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This is a sexual story written and copyrighted by me, Shon
Richards. Please don't post, repost or place on your website without
asking me first. This story contains some magic so if that offends
you, please go read something else. Send comments to

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Flora Kraft stood at the Temple entrance as the last rays of
sunshine fell on the giant stone doors. The busty archeologist was a
bit apprehensive, so she checked through her equipment. Her green tank
top/sports bra was secure, her sunglasses were on tight, her brown hair
was secure in a braid and most important of all, her semi-automatic
weapons were loaded and tight in her hip holsters. Archeology was a
dangerous profession, and Flora Kraft was the most dangerous of them

The British woman was ready to enter the Temple when the wind
shifted. She smelled the Greek flowers, the salt of the nearby ocean
and something else. It was that something else that stopped Flora. It
was the smell of a very expensive, very American perfume.

Flora leaped into action. She did a standing backwards flip,
drawing her guns at the same time. The sound of metal sliding against
leather was erotic to Flora, for it meant that danger was near and her
blood would be racing. As soon as she hit the ground, she dropped and
rolled towards the bushes from where the perfume was coming from.


"Holy shit!" Bethany Taylor said, as the archeologist she was
spying on was suddenly now standing in front of her with both guns
drawn. The blonde agent didn't even have enough time to draw her own

"Come out," the armed woman said in a clipped British accent.

Bethany stepped out of the bushes and allowed Flora to look her
over. Bethany was wearing a pair of tight camouflage green pants and
the same green tank top that Flora was wearing. Her massive chest was
outlined by her t-shirt and for a moment, the agent and the
archeologist looked at each other's chest in almost recognition.

"My name is Bethany. You have the same problems finding
concealing clothing for your breast too?" Bethany asked. It was always
good to strike a rapport with your captors.

"Shut up," Flora said in her concise British accent.

"That's rude," Bethany said. She gasped as Flora spun around and
released a hail of bullets at the base of a small tree. The tree fell
over and a woman dropped to the ground harshly.


"What the fuck?" Amy Valentine screamed as she fell out of the
tree. She had sniggered when Flora Kraft had discovered Bethany, but
she wasn't laughing now. The leggy brunette stood up and found a
semiautomatic aimed right at her pretty face. Amy pushed her brown
hair out of her face and realized that maybe a braid would be better
than the stylish Veronica Lake style she was wearing now. She also
noticed Flora frowning when she saw that Amy was wearing the same khaki
shorts that Flora was wearing. Amy figured Flora was frowning because
Amy's long, luscious legs were in much better shape than the

Amy unconsciously sucked in her breath to make her small chest
look bigger. The black shirt she had chosen to wear wasn't helping Amy
either. It completely covered and concealed her breasts, which weren't
that hard to conceal as it was. Amy felt a little inadequate next to
these top-heavy beauties.

"You, tell me who sent you," Flora demanded of Amy.

"Paragon Industries," Amy responded. "They sent me here to
recover the Girdle of Aphrodite. They plan to auction it to their
clients. I've been tracking you, because I heard you were close to
discovering the Lost Temple of Aphrodite. My name is Amy by the way.
I've been watching you, you're pretty good." Amy thought a good
rapport was good for hostages as well.

"And you," Flora said to Bethany, her gun never wavering from
Bethany's cleavage.

"I work for Diligent Enterprises," Bethany answered. "My company
believes the Girdle is worth researching to determine if the Gods were

Flora smiled. "They were real," she said. "I've killed enough
of them to know."

"Here is the problem ladies," Flora continued. "I've tracked
this Temple down for two years, working on clues left behind by the
ancients. I have bills to pay and a decadent lifestyle to maintain.
If I get the Girdle, it's going to a wealthy cross dresser who has
offered me a ridiculous amount of money. I have an expedition to the
Congo planned, and this job should finance it nicely."

"If this Temple is like any of the others, it'll be filled with
traps and other nasty surprises. I'd rather have help when I penetrate
it, but only help I can trust. I say we have a truce that lasts until
all three of us are out of the Temple and the Girdle is in our hands.
At that point, we can work out a settlement."

"What is to stop us from killing each other in the Temple?" Amy
asked. She noticed Bethany was licking her lips already.

"How are you getting home?" Flora asked.

"I have a radio that will summon a helicopter," Bethany answered.

"Me too," Amy confirmed.

"Then it's easy," Flora said. "I came by boat. I'll give my
boat keys to Amy, Amy will give her radio to Bethany, and Bethany will
give her radio to me. In this Temple, death can come at the bottom of
a thousand foot pit. Betray someone in there, and you might never
recover your way home."

