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vrg trilogy 102

{ASSM} Virtual Reality Gaming Trilogy - Part One 2/2 <*> {Bingain} (mf, m-1st, inc, cons, rom, ScFi, oral, anal)

Virtual Reality Gaming Trilogy - Part 1 (Chapter 4-5)
The Siblings' Adventure
Copyright (c) 2002, Bingain
(mf, m-1st, inc, cons, rom, ScFi, oral, anal)

An HTML version of this story is available at
Chapter 4

It started to rain when they saw a campsite not far
away from them.

"It's raining!" she said.

"Hmm, this is new to me. This game is really cool,"
he said.

"I don't like it. I'm getting wet."

He smiled as he noted her embarrassment when her
soaked clothes began clinging onto her skin, showing
all the details of her figure to him. She saw his
smile and glared at him. He turned his back to her,
bent forward, but didn't get a kick at the ass. He
turned around.

She was giggling. "Next time it'll be an arrow," she

They got closer to the campsite, and found that it
was enclosed with huge timbers, with only one
entrance. There was a small stone bridge extending
from the entrance, crossing over a stream, to the

They jogged in the rain, across the bridge and into
the encampment.

"It's still raining in here," she said.

"Weird, it's not supposed to have rain when we're
inside," he said, while checking out the site.

There was a campfire in the center of the enclosure.
An old man who looked like a scholar in a robe was
standing there, smiling at them. To the north, there
was a small tent, with a witch in a gown in front of
it. To the east, there was a tiny bunker with a huge
dog-like animal laying in front. To the west was a
hut, with a nice looking woman in a cloak outside it.
None of the people were wet, despite the rain.

"Let's go talk to the scholar," he said.

They went to the old man, who started to talk when
they were a few feet from him. "Welcome to
Kulalumkar, my friends. My name is Adrenles. What
can I do for you? Do you want information about
Kulalumkar, or information about Jeo the corrupted
wizard, or..."

"Tell us about Kulalumkar, please," Tim said.

Adrenles said, "Kulalumkar is a..." He halted when a
lightning bolt struck the camp. He kept smiling at
the siblings, but didn't continue with his speech.

"Hello?" Tim asked Adrenles.

Adrenles didn't respond; he kept on smiling.

"What happened?" Deborah said.

"I have no clue," Tim said, and turned around to see
what happened to the other people in the camp. He
rubbed his eyes in disbelief. The witch, the huge
dog, and the nice looking woman were all gone. He
turned back. Adrenles was still smiling at them.
Tim raised a hand to touch him, and he touched air.
He stretched his hand further, and his hand went
through Adrenles.

He turned to look at his step-sister. She was gazing
at him in fear and horror. "What happened?" she
said again.

"I don't know," he said, and started to look for
other people in the encampment. Deborah clung on to
him, grabbing his arm tightly. The campsite was
empty. Nobody else was in the camp, except the image
of Adrenles, who was still smiling.

"I think something went wrong on the camp routines,"
Tim finally said. "Let's get out of here."

They stopped at the bridge when they saw what was
outside the camp. There were literally hundreds of
trolls, all looking like the one they killed earlier,
stamping around, waving their clubs, howling angrily,
at the other side of the stream. Tim and Deborah
started to step back, slowly, into the encampment.

Deborah said in terror, "Will they come over to
attack us?"

"No, it's a fundamental feature that monsters can't
get into town boundaries. It's for safety, security,
and many other game-play reasons," he explained.
Sure enough, none of the trolls had a bit of intent
to step on the bridge. They seemed safe on this side
of the stream, but they couldn't get out.

"Why's it there are so many of them?" she asked

"I don't know, must be some bugs or faults on the
server," Tim said. He thought for a moment, then
turned back to check that the lone Adrenles was still
smiling at the air.

"I think we should quit the game," he said.

"I think so too," she said.

He removed the cover on his silver bracelet and
pressed the button. Nothing happened. He waited for
a few seconds, and pressed it again. Again, nothing
happened. He repeated it several times, all with the
same result. He looked at his sister. She had a
very scared look in her eyes. "Try yours," he said.

She removed the cover on her bracelet and pressed the
button. He saw her hand and fingers shaking. There
was no response. She started pressing the button
repeatedly in panic. Then she burst into tears.

He held her in his arms. He wasn't feeling any
better than her. He didn't know what to do. He knew
his real body was still at the gaming center and
safe, but his mind was stuck in this static place
with countless deadly monsters outside. He was
scared himself.

She eventually raised her head to look at him. "What
do we do now?" she asked.

"I don't know," he said, "but I guess we've got to
hang on till they get us out of here."

Another flash of lightning lighted up the dark sky,
followed by growling thunder. Deborah clung closer
to her step-brother.

He looked up into the sky. It was getting darker and
darker. Within a short while, it would be total
darkness, except the glowing campfire in the center
of the encampment. Rain was still pouring down.
They were both wet, inside and out. Luckily, he
didn't feel cold.

