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This is a sexual story written and copyrighted by me, Shon
Richards. Please don't post, repost or place on your website without
asking me first. Please send comments to

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Escape From New Themiskyra
By Shon Richards

Amy Valentine climbed carefully on the steel girder. Below her,
the strange assembly of women were chanting something lyrical yet
incomprehensible. The hot Caribbean sun was on her back, amplified by
the stained glass ceiling inches above her. The beautiful brunette was
wearing loose khakis and a light brown shirt, but the heat was still
intense. Her legs were sweating and she could feel her khakis cling to
the curves of her ass. She ignored the discomfort and tried to keep
her mind on the mission; a woman's life was at stake.

Last week, Courtney Phillips, a top executive at Paragon
Industries, had been kidnapped. Amy's employers first suspected their
long time rivals, Diligent Enterprises, until they received a ransom
note from a woman calling herself Abiara Melanippe. This mysterious
woman demanded a million dollars or else she would sell Ms. Phillips to
Diligent Enterprises. Amy didn't know why Courtney was worth that much
money because it wasn't her concern. Amy's concern was retrieving Ms.
Phillips for Paragon and collecting her paycheck. It made her life
much simpler.

Using the vast resources of Paragon Industries, Amy had tracked
down Abiara Melanippe to this remote, private Caribbean island. The
island was called New Themiskyra after the legendary home of the Greek
Amazons. A quick plane trip and a daring parachute drop later, Amy was
inside the largest building on the island. She was perched on a
ceiling girder looking for the missing Courtney when she began to
realize how strange this island really was.

First of all everyone here was a woman, and a gorgeous woman at
that. They were all topless and for pants, they wore flowing blue silk
trousers like harem girls. All of the women were also wearing light
veils and carrying spears. Amy was jealous of their attire, as the
heat of the summer certainly made their clothes more practical than
what she was wearing though she preferred her gun to some stupid spear.

On a throne sat their leader, who Amy quickly assumed was Abiara.
Amy tapped the zoom button on her special sunglasses to get a better
look at the mastermind. She was stunned by the woman's regal beauty.
Abiara was a lithe black woman, wearing the same blue silk pants as her
followers and going topless. Heavy twin breasts adorned the leader,
and she went without a veil. Amy was mesmerized by the high
cheekbones, the full brown lips and almost queen like poise of the
black woman.

"Women!" Abiara declared with a powerful voice. "We are gathered
here to celebrate our imminent victory over Paragon Industries! With
their ransom, we'll soon be able to finance our grand scheme of
liberating the Earth from the inferior clutches of the weakest gender,

"Wow, I can see why she's in charge," Amy whispered.

"Yes, she's quite beautiful for a bitch," a voice behind her


Bethany Taylor laughed at the way that tramp, Amy Valentine
jumped. Amy nearly fell off the steel girder they were on, which made
sneaking out here worth the trouble. Bethany was always glad to get a
minute or two to chat with her hated nemesis; especially when Bethany
already had her gun at the base of Amy's neck.

"You're here to rescue your executive, right?" Bethany whispered.
Below them, lines of women danced in intricate circles.

"Of course, but why are you here?" the brunette hissed.

Bethany didn't need to tell her captive anything, but she was
feeling confident. The crafty blonde told Amy of how Diligent
Enterprises had received an unusual offer of an executive from a rival
branch. Rather than pay the asking price, Bethany was ordered to
rescue the executive herself, and let their team of corporate
interrogators handle it from there. The rest of her story was similar
to Amy's journey here, except Bethany's story ended with a gun in Amy's

"Oh, and I'm better dressed," Bethany added. It was true.
Instead of the mock-safari look Amy had, Bethany was attired in loose
white shorts, a white bikini top that barely contained her massive
breasts and a little white beret to pin her long blonde hair. She was
also sporting a killer tan.

"Great," Amy said without enthusiasm. "Then you'll have an easy
time dealing with hundreds of crazed women. Have a plan?"

Bethany shrugged. "Take the leader, Abiara, hostage. The rest
is easy when you are dealing with fanatics. Fuck, they'll even get me
an iced tea once I have a gun to their leader's head."

