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As pre-arranged, Meredith came over to Josh's house that Sunday

"Hi," she said when Josh opened the door. She leaned in and gave him a

"Hi, yourself," Josh beamed.

"So, do you want me to ask them about this?"

"We both will. Don't forget, you've never even met them."

They walked into the living room, where Josh's parents, Maureen and
Eric, sat.

"Mom, Dad, this is Meredith. This is my Mom, Maureen, and my Dad,

"Oh, it's so nice to finally meet you," Maureen said. "Josh never shuts
up about you."

"Oh, thanks a lot, Mom."

"Isn't that what mothers do best? Embarrass their sons? Hi, I'm Eric
Wallingford." Meredith took the proffered hand and shook it. "Very nice to
meet you. I loved Princess of the Potomac, by the way."

Meredith smiled. "Thanks, Dr. Wallingford. That's the popular one."

"Hey, it's a funny film. And you were wonderful in it," Maureen added.

"Thank you, Mrs. Wallingford. And it's a very funny film, even on
paper. I remember when I first got the script, I almost bust a gut
laughing," Meredith told them.

Just then, there was a rumble down the stairs, and, suddenly, a
10-year-old girl blasted into the room.

"Hey, short stuff," Josh said. "Meredith, this is Hannah, my sister."

"Wow!" Hannah said, wide-eyed.

"Nice to meet you, Hannah," Meredith said with a grin.

"Wow!" Hannah repeated. "Josh really is going out with Meredith Fowler?
I thought it was just a great big story!"

"Yup, Josh really is going out with Meredith Fowler," Meredith laughed.

"A great big story, huh? Jeez, Hannah, do I ever tell you stories?"

"All the time." She sat on the couch next to Meredith, and then looked
at her. "So why on earth would a big star be going out with my dorky

"Hannah....," her father said in a warning tone.

Meredith just laughed. "Because he's sweet, kind, smart, funny, and
very cute." She dropped her voice into a stage whisper. "Oh, plus, I have
a soft spot in my heart for dorky big brothers."

"Oh, great," moaned Josh, as Hannah giggled.

"Hey, you were only supposed to hear the sweet, funny, cute part!"
Meredith said.

"Hey, I'm only going out with you for the freckles," Josh countered,
making everyone laugh.

"The freckles, huh? I thought it because I was so demure and humble."

"Uh-huh. A wallflower, all over, that's you." They beamed at each
other, resulting in amused chuckles from the parents and mock-gagging
noises from Hannah.

"So, Meredith," Maureen said, "Josh said you came over to do some

"A bit. We just wanted to spend time together, too."

"Arrgh. They're probably going to be kissing! Yuck!" Hannah

"Shaddap, kid," Josh told her.

"Yeah, shaddap, kid," Eric agreed.

"Well, the other reason I came over is Josh and I wanted to talk to you
about something."

"OK, shoot," Maureen said.

"I would like Josh to come with me to California. First week in
December. We'd leave probably on a Wednesday, and come back Sunday or

"What do your parents have to say about this?" Eric asked her.

"All for it. They will be there, too, by the way."

"It's her premiere. You know, first showing of her new movie?" Josh
told them.

"Yeah. It's that Saturday night. I have to go into town a few days
early to do some interviews, then they screen the film Saturday night, and
then there's a party. Then we come home."

"I don't know. I don't know if we can fit this into the budget," Eric
told them.

"Oh, that is all taken care of," Meredith said.

"Oh, we couldn't let you do that," Maureen started.

"I asked him to go with me. In fact, I begged him to go with me. I'm
not letting him-or you folks-carry the bag financially."

"And your parents have no problem with this?" Eric asked.

"It's my money. It's in trust until I'm 21, I have to go through my
parents to get it, but, no, they have no problem with me spending my money
on bringing my boyfriend to my premiere."

"Wait a minute. You can afford this?" Josh asked her.

"My next question exactly," Eric agreed.

"Oh boy," Meredith moaned. "Look, I don't talk about this. But do you
realize what actors get paid?"

"I guess not," Josh told her.

"Are we talking thousands?" Eric asked her.

"Try millions," Meredith admitted.

"You.....are a millionaire?" Josh gasped.

"A few times over. I don't spend a lot, and Dad has a stockbroker
friend-my trust is invested."

"Oh Jesus."

"Is this a problem?" Meredith asked him.

"No, not really. I just never thought about it before," Josh said.

"I know, it's just another way we're different," Meredith grumbled.

"Yeah, just that you beat me to it by a few years," Josh grinned at her.
She griinned back in surprise. "Y'see, I'm getting better. I just hope
there's no other suprises."

"Yes you are, and I don't remember any," Meredith told him.

