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This is a sexual story written and copyrighted by me, Shon
Richards. Please don't post, repost or place on your website without
asking me first. Send comments to

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Amy Valentine was in a very bad mood. Stripped naked and chained
to a wall, the industrial agent had had just about enough. Oh, the
food was good, the chains were long enough to go to the toilet provided
and the bed they gave her was comfortable, but no one had tried to
molest her. What was up with that? If one of these assholes had tried
to do something sexual with her, Amy was sure she could play it to her
advantage and escape. Instead, these jerks just kept her prisoner and
have ignored her all week.

Amy examined herself. Her long brown hair that was a tangled
mess but still sexy. Her legs were naked, fit and as alluring as ever.
She frowned at her small breasts, but they were still firm and perky.
What asshole wouldn't want a breast he could devour with two gulps?

This mission had been a fuck-up from the start. Amy's employers,
Paragon Industries, had discovered that a certain eccentric millionaire
scientist, Dr. Avery Coot, had discovered the secrets of human cloning.
This was no big deal, Paragon Industries had perfect cloning ten years
ago. They were just waiting for the social climate to allow cloning
before revealing their technology. Their problem with Dr. Coot was
simple; if he cloning as well, then Paragon Industries no longer had a

That was Amy Valentine was sent to Dr. Coot's lab, to ascertain
that there were clones before wiping the lab off the map. Dr. Coot was
rich enough to have his lab on board on ex-tanker that he bought and
refitted. Having your lab on board a ship made it easy to travel into
international waters and conduct whatever experiments you wanted. Amy
had come on board in the middle of the night and had been caught do to
a clever trap involving lasers, robot arms and a cunning use of a black
light. Dr. Coot had her placed in this cell and hadn't bothered with
her since except for one encounter. He took a sample of her hair.

Amy growled. Hair samples were perfect for making clones. She
didn't even like to think about what was being done with her DNA. Now
that she had finally sharpened one of the bedsprings into a workable
lock pick, she was about to exact a little revenge. The manacles came
off and Amy flexed. Dinner was about to be served and when the guard
came with her food, payback was going to be a bitch.

It wasn't going to be easy to escape from a mad scientists'
floating laboratory somewhere out in the Pacific Ocean butt-naked and
charged with sinking the whole damn thing but then, that's why they
paid Industrial agents like Amy the big bucks. She comforted herself
with thoughts of Penthouse suite she was going to buy with this
mission's paycheck.


Bethany Taylor dropped from her hang glider and landed softly on
the deck of the ship. She pulled her gun and scanned the area. No one
had seen her. If they had, they wouldn't be alive right now.

The tall blonde was wearing her covert outfit tonight, which
consisted of black leather from neck to toe. Her long blonde hair was
pinned down under a single black hairclip for that pretty but sensibly
deadly look she liked. Tonight she had her amazing cleavage covered
but the skintight leather told anyone that she was all woman. She
cocked her submachine gun and went looking for a mad scientist.

Bethany's employers, Diligent Enterprises, was behind in the
cloning business. They had caught wind of Dr. Coot's experiments on
the sea and tried to negotiate with him. His price was too high, even
by corporation standards. That is why they sent Bethany, to coerce,
threaten or out right steal the secret of cloning.

Spotlights, sentries and security cameras were in abundance but
that didn't slow Bethany down. It also didn't bother her that she had
no idea where she was going. There was a simple yet effective rule for
invading a secure complex: always take the path of most resistance. If
one corridor is unguarded, and the other corridor has two guards and a
automated laser, then go for the guards and the laser. The better
something is guarded, the more important it is.

Using this logic, Bethany delved deep into the ship. The
talented industrial agent made short work of the guards that filled the
halls and she had problem avoiding dozens of cameras and traps. Deeper
and deeper she went, never slowing down as she sought her prey.
Looking for a lab on a floating fortress wasn't easy, but that was why
they paid industrial agents like Bethany the big money. The athletic
blonde had her heart set on a group of new motorcycles she was planning
to buy after this mission.