Amy sighed. "That's it?"

"Well, I did improvise a bit," Bethany, said, smiling. "for
example, I'm going to give you a push, and when your broken body
distracts them, I'll move in on Abiara."

Amy actually laughed.

"What is so damn funny, corpse?" Bethany hissed.

"This," Amy replied. Even hunched on a girder, Amy's leg had a
deadly accuracy. Her leg kicked back like a mule, knocking Bethany's
beloved Griffonwing with the ebony grip out of the blonde agent's hand.

Bethany grabbed Amy's ankle and snarled. "You better hope no one
notices a gun falling from the ceiling, or else we are fucked!"

Amy smiled. "Wait till you see this," she said as she spun
around with Bethany still holding her leg. Amy's other foot swept
along and caught Bethany by the waist. The momentum sent them both
over the edge, plummeting down to the assembled women below!


As the two women fell from the girder still entwined together,
Amy began to think that this was a bad plan in the long term. On the
other hand, like all bad long term plans, it served its short term
goal; which was not getting a bullet in the back. Having eluded
certain death, now Amy had to do was elude a just as certain death.

Bethany was still between Amy's legs, clutching with a death grip
to Amy. The fast thinking brunette considering kicking Bethany free of
her legs, but discarded the idea. There wasn't enough time. Amy would
just have to owe Bethany one later.

Amy's clothes were impractical for a good reason; she had a lot
of shit to carry. Her guns, her smoke grenades and her radio were on
her belt and she had a few knives tucked in the inside of her shirt.
The industrial agent likes to come prepared and that was why she
removed her belt buckle. She aimed the clever device with her hands as
the two agents continued to fall. A gas propelled grappling hook fired
from the belt buckle, arcing up and wrapping around the steel girder.
The tension of the rope stopping their fall nearly tore Amy's arms from
their sockets, but that's why they paid Amy the generous paychecks. As
the two agents gently descended to the floor and the hordes of
surprised and armed women, Amy thought of the collection of fencing
epees she was planning to buy. It was a soothing thought.

Bethany collapsed to the ground almost gratefully when they
landed. Amy was quick to drop to the side in a roll that ended with
her leaping to her feet with both pistols drawn. She has the sitting
black woman in her sights yet Abiara seemed unfazed by Amy's weapons.

"Nobody moves or else I empty two clips into your sexy leader!"
Amy yelled. Amy didn't feel bad at all for stealing Bethany's plan.
Improvisation was part of the life of a woman like Amy.

"Now, get me Courtney Phillips, a boat, and an iced tea," Amy

That was when she fell unconscious.


Kicking the back of Amy's head was not only enjoyable to Bethany,
but it was also part of her new plan. She could feel the tension in
the air as the assembled women lowered their spears towards her.
Abiara looked at Bethany impassively, as if she expected all along for
two women to fall from the sky and then have one of them knock out the

Since Abiara wasn't asking questions, Bethany seized the

"I was sent here, with my partner, to rescuer Courtney Phillips,"
Bethany lied. The women growled and raised their spears. Abiara
raised her hand to stop them. Bethany continued.

"But while I have infiltrated your organization, I also learned
about your wonderful mission," Bethany continued to lie. "As I
listened, I realized something. men are weak, and I'm tired of taking
orders from them! I want to join!"

The crowd was quiet, until Abiara smiled, and gave a single
queenly nod of her head. The women broke into cheers. Bethany was
swarmed by happy women who hugged her and patted her on the back. As
the dozens of topless women hugged Bethany, the blonde breathed a sigh
of relief. Acceptance was easy to come by with some fanatics.

Abiara stood up, the sunlight shimmering on her oiled black
breasts. "Bathe her, and bring her to me," she declared.

"Fuck," Bethany whispered.


Amy awoke, and found herself nude and bound to a pole. The
cursed sun was beating down on her and the roar of the ocean was
deafening. As she opened her eyes, she saw a beautiful idyllic beach
scene. The wind blew, and the sand it carried bit at Amy's body like
sharp nips of teeth on her bare legs, belly and breasts.