"I must admit, I'm a little worried," Eric said. "You're dating our
son. We don't even know you. How does a seventeen-year-old handle being a

"Good parents," Meredith smiled. "I'm serious. My parents would agree
with you. Look, my dad's a lawyer, my mom used to be a nurse until my
career took off and she quit to be with me on jobs. I do not come from a
show-biz family. That's why we moved here, to put the brakes on a little.
My parents were cool enough to let me do this, and to support me, but they
also know when to get me to back off. I don't spend a cent of that money
without their say-so. I get an allowance every week but it's probably not
more than Josh gets. I used some of the money to by my car, but it's a
second-hand Toyota. The trust could have been open to me at eighteen, but
I agreed to twenty-one, because eighteen is too young. My parents agreed
on me paying for Josh to come with me, because a premiere is a big deal,
but they do not allow me to spend frivorously. That money is put away. It
has to pay for college, and it's a nest egg if my career ever ends."

:"Oh. So you're technically rich, but it's not money you can put your
hands on," Eric said.

"Right. Like I said, I get an allowance, but that's it. Basically, it
cuts my parents more slack than it benefits me, but that's OK," she
giggled. "I also use it for career-related expenses-attending a premiere is
just that."

Josh's parents agreed to let Josh go to the premiere, to jubilation all
around. Then they and Hannah went out for the afternoon, leaving Josh and
Meredith alone.

"You handled that wonderfully," Josh told her.

"I hope so. When I told you how much money I have, I could see the
panic in your eyes."

"That wasn't panic, that was dollar signs. I was trying to figure how
to hit you up for a loan," Josh joked.

"You really are all right with this?"

"I have a confession to make," Josh said. "One of my problems is that I
keep asking myself the same question Hannah asked you." He took a breath.
"I can't tell you how good your answer made me feel."

"It's the truth," she said simply. "Josh, you know, I could ask the
same question."

"What do you mean?"

"Why is a sweet guy like you going out with an overpaid over-adulated
prima donna like me?"

"Same answer. Look, you told me, when I first met you, that you wanted
to be accepted as more than Meredith-the-actress. I did, from the first,
you know. You're not a prima donna. You're more down to earth than I ever
would have guessed. You have a big heart, you know."

"Thanks," she said softly.

"Plus, there's those freckles."


"But you are overpaid!"

"I agree," she giggled. "Kiss me anyway!"

He did. It was a long, slow, kiss, that ended with them sprawled all
over each other on the couch.

"Look, I could enumerate all the reasons I'm crazy about you, but, it
comes down to this. Every time I questioned your feelings, or whether you
could be going out with a nobody like me, or anything, I kept coming back
to one thing-we fit," Josh told her.

"We fit?"

"We fit. It just feels right. Chemistry, or something. We fit

"Yeah, we do," Meredith agreed softly.

"I realized this. I've never felt this comfortable with a
person-especially a female-type person-in my life. Not even Kylie, and
she's like my sister. I think that's why I was able to ask you out. I
think that's why I'm not flinching or getting scared at how much I like
you. It just feels right."

"Do you know how sweet that was?" she smiled, and kissed him again.

"You know what else I realized today?" he said after they broke the
kiss. "I'm actually looking forward to this premiere."

"Oh, am I going to show you a good time!"


Thanksgiving had passed, and Christmas was approaching. Lamawakka had
seen it's first snowfall a week earlier, but Josh and Meredith, plus
Meredith's parents, had just landed far from the snow, in Los Angeles.

"Wow, look at this hotel!" Josh enthused.

"It's some place, isn't it?" Meredith agreed.

"Yup. So what's on the agenda?" Josh asked.

"Let's see. It's noon California time. I have an interview with People
magazine at three, so I need to get freshened up. Nothing else today,
though. Let's find our rooms."

They found their rooms. Meredith was in the middle, with her parents on
one side and Josh on the other. All of the rooms were huge two-room
suites. Josh and Meredith decided to take showers and meet in Meredith's
room in an hour.

When Josh got there, the room was already full. "Josh, this is Mike
Darling, my agent, and Beth Gobel, my publicist. This is Josh Wallingford,
my boyfriend."

"BOYFRIEND? I didn't know about any boyfriend," Mike said.

"You don't manage my love life, Mike, sweetie," Meredith giggled.

"Oh, but this would be great publicity, though!" Beth enthused.
"Meredith Fowler dating normal high school guy! That stuff always makes
good copy."

"Excuse me, I think I'll go hide under a rock, OK?" Josh said, bemused.

"Hey, you show up with her at the premiere, and you're going to be
paparazzi fodder, anyhow, kid," Mike told him.

"I know. I'm going to blacken three of my teeth and make sure to smile
real wide," Josh told him.

"Actually, we were planning for me to wear the tux and Josh to wear the
dress," Meredith joked.

"Yup," Josh agreed.

"Oy veh," Mike grumbled. "Listen, kid," he said to Josh, "don't cater
to her wise-ass side, OK? It doesn't need the help."

"Sorry, it's my favorite side," Josh grinned.

"I'm serious. You want to wreck her career?" Mike grumbled. "You need
to sit down with Beth there and learn what you can and cannot do, if you're
going to be seen with a star like Meredith."

"Oh, Jesus, Michael, lighten up!" Meredith spat at him.

"Look, Meredith, all eyes are going to be on you. You've practically
disappeared from sight. Everyone wants to know what's up."

