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video girl


THE video girl - by Bonfils

It was early in the evening, as Dave entered the
video store. Heading straight for the adult section,
he looked anxiously towards the counter to see who
was on duty today.

Oh, it was that girl again - the pretty one: young -
early twenties, he guessed - short, blond hair and
nice big tits underneath her tight, green sweater.

Dave tried to focus on the videocassettes on the

In a way, he didn't want a pretty young girl like her
to see that he was taking porno home. On the other
hand, there was something kinky about it: Dropping
the pornographic covers in front of her and watching
her reaction.

He looked through the videos. It was always hard to
tell from the covers whether they were any good. And
actually, Dave found it hard to predict what he'd
like. Sometimes, he was surprised what turned him

Now, this one looked good: A brand new movie,
featuring a couple of girls he'd never heard of
before. Might as well check that out.

He dropped the cover on the counter, and the girl
went out back to get the cassette. As he paid her, he
saw her smile - almost imperceptibly, just a tiny
little smile, making her even prettier.

As Dave left the store and walked home, he was sure
she hadn't been laughing at him. But then, what was
she smiling at? Maybe she was a porno fan herself.

Or what?


Dave popped the video into his VCR and sat down on
his couch.

The movie started in some sort of World War 2
setting. A tall, dark officer in uniform was dragging
a young, blond girl into an interrogation room. She
was supposed to be a female spy, and within seconds,
she was trying to bribe the officer with sex.

It was a pretty hot movie: The girl was beautiful,
and both actors really seemed excited. Dave felt his
cock swelling in his pants.

The officer now had the girl naked on all fours on
the floor of the interrogation room. And as he buried
his long, hard cock inside her, she moaned out loud.
The officer kept going, pounding his tool into her
pussy again and again, making her whimper with every

Dave opened his pants and grabbed his swelling cock.
Slowly, he began stroking it, watching the couple
fucking madly on his tv screen.

Still hammering his stiff cock into her, the officer
grabbed the girl's hair.

Masturbating, Dave looked at her face. She was
panting with pleasure, eyes closed, mouth wide open.
But still, Dave thought he recognized her.

The officer fucked her harder, faster, making her cry
out with lust. And stroking his cock, Dave realized
who she was: It was the girl from the video store!

Dave couldn't hold back any longer. He squeezed his
twitching cock tightly in his fist, watching the
officer relentlessly driving his cock into the girl
Dave knew so well. The pretty little girl from the
video store, naked on all fours, her sweet little
pussy probed violently by a porn star's erect rod.

As her screams of pleasure sounded from his TV, Dave
gasped as he began to ejaculate. Long, white jets of
sperm shot from the tip of his jerking cock, some
even hitting the tv screen from across the room. As
he masturbated, his cock kept spurting hot, creamy
semen all over the floor.

As his orgasm subsided, Dave leaned back on the
couch, still trying to catch his breath. Then he
wiped his hands and his cock and switched of the TV.

Then he looked at his room. His sperm had flown
everywhere, leaving sticky white trails all over.
What a mess to clean up! Dave sighed and got up to
wipe it off.


When Dave came back the next day to return the video,
the same girl was on duty again.

His heart was pounding. She looked just as good as
she had in the movie. She was wearing that same green
sweater again, its fabric stretched across her round,
bouncing breasts.

Dave looked around. He and the girl were alone in the
store, except for one guy: He looked like a biker,
wore a leather jacket and long hair in a ponytail,
and was standing by the adult section.

Dave went over to the counter and handed the video to
the girl.

"That was a good one," he said.

The girl averted his gaze.

"Glad you liked it," she whispered.

"I bet he'd like to see it, too," Dave said,
indicating the biker.

"Please..." the girl said.

"What?" Dave said, smiling. "You don't want people to
know how talented you are?"

"No... I..."

"I was just about to ask you," Dave went on. "Do you
have any more films like this one?"

The girl looked at him in silence for a few seconds.

"I... I'll check," she said and went through a door
into the storeroom.

Dave looked around. The biker wasn't watching - he
was busy checking out the videos. Dave went around
the counter and followed the girl into the storeroom.

It was a rather small, stuffy room, mainly filled
with stacks of cardboard boxes containing
videocassettes. As Dave entered, the girl turned

"What are you doing here?" she asked, angrily.

Dave smiled: "I just thought I'd help you find some
videos. How many have you made?"

"I... Get out! You're not supposed to be here!"

"Shhh," he said. "Relax. What difference does it

The girl looked at him, frowning.

"What is it you want?" she asked.

Dave just kept smiling. God, she was a pretty little
thing: Her beautiful face, her short blond hair. Her
tight, green sweater emphasizing her bulging breasts,
her jeans wrapped around her hips and into her

"Look," she sighed. "I don't have time for this. Tell
me what you want or get the hell out of here!"

