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Keywords: tg/f, tg/fff, oral, anal, exhib, pub, irAuthor: Brett LynnTitle: The Wonderful Adventures of Miss K: ...By the Time I Get to Arizona

Here are a few more delicious electrons for you to
self-abuse yourself to. Since I'm closer to the end
of this series than the beginning, I hope you can get
your nut off reading this. Once again, I must remind
you that if you're too young to read this in your
jurisdiction, or if it's just plain illegal, please
don't read this. If you want to catch up on this
series, or read anything else I have to offer, please
visit my website at
I also must remind you that the name 'Brett Lynn' is a
pen name, and I am not connected in any form with
anyone with the above name. Now with the formalities
out the way, let's get on with the story.

By Brett Lynn

The black SUV pulled to a stop on the remote road on
the Arizona State University campus. Miss K gazed off
into the distance, lost in thought, then stepped out
the SUV, adjusting the auburn hair in her ponytail
before tugging her daisy dukes up and adjusting her
bikini top. Tracy followed and joined her friend,
tightening up her sarong around her bikini, a puzzled
look on her face.

"Follow me," Miss K said as she gestured to Tracy and
walked up the short hill.

Tracy looked at her friend, still puzzled at to what
was going out. She almost said something, then took a
deep breath and followed her friend. Once they both
got to the top, Tracy looked around at the scenery,
then looked at Miss K as she cast her gaze down at the
stadium below.

"What gives, K? You took me out in the fucking desert
sun for this?"

"No. I figured that since we're in town that I'd
check out the site of some old memories."


"There," Miss K pointed down there. "Down in Sun
Devil Stadium."

"What are you trying to say?" Tracy said as she looked
down at the stadium, still confused at her friend's
actions. "You play football or somethin'?"

"Nah, nah. I'm a basketball person myself. Seriously
though, you remember the controversy out in this state
over Martin Luther King Day?"

"Hmm…yeah, vaguely. I had to write an essay in the 4th
grade about it. So?"

"Anyway, they had a big rally here over the whole
thing. I swung down with the Stanford contingent.
Ah, those were the days…" Miss K trailed off, staring
out into the desert sky.

"Whatcha thinking?"

"Well," Miss K said before taking a deep breath.
"Think about it. The same geeky guy that was in that
stadium, trying to be as 'revolutionary' as possible
is now the obscenely wealthy, and more so curvy,
transsexual you see in front of you," she said in a
measured voice, waving her hands over her body for
Tracy's edification. "How did I get here from there?"

"OK, nostalgia time's over. What are we doing here
tonight?" Tracy said, annoyed at being made to stand
out here. "K!"

"Alright, alright, Trace," Miss K said as she was
snapped out of her train of thought. She then
composed herself, then said "We haven't gone clubbing
yet. Feel in the mood to go someplace?"

Tracy broke into a wide grin, nodding her head as Miss
K walked behind her and gripped her hips, pulling
Tracy's ass to her body. "Besides," Miss K whispered.
"I, or anyone else, can feel you up on the dance

Tracy purred, then turned around in Miss K's hands,
stood up on her toes and pulled her friend into a deep
kiss. "I like how that sounds!," she said with a
smile, squeezing one of Miss K's breasts before she
pulled away. "Let's go! I wanna get ready!" she said
as she bounded back down the hill, Miss K trailing
behind her at a more gingerly pace.


Miss K stepped out the shower after turning it off,
then grabbed a towel to dry off her toned, curvy
frame, letting the terry cloth linger a bit on her
nipples and dick. She then stepped out of the hotel
bathroom, her still-wet hair plastered to her back as
she walked out to see Tracy sitting naked on the bed,
setting the last of her hair in the curling iron. As
her friend realized she was finished in the shower,
she felt Tracy's gaze shoot down to her dick, giving
her a bit of a shiver.

"So, K, are you ready for me to do your hair?" Tracy
said as she continued to openly stair at her friend's
dick, licking her metallic pink lips.

"Sure, hun," Miss K said as she began to softly stroke
her dick. "That is unless you want me remove that
lipstick and give you some face cream," she continued
with a wink. "Besides, metallic pink would look nice
on my complexion, and they say sperm is good for the

"You fucking pervert!" Tracy giggled as she slid down
on the edge of the bed.

"You wish," Miss K said as she sat down on the edge of
the bed next to Tracy before Tracy slid behind her.
"Besides, I want you to concentrate when you do my
hair, and you know fucking me wouldn't exactly help."

Tracy shuddered a bit at the thought, feeling herself
moisten, then rubbing her pussy on the small of Miss
K's back. Composing herself, she tugged Miss K
towards the end of the bed. "Slide over to the foot
of the bed. I wanna see you better in the mirror.
Oh, and you did condition your hair, right?"

"Yeah," Miss K said as she slid over in front of the

Her reflection showed off her toned body well, her
semi-hard dick nestled in between her toned thighs as
Tracy reached around her washboard stomach to pull her
hair off of her big breasts. The sight and feel of
Tracy's small hands on her body made her dick wake up
a bit, starting to fill out and get hard as Tracy
pulled all of her wet hair away from her front. As
she felt Tracy begin to run a comb through her hair as
she ran the blow dryer over it, she relaxed under
Tracy's soft, soothing touch, making her dick and
nipples harder as she kept going.

"See what you're doing to me Tracy?" Miss K said as
she pinched a nipple, making her hard dick twitch as
she rose up from her crotch.

"I like the way that big thing looks!" Tracy said as
she hugged Miss K around the shoulders and planted a
kiss on Miss K's cheek, then reached down to briefly
tug on her friend's member.