"Fine. Then they're going to find out what's up. They're going to find
out that I have a real boyfriend, not a Hollywood mannequin. They're going
to find out that I've discovered that I myself am a real person, and not a
Hollywood mannequin. And if it costs me jobs, so fucking be it. "

"What has gotten into you?" Beth asked.

"Real life."

"Why would anyone trade Hollywood for real life?" Mike asked bemusedly.

Meredith smiled. "Look, guys, I'm not about to do anything to embarrass

"And, all joking aside, I wouldn't dream of embarassing her, either,"
Josh interjected.

"Right. But if I read one more interview where I am described as
'serious and sober', I'm going to barf. All the ones from before my hiatus
were like that. I'm happy. Really happy. And a little goofy, because of
it. Live with it, OK?"

"OK, I can see that," Mike said.

"So can I," Beth agreed.


The interviews on Wednesday and Thursday had gone fine, and they were
done early enough on Thursday for Meredith to take Josh to Disneyland, and
then out to eat at one of her favorite restaurants. They then went

Friday morning, however, went a little differently. Meredith was
appearing on The Lisa Kelley show, one of the more popular morning talk

They chatted about the film a bit, and then Lisa lowered the boom.
Meredith and Josh had been seen Thursday, and word had obviously gotten
back to Lisa.

"So, scuttlebutt has it that you've got a boyfriend," Lisa said.

"Yeah," Meredith admitted. "From back home, in New York."

"But he's here with you now?"

"Yeah, he came out for the premiere with me."

"He's not an actor?"

"No, no, no. He's a regular person," she giggled. "I met him at
school. He's sweet, and funny, and just an all around great person."

"He's here, in the studio?"

"Yeah, backstage somewhere, waiting for me."

"I think we should get him on. It could be interesting."

"Oh, I don't know," Meredith demurred. "He's not used to this sort of

"Ah, it will be fun," Lisa said. The studio audience shouted
encouragement. "Look, let's break for a commercial. We can go find him
and ask him. We'll be right back."

"Lisa, he's not going to like this," Meredith said as Lisa hustled her
off stage.

"Why, what's he got to hide?" Lisa sneered. They found Josh backstage.
He had seen the exchange.

"No. No way. I'm not a public figure," Josh said before they had a
chance to say a word.

"He's right. Lisa, this is an ambush," Beth said, as she ran into the
room, Mike by her side.

"Hey, she doesn't want him known, she shouldn't be carting him all over
town. People are curious. I got a pile of phone calls about this already.
She's been seen with him. People want to know."

"They're seventeen year old kids, for Chrissake!" Mike thundered.

"Yeah, and one of them is a Hollywood figure," Lisa countered.

"People can know," Meredith interjected. "I'll tell you anything you
want to know."

"Not the same. He's not a polished Hollywood figure. He hasn't had
people like her"-she pointed at Beth-"whispering in his ear for umpteen
years. Your fans want to know what your boyfriend is like."

"Yeah, so you can get him to say something stupid and embarrass them
both," Beth spat out angrily.

"If she's afraid of that happening, maybe she should choose her
boyfriends more carefully," Lisa said.

"How dare you?" Meredith thundered.

"Just the facts of life, honey. You want to parade him around, he's
going to get exposed. I'd rather have it happen on my show."

"I'll do it," Josh said quietly.

"Huh?" Meredith looked at him.

"Josh, you don't know what you're getting yourself into," Beth said

"Trust me," he said to Beth. "You got what you wanted," he scowled at
Lisa, "now, lead the way."

"Are you sure?" Meredith asked.

"Are you ashamed of me?"

"Of course not! Why would you think..."

"Good," Josh interupped. "And, no, I didn't think, but I wanted to make
sure." He grinned at her. "Let's go show 'em."

"You're amazing, you know that?"

They walked out into the studio together, and the audience, seeing Josh,
broke into applause. They settled into their seats, holding hands. Lisa
listened to the producer count them back in from the commercial.

"Well, we convinced him to come out and say hi. This is Josh
Wallingford, Meredith's boyfriend. Now, Josh, you go to high school with


"In New York, right? In....what is this town called?"

"Lamawakka. It's an Indian name of some sort," Josh told her.

"What's it mean?"

"I don't know what it really means, but the local joke around town is
that it means 'Stop snowing!'" The audience laughed at that one.

"OK. So you're in high school, there."


"And a big Hollywood star comes to go to school there."


"What did you think? Were you immediately trying to move in on the
resident celebrity?"

Josh refused the bait. "No, actually, at first, all the fuss was
annoying. I said to my best friend, 'Who is she, the Queen of England or
something?'" Even Meredith broke up at that one.

"Ah, so it took you a while to make your move."

"What move? I have no moves," Josh said bemusedly. "No, I actually
happened to be there when she was having a rough moment, so I talked her
through it. We became friends, at first."

"I was crying uncontrollably, actually," Meredith admitted. "I thought
I was hiding under the bleachers at the football stadium. Little did I
know that some guy was sitting on top of the same bleachers, writing

"Yeah, and I heard her, without actually knowing it was her. I just
heard a girl crying. I went down to see if she was alright."

