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tinaandlisa 2


Stranded Tina and Lisa 2
M/F/f,mast,oral,sex, voyeurism
By Typoman
Edited by Mrs.Typo
Do not repost this story without my header.
Do not remove my name from this story.


This story contains graphic descriptions of sexual
encounters between two adults and a minor sibling.
It is totally fictitious, but derived from an old masturbation fantasy.
If you are offended by stories like this, or you are under
the legal age to view material such as this, do not read any


When we got to my apartment, Lisa was wide-awake. Her
face was full of excitement, as she looked upon the sights
of the big city that was going to be her new home.
My studio apartment is on the bottom of a four-story
stack. We left all our stuff in my truck and went to open
the door. The overpowering smell hit us as I unlocked the
door and opened it. Unwashed dishes, dirty clothes, and open
food containers each added their own essence to the general
"Whew!" Lisa said while holding her nose, "This place
stinks Larry!"
Her older sister quickly covered her mouth. "You were
right about earning our keep Larry! Single men need to be
put in a hotel or some place where they can be looked
"I'm sorry girls, I really meant to straighten up
before I left for school, but they made me work overtime
right before I left. Three weeks mess really made this place
reek! Let's go to a motel for the night. Tomorrow we can
attack this place and put it in better order!"
"That's okay Larry. Lisa and I can handle it. If you'll
get our stuff, we'll start by throwing the cluckamungle
away, that'll do for tonight."
I obeyed and started to carry our stuff in from the
truck. When I got to my stuff, I took it to my bedroom and
spied little Lisa checking out one of my porno magazines
that I had left out. She jumped when I came in and
discovered her.
"Munchkin, I don't think you should be looking at that
stuff! I'll throw it away and then you won't be seeing
things that you're too young to see."
"I've seen magazines like this before Uncle Larry, You
can just put them away and I won't bother them. Just don't
tell Tina about me looking okay? She'll get mad at me for
"Okay Munchkin, it'll be our secret. "
She just smiled at me and turned to leave my room, her
little pigtails swinging with her motion. I stuffed the
magazines back into the nightstand drawer and started to
unpack my clothes. I could hear the door to the apartment
opening and closing as the girls took load after load of
trash to the dumpster. After I undressed and put on my
favorite shorts, I went into the living room. Tina was
clearly fighting sleep while her younger sister was wide-
awake and refreshed after her nap in my truck.
"Tina why don't you take your shower first. I'll open
up the hide a bed and you can get some rest. The shower is
through my bedroom."
"You'll get no argument from me Larry. Lisa, why don't
you get our nighties out, then you can shower with me."
"Okay Tina, but I'm not sleepy!"
Tina stood with effort and walked to my room, leaving
the door open. I opened up the hide a bed and realized that
the sheets were all dirty.
I could hear the shower running, so I looked at Lisa,
thinking to ask her to get the top sheet off my bed. She was
busy rifling through their baggage and I decided against
asking her.
Tina's naked silhouette behind the glass shower door
stopped me in my tracks. I tried to tear my eyes away from
her lithe, slim, body but couldn't. Tina's breasts were the
perfect size, absolutely no droop in her curves. The women I
had been dating were all close to my 40 years and although I
enjoyed their bodies, this young sight washing her hair
through the mottled glass was a real turn on.
I sensed a presence behind me and turned in surprise to
see Lisa watching me spying on her big sister. My raging
hardon almost touching her face as I turned, unwittingly
giving the 10 year old girl a good look at the bulge from my
non underwear hindered shorts. She stared, then giggled.
Moving quietly past me, she put their nightclothes on
the bed and started to undress without even looking back to
see if I had left.
My conscience yelled at me "LARRY, TURN AROUND AND GET
Lisa's back was to me as she pulled off her top,
exposing the training bra that covered her small mounds. I
could see that her developing breasts were sprouting from
her chest nicely. They were about the size of a single ice
cream scoop, slightly flattened out. Her jeans then dropped
to her ankles showing skinny legs that hadn't as of yet
caught up to the rest of her body. I watched the little girl bend over. Using my bed for support she stepped out of her
blue jeans. My eyes drank in the sight of her white panties clinging to her pussy mound. There was a slight yellowish
stain in the middle, formed after days of being nestled
against her unwashed pussy.
"Lisa? Can't you find the clothes?"
I jumped in surprise at Tina's voice and stepped back
to the doorway, keeping her little exhibitionist sister in
"I'm right here Tina, getting these dirty old clothes