"I think we should get a shelter first," he said. He
held his sister's hand in his and went for the
bunker, which looked like the most concrete structure
in the entire camp.

The bunker looked big from outside but was tiny
inside. It was more like a doghouse. In fact, it
smelled like one, too. He looked at his sister, who
shook her head at him.

They went for the tent. To their amazement, it was
much bigger inside -- to the extent one person could
lie inside comfortably, and two would be a bit
crowded. The ground was covered with some kind of
thick vinyl-like sheet, and it was dry inside. He
looked at her again. She had a slightly relieved
smile as she went inside.

"I will go check the hut," he said. "You stay here."

"No! Don't leave me here, please!" She clamped on
to his arm so tightly, it was nearly painful.

"Don't worry, you're safe here," he said. As he
prepared to straighten up, he saw the fear in her
eyes. "All right, we'll take a rest here."

He sat on the ground and his sister snuggled beside
him, still clinging onto him. They heard the sound
of raindrops hitting the tent, the occasional roaring
of remote thunder, and their own breathing. He tried
to think about the best option they had to get out of
this damn situation, but came up with nothing. He
felt a little tired and dizzy. He turned his head to
check his sister. She was dropping her head on his
shoulder, nearly dozing.

He shifted a little bit and she jolted awake. She
looked up at him through the very dim light coming
from the fire outside.

"Do you want to lie down?" he asked.

She thought briefly, and nodded. She lay down on the
sheet. "Do you?" she said.

He lay down beside her. She snuggled close and held
his arm in her hands, resting her forehead on his
shoulder. She fell asleep within moments. He heard
her breathing in rhythm, and soon dozed off himself.

He wasn't sure if it was the distant thunder that
woke him up. He opened his eyes, and found he was
still in the tent lying beside his step-sister. She
was still snuggling against him, holding his arm in
her hands. He smelled her slightly sweaty and
feminine scent, which, for some strange reason, was
pretty arousing to him. He felt her soft breast
against his arm. The nice sensation overcame the
soreness in his aching arm. Then he found out that
his sister's leg was draped across his thigh. He
felt the contact through the fabric. He felt blood
gathering at the bottom of his trunk.

His instinct was to push her leg off his thigh, but
as his hand was almost on her leg, his better
instincts instructed him to do something else. He
began stroking her thigh tenderly. He knew he would
get busted if she found out what he was doing, but he
couldn't help himself. She didn't seem to realize
what he was doing, since she was asleep. She held
his arm closer, and he felt his arm pressed firmly
against her breast. His mouth got dryer and dryer as
he continued stroking her thigh. His heartbeat raced
faster and faster.

Deborah shifted a little. He was staggered. He
stopped all his movements, almost including his

"Don't stop," she murmured softly beside him.

He was stunned. He didn't know if she was talking in
her dream, or if she was awake and was aware of what
he had been doing to her. He felt his heartbeat had
actually stopped. He saw his hand stuck in midair.

"Don't stop," she murmured again.

He couldn't respond. He was as fixed as a statue.

"It feels good, do it again," she murmured.

He knew she was awake and was aware of the situation.
He didn't know for how long. He felt his face
heating up. He also felt smoothness and warmth again
as his hand went back to her thighs again. Without
waiting for instruction from his blank mind, his hand
started stroking her thigh again.

He kept on stroking her thighs while blood inside him
flowed faster and faster. She was also breathing
slightly heavier beside him. Then she shifted a
little bit and freed one of her arms from his. He

"Don't stop," she said softly, and she put her hand
on his thigh as well.

He almost jumped on the contact. He felt his cock
was getting harder and harder, as well as hotter and
hotter. He started caressing her thigh with longer
and heavier strokes. His breath became heavier, and
so was hers.

He felt her hand starting to move closer to his most
sensitive area very slowly. At last, her hand found
his bulge, and stroked him softly through the fabric.
He couldn't believe this. He turned to look at her.

She was looking at him with a smile, a very sweet
smile which he had never seen on her face before.
She kept on stroking his bulge, and he felt tension
growing as the sensation intensified. He gnashed and
held his breath. He couldn't fight the tension. It
was released when he felt his cock pulsating and
shooting in his pants. He felt sticky fluid in his
pants, which was kind of uncomfortable. He realized
he wasn't caressing her anymore. He looked at his
sister again.

She was still smiling, but a slightly different kind
of smile, half teasing and half sly. She didn't stop
stroking, though, even as his cock was shrinking
slowly. "Don't stop, I like it," she said again.

He couldn't resist anymore. Instead of caressing her
again, he moved his face over to kiss her. She
didn't resist. Their lips touched. Their lips
massaged each others' for a while, before he felt her
tongue begin probing in between his lips. He sucked
her tongue softly and met her tongue with his. She
quickly retreated her tongue and he started chasing
hers, and licking her tongue when he found it. She
eventually gave in and dueled with his tongue while
sucking on it.