"Yeah, and we became friends, and it gradually grew into more than
friends," Meredith said.

"You write poetry?" Lisa asked.

"Poetry, short stories, and I write for the school paper."

"Is that what you want to do?"

"Yeah, journalism first, and creative writing as a sideline."

"So you're not trying to break into movies or TV."

"Well, in ten years, if ESPN offers me a Sportscenter gig, I most likely
won't be turning it down, but that's it." The audience laughed again.

"And I certainly can't help him there. He'll probably have more of an
in with his best friend, the future NFL star, " Meredith joked.

"OK. So, here you are, a normal everyday high school kid, dating a big
star. What's that like?"

"Other than being dragged onto tv shows, it's no different," Josh said
with a knowing grin.

"Ah, but it must be. She's got a lot of money."

"You do?" Josh said, turning to Meredith in mock-surprise. "I don't
know anything about any money. Jeez, honey, you'd think if you had money,
you'd have a car that starts, and I wouldn't have to keep jumping yours!"

"My car's not used to New York." Meredith joked.

"Oh, come on, we all know what actresses get paid," Lisa persisted.

"Actresses under the age of twenty-one get paid into a trust, and my
parents keep a tight reign on mine," Meredith said tightly.

"I think my allowance is more than hers is," Josh joked. "At least, it
seems like I'm always the one that has money for the pizza."

Beth and Mike were watching this from backstage. What had begun as
supreme trepidation had eased somewhat. "You know what? He's doing OK."
Mike said.

"He's doing better than OK," Beth said.

"Now," Lisa was asking, "are you telling me you guys go out for pizza
and stuff, just like everyday high school couples?"

"Are you kidding? She's a pizza hound." Josh joked.

"He's the chinese food hound, so we alternate."

"But our favorite date thing is to go dancing, so we work off all those

"Dancing?" Lisa asked.

"Yeah, he's a terrific dancer. There's a teen dance club not too far
from us."

"And, now that winter's arrived, I plan to get her on skis. Lake
Placid's not too far."

"Yeah, I've agreed to that, but I haven't agreed to his grand plan of
getting me up to Lake Placid and making me go on the luge."

"Ah, it's fun," Josh countered. "Bobsled was scarier. Oh, and I'm
going to teach her to cross-country ski, as there's lots of trails around."

"Which means more calories burnt, which means more pizza!"

"Do you guys go to the movies?"

"Sometimes," Meredith smiled.

"Yeah, it's like a busman's holiday for her. We go to a movie, and she
tells me everybody in the cast that she's worked with." The audience
chuckled. "Me, I go home to my VCR and watch all her movies on an endless
loop, and moon a lot." The audience broke out laughing, as Meredith gave
him a playful swat.

"Now, are you guys serious?"

They looked at each other, and smiled. Then Josh said, "Look, she's my
first girlfriend. No matter what happens in the future, as far as I'm
concerned, 'first girlfriend' is serious by definition."

"Ditto," said Meredith. "Gossip columns to the contrary, he's my first
boyfriend, too."

"Oh, DAMN, that's a good answer!" Beth enthused backstage.

"I'll buy that, but how serious is this? Are you lovers?"

Meredith looked at Lisa with barely restrained fury, but Josh parried
it. "Ah, wouldn't you like to know?"

"I'm sure my audience is curious," Lisa persisted.

"Ah, but since one of the regular members of your audience is my Mother,
she can just stay curious!" The audience broke up at that.

"If you don't answer, though, everyone is going to assume you are."

"Why?" Josh asked reasonably.

"Because if you aren't, you'd say so."

"Maybe in the crazy world of Hollywood, but not in Lamawakka. Listen,
I've told you that she's my first girlfriend. So, if I say we are lovers,
than I'm telling you she was my first. If I say we aren't lovers, than I'm
telling you that there hasn't been a first. My virginity, or lack thereof,
is not fodder for public consumption. And Meredith's shouldn't be,
either." The audience broke into applause at that.

"Well, I see we're out of time," Lisa said with a strained grin on her
face. She quickly signed off the show. Meredith and Josh scooted back
stage as soon as they could.

"Oh, you were fantastic!" Meredith enthused, giving Josh a huge kiss.


"She's right. You were great. You charmed everyone, I can guarantee
you that," Beth told him.

"And that last answer was perfect. You completely disarmed her." Mike

"Yeah, I was the one that almost lost my cool," Meredith grumbled.

"I noticed," grinned Josh. "I would have, too, but I wasn't lying about
my mom watching this show regularly, God knows why. So, I've seen it, and
I know what she's like, so I was half-expecting something like that."

"So was I, but I still got upset."

"She's a barracuda," Josh said, and then turned to Beth. "Why on earth
do you schedule her for shows like this? I don't ask that to be nasty, but
what's the point?"

