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This is a sexual story written and copyrighted by me, Shon
Richards. Please don't post, repost or place on your website without
asking me first. This story contains a spanking so if that offends
you, please go read something else. Send comments to

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Bethany Taylor looked at the group of people assembled around
her. Few of them were wearing clothes and those that were wearing
clothes might as well not be. Bethany had never seen so many leather
straps, crotch less panties and naked breasts in her life.

"Deviants, every one of them," Bethany muttered to herself. She
hated coming undercover here, to the British Chapter of the Heaven's
Ice club. It was an organization dedicated to spoiling their rich
members with exotic bondage games. Leather gloves, wooden paddles and
steel collars were everywhere.

The blonde agent was uncomfortable in her disguise as well. It
was a standard outfit for this club and she despised it. Her blonde
hair was wrapped into an elegant beehive that was a strain on her
scalp. Her dress was a blue silk gown with a décolletage that did
nothing to cover her breasts. In fact, it simply lifted her massive
tits and held them on a shelf, completely exposed. The gown covered
her legs completely, cascading out in layers. The out was formal and
decadent at the same time and in normal circumstances, she wouldn't
have minded. It was the fact that most people were ignoring her that
bothered her.

"Perverts," Bethany muttered as three men walked by her without
noticing her big pink nipples.

Bethany's mood sunk even further as a brunette walked over to
her. The sexy woman was wearing a long red dress that clung to her
body like a second skin. A slit traveled from her four-inch stiletto
heel all the way up to her hip. When she walked, her bare perfect legs
kept flashing the viewer. The dress was sleeveless and clung to her
small breasts tightly. Bethany frowned. The brunette's breasts were
small, but the nipples that pressed against the fabric distracted
people from thinking of cup sizes. She also hated the brunette's hair.
It was wet, dark brown and completely comfortable looking.

"Hello Bethany," the brunette said with a smile.

"Go fuck yourself, Amy," Bethany responded. She took a glass
from a passing leather waiter and downed it quickly.


Amy Valentine smiled. The Heaven's Ice Club was a second home to
her, and seeing Bethany uncomfortable just made her night.

"I take it you are here for the Emerald Rod of Might like I am?"
Amy asked.

Bethany looked at her nemesis oddly. "Yes," she admitted.

Amy nodded. "My employers, Paragon Industries, own the company
that insured the Emerald Rod. When it was stolen, they decided to
recover it rather than pay off the huge principle. They heard the
Emerald Rod was here and since I was already a member, they sent me."

Bethany moved out of the way of two crawling nude women on
leashes. "Diligent Enterprises sent me to recover the Emerald Rod as
well. When we heard that the eccentric millionaire, Mr. Yugokumach,
lost it recently, our sources tracked it here."

"What is your company's interest in the Rod?" Amy asked. "I
didn't think a three foot long emerald in the shape of a cock would be
in demand for a major corporation. She pinched the cheeks of a nude man
wearing an iron mask as she waited for Bethany's answer.

Bethany laughed. "We plan to break the Rod into smaller pieces.
If the emerald is of the quality we think it is, we'll be able to use
it for our laser satellites."

Amy nodded. "It's a good idea. Too bad you will be neutralized
in about one minute."

Bethany smiled. "And how will you do that?"

Amy pointed to a man standing next to a bowl containing paper
slips. The man was wearing a red robe that covered him from head to
toe but the staff he wielded marked him as someone important. He
pulled a piece of paper from the bowl and pointed in the girls'

"Every night, the club has a lottery," Amy explained calmly.
"The winner of the lottery is bound, gagged and spanked for the
amusement of the club. You were just selected. I bribed the man who
runs the game for tonight."

Bethany revealed no distress. "Bribed him? What twisted,
perverted thing did you have to do?"

"A hand-job," Amy answered. "When you've had bondage, group sex
and belong to a club like this, the simplest pleasures are the rarest.
He agreed instantly."

Several large thugs worked their way through the crowd towards
Bethany and Amy. The blonde cursed the fact that she had no weapons on
her. She looked at Amy and sneered.