"Oh really?" Miss K said as she beamed a lascivious
grin into the mirror. Tracy responded by nodding her
head, then went behind her to get the curling iron,
and Miss K decided to have a little fun with Tracy.

As Tracy took a section of Miss K's hair and wrapped
it around the curling iron, Miss K smoothly spread her
legs, then took her dick in her hand and began to
stroke it. As she felt Tracy use the curling iron to
set her hair into big, bouncy curls, she slowly looked
into the mirror at Tracy and stroked her hardening
shaft, licking her lips and smiling at her friend.
She shivered a little bit as she felt herself harden
and felt Tracy's touch on her skin. Miss K smiled as
she looked into the mirror, licking her lips as she
felt herself reach full hardness in her hands,
thinking about what it would feel like to jam that big
dick of herself into the soft folds pressing into the
small of her back. Miss K reached up to tug on a
nipple while flicking her thumb over her tip, making
her moan as Tracy kept curling her hair.

"You like how that looks, ma?" Miss K said as she made
long, slow, full strokes on her shaft.

"Yeah, that looks nice," Tracy quickly said as she
looked sideways into the mirror and wrapped another
section of her friend's hair in the curling iron.

"You're not looking dear," Miss K said with a hiss as
she kept stroking herself. "Get a good look and tell
me what you think."

Tracy looked up in the mirror as she pulled the
curling iron out of Miss K's hair as paused as she
stared into it. Thinking about that huge hard dick
standing up between her friend's legs, framed by those
big boobs and a hair that was partially in big, bouncy
curls, Tracy slid her lubricating pussy on the small
of Miss K's back, letting out a whimper as she felt
the friction hit her clit. She concentrated on her
task against, feeling the heat from her friend flow
through her skin as she kept curling those long auburn
tresses. While she heard and felt Miss K stroke off,
she focused on the hair in front of her, curling it
into long, bouncy curls and occasionally teasing her
soft folds. Little by little, her friend's straight
hair became a mass of bouncing curls as her friend's
body became a mass of bouncing flesh that got her
pussy so wet. As she managed to work her way to the
last section of uncurled hair, she took a look at her
friend, her eyes dilated in lust as she kept stroking
herself, her free hand pinching and pulling at each of
her hard nipples.

Steeling herself, Tracy curled the last section of
hair, setting it in the curling iron and pulling the
hair off of it. Finally, she took a good look at the
scene in front of her, her pretty face almost obscured
by the big girl with the bouncy hair, the bouncy
breasts and the bouncing hand on her hard dick. Tracy
flicked her clit with her fingers, then reached around
and grabbed Miss K's tits as she pressed her pussy
into her friend's back. She rubbed her pussy up and
down the small of Miss K's back while Miss K kept
stroking herself off, her eyes lost in lust as she
felt Tracy's body on her back. Tracy then brushed
aside Miss K's hair and licked one of her ears, making
her friend squirm as she slid her tongue through it.

"You look so hot," Tracy said as she rubbed her pussy
harder on Miss K's back.

"You think so?" Miss K leered in lust as she kept
stroking herself.

"Yeah! You look so fucking hot with that pretty body
of yours framing that big dick of yours."

"You think so, huh?"

"Oh yeah," Tracy said as she gave Miss K's ear another
lick. "You know I love how that feels inside of me."

"Especially in that fucking tight wet pussy of yours,"
Miss K said as she kept stroking her dick before
pulling Tracy's head into a deep tongue kiss.

As she kept held the kiss, Miss K moaned into Tracy's
mouth as she stroked her dick harder, focusing right
on her tip as she pushed herself to cum. She then
pushed Tracy's head off of her mouth and onto her
dick, holding it there as she felt Tracy suck and lick
on her tip. She then pulled Tracy's head off of her
dick for a quick tongue kiss before pulling away.

"You know what I wanna do, love?" Miss K said as she
jacked her dick hard. "Finish off in your pussy. Do
you mind, my sweet little cum slut?"

"Fuck yeah, you can do it!" Tracy said as she kissed
Miss K, squeezing on her friend's breast and flicking
a nipple with her fingers.

"Good slut!" Miss K said as she stood up, chucked the
curling iron off the bed and pushed Tracy onto the

She bent down and sucked hard on Tracy's pussy,
licking inside of inner lips and she stroked herself.
Then, she pushed apart Tracy's thighs as much as she
could, lined up her dick and shoved her dick balls
deep inside her friend with one thrust, making Tracy
scream in half-lust and half-pain.

"You like that slut! You like being used like that?"
Miss K leered, almost delirious in lust.

"Oh fuck yeah! hurt me with that dick of yours!"
Tracy replied through cloudy eyes as she reached down
to rub her distended clit.

Tracy looked up as she felt Miss K grab onto her hips
and start pounding away on her pussy, feeling the
friction tug on her sugar walls as the top of her
friend's shaft rubbed on her clit. She felt Miss K's
big body slam into her small frame, both of their
breasts bouncing around as Miss K pumped her huge dick
into her tight pussy. Tracy looked up into her
friend's eyes as saw that it was as lost as hers ways,
her vision fading away as she went closer to
climaxing, seeing Miss K's arms flex as she kept
pumping into her.

Miss K felt her sensitive tip get pulled back and
forth inside of Tracy's pussy, getting hotter and
hotter with each thrust, the feeling shooting through
her hard nipples and every pore in her body. As she
felt Tracy's tight cunt start to squeeze her in
orgasm, she felt the sensations from her super-
sensitive dick begin to overwhelm her as she let go.
She made one last thrust deep into Tracy's pussy and
let go, shooting her load as deep as she could as she
let go. As her load bubbled out of her dick and down
the sides of her shaft, she let go, slowly laying down
on top of Tracy as she felt herself unload deep inside
of her. As she felt her cum start to end, she made a
couple last thrusts into Tracy's twitching body, then
pulled out as the last of her cum oozed out of her

Dozing off a bit as she relaxed from her release, she
woke right back up as she felt Tracy stroke her
sensitive dick, collecting their combined juices in
her hand and licking it off. She then winced as Tracy
licked her dick clean, licking up her shaft with her
tongue to clean off every bit of wetness on her cock.
She then took the softening tip in her mouth and
swirled her tongue around it, getting all the
remaining cum off of it. Then she held her mouth open
to show the cum on her tongue before making a show of
swallowing it all.

