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Authors name: Crystal Brooks story title : To Marc - My Lover

----------------------------------------------------- -= This work is
copyrighted to the author 2000. = Please do not remove the author
information or make any changes to this story. You may post freely to
noncommercial "free" sites, or in the "free" area of commercial sites.
Thank you for your consideration.

To Marc - My Lover By Crystal

I once verbally made this story up for Marc - I loved his reaction to it
- hope you like it too!

Pulling you into my arms. Place my mouth over yours, trace your lips
with my tongue before parting your lips and slipping my tongue deep into
your mouth. Putting my arms around you and giving a deep wet kiss.

I am wearing a short skirt, no panties, a see through white blouse no
bra. My nipples poking out as we walk in the library getting some books -
I hate studying. Sitting next to each other, your hands on my thighs
caressing up and down. Playing over my hot clit, sliding a finger inside
my wet pussy as my hands caress your cock though your jeans.

Unzipping your pants and pulling your cock out I stroke your cock slowly
at first. Then little by little I speed the strokes up. My hips start to
move as I enjoy your finger inside my pussy.

You pull my skirt up past my hips. Leaning over to kiss my lips as a
second finger slides deep inside my pussy so wet and hot. Your thumb
glides over my clit as I arch my hips up.

Your cock getting harder with every stroke. I speed the strokes up even
faster. Squeezing tighter on your cock with every stroke, trying not to
moan as your fingers slide in and out of my pussy. Not being able to help
myself I let out a low soft moan.

Moaning softly into your mouth. I pull you up, walking behind a book
shelf. You turn my back to you. I bend over as you rub your hard cock
over my pussy lips. I push back wanting to feel your cock buried inside my
dipping wet pussy. Pulling back slightly, you rub up and down my ass
cheeks and pussy, teasing softly.

Moaning more, your teasing driving me crazy. Wanting your cock inside
me. I reach back and placing my hand on your ass pulling you to me as I
push back. Your cock enters my pussy. You slide your cock in and out of
my pussy. I moan even more trying not to be to loud.

As I push back, you slide your cock deep in my pussy. I can feel your
balls hitting up against me. You reach around me, unbuttoning a few
buttons, letting my breast hang free as your fingers tweak each nipple. My
moans getting louder. Peeking through the books, you notice a young lady
staring at us, licking her lips. Noticing her nipples sticking out of her

My hand caresses your ass as you ram your cock deep in my pussy. Your
cock slides out of me. Finding my asshole, you ram your cock hard in my
ass. At that I grab a hold of the book shelves and I let out a louder
moan. Our pace picks up even more. Taking my left and still holding on to
the shelf with my right hand, I start to play with my clit. Knowing she is
watching excites me even more.

As you ram your cock deep in my tight hot ass, You pinch my nipples.
Placing the other hand over mine. Exciting my clit with fast strokes,
slipping a finger in my pussy. You motion the girl around the shelf. She
shyly complies. Standing before us, her hand under her skirt, playing with
her herself. Her hands wet with juices. You motion her to slip her hand
into my mouth.

Rubbing my clit harder. My breathing is very heaving at this point.
Leaving out a loud moan, your cock thrusting harder and deeper in my ass. I
start to cum. Oooohhhhh Yes! Yes! Oooohhhhhhooooo Yes!!! Still wanting
more, I push back faster on your cock, over and over again.

Your cock feels so good in my tight ass. As I cum, you start slamming
in my ass faster, harder. Feeling your cum building. Pulling your hand
from my wet pussy, sucking your fingers dry of my juices. You look up to
see our friends pussy is staring at us, juices glistening from her lips and

Cumming even harder by now. I grab the bookshelf so hard that a few
books fall off the shelf. Oooohhhh Yes! Yes! I am cumming so hard, my
cum juices flow out of my pussy and down my legs. You reach over and
putting two fingers in her pussy, sliding them in and out of her pussy very
fast. Feeling yourself about to cum, you slide your cock out of my ass.
She then starts to suck your cock. Wanting some of your cum I kneel down
in front of you. Telling her to share we both lick and suck on your cock.

As I kneel in front of you, licking and sucking your cock. She bends
over, sharing your cock with my mouth . You slide two fingers into her
pussy, pumping her pussy fast. Feel your cum build. Yessssssssssssss!
Oh! Shooting hot cum inside my mouth and throat. She quickly pushes me
away to put your cock in her mouth to taste your cum. You are still
cumming hard, your cum hitting her throat.

I pinch her nipples, at that point she lets out a loud moan. Her cum juice run out of the pussy and down your hand. She falls to the floor. I
then take your cock back in my mouth to take any remaining cum.

Draining the cum from your cock, you lick your fingers, tasting her
juices. Almost sweet as mine. My hands caressing your balls coaxing the
remaining drops from your cock. Looking at our new friend. Her eyes
glazed over.

Getting up and putting our clothes back together. We go back to the
table only to find out that close to half the people in there had heard us
and was watching. Some people smiling at us as we sit down, my blouse
still unbuttoned. We sit down to study. Reaching over to you. Kissing
your soft lips as I button your blouse. Smiling at you. *hmmmmmmmmmmmm*

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