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This is a sexual story copyrighted by me, Shon Richards, so
please don't make any money from it. I welcome and read all e-mail. At

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"Speed Fucker"
By Shon Richards

Gunfire rippled on the road beside Bethany Taylor. The blonde
swerved to the left on the experimental Mark VI motorcycle and hit the
accelerator. Support guards emerged from the sides to clamp onto her
ankles as the digital odometer went into triple digits. Bethany leaned
down into the cycle and read the holographic readings that were being
feed into her helmet.

"I have got to own one of these," Bethany said as she raced into
the night.

Behind her, the helicopter was getting into position for another
shot. Bethany knew they would be persistent and she wished she wasn't
out of surface-to-air missiles. Those bastards at Paragon Industries
were being sore losers again. They were always chasing after

Bethany's employers, Diligent Enterprises, had sent her on
courier duty to transport a stolen stock market projection. Insider
trading is something you just can't send Federal Express. It had been
a long week of dodging trucks, helicopters and even bizarre trap
involving a deer crossing. This whole trip might not be worth the
robotic puppy she had planned to buy.

The only thing that made the week bearable was the nice
motorcycle she got to field test. The Mark VI had more gadgets and
weapons than a Japanese tourist did. Bethany gave a voice command to
activate the ultraviolet option on her helmet. The road lit up before
her in a purple glow and Bethany swerved to head down a dirt road. The
helicopter speed down the highway behind her, obviously wondering where
Bethany had gone.

"Since I'm out of weapons, I hope that worked," Bethany sighed.
"If not, I'm going to be fucked."

"Initiating Fucked Sequence," a voice inside her helmet


"We're fucked!" Amy Valentine screamed as she kicked the floor
of the helicopter. She tugged on her braid of long brown hair until
the pain soothed her.

The pilot said nothing, which was a good idea. Amy was pissed.
Ever since Bethany stole the stock market projection, Paragon
Enterprises had been riding Amy's ass to get it back. How could
Bethany elude her for this long? The blonde bimbo wasn't THAT good.

"Ma'am, I've got a fast moving object on radar, and it's on a
side road," the pilot reported. "There she goes! There's the speed
racer. She's a demon on wheels!"

"Where are the controls for the new laser?" Amy asked. "Paragon
just needs the information to be silenced, they don't need it back."


"Greetings Bethany, this is Terrance and Quentin," the voice in
her helmet said.

"What are you two losers up to?" Bethany snapped. She knew they
were the designers of this awesome bike, but they were also two senior
citizen geeks with the sex drives of teenagers. Now that she thought
about it, they had the same body odor problems of teens too. Bethany
had lost count of the number of times she had turned them down for
dates, dinner and out right groping.

"Ah, this is a recording," Terrance said in her helmet. "The
Mark VI's AI has determined that you activated the more, hedonistic
options of the motorcycle. Quite frankly, we doubt you'll ever hear
this message but twins can dream, can't they?"

"Twins can go fuck themselves," Bethany cursed. She turned off
the dirt road and onto a paved road that led into a small town. Maybe
if she stayed off the highways she wouldn't be found again. As she
zipped past the only traffic light in town, Bethany felt her seat

"Buddha's Ass!" Bethany swore. The bike was such a smooth ride
normally that the vibrations were especially noticeable. It wasn't the
entire seat vibrating, just a small section directly against her sex.
Leaning forward like she was, the vibrations were striking right
against her clitoris. Bethany tried to lean back but the vibrations
shifted with her until it was stimulating against the bottom of her
nether lips.

"As you can see, the seat was designed for your unique
dimensions," Quentin said in her helmet. "If you lean forward, heat
seeking targeting will focus the vibrations for direct clitoral

ZAP! A mailbox exploded beside Bethany. Her holographic display
alerted her to the presence of the helicopter.

"Damn it, turn the seat off!" Bethany screamed. "I'm being shot
at here!"

"Sorry, but the Mark VI will not deactivate its Fucking Mode
until it detects an orgasm," Terrance said calmly. "Don't think about
faking one either, you wouldn't believe how sensitive and intelligent
the sensors are."

ZAP! Mr. Peter's Grocery Store lost its front window as Bethany
swerved to dodge. The act of leaning sideways to swerve pressed her
crotch tight to the vibrating seat. Her right thigh quivered as it
felt the senous vibrations.

"Your heart rate is increasing which means you are enjoying it,"
the voice of Terrance reported. "The Mark VI will now initiate the
ultrasonic fingers."

Bethany tensed as she felt the unmistakable touch of fingers on
both of her nipples. She looked down reflexively but her leather
jacket was still zipped up. The blonde snapped her head back up to
steer desperately to the left as another laser blast took out a fire

"Impressive, isn't it?" the voice of Quentin gloated. "By using
concentrated sound waves, we can actually create a tactile experience.
In middle-management terms, the sound waves can simulate any sort of
touch, even through clothing. Because we have admired your assets for
so long, we were able to aim the sound waves perfectly at your superb

"I am going to kill you guys," Bethany swore as she rode out of
the devastated small town. The fingers were dead on target with her
nipples and despite her anger, she could feel her nubs hardening with

"We can move circular," Quentin said and he was right, the sound
waves rolled around her areola in a tight sensual circle.

