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This is a sexual story written and copyrighted by me, Shon
Richards. Please don't post, repost or place on your website without
asking me first. Send comments to

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Bethany Taylor was pissed. What was supposed to be a simple
baby-sitting job for a new research facility was turning into a lethal
nightmare. She hated these kinds of jobs. Any research area that
needed protecting was always worth destroying. Bethany would much
rather be on the destroying end.

Whoever had done this job had been clever. Bethany's employers,
Diligent Enterprises, had placed this research facility on top of a
remote mountain that they owned in the Rockies. The only way up was by
a heavily guarded cable lift and the only way down was by a couple of
thousand feet of jagged rock. Somehow, the intruders managed to get up
here, reprogram the generators to self-destruct and were now making
their escape. The first Bethany knew of the successful raid was when
the self-destruct countdown began.

"Damn, damn, damn," she said as she headed towards the crisis
center. Defending a laboratory was never easy but then, that's why
they paid industrial agents like Bethany the large paychecks. The
blonde thought wistfully of the Vargas paintings she had planned to by
with this paycheck and wondered if the redheads would look good in her
living room.

She stormed into the central computer area and confronted the two
eggheads inside. Professors Quentin and Terrance Keller looked up at
her in unison. They were sixty-year-old twins, and they were geniuses,
but when they looked at her with those identical leers, Bethany just
wanted to smack each of them. Dirty old men shouldn't gather in pairs.

Bethany sighed. She hadn't made it easy for them to cooperate
today. She had just taken a shower when the alarm went off. The busty
blonde was wearing a white towel wrapped in an impromptu toga. Her
cleavage was threatening to spill out at any moment. Bethany did have
the foresight to bring her beloved Griffonwing. A gun with nasty
stopping power beats pants any day as a fashion accessory.

"What happened here?" Bethany demanded.

"We're doomed!" Quentin answered. "Someone reprogrammed the
KILLER 3000 and now it's going to send the generators into overload!
We only have ten minutes before everything explodes! We're doomed!"

Bethany frowned and moved a wet lock of hair out of her face.
"What about the manual override?" she asked. "I thought since the
Paris incident, Diligent Enterprises installed a manual override to all
self destruct sequences."

Terrance was the calmer twin, which meant he was twitching only
slightly less than Quentin. "Yes, but whoever reprogrammed the KILLER
3000 also reprogrammed the sentry lasers guarding the manual override.
Here, take a look."

Terrance pointed towards the glass door that led into the manual
override. Bethany looked, and saw four smoking bodies. The wall-
mounted lasers were still firing, eradicating the bodies to dust.

"I take it they no longer recognize face scans?" she asked.

"It's worse!" Quentin cried. "They've reprogrammed the face scan
on the lasers to just shoot anything that isn't the same color blue
that the room is painted in. We're doomed!"

Bethany bit her lip. It looked like placing her Vargas paintings
may have been a bit premature. She knew she needed to come up with a
solution but her mind kept wondering. The mountain cable car was a
smoking wreck and the top of this mountain was ready to explode. How
did the intruders escape?


Amy Valentine was in a damn good mood. Her employers, Paragon
Industries had asked her to destroy a research lab belonging to their
rivals, Diligent Enterprises. It was an impossible job. The lab was
on a mountain and the KILLER 3000 defense program managed the entire
facility. Only three programmers in the world could hack that system,
and one of those people were with her right now. Better yet, Barry was
kind of cute.

The agent was directly above Barry, so that she could supervise
his climb. They were dangling thousands of feet in the air over a
sheer cliff face. You weren't supposed to climb down such a
treacherous mountain, which is why Diligent Enterprises didn't bother
to guard it. Amy laughed to herself. That was exactly why she had
chosen this path as their escape route. Impossible was just an
opinion, not a fact.

Barry looked up at her, his pale blond face a picture of terror.
Amy smiled back at him and positioned her ass towards him. His terror
faded was replaced with a wolfish grin. Amy's ass had that effect on
people, especially with these gray pants she had bought. The zippers
that crossed over her legs were an unusual design but they allowed her
to squeeze her lovely thighs and ass in an almost intimate manner.

The programmer had taken a lot of convincing to come up here. He
had never mountain climbed before. He had never been shot at before.
Heck, from what Amy saw, he had never had to wear leather before
either. The geek was an insecure stud, but he had pulled through with
flying colors. He reprogrammed that facility in such a manner that not
even that slut Bethany Taylor could save the place.

Amy sighed with a warm feeling spreading through her. Usually
breaking into a mountain research lab and sabotaging it was a difficult
job and that's why they paid industrial agents like Amy the big money
but this time, it was almost easy. She thought of the Spanish manor
she was going to buy with this mission's paycheck

"Amy!" Barry screamed in panic. "I can't do it! I can't do it!
I'm going to die!"