"I want you to take all your clothes off," Dave said.

She just stared at him, incredulously.

"You're crazy," she said.

"Oh yeah?" Dave said. "I'll show you just how crazy I
am. Okay, I don't want to embarrass you, so close
that door."

"Why don't you do it?" she asked. "You're standing
right in front of it."

"But I want you to do it," he said.

He girl shrugged, and walked past Dave to close the

"Shall I lock it, too, sir?" she asked,

"No need," Dave said. "Now. Take your clothes off."

The girl sighed: "God, you're pathetic. Okay, but
don't get scared. I bet you never seen a girl naked
before. Except on video."

Don't be so sure about that, Dave thought as she took
off her shoes and unbuttoned her jeans. But he let
her talk.

"You're a goddamn pervert," she said, pulling off her
jeans, "do you know that?"

"Sit down over there," Dave ordered. "On those

Barelegged and barefoot, the girl hoisted herself
onto the stack of cardboard boxes in front of Dave.
Then she pulled off her sweater, exposing her full,
beautifully rounded breasts. She held them in her
hands, letting him watch as she gently massaged them.

"Yeah," she said, "go ahead and look at them, you
sick creep. Bet you never even seen a pair of tits

"Show me your pussy," he said, and the girl pulled
off her panties and threw them on the floor. She had
shaved all of her pubic hairs off, clearly exposing
the pink labia.

Dave felt his cock swelling in his pants, hot and
throbbing against the skin of his thigh. It had to be
visible through the fabric. And sure enough: He just
caught the girl looking at the fat, growing bulge.

The girl slowly spread her legs, opening her pussy to
his gaze.

"Touch yourself," Dave said.

And slowly she slid her hand up across her thigh,
finally touching her shaven slit. As she opened her
pink flesh with one hand, she began fingering the
base of her clit with the other.

"Yeah," she whispered. "Do you like to watch that,
asshole? You probably never satisfied a woman
yourself, did you?"

The girl kept going, gently massaging her tiny love
button and making sure Dave saw it all. As she
masturbated, Dave could tell she was getting excited:
She stroked herself with greater intensity, trembling
slightly. She was breathing harder, her naked breasts
bouncing slightly in time.

"Look at your pussy," Dave said.

And the girl gasped, as she looked down at her pussy.
Her mouth opened slightly, as she stroked herself
with great determination. Dave saw her fingers
getting wet and slippery with love juice, allowing
them to slip easily up and down across her trembling

He felt his pounding cock hardening and slowly zipped
down his pants. His erection stood out, stretching
the fabric of his shorts. As he pulled down pants and
shorts, the girl looked over at his hard, twitching

"I bet you're gonna fuck me now, huh?" she asked.

Dave shook his head.

"Later," he said. "First, I want to watch you come.
So you just keep right on stroking that sweet little

The girl bit her lip and continued masturbating with
one hand and massaging her fleshy breast with the
other. Dave held on to his warm, pulsing cock,
showing it off to her. Pulling back the foreskin, he
exposed its bulging, bluish head.

"Then later," he said, "I'll let you have it. You
just wait."

Squeezing one nipple hard, the girl kept stroking her
pussy. Her breathing was getting faster all the time,
as she stared longingly at Dave's stiffening cock.

"Oh yes," she whispered, shivering with pleasure from
her own touch.

"That's it," Dave said. "Keep going. Make yourself

Closing her eyes, the girl leaned back against some
cardboard boxes and intensified her motions. As one
hand opened her pussy, the other applied rhythmic
pressure to her clit, harder and harder, as she
gasped for breath.

Gently stroking his cock, Dave stared intently at the
girl's open pussy, the pink petals of her flesh
glistening with moisture. He longed to bury his cock
inside that juicy slit, and saw to his delight that
the girl was about to bring herself to her first

"Aaah," she cried, as she suddenly came. "Aaah!"

Shaking all over, she kept her hands still, clutching
them tightly between her thighs. Dave saw her arching
her back, lifting her behind off the cardboard box as
she savored her climax.

This was just the beginning, he thought, watching
her. Once he had his cock inside her, he would make
her come again and again, harder and harder, until
she'd beg him to stop.

"Stand up," he ordered.

Still dazed, the girl stood on the floor of the
storeroom, her fingers still dripping love juice.

"Turn around and bend over," he said, stroking his
cock. It was hard as steel now.

Dave quickly stripped naked and walked over to the
girl. She stood bent over, as he had instructed, her
elbows resting on the cardboard boxes, her cute
little ass up in the air. He couldn't resist. He
slapped it hard one, two, three times, his fingers
leaving reddish marks on her ass-cheeks.

"Ouch!" she cried.

