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The following is probably a work of FICTION. It was sent back in time in a
quantum bottle. So who really knows for sure? ...

Feel free to reprint or take credit for it (as if I could stop you), but
please don't make any changes, or I won't write anything new!

More of TooMuchTime's erotic writings can be found here ...

THE UNEXPECTED PHYSICAL (m F cons nurse busty 1st)

by TooMuchTime (

Copyright(c) 2002, TooMuchTime. All rights reserved.

By the time Jason climbed off his bike and walked it over to the rack,
he was sweating like crazy and could barely feel his legs. It had taken
him nearly an hour to pedal up the hill to the high school -- in August
heat, no less. But with both his parents at work and no friends who drove,
it was the only way to get to his sports physical. He couldn't wait until
next year, when he'd be 16 ... old enough to get a permit and start
driving himself places. Jason leaned his bike against the rack, then
chained it, pulled his backpack down to carry in one hand, and wobbled on
numb legs toward the front door.

As he walked down the halls toward the nurse's office, Jason noticed how
creepy a school was during the summer. Too quiet. His sneaker squeaked
once when he didn't lift his foot high enough, and it almost sounded as
loud as somebody screaming. There had been only a few cars in the parking
lot when he rode through it, and there was nobody in the hallways now. For
some reason, he thought there would be teachers here, preparing new torture
methods or something.

At the nurse's office, Jason was greeted by a row of empty chairs
outside the door. Strange, he thought, and glanced at his digital watch.
Five minutes to eleven. Shouldn't there be other guys from the team here
already, waiting for their physicals too? He wandered hesitantly into the
open door, and said, "Hello?"

A female voice answered from the back room. "I'll be right out!" Jason
stood there a moment, fiddling with the loose arm on his glasses. Then
once he realized he might be standing there a while, he decided to sit down
in one of three chairs lined up in front of the desk, where a small placard
read, "Nurse Meyers". He remembered hearing last year that Nurse Richmond
might retire. Apparently, she had.

Meyers, he thought. That name sounded familiar to him. It took him
only a few seconds to remember why. There used to be a big family of
Meyers that lived just up the road from them. They moved away a couple of
years ago, though, and now a yuppie couple lived there. During grade
school, Jason had walked to that house more than once, to hit them up for
fund-raisers, and despite having four or five high school kids of their
own, they'd always been good about buying whatever he brought around --
candles, calendars, magazine subscriptions.

What he remembered most of all about the Meyers, though, was one of the
daughters. When he'd been ten, starting puberty and first becoming aware
of just how much he appreciated looking at the female body, he used to bike
aimlessly past the Meyers house three or four times a day in the summer,
and for one reason only -- to see if the gorgeous blonde daughter would be
sunbathing out on the side lawn, as she often did. She'd even answered the
door once when he'd come collecting, and he fell in love with her

Jason never knew the daughter's name, but she was a true All-American
Beauty in every sense of the word. Long, wavy dirty-blonde hair and a tall
thin frame, some freckles on the nose, with round hips, a healthy chest,
and a wide, genuine, country-girl smile. Unfortunately, though, he only
got a couple of months to ogle at her in a bikini. Because at the end of
that summer, she disappeared. He always figured she must have gone off to
college. Yet still, for months afterwards, despite his disappointment, she
continued to fuel dozens upon dozens of masturbation sessions.

Even now, five years later, a smile crept onto his face as he thought
about her.

And then, the door to the back room opened, and there she was --
standing in front of him in a green running singlet, dark blue shorts, and
sneakers. Her skin was tan and her face slightly red from recent exertion,
as she dried her face with a hand towel. "Sorry for the wait," she said,
smiling. "I just finished running some laps out on the track. I haven't
had a chance to get cleaned up yet."

"It's ... okay," Jason said, still reeling over the fact of who she
was. She looked exactly like he remembered, but even better, if that was
possible. Her breasts were roped in by a sports bra, but looked every bit
as big to him as they used to (a D cup for sure). The thin shorts she wore
rode up high on her, as running shorts tend to do, and made her impossibly
long and well-developed legs seem even longer. Her hair was pulled back in
a ponytail, and it wagged over her head as she now used the towel to dry
off the back of her neck.

"So what can I help you with?" she asked.

"Um ... my physical. For cross country."

"Today?" She walked over to her desk, and shuffled through some papers.

