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This is a sexual story copyrighted by me, Shon Richards, so
please don't make any money from it. I welcome and read all e-mail. At

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"20,000 Licks Under The Sea"
By Shon Richards

Aello arose from her sleep. A terrible shaking of the ground
caused water to lap into her underwater cave. Aello moved her golden
hair out of her eyes and stretched her arms. She looked down at her
naked breasts and saw they were much fuller and softer since the last
time she awoke. She sighed at this new sign of her age. The tides
were coming faster and faster it seemed.

She shook her head and stopped thinking about the days when she
was younger. There was a deep rumbling in her belly and visions of
fresh fish danced in her head. It was time to see how much the ocean
had changed since last.

Aello pulled herself to the water's edge and fell into the ocean
with a splash. The water wasn't as clean as it used to be, but it
still felt wonderful on her skin and scales. With a kick of her tail,
Aello went looking for her friends.


Amy Valentine checked the readings on her wrist monitor and took
a moment to rest her tired legs. The agent had been swimming for hours
and there wasn't much air left in her tank. The wreckage of the
satellite should be nearby but she couldn't see a thing. The
Mediterranean waters were normally crystal clear but the blood of her
fellow employees was clouding the water. Amy was the last of her
search team alive and that made the agent very cautious.

She took a moment to bitch silently about the mission. An old
Russian satellite had fallen from orbit and landed in the
Mediterranean. The satellite was rumored to be carrying several
weapons of global destruction but no records of it existed in the
Russian government. It might just be junk, but Amy's employers,
Paragon Industries, couldn't take the chance that it was valuable.
More specifically, they couldn't take the chance that someone else
would recover something Paragon didn't know about.

Several governments from around the world were looking for it, as
well as several corporations. There had been a huge underwater melee
and Amy shuddered at the memory of the battle. Her powerful and well-
developed legs had given her an advatange in the multiple enemy war;
allowing her to swim and dodge while the rest of the underwater
combatants had moved sluggishly. Amy thought she was the only survivor
after she took care of three Israeli swimmers, but it never hurt to be

It wasn't easy to look for a submerged satellite in blood choked
waters but that was why they paid healthy young women like Amy the big
money. The corporate spy had her heart set on buying a couple hundred
acres of Amazon rain forest. She thought it might make for an
interesting summer home.

Her wrist monitor began flashing. Better yet, a red arrow
appeared on the display. Amy kicked in the direction of the arrow,
keeping her eyes open. She saw the outside rim of a crater and when
she flashed her high powered underwater light into it, she saw the
glint of metal.

"About fucking time," Amy laughed.


Bethany Taylor approached the wreckage of the satellite
carefully. Her chest was burning from the exertion of swimming away
from that awful fight. When her employers, Diligent Enterprises, had
sent her after the satellite, she knew there would be trouble, but that
battle royal she saw earlier was ridiculous. Bethany knew as soon as
she saw more than fifty divers that she needed to get the fuck out of
there. She let them fight, while she followed the directions of her
homing monitor. If anyone survived the underwater battle, Bethany
would just finish him or her off if they got in her way.

Her legs were exhausted but Bethany swam towards the crater. The
blonde reflected that at least the swimming was good exercise. She had
begun to become self-conscious about her thighs when she discovered a
tiny bit of flab. She had actually considered using some of those
cellulite creams Diligent Enterprises made. If she completed this
mission, she was going the large paycheck to send herself to the new
health spa she saw in Athens.

Bethany was almost to the satellite when a beam of light moved
across the wreckage. The busty agent froze, realizing that she would
have to deal with the survivors quicker than she thought. She looked
and saw a lone swimmer moving over the crater.

"Well, this is why I carry the personal torpedoes," bethany said
to herself.

She fired the torpedo from her shoulder mount and watched the
tiny missile streak across the water. The enemy noticed immediately
and fired from the hip with their harpoon gun. Bethany was surprised
to see her opponent move so quickly and briefly wondered if it was her
hated nemesis, Amy Valentine.