"What's to prevent me from just making a run for it?" the blonde

"Oh," Amy said thoughtfully. "Well, if you run away, then you
won' know what kind of poison I put in the drink you just consumed. If
you don't know the poison, how can you counteract it?"

Bethany froze in mid escape. "Tell me the poison," she hissed,
her hands curling into fists.

"I'll tell you once you're safely tied up," Amy said.

Bethany growled and Amy just laughed. The brunette watched with
glee as the three muscular men pinned Bethany's arms behind her and
lead her to the punishment bench. Amy knew Bethany could incapacitate
all three of them, but she was forced to play the helpless blonde. Amy
followed behind the group, intent on watching every moment.

Bethany was gagged with a lovely white ballgag. Amy reflected
that it was nice of Bethany to wear her hair up like that; it made it
easier to gag her. Bethany was lifted up and her legs pulled apart.
The men set her down on the high bench lengthwise, forcing her to
straddle the bench. Her head was pushed down and her arms pulled out
so that her chest was now pressed down against the bench. The blonde
was instructed to grab a leather loop and to pull. When she did, a
green light flashed over her.

Amy moved next to Bethany and bent down to whisper.

"The Heaven's Ice Club is real big on consent," Amy explained.
"As soon as you let go of this hoop, you'll be let go, but listen
first. They consider this punishment to be a test. If you can hold on
for the full time of the spanking, you'll pass. If you fail, then your
membership is revoked and they will throw you out. You won't be able
you tell them about me either. They'll dump you in the back of a car
and drive you back to town before they'll even consider removing that
gag. Your best bet is to just endure, and hope they finish spanking
you before I steal the rod."

Bethany tried to say something, but the gag muffled her. Amy
took a guess.

"The poison?" Amy asked. "It's a special drug my company
designed to help me become a member. It's called Trans-Bliss and it
works on your nerves and converts any pain you feel to pleasure. It
lasts for about a few hours. It's not deadly at all, but it might
distract you during your punishment."

Amy smiled. She loved that look of hatred in Bethany's eyes.
The brunette pulled a pin out of the blonde's hair and laughed as the
elegant coif fell over Bethany's face.

"Goodnight, Bethany," Amy taunted. "I have an emerald to steal."

Bethany was ready to scream with rage but the ballgag prevented
any such luxury. She didn't know if she believed Amy's story about a
pleasure-inducing drug, but she knew one thing for certain: She was
holing on to this rope. Bethany was determined to outlast this silly
spanking ritual and reveal to the entire club that Amy was a thief.

The hem of her dress was lifted and the crowd applauded at the
sight of Bethany's ass. Scissors cut away her black panties and
Bethany flinched as several hands pinched her exposed cheeks. She
tried to turn her head to see who was spanking her, but her dress was
being held up like a curtain. All Bethany could do was listen to her
body to tell her what was happening.

The waiting got to her. They didn't seem to be doing anything.
Bethany's face flushed as she heard the comments the crowd made about
her ass. She felt exposed and for an agent like her, that was a
feeling she was trained to avoid. Her thighs gripped the bench tighter
as she waited for the inevitable.

It finally came. A hard paddle came crashing down on her ass,
shocking her out of her tension. Her thighs clenched around the wooden
bench as pain raced spread through her ass. The crowd cheered at the
first blow and at how energetic Bethany's ass jumped.

"The bitch was lying!" Bethany moaned through her gag. "Pleasure
inducing drugs my sore ass!"


Amy Valentine let the unconscious guard hit the ground gently.
He was a member of the same club after all. She hated using that nerve
pinch on him, but in the end, he probably enjoyed it.

She picked the lock leading to the treasured phallus and stepped
quietly inside. Sitting in the middle of the room on top of a
pedestal, was the Emerald Rod. Amy whistled softly at the magnificent
sight. The other treasures of the room were forgotten as she looked on
her target.

The sinister Mr. Yugokumach found the Emerald Rod recently
through unknown means. No one knew where it came from, though legend
has it that the decadent priests of biblical Sodom used it in their
rituals. Wherever it came from, it was beautiful. It stood three feet
tall, and was carved from a single emerald. Shaped like a man's cock,
the mere sight of it made Amy weak in the knees. It would be
impossible to mount, but Amy wasn't sure if she would try anyway.

