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vrg trilogy 101


{ASSM} Virtual Reality Gaming Trilogy - Part One: The Sibling's Adventure 1/2 {Bingain} (mf, inc, cons, rom, ScFi, NoSex)

Virtual Reality Gaming Trilogy - Part 1
The Siblings' Adventure
Copyright (c) 2002, Bingain (mf, m-1st, inc, cons,
rom, ScFi, oral, anal)

(Chapter 1-3, No sex in these chapters.)
An HTML version of this story is available at

This is the first part of a trilogy about Timothy
Brake's adventures in Virtual Reality Gaming and his
real life experience. All three parts are about Tim,
with a virtual reality gaming background, but
different settings and issues he faced in his real
life. The first part is about his adventure in
virtual reality gaming with his step-sister, Deborah,
which ended up in incestuous relationship.

This story is a fiction. It does not relate to any
real incidences or real persons. This work contains
explicit descriptions of sexual activity. Anyone
who may be offended by such contents, or persons
forbidden by law or any regulations, should not read
or download this story. Re-distribution, posting,
and anything other than for personal enjoyment are
subject to explicit authorization by the author.

Chapter 1

It was a hot Monday evening in the summer of 2007.
Timothy Brake sat on the couch, watching the "Who's
that Face" game show on tv with his dad and step-mom.
It had been ages since he had enjoyed watching this
kind of silly show, but his step-mother, Betty, was a
contestant on this episode. Even though she didn't
win the grand prize, she did manage to bring home
some prizes as she went through the game. She and
Timothy's father, Warren, had just returned the
previous evening from the trip to New York City,
where the game show was taped. It was almost a seven
hour drive for the couple from Rochester, where the
family lived, which was about 350 miles away from the
sleepless big city.

Timothy could hardly maintain concentration as he
watched the game show, in which the contestants
scratched their heads, trying their best to name
various historic Twentieth Century celebrities as
their pictures or segments of movies were displayed.
He wished he was as lucky as his step-sister, who was
at work and didn't have to watch the show. He
watched as his step-mom answered one of the questions
correctly. The game host told her to press a button
on the panel to determine which random prize she
would get. Betty's luck wasn't very good; she didn't
get the cruise vacation, or the latest utility
vehicle which she had been dreaming of. Instead, she
got a gift certificate for some home fitness
equipment. Timothy glanced at his dad's tummy. His
dad was sitting in his recliner, eating chips from a
huge bag. He knew that gift certificate wasn't going
to help anyone in this household.

Betty made another correct guess, and had the chance
to press the button for a second time. Once again,
no car, no $100,000 grand prize, nothing exciting.
She got another gift certificate, this one from VRG,
a nationwide chain that operated virtual reality
gaming centers. On the TV, Betty forced a smile when
she knew what she won.

Tim tried to say something, but was stopped by his
dad. Warren gestured for his son to sit quietly and
watch the show, and to applaud when the camera
focused on an excited Betty in a close-up. It was a
torture for Tim.

Tim didn't have a very close relationship with Betty,
ever since she became his step-mom three years ago.
However, she had shown enough care, and even
sufficient respect for his teenage rights, which had
earned her a lot of respect from Tim.

Eventually, the show was over. The Brake family
didn't win any exciting prizes, but nevertheless it
was a nice trip, with good exposure, and they won
several gift certificates, as well as close to $3,000
in cash.

As commercials began showing up on the TV, Tim asked
with care what his parents were going to do with the
gaming gift certificate, since they never played

"I guess your dad will sell it to one of his
coworkers," Betty said, giving her husband a glance.
Betty worked at a nursing home, and it was apparent
her co-workers weren't into virtual reality games.

"I think Johnny may want to buy it from me. He plays
games," Warren said. He worked at the bus depot.
Guys there had a better chance of being fans of
virtual reality games.

"I play games too," Tim said, with a little
protesting tone.

"Tim, that gift certificate has a face value of two
thousand dollars!" his dad responded.

"How much do you think Johnny will pay you for it?"
Tim said.

"At least half of the face value," his dad said.

"And do you have to pay tax on that thing?" Tim

"Kid, there isn't a way you make money and Uncle Sam
doesn't take a bite off you."

"So you will probably end up with only seven hundred
out of that gift certificate, right?" Tim said. He
purposely ignored the cash that his dad would be able
to put into his pocket from his coworkers. He knew
his dad wasn't good at math, and neither was his

"Probably, son."

"What if your son will pay you, say, five hundred
dollars?" Tim said.

His dad studied him for a few seconds, then looked
slightly downward into his son's face. Warren was a
tall and big man who stood to 6'4, and his son was
six inches shorter, with a rather slim build. "Do
you have five hundred?" he asked.

"I do!" Tim exclaimed.

"Where did you get five hundred dollars from?"
Warren said, and laid eyes on his son again.

"I've been saving up money for... for this thing,"
Tim said. It was the summer recess, and Tim had been
working at the ticket office of a cinema. He had
been saving up his paycheck for a $1,000 gaming
coupon he planned to use at the local VRG with Alan,
his buddy. Alan paid for the last coupon and they
played together, and now it was his turn to do the
same thing.

Warren turned to his wife and said, "Give him the
coupon." He then turned to his son and said, "Make
sure your mom has the five hundred dollars she has

Tim finished the transaction, dashed to the kitchen,
and called his buddy. He knew Alan had a nighttime
summer job, and he would have his days off on Tuesday
and Wednesday. They might get to have two exciting
and fulfilling days at the gaming center. He found
out his friend had gone to camping with his uncle
until the weekend.

Tim went back to his room and thought how he would
use the coupon. It had a face value of $2000, which
meant 20-30 hours of the latest virtual reality
games, or 40-50 hours for games which had been out
for a while. He decided he would use a few hours for
himself before his buddy returned from camping.
After all, he had nothing better to do on his days
off. He had broken off with his girl friend about
six months ago, and hadn't found a new girl yet.
There were some girls who worked with him in the
cinema, but as usual, the nice ones were all taken.

Even though he was already seventeen, he never dared
to tell anyone that he was still a virgin. The few
occasions in the past where he had the chance to
rectify this situation, he acted either too nervously
or too aggressively, and screwed up his opportunity.

When Tim finished his shower, his parents were
already in bed. Both of them had to be at work by
seven in the morning, and they always retired early
for the night. He went into his room, figuring it
was still too early for bed, and turned on his
computer. He played some games on the computer, but
his mind was on the more exciting virtual reality
games he was about to play the next day. Once you
had experienced virtual reality games, no two-
dimensional or three-dimensional games on a computer
would be interesting to you anymore. He got bored
after a while, and switched to chatting on some
gaming servers.