After defusing a tricky trap, Bethany opened a sealed door at the
deepest depths of the ship. The lights were off and Bethany moved
silently to explore. There wasn't a light switch nearby, so she had to
walk with one hand on a wall until she found it ten feet away from the
door. As soon as she hit the switch, the door closed automatically.

"Fuck!" Bethany cursed. She ran to the door and she couldn't
even find the seam. There was no doorknob and even her skills couldn't
see a way out.

"Look, sisters, it's a woman!" Bethany heard behind her. She
recognized that voice. It was that bitch, Amy Valentine!

"Freeze!" Bethany screamed, spinning around with her weapon. She
nearly dropped her gun as she looked on the bizarre sight before her.

It was definitely Amy she was looking at. The same flat chest
was evident but those long legs Bethany had long been envious of offset
it. The hair was a rich brown color that fell around the face looked
sexy despite having just got up. The heart shaped face was the same,
highlighted by those deep brown eyes.

It was Amy all right, but there were three of them.

"You're right sister, it is a woman!" the Amy on the right said.
"I'm so glad it's not the Master!"

"I know, I've wanted to see what other women look like in the
flesh," the Amy in the middle said.

"Hello, what's your name?" the Amy on the left said.

"This is fucked up," Bethany answered. All three Amys were nude
and lounging on pillows on the floor. Curtains hung everywhere, making
the place look like a Harem. There was a bathroom, a small kitchen and
lots and lots of sex toys.

"This is really fucked up," Bethany said. "I take it you three
are clones?"

"Of course we are," one of the Amys said. "My name is Amy-beta,
this is my sister, Amy-gamma, and this is my other sister, Amy-delta."

Bethany looked at them. They were her mortal enemy, times three.

"If you are clones, then how come you can talk?" Bethany asked.
"I thought clones were just people artificially created."

Amy-gamma laughed. "What's the point in that? Dr. Coot
perfected a way to make full grown clones that are duplicates. He even
created a fast learning system. It only took twelve hours for us to
learn English, cooking and the Kama Sutra. He didn't want to be a
parent, he just wanted to make obedient adults. He says it's easier
than hiring help."

"And how much of the real Amy are you like?" Bethany forced
herself to ask. Her finger was itchy.

"There's a real Amy?" Amy-delta asked, the picture of innocence."

Bethany relaxed.

Amy looked down at the guard she just took out. The door to her
cell was open, mashed potatoes were splattered over the wall and the
brunette finally had a gun in her hands. She had stripped the guard
and tried on his pants, but they were too large and not even the belt
could keep them up. The shirt was too baggy and made her feel even
less busty. The poor agent was just going to have to go nude because
not even her practical nature would allow her to wear stolen underwear.

"Time for a little payback," Amy said as she smiled. She checked
the clip on the guard's gun and ran down the corridor.

She saw her first guard within seconds. Amy, high on freedom and
feeling good with a gun in her hand was a bit more playful than normal.

"Ready for some action now, danger boy?" Amy said she ran up to
the guard's back. He turned around just in time to catch a bullet in
the head. Amy still had some hope of getting some clothes.

As she stripped the guard, Amy looked at the guard's face. He
looked very familiar. In fact, he looked exactly like the guard who
brought her dinner. His clothes fit about the same too.

"Great," Amy muttered. She let the baggy pants drown around her
bare legs. "It's a damn clone army."


"Sit down and relax," Amy-beta told Bethany. "The door can only
be opened from the inside with a remote-control that Dr. Coot brings
with him when he visits us. He didn't want his other creations to have
access to us."

Bethany kicked the door in frustration. "That pervert considers
you to be the most important thing on this ship. I wouldn't even be
here if it wasn't for all the protection he threw in my way."

Bethany felt firm hands on her shoulders. "Oh my," she heard
Amy-gamma say behind her. "Sisters, you should feel how tense her back

The leather-clad blonde felt other hands rush to her back and she
had to admit it felt good.