Bethany tried to relax as Flora opened the doors to the Temple
but it was impossible. Even though she had Amy's radio, the blonde
expected Amy to attack her at any moment. Bethany's own trigger finger
was itching, since Bethany had never been this close to Amy without
exchanging ammunition before.

The doors opened and all three women turned on their flashlights.
The inside of the Temple was beautiful Bethany admitted. Vivid
paintings were on the walls, displaying various acts of love in
pornographic detail. It was like stepping into a brothel.

"Oh shit, look at all those statues!" Amy said as she swung her
flashlight over a long line of marble. Each statue was of a muscular
male, and each one was hung like a horse. Bethany shared Amy's fear.
The statues were amazing in their lifelike detail and she didn't like
the fact that each of them was carrying weapons.

"I've seen this movie," Bethany said aloud. "There's some sort
of snake bitch that turns men into snow."

"She's called Medusa," Flora said casually in that annoying, all
knowing British accent of hers. "And I wouldn't worry about her."

"Because she's a myth?" Amy asked. Bethany noticed that Amy's
flashlight beam lingered on the statues' cocks. Slut.

"No, because I killed her last year," Flora said. "Stop!"

Bethany paused, unsure of why the archeologist had displayed her
first real emotion. "Why?" Bethany asked.

Flora's flashlight beam swept down to the ground in front of
Bethany's feet. Bethany noticed a tile that was very slightly off
color from the rest of the floor. Flora made a sighing noise like she
was dealing with children.

"Never, ever step on a tile of a different color in an ancient
place like this," Flora admonished. "As soon as you do, something will
go 'click.'"

"Click?" Bethany asked.

"That is the last thing most people ever here in an ancient
temple," Flora admonished.


"Hey Bethany, did you have Greek ancestors?" Amy asked. The
nervous brunette had enjoyed watching Bethany get chewed out, but now
there was an even better insult to add. On the far wall were two giant
breasts made of stone that dominated the entire wall. The stone
breasts were enormous, sagging and looked like a plastic surgeon's wet
dream. In other words, they reminded Amy of Bethany.

"Maybe if you ask Flora nicely, she'll let you take them home,"
Bethany responded. Amy spun around and both agents aimed at each other
with their flashlights. It wasn't as satisfying as using their guns
but it helped ease their trigger fingers.

"Wait a minute," Flora said, ignoring the two women as she
stepped to the breasts.

Flora walked to the breasts and put her foot on a stone nipple.
Hoisting her self up, Flora reached down into the stone cleavage. Amy
was impressed by the agility of the busty archeologist and she couldn't
help notice how nice Flora's ass looked from this angle.

"What the Hell are you doing?" Bethany asked. "It looks like you
are feeling them up."

"I'm looking for the opening mechanism," Flora said. "It's
buried here behind Aphrodite's breasts. If I am not careful, I can
lose a hand, trigger some spikes from the ceiling or simply cause the
entire Temple to collapse."

"Still looks like you are feeling her up," Amy said. She thought
she heard Bethany laugh, but the blonde was silent when Amy looked
quickly at her.

"There," Flora said. She jumped off the breasts just as the
cleavage parted. "Hurry, before it closes again," Flora said as she
ran between the breasts. Bethany followed her, disappearing between
the stone tits.

"I am really starting to feel inadequate," Amy muttered as she
dived between the breasts that were already starting to close.

"There it is," Flora told the other two. Standing a mere twenty
feet from the breasts was a pedestal. Gold sparkled on the pedestal
and a single light illuminated the pedestal, using some sort of
forgotten magic to create a dramatic effect.

"Oh great, this side has tits too," Flora heard Amy say. Looking
behind her, Flora saw that Amy was right. A matching set of stone
breasts blocked their exit.

"It most likely uses the same mechanism," Flora said. She
thought it was obvious but she said it anyway. You can never be sure
with Americans.

"This is a Girdle?" Bethany asked and Flora was amazed the see
the blonde was already by the pedestal. Flora rushed over to her
before she did anything stupid.

"I was expecting a bra," Bethany said as she walked around the

"The Greek Gods didn't need brassieres," Flora explained. "The
Girdle was a wide belt inlaid with countless diamonds. It helped cinch
their dress or their bare stomachs. The goal was to cover the belly,
and to accent the breasts and legs."

"Breasts?" Bethany said. "Amy, you might want to try this."