"Oh well, it beats a stinky dungeon," Amy muttered.

She was standing up, a heavy iron collar around her neck. Her
hands were bound next to someone else's hands and Amy quickly realized
that there was someone on the other side of the pole. Amy looked
around, and noticed no one was bothering to guard them. These topless
crazy women were amazingly slack.

"Hey, who are you?" Amy asked the person on the other side.

"My name is Courtney Phillips, who are you?" a voice answered.

"I'm Amy Valentine, I was sent to rescue you," Amy answered. Her
fingers danced over Courtney's bound hands, and Amy smiled as she
recognized the knot.

"Paragon sent you?" Courtney snapped back. "Well you are doing a
terrible job of rescuing me," the women chastised. "Getting captured
is an inefficient method of saving someone. Who is your department
head? I intend to make sure you get written up for this fiasco!"

Amy bit her bottom lip and tried to ignore the flow of abuse.
"This is why I don't go to the company picnic," Amy thought to herself.


Bethany was impressed by the grandeur of Abiara's quarters.
Oriental tapestries hung on the walls. A fountain bubbled in the
center of the room with mermaids painted under the water. Several
marble statues decorated the huge room, each of them depicting a woman
in combat. A grand bed dominated the room, concealed on slightly by a
rich red curtain.

The blonde agent was given nothing to wear after her bath, but
Bethany wasn't worried. She knew she was at her most dangerous when
her skin was clean, her hair was wet and clinging to her back and her
breasts were exposed and vulnerable to the world in all their huge
glory. Bethany knew her body was her most dangerous weapon, both as a
distraction and as a master of several martial arts.

"You are a wonderful specimen of our gender," Abiara said from
her chair. The stunning black woman had been at her desk since Bethany
walked in. It had been a test of Bethany's patience not to attack the
woman out right as soon as the guards left. The agent couldn't say why
exactly she held off. There was something about Abiara that made
Bethany believe a direct attack would be a mistake.

"Thank you," Bethany answered. She decided to play it by ear.
It had worked so far.

"I must admit, I am impressed by how you took out your companion
at the moment of her success," Abiara continued. "I know you said you
were tired of working for the weaker gender, but I wanted to make sure
you knew of our full agenda."

Bethany kept quiet. Abiara still hadn't given her permission to
sit down, and now there was going to be a lecture? Bethany reflected
that some jobs required more patience than others.

"Themiskyra was the legendary home of the Greek Amazons," Abiara
began. "According to legend, it was a beautiful place, filled with
women of great learning and of great warrior skills. Of course, the
rest of the legends we have detail how men were able to defeat and rape
these women."

"Bastards," Bethany added. It seemed appropriate. "Weren't the
Amazons the ones who cut off their breasts to shoot bows?"

Abiara shook her head and rose to her feet. She walked over to a
painting of a modern woman firing a bow. Her hand traced the curves of
the woman.

"A myth, made by men," Abiara said without emotion. "We wouldn't
have an Olympic division of women's archers if it was true. It was
just a myth men liked to tell to scare women away from sports."

Abiara sighed. "The world is ruled by myths of one kind or
another. The myth of liberty convinces Americans that they have total
freedom, yet lesbians are not allowed to legally marry. The myth of
racial superiority convinced nations that it was okay to cleanse ethnic
types. The myth of talking dog convinces people to buy tacos. The
world goes from myth to myth, believing in a good story rather than the

"That is why we adopted the Amazon name for our cause," Abiara
continued. "We are just women, women who want to assume our rightful
place as leaders in this world. We are not Greek, we are not
supernatural, and we are certainly not wonder women. Yet if the world
will suppress us because of they cling to myths rather than truth, then
we will become a myth for them to understand and fear us."

Bethany felt compelled to comment. "Sounds great!" she added.
"What will you use the ransom money for?"

Abiara smiled. "I'll tell you when you are fully initiated," she
said. The calm black woman walked over to a cabinet and opened the
combination lock. Abiara removed a pillow, and on the pillow was a
strange belt with phallic attachments.