Bethany watched the desperate woman fire a harpoon at the torpedo
moments before being hit. The explosion rippled through the water,
obscuring Bethany's view as she prepared another torpedo. When the
cloud of sediment cleared, the blonde saw that the top rim of the
crater was gone, as well as any sign of the swimmer.

"Couldn't have been Amy," Bethany said to herself. "Amy would
still be alive."

She shrugged and swam to the satellite. It crashed yesterday so
it was cool now though Bethany was a bit concerned about the radiation.
Oh well, what's a little background radiation for a trip to a spa?

Bethany approached the wreck and began her examination. She
didn't see any obvious weapons on the outside, so she pulled on a
broken panel. Inside were several vials of a glowing red liquid,
bolted to a CPU of some sort. Bethany decided to take the vials and
get the fuck out of there.

As so unscrewed a vial from the satellite, the CPU monitor
flashed into life. Before Bethany could move, several metal tentacles
emerged from the sides of the CPU. Bands of steel encircled her arms
and legs as well as her plentiful chest. The air was squeezed out of
her and she was too exhausted from her swimming to struggle as well as
she could.

"This . . .was . . . unexpected," Bethany gasped.


Aello had spent the day swimming and eating, enjoying the subtle
ways the ocean floor had changed. She had seen the new crater with the
strange metal inside, and she had avoided it completely. It was
obviously from the surface world but Aello was only interest in the
people of the surface, not their endless toys.

When the people came the next day, Aello was delighted. She swam
quickly to greet the newcomers and stopped as soon as she smelled the
blood. There were so many of them, and they were all fighting! Aello
was amazed. She watched from her hidden position as the surface
dwellers slaughtered each other with strange weapons and a viciousness
that sharks didn't possess.

Eventually, one emerged as a survivor from the fray. This
swimmer headed for the crater Aello had noticed yesterday. Curious,
Aello followed the person. She was amazed by how long the swimmer had
been underwater. Aello hoped that maybe they had learned how to stop
drowning like the first surface people she had tried to make friends

A large explosion stunned Aello but only momentarily. Something
beyond her comprehension had just happened and now the swimmer she was
following was uncvoncious and on the ground. Aello saw that a section
of the crater was now gone.

She didn't understand what had happened but she also didn't care.
Aello swam over to the fallen swimmer and began to drag her. With
powerful kicks of her tail, Aello carried the sleeper to her private
cave. Hopefully, this friend will live longer than the last one.

Aello had learned long ago that surface people needed air or else
they died pretty fast. Inside her cave was a natural air pocket and a
spacious ledge. Aello cleared the skeletons of her friends into the
water to make room for this new person. In the darkness of the cave,
Aello used her inhuman eyes to examine her latest find.

The surface dweller was wearing a strange form of clothing, it
was slippery and covered them from head to toe. A strange device was
strapped to the back of the person, with attachments that connected to
the face of the person. There were various tools and other mysterious
items on the body, but Aello didn't care for those. She was fascinated
by those strange appendages that surface dwellers had that she didn't;
the legs.


Amy awoke from her stunned state to the sensation of having her
pants removed. She felt the rubber of her swimsuit being cut around
her thighs and then the leggings were being pulled off. The agent
remained still as she gathered her senses. It was pitch dark but she
wanted to see how far her stripper went before reacting. The last
thing she remembered was shooting a torpedo with one of her harpoons
and for all she knew, it could be medical people who were preparing

The dazed woman changed her opinion when she felt cold fingers
massaging her thighs. Amy tensed at first but she relaxed as the
fingers stroked and touched her legs. There was nothing malicious in
the touch, it was just exploring and very sensual. The hands glided
over her knees, touched her calves and even playfully stroked her toes.
It was when the hands moved back up to her thighs and slowly parted Amy
that she decided to look.