"I think so." Jason opened his backpack, and fumbled for the letter he'd
received weeks before.

"Hm. No, I think you might be a day off. Yup, says here cross country
physicals are tomorrow."

"Are you sure?" Jason finally found the letter, looked it over, then
leaned forward and handed it to her. "See, right there -- it says Monday
the 8th."

Nurse Meyers looked it over as well, then at the calendar on the wall.
"Yeah, but ... today's the 7th. I guess the secretaries got the day of
the week wrong. It should have been Tuesday the 8th."

"Oh." Jason blushed.

A sympathetic look washed over her face. "It's okay," she said. "It
was a natural mistake."

"Yeah, but apparently I was the only one who made it."

She chuckled at this. "True. But you may not be the last one."

Jason stood. "Well ... okay then. I guess I'll come back tomorrow."

"Do you need to call somebody to pick you up?" the nurse asked, and
gestured to the phone.

"No, it's okay. I rode my bike up."

"Really? How far?" She glanced down at the letter in her hand and
answered her own question. "Wait, you live on Hackney Road?"

Jason nodded.

"I used to live on Hackney Road. With my family. Before they moved."

"Yeah, I thought you looked familiar," Jason said, trying to play it off
as cool as possible. "I think you used to be the next house up from ours.
On the other side of the stream."

"Right, right." Her face blossomed with recognition. "Your family had
all the dogs. The ..."

"Greyhounds. My parents bred them."

"Oh, right. And I think I remember you too. You used to ride your bike
past our house all the time."

Jason blushed again. "Yeah, well. All my friends lived like a mile

"Well, you certainly grew up," she said, in a way that couldn't help but
sound a bit patronizing. He knew he wasn't very tall for his age. Not the
shortest kid in his class, but hardly a giant either, and thinner than
most, no matter how much he ate. Increased metabolism, they called it.
The nurse herself was taller than he was by at least a few inches. "I
mean, you used to be a little kid," she said, as if to qualify.

All he could think to do was shrug in response.

"Wait, you rode your bike all the way up that hill from Hackney? That
must have taken forever!"

"About an hour. The ride home is easy, though. All coasting."

"I bet. But then you have to do it again tomorrow."

"It's okay," he said.

"No. That's not fair. The secretaries made the screw-up. I tell you
what. Let me get a few things together here, and I'll go ahead and give
you your physical right now. Then you'll be free and clear."

"You don't have to. I can come back tomorrow."

"That's silly. All I'm doing here today is paperwork, and I've got most
of it done. Besides, if I do yours now, it's one less I have to do
tomorrow. Just have a seat in the back room there, take your shoes off,
and I'll be ready in a few minutes."

"Are you sure?"

"I insist," she said, smiling. Jason felt himself swoon. He was in
love with her all over again.

As he ambled into the back room, he saw a low cot to the left, and
figured that's where she meant for him to sit. To the right was another
door, which let into a small bathroom. Along the back wall were a metal
counter, locked cabinets, a shiny sink -- all the makings of a doctor's
examination room. He made his way to the paper-covered cot and sat down,
the paper crackling under his weight. Then he took his sneakers off. Not
long after, he heard the nurse close the outside door, a moment before she
walked into the room carrying a clipboard and stethoscope.

"Alrighty, let's start with the easy stuff first. Why don't you step on
the scale over here, and we'll get your height and weight." Jason did as he
was told, stepping up onto the wobbly scale, which for the time being made
him just marginally taller than Nurse Meyers. Although they were now face
to face, he tried not to make too much of a point of staring at her as she
maneuvered the height rod up and tapped it down on the top of his head.
But halfway through the process, she reached up under her breast and
aggressively scratched under her armpit -- half-cupping her boob as she did
so -- and Jason found he had a hard time keeping his composure.

"Okay," she said. "Looks like you're five-six and a half." Then she
started fiddling with the weights on top of the scale, and again, had to
interrupt what she was doing to perform another not-so-subtle
cup-and-scratch, this time with a kind of annoyed expression on her face.
"And your weight is ... one-twenty-one." She wrote both numbers down on
the clipboard. "Okay, go ahead and have a seat." Again, she dug under her
armpit, this time on the other side. "You know what, can you excuse me for
just a minute? I'll be right back." With this, she put the clipboard down
on the metal counter and stepped into the small bathroom, closing the door
behind her.

