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The author of this story (cactusjuggler) reserves all rights to this
story--reproducing or posting this story without the author's permission is

The Voice of Magic (ff, mc, nc, hum) by Cactus Juggler (c) 1999
(actually wrote most of this one back in '95-96--just never posted it

"If you have to play your stupid games, at least try not to make a mess
okay?" Wendy called down to us.

"I'm really starting to hate her." Tracy said, turning to me.

"Let's get on with it then. Call it in the air." I told her and then I
flipped the quarter.


Tracy and I had been best friends since almost the day we'd met, a
little bit more than two years ago. We were both seniors in high school,
and neither of us had many other friends. We mainly just kept to
ourselves, although I had a boyfriend. We spent all our time together, and
we had no secrets.

When I moved into the area, Tracy was class loner. That quiet girl that
talked to nobody. I struck up a conversation with her the first day
though, and we really seemed to hit it off. We both had a lot of problems
in our lives (or so we thought) and talking about them to someone made us
feel better. I was in that rebellious phase, having just moved and living
with parents on the verge of divorce. But my situation had nothing on
Tracy's. Her parents had died several years before in an accident, leaving
Tracy and her older sister Wendy alone. Wendy was twenty-one when the
accident happened, and rather than move in with distant relatives Wendy
decided she would take care of Tracy. Between the insurance money and
Wendy's job, they had more than enough to get by. When Tracy told me this,
I told her she was lucky to have a sister willing to look out for her.
That was the first time that Tracy ever got mad at me. It turned out that
she couldn't stand her overbearing sister. She told me repeatedly that she
wished Wendy was dead.

My desire to leave my family, and Tracy's desire to leave Wendy, drew us
closer together. We dreamed of moving somewhere and having an apartment
together. Mostly, though, we did magic.


It was Tracy that introduced me to the occult. I had only known her a
week when she told me, matter-of-factly, that she was a witch. I didn't
think much of it, but soon she had me helping her gather things for her
'spells'. She had this old book, and I tell you she could really do magic.
To overcome my skepticism, she took me down into her basement and showed me
this circle she had painted on the bare floor. Arranging five candles at
points around its edge, she sat in the center. She said something I
couldn't understand and the candles lit! They just lit themselves! After
I picked my jaw up off the floor she showed me the spell book she had found
somewhere in an antique shop.

In no time at all, our high school had two witches. As we found sources
for more and more of the required ingredients, we tried ever more daring
spells. But the one spell that was always beyond our reach was the one
that Tracy desperately wanted to cast. Deep in the book, the spell
explained in old English how to gain the power to control other people like
puppets. The spell, if properly cast, would make the caster's voice
irresistibly charming to anyone who heard it. The spell required a wide
range of odd substances, and days of preparation. It also warned that "if
the powyr is oer used the wytche's voice shall be lost".

We searched and searched, and after two years we finally had everything
we needed to cast the spell. It took us a month to inscribe the special
circle of power necessary, and to make the special robe the caster would
have to wear. We talked endlessly of what we wold do if it worked. I
mainly wanted to make Tom, my boyfriend, go down on me. It was something
he refused to do, even though I really wanted him to. Nobody had ever
licked me, and just the idea made me hot. Tracy, on the other hand, only
talked of all the evil things she could do to her sister. We worked
together every night and soon we were ready, with one exception. The spell
required that the caster have been "anointed" by having someone kiss their
ass before the final ritual. And you could not be anointed by an anointed
witch. It would have been okay if we could have just 'anointed' each
other, but since we couldn't neither of us wanted to be the one left out.
We both wanted the power, so we had a problem. It was Tracy who came up
with the solution.

"Here's what we can do. We'll flip a coin. Whoever loses the toss
kisses the other's ass. If I lose, I kiss your ass. If you lose then you
kiss mine. And then whoever wins can use the power to convince someone
else to anoint the other. That way we can both cast the spell." She said,
digging a quarter out of her pocket.

Just then the door opened and her sister looked down the stairs at us.


I lost the toss.

I helped Tracy don the special robe and prepared the circle. The
special candles were lit, and Tracy stood ready with the book open to the
spell. She looked at me, and I knew it was time. I knelt down behind her,
and quickly kissed her ass.