"This is terrible," Amy-beta said. "You'll get a knot if you
stay this stressed. "Come, lie down and let us massage it out."

Bethany sighed at the thought of a triple back massage but she
shook her head. "I can't lose my edge. I need to figure a way out of
here. Besides, it's not right that you three are slaves here. I
wouldn't feel right taking advantage of you."

The Amys laughed. "You can't lose your edge, you are an edge.
This is different. We want to massage you," Amy-delta said. "You're
the first person we'll massage without being told to. If it makes you
feel better, you can tell us about the outside world while we do it."

Bethany softened at their innocence. "Fine," she said, unzipping
her jacket. She took off her T-shirt underneath and heard the three
Amys gasp at her magnificent breasts.

"They make them that big?" Amy-delta asked.

"On me that do," Bethany answered, thinking about Amy's sad B-

"Wow," Amy-gamma said reaching out towards Bethany's chest before
stopping herself.

"Go ahead," Bethany said. She sat down on some pillows on the
floor. "You have to be curious."

"We are," Amy-beta said. She reached out and pushed. The tip of
her finger sunk into a soft mammary. "Oh, it's so soft, and we're so
firm. Sisters, see for yourself."

Amy-gamma reached out and touched the other breast while Amy-
delta placed her hand under a breast and lifted the luscious weight

"So heavy," Amy-delta said. "Feel!"

Bethany suppressed a moan as all three began feeling, touching
and massaging her breast. They reminded her of horny teenagers but
these three were much more attractive. She kept her cool until Amy-
gamma began tweaking Bethany's large pink nipple, watching the color
flush over her tit.

"Okay girls," Bethany said gently. She turned around onto her
stomach and rested face down on a pillow. "You girls said you were
going to give me a massage."

The sisters laughed and soon, Bethany was moaning when the three
sets of fingers worked their magic on her back.

Amy discovered something about fighting clones. They all shared
the same weaknesses. The sweaty and lithe brunette was quick to take
advantage of it.

The clone guards were on catwalks over looking the path Amy had
to take through the storage hold. She had two guns, and she had rigged
a makeshift ammo belt around her waist. Amy counted to three, and then
ran across the killing zone.

The clones all fired on her, assuming identical stances. Amy
lifted her arms up and fired up at a seventy-degree angle. She didn't
even need to aim. Like a scythe through wheat, her bullets ripped
through the clones that fell in sync with each other. It was like
knocking over dominoes.

"That was cool," Amy admitted to herself as she ducked into a new
corridor. "I wish I had a soundtrack about now."


Hands on her shoulders, hands on her spine and hands on her lower
back were making Bethany whimper with pleasure. The fact that she was
locked in this room was completely forgotten. The fact that clones of
her enemy were touching her was not a concern. All Bethany could do
was moan as the nimble fingers removed her tensions.

She felt one of those hands leave her back and reach under her to
unbutton her pants. Without thinking, she lifted her hips without
thinking, allowing the hands to pull down her pants. When she felt her
cotton panties sliding down too, reality came back to Bethany.

"What are you doing?" Bethany asked. She wasn't exactly

"You're making the same noises Dr. Coot makes when he needs
pleasure," Amy-delta said beside her. Bethany moaned as she felt Amy-
delta's hands massage her scalp. "Relax and let us do our job. We've
been doing this our whole lives."

The other two Amys laughed. Bethany shook her head. "Clone
humor," she muttered.

She forgot about the odd humor as fingers kneaded her buttocks.
This wasn't the hard grope of a pervert or the clinical touch of a
masseuse. This was the good stuff. Delicate fingers sunk into her ass
and pulling, pinching and pushing. When Amy-delta rubbed her palms
into Bethany's ass, Bethany had to lift her head and utter a long,
blissful moan.

"Perhaps you should roll over," Amy-gamma offered, and Bethany


Amy reached the lab. She was sweating and her nude body had
picked up various dirt and grime from the ship. Two clone guards stood
in her way. She wasn't concerned. Amy had perfected the art of
killing this particular clone.