"Did you enjoy that, my little cumslut?" Miss K leered
as she ran her fingers through Tracy's hair.

"Oh fuck yeah!" Tracy said before being pulled into a
deep tongue kiss with Miss K.


"Why do you say that?"

"Who knows? You might have to share me with another
cumslut tonight, missy!" Miss K said with a smile
before planting a kiss on her nose. "Let's get ready,
OK? I can't wait to see you in those tight leather

"So that's what you wanna see me in, huh?"

"Yeah, let's wear them together. I'll enjoy seeing
you roll those hips in those thigh pants, and you'll
have easy access to your little fucktoy," Miss K said
with a wink.

"Little? Shit, that big thing has me sore every
morning!" Tracy said as she traced a vein on Miss K's
dick with her finger.

"Do you mind?"


"Then hush, and let's get ready," Miss K said with a
giggle before planting another kiss on Tracy's
forehead and rolling out of the bed. "Now, what top
would look nice on my tits tonight…"


Miss K looked in the bathroom mirror, touching up her
lipstick one last time before standing up and hefting
her braless tits under her tight hot pink baby tee
with a light pink heart on it. She kissed the air,
then smiled when she saw her metallic pink lipstick
had the desired effect.

"Are ya ready, Trace?!"

"Yeah, I'm ready!" Tracy said as she looked at Miss K
in the bathroom mirror, dressed exactly the same
except for the white baby tee. "And it looks like
you're ready too…to fuck!" Tracy said with a giggle.

"Oh, cool your hormones," Miss K said before she
grabbed and squeezed Tracy's crotch through her
leather pants. "Just because you wanna get me naked,
suck on my tits and ride my dick like a racehorse
doesn't mean the rest of the population wants to too."
She then slipped her hand in Tracy's tight leather
pants and rubbed her clit before pulling it out.
"Think of the straight women!" Miss K said with a

"Well, you are hung like a horse, and if all those
straight women saw that, they'd do the same thing I'm
gonna do right now," Tracy said as she squeezed Miss
K's dick through her pants.

"Alright, alright," Miss K said as she turned on her
platform heels and grabbed her purse. "Let's get
going, OK?"

Miss K followed Tracy back into the bedroom where
Tracy picked up her purse and she grabbed the car
keys. After looking the room over right quick, Miss K
opened the door for Tracy, watching her strut down the
hall in the low-riding leather pants and her own high
heels. She shook her head to get her attention back,
then ducked under the doorframe and walked out the
room herself, feeling like pure lust the way she was

"Where the heck are we going?" Tracy said as she stood
by the elevator waiting for her friend. "It isn't
like we know the area."

"Well, there is this one spot I remember where there
are some clubs, right by Arizona State. We should run
up in there," Miss K said as she stepped into the now-
open elevator door.

"Alright. Sounds cool by me," Tracy said as she
stepped in the elevator.

Once the elevator made its way to the garage, the two
women made their way to Miss K's SUV, where Miss K
slipped a Missy Elliott CD and push the factory
speakers to the limit as they rolled out of the

After a few minutes, Miss K and Tracy rolled up on the
club, "One Minute Man" banging out the eardrums of the
people on line as they rolled into the parking lot of
the club. They slid out of the SUV onto their
platform heels, then clutched their purses as they
walked right up to the bouncer at the front door.

"Hi ladies!" the beefy bouncer said as he undressed
Miss K and Tracy with his eyes. "Looking good
tonight! And this one looks like she could join the
Mercury, tall as you are!" the bouncer continued as
she looked Miss K up and down, stopping at her

"Oh, you the man, baby," Miss K said with a smile,
running her hand up and down the bouncer's chest.
"So, are you get this future WNBA star and her friend
get in for free?"

"Sure!" the bouncer said as he unhooked the velvet
rope. "Go on right ahead."

"Thank you!" Miss K and Tracy said as they brushed
past the bouncer, with Miss K running a finger on his
chin and Tracy pushing her butt right into his crotch.

As soon as they got out of earshot of the bouncer,
Miss K said, "well, that was interesting! Spend a
mill on some plastic surgery and get out of a $15

"But he was cute though," Tracy said, "Besides, his
dick felt nice down there." After watching Miss K
roll her eyes, she added, "not as big as you though,
you typical male."

"Like you mind," Miss K said with a wink.

Their attention turned to the scene in the club, dark
with glowing neon lights framing the scene. The DJ
was playing Jay-Z on the wheels of steel as all other
sorts of forged and possibly man-made body parts
writhed against each other on the dance floor. The
faint smell of cigarettes and hard liquor filled the
place as the bar was doing good business, while others
sat off to the side drinking bottled water getting
ready to roll into the groove.

"Ready to get this party started, Trace?" Miss K said
as she grabbed Tracy's hips and starting grinding
against them. Tracy simply responded by wrapping her
arms around her friend's neck and writhing her hips in
Miss K's hands, moving to the beat.

"Yeah ma," Tracy said as she bent her head back and
gave her friend a kiss on the lips. She then bumped
Miss K away with her ass, looking over her shoulder
and giving a wave as she swayed her hips and walked
away from her.

