that I knew I was just in time.

We got a box full of replies to our little add. A lot of people wanted to
try out a young black couple on their first swinging experience. Most were
from single men, of all persuasions, and there were a couple of dozen

I said I was a little insecure, but now I've promised to tell it all and
hold nothing back. I was so afraid that Andrea might find someone that
turned her on more than me, that I weeded out any couple where the guy
looked too good.

I chose Carl for her. I was sure that I'd have nothing to fear from a white
man more than twice my age, yet he looked just good enough to get her to
agree to meet them. I thought that we probably would just meet them for
dinner, and not go through with the sex thing.

But in case we did decide to go that far, Evelyn did look hot.

3., Evelyn

When Carl showed me the picture of Bob and Andréa, I could hardly believe my
eyes. That such a young beautiful couple should be interested in us!

We've been swapping and swinging for quite a while now, but frankly, in our
age group there are very few good looking people, and they rarely come in
pairs. Usually, a man has the hots for me, and is willing to trade his wife for me. Sometimes poor Carl has ended up with a rotten deal, but he rarely
complains, and the excitement of new conquests has kept us coming back.
Other times I've had to put up with some rather unattractive men, so that
Carl could bed the pretty wife.

But this was different. This girl was absolutely stunning; I really wanted
Carl to have her.

I was a little apprehensive about the man, Bob. He was attractive, in a
primal sort of way, but somehow I thought he looked a little rough. He said
in his letter that he was a construction worker! We'd only ever done this
with people of our own class before.

I'd never been with a coloured man, either, and I'd heard the tales of
those baseball bat sized penises. I wasn't sure that I wanted to be hammered
at by something like that.

4., Carl

I really never expected them to reply, but I was sure glad that they did.
Even if we couldn't lure them back to our place and seduce them, just
meeting them for dinner and dancing would be sexually exciting.

I couldn't help but wonder if that Bob fellow had one of those enormous pricks, and if Evelyn would get to have it! The thought of her with that
young black man turned me on by itself, but the girl, Andrea... she looked
to be an extraordinary beauty.

5., Andrea

We met them in a quiet restaurant not too close to where we live. Carl was a
real gentleman, he held my seat for me while I sat down, and gave me a long
stemmed rose. In real life, he looked older if anything, but he was also
very lively, and he had these bright eyes that couldn't seem to stay away
from me for long. It reminded me of Bob when we were first together.

Bob and Evelyn seemed awfully interested in each other. I could understand
her liking Bob, he's a very attractive man. But I couldn't understand how he
could find her sexy. She had obviously had a face-lift, her hair was
coloured, and I wasn't sure about those boobs, either.

She wore way too much makeup, and she had a kind of snobbish way of talking.

She had a lot of nice jewellery, though. Real gold, and I think real
diamonds in her ring and earrings.

I noticed that she had her hand on his, and it made me jealous. I decided to
be more flirtatious with Carl.

Well, that plan backfired. If anything, it just encouraged them.

Carl was nice, and he kept saying funny things and making me laugh.

By the time we'd finished dinner, everyone was a little worked up, and when
Carl suggested that we go home with them, we agreed.

6., Bob

I was surprised at how sexy I found Evelyn to be. It wasn't only that she
was white, blond, and so high class. She just had a sexy way about her. She
was pretty, too. Not like Andrea, but pretty. Her wide red mouth kind of
offset her big blue eyes. She was small, and fine boned. I could make out
shapely little tits showing through her long dress, slit to the waist, and a
pretty white leg was showing, tipped by a really sexy high-heeled shoe. And
I was even excited about her being twice my age. It didn't show very much,
except around her eyes.

She seemed turned on by me, too, and she had no problem letting me know it.

When she put her fine little white hand, with it's long red nails, on my big
rough black one, I felt the blood rush to my face like I was a little kid.

Her blond hair and red lips made her whole head a kind of explosion in

She wore some kind of perfume, subtle but sweet, that just made me want to
continuously inhale through my nose.

I looked into Andrea's face as we were finishing our dinner. She was
pretending to be uninterested, but I knew her better. I could see that we
were going to go for it.

7., Evelyn

They were both just stunning, physically. Bob wasn't much of a
conversationalist I'm afraid, so I did most of the talking.

Andrea was really something. She was tall, with huge firm young breasts pushing up her low cut dress. She had a long, elegant neck that looked as
though someone should be paying it some attention. The white lace neckband
against her dark smooth skin was a nice touch, and she had very narrow hips.
But it was her face that was her most amazing feature. A silky smooth
chocolate complexion, total symmetry, strait nose, high cheekbones. She was
a young, full-bodied Naomi Campbell.

Carl had had a long time fantasy about me with another woman. I wondered if
Andrea would be open to such an idea. She was the first woman I'd met that
was that beautiful.

