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This is a sexual story; so don't read if you are easily offended. I,
Shon Richards, write this story and it is copyrighted by me. E-mail is
always adored, so don't be shy.

Thigh vs. Thigh,
Fistful of Prototypes
By Shon Richards

Bethany Taylor used the highly reflective lab cabinets to check
her cleavage again. She was supposed to be checking the calibration
ratio or some other crap. Bethany couldn't remember. It didn't
matter. Her lovely breasts were going to help her complete another
mission and then she wouldn't have to pretend to be a lab assistant

MacroHard had just completed work on six prototypes of the next
generation in their famous FistBuddy series of handheld computers.
This version could send e-mail, act as a cell phone, handle credit card
transactions and perhaps take care of your kids if you let it. Tomorrow
all six prototypes were being sent out for testing before being mass-
produced. Bethany's employers, the very competitive Diligent
Enterprises, wanted first look at the prototype to begin producing
their version of the handheld computer, the WeeFriend. It was all very
complicated, but then that's why they pay industrial spies like Bethany
the big money. She had a yacht picked out that she was going to buy
with the commission for this mission.

Her cleavage was almost perfect. The tall blonde was wearing the
standard issue lab coat but she had removed her shirt in the bathroom.
She was only wearing her bra under her coat and with her coat buttons
undone; it looked like she was bare-chested and naturally buxom.
Bethany had neglected to wear panties today. Only a pair of black
stockings and sensible shoes was below her waist. She found seductions
went quicker with less underwear.

Bethany sighed as she waited for the FistBuddy's creator, William
Doors, to return. The brilliant inventor was using the bathroom again.
Apparently, the man was a genius but was had the urine control of a
four year old. Bethany tried to ignore his weak bladder and focus on
the fact that her mission was finally coming to an end. Three months
she had worked on this project! First, she had to fake credentials
just to work here. Then it was a systematic campaign of cock-sucking,
sabotage and one or two outright eliminations of personnel that placed
her as Mr. Doors' personal lab assistant this night.

Bethany was proud of herself, a perfect combination of
intelligence and beauty. Her intelligence had infiltrated the company,
and her beauty was going to walk out with the treasured prototypes.

"And the best part is, that annoying Amy Valentine was no where
in sight!" Bethany purred.


Amy Valentine slipped through the slender cut she made in the
fence. The tall brunette was the picture of grace as she angled her
body through the chain link slit. Clad in a tight black tank top and a
leather miniskirt with matching thigh high black boots, Amy didn't look
like an industrial spy. That was her intent. Amy had long ago
discovered that her bare thighs were all the advantage she needed when
confronting security. Why wear armor or concealing clothing when a
bored guard was more likely to leer at a pretty woman than shoot her?

Checking to make sure her long brown hair was still in it's
ponytail, Amy surveyed the distance she needed to travel in order to
reach the location of the FistBuddy 2 prototypes. Her employers,
Paragon Industries, wanted to corner the market on hand held computers.
They had an ingenious plan to claim the FistBuddy 2 caused cancer
before it was released to the public but they needed to examine one of
the units so that they could create a convincing lie. It was a
dangerous mission, but that was why they paid industrial spies like Amy
the big bucks. She had her eye on a new Porsche that she was going to
buy with her commission.

With her sprinting skills, Amy cleared the distance from the
fence to the main building in less then ten seconds.

With her lock picking skills, Amy passed three high security
doors in less than a minute.

With her climbing skills, Amy clung to a ceiling for a solid ten
minutes as a security patrol passed through her corridor.

Finally, Amy reached the heart of the research complex. One door
stood in her way and the computer panel beside it was daunting. Amy
didn't need to examine it to know that every alarm was tied to this
door and that the passcode program was going to be the best that
MacroHard could design. Just beyond this final lock was the lab where
the prototypes were being held.

"State of the art computer security software," Amy mused. "It'll
be tough, but at least that top heavy bitch, Bethany Taylor, is no
where in sight.


William Doors set down the FistBuddy with a smile. Finally, this
nerve-wracking project was done! The deadline to be completed was
tomorrow and considering all the strange accidents that eliminated
their personnel one by one, it was a miracle it was completed at all.

