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top15 feb2002


Tainted Lime Top 15 List for February 2002

And here is the February Top 15 list. I had a difficult choice
this month. After a slow start, February picked up steam and by
the end of the month, there were so many good stories that I
had a hard time picking the best 15. There were several good
stories that didn't quite make the list.

And once I'd narrowed it down to 15, I faced another problem. The
story I liked the best for the month was not a perfect story.
There were minor problems sprinkled throughout, but I enjoyed
the story and the mood so much that it outweighed any problems
I encountered.

So, the number one story for the month of February is: That
Perfect Place Where All The Lines Meet, by Sam Cornell. But don't
miss the runners up - there are several great stories in this
month's Top 15.

Top 15 stories for February 2002

1. That Perfect Place Where All The Lines Meet, by Sam Cornell
2. The Think System, by Desdmona22
3. A Rocky Relationship, by theGreatxIam
4. On my university campus, by Emi Tsuruta
5. Celebration of a Sexual Life, by GM TH
6. hole In My Soul, by Wiseguy
7. Memories and Illusions, by Katherine T.
8. as falls cuyahoga, so falls cuyahoga falls 7, by Nicholas Urfe
9. Sand Like Frozen Light, by mat twassel
10. Who's Sorry Now?, by theGreatxIam
11. Law and Justice, by anais ninja
12. Tryst, by Anon Sacto
13. The ABC Plan, by Clint Kalmkren
14. Anna, Susan, Sandra, Sis and me, by Henrik Larsen
15. Valentine's Day Breakfast in Bed, by mat twassel
Do you disagree with my list? Make your voice heard. Nominate
your favorite stories of the month for a Silver Clitoride Award


{ASSM} That Perfect Place Where All The Lines Meet (FF) by Sam Cornell
By Sam Cornell <>

Charlotte Whittaker - you remember her. She was the perfect girl in high school. She was pretty. She was popular. She didn't
stoop to the games the other high school girls played. She was
nice. She played Viola in the school's production of Twelfth Night.

In their all girls school, Charlotte Whittaker was the girl Sam
had the hugest crush on.

Now, twelve years later, Sam and Charlotte stumble across one
another again. They get together to talk about how their lives
turned out, and Sam gets to relive a lot of awkward times as a
teenage girl who got to play Sebastian - opposite Charlotte - in
the school play.

Do you remember what it was like to be a gawky teenager? Your
self-doubts, your silly infatuations? This story makes those
feelings come alive. And while the explicit sex in this story is
over in just a few paragraphs, the high school crush of Sam's has
a sexual charge, a charge that permeates this story.

I have a few minor nits I could pick, but that would give you the
wrong idea. I loved this story. Stop whatever you're doing and
read it now.

{ASSM} The Think System by Desdmona (MF, cheat, mast)
By Desdmona22 <>

Lori and Ethan had a fight, and Lori fled to the half-price
bookstore for a few hours. There, Lori bumps into Bernard, one
of those annoying guys who hang out in the philosophy section
of half-price bookstores.

Lori isn't thinking too clearly and agrees to follow Bernard to a
sleazy hotel. She watches herself committing adultery in the
mirror on the ceiling.

I like this story a lot. Oddly, the best sex does not occur
during the main sex scene - Lori doesn't get completely untracked
until Bernard dozes off. And best of all, by the time the exciting
climax arrives, Lori learns a valuable lesson.

This story is believable, suffers from only a few minor
grammatical problems, and has an intelligent plot. Unlike many
ASSM stories, it does not show adultery in a positive light.
There are references to "The Music Man" sprinkled throughout,
but you don't need to be an expert on musicals to enjoy this
excellent story.

{ASSM} A Rocky Relationship (MF, celeb) Silver Surfer #3
By theGreatxIam <>

The Silver Surfer in this story owns a small bed-and-breakfast in
the isolated woods north of San Francisco. Its out-of-the-way
location attracts celebrities who want to get away from the
prying eyes of Hollywood for a couple days.