He realized his hand was caressing her breast. He
felt her stiff nipple standing turgidly in his palm.
He started squeezing her boobs gently, and played
with her nipple alternatively. He heard her moaning
into his mouth. He started kissing her more
passionately. Her hand had gone underneath his
leather garment and was stroking his bare skin. He
involuntarily pressed his groin against hers. She
started to moan louder, and wrapped her legs around

She broke the kiss. "Timmy, Timmy," she half said it
and half moaned. "Oh, Timmy, get my damn clothes
off, please."

He struggled, but eventually stripped her archer
outfit off her, until she was completely naked,
except for her boots. Tim went crazy as soon as he
could see her body. He started kissing and stroking
her all over, while she moaned loudly. When she got
a break from his assault, she started pulling his
gear off him, armor, belt, pants, and even his boots.
They glued together again, kissing fervently.

Tim knew his cock was once again a hot steel rod. He
started bumping his cock on her groin.

"Oh, ah, Timmy! Oh, ah, brother!" Deborah started

The word 'brother' struck him hard, and Tim almost
jumped out of the tent. He realized he was about to
have sex with his step-sister. He couldn't do that,
even though another side of him wanted to do so.
"Deb, I'm sorry," he said, breathing heavily.

She stared at him, eyes wide open, and breathing as
heavily as he was.

"Sorry, Deb, I shouldn't have done this; you're my
sister," he said.

It seemed Deborah had just realized what she was
doing. Her face went flush red. But she said
something different. "Are we still in the game?"

Tim knew they were in the tent, so they were in the
game. "Yes, we are," he said.

"Then it doesn't matter," she said, and before he had
a chance to say anything, had stopped his ability to
talk by kissing him vigorously.

They lost control, twisting their tongues and bodies,
kissing, fondling, moaning, and groaning. She
grabbed his cock and pulled it towards her secret
heaven. She looked into his eyes. "I need you,
Timmy, give it to me," she struggled to say in
between her breathy moans and her kisses.

Tim felt the tip of his cock touching her wet and
swollen lips between her thighs. He nodded and
started pushing slowly inside. His glans was
engulfed by her interior muscles. It was a heavenly
experience. He was trying to push deeper, when a
lightning bolt struck right into the camp, right into
the tent, and right into the siblings. He lost
consciousness momentarily.

Tim opened his eyes again, and realized he wasn't on
top of his sister, but was in the chair in the gaming
room. He saw a group of technicians there. They
sighed in relief when they saw him open his eyes, and
gathered to remove the blanket and accessories from
him. Tim turned around, and saw another group of
technicians doing the same thing to Deborah.

Then Tim saw another man not wearing a uniform. He
started talking, even though Tim still had some
problems understanding everything. Eventually, he
gathered enough information about what happened. One
of the processing units in that new room stopped
working properly, and caused some routines of the
gaming software to malfunction. The game was
practically stalled, but these people had problems
terminating the software. They didn't know if it was
safe to just unplug the wires to bring the two
clients back to reality. They got the manager in;
they called technical support; they called the game
developer; and, finally, found a way to shut down the
game. The manager was initially reluctant to do so,
as it would cause all 'Sedart' games to terminate and
all data would be lost, but he finally gave the order
to do it. The siblings had been in the 'game' for a
little more than three hours before they were

The manager, who was the man not wearing a uniform,
continued to talk non-stop to express his apology.
He told Tim that he had put in another $2000 worth of
game money into his account, and pleaded that Tim
keep quiet about the accident they experienced.

Tim actually didn't know if he had agreed to the
manager's proposal. His mind remained blank until
later, when the bus they were on was a few blocks
from his house.

He and Deborah got off the bus and started walking
home. Tim started to recall what he could remember.
He instinctively put a hand into his front pocket and
reached over his crotch. He felt an uncomfortable,
sticky wetness in his briefs. It was like what
happened when he had wet dreams a few years back. He
glanced at Deborah. She was looking at him as well,
and as their eyes met, her face flushed.

He hesitated for a moment, but eventually asked, "Do
you remember what happened in the game?"

Deborah hesitated for a moment as well. "I'm not
sure, I think I remember some, do you?" she said.

"Same thing. Did I do anything to you? Anything I
shouldn't have?"

She thought for another brief moment. "No, I don't
think so," she said.

Tim went for a shower as soon as they got home. He
was still very much puzzled about the weird
experience. He had been to virtual reality games
quite a number of times before, but never had any
similar experience. He had been hurt, and had even
been killed in some games, but as soon as he was back
to the reality, all he could remember was the
pleasure he had when he killed the monsters or
completed the quests; he never had any scars left on
his body. It was totally different this time.

Tim wasn't sure if he should discuss this with his
sister, who had been avoiding him since they got
home. He went to bed earlier than usual, as he
actually felt quite exhausted.