Jason wasn't sure what was going on. Maybe she had poison ivy or a bug
bite or something. He just sat there with his hands in his lap, waiting. A
few minutes later, the nurse emerged from the bathroom with something in
her hand, and bee-lined immediately for a travel bag resting on the floor
along one wall. She crouched down, unzipped it, stuffed something inside,
zipped it back up, then turned and stood, smiling awkwardly. "Sorry about
that." Even before she started to explain, Jason could see the difference
in her immediately. Her chest seemed suddenly more pronounced, the tips of
her nipples showed clearly through the thin material of the green singlet,
and her breasts swayed and jiggled slightly as she walked across the room
to pick up her clipboard. "That sports bra is too tight, and it chafes
something fierce after I've been sweating."

"Okay," was all Jason could think to say, as his face burned bright red.

"Sorry again," she said. "I guess that was too much information."

"It's okay," he repeated. "No big deal."

The nurse laughed. "Well, you sure are an agreeable one. Keep that up,
and this won't take long at all." She grabbed a rolling stool from one end
of the counter, and sitting on it, rolled over to him. It was an innocent
enough action, but all the while, with each new movement, her breasts wobbled in a new and exciting way, and so the sight of it drove his
hormones wild. He could already feel an erection beginning to grow in his

No no no, he thought. Not now! At age 15, he'd had plenty of boners at
awkward times before -- during class or in gym or when he had to pee -- but
this could be perhaps the worst possible time of all. Maybe if he just
stopped looking at her, he could hold it off. Think about video games or

"Okay, Jason, I need you to take your shirt off for me."

"What?" This seemed like a bad idea. At the moment, his long t-shirt
was the only defense he had against an erection showing through his shorts,
in the event that he wasn't able to hold it off. "Why?"

"I just need to check your heart and lungs." To illustrate her point,
she held the ear of the stethoscope up.

"Oh." He figured there was no way around it. "I guess." He pulled the
shirt up over his head, then quickly settled it down on his lap. Actually,
he thought, this worked out well. He'd be able to hide himself much better
this way.

"That's it. Now scoot forward a bit. There." Coming at him from the
side, she pressed the cold ear of the stethoscope against his chest, and
reached her other hand around and placed it against his back. "Now breath
in slowly for me." Her touch was warm and electric and nearly drove Jason
insane. "Now exhale. That's good." Any chance he had of not getting hard,
whether he looked at her or not, suddenly went completely out the window.
His dick sprang up like a steel rod in his shorts, and he could feel it
press up toward his hands beneath the wadded t-shirt.

She switched hands with the stethoscope, and as she did, her
well-manicured fingernails brushed innocently against the skin of his back,
sending chills through him. She pressed her warm hand against his chest
this time, and listened his heartbeat from the back. "Breath in again,"
she said. From this close up, he could smell her perspiration, and it
seemed like perfume to him. "Then out." It was probably the closest thing
to torture he'd ever experienced. "Perfect."

Then it ended. Pulling both hands away, she wrote something on the
clipboard, then looked up at him. "Tell me, Jason, are you usually nervous
about getting medical exams?"

"N-no ... why?" He felt vulnerable, sitting there with no shirt on. He
was torn. Part of him wanted to ask if he could put the shirt back on, but
another part of him realized that if he did, she'd see what kind of a state
he was in.

"No reason. It just seemed like your heart was racing a bit. It's
common enough, though. People seem to get uptight about being examined.
It's not necessarily a bad thing."

"I guess I am a little nervous," he admitted.

She smiled sympathetically, and put a gentle hand on his arm. "Don't
be," she said. "It'll all be over soon enough."

He grinned back at her. "Okay. I'll try."

"Good." Next, she tested his blood pressure, making small talk all the
while. "So what do you like to do for fun, Jason?"

"You know, the usual. video games. Hang out with my friends."

"That's good. Stay out of trouble, do you?"

"Usually," he said, trying to joke.

Generously, she laughed. "Oh, I see how it is."

At this point, she was leaning forward, giving Jason an unexpected
glimpse down the singlet at a sweet valley of cleavage. Fortunately, she
was busy looking at the blood pressure gauge at the time, and he was able
to linger on the sight for about five glorious seconds. Then, as she
prepared to remove the blood pressure sleeve, he pulled his eyes away

"Okay, that's done. Only one more thing left to do, and we'll have you
out of here."

