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Keywords: tg/ff, oral, public, exh, ir, 1st, breast playAuthor: Brett LynnTitle: The Wonderful Adventures of Miss K: Have you had your break today?

Welcome to the next installment of my wonderful
adventures. I hope you enjoy reading this one as much
as I enjoy writing it. As always, you can read the
previous installment or read any of my other works at I reserve all non-
electronic and commercial rights to this work. If it
is illegal in your jurisdiction to read this work,
please do not read this story.

By Brett Lynn

Miss K brushed a strain of hair out of her face as she
backed her SUV out of her parking space. For the last
time for what she planned on being a long time, she
was going to leave her apartment. All she had was a
couple suitcases of her clothes, her makeup and some
jackets and coats in her SUV. The rest had either
been put into storage or was going to be stored in the
next couple of days. She checked to see if the
address was still sitting in her lap, then began to
wind her way out of the garage, ready to start her
road trip.

She decided against going glam for the start of her
trip, leaving her face bare of makeup. Her long hair
was pushed back, hanging over her shoulders down her
back, and tucked under a yellow Yankees cap with the
"NY" in black and turned to the back. She wore a
Yellow M&M's racing jacket, and an opaque white nylon
top, her breasts topped with cold-hardened chocolate
nipples and large areolas showing through. She
completed her outfit with a baggy pair of jeans, going
without underwear for easy access, and a simple white
pair of sneakers. After double checking the address,
she headed up to The Bronx to pick up Tracy.

After making the drive uptown and over the Macombs Dam
bridge, Miss K pulled up to Tracy's department, Wu-
Tang's latest pumping out of her factory installed
system. When she came to a stop in front of the
tenement, she saw Tracy standing on the curb,
suitcases standing up next to her, and shivering in
her blue bubble jacket. She waved at Miss K as she
stepped out of her SUV, her flesh jiggling in her
skin-tight jeans and her hair bouncing around
restrained only by a headband as she jumped into Miss
K's arms. Tracy dug her feet into her friend's ass as
she planted a bunch of kisses on her cheek.

"I take it you're happy to be going on this trip,
huh?" Miss K said as she put Tracy back down.

"Sure! I can't wait to leave this city!" Tracy
replied, spinning around on her feet with joy.

"Chill out, li'l girl. You need help loading your
stuff into the car?"

"Oh, um, sure" Tracy said, handing Miss K a suitcase
before picking up another.

The two loaded up the SUV quickly before climbing into
the front seats of the car. After she got in the car,
Tracy rolled down the window and screamed goodbye up
to her now-former roommates. In turn, two young White
girls, seemingly too fresh-faced to be living in this
neighborhood screamed goodbye back down to Tracy.

"Hey who's that?" Miss K asked, puzzled that someone
like that would be living in a neighborhood like this.

"Oh, just a couple of girls from work," Tracy replied
in a whisper. "They like the cheap rent, plus like
the ghetto ambience, if you can call it that."

"Yeah, I feel ya. I spent enough time dealing with
that in Bed-Stuy." Pulling off from the curb, Miss K
asked Tracy, "any place you wanna go first in

"Hmm…how about going West?"

"West it is, my traveling buddy," Miss K said with a
smile as she followed the signs to the George
Washington Bridge.

Tracy checked out Miss K, looking at her outfit and
noticing how bland her clothes were. "So you aren't
glammed out today, I see. Interesting."

"Nah," the busty transsexual replied as she turned to
face her friend, her jacket opening up to reveal her
sheer top. "Just wanted to relax for the beginning of
my trip. After all, I'll have plenty of time to be
glam later."

Tracy looked at Miss K's revealed chest and licked her
lips, looking at the delicious globes under her chest.
"Nice top there."


"I take it you aren't wearing a bra," Tracy said with
a nervous giggle, her hands shaking a bit. "Mind if I
cop a feel?"

"Sure, love."

