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This is a sexual story; so don't read if you are easily offended. I,
Shon Richards, write this story and it is copyrighted by me. Please do
not post this story without my permission. E-mail is
always adored, so don't be shy.

Thigh vs. Thigh,
Midnight Fun
By Shon Richards

Bethany Taylor saw the train coming and gunned her motorcycle
into action. She sighed as the powerful engine throbbed between her
legs but she dispelled such dirty thoughts and kept her mind on just
hanging on. The wind pressed into her body as she brought her bike
parallel to the train tracks. Bethany leaned into the wind and the
ease that she held on to the bike gave no hint of the powerful wind
generated by the train. Only the blonde hair that peeked from under
her blue helmet betrayed how fierce the air was, as the blonde trails
whipped and snapped.

"This is not going to be easy," Bethany told herself as she came
closer to the train. She only had a minute before the train would pull
away from her cycle. One guard on the top of the train had spotted her
already, and Bethany was forced to draw her gun. She shot him in the
throat, holstered her weapon and kept riding closer as time ticked

"I hate midnight jobs," Bethany muttered, but she knew there was
no helping it this time. She had to catch this train before it reached
its destination in the morning. Kia Lu, the mistress of Ned Retter was
on board that train. Ned Retter used to be the Vice President of
Marketing at Bethany's company, Diligent Enterprises until he was shot
forty times by an enemy corporation. Ned had a brilliant strategy for
gaining the youth market, but apparently didn't bother to write it
down. Diligent Enterprises would avenge his death, maybe. What they
would do was track down the one person he trusted enough to talk
business with, and that's why they sent Bethany after his mistress.
Oddly enough, Kia bought a ticket for a one-way trip on this train
within minutes of Ned's death.

"Coincidence?" Bethany mused shortly before she leapt from her
motorcycle to the train. She grabbed hold and pulled herself safely
onto the train. The door into the train car revealed it empty except
for an armed man who was waiting for her. The thoughts about
coincidence occurred to her again.

"I think not," she said in answer to her own question as she
outdrew the armed man. He was quicker than he should have been but he
went down as quietly as her silenced bullet.

Bethany frowned, curious as to why her outfit didn't buy her
valuable time. It was a leather outfit, covering her legs as tight as
a second skin. Her jacket was open, unzipped to her navel. Bethany
had neglected to wear a shirt, which was what hypnotized the guard.
The sight of two tanned breasts with the pink of their nipples barely
peeking out was too much for any man to not stare at.

Rescuing a kidnapped woman from a train full of people ready to
kill her was going to be an easy task. Bethany wasn't concerned.
That's why they paid industrial spies like Bethany the big money. She
had a Monet picked out that she was going to buy with this paycheck.

"Men I can handle," Bethany smiled as she bent over to retrieve a
key from the dead guard. She frowned when she realized he wasn't alive
to enjoy the sight of her cleavage bending over. "It's that cunt, Amy
Valentine I don't want to see today."


Amy Valentine sighed. Sitting across from her in the cramped
train booth was a very attractive, if stubborn asian beauty. The woman
used to be the mistress of an executive in Diligent Enterprises until
some executive of Amy's employers, Paragon Industries fancied her. The
murder of the Asian's boyfriend was sloppy, and Amy personally removed
the bozo that did it. Now she had to baby-sit a grieving woman and
somehow convince her that this wasn't a kidnapping per say, it was more
of a complicated hiring. So far, the woman had barely spoken to Amy
and Amy knew the woman would make a run for it as soon as possible.
Somehow, she had to get this woman to relax.

That was going to be impossible. The asian was perfectly
composed and seemed to ignore anything Amy said concerning a new job
offer. She was barely twenty-one, and her asian features gave her a
look of innocence that couldn't be ignored even when you knew of her
sexual occupation. Black hair was cut very short, two curls coming
down and touching her cheeks. Her breasts were small, but she kept
subtly pushing them out to strain against her white t-shirt. Amy could
confirm that the Asian's nipples were very, very hard.

"Is she coming on to me?" Amy asked herself. The brunette was a
little confused. She was flattered, but she had to make sure. Amy
watched the asian woman's eyes, and found what they were looking at.
There was a reflection of Amy in the train window. Amy examined
herself. Her brown hair was around her shoulders, looking full and as
rich as ever. A red jacket covered her chest, but that was okay, it
wasn't her best asset anyway. Amy's perfect legs were on display,
lithe and tanned and every inch of them exposed by the tight red
miniskirt she was wearing. A gasp escaped Amy's lips as she realized
that the reflection showed what was up Amy's skirt, which was a lack of

"It wouldn't be the first time my legs bribed someone's trust,"
Amy said to herself.

"Kia," Amy said in her huskiest voice. "I have this cramp in my
legs, and I remember reading that you worked last year as a masseuse.
Do you think you could help me?"