Chapter 5

Tim woke up very early the next morning. His alarm
clock told him it was only seven in the morning. He
didn't know why he got up so early. He tried to get
back to sleep, but his eyes wouldn't stay closed.
Something was still bothering him, so he decided to
get up. He knew his parents were both gone to work

He got out of his bed, put on his boxer pants, went
out of his room, and started moving toward the
bathroom. He passed his sister's room, where he
stopped, looked at her door, and wondered if she was
awake, and whether he should say hello to her if she
was awake.

Deborah's room door opened and he saw his step-
sister. She was wearing a tee shirt as her pajamas.
She got it from him a few months ago with her glaring
tactic. She had a surprised look on her face. He
knew he had that same look, as well as a throbbing

"Good morning..." Deborah said, "Tim... Timmy.
What're you doing?"

"Good morning, Deb," he said. "You're up early."

"Can't sleep. You're early too."

"Can't sleep," he said.

She fixed her eyes on his face. Neither of them
talked. He didn't know what to say. He didn't know
what she was about to say.

"Why don't you come in?" she said, and stepped back
to allow him to get in the door.

He went into her room and turned to look at her. She
turned to close the door, then came over to him. She
looked at his chest, and slowly ran her fingers on

"Been thinking of you," she said softly, without
looking up.

Tim took a couple of deep breaths. He didn't know
what to say.

"Did you jerk off last night?" she asked. Her voice
was almost inaudible.

Tim took a couple of deep breaths again, nodded his
head, and said, "Yes." He knew his ears were red.
He had jerked off during the shower the previous
night, thinking of the moment he had with her while
in the tent in the game. It was the strongest orgasm
he had had in a long time.

"Who were you thinking of?" she asked again, still
looking at his chest.

He struggled for a brief moment. "You," he said. He
felt sinful for thinking of her, and felt shameful
revealing the fact to her.

"I did it, too, and thought of you, too," she said

He couldn't hold it anymore. He held Deborah closely
in his arms. The moment she looked up at him, he
pressed his lips onto hers. They kissed with great
passion. He held her as closely to himself as
possible while moving his hands on her back. She
pressed her body against him while stroking him
through the fabric.

She slid her hand inside his tee and caressed his
back. He lowered his hands and stroked her ass
through her tee. He snatched the cotton and pulled
the bottom of her garment up. He then cupped her ass
cheeks through the thin silky material. He moved a
hand upward to feel her smooth skin on her back. He
felt her soft breasts pressing against his chest.

They broke the kiss, so they could peel the annoying
fabric obstacles off each other. They fell into her
bed and resumed kissing avidly. The air surrounding
them seemed to be getting hotter and hotter. He
could feel her breasts pulsating faster and faster.
He felt his bulge becoming more and more intolerable.
He found his breath heavier and heavier.

Deborah broke the kiss and looked eagerly at his
eyes. "Let's finish it," she said softly.

Tim moved on top of her, but out of the blue, some
words slipped out of his mouth, "We're not in the
game now."

"I still want you, Timmy," Deborah said, "I'm on
pills, don't worry." She stopped him from further
debate by pulling his head down and pressing her lips
on his.

They kissed for a while, before Tim's instinct guided
him into a position between her widely spread thighs.
Tim found his glans against her wet and swollen labia
again. He looked into her eyes. She was looking
passionately at him with an encouraging smile. He
pushed himself inside her. He was at once surrounded
by her internal muscles again. He carefully made his
way deeper and deeper until their groins met, and
groaned both in pleasure and in relief, as no
lightning broke the dream this time.

He looked at Deborah and saw her eyes sparkling in
rapture, and she was smiling in relief. He let his
instincts to do the work and enjoyed the godly
feeling inside her, hearing her humming and moaning,
and feeling her caressing his body. He felt tension
building up; he knew he was close to it, even though
he didn't want it finish so early. He wanted both of
them to enjoy it longer, but he couldn't help
himself. He exploded inside her. He had devoted his
virginity to his step-sister, something he had
dreamed about but never dared to even think about.
He took a few deep breaths while still supporting
himself with his arms.

He looked at her. She was still smiling and looking
at him, and still stroking him tenderly. While it
was the first time he had sex, he wasn't totally
nave. He knew from the expression on her face that
she wasn't there yet. He felt bad. "I'm sorry, Deb,
I... I'm too... fast," he muttered, "and you're
not... there yet."

"Don't worry, Timmy, I like it," she said. "I don't
always have it during, I mean, when doing this." She
giggled at her own disclosure, but continued
caressing him, and started wrapping her legs around
his hips.

Even though his manhood was shrinking inside her, he
still felt extremely heavenly and erotic. He looked
at her again. "I can do that for you, but... but you
have to tell me how to do it right," he said.

"You've never done it?"


"So you always just... just fuck?" She blushed a bit
when asking.

"This is my first time."

Deborah had a strange smile on her face, which grew
bigger and bigger. "I'm glad to be your first one,"
she said. "Oh my goodness, I'm honored. No wonder
it felt so good." She giggled again, while her face
grew pinker.

He smiled in a little embarrassment.