Jason was not at all prepared for what she'd say next.

As casually as if she were telling him to touch his nose, the Nurse
Meyers said, "Stand up please, and drop your shorts."

"Wh-wh-what?" His stomach jumped up into his throat.

She laughed, then covered it up. "Sorry. I guess that was a bit blunt.
I know dropping your shorts is probably not your favorite thing to do,
especially in front of a woman. But I have to check you for a hernia."

"You HAVE to?"

"I'm afraid so. If you have one, it needs to be detected early on."

"But ..." He couldn't think of any good argument. His brain froze.

Then she put her hand on his arm again. "Jason. I told you. There's
no reason to be nervous. I know I'm a girl, but I'm also a nurse. I know
exactly what you've got down there, and it's nothing I haven't seen

"You do?"

"Of course." She smiled up at him, knowingly. "Now, don't think about
it too much. Just stand up, drop your shorts, I'll do what I have to do,
and it will all be done with. Okay?"

Well, he thought. It didn't sound like he was going to get out of it.
And if she already knew, then what was the big deal ... "Okay." Quickly,
before he could change his mind, he stood, dropping the t-shirt in his
hands clumsily to the floor and pushing his shorts and underwear down to
his knees, all in one motion. The elastic band of the underwear caught on
his erection on the way down, and so by the time he was standing, it
bounced up and down like a diving board, twanging in the air.

At first, the nurse was focused on the clipboard, and didn't notice.
Then, as she looked up, there it was, just a foot in front of and below her
face. Her reaction was immediate and almost comical. "Oh my god," she
said, her mouth dropping slightly open. She began to stammer. "I -- I
didn't realize you were -- that it was -- but I guess that's why you -- oh
my god."

"What? I thought you said you knew."

"Well, I meant ... I knew you had a penis. Not that you had ... an
erection." She laughed a little, still not taking her eyes off of his
condition. "And not that it was so ..."

"So what?" From this high angle, Jason once again had a view down her
singlet, which only succeeded in making him all the harder.

"Ummm ... how to put this. Let's just say you're a healthy boy and
leave it at that." This time, her laughter was more than a bit nervous.

"What do you mean?"

"I mean ... well ... you're a tad ... bigger than I would have

"Why, how big is it supposed to be?"

"Well, it's not supposed to be any size at all. men ... and boys ...
vary a lot. It's just that, for your age, and your height, I'd have
guessed you to be a bit smaller than that. A LOT smaller than that,

"Why?" Jason asked. "What's average?" Other than a couple of porn
films, he'd never seen another guy's penis other than his own. Faced with
the knowledge that he might actually be well-hung, he suddenly felt more
bold than he had a few minutes before. Bold enough even to stand there
with his dick poking straight out and ask questions about it.

"Hm. Well 'average' varies with age. The last studies I read on the
subject said that the average for an adult male is 5 and a half inches.
I'm guessing that for a boy your age, it would be an inch or so less.
Judging by eye ..." She craned her head around, to get a look at his
erection from the side. "I'd say yours is about ... 6 and a half ...
maybe 7."

"Really?" Jason smiled, proudly. "Cool."

She nodded. "Yes. You're a ... lucky boy, it seems." After craning
her head around to the other side, to get a different profile view, the
nurse seemed to shake herself out of her reverie. "Oh ... but I, um ...
there was a reason for making you drop your shorts, wasn't there?"

"The hernia exam?"

"Yes. Right. That's it." More nervous laughter. "Hm. It's a little
trickier this way."

"It is?" he asked.

"Kind of." She started to reach her hand down, to get up underneath, but
clearly his erection was in the way. "There's kind of an ... obstacle


"Do you mind if just ..." She tentatively reached for his engorged

"Ummm ... no, I guess not." Oh my god, he thought! Was she seriously
going to ...

And then she did. Nurse Meyers took his cock in one hand and, grasping
it gently, pulled it over to one side. The sensation was indescribable.
Not since he was a little kid had anybody touched him there, and even then
it was his mother, all in the name of taking a bath ... and it wasn't hard
back then. But this was something altogether different. With her free
hand, she reached up underneath, cupped his balls, and began to probe
around behind them with her fingertips. This feeling, combined with the
other, almost drove him over the edge. And then, suddenly, it was gone.
She pulled both hands away again.

"No," she said. "This isn't going to work."

"What do you mean?" Jason asked.