Amy slipped a pair of shades from her belt and looked at the
room. It was as she expected. Laser lights crossed over the room,
weaving a web that would sound alarms if crossed. Amy tried to locate
the source of the beams, but she quickly deducted that it wouldn't be
an easy fix this time. She was just going to have to go in there and
get it.

The beams were too tight to simply crawl in there. At least, not
with Amy's dress. The leggy agent peeled her dress off, stepping out
of its confining limits. The stiletto heels had to go too. She wasn't
wearing a bra so that was one less constriction to worry about. The
red thong she was wearing had to come off too. It was great for the
high slit on the dress, but she didn't need it riding her ass while she

Amy approached the beams, completely nude. She pinned her hair
back with the pin she stole from Bethany. She allowed herself a
moment's thought about the blonde.

"I wonder if the drug kicked in yet?" she wondered.


"Fuck!" Bethany tried to yell through her gag. Her ass was on
fire. She didn't know who was spanking her but she suspected it was
several people. Some times the blows to her buttocks would be so hard;
her ass would burn with heat. Other times, the blows were mere taps
that only humiliated her with their casual touches. Bethany's face
blushed as she considered that maybe everybody was getting a turn on
her poor ass.

Bethany's fingers were sweaty as they held onto the leather hoop.
Her nipples were sore from rubbing against the hard wood and her hair
was constantly in her face. It didn't matter. Bethany had to hold on
in order to stay inside the club.

It wasn't easy getting your ass spanked in a scene of public
humiliation, but that was why they paid industrial spies like Bethany
the large paychecks. She clenched her eyes shut and tried to imagine
the cellar of wine she was going to buy with this paycheck.

The spanking stopped for a moment, most likely to pass the paddle
onto someone else. As Bethany waited for the paddling to resume, she
noticed a strange warmth spreading through her. The pain of her cheeks
was fading and being replaced with a pleasant tingling. The blonde
moaned as the warmth washed over her body, setting her skin on fire
with a sensual flame.

WHACK! The paddle came down on Bethany's ass, and it felt like
the thrust of a cock to her sex. Bethany bit down on the ballgag as
her clitoris throbbed. The unknown person continued to spank her but
all Bethany felt was repeated blasts of pleasure. Every hit of the
paddle set her body aflame with another burst of bliss.

"We have got to get some of that Trans-Bliss!" Bethany thought to
herself as the paddling brought her more joys than she thought

Amy was on her belly, crawling under red beams that threatened
her mission. Her special sunglasses allowed her to see the beams but
it required incredible control over her body to move past them. Flat
against the floor, the nude agent allowed herself a smile.

"There's no way that Bethany could have crawled through here with
her floatation devices," Amy laughed.

Muscular legs propelled her body along the floor, her ass
clenching as her thighs spread wide to move her. A safe spot allowed
her to raise herself up on two arms, her back arching back as she
avoided the beam that hovered in front of her face. She looked at the
beams around her, and then dropped back to the floor. There was a spot
that would allow her to stand, but it was another five feet away.

Like a snake her body crawled across the floor. Her muscles
rippled under tanned skin as she swept arms and legs under the lasers.
Only a single trickle of sweat down her back betrayed the effort

When she reached the standing spot, she rolled over onto her
back. Amy sat up in the free space, her sunglasses revealing the
myriad of beams around her. Planting her hands on the ground, she
lifted her ass off the floor and slowly pulled her legs in under her.
She trembled slightly and her chest raised and fell rapidly as her arms
ached. Still she did not rush and it took her a full two minutes to
pull her legs into the safe zone.

Amy stood up. The agent was so close now; she didn't mind the
dirt and dust that was clinging to her nude body. Most of the beams
were aimed directly at the floor now, so she would have to step her way
over. Balanced on one leg, Amy brought her other leg up till it was
even with her hip. She pushed the raised leg out and over the laser
beam that was slightly above crotch height. Amy had to bend over to
avoid another beam and in this compromising position, she lowered her
leg till she was on the tips of her toes.