Kia smiled, and Amy smiled back. Allowing a woman to seduce her
wasn't normally part of the job, but that was why they paid industrial
agents like Amy the big money. Amy had her heart set on a diamond
choker that she was going to buy with this paycheck.

As Kia kneeled before Amy in the cramped train compartment, Amy
had one last fleeting thought as nimble fingers began to massage her

"Having a lesbian experience beats dealing with that blonde
bimbo, Bethany, any day!" Amy sighed.

Benjamin was on guard duty. He walked up and down the train car's
narrow corridor. Paragon Industries had bought all of the tickets for
this train tonight, so if he saw someone unusual, he would know it was
an enemy. That was the plan at least, too bad it the guard was just a

"Excuse me sir," a woman said behind him. Benjamin spun around,
and saw a beautiful blonde standing in the corridor. She was
completely topless, and her arms were crossed over her massive chest
almost shyly. A pained look of embarrassment was on her face.

"I am so embarrassed," the blonde said. "I was making out with
this guy when I passed out. I must have had too much to drink. Well,
when I woke up, his compartment was empty and my shirt was gone. I
think he's playing a joke on me, but I noticed the whole train is

Benjamin noticed that her left nipple was peeking from under her
hand. She must not know it was exposed he thought. She also didn't
know one other thing.

"Lady, Amy warned us about you, so I should tell you something,"
Benjamin said sweetly.

"What's that?" the blonde said coldly, letting her arms fall and
completely exposing her round, firm and heavy breasts.

"All of the men she hired for this job are gay," Benjamin said
smugly. "Now get your hands up whore while I call my friends."

Amy was losing all of her composure as Kia knelt in front of her.
The Asian's fingers were kneading her thighs in a steady rhythm that
was melting her through and through. It was the smile that got to Amy
the most. The entire time, Kia just kept looking up at Amy with this
smile of wicked innocence. Amy almost felt guilty for the dirty
thoughts she was having just because of the 'what's the matter?' smile.

Kia's fingers were moving in tight circles higher and higher up
Amy's miniskirt. Warm tingles were radiating from those magic fingers.
Amy's hands wanted to reach for Kia's lovely hair, but Amy was trying
to fight the urges within her. Amy gripped the seat of the booth; her
fingernails ripping the cheap vinyl.

"Please," Amy gasped as those fingers moved teasingly just
outsize her sex.

Kia didn't answer in words. Her fingers moved inward and bean
massaging the tender folds of Amy's shaved sex. Amy moaned as contact
was made and she shivered as she felt two thumbs rolling her clitoris.
The experienced young asian was assaulting Amy's sex with sensations,
but still no penetration had been made.

Amy felt like a slut as she shifted her hips, trying to get Kia
inside her. She couldn't believe how much her sex felt on fire. The
gentle touching was so new, and the asian woman knew right where to
tease her. From the way her fingers pushed her nether lips together to
the way fingernails grazed her clit, Kia was bringing out a need Amy
didn't know she had.

"Do me," Amy begged, her head thrown back and her breasts heaving
with excitement. Amy pulled her miniskirt up and presented her sex.
The brunette shifted her hips up, lifting her sex for what she wanted

Kia obliged. Keeping her knowing smile, Kia leaned forward and
took one single long lick of Amy's sex. Amy's thighs twitched and her
sex quivered. Kia laughed, and moved closer. Lips to lips, Kia's
mouth merged with Amy's sex.

"YES!" Amy growled. Kia's tongue was flickering over Amy's clit,
drawing it from its hood. Amy's thighs danced on the booth seat as she
felt Kia's cheeks press against her. Her hands lost their dignity and
went to Kia's hair; grabbing the silky soft hair and pulled the sensual
mouth deeper inside her.

Amy's eyes were rolling in her head as Kia's mouth opened. The
normally reserved agent was moaning as Kia sucked the folds of Amy's
sex into her mouth. Amy's thighs clenched around Kia's head as the
Asian beauty whipped her tongue inside Amy. So fierce yet so feminine,
Kia's mouth both pleased Amy's as much as it demanded more from the
agent. Amy felt like her soul was being sucked down into that lovely

"I'm, I'm, I'm cumming!" Amy groaned. Her hands locked down
around Kia's head and her hips surged forward, her ass lifting from her
now wet seat. Amy rode the climax as Kia sucked strongly on Amy's
swollen clit.

"Oh,' Amy moaned incoherently as Kia stood before her. The
unreadable asian pulled off her T-shirt to reveal smooth skin and small
pert breasts. Kia reached for Amy's chin and pulled Amy's mouth to one
of Kia's breasts. Amy was unable to resist this young woman who seemed
so much wiser than her. Amy didn't resist at all as a nipple was
placed in her mouth. Still flushed from her orgasm, Amy suckled on the
nipple faithfully as Kia removed her pants to join Amy's bottomless

The nipple in Amy's mouth was so soft, and the feminine smell of
a woman was so much different when Amy's nose was pressed against the
woman's breast. Amy's didn't think at all about her actions. She just
sucked the nipple with her lips and played with the nipple with her

"It's my turn," Kia said, pulling away from Amy. Kia sat down on
the opposite side, completely nude. Her sex was trimmed into a tiny
patch of black hair. The young woman's eyes were almost closed,
waiting for Amy to do her part.