"Because she's got a huge audience. And, let me tell you a secret-the
audience knows she's a barracuda, and likes when someone gets the best of
her, especially when they're sweet and disarming about doing it, like you
were. Now, I know Meredith mostly holds her own with Lisa and hosts like
her, so I don't hesitate. I didn't know how you were going to do but, like
I said, you were terrific. Both of you were. So, Lisa's audience-who,
remember, knows she's a barracuda-just saw Meredith and her unschooled
un-Hollywoodized boyfriend slap Lisa around, and do it with wit and charm.
Do you know how many new fans you made for Meredith today? Do you know how
many Lisa fans are now going to go see this film because 'that sweet girl with the charming boyfriend' is in it? It's incalculable."

"She's absolutely right," Mike agreed.

"Wow. I never thought of it that way," Josh said.

"I didn't think of it either, but she's right," Meredith said
thoughtfully. "I wasn't thinking about how you going out there would
affect my career-I was thinking about how it would affect you."

"I'm fine. Not something I'd want to do everyday, mind you, but I
actually found it fun."

"You looked like you were having fun," Beth commented. "I'll be honest.
I expected you to be unpolished. You weren't. I was surprised."

"Hey, although I come from a small town, I can be the center of
attention in town. My Dad is not only a doctor, he's the only pediatrician
in Lamawakka, and my mother is the grammar-school principal. As an added
bonus, my grandfather is on the town council, and has been practically
forever. Everybody, and I mean everybody, in town knows who I am. It's
not the same, but I know how to behave myself, and I especially know how to
behave myself in a way that doesn't reflect badly on people who are
important to me that have vixible careers. You think facing Lisa Kelley is
hard? Try going through eight years of grammar school with your mother being the damn principal."

"I can imagine," Beth laughed. They all walked out of the studio
together, and headed to their separate cars. As Meredith and Josh were
walking away, Beth grabbed Meredith and whispered in her ear, "You picked a
winner, you know."

"I know," Meredith beamed.


Meredith had had a few more interviews, but ended for the day at about
three. She and Josh went back to the hotel. Josh had a call waiting from
his Mom, who had, in fact, seen the show, and was babbling when Josh
returned the call.

"How does she see the show if she's running the grammar school?"
Meredith asked him.

"Usually she tapes it, but she has a tv in her office that she keeps on
when she's alone in there. One of the perks of being the principal. Of
course, when she saw you, she stopped to watch., and then she saw me.
She's all a-twitter that I was on TV," Josh told Meredith and her parents after he returned to Meredith's room.

"I'll bet," Meredith's father said. "By the way, congratulations." He
shook Josh's hand. "You handled yourself perfectly."

"Thanks. So, what's up?"

"They're going out for the evening," Meredith told him. "Visiting some
old friends from when we used to live here. They asked us to go but, trust
me, you'd be bored. Heck, I like them, and I would be bored."

"Too many lawyers in the same room," her father joked.

"So, we're on our own," Meredith said.

"Cool. I'm sure we can occupy ourselves," Josh smiled.

"I'm sure you can," Meredith's father agreed. "We'll be late, most
likely-it's a two hour drive to get there."

"OK, we'll see you tomorrow," Meredith told him.

After they had left, Meredith and Josh went to Chinatown. They did some
shopping and grabbed some food, bringing it back to the hotel.

"This outer room or bedroom?" Meredith asked.

"TV's in the bedroom," Josh pointed out. They took the stuff in there
and spread it out on a table in the bedroom. They ate and talked and
watched TV, then ended up on the bed, laughing about their appearance on
the Lisa Kelley show.

"Oh, you should have heard my mom," Josh told Meredith. "She was
saying, 'You go, don't let that witch get the best of you!'"

"You were a champ today. Actually, you've been a champ all week. I'm
so glad you're here."

"So am I."

"You have an inner confidence that took me a while to see."

"Girls throw it. You threw it at first because of who you are."

"I understand about me, but why do girls in general throw your

"That's something that I've never been able to figure out." He smiled at
her. "Maybe I've just been waiting for the right one."

"You're too sweet to me," she smiled. "Anyhow, at least you're not all
tongue-tied around me anymore."

"Well, to a point. There are some things that are still difficult." He
took a deep breath, and turned to her. "But, difficult or not, I can't
keep this in anymore. I realized something this week. We've spent so much
time together, and it's been on your turf, which was, in my mind, the big

"Yeah, that's kind of how I thought about it, too."

"And so we're here, together, for three solid days now." Josh took a
deep breath. "And I know how I feel, and I know I want to say it.
Meredith, I love you."

Meredith lit up like a fireworks display. "You do?"


"Oh what a relief! I'm so glad you said it first!" Meredith enthused,
then her voice dropped. "I love you, too."

"Speaking of reliefs....."

"Uh-huh." She leaned over towards him on the bed, and practically
tackled him into a deep kiss. Then she suddenly backed off and lay down
next to him.

"OK, you took your big chance, now it's my turn." She took a deep
breath. "You know how I got all pissy at Lisa for asking the big question,


"You probably thought I was upset because it was an intrusion into our
private life."

"Yeah. Wait, that wasn't it?"

"That was part of it, that wasn't all of it. The other part of it was,
she asked us if we were lovers. And if I had given her the truth, it was
an answer I didn't like much."

"Huh? I'm confused."