"This is our version of Hippolyte's Girdle," Abiara explained.
"Hippolyte was an Amazon Queen who had a magic belt. The belt
conferred upon the Queen great strength. Our belt is a bit more

Abiara held it up for Bethany's scrutiny. The belt held two long
rubber cocks that were joined at the base. It was clear that one woman
wore the belt and was penetrated by one cock, and then the other cock
was for penetrating someone else.

"Notice this," Abiara said as she gripped the outer cock. As she
clenched the rubber penis, the inner one began to vibrate. As Abiara
tightened her grip, the vibrations increased. When she released her
grip, the vibrations stopped.

"It's time for your initiation," Abiara said as she stepped out
of her pants. Abiara's pubic region was dark and curly, a dark forest
of desire. Abiara slipped put on the belt, aiming the vibrating side
into her sex. Bethany watched in awe as Abiara took the entire length
of the cock into her.

"Bend over my new Amazon," Abiara said, "and let's see how strong
you are."


"There!" Amy proudly declared. It wasn't easy, but Amy had
managed to free one hand from the ropes. Unfortunately, it was
Courtney's hand.

"About time!" Courtney snapped. "Now I can scratch my nose."

"Wow, it all feels worth it then," Amy snapped. "I freed your
hand for a reason! I have a secret weapon hidden on my body. I can't
untie my hands, so you'll have to reach it."

Amy felt the pole shift as Courtney tried to look behind her.
The agent waited for the executive to understand that she couldn't look
at someone bound behind her. It was a long wait.

"They stripped me, didn't they strip you?" Courtney asked after a
few minutes.

"Yes," Amy explained slowly. "But I hid a special device on my
body for just this eventuality."

"Where is it?" Courtney asked slowly. She had a pretty good

"I tucked it in my vagina," Amy answered. "You'll have to reach
around and dig it out. It's the size of a small button."

There was no answer.

"Look," Amy continued. "It's either get the button or stay bound
to this pole. Take your pick."

"Damn it, my ass is starting to stick to the pole," Courtney

Amy felt the executive reach around and tentatively touch Amy's
nether lips. The brunette sighed. She tried to remember what the
dossier on Courtney said she looked like. Amy vaguely recalled
something about short blonde hair and a sharp nose, but that could
describe any of the female executives at Paragon Industries. Amy had a
little rule, she liked to know the face of the people who touched her
sex, but today, she'd make an exception.

"You're going to have to go in there," Amy admonished.
Courtney's fingers were pushing on the outside of Amy's delta, and it
was causing the brunette to squirm in her bonds. Her fingernails were
painted red and still looked perfect after a few days of captivity.
Amy watched as the fingers pushed and pulled at the folds of her sex,
working up the courage to seek the button inside.

Finally, Courtney slipped her fingers into Amy's sex. Amy gasped
as the fingers plunged in harshly. The bound woman opened her thighs
as Courtney searched inside Amy. Her fingers were brutal, quick and
far too fast to find anything, but Amy didn't care. The rough
treatment was causing her flat stomach to quake with desire.

"Deeper," Amy urged. "You're almost there."

"It's hard," Courtney complained. Her hand was twisting to reach
around and reach up inside Amy.

"I thought I would be soft," Amy moaned as the questing fingers
probed her.

"You could help," Courtney accused. "It's too slippery in there.
Move around so I can get in there."

Amy smiled and complied. Still bound to the pole, she gyrated
her hips, letting Courtney's hand swivel around inside her. Amy's
thighs quivered whenever Courtney's thumb would brush her clit. The
pole shook as Amy humped Courtney's hand, Amy's iron collar jerking
with every thrust. All the while, Amy was trying not to moan and let
Courtney know of the pleasure she was giving her.

"I think I found it!" Courtney cried.

"Yes!" Amy gasped. "It's right there! Now dig it out!"

Courtney dug deeper until she felt her fingers clenched by the
wet folds of Amy's sex. A furious wave of spasms gripped Courtney's
fingers and Amy had to release her loud moan of bliss. The executive
was shocked by what she had caused.

"You had a climax!" Courtney accused.