"Well ... everything is stretched too tight down there. I can't make
any kind of assessment."

"Oh. I'm sorry."

"Hey, it's not your fault. It's mine. I just don't have any experience
trying to do hernia exams on guys with ... you know." She gestured to his

"Oh." Jason chuckled to himself. "Well you should probably get used to

The nurse looked confused. "What's that supposed to mean?"

"Um. You know. Looking the way you do and everything. I doubt mine
will be the last one you see this week."

This time, it was her turn to blush. "I see. And what way is it that I

"Well ... beautiful and everything. And those don't hurt." He pointed
to her chest, hoping she would realize that he meant it more as a joke than
to be rude.

The nurse glanced down, and seemed to become aware as if for the first
time just how revealing the singlet was without a sports bra on underneath
it. "Oh jeez. Look at me. No wonder you're ..." She hid her face in her
hands. "You must think I'm a terrible tease."

"No, I don't," Jason said. "Not at all. I mean, this wasn't the first
time I ..." He trailed off.

"What?" she asked, her face emerging from behind her hands. "First time
you what?"

"Um. You know, back before ... when you used to live on Hackney. I
got ... excited when I saw you then too. And you weren't being a tease
then, right?"

An odd glint shone in her eye. "What, you mean back when I used to
sunbathe in the yard? You used to look at me then too?"

"Well ... yeah."

"And getting ... this way?"

He nodded. "Pretty much, yeah. All the time."

This brought a smile to her face for some reason, and again she began to
stare at his still throbbing erection. "Wow. I had no idea I was putting
on that good a show."

"What, back then?" he asked. "Or now?"

She laughed. "Both, I guess. So let me get this straight. Are you
saying that I'm entirely responsible for the state you're in now?"

Jason shrugged, and the motion made his cock wag a bit. "Pretty much."

"All because I took my sports bra off?"

"Among other things. Yeah."

"Wow. Imagine if I'd walked out of the bathroom topless!"

Jason said nothing, only blushed a deeper red.

"Oh, I see. You probably have already, haven't you?"


"Imagined that. Me topless. Be honest now."

"Well ... yeah, maybe. Yeah. A few times." More like a few million

"Today?" she asked. "Since I've been sitting here?"

"Maybe. Yeah."

"Right now?" she asked.

This time he only nodded.

"And ... how do they look in your imagination?"

"Um. Well. Magnificent."

"Oh my. That good? That's a lot to live up to." With this, she placed
her hands on the edge of the stool, pulled her shoulders back, and thrust
her chest out, then looked down at it. "I don't think anybody's ever used
quite that adjective to describe them before. I have to say, though --
it's very flattering to hear."

"It's true," Jason said, feeling bolder again.

"Of course, if I'm looking for flattery, I guess there's a more obvious
example of it ... staring me right in the face." She looked amusedly again
at his erection. "If that's not flattery, I don't know what is."

"I'm um ... glad you think so."

"Oh I do. So much so actually, that it occurs to me I'm probably being
a bit unfair. Here you've been treating me to such a nice show all this
time, and I've really shown you nothing at all."

"Well ... you know. You have, sort of. It's okay."

"No, I don't think it is okay, Jason. I think it's only fair that
things should be balanced. One good turn deserves another, as they say.
So ..." Without another word, the nurse reached down to the hem of her
singlet, and with one swift motion, pulled it up and over her head and off,
then dropped it to the floor. And with that, she revealed the most amazing
sight he'd ever seen -- her smooth, huge, milky white and perfect breasts,
which bounced just a little as they settled into place. She sat on her
hands, and thrust her chest out a bit again, so that her large pinkish
nipples jutted out toward him, calling to him. "There," she said. "Now
we're even, wouldn't you say?"

But Jason couldn't figure out what to say. "I -- I --"

"So ... do they live up to your expectations?"

"Y-yes. God, yes. Magnificent. Perfect even."

"Perfect? Well, thank you, Jason. I have to say, for a young boy, you
say the kindest things."

"It's true," he said, still staring down at her massive, perfect tits.
"All true."

"If you say so, I have to believe you. Perfect they are, then." Nurse
Meyers giggled at her own joke. "But I think we've gotten a bit off-track
here, don't you think?"

"I'm sorry, what?" Jason asked, slowly losing his ability to think

"Well, the hernia exam," she said. "This all started because of that."

"Oh ... right."