"The truthful answer was no, we're not lovers." Josh nodded. Meredith's
voice got very soft, as she said, "That was the problem. I didn't want the
truthful answer to be no. I don't want the answer to be no anymore."

Light dawned on Josh. "You mean....." he gasped.

"Yeah," she smiled. "I want you. I want you to be my first. And I
want it tonight."

"Are you sure?"

"More sure than I've ever been about anything. Don't you want me,

"Of course I do. I had been hoping that it would happen, with you,
someday. But this took me by surprise. It's kind of quick. We've never
done anything past kissing and making out."

"That's enough," she smiled. "Every time you kiss me, I.....uh, feel
it. Right here." She pointed to her breast. "And right here." She pointed
down between her legs. "And I know you feel it, too, because I've felt
that more than once," she said as she pointed between his legs with a

"Number one problem with being a guy, it's hard to hide," Josh laughed.
"Look, you know I'm a virgin."

"As am I."

"As far as I've gotten with you is as far as I've gotten with anyone,
which means not very far."


"I barely know what to do. This will be the blind leading the blind.
It could be a disaster."

"It could. I'm betting it won't be. Josh, are you trying to talk me
out of this?"

"Hell NO!" he blurted out, causing her to laugh. "What I mean is, not
exactly, I'm just spelling out the facts of life, here." He sat up then.
"Oh, Jesus. Speaking of the facts of life-Meredith, I wasn't expecting
this, and I don't carry around condoms. We can't do this."

She reached up and pulled him down on top of her. "No worries. I'm on
the pill." She started nibbling on his ear. "I want you. I know you're a
virgin, but I also know guys talk about it. girls do, too. I am the only
17 year old virgin in Hollywood, so I've had a lot of girls to talk to. We
have a clue what we're doing. It'll be wonderful." Her kisses moved down
to his neck.

"I'm terrified," Josh admitted, with difficulty.

"And I'm not?" she laughed softly. "I'm terrified. But I also want
you. And I'm in love with you. It's right, Josh-it really is."

Josh made a decision. Yeah, like it was a tough decision, he thought to
himself. He grabbed her face and pulled it up to his, and kissed her, long
and deep. As he was kissing her, his hand moved up to her breast. He felt
her moan underneath his kiss, as she writhed in his grasp. He withdrew his
hand from her breast, ignoring her disappointed groan, and went to unbutton
her blouse.

"I take it that's a yes, then," Meredith said quietly.

Josh laughed. "Was there ever any doubt?"

She smiled, and, as he pulled her now unbuttoned blouse off of her
shoulders, she reached up to the front snaps on her bra and unhooked them.
She shook the bra off of her shoulders, now bare above the waist.

"Oh my God," Josh breathed.

"There's a reaction to be happy about," Meredith giggled. Josh just
smiled at her and kissed her again, pushing her back onto the bed. His
hand went back to her now bare breast. She gasped as his fingers made
contact with her swollen nipple. The writhing and squirming started again.

"Boy are you horny," Josh remarked with a chuckle.

"And you're not? I can feel it with my leg," Meredith gasped. "I'm
usually not this horny. This is all new."


"No, really." She pushed his hand away from her breast. "Stop for a
minute, I need to explain this to you." He stopped, looking at her. "I've
never thought of myself as horny. I don't get all that horny. Look, I've
played with myself, but I've never, ever felt like this. I've talked to
other girls, and they always described to me how certain guys made them
feel, and I never felt it. I had myself half convinced I was frigid." She
looked down. "I guess I was just waiting for the right guy."

"It's the same thing again. We just fit."


"And now that you're all worked up....."

She giggled. "Wait a minute." She reached for the hem of his shirt,
lifting it up over his head with his help. "Now we're equal." She lightly
rubbed her hand over his bare chest. "Peach fuzz."

"Thanks a lot. I never have been able to grow much hair there."

"Like I said, peach fuzz." She looked up at him, a gleam in her eye.
"As far as I'm concerned, it's kind of like freckles." He looked at her for
a second, then laughed out loud.

"C'mere, freckle-face," he said, pulling her towards him. Their mouths
met again, tongues entwined, as she ground her bare breasts into his chest.
He broke the kiss, and then started kissing her cheeks and across the
bridge of her nose-in other words, right where her freckles were-making her
giggle. She kept pushing her breasts into his chest.

"Mmmmm, I think my boobies like the peach fuzz," she whispered.

"That's fair, because all of me likes your boobies."

"Uh-huh." They kept kissing one another all over each other's face, as
Josh's hand slipped back down to a breast.

"You know something?" he said.


"I've had a lot of guys tell me their first time stories."

"Me too, from girls."

"I expected to be scared- but it's going away. I also expected it to be
more awkward than this. Why isn't this more awkward?."

"Well, it's like you said-we fit."


"Plus I'm horny-and your hand is making me more horny-but it's still a
slow burn so I'm not impatient."

"Ditto. My horniness tends to slow burn anyway.M"

"Unusual for a guy," she giggled. "And, lastly, our pants are still

He laughed, his hand still kneading her breast. "Oh, you think that
once the pants come off, we'll get all self-conscious?"

