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This is a sexual story; so don't read if you are easily offended. I,
Shon Richards, write this story and it is copyrighted by me. Please do
not post this story without my permission. E-mail is always adored, so
don't be shy. In fact, if future episodes are to be created, they will
need healthy funding. Since money is not yet transferable over e-mail,
compliments will be happily accepted.

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Thigh vs. Thigh,
Bicameral White Female
By Shon Richards

Bethany Taylor patiently ate her ice cream. It was good ice
cream. It should have been considering how expensive everything in
this restaurant was. Only the rich and powerful ate here, and in
Washington D.C., that meant politicians. One of those politicians was
who Bethany was after today.

Jacob Herne was a very powerful, very married, very important
senator on a committee that was about to reward a government contract
to Bethany's employers, Diligent Enterprises or their rivals, Paragon
Industries. Bethany's bosses owned two members of the committee, while
Paragon owned two others. John was the swing vote, which is why
Bethany was here today.

Bethany saw that the senator was looking at her covertly. As
well he should. Bethany was wearing her a very low cut red halter-top
that barely held her lovely tanned breasts. Her blond hair was pulled
up in an elegant coif, giving her an air of sophistication that
contrasted with her lack of a bra.

This was the hard part, Bethany mused. Senators were used to
women throwing themselves at them. The trick was to get a senator to
come to her. She had one shot, and if it failed, she would have to
resort to rope and pliers to get his vote.

Bethany carelessly let the ice cream slip from her spoon and onto
the top of her cleavage. The blonde shivered as the vanilla cream hit
her breast and the goose pimples that rose on her body were completely
legitimate. The embarrassed looking around she did was not. After
making a show of seeing if anyone was watching, Bethany played her
trump card.

She cupped her halter-top and lifted her breast to her mouth.
Bending her head down, Bethany quickly licked the ice cream straight
from the skin of her breast. At the corner of her eye, she saw the
senator drop his fork. When she released her breast, she saw the
senator wave a waiter over and point in her direction.

Seducing powerful men in a crowded restaurant wasn't easy but
that was why they paid industrial spies like Bethany the big money.
Bethany had already decided on a spa vacation that she was going to
indulge herself with after collecting the bounty on this mission.

As the waiter approached her with a drink and a message, Bethany
allowed herself a musing thought.

"I wonder where that bitch, Amy Valentine is?"

Amy Valentine arrived at the restaurant late. Her white
miniskirt was riding up her magnificent ass and she was in a foul mood.
She was nearly mugged twice on her way here and all the bone breaking
she inflicted slowed her down.

She checked her make-up while in the lobby. Her hair was
perfect, dark brown tresses falling around her face in a not-quite
messy style. Her bright eyes were peeking out from under round gold
trimmed glasses that she didn't need. Her breasts were visible behind
a white blouse that needed a bra to be decent. Amy smiled. Her tits
may not be big, but who cares when you can see the tips of her nipples?

When the agent was escorted into the dining area, she scanned the
room for her target. She was looking for Jacob Herne, a very powerful,
very important senator on a committee that was about to reward a
government contract to Amy's employers, Paragon Industries or their
rivals, Diligent Enterprises. Amy's bosses owned two members of the
committee, while Diligent owned two others. John was the swing vote,
which is why Amy was here today.

As she sat down, she spotted John Herne. Her blood chilled at
the sight of the busty blonde laughing on his arm. It was that slut,
Bethany Taylor! That silicone-stuffed cow was practically falling out
of a red halter-top. Did the woman have any shame?

Amy watched the two flirt, angry as Hell that Bethany had beat
her to him. Shortly, the two left together, surrounded by bodyguards.
Amy's mind raced, trying to think of how to turn this around. She paid
her check before the food arrived and followed after the couple. She
was surprised when instead of going to a car, the flirting couple
walked to a hotel next door.

It took Amy only two minutes to convince the hotel clerk to tell
her which room the senator took his new girlfriend. Hotel clerks love
it when they get to pull money from between a woman's thighs to collect
their bribe. With her new information, Amy walked back outside.

"Standard blackmail procedures at Diligent Enterprises use a
photographer from a distant vantage point," Amy thought. It was handy
to study the classes your opposition taught.

Amy activated a stud on her glasses, and computer enhanced lenses
went to work. She looked up at the hotel the senator was in, and her
sight zoomed in to locate the window that led into his room. She then
looked at the office building across from the hotel, and found what she
was looking for. Right there, on the sixth floor, a man was setting up
a camera on a tripod.