The brunette feinted right, and both clones fired to the right.

"Big surprise there," Amy said as she plugged both of them.

Amy entered the lab. There were glass tanks containing half-
formed bodies. There was a lot of blinking lights coming from
inscrutable control panels. A thing bubbled. Another thing fizzled.
It was a lab all right.

"You!" Dr. Coot said, scrambling behind a desk. "What are you
doing here?"

"I'm here to kill you, stupid," Amy said, she raised her gun.

"Wait!" Dr. Coot screamed. "Maybe we can work a deal. Are you
from the CIA? Or does MacroHard want a refund for botched clone I sent
them? Whose side are you on?"

"I take no sides," Amy answered. It was a lie, but it sounded
cool and she remembered the line from a cartoon.

As she raised the gun, she heard a large grate open and a fishy
smell hit her nose.

"What the fuck?" she asked. She looked at the monstrosities
behind her.

They were red, wielding claws and about ten feet tall.

"My greatest clones yet!" Dr. Coot cackled.

"They're giant lobsters," Amy said. She sighed. This mission
just kept getting more complicated.

Bethany couldn't believe how nice this mission was turning out.
The blonde was now naked, lying back on pillows while three pairs of
hands were giving her a body massage. Amy-beta was sinking her fingers
into Bethany's breasts, teasing the nipples while methodically bringing
her skin to life. Amy-gamma was hitting the pressure points of her
feet, giving her feet the attention that have long needed. Amy-delta
was between her thighs, both hands massaging the top of her legs just
inches away from Bethany's sex.

Bethany felt Amy-delta's fingers creep up and she didn't care on
bit. She kept quiet, wanting Amy-delta to reach her sex and too afraid
to say anything for fear of scaring her off. Her tactic worked. Amy-
delta's fingers touched Bethany's delta of blonde pubic hair and
Bethany moaned as she felt the palm of Amy-delta's hand pressed to the
lips of her sex. Circular motions on her lips with the palm sent
shivers through Bethany's body.

"Do it," Bethany hissed between bitten lips.

The Amys moved silently in concert. Amy-beta stopped massaging
Bethany's breasts and lay down beside her. Guiding one of Bethany's
nipples to her mouth, Amy-beta suckled at the busty blonde's tit. Amy-
gamma released Bethany's feet and lay down beside Bethany's other side.
The brunette clone took Bethany's other nipple in her mouth and Bethany
moaned as both breasts were sucked.

Bethany spread her legs in silent invitation as Amy-delta brought
her head down to Bethany's sex. Bethany looked down between her thighs
and watched Amy-delta's heart shaped face dip down to lick at the pussy
before her. The tender tentative licks arced electricity through
Bethany's body. A lick here, a lick there, and Bethany was writhing
with anticipation.

"Do it!" Bethany hissed again.

The Amys sucking on Bethany's breasts moved their hands. Each of
them reached down to between Bethany's thighs. Both clones held open
one of the blonde's nether lips as Amy-delta's tongue penetrated
deeper. Their thumbs meet at Bethany's clit, pulling it forth and
rolling it silently between the two thumbs. Bethany was shuddering at
their manipulations but it was Amy-delta's tongue that made her cry out

Two mouths on both nipples and one between her legs, Bethany was
in bliss. Both clones were inside her arms so Bethany had no problem
moving her hands down the clones' backs and cupping their firm
buttocks. As much as she hated to admit it, the Amy genes had a great
ass. She toyed with their asses, marveling at how firm and identical
both of their buttocks were in her hands. Each Amy on her side parted
their legs and Bethany slipped her fingers to their sexes. Twin pools
of heat greeted each hand and Bethany's fingers were clenched with
eager desires.

Amy-delta licked faster, flicking her tongue inside Bethany's
sex. Her hair was brushing Bethany's thighs with every lick. Amy-
delta could feel Bethany's thighs tense and she could taste the ever-
increasing arousal. Bethany's clit was being held between twin thumbs
and it was joined by Amy-delta's tongue. Like a cracking whip, Amy-
delta lashed Bethany's swollen clit with her tongue.