The innkeeper's eyes pop out of his head when Raquel Welch and
her husband drive up to his place. He's had a crush on her ever
since he first saw her in that fur bikini in "1 Million B.C."

Raquel's husband doesn't care for the isolation of the place and
storms off, leaving the Silver Surfer alone with the sixty-year-
old sex symbol.

Have you ever wondered if sex symbols were really any good at
sex? Well, according to this story, Raquel Welch earned her title
fair and square. She really knows how to fuck.

I like the sex, I like the subject, I like the way the story is
told. But what I like most about this story is that in the end
the nice guy gets the girl. This is the way the world is supposed
to work.

Even readers who don't know who Raquel Welch is will enjoy this

{ASSM} On my university campus (M/F, exhib)
By Emi Tsuruta <>

This is the second story of Emi and Ryosuke, two Japanese
students living in America. In the first story, Emi had her first
sexual experience with Ruyosuke in the park. Now she is afraid
that everyone at school saw her doing it, and she is a nervous
wreck for a few days.

Emi starts to settle down, and Ruyosuke arranges for them to hide
out in a fenced garden on campus. The garden gets locked up at
4:30, which gives them time to spend alone together. They do it
for the second time, outside, in the gazebo.

I'm beginning to like Emi a lot. In many ways, this series
reminds me of my own teenage sexual experiences: the sneaking
off, desperately trying to find privacy, the fear of getting
caught. And jumbled up in all that, you have the growing
emotional attachment to your partner, a feeling that you don't
completely understand.

The sex is more explicit in this story than in the first one, but
it is told without using vulgar words. The prose is smooth and
the character's voice is perfect for a Japanese student recently
arrived in America.

I can see hints that this series is turning into one about
exhibitionism and embarrassment, but at this early stage, it's
more about a girl and her boyfriend looking for a way to make

{ASSM} Celebration of a Sexual Life (MF, rom, cons) by GMTH
By GM TH <>

Eve has died, and Gina and Bill are mourning. The three of them
used to be a threesome. Bill used to enjoy sex with the two women,
jumping into the fray after Eve and Gina had warmed each other up.

Now the two survivors comfort one another, but with Eve gone, the sex
just isn't the same.

This is a poignant tale of love and loss. The sex is intimate and
sad, and the ending brought a tear to my eye. While the sex is
not as titillating as you often find in ASSM, it is skillfully
used to further the story.

This is an excellent, emotional story.

{ASSM} hole In My Soul (MF rom cons hyp){Wiseguy}
By Wiseguy <>

Doug has separated from Gloria, and he has sunk into deep
depression. Living in a miserable little apartment, he wiles the
days away by obsessing over what his wife and child are doing.

In the middle of another nothing day, Holly drops by with some
food and a cheery smile. Over a dinner of chicken and biscuits,
they get to talking, and Doug begins to peek outside the confines
of his dark mood.

Then Holly reveals the real purpose of her visit. She has a
hypnotic device that is supposed to help Doug leave his
depression behind. Doug sits back, Holly places the headphones
and glasses on him, and Doug listens and watches as a dreamy,
sexy scenario puts him in a trance that leaves him feeling a
whole lot better. And lucky Holly just happens to be there when
Doug comes out of his trance.

The beginning of this story, as you can probably tell from my
synopsis, is not at all sexy. The sex comes in as Doug's therapy,
and it continues as the post-catharsis celebration. You'd have to
be a cold person to not enjoy the way this story ends.

A good plot, a good main character, well-written, and fulfilling
sex - it all adds up to an exceptional story.

{ASSM} Memories and Illusions (FF, lesbian) (Katherine T.)
By Katherine T. <>

Flor and Katherine are in Firenze, the last day before they leave
for Paris. It is hot, Katherine is naked, and Flor has one finger
in Katherine's vagina and another finger up her butt. Katherine,
apparently, is a very accommodating lover.