"Excellent," Amy smiled. She tapped the stud on her glasses and
headed for the office building.

Usurping someone else's blackmail/seduction scheme was never
easy, but then that's why they paid industrial spies like Amy the large
salaries. Amy had her accountant ready to buy a new stable when she
received the paycheck for this mission.

Bethany looked at the hotel room and forced a fake smile. Her
face was beginning to hurt.

"What an expensive room!" she lied. She wouldn't deign to live
in a dump like this. Only three stars?

"Only the best for America's Chosen." John Herne bragged.

"Thank God he's handsome," Bethany thought to herself. "Or else
I would have to hurt this arrogant shit."

John was handsome for a man his age. Just over fifty and with
all of his hair, John Herne was almost a stud by politician standards.
He wasn't fat, his smile had all of his original teeth and he was a
solid six feet of man.

"Shall I order something?" John asked.

"Yes, I get it, you're wealthy," Bethany said to herself. What
she said out loud was, "why order anything? Is there something here
that doesn't satisfy you?" She set her purse down on the table and
sucked in her breath to expand her chest.

John's grin said it all.

"Sit here," Bethany said, guiding him to the bed.

"Right in front of the window?" John asked, his smugness gone for
a second.

"Yes, right where the world can see a beautiful woman sucking off
a powerful man," Bethany said, kneeling before him.

His smugness returned. "Yes, and it's not like anyone can see
us. Let's do it."

Amy found the room she needed. This section of the building was
closed off for some sort of electrical inspection yet Amy noticed there
weren't any inspectors in sight. Obviously Bethany thought of
everything except for a certain brunette agent who knew her methods.

The door was locked. After unlocking it with a clever lock pick
Amy kept in her watch, she dealt with the man inside. The room was
someone's office and the man had made himself comfortable behind the
desk. The young man jumped to his feet when Amy entered but after
having his legs swept out by Amy and a gun pressed to his chest, he

"So predictable," Amy sighed as she tied the man to the chair
behind the desk. After gagging him, she walked over to the tripod that
held the camera. It was a nice model. Amy whistled as she looked
through the camera and saw Bethany kneeling before John Herne.

"Very predictable," Amy smiled.

The bound man said nothing. He was just glad he had Amy's ass to
look at while he sat behind her.

"There's something about men in power," Bethany said as she
unzipped John's pants. "It just makes me want to be close to them."
She pulled his pants and underwear down around his ankles.

"I am quite powerful," John added.

"Hush," Bethany said gently while restraining the urge to say
something less polite. She knew what would shut him up. The blonde
pulled her halter top off over her head. Her breasts hung heavy on her
chest, tanned, round and firm.

It shut him up.

Nestled in gray pubic hair, John's cock was throbbing visibly.
Bethany took his member in hand and pointed it towards her lips. John
moaned as her lips came closer but then he sighed as her cool tongue
licked him. Long swipes of her tongue covered his cock, leaving a
messy trail of saliva. Never did his cock actually enter her mouth,
but John didn't complain.


"Damn," Amy said as she looked in the camera. The bound man was
thinking the same thing. Amy had to bend over to look through the
camera and when she did, her miniskirt would rise up and he could see
her naked pussy underneath.

"Damn," Amy repeated. She felt the familiar twinges inside her.
Ever since that one special summer when she was 17, Amy had found
voyeur situations to be incredibly erotic. Her summer camp cabin was
located right by the popular make-out spot and Amy spent too many
nights spying out her windows to watch the counselors having sex. It
left an impression on the woman that followed her into adult hood.
Just the act of seeing people having sex enflamed her own sex drive to
no end. Even apparently when it was her archenemy having the sex!

Amy looked at the bound man. His eyebrows rose hopefully.

"No," she said aloud. "Having sex with you while you're under
duress would just be wrong."

The man nearly screamed in protest. The only duress he felt was
his tight pants. Sadly for him, his gag prevented him from saying so.

Oblivious to the man's desire to participate, Amy reached between
her legs. She wanted to stand and just watch with her special glasses,
but she had to make sure the camera caught all of the action. Since
she was still bent over, her miniskirt was rising high enough for the
man to see her fingers stroke her sex. Her fingers plunged right in,
sinking to her knuckles.

"Make it last, Bethany," Amy moaned. Her thumb went to her clit
and rubbed her swollen nub as her fingers fucked herself. The act of
spying was so erotic to Amy; she had the hardest time standing. Her
knees wanted to buckle and she had a tendency to lower and raise her
ass as she stroked.