Oh well, some jobs don't get hard till they're nearly over.

"We're doomed!" Quentin repeated. "We're doomed! We're doomed!
We're doomed! We're-What?"

Bethany's Griffonwing was in his face and Bethany's towel had
slipped enough to expose one wet nipple. Quentin didn't know which of
these two distractions was more important.

"Quentin, if you say you are doomed one more time, I may agree
with you," Bethany threatened. "Understand?"

Quentin nodded.

"Terrance, is there any way to neutralize the lasers?" Bethany

"Of course not!" Terrance screamed. Spittle flew from wrinkled
lips. "They have their own power systems, which are guarded by other
lasers. Armor casings protect each laser, not even the lasers could
punch through their own armor. Don't even think of racing in there,
the lasers would chop you up before you even reached the override
switch! We're all doomed!"

Bethany slapped Terrance, shocking him out of his scream.

"Thanks, I needed that," Terrance said.

Bethany nodded, and then slapped Quentin.

"Ouch! What was that for?" Quentin demanded.

"That was for not letting me know my towel was slipping," Bethany
answered. The real reason was that it just felt good.

"So the lasers kill everything that isn't the same blue as the
room, right?" Bethany demanded. "We just came online this week. If I
know one thing about my company, it's that we haven't bothered to clean
up yet."

"What are you suggesting?" Quentin asked cautiously.

"I'm suggesting we look in the supply crib," Bethany said.
"We're going to need all the paint we can find."


Amy slid down to Barry, double-checking his rope to make sure he
was secure and not going to drop anytime soon. The poor man was
trembling, and not even Amy shaking his shoulder could get him to open
his eyes.

"It's all right Barry, you're doing great!" Amy encouraged.
"We're just climbing down, that's the easiest part. Just think of it
as a controlled fall."

Barry moaned in terror.

"Damn," Amy cursed. She had seen this kind of climbing terror
before. Amy remembered one time in the Himalayas when she lost three
men to this terror. It was an adrenaline overload. The tension of
climbing was so great; some people would rather die than have to deal
with the tension of almost falling.

Amy knew she could continue climbing and leave Barry here, but
the idea made her uncomfortable. It was a strange feeling of guilt.
She knew that the only thing she had done in this mission was get Barry
here; he had done the real job of reprogramming. A sense of personal
honor kept Amy from abandoning the person who had earned her paycheck.

"Hey, Barry, remember what I said I would give you if you came up
here?" Amy asked.

Barry nodded. "A date," he answered. Good, he was still

Amy shook her head. "Nope, I didn't promise a date," she said.
She leaned on closer and hooked his pants with her fingers. "I said I
would fuck you."

Barry opened his eyes as she unzipped his pants.

"Are you crazy?" Barry demanded

"Relax, the ropes are secured to your chest harness," Amy
responded. "You could be butt naked and have zero chance of falling."
She loosened his pants and pulled them down to his knees. His
underwear was a surprise, it was red cotton and it contained an immense

"Why Barry, red is one of my favorite colors," Amy teased.

"It is?" Barry asked. There was hope in his voice.

"Oh yes," Amy answered. Her hands went down to her pants. She
opened two zippers placed on her thighs. Barry was amazed to see Amy
lift the material covering her crotch like it was a loincloth. Inside,
her sex was waiting. Her lips were bare, but she had a tiny tuft of
brown hair sitting in a triangle above her clitoris.

"I love these pants," Amy said again.


"These two cans are all of the blue paint left over from when
they built the room," Terrance told Bethany. His eye was on the
countdown counter, and it didn't look good.

"Good, two cans should be enough," Bethany said as she dropped
the towel. "Pick your jaws off the floor and start painting!"

"Paint what?" Quentin asked dumbly. "Good God!" he thought.
"Her tits are even bigger without a bra!"

"Me, dumbass!" Bethany snapped. "Our only hope is to make me
blue. Grab a paintbrush and get to work!"

"But, the paint might be lethal," Terrance said. "It could be

Bethany rolled her eyes. She couldn't believe that she had to
argue these two men into painting her nude body. What was the world
coming to when a busty blonde had these kinds of problems?

"Listen" Bethany explained slowly. "The paint may be poisonous.
I may die from the paint, but in a few minutes, I KNOW I will die from
the lab exploding. See how the paint seems like a fair risk?"

Terrance and Quentin nodded.

"Good boys," Bethany said. "Now grab a brush and paint."

The twins obeyed and Bethany watched as they dipped their
brushes. Bethany shivered as the cold paint was applied to her legs.
The brushes were harsh and the paint was cold, but the blonde tried not
to complain. Time was ticking by and she needed to get covered from
head to toe as fast as possible.