He heard the back door open and close, and a few
minutes later, footsteps outside his room. He knew
his step-sister, Deborah, had come home from her
work. She usually worked the day shift in her summer
job at an office supplies chain store, but was
covering a few hours for another worker, and
therefore had been exempted from that boring tv show.

Neither Deborah nor Tim had had any siblings, until
their parents got married. It was a new experience
for both of them. It took Tim some time to get used
to the new situation and relationship. He and
Deborah went from strangers to foes, from foes to
friends, from friends to antagonists, and back again
to buddies. Their relationship never stabilized.
One thing had never changed, though. Whenever there
was a dispute, she would win, mostly because he had
to give in under pressure from their parents.

Their folks had repeatedly indicated to Tim that he
was supposed to give in to his sister because she was
younger, she was a girl, and she did better than him
at school. Tim especially detested the last reason,
although he had to admit that she was smart and
worked harder than him at school, and therefore got
better grades. It was an easy comparison, as they
were in the same class at the same school. Tim knew
he could have done better if he had spent more time
on books, instead of various gaming: video games,
computer games, and even card and board games.
However, Tim had never hated or disliked his step-
sister. She annoyed him many times, but he still
liked her.

There was a knock on his door, and Deborah stuck her
head in. "Hey, Timmy boy! Computer again, huh?" she
said teasingly. She never waited for his response
before she opened his door, and Tim hated it. He had
to quit jerking off in his bed, ever since she scared
the shit out of him a little more than a year ago.

"Yeah," he said, still concentrating on his computer.

"Gaming or cybering?" she asked.

He turned around and saw a naughty smile on her face.
"Cybering with Annie, Cyn, and Jennie," he responded,
and returned to his computer. The names he mentioned
were all close friends of his step-sis.

He heard her burst into laughter. "You wish, silly
boy," she said with a chuckle.

He didn't like her calling him 'Timmy boy' or 'boy'.
It looked like in her mind he was her little brother.
But he was actually seven months older and five
inches taller than her. On the other hand, except
for the age and height differentials, and being more
competent in games against machines, he couldn't find
an area he could score better than his step-sister.
Deborah had a nice looking face and nice figure. She
was also smart in getting good grades without hitting
the books a lot, as well as wise in dealing with guys
and gals. He protested in silence.

"Anyway, why haven't you tried to date Annie, Timmy
boy?" she said, "Every time you talk about my
friends, you mention her."

Tim halted for a moment. He ran through his memory
to check if he had actually mentioned Annie's name
every time he talked about her friends. He turned to
Deborah and said, "It's you who always mentioned her
name. If I hadn't known you better, I'd have thought
you had a thing with her."

"Duh! Too bad, I was about to offer setting you guys
up," she said. "Thought you were interested in her."

Tim's fingers stopped on his keyboard. Annie wasn't
very pretty, didn't have great figure, but was very
sweet. He turned back to his sister, and saw another
sly smile on her face. He knew she was teasing him
again. He sacked the idea of asking his step-sister
to try the setting-up. "I'm putting up a move on a
charming girl at the cinema," he said.

She shrugged, and then her lips curled into a smirk.
"Oh! Good luck, baby," she said smilingly, "'Night,
Timmy boy!"

"Good night, Deb," he said, pretending to be busy
with his computer, while she closed his door.

There was indeed a very charming and beautiful girl
who worked full time at the cinema Tim was working
at, a girl named Susan. She was undoubtedly the most
beautiful girl Tim had ever seen. Almost every guy
in the cinema had tried to put up some kind of move
on her, without success. Tim and Susan talked a lot
during breaks. However, Tim knew she only thought of
him as a little brother. She was two years older
than Tim, and had a boyfriend who had just finished

It took him a little while to regain his
concentration and continue with his game chats. It
was close to two o'clock when he went to bed.

Tim woke up late the next morning, a sunny Tuesday.
He was still rubbing his eyes when he opened the door
of the bathroom toward the end of the corridor. He
nearly jumped out of his skin when he was greeted by
a high pitch scream from inside. Instinctively, he
slammed the door closed, stepped back, and dropped on
the floor, sitting there in the aftermath of the

Deborah was in the bathroom, sitting on the toilet,
when their eyes met. If weren't for the shock of the
scream, he might have had a chance to see the color
of her panties. He was still sitting on the floor,
attempting to recover, when she came out of the

"Why didn't you knock on the door?" she challenged
him with a stern look. She hunched her elbows and
fixed her hands on her waist.

"How was I supposed to know you were inside? Why
didn't you lock the door?" he retorted. He was fast
on the uptake this time, since it was in his mind
while he was sitting there.

Deborah was a little flushed as she gave him a glare
and went back into her room.

When he finished his morning business and went down
to the kitchen, Deborah was sitting at the table
talking on the phone. Tim went to the fridge for
milk, and then he got himself some cereal from the
cupboard. He gestured toward Deborah, asking her if
she wanted any, and was met with another glare.

The glare was something she used often, whenever she
felt he owed her something. He tried not to be
bothered by it, and went on with his breakfast.
Deborah finished her phone call and went up the
stairs without looking at him.

Tim glanced at the kitchen clock. It was a little
after nine. He heard footsteps again, and knew his
sister was back in the kitchen. She didn't go for
the phone, but went instead to the fridge.

"Milk's on the table," he said, without turning

She gave him another glare and took the milk, shook
the container, decided she could finish it, and drank
straight from the container. She kept glaring at him
out of the corner of her eye.

Tim looked down at his cereal. "Okay, Deb, I'm
sorry," he surrendered without looking at her. He
hated doing it. Every time she gave him this kind of
look, he had to give in. It wasn't that he cared
about how she felt. He just couldn't stand those

Deborah flashed a small smile when he finally raised
his head. Her grin was more of a triumphant one than
a forgiving one.

He knew he would eventually have to give in. It had
been the rule of the game since the day she moved
into this house, when Tim's father married Deborah's
mother. Using her glare to advantage, she had been
able to coerce the use of his stereo, his newer
computer, and his hair blower, while he had to accept
her kind offer of her older counterparts. He was
glad that his shaver didn't suit her.

Deborah finished her milk as Tim was going to the
sink with the bowl in his hand. She tossed the empty
milk container into the garbage can and started to
walk out of the kitchen.