"Say *anything* and I'll kill you." I told her as I stood up.

"Don't worry, you'll get your turn." She said as she entered the circle
and began the ritual.

I listened as she read unintelligible words from the book for several
minutes, until suddenly the candles flickered and Tracy straightened
suddenly. Then she let out a long sigh and smiled at me.

"Well, did it work?" I asked her.

"It worked." She told me.

"How do you know?"

"I *know*." She told me, as she set down the book and put out the

Pulling the robe off, she motioned for me to follow her upstairs.
Excited, and curious, I followed as she entered the kitchen.

Wendy was there, doing the crossword.

"Wendy, why don't you put that down and come here." Tracy said, and I
could *feel* a difference in her voice.

Wendy just put down her pen and walked over to us.

"It works, I can feel it!" She said, turning to me.

"Wha-, what works?" Wendy asked, looking slightly dazed.

Tracy quickly turned back to her.

"Wendy, why don't you stand there and be quiet? You want to be quiet
for a while, don't you?" Tracy urged her, and I could feel it again.

Wendy stood there, transfixed by Tracy's voice. Tracy turned to me and
grinned with excitement.

"It works!"

"Try to make her do something she wouldn't normally." I suggested to

"Wendy, I think you want to get down and kiss my foot, don't you? You
really want to make me happy don't you? That's it, that's a good girl."
Tracy cooed as Wendy knelt down in front of her and kissed her foot.

Tracy looked over at me and smiled as her sister knelt before her. I
was stunned. Tracy could really make Wendy do anything!

"You're a good girl aren't you? You're just like a good dog. You want
to act like a dog, you want to make me happy. You want to walk around on
four legs, and bark and whine like a dog. You don't know how to speak
anymore, only bark." Tracy continued in that enthralling tone.

Wendy started crawling around and barking!

"Shhhh. Heel. You want to be a good dog for me, don't you? Now, roll
over." Tracy ordered her.

Tracy and I laughed *so* hard as she made Wendy roll over, play dead,
lay down, and bark at her command. Tracy smiled at me as our laughter
finally wound down. Suddenly she seemed excited as she turned back to

"That's a good dog, Wendy. It makes you feel good to be my pet, doesn't
it? Now Wendy, what do dogs do -- they sniff people's asses don't they?
You want to sniff my ass don't you?" Tracy urged her.

I couldn't help but burst into laughter again at the sight of Wendy,
wagging her butt as if she had a tail, sniffing Tracy's ass!

"Wendy you're a really authentic dog now." I laughed.

At the sound of my comment, Wendy seemed to pause for a moment, and
Tracy looked over at me sharply. I quickly stopped laughing under Tracy's
withering stare as she quickly regained Wendy's attention.

"Wendy, remember how much you want to be a good dog for me. Just
concentrate on being a good dog for me. There is nothing you want more in
the world than to be my pet and make me happy, right? From now on I want
you to only listen to me. Good pets only listen to their masters. You can
only understand me now, you won't understand anything anybody else says.
It makes you happy to obey me, doesn't it?" Tracy asked her, and she barked
in reply.

"Good girl. Now sniff my ass again." Tracy commanded.

Wendy went back to happily sniffing her sister's ass and Tracy looked
over at me.

"Susanne, say something to her. Tell her to stop." Tracy told me.

"Wendy, stop that. Get up." I tried, but it was like she didn't even
hear me.

"Isn't this great Susanne. Look at her!" Tracy laughed.

"I can't believe this Tracy, it's amazing!" I told her, and once more I
couldn't keep myself from laughing at the sight of Wendy.

"Wendy, I want you to sniff Susanne's ass now." She told her sister.

I laughed even harder as Wendy crawled over and pressed her nose to my
ass! Tracy and I both laughed for a while as I tried to push Wendy away,
but she just kept coming back to my ass until Tracy told her to heel.

As I watched Wendy helplessly obey Tracy, I couldn't help but think of
what I could do with Tom if I had the power.

"Tracy, let's do it for me now." I tried suggesting.