She pulled him down to kiss him again. "No," she
whispered in his ear after the kiss, "I don't want
you to do it the other way. Don't get out of me,
and... don't you dare leave my bed until I have it."

He smiled, and kissed her tenderly. He wrapped
around her and pressed his body as closely against
her as possible. She swayed her hips gently to give
both of them a sensational feeling. She sucked his
tongue keenly, and squeezed his ass rhythmically. He
felt life starting to come back to his cock. It
swelled and swelled, and was soon surrounded by her
milky envelope again.

He started pushing himself up, but she stopped him.
She rolled on top of him and straddled him, with his
shaft inside her. She smiled at him while moving her
hips. He started to groan and move his hips, meeting
her rhythm. She started to rock her hips and bent
down to him, supporting herself with her arms,
looking into his eyes. Her hair flowed from beside
her face and came down to his face. He raised his
hand to cup her bouncing boobs, and started
squeezing, playing, and rubbing her. She moaned at
the contact.

She closed her eyes, and tilted her head backward as
she made louder and louder moans. She rocked more
and more vigorously, slamming her groin into his with
every stroke. She yielded out a scream, and arched
backward, shuddering all over. He felt his cock
being massaged with wave after wave of spasms inside
her tunnel. He was frenzied, and started zealous
thrusts from below, while grabbing her ass
forcefully. His balls convulsed. He gave his
strongest thrust of the morning, and exploded deep
inside her as she let out a shrieking sigh and
collapsed on him. It took him a while for his
explosion to subside.

Both of them were breathless. They stayed motionless
for a while. When he gathered enough strength, he
held her closely, licked the sweat from her face, and
rubbed her back gently. After a while, she reacted
by kissing him, until they were breathless again.

They stayed in her bed until it was almost too late
for work. They shared a shower quickly and they went
out to work.

The next morning, as soon as he heard his parents
going out the door, Tim got out of his bed and went
toward the door. When he opened the door, he saw
Deborah standing outside his door, smiling at him.
She threw her arms around his neck and started
kissing him passionately.

"Timmy, Timmy," she whispered after the kiss. "Do
you know I've never felt for a guy so much? Do you
know how much I want you?"

"I didn't," he whispered back. "Do you know how bad
I felt? It's so damn hard to prevent the sinful
crime of thinking about you."

"To hell goes the sinful crime," she whispered. "You
should've patted my ass whenever I wiggled at you.
Hell, you should've rubbed it." She pressed her
breasts against his chest.

Tim lowered his hands to rub her ass, while pressing
his bulge against her body. "You wiggled to draw my
attention?" he asked.

She nibbled his ear. "We don't even have a dog in
the house," she said. "Who else will see?"

Tim kept rubbing her ass. "Why didn't you tell me?"
he said.

"Timmy, Timmy," she sighed at his ear. "Why didn't I
give you a blow job to make you fuck me? Wouldn't
that be more direct?"

He almost choked. "I don't suppose it's too late, is
it?" he whispered teasingly.

"To hell with the blow job," she whispered. "You're
going to fuck my brains out, fuck me till I die."
She started pulling his tee off, over his head.

Tim pulled her tee off. She wasn't wearing anything
underneath. She dropped to her knees, and pulled his
jockey briefs down his legs. Before he stepped out
of his underpants, she was bobbing her head, sucking
his cock, and playing with his balls. Tim had oral
sex before, but it was far more sensational this
time. The joyful signals sent by the cells on his
cock were like pumping his heart out of his mouth.
She didn't do it for long. She got on her feet and
kissed him again. "I don't want you to come in my
mouth now. I'm too horny. I want you to come inside
me, over and over, please!" she whispered after the

Tim took her into his bed. His adrenaline level had
never been so high. His cock had never been so hot
and rock-hard. Deborah wasn't even smiling, her eyes
were full of desire, as she grabbed his cock and
pulled it towards her slit. She was already very
wet. Tim was also hornier than he had ever been.
The moment his glans was engulfed by her labia, he
thrust his cock all the way into her pussy, slamming
his pelvis into hers.

"Oh yes! Timmy. Oh yes! Fuck me hard!" she moaned as
she dug her fingernails into his ass, pulling him as
he shoveled inside her, and raising her hips to meet
his thrust. "Oh yes! Timmy! Harder! Oh yes! Fuck
me and love me!" she yelled.

Timmy was glad he had already fucked her the day
before, and had become a little more accustomed to
her pussy. He believed if this was the first fuck,
he would have shot the moment she moaned. He felt
his breath getting heavier as he moved faster and
harder inside her. Her moaning was mixed with his
groaning, their noisy breathing, and the slamming
sound when their pelvises met.

Although the air-conditioning was delivering chilled
air, Tim started getting sweated. He also saw
Deborah sweating. Her eyes were wide open,
shimmering in delight. He thrust at a speed he never
thought possible. His sweat began dripping from his
face onto her body. His cock was delivering blissful
signals he had never felt before. He started to feel
his balls convulsing. He gnashed his teeth in an
effort to delay his explosion.