"Nice panties," he said quietly from behind her.

Before Tim could dodge, he was kicked in the ass and
almost fell into the counter. He turned back, and
saw his sister staring at him again.

"What did you say?" she hissed, with a little pink in
her face.

"What did I say?" he said, with a sly smile on his
face, while rubbing his own ass.

"Turn around!" she demanded him.

"No," he said.

"You'd better turn around, a kick in the ass is
better than a kick in the balls," she said.

He hesitated for a brief moment, and made a
surrendering gesture. "I didn't see anything,
honest," he said. He had wanted to say something
different, that he would pull her sleeping tee up to
check the color of her panties if she dared to kick
him. He trashed that alternative, as he knew it
would get him into much bigger trouble. Furthermore,
being kicked in the balls wasn't something any guy
would enjoy.

"Say you're sorry," she warned, her face stern.

"Sorry," he said, reluctantly. She had that same
small smile on her face as she turned to go back up
the stairs.

Tim sighed while watching her climbing the stairs.
He realized her round ass wiggling as she stepped up
the stairs appealed to him quite a bit. He felt
uneasy and guilty. Quite a few times, he had
imagined his step-sister while he was jerking off,
especially after seeing her in some scanty clothing.
He always felt guilty and shameful afterwards. He
never dared to tell his closest buddies about the
reprehensible crime he had committed in his mind.

He remembered the only time his step-sister was
sobbing in his arms. She broke off with her
boyfriend around three months ago, and one night she
came home crying and crying. Their parents weren't
at home, and there was nobody to calm her down,
except him. So he did. He patted her, said good
things to her, promised she could use any of his
musical albums, pledged to take her to a movie, and
hugged her. She ended up sobbing on his shoulder,
leaning against him, for a long while. He didn't
feel anything while he was consoling her. He did
feel very guilty later that day, after thinking of
her, and the feeling of her body as she leaned on
him, while stimulating himself in the bathroom.

He was lost in reverie until the phone rang. He went
over to answer it. It was from Susan, his coworker.
She told him she had a little problem at home and
asked if he could cover her shift. Tim thought for a
moment and agreed.

He checked the time again and knew he had to hurry to
the cinema. He quickly changed his clothes, told his
step-sis he was going out, and went out to catch the

He explained to the manager that he was covering
Susan's shift when he punched in. Even though it was
summer holiday, there weren't many people coming to
the cinema during the day, so he was rather idle most
of the time. He spent most of his time answering
boring questions from Mary, the other girl in the box
office. He didn't enjoy chatting with her, even
though she was decent looking. She always talked
down about guys, especially boys who didn't pay
enough attention to her. It was like a guy couldn't
be a man if he didn't want to get into her pants.

He studied Mary out of the corner of his eye, and
compared her to his step-sister. "Heck, for every
one guy who wanted to get into her pants, there must
a dozen who want to get into Deb's pants," he thought
to himself. He would rather it was Susan, or even
another guy, so he could have more pleasant chats.

A while later he saw Mary having a dispute with a
biddy who didn't speak English very well.

"I've told you already! That movie you want to watch
hasn't been playing in this cinema for more than a
week. I don't know where it's playing now!" Mary
said impatiently. She looked over at Tim and
shrugged her shoulder.

Tim leaned over to Mary, and asked, "Which movie?"

She told him.

"I know where the movie is playing," he said.

"You want to take over?" she said unenthusiastically.

"Okay, let me handle her, don't worry," he said. He
then gestured for the old woman to come over to his
window. He told her where the movie was shown. The
old lady didn't know how to get there, so Tim drew
her a sketch describing the direction.

"You didn't have to tell her," Mary said, after the
woman had gone. "She's not paying for your paycheck."

"Who knows, may be she will tomorrow," Tim said,
"Hey! Nice looking guys coming!"

Mary's expression loosened as she saw the guys coming
over to their booth. Tim looked at the ceiling so
the guys would use Mary's window.

On his way to the bus stop after work, Tim was
greeted by a horn from a car behind him. He saw
Susan in the passenger seat, waving to him, so he
went over. She thanked him for covering her shift,
and then told him that her dog had a fight with other
dogs in the street and was badly wounded, so she had
to take her pet to the veterinarian. She asked Tim
where he was going, and offered to give him a ride.

On the way, Susan introduced Tim to the handsome and
tall driver, who was her boyfriend, Bob. He worked
at his dad's auto dealer. From their conversation
during the drive, Tim had the impression Susan was
describing him as her adopted little brother to Bob.
By the time Bob's car was near Tim's home, Bob was
also talking with Tim in the way like he was little

That evening during dinner, the family once again
talked about the two kids' college arrangement. Both
Tim and Deborah were going to begin their senior year
of high school after the holidays. The family
couldn't afford college fees for both of them. Tim
had indicated a few times before that whoever got
better grades at school should go to college.

"You guys got any idea what you're going to do after
school?" Warren said. He asked the same question
every time they started the same discussion.

Betty looked at Deborah. The young girl looked at

"You know I want to be a computer technician," he
said, grinding the baked potato in his dish with his
fork, "and you want to be a journalist."

"Actually I'm still thinking," Deborah said. "Won't
you get a better future in the computer field if you
have a degree?"

"Not really," Tim said. "What I need is some
technical training to get started, then I can work on
certification if I have the motivation."

They ate in silence for a moment. Tim said again,
"You'll have an easier time at college. It'll be a
waste if I go to college and flunk in a year or so."

"I think Tim's right," Warren said, as he put another
baked potato into his dish. "I don't mean he's
stupid. Certificates and experience look more
important for a computer tech. A journalist without
a degree isn't going anywhere."

Betty looked at Warren. "Do you think we can take up
a second mortgage?" she asked.

Tim talked before his dad responded. "Mom, I think
it's more about how well I can handle the school and
the work. I'm not that good at school, and I don't
think I'll like college. I've talked with some tech
guys, and they all said experience and certificates
are more important."

Warren patted Tim's hand, and said, "Don't you worry,
kid. Whatever money you need for the technical
training, I'll get it for you."

Later that evening, Deborah went into Tim's room
while he was surfing the Internet. She sat on his
bed and looked at him.

"What's the matter?" he asked.

"I don't feel comfortable about this," she said.
"You were just telling them that I was the one who
should go to college."

"Which is the fact," he said, looking at the screen.

"If we had enough money, would you want to go to
college?" she asked.

"I don't know," he said. "Probably not."

"What if I don't want to go to college?"