"Not now, let's keep playing. Would Tom be home now? I bet you'd like
to have me try it on him, wouldn't you?" Tracy countered, and I didn't even
notice that she was using it on *me*. I just found myself thinking yeah,
it would be great to have her control Tom. A picture of Tom kneeling
between my legs appeared in my mind as I told her that yes, he should be

In a flash she had him on the phone. I didn't even have to talk to him,
I just heard her side of the conversation.

"Hi Tom, this is Tracy. Susanne's over here and I thought you might
like to come over. You would like to come over, wouldn't you?"

"Okay, we'll be waiting for you." She cooed, and hung up.

"Yes! It even works over the phone! He'll be right over." She said

Tom only lived ten minutes away. I looked down at Wendy, kneeling
quietly on the floor.

"Tracy, what about Wendy? What are we going to do with her?"

"Oh. I guess this does look a little bit strange. Wendy, come here
girl." Tracy called to her, walking into the bathroom.

Wendy crawled along behind her, and Tracy told her to lay down and go to
sleep in the bathroom. Still thinking she was a dog, Wendy lay down on her
side and closed her eyes. Satisfied, Tracy came back out and into the

In a moment Tom pulled up in front of her house. That was quick, I
thought as he stepped to her door. She opened the door, inviting him in
and he gave me a peck as I greeted him. She didn't waste any time before
she started on him.

"Tom, listen to me. Listen very closely to me. You want to listen to
me. You want to make me happy, don't you?" She began and he nodded dumbly,
already under her spell.

"You like girls don't you? You like our bodies don't you? What you
really like is our pussies though, isn't it?" She continued and he nodded
with each question.

"You would really love to lick a woman wouldn't you? That's your
favorite thing to do, isn't it? You really love to put your mouth down in
a woman's crotch and make her happy. You wish you could do it right now,
don't you?" She continued, and I was getting hot watching her make it

Tracy started to take off her pants, and I couldn't believe it. What
was she thinking? He was my boyfriend.

"Tracy! What do you think you're you doing?" I cried out, astonished at

Ignoring me, she quickly turned to Tom.

"Wait there, Tom. Don't move. You feel very heavy, very tired. You
can't move."

Satisfied that he would stay put, she turned angrily to me.

"What is the matter with you? You're going to get your chance. I was
just going to try him out first."

"Try somebody else out. He's *my* boyfriend. You can have anybody!" I
shouted at her.

"I don't think I like this attitude you have, Susanne." She said.

Attitude? She was about to have my boyfriend lick her right in front of
me, and I have an attitude? I didn't like the way Tracy seemed to be
changing on me.

"Okay Susanne. If you don't want me to, I won't make Tom lick me. But
I don't understand why you'd mind. You really don't like boys that much
anyway, do you?" She asked me, and suddenly my mind seemed a little bit

"You really don't like boys at all. What you really like is girls,
isn't it?" She cooed to me.

I really did like girls. I nodded my head.

"As a matter of fact it's me you really want, not Tom."

Her. Not Tom.

"You've always wanted me. I'm the only person that excites you."

Her. She's the only one.

"The idea of licking my pussy makes you excited, doesn't it?"

I thought about licking her and I felt myself heating up.

"You really want to lick me. You want to make me happy, don't you? You
want to serve me, isn't that right?"

Serve her. I wanted to serve her.

"It makes you happy to serve me. It makes your pussy wet to think about
licking me, doesn't it?"

I was wet.

"The only thing you can think of is serving me, obeying me. Obeying me
makes you happy. You *do* want to obey me, don't you?" She asked, and I
quickly nodded.

I did want to obey her. Her voice was mesmerizing. She was relentless.

"Please tell me that you will obey me." She said softly.

"I will obey you." I replied, and she seemed pleased.

"You *really* want to lick my pussy and make me happy, don't you? And
after you lick my pussy, you want me to fuck your boyfriend too, don't you?
Tell me that you want to lick my pussy and watch while I fuck your
boyfriend." She continued.

"I want to lick your pussy and then watch you fuck my boyfriend." I said
and she smiled again.

"That's a good girl, Susanne. Now you just wait while I talk to Tom,
okay?" She said, and I nodded.