Tracy reached across the seat and hefted one of Miss
K's breasts in her hand, flicking her thumb over the
nipple to make it hard. Miss K sucked in a breath
sharply and squeezed the steering wheel as Tracy
tugged on the nipple through the shirt, and she bit
her lip when her friend did the same thing to the
other nipple. Tracy ducked under and through her
friend's arms and planted a kiss on the now-hard
nipples, then sat back in her seat.

"Not bad. I like playing with your tits, and trust
me, I will take the opportunity to do it more often.
You're not gonna have me half-comatose like you did
last night all the time," Tracy said.

"Oh really? Now that's a challenge!" Miss K bragged
as the car weaved its way through heavy traffic on the
highway. "Now, do you wanna find out what kind of
underwear I'm wearing?"

"Hmm…tell me."


"How am I supposed to find out then?"

"Well, you could check for yourself," Miss K said with
a smile, nodding her head self-assuredly.

Tracy looked back in confusion, then hummed to herself
as she reached over to Miss K's jeans. She unzipped
the fly of the jeans and stuck her hand inside,
mentally prepared for silk. When the only thing she
felt was the silky skin of her friend's dick, she
looked up into Miss K's eyes, her eyes bulged out in
surprise. Sent off with a nod of her friend's head,
Tracy stroked her hand up the shaft, letting her thumb
tease the tip of Miss K's dick. Miss K groaned pushed
her hips into Tracy's hand as she felt her rub the tip
on the rough fabric of her jeans, driving her wid.
Tracy then started pumping Miss K's dick, enjoying the
way the warm flesh felt as it grew in her hands.

"Stop, Tracy!"

"OK, OK," Tracy said, jerking her hand away from her
friend like she was a hot stove. "I thought you liked

"I do, definitely," Miss K said. "But there's plenty
of time for that. Besides, you've given me an idea."


"Just wait till we get into Jersey a bit. Then I'll
show ya."


The couple drove across the George Washington bridge,
heading over into New Jersey for the first leg o their
trip. The trip on the interstate went along in a dull
way initially, with random banter piercing through the
reined-in factory system playing Nas' latest CD. It
seems that Tracy was fresh out of high school, just
turning 19 and trying to find herself in the world.
She found out about the stripping job from one of her
looser friends, but didn't mind the spot one she found
out how nice the place was. Also, she was very
single, dumping her old high school beau after he got
picked up for being a friendly neighborhood street
pharmaceutical rep.

Meanwhile, there were more than a few sets of eyes
looking into the car while Tracy was telling Miss K
her life story. She felt the eyes of the truckers
looking into the SUV, wanting to see what was under
her jacket. As they sped into the countryside, Miss K
looked up and saw a truck hanging close to her on her
left. She saw the driver look into his side view
mirror, looking at the skin and cleavage peeking out
from between her jacket. Miss K looked a bit closer
at the reflection for a second, then noticed the
lecherous grin of the grizzled trucker. Miss K
stepped on the gas for a second, blasting past the
truck, then rolled down her window to stick out her
hand and give the trucker the finger.

"Fucking asshole! Why the fuck does he think I want

"Yeesh. Relax there, Kayla. It ain't like you aren't
showing anything."

"But I don't like guys, and even if I did, I wouldn't
be messing with one of them."

"OK, OK. So what's this plan of yours, anyway?" Tracy
asked, puzzled as to what's going on.

Just on cue, another SUV with 2 sets of skis on the
ski rack pulled up on Miss K's side. Riding in the
SUV were 2 White chicks, about college age, blasting
Blink 182 through the sides of the SUV. As Miss K
pulled slightly ahead of the two, she was better able
to check them out. The girl in the passenger side
looked like a stereotype of a corn-fed farm girl, with
her white-blond hair tied pack in a ponytail and her
sweater bulging with flesh. The driver looked a lot
smaller in build, and wearing that baby tee in the
warm of the car made her look smaller. However, she
had a cute face, her shoulder length brown hair
framing a pretty face lightly made up. Right then,
Miss K made her decision.

"Tracy, take control of the steering."

"Why?" Tracy said, bewildered at the sudden request.