Meanwhile, Bethany was bringing the clones on her fingers to
orgasm. The twin girls moaned as Bethany fucked them with ambidextrous
skill. Their moans made Bethany's breasts vibrate as the girls came to
orgasm simultaneously. That was when Bethany's own orgasm hit, and her
cry of pleasure joined the chorus of moans.

Bethany's body went through a series of delightful spasms before
her body was exhausted of all possible pleasure. When that moment
came, she felt Amy-delta finally leave her place between her thighs.
Bethany opened her dilated blue eyes to see Amy-delta rise and stand
over Bethany's head. Amy-delta's long legs were beautiful and perfect.
Even Bethany had to confess that Amy's legs were quite an asset. When
Amy-delta lowered herself down to drop her sex onto Bethany's mouth and
enclose the blonde's head with perfect thighs, Bethany didn't protest
at all.

The giant lobsters were dead. One of them was still smoking from
where Amy had tricked it into a generator and the other lobster now
decorated a twenty-foot area in small little pieces. Dr. coot looked
at the carnage in horror.

Amy pulled a piece of lobster meat out of her hair and flicked a
piece of carapace from her ass. The stench was awful but she was
smiling. Her guns were empty but the brunette's mood was cheerful.

"Well, that saves me the trouble of destroying your lab," Amy
said. "It was nice of those lobsters to wreck everything while trying
to kill me. Now I just have to kill you and I'm done. Hey, where did
you go?"

Dr. Coot answered her with a mocking laugh. Amy looked to see
him standing in a strange looking tube.

"You'll never take me alive!" Dr. Coot mocked. "I've just
activated a sequence that will sink the entire ship! Explosions will
rip this ship apart and while you are trying to save yourself, I'll be

Dr. Coot fell over, the dismembered lobster claw in his chest
stopping his heart instantly.

Amy, whose back was a little sore from throwing the claw, shook
her head. "Damn scientists should run away instead of gloating," she

An explosion disturbed her monologue. It was time for a daring
last minute escape.

"What was that?" Bethany asked. Her lips were numb from licking
three clones to orgasm.

"It must be the self-destruct sequence!" Amy-gamma said. "Come
on sisters, we must escape!"

Bethany tried to rise but her body wasn't cooperating. Being
licked, sucked and fingered had taken it out of her. This was further
complicated when she saw her gun being pointed at her by Amy-beta.

"Sorry Bethany," Amy-beta said as Amy-delta used a hidden panel
to open the allegedly inoperable door.

"What the fuck?" Bethany demanded.

"You seem like a nice enough girl, but we've had this plan all
week," Amy-gamma said as she tied Bethany's hands together. "We were
going to fuck the first person who came through that door who wasn't
the doctor and take any of their weapons so we could escape."

"I'll help you escape!" Bethany nearly screamed.

"You might," Amy-delta said. Her pubic hair shone from where
Bethany had eaten her. "But I don't know, there's just something about
you I don't trust."

"You too?" Amy-gamma asked.

"I felt the same way!" Amy-beta agreed. "wow, I thought it was
just me."

"Come on sisters!" Amy-delta commanded. "We've got a cunning
escape to make!"

The sisters left, and Bethany was thankful that they left the
door open. The blonde agent began work immediately on her bonds. In
time at all, she was free and stomping her way back to the deck.

"Damn fucking genetics!" Bethany cursed. She took out a confused
guard with a savage kick.

"God, I hate all Amys!"

Amy kicked the dead guard out of the helicopter. The engine
looked good, and she was ready for take off. That was when she saw the
oddest thing. Three mirror images of herself was headed right for her.

"Look sisters, it's Amy!" the lead one said. Her gun looked

"Where did you get that gun?" Amy demanded, her own gun ready to
be used.

The Amy in the back answered. "We stole it from a blonde girl
with really fat tits."

Amy smiled. "Need a ride, sisters?"

The end.

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