She gave Tom the whole "you want to obey me" routine while I stood
there, motionless and speechless. She led us into her bedroom and then she
undressed. She lay back on her bed with her legs spread, and motioned me
to come to her. I quickly buried my face in her crotch. I wanted to lick.
I *wanted* to please her. It wasn't something I had ever even thought of
before, but I knew what I would want done to me, and that's what I did to
her. I must have been doing the right thing, because she started to moan
as I lapped at her wet sex. I was excited too, and the more I licked her
the hotter I got. Soon her fingers were wrapped in my hair and she was
bucking against my face. She shook all over as she came, and her thighs
clamped tightly against my head as she shuddered and moaned. She pushed me
away, and rested a moment.

She told me to get up, and she did too. She was flushed, and she had a
satisfied look on her face. She told Tom to take off his clothes and lay
on the bed, and he did. She turned to me and told me to suck his cock. I
paused, this was something I was never willing to do for Tom, even though
he always wanted it. Sensing my resistance, Tracy quickly overcame my
spark of will.

"Now Susanne, you want to make me happy don't you? And you really want
me to fuck your boyfriend. You want to suck his cock for me, don't you?
You want to make it long and hard so I can ride it, that's what you want."
She explained to me.

She patted my head as I took his penis into my mouth.

"That's a good girl, Susanne. Make it long and hard for me." She told
me affectionately.

She searched around in her night table for a while as I worked on Tom. I
began bobbing up and down in his crotch as I felt his cock start to swell
in my mouth. Tom's cock isn't that long, maybe seven inches, but it's
really thick. Soon he was sporting his full seven inches, and I was
jamming as much as I could into my mouth. I felt Tracy's hand on my
shoulder, and she told me to stop.

"You've done very well Susanne. Now put this condom on him." She told
me, handing me a condom.

As I stretched the condom down over his throbbing cock my heart swelled
with pride from the praise Tracy had given me. It felt so good to serve
her, to make her happy.

"You're such a good girl. Now get him wet for me." She commanded, and I
took his dry latex-covered dick as deep as I could into my mouth.

It didn't taste very good, but it made me so happy to obey Tracy. Once
I had his dick good and wet with my saliva, Tracy ordered me off the bed. I
watched as she straddled him, moaning loudly as she guided his big cock inside her. Her wet pussy slowly stretched to accommodate the width of him
as she took his full length into her body. She just sat there, rocking
slightly and moaning for a few minutes. As she rocked, she told him that
he couldn't cum until she told him. She told him that he would stay
excited, and erect, but that he couldn't cum. Slowly at first, she started
sliding herself up and down the length of his cock. Faster and faster she
pumped up and down on him until, with a loud cry, she impaled herself on
the full length of him. Shaking and moaning, she rocked back and forth
ever so slightly as she came again and again. Exhausted, she finally
pulled herself up and off of him. He was still hard! His cock stood out
from him like the trunk of a tree as he had somehow obeyed her and not

"That was wonderful Tom, you're a very good boy. You deserve a reward
for that. Susanne, take off his rubber." She told me and I obeyed, with
some difficulty. Finally I managed to tug it all the way off of his
still-erect penis.

"Now take him in your mouth."

I slid my mouth over the head of his cock.

"Tom, you can cum now." She told him, and instantly his cock twitched.
He pumped load after load of cum into my mouth and she told me quickly,
"Swallow it." I happily did as she wished, doing my best not to lose any as
I sucked it down. Soon his softening cock slid from his mouth. I smiled
with the happy feeling of a job well done as Tracy told me,

"Good girl."

Suddenly the was a noise in the bathroom. It sounded like Wendy was
crying. Tracy hurried into the hallway, telling me and Tom to come with
her. When I got to the bathroom door, Tracy was already inside standing
over Wendy. Wendy was still lying where she had been, but now she was
moving slightly and tears were falling down her face.

"Shit. It's wearing off." Tracy said.

Tracy got down on her knees and looked Wendy right in the face.

"I know you can hear me Wendy. How did you like being my little doggy?
I bet you really loved sniffing my ass. I know that it's wearing off.
Well, don't worry your little head, I'm going to make it last. When I'm
done with you you'll be my doggy for the rest of your life." Tracy sneered
at her.

"Wendy, listen to me closely." Tracy began, and I could tell that she
was using the power again.