I could see that Carl was really hooked on her, and I knew what he was
capable of when he was turned on like that. If he could get her into bed,
she would have a long and memorable night ahead of her.

Bob was a big man, muscular and lean, but a bit unfinished. When I put my
hand on his, I could feel how coarse it was.

I had wanted to go with a Negro man for some time now, despite, or perhaps
because of, the thought of a huge cock. But I'd imagined someone a bit more

This fellow seemed nice enough, but... I looked briefly at Andrea and Carl,
and things seemed to be going well there.

I turned all my charm on Bob; I didn't want to think that we'd missed these
two for lack of effort.

8., Carl

Andrea was surely the most stunning woman I'd ever met. And I'd met many.

Bob must be mad to gamble with her, I thought to myself as I held her chair
for her.

I could see that winning Andrea over was going to be tricky. I'm no fool,
and I know that my looks aren't what they were.

I broke the ice pretty quickly with a little humour, and she started to
relax. Soon we were chatting away like old friends.

I was pleasantly surprised to find that she was as witty and charming as she
was beautiful. When she smiled it was as though someone momentarily
increased the lighting, and her laugh could bring joy to any man's heart.

I saw that Evelyn and young Bob were holding hands, and it was strange how
that innocent gesture seemed so erotic. I thought of taking Andrea's hand in
mine, but decided to go slow. It was enough just to bask in her beauty, and
talk to her.

By the time we'd finished desert, Evelyn had Bob eating out of the palm of
her hand. Evelyn can do that to men.

I wasn't quite sure that Andrea would agree, but it was 'now or never', so I
asked her and Bob if they'd like to come home with Evelyn and I.

9., Andrea

I drove with Carl, and Evelyn went with Bob in our car.

'Why don't you slide on over here' Carl said to me.

I wasn't too sure, but I thought, hey, what can he do in a moving car? I
slid over, and he put his arm around me, and stroked and squeezed my
shoulder in a friendly kind of way.

I knew nothing would be going on in our car, since we had bucket seats. But
then we pulled up next to them at a stoplight, and we both saw them kissing!
Carl just grinned, and got ahead of them when the light changed.

I suddenly found myself wondering if it was true what they say about white
men having tiny little pricks. I was getting pretty excited, and a little
scared, thinking that it looked like I was going to find out.

10., Bob

She lent over and kissed me the first time we had to stop for a traffic
light, and it was really nice. Her breath was fresh, and her mouth tasted so
sweet! It was enough to start my tool growing, making out like school kids
with this attractive older white woman in my car.

Andrea and Carl saw us at it at one point, I'm sure. I was looking forward
to getting Evelyn into a bed somewhere, but then I thought of that old Carl
guy getting at my Andrea, and I wasn't sure.

We nearly missed the green, and just after we'd cleared the intersection, I
saw the blue lights of the police cruiser.

I thought that the guy was going to gun me down when he saw a black man and
a white woman in the car, but he controlled himself, and went through the
normal checking routines.

11., Evelyn

I still wasn't completely sure about this, although I also knew that I
wouldn't do anything to stop it, it wouldn't be fair to Carl.

I decided to try kissing him at a stoplight, just to see how I'd feel about

Their car wasn't made for this sort of thing, so I had to really stretch to
get my mouth to his.

I felt his powerful hand on the back of my neck, and he held our mouths in
contact while he slipped his tongue into me.

I pulled back after a few seconds, and decided he would be fine, if I could
get him under a little control.

I wondered if he'd still be so hot for me if he knew about my grandchildren.

12., Carl

I was getting excited just having Andrea alone in the car! This wasn't
normal for me, not since I'd turned fifty, anyway.

She slid over to me, and I put my arm around her in what I hoped was a
non-threatening manner.

We had nearly arrived, when I saw Bob and Evelyn getting pulled over behind
us. So I knew that I'd have Andrea to myself for a little while when we got

13., Andrea

We arrived at Carl and Evelyn's place, and Carl fixed us each a drink. There
was no sign of Bob and Evelyn. Carl just laughed and said that they must
have got side tracked.

He sat down next to me, and put his arm around me.

He touched my chin with the finger of his other hand, and pulled my head
around and kissed me for the first time.

We were petting pretty heavily after about ten minutes, when he took both my
hands in his, and asked if I would come to the bedroom with him. I was too
nervous to talk, so I just nodded my head, and he led me upstairs.

He sure did take his time about things. About ten minutes later we heard the
front door slam, and heard Bob and Evelyn come in. another ten minutes and
Carl hadn't even gotten my dress off yet.

When he finally undressed me, it was really slow and erotic. When he had me
completely naked, he somehow made love to every inch of me, before at last
putting his old head down between my thighs.

He was a master with his tongue. I don't want to criticize Bob; he's always
done it for me. But Carl made me come twice, without even using his penis.