"And the problem is, I have a feeling that in my urge to be fair and
give you a show, I think maybe I just made things worse. Looks to me like
you might be even more ... excited than you were before."

"Definitely," Jason said, and wondered if he'd ever been harder in his
life. Or if he'd ever be soft again.

"So then, there's really only one thing to do."

"What's that?"

"Well, we have to let you ... how to put this ... release. So it will
calm down a bit."

"You mean ...?"

"Yes, that's what I mean." She smiled.

"So, you want me to ...?"

"Oh, no no. This was my fault. I'm the one who was sitting here in
front of you half-naked. Seems only fair to me that if anybody should take
care of things, it should be me."

Oh my god, Jason thought. What was she saying? "R-r-really?"

"Of course. I mean, I'm kind of obligated, don't you think?"

As if he'd ever say no. "Sure," he said. "If you think so."

"I do. Now just stand still there, and Nurse Meyers will take care of
everything. Ready?"


As Jason watched, she then reached down with both hands. One came up
under his balls and started gently rubbing and teasing them. The other
came up under his throbbing rod and cradled it, then slowly began to pet
the underside lightly, her fingertips paying special attention to the most
sensitive spot, just below the head. It was as if she were hard-wired
directly into his brain, and knew exactly where to touch him to best
effect. One of the benefits, he supposed, of being a nurse? Meanwhile, he
was mesmerized by the sight of breasts, which were being pushed together
now by the sides of her arms, and were undulating slightly with the subtle
movements of her hands. "So tell me, Jason. How does that feel?"

"P-perfect," he said. "B-but ..."

"But what?" She looked up at him, her eyes wide and alert, a gentle
smirk on her face, as she continued to tease and titillate his overexcited
cock. "What is it, Jason?"

"I ... it's almost ready to ..." He could feel the euphoria surging up
inside him.

"I know, Sweetie. I can feel it." She gave his tightening balls a
gentle squeeze, then in one deft motion, used the fingers of her other hand
to rub the pre-cum from the tip of his cock and slide it down onto his most
sensitive area. And that, as they say, was that -- the last straw. There
was no holding back any more, even if he'd been trying to. Instinctively,
knowing that his legs would soon get weak, he leaned forward a bit and
placed his arms on the nurse's shoulders, just as he began to cum. Hot
jets of it shot out of him uncontrollably, one wave after another, welling
up from deep inside of him and firing out into the world, as her expert
fingers continued to urge even more. And as it came out, she used it as a
lubricant to stroke him even longer, and faster, milking him for all he was
worth. Leaning forward the way he was, he couldn't even see what she was
doing any more ... all he knew was that it felt amazing.

Finally, gradually, the orgasm subsided. She continued to urge him a
bit more, and his cock certainly kept twitching in response ... but there
was nothing left to give, and she knew it. As she let go of his spent
tool, Jason began to get more feeling in his legs again, and stood up
straight. What he saw then defied even his wildest expectations.

Nurse Meyers was, quite frankly, a mess. Apparently, his cock had
angled up a bit as he came, because there were blasts of dripping goo everywhere on her -- on the bottom of her chin, on her neck, down on her
belly, and most spectacularly, all over her massive, beautiful breasts. In
fact, the majority of his thick, milky cum seemed to be splashed across her
tits, and it looked to him like a piece of pornographic artwork. It was
almost, he thought, as if she had aimed it there specifically.

As the nurse looked down at herself, Jason half-expected her to be upset
or something. But he knew this wasn't the case the moment she raised her
face up toward him, and showed him a wide, mischievous grin. "My oh my,"
she said. "Look at that. Are you this enthusiastic about everything you

Jason chuckled, in spite of himself. "Sorry," he said.

"Don't be. Please. My girls haven't been watered this well in a long
time." As if to illustrate, she brought her hands up and began to slowly
smear the cum across and around her tits, like it was some kind of
moisturizing lotion. She paid special attention, it seemed, to rubbing it
over her nipples, the tips of which were now engorged to the size of
marbles. She even reached down and scooped up the cum on her belly, and
brought it up to further "moisturize" her chest. Then, her hands exploring
upward, she found the mess on her neck and chin, and scooped that up as
well. This time, however, she made a bit of a detour, and brought the
fingers of one cum-filled hand to her mouth, licking them clean.

"Oh," she said, glancing up him with a look of approval. "Very tasty."