Miss K slipped into the crowd away from Tracy, trying
to wait and see what the blonde bombshell would find.
She slid over to the end of the bar and ordered a Long
Island Iced Tea to take the edge off. After paying
for her drink, she stood off to the edge of the dance
floor, nursing her drink and she moved to the music.
She watched the couples writhing around her to the
trance that was popped onto the system, feeling her
privates stir at the sight of so much female flesh
pressing against some lucky men and women. Just as
she was almost hypnotized by the curve of a lovely
Latina grinding her J.Lo-style booty on some hapless
White guy, she felt a small hand grab at her ass.
When she looked down from her perch, she saw a thin
little White girl, her pale, soft skin glowing in the
light. She had her hair pulled back into a small
ponytail, and she wore a simple silver lather and a
pair of black Mary Claire bell bottoms.

"Wow! You're a big girl!" the girl said to Miss K.

"Thank you, doll!" Miss K said through the noise
before giving the girl a kiss on the cheek.

"Well, I saw you checking those girls out and I
thought that, um, you know…"

"Sure!" Miss K said with a smile as she grabbed the
girl's hips and butt, pressed the girl's thin frame to
her body and wiggled her hips on her.

"Wow! OK! You have such strong hands!" the girl said
as she felt Miss K feel her up. "So big too! If you
were a guy, you'd be hung!"

Miss K bent down and said in the girl's ear, "well,
enough talk! Let's freak it on the dance floor, ma!"

The two ladies slid their way through the crowd on the
dance floor and staked out a spot on the dark dance
floor. Slowly, the two began to move together to the
beat, Miss K's hands slowly sliding up the girl's body
to grab her small, firm tits. As the kept moving to
the beat, the girl turned around so that she and Miss
K were facing each other. Miss K held onto the girl's
small, tight butt as she began to hump her leather-
covered thigh, her breath blowing right onto Miss K's
breasts through her shirt. As the music kept thumping
through the club's system, Miss K felt the girl press
more insistently into her thigh, her breath feeling
hotter on her tits. She felt the girl squeeze her ass
tight, and Miss K held the girl's head to her tits,
shivering when a tongue snaked out to lick her hard
nipple. She felt the girls' hands move tantalizingly
close to her dick in her pants when she pulled them
away and held them over her arms. Barely remembering
to keep time with the music, Miss K kept moving her
body as she bent down and kissed the girl hard on the
lips, her free hand reaching into her pants, seeking
out her clit in the light down and rubbing it between
her fingers.

Miss K released her grasp on the girl's hands and
clit, then drew her hips to her again as she whispered
in her ear, "What's your name?"

"Brianna," the girl replied in an almost-scared tone.

"Relax, girl," Miss K said as she hugged Brianna
tight. "By the way, my name's Kayla."

"So what brings you here?!"

"Oh, just going out with my girl!" Miss K screamed out
over the music.

"Oh, I see! Where is she?! I wanna meet her!"

Miss K scanned the crowd to see where her friend was
at when off in the distance a bit, she spotted a
circle of guys looking at something that was
definitely attractive, at least based on their body
language. Miss K grabbed Brianna's hand and led them
through the crowd, trying to see what all the fuss was
about. When she fought her way through the crowd to
get up front, the sight she saw made the crotch of her
leather pants feel very tight indeed. Behind Tracy
stood a tall, statuesque girl with caramel-coated skin
and shoulder length brown hair holding onto Tracy's
breasts with one hand and rubbing Tracy's pussy with
the other as the two were wrapped up in a kiss. Tracy
reached back and was squeezing on the other girl's
wide, round ass before coming up for air in the kiss.
The second she opened her eyes, she spotted her friend
and waved to her, gesturing for her to come over.
Tracy sucked on Miss K's nipple through her shirt,
then smiled as she saw the lipstick stain on it.

"Hi K!" Tracy said with a smile. "Wanna meet our
friend for the night?" she said with a wink. "Her
name is Tasha!"

Tasha walked over to Miss K, then stood up on her toes
to kiss Miss K on the lips, brushing their tits
against each other as Tasha felt out Miss K's big,
round ass. "So where are you hiding that big dick of
yours, girl!" Tasha whispered in Miss K's ear before
breaking off the hug.

Miss K looked at Tracy with initial shock, then broke
out into a lecherous grin, nodding her head as she was
thinking about that night's possibilities. "So you
told her already, Trace!"

"I had to, big girl!" Tracy screamed over the music as
she slid over and hugged Brianna. "Besides, I had to
let her in on your fun surprise to get in on the fun!"

"What! What's going on?!" Brianna screamed, confused
at what was being said in all the noise of the club.

"Follow me to the ladies room, girls!" Miss K said as
she turned on her heels and started walking out of the
crowd, Tracy, Tasha and Brianna following hot on her
heels. They made their way through the crowd, making
their way through a gauntlet of groping hands all over
their body. Eventually, they were able to make it
into the clear and spot the entrance to the ladies
room next to a bunch of couches. Miss K led the way
into the ladies room, then guided them through the
throng of women chatting and fixing their makeup to
get to a stall. Tasha and Brianna filed into the
stall, with Tracy bringing up the rear and closing the
stall door to trap them in the tiny space.

"So what the heck is going on that we're all cramped
up in this stall?" Brianna asked, searching everyone
else's face for an answer.

Tracy responded by putting a finger to her lips, then
saying in a screamed whisper, "K over here has a

Brianna looked stunned at the news, then said, "I know
she's tall and has big hands and all, but…" before
mentally making the connection.

"Let's see. I'm curious now," Tasha said as she
looked squarely at Miss K's crotch. "I doubt it's
that big with those tight pants."