Nervous, and a bit apprehensive, Amy knelt before the woman's
open thighs. A tiny bead of moisture was visible at the opening of
Kia's lips. Amy felt her mouth water, and she felt an urge to return
the bliss she had received. The brunette's long hair brushed against
Kia's thighs as Amy moved her mouth towards Kia's sex.

"Ah," Kia groaned as Amy kissed her sex.

Amy licked the slit and felt the tang of a woman's juices for the
first time. Encouraged, Amy licked deeper, longer and harder. Hands
came down to push gently at her head and Amy discovered the little nub
of Kia's clitoris. She rolled her tongue over the tiny button,
enjoying the way it made Kia's body shudder.

Kia's thighs came together, encasing Amy's head in a lover's
grip. Her heart beating faster, Amy surrendered to her passion and
licked the clit with rapid tongue swipes. Kia's hands pulled her
deeper and the smell of Kia was engulfed Amy. The licking brunette was
smothered in warm thighs and pubic hair.

Amy heard something faintly but it was hard to tell with Kia's
thighs pressing on her ears. She didn't have the presence of mind to
think about it; all she could think about was the wonderful wet
softness her mouth was devouring. Amy licked harder; delving into the
wet folds that welcomed her.

"Ah! Ah! Ah!" Kia cried out. Her orgasm came and Kia's thighs
tightened further around Amy's head. Amy felt the thighs as they
bucked and quivered and Kia's moans echoed in the small compartment.

That was when she felt a boot press her back.


"Well, well," Bethany said as Amy turned around to look at her.
She was sweating and breathing hard, but the sight of Amy kneeling in
front of a nude woman boosted the blonde's mood. She aimed her gun at
Amy and spoke to Kia

"I assume that since you kept quiet while I came in that you were
being kidnapped?" Bethany asked.

Kia looked at the gun and thought quickly. "I was kidnapped."

"Good, I'm here to rescue you," Bethany said. "It's obvious to
me that Amy here would have just molested you all night. Really, Amy,
I had no idea you were a clit sucking lesbo."

Amy, still kneeling and very conscious of the moisture on her
face, couldn't keep quiet any longer.

"How the fuck did you get past my guards?" Amy demanded. "I
picked homosexuals so you wouldn't be able to flash your fat tits at

Bethany smiled. "True, but you forgot one detail: I'm good.
They were immune to seduction and distraction, but it only took
seventeen bullets to dispose of twelve guards. That leaves me one more
bullet for you."

Now Amy smiled. "That's a Griffin your wielding, it only has
seventeen bullets."

Bethany didn't let her smile slip a bit. "No, that's The Griffin
98 model, this is the 2001 model which carries eighteen."

"You're bluffing," Amy said as she started to rise. She stopped
when Bethany smiled even wider.

"Use Occum's Razor," Bethany said.

"What?" Amy responded.

"Occum's razor you stupid cunt!" Bethany said with exasperation.
"He was a philosopher. He said when confronted with two possibilities,
think of which is least likely. Is it less likely that I wouldn't know
my own gun's bullet capacity or is it less likely that I would confront
another agent without checking my ammo first?"

Amy frowned. All those double negatives were a bitch to unravel.
"Then why don't you shoot me?"

"Ricochet," Bethany replied. "There's no guarantee that the
bullet wouldn't bounce in this cramped compartment and hit me. That
doesn't mean I won't take the chance if I have to. It just means you
better behave."

"Get dressed, Kia," Bethany ordered. "A helicopter will be
picking us up in less than five minutes. As for you Amy, turn around
and put your hands behind you."

Amy did as she was told, and Bethany clicked a pair of handcuffs
around her wrists.

"Oh, when you get out of those, be sure to wipe your face.
You've got something smeared all over it," Bethany laughed as she

Amy struggled with the cuffs, and she heard the helicopter
approach above the train. With her advance training, it only took her
a minute to escape. She jumped up for her gun, and nearly fell over
because her earlier orgasm still left her weak in the knees. The
brunette got her gun and rushed out the door, not even bothering to put
on a miniskirt.

Outside the door, was Bethany's gun. Curious, Amy picked it up.
The ammo clip was empty.

The train was filled with her scream.


"I don't understand one thing," Kia asked Bethany once they were
safe in the helicopter. "Why did you replace the clip in your gun and
leave it on the floor?"

"I replaced my gun with an empty clip," the smug blonde replied.

"Why would you do that?" Kia asked.

Bethany smiled. "Because it would piss Amy off."

Want more adventures of Amy and Bethany? Send me an e-mail at


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