Now she was straddling a laser beam, bent over and delicately
balanced on her toes. Amy took a deep breath. Her thighs ached, but
she was too professional to notice. There was only one problem Amy
concerned herself with, and that was the delicate drop of sweat that
was on her left nipple, ready to fall and pass through the laser.

Amy looked in horror at her tanned breast. A single drop of
sweat had collected on the tip of her nipple, and she was forced to
stay bent over, meaning the drop would fall straight down. The agent
bit her lips and tried to think of something. All she could really do
was try to hurry and cross the beam before her sweat betrayed her.

On raised toes, Amy shifted her weight. Standing now completely
on the tip of one foot, she raised her other leg and folded it till her
ankle was touched her ass. Amy watched the drop of sweat the entire
time she moved, praying that the sweat would cling to her brown nipple.

She spun slightly, and brought her leg down on the other side.
Taking one tiny step back, Amy moved out from under the laser beam. As
she moved, her small breast jiggled, and the drop fell.

Amy bit her lip and watched as the sweat missed the laser and
splashed on the floor.

"Damn," Amy breathed. "And I thought Bethany would be having the
hard time."


Bethany was in heaven. She didn't even feel the paddle anymore.
All she felt were sharp increases of pleasure when the paddle touched
her. Thousands and thousands of shocks were striking her sex and
Bethany was in the throes of orgasm.

Her nipples were as hard as diamonds, pressing against the harsh
wood of the bench. That felt great to her to. She rubbed herself
against the table as she was spanked, humping the bench wantonly,
seeking more sensations to get off on. Even her hair was turning her
on. The pile of blonde locks that covered her face felt like lovers
caresses and she wished she didn't have the ballgag to stop her from
exclaiming her bliss.

The paddling continued and Bethany almost released the leather
hoop in a swoon. Her pussy was clenching against empty air as she
climaxed. She could feel the puddle forming on the bench from her
desire but she didn't care. Bethany felt the paddle increase in force
and it gave her a multiple orgasm that made her cry with sheer

Behind Bethany, several members of the Heaven's Ice club looked
at the blonde that was humping their punishment bench. She soaked the
wood with her sex and her thighs were warping the wood with intense
squeezing. The sounds of her moaning under her ballgag were impossible
to ignore.

A man wearing a rubber duck mask and a chain dangling from his
pierced balls shook his head.

"Have some fucking respect for your self," he muttered as he
paddled her ass.

Amy finally reached the Emerald Rod of Lordly Might. She had
to climb directly onto the pedestal, balancing herself with the massive
emerald on the marble pillar. She almost lifted it heavy phallus, but
she noticed something odd about the pillar she was on. The top was a
weight trigger and if she removed the phallus, the trigger would

"Fuck!" Amy growled. There was no other choice. She tapped a
button on her sunglasses. It was a distress signal to a company
helicopter. The helicopter would come get her, but the fuel and ammo
costs would be deducted from her paycheck.

It wasn't easy being a spy for a major corporation and having to
retrieve three foot long ruby cocks from a club of sexual explorers,
but then, that's why they paid agents like Amy the big money. As she
squatted beside the emerald Rod, Amy thought about the diamond tiara
she was going to buy with the money from this job.


Bethany was in a warm sea of bliss. A touch on her shoulders was
giving her after shocks from the dozens of orgasms she experienced.
Only when the ballgag was removed did she realize the paddling was

"I said it's over!" a voice repeated. "You can get up now."

Bethany opened her eyes and sat up. When her pink ass touched
the bench, she nearly fell over from the orgasm she had. Hands gripped
her shoulders and she looked at the men holding her with a dreamy look
in her blue eyes.

"What a slut," one of them muttered.

She ignored it. Through her orgasm-induced haze, a single
thought came to the surface. Bethany remembered her mission.

"Wait, I need to tell you something," Bethany gasped. She was
distracted by the wonderful way her sore ass felt on the warm wood.
"The emerald Rod of Lordly Might is being stolen. We need to stop Amy
Valentine before she escapes!"

Amy waited. The helicopter would be here shortly, but there was
nothing to do. She squatted. She waited. She looked at the laser
beams with her glasses.

The Emerald Rod was sitting right there in front of her. She
looked at it, amazed at its craftsmanship. It was the kind of thing
she expected to see in a temple, surrounded by angry priests feeling
inadequate. The crown of the phallus was so realistic that Amy was
having dirty thoughts.