As Tasha was saying this, Miss K took loose the laces
to her pants, then pulled them down to midway down her
thighs. She spread her legs a bit, then pulled the
shaft of her dick from between her legs, giving the
semi-hard member a couple strokes before letting it
hang, feeling it grow as the three other women looked
at it.

"Impressive," Tasha said as she smiled and nodded at
what she saw. "I guess you were telling the truth,

"Wow!" Brianna said as she reached out and squeezed
the hardening shaft, making Miss K shiver at the
touch. "How did you hide something that big? You
looked all girl to me."

"Well, I tucked it up between my asscheeks, dear,"
Miss K said before drawing a deep breath. "And I like
how your hand feels on my dick."

"Ah," Brianna said as she slowly stroked the now-hard
shaft in her small hand. "That makes sense."

"Man that looks so juicy!" Tracy hissed as she grabbed
the shaft, then stood up on her toes to kiss Miss K on
the lips, her free hand squeezing one of her friend's
breasts. "I wish I could have a piece of that right

"Well, I think you might have to do something now. I
can't tuck a hard dick back into these pants," Miss K
said as she slumped down onto the toilet, away from
Brianna's and Tracy's grasp. "Could you ladies help
me out a bit?"

"Sure," Tracy said in a trademark Noo Yawk accent
before sliding down on her knees and stroking Miss K's
shaft strongly in her hands. "Come on, girls. Help
me out here."

Brianna slid down to her knees and licked Miss K's
balls while Tracy kept stroking the shaft. As Tasha
looked on, leaning on the stall wall and sliding a
hand in her pants to pet her wet kitty, Tracy held
onto the base of Miss K's dick and swallowed in whole
in one slow gulp, making Miss K bite her lip and
squeeze her tits. She pumped her mouth up and down
the shaft a bit while Miss K pulled her shirt over her
breasts to pull at her hard nipples. Tracy then
pulled her throat and mouth off the now-slimy shaft
and gave a light peck on the tip.

"How did you do that?" Brianna said before giving one
of Miss K's balls one last suck. "That's incredible."

"Practice, practice, practice," Tracy said before she
sucked Miss K's swollen tip right quick. She then
pointed Miss K's shaft in Brianna's direction. "Wanna
suck on this big thing?"

"Sure," Brianna said before opening her mouth and
closing her small, soft lips around Miss K's tip.
Miss K bucked her hips under Brianna's touch,
squeezing and mauling her tits as she felt her tongue
flick along her glans.

"Hey, may I help you there?" Tasha called out from the
corner. When Miss K looked up to see her, she saw her
slowly rubbing herself, pinching a nipple through her
shirt. "Looks like you want someone to suck on those
big fake tits of yours, huh?"

"Yeah, come here and suck me," Miss K said in an
exasperated whisper, getting turned on by Brianna's
sucking and Tracy's stroking of her slick shaft.
"Just get me off…we can get have a good fuck later,
just get me off now!" she said in a desperate, hurried
whisper, pushing her breasts into her hands.

Miss K closed her eyes, then felt Tasha slide past
Tracy, then pull both of her hands off of her breasts
as she flicked one nipple with her tongue and the
other with one of her thumbs. She nursed on Miss K's
nipple as firmly as Brianna sucked on her dick,
feeling the White girl's tongue flick all over the
shaft. She felt Tracy's soft hands stroke her shaft
as fast as possible while her other hand squeezed and
kneaded her balls, making her ass hot as possible.
She felt her shaft pulse in Tracy's hands, feeling
ever nerve get more and more sensitive as she felt the
three women do their thing on her body. She felt
Tasha suck hard on her nipple, flicking and swirling
her tongue around her areola as she felt Brianna cant
her magic spell on her dick with her tongue, then felt
get herself pushed to the edge.

"Oh, I'm about to cum guys! You ready?" Miss K moaned
as she bucked her hips and her dick up into Brianna's

She closed her eyes and felt Tracy's hand pump her
shaft hard as she felt another tongue slide up her
shaft and wrap itself around Brianna's. The two soft
tongues being too much for her, she bit her lip and
began to shoot her cum, the two tongues on her
sensitive shaft flicking all over it to lick up her
spend. She quietly groaned as she felt her dick pump
out a load of cum out of her tip and down her shaft,
where she felt the tongues slide down to capture what
they missed out the tip. She opened her eyes to see
Tracy and Brianna duel with their tongue for the rest
of her cum, slowly catching her breath and holding
onto Tasha's head as she lazily snaked her tongue
around her nipple.

"You sure do cum a lot for a chick," Brianna said.
"That's fine by me, tasty as you are," she continued
as she kissed the softening shaft.

"Aww, thanks Brianna," Miss K said with a smile.
"You're a real flatterer. Anyway, let me get tucked
back up. I wanna get back to my hotel room and give
you 3 ladies the fuck of your life. Are you guys

All three ladies nodded their approval in unison, then
Tasha said, "Besides, I haven't had a chance to try
that dick out yet. It looks like it would be fun to
ride though."

"It is, believe me," Miss K said before she gave Tasha
a peck on the cheek. She then stood up and tucked
herself back between her legs before pulling her pants
back up and lacing them up. She then reached down to
help Brianna, Tasha and Tracy to their feet. "All
ride ladies. Let's get back to my hotel room so I can
give all of a nice ride."

The four ladies quickly made their way out of the
bathroom, then left the club and piled into Miss K's
SUV, with Brianna and Tasha leaving behind their cars
in the club parking lot. While Tracy jumped into the
driver's seat, Miss K sat in the back with Brianna and
Tasha, then closed her eyes as Tracy pulled out of the
parking lot to make the quick drive back to the hotel.
Miss K simply closed her eyes and placed a hand on
both Brianna's and Tasha's thighs. She lightly
squeezed the soft flesh in her hands and brushed her
fingers back and forth, feeling it heat up to the
touch. As the car kept moving, she slid her hands
closed and closer to the wet quims hidden by cloth,
moving tantalizingly close and making Tasha gasp under
her grasp. Suddenly, she felt the car come to a stop
and the ignition cut off.