He didn't answer right away. He browsed through a
few pages on the computer, then said, "Probably not.
I don't think I like college."

Deborah sighed and got off his bed. She tapped his
shoulder and said, "Get up."

He turned around in his chair. "Why?" he asked.

"Get up!"

Tim got off his chair, and before he could turn to
face her, she kicked him in the ass. Deborah giggled
as she sat on his bed again.

"Why the kick?" he said, rubbing his ass.

"Because you lied to me again," she said.

Tim sat back down gingerly. "These talks are
meaningless. They prefer you to go to the college.
You know you should go to the college, and I'd rather
you go to the college," he said.

Deborah looked down at her fingers for a little
while. "That's why I don't feel comfortable," she
said softly.

"I don't think I'm going to lead an inferior life for
not going to the college. I'll bet I make more money
than you after you finish college," he said.

Deborah smiled at him. "You're sweet, Timmy baby,"
she said.

"I always am, you just won't admit it," he said,
still looking at the screen.

Deborah giggled and poked his arm. "I've checked the
information," she said. "You have a few options even
if you don't want to do college now. You can go for
the technical training and then start your career;
you can go to the community college for a two year
degree, then decide from there; or you can start your
career and go to the community college part-time.
What're you going to do?"

He thought for a moment. "I've never thought of the
third choice, but it's too tough," he said.

"Do you think it'll hurt trying?" she said.

"I'm already hurt badly. Is there a day I don't get
kicked in the ass?" he said.

Deborah had a tiny blush on her face. "You've
deserved every single kick you've gotten," she said.

"Yeah, and I got stomped on the floor for the only
time I kicked you," he said.

She giggled, and said, "I'm a girl. guys don't kick
a girl." She got off his bed. "I'm going for the
shower now," she said. "Don't stay up too late."

"'Night," he said, as she walked out of his room.

Chapter 2

Tim woke up around half past eight on Wednesday. It
was his lawn mowing day. He ate a quick breakfast in
the kitchen and started working in the yard. He
couldn't understand why his step-sister didn't do his
laundry, while he had to do all the heavy duty work
in the yard. Deborah did laundry for the entire
family, except his. He felt he was unfairly treated.

He finished his work and went inside. He was tired
and sweaty. He went into his room, got out some
clean clothing, and headed toward the bathroom. He
recalled the incident the previous morning, so he
hesitated a little, and then knocked on the bathroom
door. He heard a giggle from behind. Tim turned
around and saw Deborah leaning on the wall in the
corridor, smiling at him.

"I remembered to lock the door this morning," Deborah
said, giggling at his behavior, "You're not going to
get another peek again, Timmy boy."

Tim felt his face heating up a little, even though he
had no intention of peeking and once again incurring
her wrath. "Peek? Wait until you've grown up to
full size first," he retorted.

Deborah blushed a little as she stepped over to him.
"Turn around! You pig!" she raised her voice and

Tim rushed into the bathroom and locked the door
before she could strike out at him. He started
laughing as he started the water in the shower stall.
He finished his shower and changed into clean
clothes. He went to the kitchen for a cold drink.

Deborah was in the kitchen, reading a women's
magazine while eating her cornflakes. She glared at
him out of the corner of her eye.

Tim wanted to ask her a question, but he knew he had
to give in first. "Okay, okay. You're full size,"
he said.

She was still glaring.

"I'm sorry, Deb," he said slowly.

She gave him a tiny smile. "Milk's in the cupboard.
I hid it there," she said, and giggled.

He chuckled. He went over to the cupboard, got the
milk out and put it back into the fridge. He took a
can of soft drink from the fridge. "I've had
breakfast already," he explained.

"Oh yeah, I forgot it's the lawn boy's day," she said

He popped open the can, took a few sips. "Deb?" he


"Do you know I'm very unfairly treated?" he asked

"No," she said, with another tiny smile on her face.
"You're perfectly fairly treated, including the

"Not the kicks," he said, suppressing his desire to
kick her in the ass.

"Why won't you do my laundry?"

"Why do I have to do your laundry?"

"I do the lawn, and you do the laundry. It's our
share of the household work. But you're excluding
mine," he said.

"Well, I can do the lawn and you do all laundry. I
won't mind if you don't do mine," she said, looking
at his face. "Laundry is much more work than the

"I clean the windows, I shovel the snow and I help
fix up the house," he said. "Will you?"

She thought for a moment, and turned away. "I'm not
going to do your laundry," she insisted.

"Why?" he asked.

"I won't," she maintained.


She hesitated for a little while. Her face was a
little pink. "You're dirty!" she said.


She blushed a little more, thought for another while,
and decided to tell him the reason. "You got remains
on your underwear! Can't you just wipe them off

"Remains?" he repeated. Then he realized what she
meant. He felt his face heating up. "That was a
long time ago. I don't do that anymore," he said.

"I still won't," she said. She was still blushing

"Okay," he mumbled. He understood her situation now.
Tim probably wouldn't do anyone else's laundry if
they had semen left on the underwear from

They remained silent while he continued with his soft
drink and she finished her breakfast. She rinsed the
bowl and put it into the tray.

"Promise no more remains?" she asked softly.

"No more," he said.

"Once more, and you're going to do your own laundry
again," she said, and smiled at him.

"Thanks, Deb," he said, and smiled back weakly.

Tim went back to his room, thought for a moment about
his plan for the day, and decided he would go for the
game. He was putting on his jeans when the door was
pushed open. He turned around and saw his step-sis
standing at the door. He pulled his jeans up all the
way, and nearly caught his balls in the fly. He
stared at his sister, who was giggling.

"Why didn't you knock on the door before you came
in?" He raised his voice, in both anger and

"What's the big deal? You're a guy," she said,
acting innocently.

He buckled his jeans without a word.

"Alright, Timmy," she said. "I'm sorry, okay?"

He looked at her. She seldom would say sorry to him.
She might do things for him against her better
interest, like the laundry, but she didn't like
admitting fault to him.

"Well..." she said, a little embarrassingly. "Can I
borrow a hundred dollars from you?"

Tim pulled his purse out and took a look. "I don't
have a hundred," he said. "Aren't you getting paid

"I'm off today, I covered another girl's shift
yesterday," she said. "How much can you lend me?"

"I only have fifty, and I need that myself," he said.
He had spent most of his cash on the gift coupon.

"Aren't you working today?" she asked.

"No," he said. "That's why I need my money. Why do
you need the money anyway?"

"I want to buy the new Bad boys album," she said.
"Where're you going?"