Then in a quiet voice, "Did you close the bedroom
Lisa looked directly at me, smiling as she pulled
stained her panties down in full view. "Of course silly! I'm
just about ready. How's the water?"
Now Lisa's bra was off, her complete nakedness and
devilish smile there for my feasting eyes. I'll remember
forever the panties reluctantly pulling away from her
hairless mound, her proud little nipples thrusting into the
cool bedroom air as she pulled the rubber bands from her
braids and undid them.
Lisa made a hand signal for me to close the bedroom
door. My hormones telling me to stay, conscience losing it's
argument to leave. The two girls were showering together
behind that mottled shower glass, whispering and giggling to
each other quietly.
"Gawd Tina my panties were almost stuck to me, it feels
so good to get out of them."
"I have clean hair Lisa! Finally!"
When I moved back into their line of sight, I watched
their play with astonishment as little Lisa's hands roamed
over her sister's breasts.
"Lisa! Stop that!"
"But it's been so long since we've been together like
this Tina!"
"We'll just have to make do like always honey. Now turn
around and I'll shampoo your hair."
My hand went to my engorged crank as I watched these
two girls showering together. Tina had seated herself and
was busy lathering her little sister's hair. Lisa made soft
noises of enjoyment. She turned and slowly caressed her
sister's breasts. Tina grabbed her little sister's hands,
then slowly gave in to her sisters loving caress. Then Lisa
knelt on the shower floor and kissed her older siblings
breasts. Only the noise of the water coming from the shower
could be heard. Lisa's kisses went lower and then her
downward movement stopped between her sister's open legs.
Tina's head falls back in response to the pleasures of oral
stimulation. She rolled her head from side to side while
pressing her little sister's face into her folds as the
sensation overtook her. Occasionally, she worked the lather
into Lisa's hair while still guiding her little sister's
tongue to where her need was most demanding. Soon, Tina's
hips bucked in response as the intense orgasm racked her
body. She stifled a cry of release.
My own orgasm was too close to stop. In desperation, I
found my underwear on the floor and covered my erupting cock
while I watched the two sisters trade places. When I finally
left the bedroom, Lisa's legs were over her big sisters
back, her hands holding Tina's head against her open pussy.
As I quietly closed the bedroom door, my mind raced
back over the erotic events of the last half-hour.
I was seated at the kitchen bar drinking a Pepsi when
they came out of the bedroom carrying their dirty clothes.
Both the girls' faces were flushed pink from their mutual
"I hope we didn't use up all the hot water Larry, It's
been almost a week since I've enjoyed a real shower!"
"Don't worry about hot water Tina, this place has
enough hot water for the entire complex. I'll take mine
next. I'm gonna go right to bed so you won't see me till
morning. I'll leave the door open a crack so if you need to
use the bathroom during the night, don't bother to knock.
We'll just have to accommodate each other and use a little
discretion. How about we do this, if the door is closed all
the way, nobody comes in without knocking and waiting till
it's okay. That way whoever's in the room can have some
"That sounds like a workable plan to me Larry, You
understand the rules Lisa?"
"Yup! Knock if the door is closed and wait for
permission to enter."
I had to do a double take when I saw the present little
Lisa left for me. Her white panties with the little oval
yellowish stain were on the floor, placed so the crotch was
laid out flat for my inspection. Reverently, I picked up the
gift and breathed in her scent. My renewed erection feeling
the soft cotton as I lay down and let the cloth glide over
my balls and shaft. After I showered, Lisa's gift was
sandwiched between my hand and cock as I flailed myself with
wanton abandon, relishing the feel of panties jiggling
against my balls. I didn't dare leave my spunk on them,
choosing instead to blow my load into a hand towel I had
taken from the bathroom.
I drifted off to sleep wondering just how I was going
to stay away from this little Lolita. She's gonna get me
into serious trouble if I'm not careful.
Later on that night, the bathroom light woke me up.
With half closed eyes, I saw Lisa seated with open legs on
my toilet relieving her bladder. I closed my eyes after she
wiped her pussy and walked to my bed. Risking a peek, I got
a quick glimpse of her pussy as she bent over and retrieved
her gift from my bedroom floor. I felt her kiss my cheek,
then a wisp of air signaled her departure.

End of chapter 2
Thanks for the requests that I continue with this
I really didn't know where to take this plot. It simply
worked itself out as I typed.
It looks like little Lisa is turning out to be quite
the seductress!



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