"Is it done, professor?" his assistant, Bethany asked. He smiled
at being called professor. He wasn't one, but he liked the sound of
it. He turned to reply to her when he noticed her outfit for the first
time this long night. Good God she had huge tits! They were almost
falling out of her lab coat. Was she wearing anything underneath?

"Yes," William responded, not really conscious of her question.
Her long blonde hair was out of the requisite ponytail, falling freely
around her shoulders. If a single strand of her lovely hair was to get
loose, it could ruin any exposed circuits yet William kept his mouth
shut. There was something in those big blue eyes he had never seen
directed at him. He thought it might be lust.

"Professor Doors, I've been admiring you for so long," Bethany
said sweetly as she ran her hand down his lab coat. "You're so smart,
brilliant and masculine, it's been all I could do to keep my feelings
to myself while you did your very important work."

She was closer to him now, and William's eyes fell to that
endless valley that was between her breasts. For some reason, her
breasts sparkled. Was it sweat? Did he have that effect on women? He
knew he was brilliant, but was it that strong of an aphrodisiac?

"Well, it is very important work," William replied. "The
FistBuddy 2 will send MacroHard's stocks through the roof. It's such a
complicated piece of hardware that-"

Bethany moaning and stepping closer to him interrupted his
bragging. "Mmmm, hardware," she cooed. "I don't think you realize how
sexy you are, or else you wouldn't use such suggestive language!"

William laughed nervously. "I'm sexy?" he asked.

Her fingers were under his lab coat and unzipping his pants. "Oh
yes," Bethany moaned. Her eyes were locked on his. "It's been very
hard to work so close to you without being t able to feel THIS."

William groaned as Bethany's skilled fingers gripped his cock.
His eyes were still on her cleavage that was impossibly tanned and
creamy looking. He shuddered as Bethany's thumb circled the tip of his
cock. When knew smart guys could be so sexy?

"Please, Professor Doors, now that your project is finished,
please fuck me," Bethany pleaded. She stepped back slowly, guiding him
by holding onto his cock. Bethany sat down on a table and unbuttoned
the rest of her lab coat. To Professor Doors delight, he first sat the
coat open to reveal a white bra with half cups holding her lovely
breasts on a shelf of succulent flesh. Then, the coat unbuttoned to
reveal nothing but bare skin and open thighs. Her shaven sex was
vulnerable and the glint of moisture was on those pale nether lips.

"Oh shit," William moaned. "Let's go to my office," he
suggested. "Or to my house, anywhere but here. Anyone could just walk

"I don't care," Bethany moaned. "I've waited too long for this.
I want you inside me, right now. Don't you want to be inside me?
Don't you want to suck on my nipples? They're waiting for you." She
pulled her bra down to reveal brown nipples, already hard and flushed.

"Yes," William growled as he stepped between Bethany's waiting
thighs. She guided his cock upwards and into her sex. The molten heat
that greeted him was amazing and he buried his shaft to his balls. Her
sex clenched and held him and her thighs locked behind his buttocks.

Bethany also grabbed his hair and pulled his head down to her
breasts. Greedily his mouth sucked at her chest. He took as much as
he could of her breasts into his mouth. His tongue sought her nipples
and flicked the little nubs as his teeth sunk into the sweet tit.
Oddly enough, her breasts were sweet. He licked faster to confirm the

"Yes," Bethany moaned. Her locked ankles pushed on his buttocks,
forcing him deeper inside her. While he sucked her tits, Bethany's
hips rocked and fucked. William was hammer fucking her and not having
to do a thing as Bethany's pure desire supplied all the passion. His
buttocks hurt from the kicking but he didn't care. Her pussy was
clenching him with a velvet grip, milking his cock with every thrust.

"Like the flavor of my breasts?" Bethany asked. William merely
licked harder to show his approval. He had never had his mouth so full
of tit before, he wasn't going to let go to talk.

"Good," Bethany moaned. "I dusted my breasts with something
special, just for you."

William moaned in response. Bethany speed up the pace of her
heels, driving William faster inside her.

"I'm very close, Professor," she purred. "Make me cum soon."