"Wipe that grin off your face," Bethany snarled, but the twins
ignored her. They just couldn't believe their luck. After working
with the blonde beauty for a week, they finally were able to see her
naked. Not just naked, but they got to cover her tanned body in paint!
The twins moaned as they brushed blue paint onto her legs, her ass, her
belly, and of course, those beautiful huge breasts.

"Could you life them up please?" Terrance bravely asked as his
brush reached her tits. "We don't want you to jump and get cut by a
laser because of your jiggling."

Bethany glared at him but she agreed. She pinched her nipples
and pulled up. Quentin babbled and groaned while Terrance faithfully
painted the underside of her tits.

They did her underarms next, which was a new experience in
humiliation. Quentin asked her to spread her buttocks so he could
paint all of her ass. Bethany smiled to herself as she imagined that
it would take an hour to paint Amy's fat ass. These little thoughts
comforted her as Terrance kept repainting her nipples until they

Bethany wondered if any Vargas painting could be worth this.


Amy wrapped her legs around Barry's dangling body. She guided
his cock into her, groaning as he filled her. Her ankles locked under
his buttocks and Amy settled her weight onto his manhood. She sighed
as her body was suspended on his impaling cock.

The frightened programmer screamed as he felt Amy's weight tug on
his ropes. His scream was cut off by Amy's mouth. The fearless
brunette devoured his mouth, her tongue wrestling him into submission.
The wind blew and Barry wasn't afraid when their bodies swayed in the
ropes because the wind was wrapping her long brown hair around his face
and the hair was as soft as silk.

Locked in a passionate kiss, Barry forgot he was thousands of
feet in the air and actually moved his hips to fuck Amy. Amy groaned
and her thighs tightened, pulling him deeper. Barry wasn't doing
anything with his hands except cling to his rope and that wasn't good
enough for Amy. She pried his hands off the ropes and placed them on
her ass. When Barry's hands came in contact with Amy's firm buttocks,
nature took over. He sunk his fingers into her round curves and

The ropes creaked as their two bodies fucked. Back and forth
they swung over certain death. They didn't care. Barry just wanted to
fuck, and Amy just wanted to be fucked. It was hard for Barry to
thrust without a ground to stand on but Amy didn't have that problem.
She had his hips to wrap her thighs around, and her powerful legs could
do the work for both of them. In the grip of Amy's vise like legs,
Barry's climax was inevitable.

"Fuck!" Barry groaned as his cock erupted.

Amy smiled, swiveling her hips to milk every drop from his cock.
She leaned in close to lick his ear.

"Still afraid?" Amy asked.

"No," Barry gasped.

"Good, then you will able to descend safely?" she asked.

"Yes," Barry gasped again.

"Good, because when we get down on the ground, we can fuck
again," she told him.

The fear was gone from his eyes.

Bethany was blue. She had applied the last of the paint to her
face; she didn't trust the twins to handle her nose and eyes. Those
two idiots had spent far too much time painting the lips of her sex.
Her hair was a bigger problem, but in the end, Bethany just dunked her
head into the paint can. Now her beautiful blonde hair was spiky, but
it was also blue.

"Wish me luck," she told the twins. They just smiled. Now that
they had touched her nipples, even with just paint, they didn't care f
they lived or died.

Bethany entered the manual override room and the lasers swiveled
to scan her. She saw the red dots of their scanners travel her nude
body, looking for a reason to shoot. When the lasers traveled up her
neck, she had a sudden inspiration. She realized she couldn't color
the whites of her blue eyes.

Bethany raised her hand to cover her eyes. She couldn't tell if
the lasers were scanning her face or not so she just left her hand
there. Now she was perplexed. She was blind, cold and blue.

"One minute till detonation," a soulless voice announced over the

"Fuck it," Bethany said; repeating the battle cry of the

Bethany ran forward, her blue sexy body racing towards the manual
override. The lasers continued their scan, patrolling every corner of
the room. She was breathless as she ran, but she didn't dare open her
lips. Her breasts did jiggle, and Bethany made a mental note to let
Terrance sneak a peek some time.

Bethany reached the manual override and yanked down hard on the
switch. There was a pause as all of the lasers froze in their
movements. She waited, conscious of how her ass was freezing from the

"You did it!" Terrance announced.

"We're not doomed after all!" Quentin confirmed.

It looked Bethany could redecorate her living room in redheads
after all.


Amy and Barry reached the bottom. There escape car was ready and
Barry was clutching the ground in gratitude. The brunette intended to
keep her promise to fuck him again, but she knew something was missing.
She checked her watch.

"Shouldn't it have exploded by now?" Amy asked.

Barry looked up from the dirt. "They must have stopped the

Amy shrugged. "No Spanish Manor this paycheck," she said. "But
there are other things to keep me occupied."

Barry agreed.

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