"From now on you will always act like a dog. You'll know that you
aren't a dog, and you'll hate acting like one, but you will never be able
to walk and talk like a human being again."

She was being more direct now, but it was clear that she knew what she
was doing. Wendy rose once more to all fours, and listened intently to
Tracy. Even though Tracy was directing the power at Wendy, I could still
feel it.

"From this moment onward you will only be able to act as a dog. You
will obey me, and only me. You will still be able to think, but you will
be unable to disobey my commands. You will do whatever I want, no matter
how humiliating it is. You'll crawl around like a dog, you'll bark like a
dog -- you'll be my pet for the rest of your life." Her voice was amazing,
you could 'feel' it hitting Wendy, changing Wendy.

"Now you are my dog, aren't you? You....ahhhhhh!......." Tracy suddenly
cried out, and clutched her throat.

Sinking to her knees Tracy looked at me and her lips moved, but I heard
nothing. And then she collapsed completely, in a heap on the floor next to
Wendy. Left without instructions, Tom and I stood where she had left us.
Wendy, crawling around like a dog, licked her face for a while and then
left the bathroom.

I probably stood there for about half an hour before I began to cry like
Wendy had. It was wearing off. Gradually I began to regain my senses. I
remembered everything that had happened and I felt so used. Tracy had made
me lick her and made me suck Tom off. As the minutes wore on I slowly
regained control of my body. I was shaky, so I leaned against the wall and
sobbed softly while her power over me faded. Finally I felt like I could
move safely again, so I knelt down near Tracy and felt her neck for a
pulse. She was alive. I looked up at Tom, and he was standing like a
zombie by the door the way I must have been.

I left them there and found Wendy in the kitchen by the back door. When
she saw me she starting whining by the door, and I realized that she had to
pee. I was about to open it for her when I realized that she'd would make
a horrible mess. It took some doing, but I managed to pull off her jeans
and panties and then I let her out the back door. It was a little cold to
go outside half-naked, but Wendy didn't seem to mind. Wandering back by
the bathroom, where Tracy still lay unconscious and Tom still stood
unmoving, I began to think about what had happened. What had happened to
Tracy? Thinking about Tracy's silent attempt to talk I suddenly remembered
the warning in the book about over-using the power. That made sense, she
had lost her voice! Would she be okay? Would she have her voice back when
she awoke? And what about Tom? She had programmed him right after me, but
he didn't show any signs of it wearing off. Maybe her voice became more
effective as she became more confident. That would explain why Tom was
still in the trance even though I was fine now. If that theory was
correct, Wendy was in big trouble. I heard a barking noise at the back
door, and I rushed to let Wendy in before someone could hear her.

Looking at Wendy as she crawled in the door, a plan formed in my mind. I
would need Wendy's help though, that was the problem.

"Wendy, I know you can hear me in there. Listen to me." She looked up
at me, and tears formed in the corners of her eyes.

She could hear me! Now to get her to help.

"I don't think that what Tracy did to you is going to wear off. I have
an idea how we can fix it, though. I don't know if Tracy is going to still
have the power to control us when she wakes up, so we've got to move fast.
I need your help though. Tracy and I invoked a powerful spell earlier.
That's how Tracy made us do those things. Part of the ritual requires that
a person kiss the witch's ass. When Tracy cast the spell, I kissed her
ass. I think that I can cast the spell, I could fix you and we could get
revenge on Tracy. But I need someone to kiss my ass. Can you do it? Will
you do it?" I asked her, and Wendy barked!

"Quickly, follow me." I told her.

I went downstairs, where the circle of power awaited. Wendy had great
difficulty crawling down the stairs, but while she worked at it I quickly
prepared for the ceremony. I donned the robe and entered the circle as
Wendy finally made it to the bottom of the stairs. Holding the book I
motioned to Wendy and turned my back to her. I felt her at my rear, and it
felt more like a dog touching me than a person kissing me. I didn't know
if that would do, but it was going to have to. I began to read the chant
aloud from the book, quickly but carefully pronouncing each ancient word.
Time seemed to stand still as I worked my way through the difficult words
written in a long dead tongue. Finally I reached the end and it happened.
I felt the power rushing into me. It felt like I was radiating heat, I
felt so wonderful. And then it was over and I was standing between some
candles in Tracy's basement. I set down the book by the candles and
stepped from the circle. I looked over at Wendy, and she was staring up at
me hopefully. I smiled at her.