"Well, I had to get rid of my headache," Amy smiled. "Now I'm
ready to escape. I'll tell you where it's really located."

"Where?" Courtney growled. She was trying to wipe her hand on
the pole. Her fingers were incredibly soaked.

"I stashed it up my ass," Amy said.

Bethany was on her hands and knees on the lush bed. Behind her,
Abiara poured a lubricant into Bethany's ass, warm oil that caused
Bethany's ass to clench reflexively. The busty blonde lifted her head
and saw a mirror, placed there so that Bethany could look into the eyes
of the black Queen. Abiara was smiling for the first time as she
rubbed the white woman's ass.

"Prepare yourself," Abiara said as she placed the tip of the
phallus on Bethany's ass.

"I'm ready," Bethany replied. She was amazed at the things one
had to do to maintain a lie.

Without warning, Abiara slipped the cold phallus into Bethany.
The rubber tip stretched Bethany's anus apart, forcing the blonde to
cry out as she felt her ass expand around the cold rubber. Abiara was
merciless as she sank inch after inch of the strap-on into Bethany's
waiting ass.

"Ah," Abiara sighed with contentment as the vibrations began.
Bethany's ass was clenching with vigor on the intrusion, which resulted
in very powerful vibrations in Abiara's half.

"Damn," Bethany gasped. Her fingers clenched the bedspread and
her knees shook. It felt like the dildo was splitting her but Bethany
couldn't deny how arousing the penetration was. She felt nerves coming
alive for the first time back there and even without foreplay,
Bethany's nipples were as hard as stone.

When Abiara had sunk the full length of the dildo inside Bethany,
Bethany's arms collapsed. Face first she fell onto the bed and the
sudden movement caused the dildo to shift in her ass. Bethany moaned
as the sensations shook her body while Abiara moaned as the vibrations
hit a new high.

"Face up," Abiara said. The tall black woman reached for a
handful of Bethany's blonde hair. She pulled Bethany's hair until the
blonde rose back to her hands. The tilt of her head forced Bethany to
look at herself in the opposite mirror. Bethany saw how flushed her
face was. The blonde saw her heavy tits hanging down and her nipples
were red with desire. She could clearly see Abiara behind her, her own
massive dark breasts heaving and rising as the vibrations took their

"Let's begin," Abiara said. Her hips rolled like a belly dancer,
pulling the dildo halfway out of Bethany's ass in a maelstrom of
sensations. Then her hips snapped back, thrusting the dildo back down
Bethany's tight hole. The snap was sudden and savage, and Bethany
found tears forming in her eyes from the intensity of emotion.

Faster and faster, Abiara's hips swiveled and snapped. The back
queen pulled Bethany's long blonde hair like they were reins. With
Bethany's head pulled painfully back, she was compelled to watch Abiara
as she fucked her ass. Bethany watched as the sweat formed on Abiara's
ebony skin and her breasts jiggled with each thrust. Abiara's breasts
were jiggling almost in synchronization with Bethany's hanging breasts;
twin tits keeping time together.

"Tighter," Abiara commanded and Bethany found herself trying.
Even though her ass felt like it was constantly expanding, even though
Bethany's scalp was on fire from the pulling and even though Bethany's
ass beginning to grow warm from the constant slapping of Abiara's
thighs, Bethany found herself trying to clench tighter. She was just
trying to appease this masterful woman who was testing her beyond the
limits Bethany knew were possible.

"Just a little more," Abiara moaned and Bethany took solace in
the sight of Abiara's heaving breasts. The fucked blonde could feel
the residue of the vibrations her clenching was causing. Bethany could
also feel an orgasm swelling within her. The blonde was in bliss as
she felt the orgasm originate from deep, deep, deep inside her. Her
whole body felt like it was contracting around the ruthless plunging of
the cock in her ass.

Abiara said nothing as her climax hit. Her mouth merely opened
and her eyes clenched as her hips hurried their pace. Bethany watched
as Abiara's white teeth bit at black lips with the contortions of
climax. Bethany's own orgasm soon followed and Bethany arms's gave out
a second time. Abiara released her hair as Bethany bit down on the
blankets with her mouth. Her orgasm exploded from her anus like a dam
bursting. All the pain and the tension of the strange intrusion were
replaced with the glory of an unrestrained orgasm.