William groaned and hurried his pace. His hips joined her ankles
in the act of fucking. He felt his own orgasm approaching and he tried
to lift his head but Bethany kept him on her tit. Her pussy was so
tight and wet and her tit was so sweet, he couldn't be happier.

"Yes, yes, yes!" Bethany moaned, her pussy erupting in spasms
that excited his cock to no end. "You are so good to me Professor!"
Bethany moaned.

Stimulated and flattered to such high levels, William Doors had
his own orgasm. His cock exploded, releasing streams of cum into his
devoted assistant. He cried out into Bethany's tits as his body
shuddered under the force of his orgasm. Bethany's sex received him,
clenching his cock till every once of him was expelled.

"I'm so glad you came in time," Bethany whispered as she played
with his hair.

His whisper seemed to come from miles away. "In time for what?"
he asked, surprised by how weak his voice was. Damn, that was great

"In time before the sedative I placed on my breasts knocked you
out," Bethany said as his body slipped to the ground.

Bethany buttoned her coat and walked over to the prototypes. She
only needed one. She wondered how William would explain the loss.
Bethany didn't care. There was too much money at stake. She reached
for the prototype on the right and she jumped as she heard the lab door

"Bethany, you fat whore," Amy growled as she walked in. Amy
looked at the fallen inventor. "You are always in my way."

"In your way?" Bethany growled. The blonde secured a prototype
in her bra. "I had a quiet operation going here but I'm sure you left
a trail of dead bodies in your wake you flat-chested skank. How did
you get past the coded door?"

"Please," Amy sighed. "MicroHard uses the same lame operating
system for all of their equipment. It only took me a few minutes to
slip past it once I realized it was just a fancy version of OfficeDesk

Amy stepped next to Bethany and took a prototype. Bethany
scowled as Amy slipped the little computer into her boot. Bethany's
employers had enough competition without Amy's company joining the

"You'll never get away with this," Bethany snapped.

"Why not?" Amy smiled. "I'm just doing what you are doing,
except I didn't have to fuck some geek to do it."

"You forget," Bethany interrupted. "I work here."

Bethany pressed the panic button, and the whole complex came
alive with alarms.

"Bitch," Amy snapped and then she ran out the door.

Bethany smiled. "Cunt," she retorted. Bethany took a deep
breath and began her best impersonation of a distressed employee. She
picked up the phone and called security.

"Security?" Bethany asked. "This young woman just broke in and
took two of the prototypes!"


Amy ran through the complex with all the speed she could summon.
Although the klaxons were deafening and the flashing red lights
everywhere was distracting, she knew she had to retain her wits. She
still paused at every closed door, checking before entering. She
avoided elevators and glided carefully under security cameras. That
bitch Bethany had made things complicated but Amy saw no reason to get

A group of guards were running towards her position, and the
brunette was quick to react. She dived down a side corridor that she
remembered as being occupied by only a desk guard. It was a bitch that
she had to confront anybody, but one guard was better than a squad.

Amy ducked into the corridor in a tight roll, getting halfway
down the hall before leaping to her feet. The stunned guard only had a
second to react when a miniskirt-wearing woman leaped to his desk. She
kicked him softly in the chest and his chair rolled back. Amy dropped
down in the new space in front of him and grabbed his legs. Before the
guard could even think of a response, Amy was pulling him in as she
squatted back into the space under his desk. In less than five
seconds, he now had a beautiful woman between his legs.

The kinky, if confusing joy Security Guard 2nd Class Jeffery Hicks
felt was replaced with terror as he felt the point of a knife cut into
his pants. The cutting was too damn close to his balls! He froze in
terror, too scared to struggle for fear of the knife slipping.

A group of guards were down the hall. "Everything all right?"
one of them called to Jeff.

The knife pressed against his balls. "Yes!" Jeff answered
quickly and the knife slid away.

The guards continued on their patrol, Jeff's hopes of escape
leaving with them. The klaxons were still screaming, demanding that
the intruder be caught. Loud noises usually gave Jeff a headache but
he didn't worry about that right now. For some terrible reason, the
woman under his desk had pulled his cock out.