"Well, buy the album next week," he said. "I can't
help you this time."

"Where're you going?"

"Gaming center," he said.

"Gaming center? What gaming center?" she asked.

"Virtual reality gaming," he said. He showed her the
gift certificate.

"Wow! Two thousand dollars! Where did you get this
gift certificate from?" she asked, looking at his

He briefly told her the story.

"So, how real are these virtual reality games?" she

"Almost like real. In fact, sometimes it's more than
real," he said.

"So, you're going there now?"


"Who's going with you?" she asked.

"Nobody," he said.

"Why don't you take me with you?"

He looked her up and down. "You don't even play
computer games," he said.

"That's because it's boring. But you said virtual
reality games were like real," she said.

He hesitated for a moment. He was a little unwilling
to take her to a virtual reality game. It was
expensive, and certainly he would have to look after
her, as she would know nothing about those games.

She saw his hesitation. "Come on, Timmy, Timmy," she
pursued, "I'm your beloved sister, I'm doing your
laundry, I'm going to set you up with all my
girlfriends, and I'm going to buy you lunch today."

Tim chuckled. He thought for a moment, and nodded.

She had a big smile on her face as she jogged towards
her room.

They saw a number of posters advertising new games in
the hall when they were at the gaming center. It
wasn't as crowded as it would be in the evenings or
weekends. Gaming centers were not for kids, as most
kids didn't have the amount of pocket money needed
for this expensive excitement.

Tim's heart started pounding when he saw the new
'Dark Lord Sedart' game was out. He had seen some
descriptions and previews of it, and had talked with
his chat friends about the game. He had been longing
to play that game. In fact, that was the game he
would like to try with Alan. He didn't want to play
this game with his sister, though. He would rather
play some simpler, easier, and less expensive games
with her.

They browsed through the electronic catalogs.

"What about 'Princess Diana XIV'?" he suggested. It
was one of the cheapest games, and also a kind of
girlish game.

She studied the game descriptions for a while and
shook her head. She went on browsing.

A group of people next to them was discussing which
game to play, as well. Tim glanced at them and saw
that the group comprised of three guys and a girl,
all in their twenties. The girl was apparently a
gaming veteran, as she seemed to know all the games
very well. He heard as they had decided to go for
the 'Sedart' game and went toward a booth.

He returned his attention to his sister. She was
looking at him. "What about the 'Sedart' game?"

"That's a bloodshed game, not suitable for kids," he

She looked him up and down. "I'm as old as you are,"
she said.

"It's for veterans."

"Is it a game?"

"Of course."

"Well, if I can handle a smart guy like you, I can
handle a game," she said with a wily smile.

Tim was a little reluctant. The 'Sedart' game was
expensive, and wasn't designed for gaming novices.

"Timmy, Timmy," she said, shoving his arm.

Tim sighed. "Okay," he agreed. He saw a familiar
tiny smile on her face. They went to an empty booth.

After Tim indicated which game they wanted to play,
the booth attendant explained the new features of the
game to them.

"May I have your credit card?" the attendant asked.

Tim gave the attendant his gift certificate. She
took a close look at it, and scanned the information
into her computer. She then gave Tim a plastic card.
"The amount will be deducted, depending on how long
you play the game. You can check your account
balance at the machines near the entrance," she
explained. "Now, you have to choose from the
character classes."

"Warrior," Tim said at once.

"Archer," Deborah said, after glancing at the avatars
on the monitor in front of them.

Tim turned to his sister. "Why don't you choose the
sorceress?" He pointed to another avatar on the
screen. He knew the sorceress was the easiest
character class to handle in this game.

"Nah, the sorceress looks ugly," Deborah said,
pointing her finger at the avatar on the screen.

Tim shrugged his shoulders.

"Do you want to keep your physical features or choose
from the options?" The attendant asked again.

"I'll keep mine," Deborah said.

"Why don't you adopt the archer's ones?" Tim said,
pointing at the archer avatar on the screen. "She's
got blonde ponytail."

"I like my smooth brown hair, I like my dark brown
brows, I like my attractive green eyes, and I like my
sexy lips," she said lazily. "But I think your
warrior will look better in blonde ponytail." She
stuck her tongue at him.

The attendant chuckled, and turned to Tim.

"I'll keep mine too," Tim said. If he wasn't with
Deborah, he would have chosen different features than
his curly brown hair, brown eyes, and slim build. He
had always wanted to look stronger and be better
looking, which could only be achieved in virtual
reality games.

After going through some other topics, the attendant
asked them which act of the game they wanted to play.
She explained, "Besides the practice session,
there're five acts in the game, in progressing
difficulty levels. Usually it will take around five
to eight hours to complete Act One, if you're good."

"Practice session," Tim said without hesitation. He
knew the practice session would take at most an hour.
Almost nobody played practice session in gaming
centers, as gaming veterans practiced during the
'real' adventures. Deborah might get bored after the
practice session, or they could try out other games,
if she wanted.

They were led into a room where there were some
twenty clumsy looking high back armchairs. Each
chair had chunks of wiring going from behind it to
some control panels. There were another two gamers
already in two of the chairs, the backs reclined to
almost a horizontal position. They looked like they
were deep in dreams.

"This is the newest gaming room we have. It came
into operation yesterday," a young technician in
uniform told them.

"Are they also playing 'Sedart'?" Deborah said.

"No, they're playing 'Bust the Buster VII'. They'll
be done in less than half an hour," the technician
said. He seated the siblings, put on helmet-like
devices over their heads, with vision projecting eye
shields covering their eyes, and put wired bracelets
on their forearms and legs. Finally, he put silver
metal bracelets on their arms, which had a covered
button and some patterns.

"This is your all-in-one bracelet," the technician
said. "If you decide to quit the game early, remove
the cover and press the button. Once you press it,
the game will be saved and will end, and you'll be
back here. This red bar indicates your life. If
your life becomes zero, you're dead in the game,
which means you've failed the mission; the game's
over but won't be saved, and you'll back here."

Tim noticed his sister was very nervous. "Don't
worry, Deb, it's just a game, and you're with me,"
he said.

Deborah gave him a faint smile. "It's a little
chilly here," she said.

"Do you want a blanket?" the technician asked. "The
new thermostat doesn't work very well. It's a little
chilly until we've got more people in the room."

"Yeah, please," Deborah said.

The technician turned to Tim with an inquiring look.