"K! We're here, girl," Tracy called out. "You can
play with those pussies when you get upstairs."

"Don't worry, K," Tasha said as she hugged Miss K from
the side, making sure to brush a hand over her
breasts. "Your dick will feel my pussy soon enough."

"OK OK," Miss K said as she sat up and picked up her
purse. "Let's get going."

Miss K followed Brianna out the side door, then Tracy
led the rest of the women over to the elevator up to
the hotel room. The tall transsexual felt Brianna's
and Tasha's eyes crawl up and down her body on the
ride up, then saw Tasha lick her lips as she stared at
her chest just as the elevator opened up on her floor.

"So, Tasha, you want these bad, huh?" Miss K said as
she pulled her shirt up over her breasts, then
squeezed them together in her hands.

"Definitely," Tasha said as she bent down and licked
Miss K's breast. "Thank your plastic surgeon for me,
'cause he created a work of art on your chest."

"Flattery will get you everywhere my dear," Miss K
purred at Tasha as they waited for Tracy to fish the
room key out of her purse. As she was saying that,
Brianna reached down between her legs and got a hold
of her hidden dick. "Wait a minute, Brianna," she
giggled. "Let Trace open the door first!"

In a quick minute, the hotel room door was open, and
the four ladies slid into the hotel room, with Miss K
ducking under the doorway and sprinting onto the bed,
bouncing on the bed. Tasha and Brianna milled about
the small living room area while Tracy put up the Do
Not Disturb sign and closed the hotel room door. She
then wrapped one around Tasha, the other around
Brianna, and walked up to Miss K, who was sitting on
the bed. Tracy then pulled Brianna into a deep tongue
kiss, then gave a similar kiss to Tasha. After
Brianna nearly slid in for a three-way kiss, Tracy
pulled all of them apart, then slid her arms off of
the women and walked up to Miss K.

"So, K, what, or should I say who, do you wanna do
first?" Tracy said as she slid her hand in her pants
and rolled her hips.

"Well," Miss K said as she leaned back on her elbows.
"Why don't you ladies get naked for me. After all,
you already saw me, right?"

All three ladies nodded their heads in unison, then
began to take off their clothes. One by one, they
shed their tops first, the pert breasts of Brianna and
Tasha contrasting with Tracy's fuller bosom. Then
Tracy unlaced her pants while Brianna turned around
and pulled her pants off, revealing the baby blue
thong running between her cheeks. Before Tracy could
begin to pull her pants off, Tasha had her hand in
Tracy's pants, letting her ride the fingers rubbing
the clit, as she unzipped her own pants and started
rubbing herself.

Seeing this, Brianna quickly shucked off her thongs,
then climbed onto the bed, straddling Miss K and
leaning into her for a kiss. She then raised up and
lifted Miss K's shirt up with one hand while reaching
down and grabbing Miss K's crotch with the other.

"Gimme that big Black dick," Brianna hissed before
bending down and licking a nipple. "I wanna ride that
big thing of yours."

"Alright, ma," Miss K said as she reached up to maul
the handfuls on Brianna's chest. "Slide off to the
side for a bit, and me you shall have."

As Brianna sat off to the side of Miss K, she watched
as the Black tranny kicked off her shoes before
standing up, unlacing, then pulling off her pants.
She pulled her dick from between her legs, then sat
down, noticing that the bed felt a bit lower than
before. She then grabbed her purse off the bed and
pulled out a condom. She leaned back to stroke
herself when she noticed that Tasha was now behind
her, getting her pussy ate by Tracy. As she looked
over her shoulder, stroking herself looking at the
scene, Tasha reached back and pulled her into a kiss,
rubbing her nipple in the process. As this was going
on, Miss K felt Brianna stroke and suck her hardening
dick as Tasha slid her tongue over to lick Miss K's

"Ooh, are you getting hard for me, baby?" Tasha moaned
as she writhed against Tracy's tongue. "Make sure
it's nice and hard for me!"

"OK, baby," Miss K said as she sucked in her breath,
feeling Brianna's tongue flick on her tip. Miss K sat
up, unwrapped the condom, and then pulled it down her
dick, giving it a few good strokes to test the feel.
She then motioned for Brianna to climb on top of her,
letting her settle over the huge shaft before lining
her tip up with Brianna's impossibly tiny looking,
thought dripping wet, pussy. As Brianna dropped her
weight onto her shaft, she bit her lip and heard
Brianna scream as the thick shaft stretched out her
tight cunt.

"Oh God, you're so big!" Brianna screamed as she felt
Miss K's cock slide in a bit more against her sugar
walls. "It feels so good! Gimme some more!"

Miss K grabbed Brianna's hips and slowly pulled her
all the way down on her dick, letting her screamed
pierce her eardrums. She felt Brianna's pussy squeeze
hard on her dick, then felt Brianna fall forward right
onto her chest. As she held onto the small girl's
pale hips, she began to saw her dick out of the tight
vise, purring with satisfaction with each pump. She
felt Brianna moan into her chest as she rocked her
dick into the girl, feeling the friction of that tight
cunt as she got even hotter hearing the moans of the
other two women on the bed. Miss K held Brianna's
mouth to one of her tits, letting her lick it as she
pumped her pussy as hard as she could, grinding her
dick just so to maximize the stimulation. As she felt
Brianna moan more and more, she held Brianna's head as
tight as she could to her tits, grinding her hips on
Brianna's clit as she kept fucking her.