"Are we nice and slick?" Bethany asked. His cock was covered in
her saliva, shiny and slippery in her hand.

"Yes," Senator Herne groaned.

"Good," Bethany responded. She knelt closer and placed her tits
around his cock. Bethany rested her tits on his thighs while still
gripping his cock close to her chest. Looking up at him with her big
blue eyes, Bethany stroked his cock.

Senator Herne moaned and Bethany smiled.

"I've always wanted a senator's cum on my tits," Bethany said.
"To feel that hot splash of cream would just make me cum in my skirt.
Can you do this fantasy for me?"

"Yes!" Senator Herne growled. Bethany released his cock and
pressed her soft tits against him. The senator began to hump the
valley between her breasts; the bed creaking to his lewd rhythm.
Bethany kept pressing her tits from the sides, keeping his hard cock
smothered in mammaries. His cock was slick enough to keep sliding, and
when his tip poked out from between her breasts, Bethany would flick
her tongue at the red cock.


"Fuck," Amy moaned. Two fingers buried in her pussy weren't
enough. Her other hand reached behind her and sought her ass. Pulling
aside one cheek, she placed a wet finger at her ass. Pushing on her
asshole, Amy masturbated faster while the bound man watched helplessly.

She stared through the camera and watched the blonde and the
senator. He was going to cum soon, the spying brunette just knew it.
When he did, Amy would watch it all and that only made her moan louder.


Bethany felt some friction between her tits. She released her
grip on her breasts, and dropped her mouth over the senator's cock.
Straight down her mouth slid, engulfing his hard manhood down to his
hilt. Slower, she came back up. Her tongue licked his cock, soaking
him with fresh spit as her lips vibrated slightly. When she reached
the tip of his cock, his manhood was slick again.

"That should last you," Bethany said. The senator merely moaned.
She wrapped her tits around him and began to bounce. Her breasts were
so soft and his cock was so slippery. There was a wet, skin on skin
sound as her tits fucked him. Bethany titled her head down and opened
her mouth. Her tongue flicked out, inviting him to cover her with his

He complied.

Bethany almost flinched when the white load popped up, but her
spy training forbade her from showing weakness. Her tongue caught the
first of his cum and she quickly swallowed the cream into her mouth.
She gripped his cock and continued to masturbate the groaning senator.
For a senior citizen, he had a lot to discharge and Bethany faithfully
allowed him to cover her massive breasts with all he had.

Her breasts covered and sticky, Bethany licked her lips.


"Fuck!" Amy moaned as the senator had his climax. Her own pussy
clenched around her fingers as her orgasm hit her. Amy's knees shook,
making her ass quiver as her climax rocked her body.

Amy laughed, standing back up and licking her fingers. It didn't
get any better than this! She had photos of a married senator getting
a titjob, she had great voyeur sex, and the best part of all; she
fucked over that bitch, Bethany!

"Bye-bye" Amy said to the bound man as she turned to leave,
taking the camera with her.

The phone on the desk rang.

Amy paused. She tapped the zoom stud on her glasses, and saw
that Bethany was making a phone call from the senator's room. The
topless blonde still had cum on her chest. The senator was nowhere in
sight, most likely using the bathroom to clean up. Amy couldn't let
this opportunity to brag go by.

"Yes?" Amy said as she picked up the phone.

"Who is this?" Bethany hissed on the other end.

"It's me, Amy," Amy bragged. "That was quite a performance you
did. Don't worry; I have it all on this camera. I'll send you a copy
after my company blackmails Mr. Herne."

To Amy's confusion, Bethany laughed.

"Let me guess," Bethany said. "You figured out where my camera
was because of the blackmail training program at my company, right?"

"Yes," Amy confirmed. "I don't know why you're laughing. You
just got a chest full of sperm for nothing."

"I'm laughing because I thought teaching a class on blackmail was
stupid," Bethany laughed. "You'll find that when you develop the film,
that all of the film was exposed to sunlight before being entered into
the camera."

"Why the fuck would you do that?" Amy asked, a chill settling on
her shoulders.

Bethany lifted her purse from the table, and pulled the hidden
camera out.

"I rather have you watching with a useless camera than stopping
me from using the real one."

Amy dropped the camera in her hands and growled.

"Excuse me, Amy, I have a few conditions I need to explain to
Diligent Enterprises' newly blackmailed senator. Good-bye."

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