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This is a work of fantasy. It is not about real people, and if it is, its
not what they would do. (not that you are likely to know them anyway). If
you are under 18, go away, since I don't like to get in trouble. If you
are turned off by perversion, what are you doing at asstr? In other words,
go away. If none of this applies to you, great! Read on! Have fun! Let
me know what you like!

Oh, and I work hard on my writing…so guess what? Its mine. That's
right boys and girls…its copyrighted…so if you want it? Just askJ we'll


I step into the elevator on the top floor, and see you enter behind me.
I noticed you peeking at my nipples poking against my blouse as we waited
for the elevator to come up. As the door shuts, I realize we are alone. I
begin to rub my neck, unbuttoning my shirt to do so. I see you trying to
watch without appearing to watch, and smile a little smile. I unbutton
another button, letting you see i'm not wearing a bra. I lean against the
number panel, carefully hitting the stop button. You are still trying to
appear nonchalant, but I know you aren't. I drop my bag, and close my
eyes, unbuttoning the last of the buttons, sighing deeply as I let it fall.
At first, you look away, but seeing that my eyes are closed, still
massaging my shoulders, you watch. I feel you rather than see you come
closer, invading my personal space . I take a deep breath, and let my
nipples press against you, and feel you jump in response. I quite suddenly
grasp your neck, pulling you down for a passionate kiss, leaning my body
against you hotly. I reach down, and pull your shirt out of your trousers,
and let my skirt ride up as my legs wrap around behind you. You feel my
excitement, and can't help but comply, grasping my ass, and pulling me even
tighter to you. My back is against the wall, my legs surrounding your
waist, when you realize I'm not wearing any underwear either. We hear the
beeps of people waiting for the elevator, and quickly you take me. I bite
your shoulder to keep from crying out, not wanting others to hear us. We
both come quickly, having been aroused so well. Quickly, we adjust our
clothing, and release the stop button. As we leave the elevator, you ask,
"By the way, what is your name?" I smile secretly and walk away.

copyright Dryad ( 1999


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