Deborah slammed her hips hard onto his, and her eyes
became dull. She dug her fingernails deeply into his
ass, arched her back, clenched her teeth, and held
her breath, as her internal muscles began convulsing
and gripping his cock tightly inside her. The
stimulation was overwhelming. Tim managed to thrust
as deep as he could before he shot inside her. Her
heavenly muscles kept on squeezing every drop of his
ejaculation from his cock. They kept on squashing
his cock as it began to soften slowly.

The moment Deborah dropped her back onto the mattress
with a long heave, Tim's shaken hands couldn't
support his weight anymore, and he fell onto her.
She wrapped him tightly, with both her arms and legs.
They both panted heavily. She kept on holding him on
top of her even after he had regained some strength
and wanted to roll off her.

"My goodness!" she whispered a while later. "Have I
ever come so hard before?"

"I haven't," he managed to say. "Have you?"

"Hell, no!" she panted. "I almost passed out!"

Tim struggled to roll sideways, and rolled Deborah on
top of him. "Where's your brain now?" he said.

"Hell if I know," she whispered, and giggled.

He grabbed her ass tenderly, while moving his hips
slowly as he felt the blessing of his softened cock
inside her warm pussy.

"Hmm..." she hummed, closing her eyes, enjoying the
feeling, as she swayed her hips slightly. "Goodness,
you aren't going to make me come again even when
soft, are you?" she said teasingly.

He chuckled slightly. "Do you think I can?" he

She opened her eyes. "Do you want to?" she said,
smiling lasciviously.

"I surely want to," he said. "I bet your brain has
already come back."

She thought for a moment, and said, "No, you've just
come inside me."

"I don't mind," he said, "I want to make you feel

She thought again. "Okay, but don't force yourself,
promise?" she said.

He didn't answer. He gently rolled her on her back,
and moved his head towards her groin. "Tell me how
you like it," he said.

She spread her legs, put her fingers over her labia,
and spread them slightly to reveal her slit. He
slowly led his tongue towards her slit, and lapped
around. She quivered a little on the contact, and
let out a sigh. He began sticking his tongue into
her pussy, as she raised her groin into his face.
She started moaning as he ran his tongue inside her.

"Oh! Goodness! Oh! Goodness!" she moaned, and
withdrew her fingers from her labia. She started
stroking his hair. Tim replaced her fingers with
his, and continued licking her. He smelled her
strong aroma, which was extremely arousing. He
tasted some juices; he didn't know if they were her
juices or his cum. He swallowed them. He kept on
licking as she quivered more.

"Oh! My goodness," she moaned. "Get your damn
finger in, please!" He began probing a finger inside
her heavenly passage, while licking around her lips.
"Oh! My goodness! Oh! One more," she panted. He
added another finger inside her pussy and thrust in
and out. Her entire body was shivering, while her
hips moved up and down as his fingers fucked her
pussy. She moaned louder and louder.

"Oh! Goodness! Oh! My!" she yelled. "Know...
know... know where... my... my... clit... clit?" Tim
wasn't nave, he had read a lot of articles online.
He found her hood above her pussy, and lapped his
tongue around it, while continuing his action with
his fingers. He probed his tongue inside the hood,
and felt a nub inside. She screamed on contact.

He started licking around the hood and the nub,
thrusting his fingers faster and faster inside her
pussy, as she pushed her pelvis into his hand and
face, screaming and moaning. Her groin hit right
into his jaws when she arched her back high into the
air. She was motionless and voiceless as her
internal muscles told him she was having another
orgasm. He slowed his motion down, kept it to a
feathery touch, and waited for her to get over. It
looked like she could have orgasms non-stop.

Eventually, she fell flat onto the mattress again,
panting heavily. Tim stopped his actions, climbed to
see her face. She had closed her eyes, her breasts
heaving while breathing hard. He stroked her arms
and waist gently while she was recovering.

"You're killing me, Timmy baby," she said with a
sweet smile when she opened her eyes. "I'm not going
to have my brain for another century."

He smiled at her. "Gosh, I love this," he said.

She stretched out her arms, "Come to me, baby," she
said softly.

He leaned to her and they wrapped tightly together,
enjoying the aftermath and body contact. She kissed
him, nibbled and licked his ear, while he stroked her
back and ass.

"Too bad, Timmy baby," she whispered after a while.
"I should've kept my cherry for you."

"I don't mind," he said softly.

She nibbled his ear again. "I'm still a virgin
though, technically," she whispered.


"Nobody has ever fucked me from behind yet. I'd love
to have you pop my only remaining cherry," she

He raised his head to look at her eyes. "You want me
to fuck you in your ass?" he asked.

"Well, you told me you were going to add something to
my ass, didn't you?" she said, smiling. "Don't tell
me you wanted to put an arrow into it."

He chuckled. "Will it hurt?" he asked.

"Hell if I know," she said, giggling. "It's
unexplored yet, so you have to do it tenderly."