"Trust me on this one. Just take the wheel."


Tracy unbuckled her seatbelt, then reached over to
grab the steering wheel. Miss K, in turn, unbuckled
her seatbelt and turned to the window. She pulled
open her jacket, baring her nominally covered breasts
and pressed them to the window. Instantly, the eyes
of the two young women were glued to her cleavage.
Miss K then made a seductive lick at the window glass
before, pulling her top over her boobs and pressing
them to the glass. Pulling her breasts off of the
window and pulling her top back down after a few
seconds, she smiled and winked at the two girls,
waiting for their reaction.

The girls in the SUV smiled back, giggling at Miss K's
playful exhibition. The blonde in the passenger seat
smiled at Miss K, making eye contact before lifting
her sweater up and showing off her own bulging
breasts, hanging high on her chest without benefit of
a bra. She playfully licked her lips before breaking
out in laughter and then pulling her sweater back
down. While Miss K retook the wheel from Tracy, the
blonde leaned back over to her friend, who pulled up
her own shirt before the blonde pulling a breast out
of one of the brunette's bra cups and tongued the
areolas in a circle. The two then sat back up the
car giggling, flashing a wink back over to Miss K.

"You like that show, Tracy?"

"Sure! Those girl look cute in an innocent way."

"I got an idea Tracy. Why don't you give these people
a show and suck on my dick."

Tracy looked back at Miss K with more than a bit of
reticence. "What the hell? Do you want to be the
Black Matt Shepard out here or something?"

Miss K winked back at the girls in the SUV cruising
next to hers, then mouthed to them 'Watch this.'
Then, Miss K turned back to Tracy and said, "Look.
You trust me enough to drop everything and come along
on a trip with a sexual 'non-traditionalist' that you
met yesterday. A blowjob isn't too much to ask."

Tracy thought about what Miss K said, then a look of
realization passed over her face, and a smile went
across her lips. "Alright, my new found friend.
Let's have some fun."

As Miss K placed her hands high on the steering wheel,
Tracy licked her bottom lip before ducking under her
friend's arms and unzipping her fly. She pulled out
Miss K's limp dick out of her fly and stroked it
lightly before squeezing on Miss K's nipple to get her
attention. One she saw Miss K was looking down, she
smiled and took her friend's tip into her mouth,
slowly sliding the shaft between her lips. Miss K
looked straight ahead, taking her left hand off the
steering wheel to allow the girls driving along side
of her to watch and enjoying the feel of those soft
lips on her shaft. Just as she hit a curve in the
road, she felt Tracy swirl her tongue around her
swelling tip, making her shake as she struggled to
keep her eyes on the road. She looked down to see
Tracy's hair hiding her lip, her eyes closed as she
nursed slowly on her shaft while she tweaked a nipple
through her top. Then, realizing who this show was
for, she looked to her left and saw the girls
transfixed. Their eyes were bulged out in surprise of
the sight of Tracy bobbing her head in Miss K's lap,
and they were trying to figure out what was going on.

Miss K rolled down the window, then motioned for the
girl on the passenger side to do the same.

"Hey girls! Wanna see what's going on here?"

"Well, uh, I guess so? What gives?" said the blonde,
half-curious and half-confused at the question.

"Come on, man," the driver said. "I'm curious about
what our big titted flasher has to show us!" The
driver then beckoned the passenger to her and
whispered something in her ear. The blonde sat back
up and stuck her head out the window.

"Sure! Where do you wanna go?"

"Well…follow me to the next highway rest stop, and
we'll go from there."


Miss K sped off down the interstate, and the girls
followed suit, tailing her at high speed. She
politely tapped Tracy's head, and Tracy looked up to
see what was up.

"What are you doing?" Tracy asked.

"You know those girls I just flashed a few minutes


"Well, they're going to finish the job you started.
Would you do me a favor and tuck me back into my

"Sure," Tracy replied as she stuffed the semi-hard
shaft back into Miss K's jeans. "Oh, can I ask a

"Go ahead. Be my guest. In fact, you are," Miss K
chuckled to herself.