"Well, you haven't really seen the enormity of my hips and ass."

"What, this thing?" A hand went down to her ass. "Enormous? Who says?"

"Hollywood. I've lost parts because I'm too, er, curvy."

"Fuck Hollywood. I wouldn't sleep with Ally McBeal, that beanpole, if
my life depended on it."

She laughed, delighted. "I knew I loved you."

"Damn right. So, let's get it over with." His hand went to the snap of
her jeans. She helped him slip them off, and he quickly dispensed of her
panties. "Pink. Very cute," he said as he tossed them aside. Then he
looked at her, as she smiled at him, lying on her side propped up by an
elbow. "You naked is the most fantastic thing I've ever seen."

"Thanks. But, I was right, suddenly I feel awkward. I dunno."

"Don't. You're stunning."

"Well, I think it's partially because we're at a position of unequalness
again," she joked. She sat up, and reached for his belt buckle. He helped
her undo it, and quickly stripped off his pants and underwear. He was, no
big surprise, very erect.

"Oh WOW," Meredith gasped.

"I think I like that reaction, too," he laughed.

"Funny how something I've never seen before can instantly make my mouth

"You're an imp, you know that?"

"Yeah." Her hands wrapped around his member. She stroked it for a bit.
"Is this OK?"

"Better than OK."

"I can feel it throbbing in my hand," she giggled.

"Keep that up and you're going to feel a lot more than throbbing."

"A friend told me that if a guy has one know....he'll last

"I, uh, believe that's true.....oh jeez Meredith....."

"I'm doing it right, then?"

"Oh, more than right. Shitshitshitshit oh jeez Meredith I'm
cumming........" And so he did, all over Meredith's hand, as Meredith
looked on in disbelief.

"Wow, so much!" she said.


"Are you alive, sweetie?"

"I'm not sure."

Meredith broke out laughing. "Oh, darn, he's retreating," she said,
looking at Josh's rapidly shrinking cock.

"He just needs a wee bit of a rest."

"Oh. OK. Well, I need some kleenex or something!" Josh looked up and
saw her hand covered with his jism. Some had even squirted out onto her
tit. He reached onto the nighttable, found a box of kleenex, and put it on
the bed where she could reach it. "Thanks, sweetie." She cleaned off her
hand and boob, and then went down to his dick.

"Gentle," he said, "It's really sensitive after."

"Oh." She gently wiped the cum off his crotch, and then, impulsively,
leaned over and gave it a kiss.



"I'll say." She did it again. "You keep that up, and you'll wake him up
in a hurry."

"Hmm. That's good to know," she chuckled.

"Nope. It's my turn. Am I all cleaned up?" She nodded. "Good. Now
you lie back." She did so, grinning at him.

He bent back down to kiss her, as his hand caressed her breast. Then he
started kissing her cheeks, and then down her neck. He continued lower,
until his mouth made contact with a nipple.

"Oh, Josh, mmmmmmm...," she groaned. Suddenly she felt his hand between
her legs, gently stroking up and down her pussy lips. "Oh, wow," she
blurted. "Feels sooo good, sweetie."

Josh was inexperienced, but well-read, so he knew what he was looking
for, even if he had a less-than-precise idea where it was. He pulled his
fingers up her pussy, trying to be smooth and not grope. He got to the
top, and she whimpered a bit. Then he moved his finger up a bit, and hit a
little nub.

"AAAAAAH!" she screamed, as her legs jerked.

"Found it then," he murmured with a chuckle.

"UH-HUH!" she agreed, loudly. He ran his fingers up and down her pussy,
making sure to hit her clit with every upstroke. Her breathing
deteriorated into ragged wheezing. Suddenly, she realized that he wasn't
sucking on her tit anymore, and his head was moving lower. "Wh---what are
you doing?"

"Experimenting," he said simply.

Next thing she knew, his head was between her legs. She felt his finger
probe at her opening, and he slipped it in. "Ooooooooohhhhhh," she moaned.
And then she felt....his tounge? On her pussy? "Josh?" she said
questioningly-and then his tongue hit that spot, just as his finger slid
into her. "FUCK!" she screamed, as her hips rocketed off the bed. His
tongue bore down on her clit, and his finger was joined by a second as it
slipped in and out of her pussy. "OHGODDON"TSTOP!" she screamed as he
worked her over. Her hips bucked, bearing her pussy down on his fingers
and her clit up to his mouth. It didn't take long. "Josh, I'm....oh
my....I'm going to.....," she said in wonder, and then she shrieked, her
hips rising high off the bed, her whole body stiff and convulsing, as her
pussy clamped hard down on Josh's fingers.

He withdrew, and crawled up next to her. He held her hand and gently
stroked her hair as her breathing gradually returned to normal. Her eyes
fluttered open, and she saw him looking down at her, grinning, his face
still slick with her juices.

She chuckled. "Look at you. I think I have to clean you up again."

"Ah, that's not necessary," he laughed.