"What's wrong?" he said fiendishly. "Don't you want
me to fuck you?"

"Oh yes," she moaned. "Please. Please fuck me."

"Spread your legs wide," Dave ordered. He stood right
behind her, his eager cock pointing straight at her

The girl stood with her legs wide apart on the floor,
and he guided his cock towards the mouth of her
pussy. Dave placed his hands between her thighs and
parted her labia with his thumbs.

"Fuck me," she whispered, as his hard-on touched her
tender flesh.

"Are you sure?" he asked. "I might get a bit rough."

His cock was twitching with excitement, clear
droplets dripping onto the floor from its tip.

"Please," she begged. "Just fuck me now!"

Dave brought his hips forwards, sliding his swelling
cock into her tight, wet, opening.

"Ohhh," she gasped, as he buried the entire length of
his hard shaft in her pussy.

Breathing hard, he held still for a few seconds, his
cock throbbing impatiently inside her love muscle.
Slowly, he pulled nearly all the way out, feeling her
sex trembling around it. Then, grabbing her hips, he
thrust his stiff tool into her - and then again, over
and over. He fucked the girl in a fast, steady
rhythm, making her gasp and hold on to the cardboard

"Yes!" she cried. "Yes! Fuck me!"

Dave kept pounding his cock into her juicy slit. He
felt her pussy muscles contracting, clutching his
shaft in time with the fucking, and making his cock
even harder.

"You like that?" he whispered to her. "You like my

"Oh yes!" she gasped. "I love it. I love that big,
fat cock!"

"Stroke your pussy!" he said. "Do it!"

And as Dave thrust his cock into her again and again,
he felt her trembling hand between her thighs,
eagerly fingering her clit as he fucked her.

"Ohhh," she moaned. Shaking all over, she had
collapsed on the cardboard boxes, letting Dave drive
his cock into her.

"Keep going!" he shouted. And obediently, the girl
stroked her pussy, breathing hard with excitement.

Dave now slid his cock almost all the way out of her
pussy with every stroke. He watched the bone-hard
shaft glistening from her juice as it appeared and
disappeared between her soft, yielding labia.

"Oh God!" she cried.

Dave thrust into her a few more times, and she came
again. Her orgasm was even more violent this time.
The girl gasped wildly, letting out cries of "God!",
"Yes!", "Oh!", as the powerful climax shook her body.

As her orgasm subsided, Dave pulled his cock out of
her hot slit. He was still hard - his wet cock
jerking, ready to enter her again.

"Having fun?" a deep, rusty voice asked.

Dave turned towards the door. The biker had come in
from the store. Now he stood there looking lustfully
at the naked girl still recovering on the cardboard

"Yeah," Dave said. "Wanna join in?"

The biker grinned at him:

"Why not? I saw her in that video. She looked pretty

"Please," the girl moaned, "close the door."

"Alright," the biker said, grinning, as he closed and
locked the door. "Now come here."

Naked, the girl got up and walked towards him. She
was flushed and sweating, but as she looked at the
biker, she smiled nastily.

"Like what you see?" she whispered.

The biker reached out and touched her shapely, fleshy
breast, squeezing it hard. The girl just kept looking
at him. Then he put one finger down between her
thighs and slid it upwards, parting her labia, and
making her body twitch slightly.

Next, he put his wet finger to her lips. The girl
opened her mouth and sucked her own spicy juice from
his finger, still looking him straight in the eyes.

"Lie down on the floor," he said.

Without a sound, the girl lay on her back on the
storeroom floor. The men knelt down beside her, Dave
at her feet, the biker next to her face.

"You've got a big cock?" she asked the biker.

Dave spread her legs and slid two fingers into her
shaved pussy, massaging the insides of her juicy

The biker opened his jeans (he didn't seem to be
wearing underwear) and slipped out his cock. It was
thick and semi-erect.

"Mmm," the girl said at the sight of it.

"Open your mouth," the biker said.

Placing one knee on either side of her face, he
guided his cock into the girl's open mouth. She
closed her lips around it.

"Suck it!" he ordered.

The biker sat completely still, letting the girl suck
his cock. Her lips and mouth massaged it
rhythmically, and Dave watched it swell and harden
between her lips.

"And you," the biker said to Dave. "Let me see how
you fuck her!"

Kneeling down between her legs, Dave lifted the
girl's ass off the floor and moved forwards, till her
ass rested on his thighs. Eagerly, she clasped her
legs around his back, still sucking the biker's cock.

Dave's hard cock stood straight up. He had to use
both hands to force it down and guide it into the
girl's soft slit. She was so wet he entered her

Savoring the sensation of her soft flesh around his
cock, he began fucking her, slowly, with deep,
regular movements. The girl moved her hips against
his in time with his rhythm. As her trembling hands
found his ass, she drove her nails into his skin.