Finally, he took off his own cloths. I was surprised that his penis was only
half hard. He got back on the bed next to me, and I put my mouth over his
dick. I decided to do it his way, slowly. He ran his fingers through my hair
and smiled into my eyes while I did it.

His penis was actually a little bigger than Bob's now that it was hard. I
was sure that he could use it well, too, but somehow I'd decided that I
didn't want him to put it in my pussy. Somehow, I thought that I should keep
that for Bob. I wanted Carl to shoot in my mouth.

But he didn't, he wouldn't! I did everything I could think of, I sucked him,
I tickled and stroked his balls, nothing.

Oh, he was happy about it. He kept saying how pretty I was, and how he felt
like a god when I did that to him.

Eventually, I had to give up and let him have his way with me.

I never knew that there were men with staying power like Carl. We did it in
more positions than I knew that there were. He made me come again and again,
and finally, when he asked if it was O.K., I said yes, and I felt him fill
my pussy with his sperm.

14., Bob

When we got to their place, Andrea and Carl had already gone up to the
bedroom. I was pretty blown away at that.

Evelyn just laughed.

'What did you expect them to be doing, watching T.V.?'

We sat on the couch, and I thought that I'd show her what a young blood
could do.

'Whoa, lover!' she whispered, 'slow down, we have all night..'

She took control, sort of, and I followed where she led. I'm a big enough
guy to realise that she just might know more than me about sex.

We went to their spare bedroom, and she undressed me. Her eyes lit up at my
big black dick, strong and stiff as wood when she unpacked it.

She kept it in her hand while she kissed me just about everywhere, until I
was dying to get it in her. I held her blond head while she went down on me,
but she stopped just before I was going to come.

She stripped at last, and lay down on the bed next to me on her back. I knew
what was expected, and I got down and started licking out her sweet pink

Evelyn is a very outspoken person, and she didn't mind telling me how she
liked me to do it. I did what she told me, and got her to come just by
licking her!

It was pretty late when she finally let me fuck her. She was so small, she
kind of disappeared under me. She asked me to let her get on top for a
while, and that was cool too. The sight of her lifting herself up and down
on my black meat, her blond curls and pert little tits bobbing, my big black
thing disappearing into her pink pussy lips, is a memory I hope to keep for
a long time.

When I finally shot my huge load into her, she did something really
amazing... as I finished, she got off of me, and took me back into her
mouth! Man, I never felt anything so intense!

I sure would like to spend another night with Evelyn.

15., Evelyn

Bob seemed a little shocked to find that Carl had managed to seduce Andrea
and get her to the bedroom before we even arrived.

I sat him on the couch and got him relaxed pretty fast.

I'm forty-eight years old, and have been living the swinger's life for the
last fifteen, since this black stallion was in grade school. I know very
well how to get the best from men. The trick is to take control, and don't
let them come until you're through with them. Unless they're very young...
but I digress.

I took him to the guest bedroom, and gave him the time of his young life.

I was relieved that his penis was only slightly larger than Carl's, and not
as big as some that I've taken. Don't get me wrong; Bob's tooling is more
than adequate. I loved the sight of it's blackness in my white hand,
stroking it with my fingers, and rubbing it against my body.

He is strong and compliant, and I find the contrast between us [on every
level] very erotic.

I'm sure that if I get the chance, I can make a great lover out of him, in

16., Carl

Andrea is undoubtedly the sweetest lover I've ever had.

When I was finely able to kiss her, it was as though a kind of primal energy
surged through my body, I felt as though I were 22 again, powerful and

I knew that I'd better get her upstairs before Bob and Evelyn arrived, so I
simply asked her if she would like to come up with me.

When she agreed, I thought that I must be the luckiest man alive, except
perhaps for young Bob.

Her body was a thing of perfection, a temple to be worshiped, and that's
just what I tried to do.

I went down on her, and her juices were like nectar, sweet and light. I
thought that I could spend my life happily down there.

Twice she came, squeezing my head between those long smooth dark thighs,
twisting and crying.

When she returned the favour, it was one of the best, most erotic blowjobs
I've ever had.

It was all I could do to hold myself back as she stared at me with those
huge clear dark almond eyes, taking me deep into her mouth while stroking my
old balls with her young fingers.

When I couldn't take it any more, I changed position, and entered this
amazing creature at long last. The feeling of her strong young body wrapped
tightly around mine, her vaginal muscles squeezing my cock. I never wanted
to come; I wanted this to last forever, this total ecstasy.

All those years of sexual experimentation, and I'd never gotten close to
this before.

We are leaving for the Caribbean on my boat. By the time you read this, we
will be cruising the islands.

We have no schedule, no plans... Just Andrea and I forever.

We both want to apologise for the pain we've caused to you, Evelyn, and to

I've never loved a woman like I love Andrea. I don't know what you should
tell the kids. Tell them grandpa's very happy.

Ace 2000

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