And then Katherine is in a desert with white sand. And then a
party in Chicago. I assume some of these scenes are memories
while others are illusions. Either way, they are all well done.
The opening scene in Italy, especially, is great.

I suppose I could quibble about the story feeling front-heavy,
that the Italian scene overwhelms the rest of the story, but
don't let that sway you away from reading this story. Katherine's
subservient femme is a fascinating character, and she gets in
some very sexy situations.

{ASSM} cuyahoga.007 [urfe] [new] (as falls cuyahoga, so falls cuyahoga falls 7)
By Nicholas Urfe <>

Seventh in the series of the dysfunctional Cuyahoga family, this
story starts off with mother Vanessa pounding down a martini and
talking to her daughter Addison and Addison's friend Edie about
the fuck Addison and Edie just finished in Addison's room. They
mention the father, Jackson Cuyahoga, and the story shifts to the
airport, where Jackson is picking up his new protege, Torvald.

Most of the story is spent with Jackson and Torvald as they
discuss what Jackson likes from his assistants, which includes
more than just keeping up on the latest articles on gravastars
and entropy.

This sexually exuberant family is beginning to solidify in my
mind, and I must say, a fascinating family it is. You read some
ridiculous stories in ASSM about happy families who fuck one
another, but you rarely see a story where the participants are so
desperately in need of counseling.

This is not an easy series of stories to read. The writing style
is complex, and it takes some getting used to. But if you're
willing to take the effort, you'll be rewarded with a rich look
into a family that crosses a line.

{ASSM} Mat Twassel -- Sand Like Frozen Light
By mat twassel <>

Renee is a teenage girl on a beach vacation with her family. Her
aunt, uncle, and five-year-old cousins are there, too. The
families make sand castles, go fishing, read novels, ... all the
things that people do when they go to the beach.

Renee is just becoming aware of things sexual and is unsure of
how everything is supposed to be. She's uncomfortable with the
little kids running around naked after their showers, she isn't
sure what word you should use when referring to male genitalia,
she doesn't like hearing her aunt and uncle doing it in the next
room - anything remotely sexual makes her uneasy.

While there is a sexual component to this story, it is not erotic.
Even so, I found myself wrapped up in it. This is a story about a
girl who isn't sure if she should be a grownup or a child.

If you're don't mind a story that makes no attempt to arouse you,
you won't do better than this one.

{ASSM} Subway series#4: Who's Sorry Now?
By theGreatxIam <>

It makes a lot of sense for a series of stories that take place
on subways would eventually make it to the crowded trains in
Japan. And here we have it from theGreatxIam.

However, this story contains a lot of backstory telling us how a
degradable polymer was developed. Not a hint of sex, not a hint
of subways, not a hint of Japan.

Japan shows up when someone in a big Japanese company figures out
the polymer can be used to make CDs self-destruct in ten years.
But still no subways and still no sex.

Finally, after a disastrous meeting with the honchos at Ekasa,
the narrator gets on one of the Tokyo subways. And finally, he
gets pushed up against a horny young woman.

The sex, when it finally arrives, is very exciting. The chemistry
and the business meetings weren't quite as exciting, but they
were interesting enough. On the whole, though, the story feels
front-heavy. The buildup meanders too much.

Don't get me wrong - this is an excellent story about a man who
is a little bitter about his experience in Japan. Although I
thought he should be a little more appreciative - his trip ended
with quite a bang!

{ASSM} Law and Justice (MF humor)
By anais ninja <>

Just when I thought I'd read it all.

If you've been reading the newspapers lately, you probably know
that the United States' Attorney General asked that the statues
of the Spirit of Justice and the Majesty of Law have their bodies
draped. I suppose he was embarrassed giving press conferences in
front of partially naked statues.

And this story proves that Mr. Ashcroft didn't go far enough. He
should have put chastity belts on those metal fuckers.