Tim didn't feel chilly yet. He turned to Deborah and
realized why she felt more chilled. She was wearing
a halter and jeans with a low-rise waist. He thought
for a moment, and decided that it would probably make
his step-sis feel better if he needed a cover as
well. He nodded to the technician.

The technician went to get two blankets, and covered
them. He then said, "Raise your thumb if you're

They both raised their thumbs.

"Enjoy the game," the technician said as he pressed
some buttons.
Chapter 3

Tim found himself outside a cottage in a meadow. The
cottage was built with raw logs. He was wearing a
light leather armor that covered his torso, and
matching brown coarse fabric pants. He lowered his
left hand and found his sword. He pulled the sword
out from the sheath. The sword, a short one with a
two foot long blade, didn't look like a very deadly
weapon. This was expected, as he was meant to find
better weapons on his way to fight the evil guys and

He heard a low gasp from behind. He turned around
and saw Deborah, looking bewildered. His eyes were
locked on her. She was wearing a teal one-piece
swimwear-like garment. Her long brown hair was
tufted behind her head into a ponytail. She was
wearing a pair of short boots. He never realized his
sister had such nice looking, slender legs. She was
holding a short bow in her hand, and a quiver of
arrows apparently was on her back, as he saw a strap
running across her front, down from her shoulder to
her waist. The strap pressed the garment against her
chest, and he was certain she wasn't wearing a bra,
as he could almost see her nipples pushing through
the fiber.

"Where are we?" she asked as she started looking

"In the game, silly," he said, while returning his
attention to her face a little reluctantly. He
wasn't supposed to study his step-sister's breasts.

"Not in the chair?" she asked, staring at him.

"Well, yes, you're still in your chair, but you're
also in here. This is virtual reality. You feel
like you're in here, but your body is actually still
in your chair. What you see and feel in here is like
real, but not exactly real. You won't get physically
hurt even if some monster kicks your ass real hard,"
he said, making a kicking motion.

"Oh," she said, then she realized that he wasn't in
his tee and jeans. "You look nicer in this outfit,
Timmy boy," she complimented him.

"You too, Deb baby," he said with a smile. He
wondered how it would feel if he kicked her ass, or,
better yet, patted her ass.

She looked down at herself, and gasped again. "Why
am I not in pants?" she said.

"That's how the archer looks, didn't you see it when
you were looking at the avatar?"

She apparently didn't feel comfortable with her
outfit. "Can I change to play the sorceress?" she

"You're stuck, sorry," he said.

She raised the bow in her hand, looked at it, and
looked at Tim. "How do I use this thing? Where's
the firing button?" she said.

"You don't use a button, you pull an arrow from your
quiver, and you shoot the arrow with the bow."

"I don't even how to shoot. What if I miss?"

"This is a practice session, and we are just
starting. The monsters and enemies around here are
slow and stupid. Most don't even strike back, so you
can practice," he said. He then kept on explaining
what he knew about how to play the virtual reality

Tim could sense, from her eyes, that she was still
very uncomfortable about this new way of playing a
game. "You scared?" he asked.

She slowly nodded her admittance.

"You want to chicken out?"

She thought for what seemed like an hour. "You're
sure it's safe?" she said.

"Well, virtual reality games have been out for a
while. Have you ever heard of people getting killed
or hurt in VR game?"

She thought for a while, then shook her head.

He smiled. "Let's check the cottage out," he said.

They went into the cottage. There wasn't much
inside, except tiny bottles of potions of all kinds
on the shelves. Tim took a red one and showed it to

"This is health potion," he said. "When you get
hurt, your life... life in this game... goes down.
You can refill your health by drinking this potion."

"Neat," she said. "Do I put them into these pouches
on my belt?"

"Yes," he said as he filled up the pouches on his
belt with the red potions.

"What about the other potions?" she asked, while
doing the same thing.

"They're for other character classes," he said.

"What happens when red potions run out?"

"Occasionally the monsters or bad guys carry some
potions. We will rob them. Alternatively, we can
refill our supplies when we get to some towns, or
camp sites, as we move on."

"Do we eat?"

"Not in practice sessions," he said.

"Okay, what now?"

"We go venture into the dangerous wild, where
monsters and bad guys will come attack you, bite you,
kick your ass," he said and tried to act as serious
as he could. He noted that she had a funny smile on
her face. He continued, "They may even sexually
assault you."

She laughed and hit him with the bow.

"Out we go!" he said.

"Wait, I need to learn how to shoot first. It's too
risky to depend on a skinny warrior to protect me,"
she said, rolling her eyes.

"Easy, just shoot a few arrows into the cottage
door," he said. They moved outside until they were
about twenty feet from the cottage.

He laughed when he saw Deborah pulling the arrow
against the string. "No, no, silly!" he said. "You
don't pull the arrow like this. You align the end of
the arrow against the string and pull the string,
with the arrow in between your fingers..." He went
over to her, stood behind her and showed her how to
pull the string with the arrow on it, and said, "Like
this, got it?"

She released the string, with a twang, the arrow hit
the log about two feet from the door. "Don't laugh!"
she said with a little pink on her face, and hit his
arm with her bow. "The next one will be closer."

She pulled another arrow out, and shot again. Twang,
it hit the door. She turned to him with a proud

"Nice job," he admitted. He patted her ass. "Nice
ass!" he told himself.

She started blushing. "Someone's coming," she said,
pointing behind him.

He turned back, and immediately got a kick in the
ass. He almost fell. He turned around and saw her

"Okay, stop harassing me and let me do a few more
practices," she said.

He couldn't believe she was so talented in using the
bow. He wondered if it was a class specific ability
that the game developer had built into each character
class so that they could use their assigned weapons
with ease. He couldn't know it for sure, as he
needed an opponent to find out how good he was with
swords, and it would not be a nice idea to practice
it with his partner.

He decided they should start the practice session.
He pulled the arrows out from the logs and put them
back into her quiver. They then followed the track
and started their adventure.

He was rather surprised to find nothing evil after a
five minute walk. It was just like a walk in the
park. He did enjoy the walk, though. He had never
walked with his sister in a park, although they used
to walk to school together at times. He didn't tease
her or pat her ass again, as she told him she would
stick an arrow in his ass if he harassed or assaulted
her again. He didn't know if she meant it, but
having an arrow in his ass while a troll showed up
wasn't a funny thing.

"It's like walking in the park," she said. "The air
is fresh, and the scenery is nice."

"Yeah," he said, while sniffing. "Indeed, fresh

"Too bad you don't look stronger and more handsome,"
she said teasingly.