"If those girls suck your dick, can I play with your

"With pleasure, hun. Now gimme a kiss."

Tracy gave the kiss on Miss K's cheek as asked, and
just as Tracy sat back down in her seat, she saw a
sign for a rest area a mile ahead. Miss K checked to
see if the girls were still following her, then pulled
over to the right lane. Not too much later, Miss K
pulled off the highway to the rest stop and pulled
into a space in the almost empty parking lot. Then
she looked to her left and saw the two girls pull in a
couple spaces away. Miss K jumped out the SUV, and
the rest of the girls followed suit, nervously
gathering and looking at each other, waiting for
someone to make the first move.

"So, what are your names?"

"Well, I'm Cindy, and my friend's name is Karen," the
blonde spoke out.

"I'm Kayla, and my traveling companion here is Tracy,"
Miss K replied, gesturing to her friend. "So do you
wanna see what I was trying to show you?"

"I guess," Cindy said with a shrug.

Miss K unbuckled her belt and unbuttoned her jeans,
then nonchalantly pulled them down to reveal her limp
dick. As it was starting to twitch in response to the
cold, Cindy and Karen looked in shock, wondering what
was going on.

"You're one of those, um, whachamacallits, um…"

"She's a boy!" Karen screamed out in shock. "And if
she's a boy, that other so-called girl is too!"

"Whoa, whoa, whoa, let's stop the show here. First of
all, the word's transsexual, or what some call a
shemale. Second of all, I only dig chicks. Besides,
with all these truckers on the highway, if I really
wanted a dude, wouldn't you think I'd have one by

The two girls looked at each other, then at Miss K's
limp dick, with Cindy licking her lips in lust.
Karen, half curious as to what Tracy's ass looked
like, pulled her eyes away from Miss K's dick and
looked into Tracy's eyes.

"Well, if you aren't a guy, Tracy, show us your
pussy," Karen ordered.

"Yeah, show us," Cindy chimed in, trying to regard her
composure and squeezing her thighs together in lust.
"I'm curious now."

Tracy looked up into Miss K's eyes for approval, then
smiled, turned around and pulled down her skin-tight
jeans to the middle of her thigh. She playfully
wiggled around her ass, then pulled aside her thong,
showing off her shaved pussy. Miss K smiled on the
sight of Tracy's pussy and slowly stroked her cock
with her hand, looking back in Cindy and Karen's
direction to find them fixated on what was in her

"I know you wanna suck this," Miss K said to the two
girls, licking her bottom lip lustily before flashing
a smile at them. "I saw you staring. So how about
you give this a suck? Ain't like you got anything to
lose," she finished, punctuating her remark by
pinching one of her nipples with her other hand.

The girls looked at each other for a moment, thinking
about what they were going to do. "I dunno, Karen,"
Cindy noted. "I wonder if this is a good idea."

"What the fuck, Cindy," Karen said as she got on her
knees next to Miss K. "What have we got to lose.
Besides, it'll be a good story to tell everyone."

"That's if they believe us," Cindy said as she got on
her knees.

Karen took the limp shaft in her hands and lifted it
up to Cindy's lips. She rubbed Miss K's tip against
her friend's coral pink lips, making Miss K coo a bit
and giving her a chance to feel the dick twitch,
before handing it off to Cindy and licking Miss K's
balls. Cindy let the head slip into her mouth,
sucking on it lightly as she stroked the veiny ebony
shaft, feeling the warm, pulsing length of it. She
gave Miss K a hand job as she sucked on the swelling
head, struggling to cover every nerve on the tip,
while Karen licked and sucked at Miss K's hairless
balls. Miss K had fell back against the side of her
SUV, enjoying the feel of the girl's mouths when she
felt a hand roughly squeeze her right breast.

"Remember me?" Tracy said with a smile and a giggle.
"You said I could play with them."