I was about to try to use the power to fix her when I thought about what
had happened to Tracy. If I didn't want to end up like Tracy, I had better
use the power as little as possible. Briefly, I thought about not fixing
her at all. I never really liked her, and it was really funny to watch her
crawling around. It would be a real pain in the ass though. Besides, a
deal's a deal. I told Wendy I would turn her back into a person, and so I
would. But I never said anything about not making her my slave. I
couldn't just let her go, not with what she knew. Thinking about it for a
moment, I chose my words carefully before I spoke. I tried to emulate the
forcefulness Tracy had had before she collapsed. I don't know how to
explain using the voice, I could just feel it inside me. When I wanted it,
it 'turned on'.

"Wendy, you are no longer a dog. You can now walk and talk like a
normal person again." I said forcefully.

Wendy was fixed just like that. She climbed crying to her feet and
wrapped her arms around me.

"Thank you, Susanne. Thank you so much. I thought I was going to be
stuck like that forever." She said through her happy tears.

"Don't thank me Wendy. Do you really think everything is okay now? I
can't just let you go like this. You know too much." I said to her,
pushing her away.

She may have been a bitch, but she wasn't stupid. Realizing what was
happening, Wendy fell to her knees before me.

"Please, no. I'll do whatever you want. I'll help you. Please." She
pleaded with me. I knew I could never trust her, but I couldn't help but
toy with her for a moment before I used the power.

"You'll do whatever I want?" I asked her.

"Yes, yes. I swear. Anything." She begged.

I turned around, putting my ass in her face.

"Show me I can believe you, Wendy. Kiss my ass." I told her.

I had to laugh out loud as she kissed my ass. She was so afraid that I
would use the power on her that she would humiliate herself this way. It
was so pathetic. If I was in her shoes I'd rather just fight and lose than
beg. Toying with her was so much fun that I thought for an instant about
not taking control of her at all. But, I never would be able to trust her.
Oh well.

"You know, you really are a pathetic little bitch." I laughed at her.

"Please Susanne, please." She sobbed.

"Listen to me carefully Wendy. You are my slave. You will obey me.
From this moment on, until you die, you live only to please me. It will
make you happy to serve me. You cannot resist me. You will obey my every
command." I programmed her carefully, using the power and the most
commanding voice I could muster.

Was it enough? I hadn't spent as much time on it as Tracy had on Tom
and I, but I felt like I had still exerted more influence than she had. I
looked down at Wendy.

"Who do you obey?" I asked her, not using the power.

"I obey you, Susanne." She replied, in a meek voice.

It felt so good to have her quivering there before me. Now I could
understand why Tracy had abused the power the way she had. It was
intoxicating. Turning around, I roughly jammed my ass in her face.

"Kiss my ass." I told her, and she did.

Just then I noticed flames in the corner of my eye. I turned quickly
and saw that the book was on fire! A candle had fallen over onto it.
Grabbing the robe, I quickly beat it out.

I looked at the book in dismay. The page I had just read from was
totally destroyed. There was nothing I could do about it, so I just set it
down and blew out the other candles.

Unhappy about the book, but satisfied with my work with Wendy, I told
her to follow me. I went upstairs to where Tom was still standing by the
bathroom door. Tracy was still lying on the floor. Glancing once more at
Tracy to make sure she wasn't moving, I put myself right in Tom's face.

"Listen to me carefully Tom. You are now my slave. You will obey only
me. From this moment on, until you die, you will live only to please me.
It will make you very happy to serve me. You cannot resist me. You will
obey my every command." I repeated my speech to him, using the power to its
fullest once more.

As I finished conditioning him for his life of servitude, I decided that
I might as well make what I had done with Wendy a little ritual. I turned
around and ordered him to kiss my ass. As he kissed my ass, I saw Tracy
begin to stir out of the corner of my eye. What excellent timing, I
thought to myself. As she came to, she sat up and saw Tom kissing my ass.
She tried to speak, but she was totally mute. Her lips moved, but there
was no sound. It was sort of funny to see, she became quite agitated. She
started to get up, so I ordered Tom and Wendy to grab her. She struggled
but couldn't get free as they held her before me.