He smiled at her. "I'll be tender," he said.

She whispered, "Do you have condoms?"

"I'm not sure," he said. He leaned over to his night
table and searched the drawer.

He didn't find anything. He looked at her.

She giggled, and thought for a moment. "I think I
may still have a couple before I started my pills,"
she said. "Go to my room and wait for me. I'm going
to get something first." She hesitated briefly, and
put on the tee-shirt and went out of his room.

Tim struggle off his bed and went into her room. A
couple minutes later Deborah came in with a bottle of
olive oil in her hand. She pulled the tee-shirt off,
smiled at Tim, and walked toward her bed. Tim
enjoyed looking at her boobs bouncing as she walked.
She went through her drawer and got out a tiny
package. "Over here, Timmy baby," she said.

Tim went over to her, his rigid cock saluting at her.
Deborah giggled, ran her fingers over his film coated
manhood, and said teasingly, "Goodness, I love this

Tim chuckled as she peeled open the package, got a
condom out, and put it on his cock. She then gave
Tim the bottle of olive oil, and said, "I have no
lubrications in my ass, so you have to put this on
your cock and my... my... ass." She then stood in
front of her bed, spread her legs, bent forward, and
stretched her hand on the mattress.

He smiled, and applied some oil on the tightly
stressed rubber. He rubbed some oil over her anus.
He then held his oily cock in his hand and guided it
towards her hole. "I'm here now," he said.

She took a deep breath. "Okay, come in slowly,
baby," she said.

He began pushing. Her ass was very tight. He
struggled, but finally his glans was inside her ass.

"Oh!" she let out a soft cry, then a sigh. "Come in
very, very slow," she instructed.

He slowly pushed his cock into her ass. Her
unexplored tunnel was so tight he had a hard time
moving inside. He put his hands on her ass cheeks to
support himself, and moved forward inch by inch.
Eventually, his groin met her ass. "God, you're so
tight," he said, "but it feels heavenly."

"Oh yeah! Oh yeah!" she said, "Oh, it feels good
too. Don't move now! Oh, I like this feeling, it's
like your cock is in my stomach."

He let his cock stay deep inside her ass, and stroked
her ass cheek gently. "Gosh, I love your ass, my
cock is getting bigger and bigger," he said.

She bent a little forward, and his cock went out of
her ass a little. "Oh yes! Your cock is getting
bigger! It's filling me up!" she said. "Do me now!
Do me tenderly."

He began moving his cock out of her ass, and when her
anus gripped his glans tightly, pushed inside her

"Ah!" she moaned. "Yeah, like this." She started
moving her hips with his rhythm.

He kept on fucking her ass slowly, and stroking her
ass cheeks. He wanted to fondle her breasts, so he
leaned forward a little, but figured he couldn't get
into a position of making it. His hands could,
however, cover more of her area by now. He started
running his hands all over her ass cheeks, her upper
thighs, her waist, and eventually her groin.

She was moaning as he moved inside her and caressed
her. She dropped her head while moving her hips.
"Gosh, I love this. Timmy, make me come! Make me

He began moving a little faster inside her tight rear
tunnel. His finger felt her coarse hair underneath
him. He moved his fingers a little down, exploring.
His fingers found her hood.

"Oh! No! Timmy! You'll kill me!" she moaned as his
finger ran outside her hood.

"Thought you wanted to come," he said in between his
heavy breaths. He speeded up his cock movement a
little more.

"Oh yeah! Oh yeah! A little faster," she moaned as
she adjusted the speed of her hip movements. "Oh
yeah! Make me come! Make me come hard!"

He pumped into her a little faster and heavier. His
fingers were caressing outside her labia and her clit
hood. She was wet down there, and his fingers were
soaked with her juice. He stuck a finger slightly
into her pussy.

Her moan become louder as her body quivered. "Oh my
goodness! You're killing me! Don't stop! Oh yeah!"
she struggled to say.

He went faster and faster, fucking her ass. He
fingered her pussy, although he couldn't move deep
into it at his position. His finger, over her hood,
occasionally came into contact with her clit. She
screamed with every contact. His balls began to
convulse again. He started making more contacts with
her clit. He didn't want to shoot before she had her

His cock was jammed halfway inside her ass when she
stopped moaning. Her entire body was tightened up,
and her anal muscle clamped his cock so tightly he
actually couldn't move. He struggled to thrust
deeper as the pressure inside him was about to push
him over the edge. He couldn't. It was too tight
inside. He shot midway inside her ass.

Deborah fell onto her bed when her uncontrollable
orgasm was subsiding. She didn't make any sound.
The only sign she was still alive was the heaving of
her ribs, as she breathed heavily.

Tim was also panting hard. His limp cock had slipped
out of her ass when she fell onto her bed. He moved
over to her night table, pulled some tissues out,
wrapped them over his condom, and pulled the rubber
off his cock. He then pulled some more tissues out
and wiped Deborah's ass. He sat on her bed and
stroked her back while he recovered.