Miss K sucked in a breath as she felt Cindy run her
tongue over a sensitive spot on her tip, then looked
over to Tracy, noticing that she'd put her jeans back
on. "OK," Miss K breathily replied, pulling open her
jacket as much as possible. "Go ahead and suck my

Tracy looked up into her friend's eyes as she placed
her lips around Miss K's nipple and sucked on it,
dripping as much saliva as she could onto her nipple.
Miss K grabbed her hair in response, holding onto it
as a shiver of pleasure ran through her body, making
her hard dick twitch. She closed her eyes as she felt
three sets of lips on her body, one running up and
down her shaft, one sucking on her hard tip and
another one on her breast circling her areola as a
tongue stuck out to make it wet through the soaked
fabric. Another hand was squeezing her other breasts,
flicking her nipple with her thumb as she felt those
lips on her shaft working up and down, pleasuring her
with their soft feel. She felt someone lick at the
base of her cock before someone called her name.

"Hey, Kayla!" Cindy called out.

"Uh, what," Miss K said as she opened her eyes.

"How big is that dick of yours? Like have you
measured it?"

Just then, Tracy bit on Miss K's nipple hard as she
sucked on it, buckling her knees and forcing her to
hold on to Tracy's head. "Why do you care?" Miss K
breathily replied. "Just keep sucking my dick."

"Come on, I'm curious. This has to be the biggest
dick I've ever seen."

"Well, it's about 12 inches. Why do you ask?" Miss K
said, trying to feign a composure she didn't have
right now.

"Just curious," Cindy said as she stroked Miss K's
shaft with her hands. "What do you think Karen?"

Karen gave Miss K's dick a hard suck before pulling
off of it. "This is a nice hard dick, here, um, sir?
Ma'am? Fuck it. I just wanna see how much cum is in
those balls of yours," she said before giving Miss K's
balls a good, firm squeeze.

"Yeah, I wanna know too," Cindy chimed in before
pulling up her sweater and letting one of her nipples
graze up the shaft. "This cock looks yummy."

Tracy pulled her mouth off of Miss K's breast to
answer, "yeah, this chick here cums a lot. I've tried
it before. Trust me, girls, it is worth the time,"
she said with a smile.

"Oh really," Karen said before slipping the swollen
head back into her mouth, slurping as she sucked.

Miss K bit her lip, trying to keep on her feet the
best she knew how, before saying, "yeah, really, if
you keep sucking me like that!"

The tall transsexual braced herself against her SUV as
she pushed off her hat and grabbed onto her curly
blonde hair, bracing herself against the oral assault
being put on her body. She felt as if someone was
trying to pull the skin off of her cock, and the cum
out of her balls as a set of lips bobbed up and down
her shaft. She felt her balls being squeezed and
caressed by yet another set of lips, and her nipples
were set ablaze with warmth and sensation by someone
else. She felt the mouths on her had dick and
swinging balls switch back and forth, the brief
exposure to the wintry air making her shiver with
lust. She screamed in pleasure as her body was being
overwhelmed by the feeling, her lone sign of manhood
pulsing and swelling between a pair of soft lips.
Soon after, she felt two tongues lick all over her
tip, hitting her nerves and making her shiver, while a
small pair of hands were under her top, squeezing and
rubbing her huge tits.

"Hey there, big girl!"

"Wh-what?" Miss K replied, opening her eyes to see
Cindy and Karen duel their tongues over her inflamed
head and looking up at her with pleading eyes. The
sight make her knees buckle, setting her nerves on
edge and making her feel every touch, every sensation
in her body.

"Which one of us can have you cum?" Cindy asked
coquettishly. "I really want it.

"No, I do!" Karen chimed in, stroking Miss K's shaft.
"Please, give it to me?"