As Abiara withdrew the dildo completely from Bethany's ass,
Bethany had a second orgasm. When her tiny hole was free of being
stretched, Bethany found herself already missing the fulfilling
feeling. Bethany's body quaked a third time as the last vestiges of
the orgasm swept over her.

The blonde felt a hand on her back, tracing the sweat that had

"In truth, you work for Diligent Enterprises, don't you?" Abiara

"Yes," Bethany admitted; too defeated and exhausted to care.


"This had better be it!" Courtney yelled as she handed something
small and hard to Amy. The executive then wiped her fingers again on
the pole. By God, she did not want to go back in there.

Amy's fingers examined the small object that Courtney had passed
to her. Her nimble fingers found the switch she was looking for, and a
tiny laser erupted from the plastic button. She had to work quickly,
the tiny battery had a limited cycle. It also wasn't easy to cut ropes
behind you with a laser that can bisect your finger, but Amy was
feeling much better now. Getting a hand job from a superior executive
and then having that executive stick a finger up your ass was a Hell of
a mood elevator for Amy.

"Finally," Amy said as the laser snapped the locks on the iron
collar. She stepped around to look at Courtney. The executive was
just as Amy imagined her to be: short blonde hair, sharp nose and a
perpetual frown.

"Free me!" Courtney demanded.

"I would like to, but my laser ran out," Amy said. "But don't
worry, I have a second weapon. Care to get it out for me?"

The cursing Courtney unleashed on Amy made the nude brunette

"Sheesh, you act like you've never stuck your finger up an
employee's ass before," Amy replied. She removed one of her earrings
and snapped it onto her laser. The secondary battery kicked in and Amy
began cutting Courtney's collar but she stopped.

"What are you waiting for?" Courtney demanded.

"I want a raise," Amy smiled. When else was she going to get a
chance to negotiate with a company woman while they were in an iron


Bethany rolled over to her side. Her ass was too sensitive to
even think of laying on it. Abiara was removing her belt and cleaning
it with a cloth. The blonde agent found it admirable to see such a
powerful woman doing something so humble as cleaning.

"When did you know?" Bethany asked. "When did you know I was

Abiara placed the Girdle on its pillow. "I recognized you from
our reports. I wanted to know who Diligent Enterprises would send if
they didn't want to pay. Your lying tactic was smart and admirable."

"What happens now?" Bethany asked.

"You have endured the Girdle and proven your strength," Abiara
said. "You are now an Amazon."

"I can't join you," Bethany protested. "I admire your goals, but
frankly, I don't think you guys have a chance in Hell of succeeding."

"Then you may leave," Abiara said as she resumed her place at her
desk. The lovely black woman opened a ledger and began to read.

"That's it? I can walk out just like that?" Bethany asked. The
blonde sat up and winced as her sore ass reminded her of her

"Of course," Abiara responded. "We're not men. We have no
reason to hold you when you do not desire to join us."

Bethany slowly rose and walked towards the door on unsteady
knees. She noticed her clothes were folded beside the door. Reaching
down, she checked to see if her radio was there. She pressed the
emergency button and felt assured to know a retrieval boat was on it's

As Bethany opened the door, Abiara closed her book.

"Remember Bethany," Abiara said. "You're an Amazon now. You
might try to forget it, but we won't."

"Was that a threat?" Bethany demanded.

Abiara smiled. "Consider it as a statement of faith," she

Bethany didn't answer.

The company's boat came for Amy, and Courtney nearly swam out to
greet it. Amy kept an eye out for any guards, but strangely, there
didn't seem to be any signs of pursuit. She was beginning to wonder if
these strange women even cared about their captive.

Amy shook her head. It wasn't her concern. She had managed to
get a promise out of Courtney that included a new company car, a week
of extra vacation time, and the chance to fire Johnson in accounting.
There was also the matter of purchasing those epees that Amy wanted.

What did she care about the motives of a bunch of women?

The end.


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