This story is well-written, funny, and makes some nice jabs at a
few prudes in the White House. The story is too bizarre to be
very arousing, but it is still an entertaining read.

{ASSM} Tryst (MF) [Anoninsac]
By Anon Sacto <>

After a working lunch with Cammie, the narrator of this story begins to obsess about her. He sees her face everywhere, and when
it gets to be too much, he calls her. They arrange to meet in a
hotel room.

I liked this story a lot. The narrator is drawn well in just a
few words, and the glimpses into Cammie are also intriguing.

My complaints are minor and few. The only significant one is the
puzzle left unsolved: why did this woman decide to meet this man in a hotel room? The story reads like the start of a series with
the author withholding information to help spice up future

But we have great sex, well-written prose, and enough
characterization to make me want to know more - it all adds up to
an excellent story.

{ASSM} The ABC Plan {1/1} {Clint Kalmkren} {MF oral anal}
By Clint Kalmkren <>

Professor Sharpe teaches freshman calculus, and there is always
one student who just doesn't get it. This term, it's Angela.
After flunking the first two midterms, she comes to Sharpe with a

Sharpe, however, has a counteroffer: the ABC Plan. Angela gets
her A if he can fuck her Ass, receive a Blowjob, and fuck her
Cunt. Angela is desperate to pass, so she agrees.

Every Wednesday for three weeks, Sharpe arrives at Angela's
apartment. They don't go in alphabetical order, leaving the `A'
for last.

The professor keeps strict control over the Wednesday events,
telling Angela everything she must do. He is selfish, but his
selfishness includes Angela enjoying herself too. For the most
part, he is not cruel or demeaning.

This long story is very well written for ASSM. My main complaint
involves the plot: this is just a variation of the Tricky Husband
Syndrome I mentioned in a previous review. Here, the Tricky
Professor has a scheme, and the scheme is carried out exactly as
planned. Nothing goes wrong. Everything turns out great in the
end. This story would have been twice as good if something had
happened along the way to surprise me.

So the plot is a slightly boring. Fortunately, the sex in this
story is fantastic. As a heterosexual stroke story, this is one
of the best.

{ASSM} Anna, Susan, Sandra, Sis and me (MF, oral, anal, toys) by Henrik Larsen
By Henrik Larsen <>

This story is told entirely as a dialogue between a brother and
his lesbian sister. At the start of this story, the brother is
telling his sister all the juicy details of his sex life with
Anna. These two siblings are pretty darn close, and the
descriptions get pretty darn explicit. We find out that new
girlfriend Anna isn't as pretty as ex-girlfriend Susan, but Anna
is a heck of a lot better in bed.

Then we find out that the sister is sick and in the hospital, and
the doctors don't know what the problem is.

The story continues in the same vein, the brother coming in to
perk up his sister with the latest news on the sexual front with
Anna as the sister learns more about her mysterious medical

There are a few too many typos, spelling errors, and a little too
much homonym abuse, but the detraction from the main story is
minor. Like most stories told entirely in dialogue, the
conversation sometimes sounds unnatural when the characters
describe action with their spoken words.

But there is also a lot to like about this story. The banter
between the siblings is usually very good and sometimes perfect.
I have a few issues with the ending that I won't get into here,
but most of this story is a fine mix of light-hearted sex, scary
illness, complicated relationships, and the love between a
brother and a sister. I expect this story will be wildly popular
with the ASSM reading public.

{ASSM} Mat Twassel -- Valentine's Day Breakfast in Bed
By mat twassel <>

The sun is rising on Valentine's Day, and he and Laura want to
celebrate by fucking four times. They do it once, and then Laura
wants to hear about what the next three times will be like. He
explains it to her. Laura likes to hear him explaining this kind
of thing to her.

This story is romantic without being sappy, explicit without
being vulgar, and poetic without being pretentious. In just a few
words, this story paints a picture of a couple who love each
other and love fucking each other.

A simple story, perhaps light on plot, but perfect for a romantic
Valentine's Day.


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