"Does it matter?" he said as he turned to her.

"Well, well..." she said, pausing a little before she
continued. "I suppose no. How's the date with your
charming coworker?"

"Progressing pretty well," he said, turning away from
her. "We have sex in the storeroom every day."

Deborah burst out laughing. "Come on, Timmy boy,"
she said. "Like I didn't know you at all."

He turned to her. "How much do you know about me?"
he asked.

"I know you enough to handle you well even when
asleep," she said, smiling.

"Asleep?" he said, rolling his eyes. "You mean

Before he could get away, he was hit in the ass by
her bow. Her face turned a little pink. "Pig!" she

"Sorry," he said. He was a little regretted about
flirting with her.

Deborah smiled. "So, how's the date?" she asked.

"Haven't started yet," he said.

"Poor baby," she said.

"What about you?" he asked.

"I have sex with the best looking guy in the
storeroom every day," she said, and giggled.

Tim laughed. "Why?" he asked.

"Why in the storeroom?"

He laughed again. "No," he said. "Why aren't you

"What makes you think I'm not dating?"

"Well, are you?" he asked.

She blushed a little. "No," she said, "I'm taking a
break. You know, it's summer. After my break I'm
going to see how many guys I can date at the same

He chuckled, and said, "Sounds like..." He paused
and banished what he was about to say. "All right,
let's move on," he continued.

When they were close to some shrubbery, a wild rat
the size of a dog crawled out from the bushes.
Deborah shrieked. Apparently she had never seen such
a huge rat. But then her shriek turned into
laughter. Tim knew why she laughed. It was natural
that she had never seen a rat crawling as slowly as a

Tim pulled his sword out from the sheath.

"No! Let me handle the rat!" she shouted, and pulled
out an arrow. The first arrow didn't hit the
creature, but the second one went through the rat's
body. It fell flat to the surface, red plasma-like
blood staining the grass. Two gold coins the size of
a doughnut also popped up from the corpse and dropped
onto the ground, outside the bloodstain.

"Yuck! it's uglier dead than alive," she said. Then
she burst into laughter again. "A rat dropped two
huge gold coins!" she exclaimed.

"Their corpses usually disappear within a minute," he
said. "Those gold coins will be useful if we need to
buy stuff at the town." In fact, he always felt it
both amazing and stupid for monsters to drop gold
coins. Why on earth would monsters carry gold coins
with them?

"I can't understand," she said. "I should have felt
very emotionally disturbed when I killed something...
something alive. But I didn't get that feeling."

"I think the game developer has programmed some kind
of emotional shields into our characters. I remember
the first time I played this kind of virtual reality
game, I had the same fear. It turned out I didn't
feel bad about killing the computer generated
monsters or bad guys," he said.

"So you're saying we've become emotionless?" she
asked, raising an eyebrow.

"Emotionless..." he repeated. He turned around and
looked at her.

"What?" she asked.

"Nothing, never mind," he said. He replayed the
incident he had earlier when he patted her on her ass
during her shooting exercise. He remembered he did
feel something, some kind of sensation, that made him
uneasy. He also had a desire to do it again. Of
course, he didn't do it again. However, if he was
supposed to be emotionless, he shouldn't have had
that kind of feeling. He probably wouldn't have been
teasing her. He couldn't understand.

He went over and picked up the two gold coins. As
usual, the gold coins looked heavy but weighed almost
nothing in his hand. He knew it was a feature of
these games, so they could carry a lot of coins. He
put them into the pocket of his armor. Deborah poked
him in the back.

"They're mine!" she said. "I killed that ugly rat."

He took the two coins out, and looked her in the
face. "Are you sure you want all the gold coins?"
he asked.

"Why not?" she said.

"We'll be getting a lot of gold coins. You'll look
like you're pregnant if you keep on stuffing them in
your pockets," he said, looking at the two sundry
pockets on the sides of her waist.

Deborah thought for a moment. "Okay, you get to keep
most of the coins, but let me keep these two.
They're my first souvenir," she said.

Tim gave her the two coins.

She put a gold coin into each of her pockets.
"Wait!" she said. "You mean you're going to carry
hundreds of coins and you won't look like a balloon?"

Tim struggled to hide his laughter, and said, "Yeah."

Deborah saw his face. "Someone's coming!" she said,
pointing behind him.

Tim laughed. "I'm not going to fall into the same
trap twice," he said.

Deborah pulled out an arrow. "All right, do you want
an arrow in your balls?" she said, making up an angry

Tim bent down laughing, while waving his hands in a
surrendering gesture. "Okay, okay. A magical pouch
can hold a huge amount of coins without getting
bulgy. Monsters may drop the pouch, or we can buy
one in town," he said.

Deborah giggled. "It's funny, they have thought of a
lot of gimmicks," she said. "Watch out, Timmy boy,
next time you lie to me again, you're going to have
an arrow in your ass."

Tim pointed behind Deborah. "Rat behind you," he

As soon as she turned around, he patted her ass. He
then dashed away before she turned back, and stood
facing her.

"Turn around!" she shouted, with a little blush on
her face, waving her bow.

"I ain't turning around," he said. "You can shoot me
in the balls."

"Turn around!" she raised her voice, while blushing a
little more.

Tim hesitated for a brief moment. There was no
better solution to this scenario. He turned around
and bent a little. She kicked his ass.

"Don't you dare do that again," she said. "Next time
it'll be an arrow." She had a tiny smile on her face
when he turned back to face her.

He smiled in relief. It wasn't a hard kick, and he
didn't fall. If she didn't mention the arrow thing,
he might make more attempts. He didn't know how
serious she was about an arrow in his ass. He didn't
want to find out.

"Look! The ugly rat corpse is fading," she said.

"Yeah, told you it won't last long," he said. "If we
didn't pick up the gold coins, they would have
started to vaporize in a few minutes."

"Good," she said, smiling. "Now let's move on. You
go first, so I can always aim at your ass."

"Don't shoot more than one arrow at a time," he said,
and started moving ahead.

They met a few more gigantic crawling rats. Tim had
a couple of chances to try his sword skills on those
rats. They fell into halves even before he finished
swinging his weapon. Deborah finished some of the
others with her arrows. They picked up a few more
gold coins.

"It's just too easy," he thought, "even for practice

It was then a gigantic creature showed up to their
left side. It was a troll. It had to be at least
ten feet tall, with green coarse skin, holding a huge
club in its hand, and howling at them.

Tim instinctively bounced back a few steps when he
saw it. Deborah screamed, threw her bow on the
ground, and jumped on her step-brother's back.