"As you've probably figured out by now, Tracy, you used the power too
much and have now lost your voice. Permanently I should think. While
you've been sleeping, I've taken over. I completed the spell, with Wendy's
help, and now *I* have the power. The only thing I really wanted from this
was to have someone lick my pussy. And you couldn't even let me have that,
could you. Well, since you can't speak anymore, we'll just have to find
another use for your tongue." I told her.

In a minute I had my clothes off, and was lying on her bed. Tom and
Wendy held her between my legs and I finally got my cunt licked. After she
licked me to a series of explosive orgasms, I finally pushed her away. Her
face was wet with my juices and her tears as I enjoyed the pleasant glow I
felt from her work.

"Well, now that I've had my revenge, I guess it's time for you to join
these two." I smiled at her as she silently begged me not to.

"Listen carefully Tracy. You are my slave. You will obey me, only me.
From this moment on, forever, you will live only to please me. It will
make you happy to serve me. You will never resist me. You will obey my
every command." I repeated once more.

To complete the ritual I made her kiss my sweaty ass, too.


To cover up the loose ends, I made Tom drive home to his family and tell
them he was leaving home. I made him tell them that he was moving away to
California. He left his car there and walked a few blocks away where Wendy
picked him up.

I told my own family that I was moving in with Wendy and Susanne. I'd
talked to them about it before, and it really went smoother than I thought
it would. I thought that I would have to use the power again on my
parents, but luckily everything went well. I'd already stayed over at
Susanne's house a lot, and they thought that at least this way I would be

I resolved never to use the power again, unless I had to, with one


"Merriam enterprises, Dolores speaking, how may I help you?"

"You will connect me to Donald Merriam." I told her, using the power.
There was a click and then it started ringing.

"Yes?" A deep male voice answered.

"Who is this?" I asked, still using the power.

"Donald Merriam."

I was now connected to the CEO of Merriam Enterprises, a company worth
more than six hundred million dollars. I didn't have anything against him,
but that wouldn't stop me from carrying out my plan.

"You will collect ten million dollars in cash. You will arrange it in
the next month and you will not tell anyone why. You will be happy that
you are doing this." I ordered him, using the power to its fullest.

I told him when and where he would discretely arrange to have the
suitcases filled with money delivered to where I had Wendy waiting to pick
them up. I gave him brief but detailed instructions before I hung up.
After I hung up, I was a nervous wreck. I practically cried with relief. I
didn't know whether or not I could program him without ending up like

It was late the next day before he was able to deliver that much cash.
Wendy and Tom had just returned from the cheap hotel they'd been staying at
when I saw the report of Donald Merriam's death on television. Apparently
he'd killed himself with his own handgun earlier that afternoon. Satisfied
now that my last instruction had been carried out, I settled back and
summoned Tracy to her usual spot between my legs.


It's been two years now, and I haven't used the power since Donald
Merriam's death.

Gradually I'm legitimizing the money every way I can, and I have quite a
bit invested now. I have a terribly clever accountant. Tom, Wendy, Tracy
and I have all moved into a new house in a different state.

None of them have shown any signs of my control faltering, and I'm
keeping my fingers crossed.

I live like a queen. Tom, Tracy and Wendy serve my every whim. You
don't know what heaven is until you've had three people totally intent on
pleasing you all day, every day. The do everything for me, cook, clean,
drive. And the sex, the sex is *amazing*. Three tongues and a cock for me
to do with as I please. And I do, believe me.

It's really hard for me, sometimes, to keep from using the power. I
don't really need anything, but I miss the way Wendy begged not to control
her. It's really the only thing I don't have. Tom, Tracy and Wendy are
great, but abusing them is less fun because they can't resist. Sometimes I
think of using the power again, just long enough to bring someone here to
the house. That way I could have someone new to make my slave, without
using the power. I think it would be a lot of fun to have a slave that
still had a will of their own. I shouldn't chance it, but maybe I will.
I'm going to get another, better, house in the next couple of years anyway.
Maybe I can find one that has an area I can convert into a good dungeon.
Oh well, maybe some day.


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