Flora ignored Amy's retort. The two Americans were so busy
trading insults, they wouldn't notice if Flora snatched the Girdle.
The British adventuress had an escape plan ready for eluding these two
bimbos and the plan began with possessing the Girdle.

They didn't notice her at all.

What they did notice was that Flora had dropped to her knees
moaning and pulling at her shirt. They also noticed the ghostly
apparition of a beautiful woman appear on the pedestal.


Amy fired her gun at the ghost. It seemed like a good idea.
There was no point in listening to a ghost if they weren't really a
ghost, was there?

The ghost spoke. It was a beautiful voice, clear and musical.
Unfortunately, Amy and Bethany didn't understand a word the beautiful
yet angry female ghost said.

"Greek?" Amy asked.

"Sounds Greek to me," Bethany answered. "Do you speak the

"No," Amy answered.

"Neither do I," Bethany admitted. "We should ask Flora."

Flora was glowing. It was strange; her body was radiating a soft
pink glow. The archeologist had also pulled her shirt off to reveal
her huge breasts and was now rubbing and twisting her nipples.

"Whoa!" Amy said. "How do you walk with those?"

"Shut up," Bethany snapped. "Flora, what are you doing? The
ghost talked and now you're stripping and playing with your tits.
Plus, you're glowing. Did we miss something?"

Flora began to rip off her shorts. "The Girdle was cursed! It
was charged with the sexual energy of Aphrodite herself. When I picked
it up, all of the sexual energy discharged into me. If I don't release
the energy, it'll explode inside me!"

Amy and Bethany looked at each other. "That's one less person to
fight," Bethany said.

"Help me!" Flora said as she ripped off her black panties. "If I
explode, neither of you will be able to work the locks on the breasts."

"Damn, she's right," Amy admitted. "We'll have to help her after

"But how?" Bethany asked. That was when she realized what Flora
was doing. "Damn, she's trying to discharge the energy by having an

Amy wrinkled her nose. "I've heard of worse ways to save your
life. What's the big deal? You masturbate and you're fine."

"I'm too horny to masturbate," Flora moaned. She was nude now,
wearing only her sunglasses and her braid. Her fingers were jamming
into her sex. "Help me!" she commanded. "I need other people before I
explode." Flora clutched at Bethany's leg.

"Well, it is for the good of our truce," Bethany admitted. She
sat down next to the moaning archeologist and was surprised by how
frantic Flora tore Bethany's shirt off.

"Don't just stand there, Amy," Bethany snapped. Flora had her
head buried in Bethany's cleavage, sucking biting and kissing.

"I don't even get a kiss," Amy sighed as she got on her knees
behind Flora. The British beauty was on her knees, bent over and Amy
could appreciate every curve of Flora's legs and ass. Flora spread her
thighs as she felt Amy touch her sex, offering her inner secrets to the
agent. Amy rubbed her fingers over Flora's shaved sex, enjoying the
silky texture of Flora's skin. The slit was wet already and when Amy
plunged her fingers in, she was amazed by the grip of Flora's pussy.

"She wasn't lying," Amy said. "This girl is in serious need of a

"I know," Bethany said between gritted teeth. "She's going to
suck my nipples off at this rate." Flora's mouth was all over
Bethany's chest. Her teeth were sharp against Bethany's nipples,
teasing and sucking the hard nubs of flesh. When Flora sucked one
breast, her hand would be squeezing and kneading Bethany's other tit.

Bethany had had enough. Flora's own tits were hanging down from
her bent over position and Bethany grabbed both of them in her hands.
She squeezed Flora's tits and pinched the British woman's nipples with
a vengeance.

"Like that?" Bethany asked cruelly.

"YES!" Flora moaned while sucking Bethany's tit.

Bethany sighed. "Any luck down there?" she asked Amy.

"Well, I've got three fingers in her, and you can tell she likes
it," Amy responded. Flora's hips were constantly moving, swaying and
humping as Amy's fingers fucked her. On a whim, Amy sucked on her
finger till it was very wet. Once lubricated, Amy rubbed her finger
over Flora's ass. When Amy's finger slipped over Flora's asshole, the
British woman's pussy clenched even tighter on Amy's stroking fingers.

"Thought so," Amy said with a smile. She submerged her finger
into Flora's tight ass. Slowly but insistently, Amy's finger
penetrated the archeologist's tight hole. Amy could feel Flora's pussy
tighten at the added pressure.