Her goggles were equipped with an ultralight projector, so that
her special lenses could see in the darkness without giving herself
away with a flashlight. Amy was surprised to see a topless woman was
massaging her thighs and Amy was struck by the woman's beauty. The
woman had long hair that was wet and tangled yet was still a bright
golden color. Her face was sweet and innocent with large round eyes
that watched and examined every curve of Amy's legs. The woman's
breasts were perfect, very large and round, yet also appearing as
natural and perky as a young woman's.

Amy relaxed as the topless woman continued to massage Amy's
thighs; her fingers sinking deep into Amy's toned muscles. The
brunette looked around at her surroundings and saw that she was inside
some sort of cave. She turned off her air with a quiet flick of a
button and tried to figure out what she was doing here.

That was when she saw the tail.

Amy stopped breathing for a second as she looked at the woman's
lack of legs. The agent thought the woman had been kneeling but now
she could see that the woman merely had her tail curled up underneath
her. Instead of hips, the woman's flesh turned into scales and Amy
watched the end of the tail almost wag as the woman touched Amy's
thighs. Amy was quick to understand that her first thought was
correct. This was an examination. The mermaid was looking at her

"Who are you?" Amy asked.

The mermaid looked up in alarm but then smiled. Aello was happy
to see her new friend was awake. Later, she'll go get some fish for
both of them to eat but right now, she recognized the terror in the
surface dweller's voice. If Aello didn't act quickly, then the surface
dweller might do something stupid like scream or try to swim.

Aello pulled herself further between Amy's legs and looked for a
penis. The mermaid had learned ages ago that sucking on a sailor's
cock put them at ease. Her sharp fingernails made short work of Amy's
panties but what she found surprised Aello. The surface dweller was
missing a cock! All she found was a slit of flesh!

The mermaid was excited. She had never seen a female from above
the water before. Aello was confused about the strange anatomy. Her
own sex was safely hidden under a flap of scales and only a triton had
the appendage that could open her. The surface dweller's sex was just
there, vulnerable and lacking any sort of armor.

Aello thought about the strange sex. Perhaps the female could
still be placated in the same way. Aello dipped her head between Amy's
thighs and with infinite tenderness, opened Amy's nether lips with her

Amy didn't get a verbal answer from the mermaid, but she didn't
expect for the mermaid to go down on her either! The agent shuddered
as the cold, cold lips of the mermaid touched her sensitive sex. The
surprising heat of the mermaid's tongue countered the cold. Amy lost
her inhibitions instantly as the hot tongue explored within her.

The mermaid had a unique style that Amy appreciated. Aello
wanted to taste and experience everything there was to Amy's sex. Her
tongue played with Amy's clitoris with playful abandon, indifferent to
the way Amy arched and groaned. The mermaid licked fiercely at the
walls of Amy's sex, as if trying to drain Amy of all of her delicious
lubrication. The beautiful mermaid buried her nose and mouth against
Amy's sex without ever pausing for breath.

The long legs of the agent embraced Aello's shoulders while her
hands pressed down on the golden wet hair. Amy's rapid breathing
echoed inside her mask as the mermaid brought her closer and closer to
climax. She could hear the water lap on the shore of the cave and it
made her think of the incessant lapping of the mermaid's tongue.

Amy lifted her buttocks, pressing her sex against Aello's cold
lips and hot tongue. Her fingers were tangled in Aello's hair but the
mermaid didn't mind. With Amy's feet planted on the cave floor, Amy's
hips undulated as she fucked the face of her savior. Her thighs
clenched and her chest rose and fell as she succumbed to the oral
talents of Aello.

Aello probed deeper, amazed at the many secrets Amy's sex
unveiled. She discovered that if she bit carefully with her teeth on
the tiny bud, Amy moaned and her fingers clutched tighter. Aello
discovered that if she flicked her tongue deep inside Amy, then Amy's
hips would shudder. The mermaid also discovered that the sweet, salty
taste of the surface dweller never ceased. Aello licked every drop she
could find with her questing tongue.