"Get off my back!" he yelled. He couldn't hold on to
himself when she was on his back. He couldn't even
draw his sword out with her legs around his waist.
He saw her bow on the ground, and yelled again, "Pick
up your damn bow and shoot at the troll!"

Deborah remained clinging to his back, until finally
she jumped back on to the rocky trail and picked up
her bow. Meanwhile, Tim had his sword in his hand
and went into a defensive position.

The troll stared at them, waving its club, and
started moving closer. Both of them stepped back.
Deborah drew an arrow from her quiver and shot at the
creature. Her arrow missed as the troll took another
step forward and swung its club at Tim. He
instinctively swung his sword against the club. His
sword flew into the air, while the troll's club was
cut in half. The troll seemed bewildered by the
cracking of its weapon and stopped. It then returned
its attention to the unarmed Tim, raising an arm.

Another twang. An arrow went straight into the
giant's chest this time. It roared in pain. Tim saw
his sword fall to the ground, about five feet away
from him. He dashed toward the weapon, grabbing it
in his hand again, and made a drive toward the
monster. Twang again, a third arrow stuck the
troll's face, while Tim thrust his sword all the way
into the creature's stomach. The troll slowly fell
onto the ground. It lay motionless on the rocky
surface, with green plasma staining the ground. A
green leather pouch popped up from the corpse, and
landed a few feet from the stain.

They were still stunned by the aftermath. Neither of
them moved a finger. Several minutes later, Deborah
dropped her bow onto the ground again, jumped onto
Tim, threw her hands around his neck, wrapped her
legs around his waist, and started puffing into his
ear. Tim was not much better. His eyes were dull,
his body was turgid, and his breath was as heavy as a
diesel engine. After a while Tim started to regain
his composure. He hugged Deborah gently and patted
her back to calm her down. It took them both quite a
while to get over with it.

"Wow, this is no joke," she panted.

"Yeah, I agree," he huffed, "It's not that this troll
is extremely tough. Well, it is, at this stage of
the practice session. But it's also the contrast of
it against the harmless and easy rats. It shouldn't
be here. It should only appear after we've passed a
town or two, and have had a chance to acquire better
armor and weapons. I can't understand why."

Now that the panic was over, Tim started feeling the
sensation of his step-sister's body on him. He could
feel her breasts pressing against his chest and her
groin against his stomach. He felt uneasy, for he
knew he was beginning to bulge. He patted her
shoulder. He wanted her to get off him, and he
didn't want her to know of his involuntary physical

She got off his body and went for her bow. Before
she turned away from him, he saw a little pink on her
face. He wasn't sure if she knew of his hard-on.
His mind was too occupied, when she got off his body,
that he didn't know if she had any contact with his

She turned to look at the gigantic corpse. "Is that
the magical pouch you talked about?" she asked as she
turned to him.

"Yeah, do you want to keep it?" he asked, adjusting
his breath.

"Sure," she said, and picked up the green leather
pouch. She retrieved her coins from her pockets and
put them into the pouch. "Do you want me to keep
your coins as well?" she asked.

"Sure," he said. He got his coins out from his
pockets, and handed them to her.

She put the coins into the pouch, and carefully put
it into her pocket. She smiled at him. "I've got
all the gold, and you're broke," she said.

"They may have a pawnshop in town. I can become rich
if I pawn you there," he said teasingly.

"Nah, I bet a warrior with an arrow in his ass will
worth more," she said, and giggled.

"Well, maybe I can find something to add to an
archer's ass," he said, and chuckled.

She blushed. "You're a dirty pig!" she said in mock

Although Tim didn't mean dirty when he talked about
her ass, her response reminded him of the pun
meaning, and he felt uneasy again. He turned away
from her so she couldn't observe his uneasiness. He
looked around into the distance. After a few moments
he asked, "How're you feeling now? Do you need a
rest or shall we continue?"

She thought for a moment. "How far away are we from
the town or camp?" she asked.

"I'm not sure," he said. "I can't see anything yet."

"I'm hungry," she said.

He laughed. "You don't feel hungry in practice
session. But, okay, let's take a short break," he
said. He pointed to a rock alongside the trail.
"You want to sit there?" he asked.

"Okay," she said, smiling. She went over and sat on
the rock.

Tim sat on another rock a few feet from her, and
watched as the troll corpse vaporized slowly.

"You're right," she said after a little while. "It's
like real, everything."

"Yeah. This game is very cool. Except for the
stupid rats, almost everything feels a lot more real
than other VR games I've played," he said.

She seemed to be thinking about something. "Have you
ever played these games with girls?" she asked,
looking at some bushes across the trail.

"No," he replied promptly. "Usually with Alan or
other guys. In fact, I haven't played VR games a
lot. It's goddamned expensive, you know."

She turned to him and smiled at him. "Thanks for
bringing me with you," she said.

"Well, you're my sis," he said, smiling back, "and
you're going to set me up with all your girlfriends."

She giggled. "Who's going to pay for everything?"
she asked, and winked at him.

"You," he said, "I'm broke. You're rich."

"If only gold coins could buy us real meals and movie
tickets," she said, giggling.

"I can either pawn you here, or when we get back," he
said playfully.

"I didn't know my brother was so mean and cheap," she
said in mock disappointment.

He grinned at her. "Me cheap and mean?" he said.

"Meanie!" she said, trying to glare at him. She
really couldn't hide the smile on her face, though.

He wished she wasn't his step-sister. He actually
had an urge to go over and kiss her. He banished his
dirty thoughts and started thinking about how far a
town or camp would be from them, and other strategies
for dealing with the potential dangers ahead. They
sat in silence for another while. "You ready now?"
he asked.

"Yep, let's go. You go first again," she said,
smiling naughtily.

"No, your turn to go first this time," he said.

She giggled. "No way!" she said. "You're looking
for a chance to kick my ass."

"I promise I won't," he said, smiling.

"Of course you won't," she said, while her face
turned pink a little again. "But you're going to..."
She giggled but didn't finish her sentence.

"To what?" he asked, feeling a little uneasy again.

"Nothing," she said, turning away from him.

Tim had a very strong desire to pat her ass again,
but he knew he'd better not. He was convinced he
should never do it again, as he could be in a very
difficult situation if he ever tried it just one more
time. "Let's go, I'll let you use my ass," he said,
and started moving.

She giggled behind him as she followed. They moved
on for the adventure ahead.
Continued on to Chapter 4

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