"Oh God, you're gonna make me cum!" Brianna screamed,
flexing her hips to meet Miss K's. "Fuck me harder!"

Miss K sat up and held Brianna in her arms, pressing
their hard nipples against each other as she held onto
the small of Brianna's back. As the two girls pumped
their hips at each other, Miss K reached down and
rubbed Brianna's clit in time with their pumping,
driving her dick as deep as she could into Brianna as
she could. She felt Brianna's pussy begin to tighten
around her pussy, then felt Brianna wrap her arms
around her neck and kiss her hard, moaning into her
mouth as she felt Brianna's pussy milk her cock as she
came. The slim White girl jerked her pussy up and
down Miss K's dick as she came, her hot peach working
its hardest to pump the cum out of that thick latex-
covered stick as it dripped its sticky juices down
onto Miss K's balls. Slowly, Brianna slowed her hips
down, then came up for air from the kiss as she slowly
rode Miss K's hard dick. Finally, she eased herself
off of Miss K's dick, making her gasp as she pulled
her tight pussy up and over the sensitive tip.

No sooner then after Brianna slumped off to Miss K's
that Tasha pushed Tracy's head from out of her crotch
and slid down on the bed so that her head was even
with Miss K's dick. She pulled off the condom, then
sucked the tip into her mouth, swirling her tongue
around the tip as she gave the huge dick a few sucks.

"Mmm, this big dick is thicker than my wrist," Tasha
said as she stroked it in her hand, giving it one last
suck. "Do you think you could drive this into me good
while I suck on your hanging tits?" she said with a
smile and a wink.

"Sure," Miss K said, reluctantly pulling Tasha's hand
off of her dick and standing up. "Just lay out on the
bed, and I'll be ready for you."

As Miss K hunted for her purse on the floor, stroking
her tip to keep herself hard, Tasha's long, lithe
sprawled out on the bed, those impossibly long legs
framing her trim pussy nicely. When Miss K looked up
after finding her purse and pulling out a condom, she
looked up between Tasha's legs, seeing the juicy pussy
drooling down onto the sheets while a kiss between
Tasha and Brianna was framed between her small, firm

"Man, would I love to eat that," Miss K said as she
licked her lips.

"Nuh-uh-uh," Tasha said with a finger wag, wrapping
her arms around Brianna and Tracy. "That's what these
two ladies are here for. You were born with a big
dick. Use it and fuck me!"

Miss K tore open the condom wrapper, then hurriedly
rolled it on her hard dick before kneeling between
Tasha's legs. As Tracy held open those soft nether
lips, Miss K tease her tip over them and Tasha's clit,
making Tasha writhe her hips, before leaning forward
and sliding the tip into Tasha.

"Oooh, yeah! Slide that big dick into me!" Tasha
moaned as she felt the huge dick pushed deep into her
pussy and up against her cervix. "That feels so

Miss K braced her arms up against the headboard,
making sure her breasts were in easy reach of Tasha's
mouth, then started pumping her hips in and out,
sliding that thick dick through the wet pussy. She
then felt a flick of her tongue on one of her hard
nipples, making her body shiver and her dick flex as
she fucked away. The flick turned into a deep, hard
suck, while the other hand squeezed and pulled at her
other nipple. She purred as Tasha used her mouth and
fingers to milk the sensation on her hanging teets,
just as her pussy milked her cock through the latex.

As she kept going, she felt Tasha squeeze her dick
with her pussy muscles, making the friction she felt
on the nerves even rougher. She moaned and gasped as
she felt Tasha lick and suck on her nipples, squeezing
onto the headboard more for dear life than support.
She felt herself getting pushed closer and closer to
the edge, so she slowed down some, rubbing her hips
over Tasha's clit with each thrust in that snapping
pussy. She closed her eyes, feeling the wet spit on
her breasts cool when she felt Tasha' tongue get more
erratic, her pussy begin to contract more
uncontrollably. She then leaned back a bit, grabbed
Tasha's hips and made a series of long, hard, strokes
deep into Tasha's hot cunt. Finally, she felt Tasha's
hips buck up to herself uncontrollably and her hands
reach up to maul her tits, holding on for dear life.
Her pussy was pulling and squeezing her cock so much,
it took all of her concentration not to let that
sensation turn into that telltale feeling of orgasm.

When Miss K felt herself calm down just a bit, she
opened her eyes to see Tasha's sweat-drenched face
smiling up at her, still glassy-eyed from orgasm and
lightly squeezing at her breasts. "Such a lovely dick
and a such a nice pair of tits to play with," Tasha
said, still a bit out of breath from her orgasm.
"Marry me!" she said jokingly.

"Why, thanks for the compliment," Miss K said before
she bent down and gave Tasha a kiss. As she was in
the midst of the kiss, she saw Tracy looking up from
between Brianna's legs at her and Tasha together,
munching on the White girl's pussy while Brianna held
onto Tracy's blonde hair.

"Did you cum yet, K?" Tracy said before giving
Brianna's pussy yet another lick.

"No," Miss K said as she slid her dick out of Tasha.
"Why do you ask?"

"I got a hot way I can finish you off," Tracy said
before sucking on Brianna's inner labia. "But first,
I wanna make this girl cum. Wanna help?"