Amy moaned when her climax shook her. She moaned again when
Aello induced another climax with a bite on her clit. The agent moaned
again when Aello suckled on her lips. The agent was out of breath and
couldn't moan anymore when Aello brought her off a fourth time.

That was all right with Aello. She was happy to give Amy another
three climaxes even if they were silent.


Bethany gasped. The coils hadn't moved at all no matter how hard
she struggled. The satellite's defense system was content to hold her
there, perhaps it once had other attacks long ago, but right now all
that seemed to be working were the metal arms.

Bethany looked at the holographic display of her air remaining
that was projected on her visor. She only had ten minutes of air left.
That was assuming the arms didn't choke her first.

It looked like the steel arms were going to be enough.


Aello looked with satisfaction at the collapsed surface dweller.
That was much more fun than sucking a cock! The mermaid always hated
how the sailors would just ejaculate and then push her away. It never
lasted long enough to satisfy her curiosity but this woman was another
matter. The surface dweller allowed Aello to lick, and lick and lick
until Aello's lips were numb.

The surface dweller was simply breathing, still laid out on the
floor of the cave. Occasionally, she would shudder and moan. Aello
felt confident that she wouldn't hurt herself now so the mermaid
decided to go get some fish. All of that licking and nibbling just
made her stomachs growl. She pulled herself to the water and dived in.

Amy was startled out of her afterglow by the splashing of the
mermaid. She legs were numb and tingling, but the agent forced herself
up. Her rubbersuit was in ruins, the mermaid had removed her leggings
with sharp incisions with her fingernails. Amy shrugged. She would
just have to swim butt-naked.

The agent reactivated her air and fell into the water. The
underwater cave was a maze, but her goggles illuminated the way out.
It was hard as hell to swim with thighs that kept quivering, but the
cold water helped keep Amy moving. Along the way she saw countless
skeletons of humans, obviously previous attempts at freedom. She
paused to examine one skeleton that was carrying a spear. Amy
identified it as Spartan.

She carried the spear with her as she left the cave and checked
her wrist monitor. The crater and satellite were surprisingly nearby.
Amy swam towards her goal, wondering if the wonderful if mysterious sex
in the cave had delayed her too long.

The sight of her attacker captured in the steel bands of the
satellite brought a smile to Amy's face. It was nice to know the bitch
who knocked her out was going to die. As Amy came closer, she
recognized the enormous chest concealed under the rubber skin suit. It
was that bitch, Bethany Taylor!

Amy debated running Bethany through with the spear, but a strange
mercy stayed her hand. The encounter with the mermaid in the cave was
fresh in Amy's mind, as well as how damn unique her experience was.
How many can say they were gone down on by a mermaid? The rarity of
the moment was making Amy feel uncharacteristically generous.


Bethany could feel herself going, and thought about how unfair it
was that she, Bethany Taylor, was about to be killed by a weapon older
than herself. That was when she felt her air hose get sliced and water
rushed into her mask. She turned and saw a woman wielding a spear and
not wearing any pants. Bethany recognized those toned thighs anywhere,
it was Amy!

The world was being entirely too unfair today.

Then a stranger event happened. Amy swam to the satellite and
pressed a button that Bethany had missed earlier. The steel coils
instantly retracted and released Bethany. The blonde was stunned by
this act of generosity. What had gotten into Amy? And why wasn't she
wearing at least panties?

Bethany ignored the crazy agent and swam upwards. She didn't
have any air to argue. And where did the fuck did the spear come from?
It made the woman look like some kinky sort of mermaid.


Aello returned to her cave, carrying plenty of fish to share.
When she found the cave empty, Aello only shrugged. It meant more fish
for her. Friends come and go, she'll just wait for the next shipwreck.
Hopefully, she'll find another surface woman.

Or, maybe she'll just take another nap and see how the world
looks in a couple of centuries.

The end.


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