"My goodness!" she said slowly as she adjusted her
breaths. "I wish I had another few cherries for you
to pop." She rolled over and smiled at him.

He smiled, and bent to kiss her.

They held each other in their arms in the bed for
another ten minutes before they went to shower
together. They washed each other in the shower.
They kissed, and played with their partner's body.

"Timmy, Timmy," she said. "Do you still want to date
Annie, Cyn, or Jennie?"

He shook his head. "No," he said, "You're my baby."

"Timmy, Timmy," she said. "You're my baby!"

Tim was browsing the Internet after his shower on
Saturday evening, when Deborah came into his room.
She closed the door and went behind Tim. She leaned
her chest on Tim's head and stroked his chest with
her hands, asking, "What're you doing?"

"Checking what's happened to the game," Tim said, "Oh
my goodness! Look here!" He pointed at his screen.
There was a news on an online gaming journal about a
recall of the 'Dark Lord Sedart' game. The developer
had announced that it was taking out the game from
all game centers pending a major update. The
developer said the update was for game play and game
balance reason, but the journal's commentator
suspected the real reason was major bug.

"Wow!" Deborah said, "I think we're not the only

"I think so, too," Tim said, "Do you think you'll try
out other games?"

Deborah slid her hands down his front, and whispered
in his ear, "No, I think I'd rather play another kind
of game with you."

"They're in their room," Tim said, breathing a little
rapidly, "They may hear us."

"They're asleep," Deborah whispered, gliding a hand
over his crotch, "Your room's at the back, they won't
hear anything."

Tim turned his face over to look at Deborah. Their
lips met. He swirled his chair around and Deborah
sat in his lap, caressing and kissing him. A few
minutes later they were in his bed making love, while
struggling not to make noises loud enough to wake up
their parents.

Neither of them went on dates since then. They spent
most of their free time together. They had sex on a
nearly daily basis. Tim went to movies and
gatherings with Deborah and her friends once in a
while, but he could hardly remember how they looked
or dressed. Deborah occasionally joined Tim's
friends for some non-virtual-reality games, but she
never showed much interest in pursuing. Tim sold the
certificate to Alan at a huge discount the following

Sex wasn't the only thing they did when they were
alone. They exchanged their hearts and minds, as
well as studied together. They treasured their
moments together, as both of them knew they would not
stay together for life. Both their grades improved
in their senior year, although Deborah was still
ahead of Tim by a noticeable margin.

Deborah had decided to go to the State University of
NY at Albany for her college education. She was
accepted by the university, but wasn't awarded any
scholarships. However, she got some federal grants
and loans. After high school graduation, she took up
a job before her planned departure to college,
scheduled at the end of August.

Tim enrolled in a business school for computer
technician training, right after his high school
final examination. He managed to get a little grant
and some loans to support the tuition, so his parents
didn't have to take up a second mortgage. The
program he went into lasted for eight months. He
would be at school from eight to two on weekdays. He
went back to the cinema for a part-time job.

He saw his attractive former summer job coworker,
Susan, and her boyfriend, Bob, one evening when they
came for a movie. Susan had quitted her cinema job a
few months back. Tim was rather busy, so they didn't
talk much, but Susan suggested they have a cup of
coffee after their movie, which was about the time
Tim would finish his shift.

During their talk in the coffee shop, Bob knew about
Tim's situation and plans. Bob told Tim he had a
cousin who operated a computer services center, and
suggested Tim give him a call.

Tim called Bob's cousin the next day, and went to see
him the day after. Bob's cousin told Tim that they
couldn't hire him as a field technician, as their
contract with the computer manufacturers that they
provided services to required they used certified
technicians. However, he offered him a part-time
job, working in the workshop, until he got his
examination and certificate. Tim accepted his offer,
and quit his cinema job the next day.

Deborah had scheduled to leave for her college on a
Friday. Tim took both Thursday and Friday off. The
moment their parents left the house on Thursday, he
went to Deborah's bed. They had sex the whole day,
over and over. Tim knew it was the last day he would
have sex with her. He knew she would start a new
chapter in her life when she got to the college. He
only wished she would find a great guy, someone who
would care for her at least as much as he did.

Deborah came home for the winter recess. The
following morning, after their parents went to work,
she went to his room, kissed him tenderly, and told
him she had met a guy at college. He knew the news
would come sooner or later. She told him how she met
him, how they started to date, and how their
relationship developed.

"But know what?" she said, looking at his eyes.


"You're still my baby, I'll still love you all my
life," she said. "After all, you have the best of
me. Well, we shared it." She smiled at him.

He knew her smile came from her heart. He had seen
all kinds of smiles from her. Probably no one else
in her life would ever see them all. He smiled back
at her. "I love you, too, Deb, always. And you
actually have the best of me, both my first and my
best," he said, and kissed her tenderly.

- End of Part One -

The story of Tim and Deborah will continue in
subsequent parts of the trilogy.

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