Miss K bent down and started swirling her tongue
around Brianna's areolas while Tracy flicked at
Brianna's clit with the tongue. As Tracy sucked
Brianna's clit into her mouth, batting it with her
tongue and lightly raking it with her teeth, Miss K
nursed on Brianna's small breasts, rubbing the other
one with the palm of her hand. As Brianna arched her
chest right into her mouth, Miss K licked her way up
Brianna's chest and neck, ending in a wet, sloppy kiss
as she caressed her breast. As Brianna began to
scream into Miss K's mouth, Miss K battled her tongue
with Brianna's while Tracy used her fingers to pump up
Brianna's orgasm, her lips having a tight seal on
Brianna's clit. As Brianna had the breath sucked out
of her during her orgasm, Miss K slid her mouth down
to Brianna's breasts, swirling her tongue around one
of her areolas as Tracy brought Brianna down, slowly
pumping her fingers in Brianna's squeezing pussy as
her mouth disengaged from that inflamed clit.

"Hey ladies!" Tracy screamed as she got up on all
fours. "I got an idea for you! I want this big
dicked freak to fuck me up the ass right until she
cums on my ass for you to lick up. Sound like a plan
to you?"

"Yeah, that sounds nice and kinky!" Tasha said as she
stood up on her knees. "Let's do it!"

As Brianna slid over to Tracy's side, opposite Tasha,
Miss K pulled her condom off, then lined up her dick
with Tracy's asshole. As she grabbed onto one hip,
she guided the huge shaft into Tracy's tight ass,
making her friend squirm as the invader forced open
that tight ass. Eventually, she felt Tracy's pussy
right on her balls, her dick buried completely in
Tracy's ass as Tracy moaned in lust, her screams
partially hushed by Brianna's kiss.

"Are you ready, Trace?" Miss K said as she reached
down and rubbed Tracy's clit. "I won't be long."

"Just fuck my ass, you fucking good for shit bitch!"
Tracy barked.

Miss K closed her eyes and started pumping Tracy's
tight ass slowly, loving how that tight ass pulled on
her dick. After her initial stroke, Miss K just let
her hips swing loose and held onto Tracy's hip for the
ride. While she heard Tracy's screams in the
distance, she felt her tight ass pulling on her dick
with each hard stroke. In what seemed like no time,
she felt something hit just the right nerve on her tip
and begin to go past the point of no return. She
opened her eyes, pulled her dick out of Tracy's ass
and started jacking it hard in her hand. Out of
nowhere, she felt her cum shoot right up her dick, and
she tried to aim the first shot, having it land on the
small of Tracy's back. The rest of Miss K's cum shot
right onto the crack of Tracy's ass, where Tasha and
Brianna bent down to lick it, even getting a shot of
cum right across their noses. Miss K pumped the last
bits of cum out of her dick, then let it drip off of
her tip, even rubbing it across the dueling tongues of
Tasha and Brianna. She then laid down on the bed and
began to lap at Tracy's clit, making her squirm her
ass even more against the tongues on her then she
already was.

"God, keep licking down there!" Tracy said as she
pushed her ass back on those tongues. "Keep licking
that cum off of me!"

Miss K stood up on her knees and rubbed Tracy's clit,
looking to see if that cum was still on her back.
Seeing that it was, Miss K slid around Brianna so that
her hips were even with Tracy's head, then bent over
and took the cum off of Tracy's back with her tongue.
Keeping it on the tongue, she bent down and deeply
frenched Tracy, pushing the cum on her tongue into her
friend's mouth, making her moan in satisfaction.

"Mmm, thank you K!" Tracy said with a hazy smile. "I
appreciate that."

"You're very welcome, Trace," Miss K said as she slid
her hand under Tracy and began rubbing her clit in
rhythm with the licking that was taking place. As
Brianna and Tasha's tongues twirled around Tracy's
labia, and each other, Tracy began to buck her hips up
at the two women behind her, desperate to feel their
tongues at the right spot.

Miss K slid over to Brianna's ear and whispered, "suck
on Tracy's labia and slide your tongue along them.
That always works." She then got back behind Tracy
and began to suck on her clit hard, flicking her
tongue against the tip while Tasha's tongue lashes the
other side of her labia. In a blink of an eye, Tracy
was once again moaning in lust, bucking her hips so
much that Miss K had to hold her ass still so that the
three women could finish her off. When Tracy began to
cum, it was all it took for Miss K to hold her ass
still for the other two girls, her body wound tightly
with release.

"Please stop! Too much! No more, please?!" Tracy
whimpered as the three girls continued to orally
pleasure her. As Miss K felt Tracy's ass start to
relax, she gave Tracy's clit one final lick before
sliding from under her. She gently pulled Brianna
away for a soft kiss on the lips, did likewise with
Tasha, then slid up between Brianna and Tracy and
sprawled out on the bed. She then wrapped her arms
around Tracy and gave her a peck on the cheek.

"Did you have fun, Trace?"

"Oooh, definitely. What about you K?"

"For sure. Hey, guests? Whatcha think of us two?"

"Nice," Tasha said. "Pretty kinky, definitely beyond
the ordinary, but cool."

"And you, Brianna?"

"Wow! I can't believe I'm snuggling up with a
transsexual after trying to be a bit bi-curious."

"Uh, I think you're past the wow point, Brianna," Miss
K said with a giggle as she wrapped her arm around
Brianna. "I think you left that behind back in the
club bathroom. Hey, anyone wanna go back and get
their car? I could get dressed."

"Nah, I'm good," Tasha said. "Between the sex, the
dancing and the alcohol, I need a rest."

"And besides," Brianna said as she reached down and
squeezed Miss K's limp dick. "I might get another
chance to ride this pony!"

"I'm a man, not a machine!" Miss K said with a smile,
laughing a bit nervously at her own double entendre.

"Well, these tits of yours are certainly from a
machine!" Brianna said as she goosed on of Miss K's

"Bitch," Miss K said as she jokingly stuck her tongue
out at Brianna, then broke into a giggle. Soon the
whole room was filled with giggled, before the four
women on the bed settled into a satisfying sleep.


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