"Ahhh," he grunted, forcing his cock ever deeper into
her soft, wet pussy.

The biker's erection had grown, veins bulging under
the skin. His cock was now so stiff it was about to
jump out of the girl's mouth. He had to struggle to
keep the wet shaft pointing downwards, allowing her
to suck it some more.

Only the head of the thick cock was still inside her
mouth; but as she sucked it eagerly, the jerking cock
grew harder and harder.

"Fuck her harder!" the biker said, and Dave plunged
his cock violently into the girl's slit, making her
moan loudly, her voice muffled by the biker's cock in
her mouth:

"Mmm! Mmm!" she muttered in time to each stroke of
Dave's cock.

"Yeah!" the biker said grinning. "You like that,

Then, as he raised his hips slightly, his erect cock
popped out of her mouth. Stiff and wet, it pointed
straight up, twitching.

"Aaah! Aaah!" the girl screamed, as Dave kept
pounding his hard cock into her succulent slit.

The biker stood up, looking at them, stroking his
thick, swelling cock.

"That's right," he said, masturbating. "Fuck her

"Oh God!" the girl cried out as Dave's vigorous
thrusts made her come once again. Her entire body
jerked wildly on the storeroom floor. She cried out
with lust, overwhelmed by sensations of pleasure.

Dave held still inside her tender flesh, feeling her
pussy pulsating around his cock.

"Damn, she's hot!" the biker said. "I wanna fuck her,
too. Let's get her over here."

Dave pulled out, and the two men lifted the almost
lifeless girl up, placing her on her back on the
stack of cardboard boxes. The biker spread her legs
and placed himself between them.

"Okay, honey!" he said. "Get ready for my cock!"

"Please..." the girl whispered, but too late. With
one brutal thrust, the biker buried his thick cock in
her. Dave saw her labia yielding and stretching
around the hard, wide shaft.

Then, with deep hard strokes, the biker began fucking

"Nooo! Aaah!" she cried, as he hammered his cock into
her again and again.

"Yeah?" he sneered. "You like that, huh?"

Mad with lust, Dave grabbed the girl's hair and bent
her head back over the edge of the boxes. Then he
forced his cock in between her quivering lips. He
felt her wet mouth enveloping his burning cock and
sighed with pleasure.

Slowly, he began moving his hips back and forth,
sliding his erect tool in and out between her lips.
The girl started sucking it, making smacking and
slurping sounds that made him even more excited.

On the other side of the boxes, the biker was driving
his cock into the girl with furious energy. Dave
watched the biker's glistening wet shaft as it
appeared, only to plunge back into her juicy slit
again and again.

The three of them were fucking like animals in the
storeroom, the men grunting with lust, the girl's
screams muffled by Dave's cock in her mouth.

"Fuck!" Dave shouted. "I'm gonna come!"

"Unnnh! Unnnh!" the biker grunted, driving his cock
into the girl. "Come in her mouth!"

"Yeeeah!" Dave yelled, as he felt his rock-hard cock
exploding, shooting the first hot, creamy jet into
her sucking mouth.

The girl clasped her lips tightly around his jerking
cock. And as Dave cried out loud in ecstasy, the
throbbing tool kept pumping his thick semen into her
mouth. She swallowed several times, but some of the
white, creamy liquid still dribbled out of the
corners of her mouth.

"Aaah," the biker yelled, pulling his cock from the
girl's pussy, as he, too, started ejaculating.

The first spurt flew across her belly, hitting her
breast. The biker grabbed his twitching cock with
both hands, as long, white jets of sperm shot across
her body. Roaring with pleasure, he masturbated,
emptying himself of every last drop of semen.

Finally, it was all over. The men's orgasms had
subsided, and their limp cocks hang warm and wet
between their legs.

The girl lay gasping on the stack of boxes, naked and
drenched in their thick juices.

The biker pulled up his pants.

"Now," he said. "Back to the store. You're on duty,
aren't you?"

The girl looked at him, confused.

"Oh, right," she said, getting up. "Just let me get
my clothes..."

"No no," the biker said. "You go in there like that!"

"Naked?" she cried. "I can't..."

"Go!" the biker ordered.

And slowly, hesitantly, the girl unlocked the door
and walked naked into the store.

"Shit!" Dave whispered, putting his clothes back on.
"She did it!"

"She's pretty cool," the biker said. "That's for

When they'd finished dressing, the two men went back
into the store. The blinds were drawn, most of the
lights turned off. The girl had closed the store for

But where was she? They look around the store, and
finally found her: She was lying naked on the
counter, smiling wickedly.

"I think we should finish what we started," she said.
"Don't you?"

Without a word, the men started undressing again, as
they slowly came towards her.

(c) Bonfils 2001


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