Meanwhile, Flora's mouth was traveling downward on Bethany's
body. Bethany's nipples were sore but the blonde smiled as Flora
kissed down her belly. She smiled wider as Flora unbuttoned her pants.

"You want this, don't you?" Bethany asked. Flora's eyes looked
over her sunglasses that were slipping down her nose, and Bethany could
read the lust in her eyes.

"Then have it," Bethany commanded. Bethany shuddered as Flora
dropped her face down to between Bethany's legs. The blonde's cotton
panties were ripped apart by Flora's teeth in an orgasmic frenzy.
Flora moaned loudly as she began to lick at Bethany's pussy. Her pussy
was smooth, recently shaved and tasting like sweat. Bethany's hands
went to Flora's ponytail braid, guiding and pushing the British slut
into her sex.

The blonde shivered as she felt her sex being explored by Flora's
tongue. Flora was fearless, delving deeper and deeper with every lick.
Bethany's thighs pressed on Flora's head as she felt Flora's mouth
inside her. The cunning explorer has found her clit and was assaulting
Bethany with rapid-fire flicks of her tongue.

Meanwhile, Amy was getting jealous. Finger fucking Flora and her
ass was arousing the brunette to a desperate heat. Her own sex begged
for relief, but she couldn't spare a hand for relieve herself. That
was when she remembered she had a mouth.

Amy rolled over onto her back and pulled her shorts down to her
ankles. Placing her head between Flora's knees, Amy pulled down on
Flora's hips. Flora happily sat on Amy's mouth, impaling her pussy on
Amy's tongue.

This freed Amy to do what was needed. Amy's hands, slick from
Flora's pussy, rubbed her own pussy with new abandon. She was so
aroused by how wet her fingers were, knowing they came from the same
place she was currently licking with such relish. Amy masturbated in
rhythm with her tongue: stroke, lick, stroke, lick.

Flora's body began to glow brighter, the sensual energy inside
about to explode. Bethany's hips rose to further bury Flora's mouth
inside her. Amy's hands stroked faster as Flora's hips humped the
brunette's face. The three women moved in sync as mouths and pussies
merged into an orgy of tongues and clits.

The Temple echoed with the sounds of three mouths moaning in
orgasm together. The soft glow that surrounded Flora subsided but it
was another round of orgasms before anyone noticed.

"Wow," Flora said as she pulled her shorts back on. "I owe you

"I'll say you do, my nipples are still sore," Bethany said. She
was wincing from where her shirt rubbed her erect nipples.

"That's why I feel bad about this," Flora said as she opened the
stone breasts.

"Feel bad about what?" Amy responded. She was wiping the last of
Flora's juices from her chin.

"Doing this," Flora responded as she ran past the doors. Amy and
Bethany cursed as the British explorer made a mad sprint down the
Temple hall. They cursed louder when they saw Flora deliberately step
on the oddly colored tile.


All of the statues lining the Temple began to move. The sounds
of marble sliding on marble filled the Temple. Each statue was alive
with some inexplicable magic, moving with a skill and grace that told
of how dangerous they were. They moved inward, heading towards the
three women although Flora was already leaving the Temple before they
had come fully alive.

Bethany looked at Amy, and Amy looked at Bethany.

"The statues first?" Amy asked.

"The British slut will be next after them," Bethany agreed.

The two moved in concert, pulling their weapons and diving in
opposite directions. Bullets impacted against marble with less than
impressive results. In fact, the bullets were ricocheting everywhere,
defacing multiple statues but not doing any real harm.

"We need a new plan!" Bethany yelled as one statue nearly
connected its club with her chest.

"Do we need the Temple anymore?" Amy asked as she flipped over
three of the statues charging her.

"Good point," Bethany had to admit.

Out came the grenades, and within seconds, the Temple was a
smoking ruin.

Amy and Bethany stood outside the rubble, smiling as one marble
arm fell to the ground beside them. It was still smoking. Bethany
noticed something on the ground and picked it up.

"Flora dropped my radio. Why would she do? Now I can call my
ride, and she's still stuck on this island," Bethany said.

Amy thought about it. "I knew she was coming to this island
because I bugged her phone," the agent said. "I didn't actually follow
her here, did you?"

"No," Bethany answered. "I fucked her butler and he told me
where she was going. What's your point?"

They heard a helicopter and both of them noticed Flora waving at

Amy fished out the keys she had of Flora's and gave them a good

"These aren't boat keys, they belong to a motorcycle!" Amy
yelled. She threw them into the ocean.

"She lied to us?" Bethany said, stunned.

"Bitch," they both said together.

The end

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