"Um. Thanks," Jason said, awkwardly.

"No, thank you. It was very generous of you to share so much with me."

"Any time." He chuckled again. "But, um ..."


He pointed down at his cock, which was still "pointing" as well. As
much as before. "It doesn't seem to be going down."

"Oh," she said. "Hm. You really ARE enthusiastic, aren't you?"


A serious expression passed over the nurse's face. "Well ... this is a

"What do we do now?" Jason asked.

"Well, I think maybe stronger measures are required."


"Yes, this definitely needs to be taken care of. Jason, do you trust

"Of course."

"Okay then. I need you to take your shorts off the rest of the way, and
lay down there on the cot for me, okay?" The seriousness of Nurse Meyers'
tone made him wonder whether something was actually wrong, so he did as she
said swiftly, stepping out of his shorts. "The socks too. That's it."
Fully naked now, he lay back on the cot, his still-throbbing cock pointing
straight up.

"I wasn't sure if it would come to this," she said. "But I think it's
the only way to make sure we're able to complete your physical today." With
this, she reached down, untied both sneakers and removed them. Then her
socks. Then, in a final glorious act -- at least to Jason's way of
thinking -- she peeled off her running shorts, let them drop to her ankles,
then stepped out of them. Which left her standing before him in nude
perfection. A goddess.

Jason's eyes weren't sure where to look, and he wished for another pair
of eyes to see it all. The view of her firm breasts from this new low
angle -- her towering above him -- was fresh and exciting. But there was
her pussy as well, decorated by a fine covering of dark blonde fur, which
looked as if it had been trimmed to fit nicely under a small bikini. Back
and forth his eyes went, making him almost dizzy. Where was a camera when
you needed one?

"Do you still trust me?" she asked.

"Yes, of course," Jason answered, anxiously.

"Then just relax, and Nurse Meyers will take care of everything." The
last time she'd said that, she'd been good to her word. So he wondered
excitedly what would happen next. "Ready?"


She smiled down at him, then approached. And with no further ado, the
nurse climbed up onto the cot, planting her knees to either side of him,
straddling him. Amazing, Jason thought, at the sight of her pussy hovering
just inches above the tip of his cock. Then she leaned forward, and placed
her hands gently on his shoulders, not so much for support as for balance
-- clearly, most of her weight was still being supported by her legs. Her
huge tits now dangled teasingly in front of him, swaying and wobbling as
she found her center of balance. They were positively mesmerizing.

And then, something amazing happened. While Jason had been distracted
by her breasts, the nurse had expertly lowered her pelvis, inch by inch,
until now the dripping wet lips of her pussy were resting on the head of
his cock. His breath caught in his throat for a few seconds. Was this
really happening to him? With a wiggle of her hips, which caused an equal
wiggling of her tits, she maneuvered the tip of his pulsing member into her
warm, inviting sex. First just a little ... then back out again. Then a
little more ... then back out again. As if lubing it up with her juices.
And then, on the count of three, she turned off the brakes and came sliding
down completely, taking all of him into her, right down to the base of his
cock, in one swift, slippery motion.

The feeling, for Jason, was incredible. Beyond description. Warmth,
wetness, and an ecstatic return to something he felt as if he'd done
before, but never had. It just felt so ... natural. Nurse Meyers,
meanwhile, must have enjoyed it too. Because as she impaled herself on
him, she arched up, threw her head back and her chest out, and made a small
mewling noise, like a wounded cat. If not for the smile on her face, he
might have thought she was in pain. Then, before she lost any momentum,
she brought her hips up again, sliding him slowly out of her. And just as
it seemed as if she'd let his cock go entirely, she slammed back down,
right to the hilt, with such force that it made her tits jiggle. This
time, the noise that escaped her was more like an elongated "eeeeeeee".

Oh my god, Jason thought. I've died and gone to heaven.

The nurse's fingernails dug into his shoulders as she went up, then down
again. "Yesssss," she hissed. And at this point, whatever sense of
control she had went out the window. Because what seemed before to be
deliberate motions became something entirely different. As Jason watched
on, amazed at how good his cock felt, Nurse Meyers began to full-out ride
him, faster and faster, sliding up and down on his shaft with reckless
abandon, her tits bouncing wildy, and her long ponytail flapping this way
and that. Her moans and squeaks were punctuated only by the crackling of
the paper beneath him, and the squishy sounds of her wet pussy splashing
against his balls every time she brought herself down.