Jeff blushed as she began stroking him. He looked at the
security monitors as he if he were to act normal, than all this weird
stuff would stop out of a sense of decency. It didn't happen. He felt
his cock grow under the woman's stroking grip. He just couldn't help
it; her hands were too soft and fingernails began to tickle his

He felt her tongue move across the tip of his cock and thoughts
of escape were forgotten. His hand, which had been moving to the panic
button, returned to take its spot around his coffee mug. Around and
round her tongue circled the tip of his cock. Jeff groaned and shifted
in his chair as he flexed his hips forward.

His wish was granted as the mysterious intruder took his cock
into her mouth. He moaned as her lips wrapped tightly around his
shaft. Inch by inch, he felt his cock being devoured until he felt her
chin pressing against his balls. Complete and total immersion in her
mouth was liquid bliss.

"Ahhh," he moaned incoherently. Fuck the klaxons; this was too
good to stop just for something as unimportant as his job.

That's when the sucking began.

Sweet bliss flooded Jeff's body as the woman moved up and down on
his cock. Her ponytail fell over her shoulder and her silky hair was
caressing his balls. Her mouth was sucking so hard; he could feel her
cheeks caving in around his cock. Jeff shuddered as he felt his cock
bathed with a tongue that never ceased moving.

That's when the humming began.

Jeff's hands gripped the edges of the table as the woman's mouth
vibrated with gentle humming. Was this a hummer? Was this what he had
been missing? Jeff swore that he would never date another woman again
who didn't do this magic with their mouth. It wasn't just her lips
that were vibrating, it was her whole mouth. Gentle vibrations
traveled the length of his cock, making his arms break out in
goosebumps. Jeff would have shot the first person that tried to
interrupt this.

That's when the best part began.

Jeff felt her mouth slip up his cock till her lips were right
around the ring of his tip. Both hands gripped his cock, stroking him,
masturbating him to his imminent climax. To remove any doubt of what
she wanted, her tongue flicked very rapidly at his tiny slit. Her
tongue was calling on him to fill her mouth. Her tongue wanted his
cream. Her tongue wanted him.

He answered her tongue. His cum gushed out with a force that
made his hands break off the edge of the table. The woman didn't mind
at all. She lapped his cum as it came, pulling it away for the
precious fluid to be swallowed. No hesitation, no resistance at all as
her hungry mouth drained his cock of everything he had.

Amy pushed the guard back and rose from behind the desk. He
rapid breathing and unfocusing eyes told her what she suspected. A
good blowjob beats a paycheck for loyalty any day.

"Give me your keys," she demanded, her first words to him.

He gave them to her.

"What's the quickest way out of here?" Amy demanded next.

He pointed behind him.

"Are you going to keep quiet?" she asked. She ran her hand down
one of her perfect thighs as she asked.

He nodded.

"Good boy," Amy said.

Bethany wanted to smile, but with so many guards escorting her
out of the building, it wouldn't have been prudent. Somewhere, that
slut Amy Valentine was dodging an army of guards and Bethany was
getting walked to the front door. The fools hadn't even searched her
and why should they? She was just a poor female lab assistant and
there was an unconscious inventor on the floor. Obviously, she was the
victim here.

"Men are such idiots," Bethany laughed to herself.

The FistBuddy in her bra rang.

The guards stopped in their tracks and Bethany was just as
surprised as they were. The blonde spy tried her best to look innocent
while her bra kept ringing. The head of the group turned and
scrutinized Bethany from behind mirror shades. Bethany heard the
clicks of a dozen guns being readied.

The head of the guards pointed at her breast and aimed his gun.
Bethany knew a dozen ways to kill a man, so she could have killed each
and every one of them. Unfortunately, it only took one lucky bullet to
kill a talented spy. Bethany pulled the FistBuddy out of her bra.

Before she handed it to the guard, she looked at the message on
the tiny monitor.

"Hey Bethany, did you get out yet? Isn't it cool that they can
network with each other? Ciao, A"

Want more adventures of Amy and Bethany? Send me an e-mail at I have more story ideas, but I know
when to let go of an unpopular idea.


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