"I do have time to kill," Amy said to herself. It was better
than admitting how aroused she was. The Heaven's Ice Club has been a
favorite vacation spot for years. Coming here today purely for the
mission was unfair to her libido. She saw so many attractive people
today and she hadn't allowed herself a single stroke.

Once Amy had justified the act in her mind, she went to work.
She stood on the pedestal and placed both feet on either side of the
phallus. She bent over to grab the Rod with both hands to steady
herself as she lowered her sex down. Squatting onto the phallus, she
rested her pussy on the round tip.

"Oh!" Amy gasped, feeling the cold emerald cock press against her
sex. The Emerald Rod was smooth to the touch and Amy enjoyed rubbing
her pussy over the massive phallus. It was impossible to attempt to
get it inside her, but Amy spread her pussy with her fingers and
allowed the Emerald Rod to touch the pink inside.

Amy trembled as she settled onto the oversized cock of the
Emerald Rod. Using her incredible balance, Amy rocked back and forth
across the round tip. The impossible size of the phallus excited her,
making her ache to be filled by it. This was such a dirty thing to do
to such a priceless artifact; her nipples were hard just thinking about
it. After crawling through the lasers, having the opening of her sex
filled was the perfect distraction.

Her hand went to her clitoris, which was emerging, from its hood.
Amy stroked her clit, imagining that the entire Emerald Rod was inside
her. The marble pedestal held her weight as she slowly fucked herself
on top of the Emerald Rod. All of the sensual sights she saw today
raced through her mind as she masturbated, including a few images of
imagining Bethany on the punishment bench.

The Emerald Rod pulsed inside Amy and she couldn't tell if it was
her imagination or not. The dirty nude agent just fucked herself
harder. It felt like the Emerald Rod was shrinking slightly, shifting
to get inside of her but she didn't care. The feeling of rod as it
expanded her was intense; stretching Amy beyond what she thought was

Amy stroked her clit fasted. The Emerald Rod was now slippery
from her secretions and very warm. Her thighs clenched around the
three foot long phallus, clutching it as her fingers brought her nearer
and nearer to personal nirvana.

"Yes!" Amy screamed. The Emerald Rod vibrated with the force of
her orgasm. Shuddering, the agent never lost her balance. Her thighs
clenched the gem in gratitude as the spasms spread through her body.

That was when the door opened.

"Oh shit," Amy said, still sitting on top of the Emerald Rod."

Bethany stood there as dumb founded as the rest of the Heaven's
Ice club. They had opened the doors to the resting place of the
Emerald Rod of Might only to see that slut, Amy, humping the fuck out
of the priceless gem. Bethany grimaced as she thought about having to
carry the desecrated artifact when she stole it later.

"What are you waiting for? Go get her!" Bethany yelled. The
blonde would have nailed Amy herself, but she was unable to stand up
straight after so many orgasms. She had been carried in by one of the
more muscular deviants who worked here. It was difficult to be a good
agent when you were someone else's arms.

"There is no need," someone said. "This is the only door out.
Besides, the police are coming. Why don't we watch her fuck the
Emerald Rod some more?"

"Because she will escape, dumb-ass!" Bethany yelled.

"What's that noise?" someone said. Bethany detected the faint
buzz of a helicopter.

"Oh shit," Bethany said.

An explosion destroyed the far wall but Bethany was already
rolling out of the arms of the man carrying her. The crowd of club
members screamed and ran for cover. Debris was everywhere and the
alarms were ringing loudly in everyone's ears. Bethany looked up to
see Amy standing proudly on the pedestal with the Emerald Rod of Lordly
Might in her hands.

Bethany watched Amy laugh as she leaped from the pedestal to the
hole in the wall. The brunette grabbed a rope ladder that had been
dropped for her and took one last look at Bethany who was still on the

"Was this what you were looking for?" Amy taunted, holding the
sparkling Emerald Rod up for Bethany to admire as the helicopter lifted
Amy away.

"Cram it up your ass!" Bethany shouted as Amy flew away.

Amy considered it.

The end

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