Finally, Jason couldn't resist any longer, and reached up to grab a
handful of massive tit in each of his hands, squeezing and fondling them
for all they were worth. And this only seemed to send the nurse into a
greater frenzy. "Oh my god, yesssss, that's it," she groaned, as she
fucked him even more furiously. "So close ... so close ..." Following his
instincts, which were addled by the fact that he was dangerously close to
cumming himself, Jason took the large nipples of both teats between his
thumbs and forefingers, and he gave them a soft pinch. Her response was
immediate. "Yes, yes, yessssss ..." So he pinched them even harder, and
this seemed to do the trick.

A slow wail grew up out of Nurse Meyers. While still riding him, she
lifted her hands up off of Jason's shoulders and leaned back, making it
impossible for him to hold on to her tits, which began to jiggle freely
once more. She braced herself against the wall, and seemed to find a new
angle for his cock to penetrate her. The change in sensation was
instantaneous for him, and must have been for her as well. They both began
to cum, at the same time. Jason gritted his teeth as once again, wave
after wave of jizz spurted out of him, deep into her, and as his legs went
entirely numb. The nurse, for her part, began to curse like a sailor,
breathing heavily, until finally, all at once, she came down on him and
just froze. A look of agonizing delight crossed over her face, then after
ten seconds or so, she started to move again ... but only slowly,
tentatively -- as if trying to milk the last bit of pleasure out of the

She looked down at Jason, who by now was pretty much thoroughly spent.
"Holy fuck," she said.

Breathing heavily himself, he asked, "Is that good or bad?"

The sexy nurse thought about this, then leaned forward again, trying to
keep Jason's slowly softening cock inside of her. With her tits pressed
against his chest, she kissed him full on the mouth, finding his tongue,
and ran her fingers through his hair. Then she brought his ear around, to
whisper hotly into it. "It's magnificent," she said.

For the next few minutes, they did nothing but lay there like that, her
sweaty body on top of his, both of them still reveling in the aftershocks
of the thoroughly intense experience. Finally, though, the nurse released
a long sigh. "Well, I guess we can't lay here like this forever, can we?"

"Why not?" Jason asked.

She laughed at this, then kissed him once more. "Because we still have
work to do." Then, with no warning, she climbed up off of him, bringing her
leg wide and around, adjusting her weight, and a few seconds later, stood
in front of him. Her legs were more wobbly than she expected, though, and
she quickly realized it might make more sense to sit on the stool.

"Now," she said, smiling. "Stand up, so we can finish your hernia
exam." Struggling a bit with the change of gears, Jason erred on the side
of doing as he was told, first sitting up, then standing in front of her.
His cock, red and sticky from all the exertion, was no longer rock hard.
It hung down now at a 45-degree angle, pointing almost directly at the
nurse's pubic region. "Poor guy," she said. "It looks a bit tired."

"I can't imagine why," Jason joked.

"Was I too rough on him, do you think?" she asked.

He chuckled. "Not at all."

"Well I have to say ... it still looks impressive, even in this

"Heh. Thanks."

"Does it always stay so ... long? Even when it's fully soft?"

"Pretty much. Maybe an inch or so shorter."

"Hm. I see. Must be quite a sight." She smirked. "Now ..." And once
again, as before, she used one hand to pull his cock aside, while the other
reached up underneath and probed the region just below his balls. "Well
... you'll be happy to know that I don't think you have a hernia."

"Good," Jason said. But his mind was on something else. He didn't know
how to tell her, but ...

"Uh oh," she said, and looked down at the hand that was holding his
cock. Clearly, she'd begun to feel what he was feeling too, as his
indefatigable member slowly grew hard in her hand. "You don't mean?"

"I'm afraid so," he said, blushing a bit.

"Again?" The nurse pulled her hand away, and watched as his erection
grew hard right in front of her, quickly approaching it's full size.

He shrugged. "Sorry."

"Oh, Jason," she said. "Dear Jason." There was a broad smile on her
face now as she stared somewhat hungrily at his young cock. "I can see
that this physical is going to take MUCH much longer than I expected. Who
knows ... maybe even an entire school year. Maybe longer. But don't you
worry ..."

Jason eagerly anticipated what she'd say next.

"... because Nurse Meyers will take care of everything."



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