She got serious. "Let me." On a wild, crazy impulse, she pulled him
down and kissed him deeply, tasting herself on him. Then she kissed all
over his cheeks and chin, encountering herself with every touch. "You made
me crazy,' she murmured into his ear, still softly kissing him, as his
hands worked her breasts over. "I'm still crazy. I'm so turned on I can't
stand it. Every time I kiss you, I can taste myself. It's driving me
wild." She had maneuvered him so he was on his back. As she kissed him,
she crawled on top of him. "I want you. I love you." She straddled him,
and reached back for his fully-awakened member. She rose up on her knees,
and aimed it at her hole.

"You're full of surprises," he said.

"Oh, and you're not?" she laughed. "Like I was expecting that tongue

"I couldn't help myself," he chuckled. He looked at her, perched above
him. "Are you sure you want to do it this way the first time?"

"Yeah. Do you mind?"

"Not at all." He reached out to steady her hips, and helped her lower
herself onto him. She was tight, but very wet, and the head popped in
almost immediately.

"Oh God," she moaned, and slowly lowered herself onto him. Inch by inch
he disappeared into her, until their progress was slowed by an obstruction.

"Ready to take my cherry?" she asked with a gleam in her eye."

Josh laughed. "I must point out that you are in control of that, my

"Too true," she agreed. Closing her eyes and biting her lip, she
slammed down onto him, full force. His cock plowed through her hymen, and
he was all the way inside her in a flash.

"OWWWW!" she bellowed. "Oh shit that HURT!" Tears formed in her eyes as
the pain shot through her crotch.

"Come here," Josh said, and pulled her down on top of him, cradling her
in his arms as she wept a bit, still fully impaled on him. He stroked her
back and her hair as she shuddered. He kissed her tear-stained cheeks and
waited for her to calm down.

"I expected it to hurt," she finally said, "but not quite that much."

"How are you now? Do you want to get off for a minute?"

"Uh, no," she admitted. "It's starting to feel better." She grinned at
him. "How do you feel?"

"Just fine. Desperately trying to control myself, though," he laughed.
Alluding to their first meeting, he said, "Comforting a crying movie star
is a wee bit different when her pussy's wrapped around my dick."

Meredith looked at him, and exploded in laughter. "So, have you been
dreaming of this since that very day?" she asked coyly.

"Not really. Maybe. I can say I've been dreaming of this since that
day you kissed me in the bleachers."

"Yeah, me too," she giggled. "Ready?"

"You betcha."

She steadied herself on top of him. He pulled his knees up, to make a
little seat for her, and brought his hands back up to steady her hips. She
rose, experimentally, up off of him and slowly settled back down.
"Ummmmmm....." she moaned, and then repeated the motion. She started
slowly, getting her thigh muscles used to the motion and getting her pussy used to the penetration. Gradually, she picked up the pace.

"Pain gone?" Josh managed to get out.

"Hell yes," she gasped. "Oh God it feels so good....." Josh looked up
at her. Her breasts were flushed and heaving as they bounced above him.
Her thigh muscles and his hands on her hips worked in tandem, raising her
up almost off of him and slamming her back down. Josh rose his hips up to
meet hers. He could see his dick going in and out of her pussy. He also
saw her engorged clit.

Which gave him an idea. He let go of one of her hips and reached around
and put his finger on her clit.

Meredith howled. She increased her rhythm. The feeling of moving up
and down on Josh's dick while his finger massaged her clit was almost too
much for her. "JOSH!" she screamed, and went rigid, breathing in long
whines, as her pussy spasmed in orgasm around Josh's dick. That was about
all Josh needed. He grabbed her hips again and lifted her off and on him a
couple of times, until he poured his cum into her with a groan.

Completely spent, Meredith flopped forward onto Josh's chest, his
rapidly deflating prick slipping out of her. She purred contentedly as she
rubbed her tits into his chest.

She kissed him. "Thank you."

"Thank you," he replied. "That was.........I can't think of a word.
Some writer I am," he chuckled.

"You get a free pass, your brain is mangled." Meredith laughed. "At
least I hope so, mine is fried."

"Yes, very mangled," he agreed. "I think you short-circuited

"Well, I think you short-circuited everything. Anyhow, the word you
were looking for, is perfect."

"Yes. Perfect. I love you, Meri."

"I love you, too, Josh." Her voice dropped a bit. "Nobody calls me
Meri. I liked it from you."


Meredith was increasingly aware of Josh getting hard again, up against
her leg. "Now, what is that I feel down there?" she teased. "Is somebody
ready to go again?"

"He's got a mind of his own." He caught a glimpse of the blood that had
dripped onto the sheets. "But you must be sore."

"No, not really." His hand was idly stroking her breast. "And less and
less so, as long as you keep doing that." He increased the pressure. "Oh,
Josh, what you do to me."

"Only the same thing you do to me, sweetheart."

"Yeah. Josh, I want it again."

"Your wish is my command." He flipped them over so that he was on top.

"Oh, we going traditional this time?" she teased.

"Why not? Besides, you had your chance to control it."

"True." He slipped his cock into her sopping wet pussy. "YES!" she
howled as he entered her.

It was almost as good the second time. Finally, completely spent, they
fell asleep in each other's arms.


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