"We can flick left to right," Quentin continued and Bethany
moaned as the fingers flicked over her nipples. Even when she
shuddered, the targeted sound waves kept on her nipples.

"And we can even pinch," Quentin's recorded voice said a bit
excitedly. Bethany cried out as her nipples were squeezed ever so

"Damn it," Bethany cursed as she realized she was moving her hips
to grind against the vibrations. She stopped moving her hips, but the
vibrations kept stimulating her as Quentin continued to demonstrate the
various ultrasounds.

"The trigger has some sort of delay," Amy cursed. "It's a
million dollar weapon and it can't hit one top heavy blonde?"

"It's the trees," the pilot said. When Amy scowled at him, he
quickly added, "Paragon Industries had that lawsuit with the
environmentalists. The laser is programmed not to fire when a tree is
near the target zone."

"Lawyers and environmentalists are ruining industrial espionage,"
Amy muttered.


Bethany stuck close to the left side of the road. For some
reason, the helicopter didn't fire at her while she was under the line
of trees. The blonde didn't understand it since the helicopter was on
the other side and had a clear view of her. She might have figured it
out if her seat wasn't still vibrating.

The ultrasound waves were doing wonderful things with Bethany's
nipples and were now expanding. Soon all of her heavy breasts were
being touched and massaged. Bethany was deeply impressed by the way
the immaterial fingers were kneading even underneath her breasts. She
had to bite down on her lip to keep herself from moaning.

"Now, we'll show you our proudest innovation," the recorded voice
of Terrance gloated. "Not only does the seat vibrate, but it also

"Oh shit!" Bethany had time to say before the seat rose beneath
her. Her ankles were still locked down by the safety clamps so she had
nowhere to go as the vibrating seat lifted and pressed against her sex.

As much as she hated to admit it, it felt wonderful. The seat
moved on a circular track, rising up against her clitoris and then
sliding across her crotch until it dropped back down to begin rising
again on her clit. The ultrasonic fingers began groping her entire
breasts in a similar rhythm. Bethany found it impossible to not grind
back against the fingers and seat and soon she could feel a wet spot
forming on her jeans. Her panties were drenched long ago.

Unfortunately, she was out of trees.

Lasers began raining down Bethany, destroying the pavement and
obliterating a speed limit sign. Bethany floored the accelerator and
as the Mark VI picked up speed, so did the vibrating seat. Now it was
humping against Bethany's crotch, fucking the agent while she continued
to dodge death.

She leaned left into a turn, and the seat never let go of her

Bethany leaned right to avoid an oncoming truck and the
ultrasound fingers pushed her bountiful mounds till she was almost

The blonde threw her head forward as she leaned into the seat,
her eyes closing as the vibrations rubbed her pussy closer to climax.

When the climax came, Bethany's entire body arched in bliss. The
Mark VI popped back on its hind wheel as Bethany pulled up in an
orgasmic spasm. The laser missed her completely as it misjudged her
front wheel's location.

Bethany was shaken out of her reluctant orgasm by Quentin's

"The sensors have detected an orgasm. Congratulations! We knew
you would like it. Now that you've enjoyed the Fucking Mode, you may
now use the remaining electrical power to arm an extra surface-to-air


Amy didn't understand Bethany's driving at all. The blonde
swerved and turned erratically almost as if her mind was elsewhere. In
fact, Amy could swear the leather slut was humping her seat but Amy
dismissed the thought. Not even Bethany was that skanky.

When Bethany popped a wheelie to dodge a laser blast, Amy lost
the last of her reserve.

"Fuck it! Get ahead of her and come close to the ground," Amy
yelled to the pilot. "We'll see if she can dodge us when we're face-

"Is that wise? What if she is armed?" the pilot questioned.

"Ha!" Amy snapped. "If she had a weapon, she would have used it
by now."


Bethany grinned as the helicopter came at her. It was barely
five feet from the ground and it was playing a bizarre form of chicken
with the mark VI. Bethany's thighs and crotch were slightly bruised
from all the fucking but it was a good kind of tingling sensation.

The surface-to-air missile smashed into the rotor of the
helicopter and Bethany enjoyed the sight of the two inhabitants
flailing and jumping from the vehicle. She just narrowly avoided being
crushed by the crashing hulk but the automatic balance system of the
Mark VI kept her moving even when she was tilted at a thirty degree
angle to the road. The exploding fireball behind her lighted up the

Bethany sighed. Somehow, the explosion was more satisfying than
the orgasm she had a minute before. It seemed to her that Quentin and
Terrance had a long way to go before they knew how to really please a
woman. Oh well, at least the bike still rocked.

"Come on Mark VI, adventure waist just ahead."

The end.


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