"O-OK, take it Karen," Miss K replies, rendered
speechless a bit from Tracy's tongue on her nipple.
When Karen slipped the huge tip into her mouth and
lightly stroked the shaft, she felt herself begin to
cum, and she blacked out, feeling her cum and her
strength shoot out of her cock. She shook hard
against her car, feeing her cum keep shooting out and
someone squeeze and pull on her breasts. When she
felt a tongue lick her sensitive tip as she finished
cumming, she opened her eyes and saw a couple of faces
frosted with cum. While Karen licked the last drops
of cum from her piss hole, Miss K saw Cindy look up at
her with a cummy smile, her lips and cheeks frosted
with cum. When Karen figured out that Miss K had
finished cumming, she pulled her friend over to her
and started kissing, licking the cum off of each
other's lips and out of each other's mouth. As Miss K
got her bearing and pulled her jeans back up, the two
girls looked up and smiled at her.

"Thanks a lot, Kayla. That was a pretty fun
experience there."

"Thanks, there. Pleasure to be of service," Miss K
replied. "And would you stop playing with my tits
now, Tracy? That hurts."

"Sorry," Tracy said as she pulled her hands away from
her friend's breasts.

"Listen, where are you headed off to?" Karen asked as
she got back on her feet.

"Well, around. I'm on a bit of a road trip now," said
Miss K.

"Oh well. Listen," Karen said, fishing a pen and a
slip of paper out of her jeans. "Could you gimme a
number where I can contact you? I gotta show you to
my friends once. You are very…special."

"Thanks," Miss K said, taking the pen and paper and
jotting her cell phone number down. "And next time,
I'll dress a bit more slutty. However, my slut
clothes aren't good for traveling in the cold, you

"OK," Cindy replies, wiping the cum off her face and
sucking it off her fingers. "Thanks a lot, you two,"
the girls said in unison before turning to their car.
"We'll see you around!"

"See ya!"

Miss K opened the driver's side door, then motioned
for Tracy to climb in.

"Wanna drive, Tracy?"


"Did you just see how hard I just came?" Miss K said
as she zipped up her jacket. "I'm not in any
condition to be driving right now. Just get it.
You'll be safe."

"OK," Tracy said as she took Miss K's hand up into the
driver's seat. "I'll do it. By the way, I have a


"Which is it? Miss K or Kayla?"

"To you, my friend, Miss K. To the rest of the random
chicks that we come across, Kayla. Got it?"

"OK!" Tracy replied as she smiled at her friend and
closed the door. After Miss K jumped in on the
passenger's side, Tracy pulled out the rest area and
back onto the interstate, ready to move on.


"Hey, where are we?"

Miss K sat up and looked around, trying to figure out
where the heck she was. The only things she could see
were a parking lot, a KFC and a highway that clearly
wasn't the interstate.

"Good morning, sleepyhead!" Tracy screamed. "Nice to
see you rejoin the world of the living! I see that
cum wore you out. How old are you, anyway?"

"Well, I'll be 29 in a few months."

"29?! You old fogey!"

"Shut up, you young whippersnapper!" Miss K joked back
in a phony old man's voice. The two playfully slapped
at each other for a few seconds before Miss K asked,
"you never did tell me where we are."

"McDonalds. I was getting hungry there, and I bet you
could use some food to, especially to replace all that
protein you gave up early."

"Alright, Miss Funny Bunny. Let's go get some grub."

The two stepped out the car and locked it up.
Meanwhile, Miss K checked for her wallet in her jacket
before strategically zipping it up to really plenty of
cleavage, stopping just short of showing her nipples.
The two walked into the fairly empty McDonalds,
stepped up to the counter and waited to be helped.

"Hello! Welcome to McDonalds! May I help you?"

"Umm…Tracy, why don't you order first. I'm still
trying to get my bearings."

Miss K fixated her gaze on the McDonalds employee
taking their order. She wore her hair in a French
braid under her visor, looked a bit taller than
average, and looked really full-figured. However,
based on the way the rest of her body was built, she
didn't really look fat. "I wonder what her drill is,"
she thought to herself.

"And what would you like ma'am?"

"Uh, yeah. Gimme a 20 piece Chicken Nuggets with
barbecue sauce and a large fry please?"

"Sure, coming right up!"

As the girl went off to get their order, Miss K felt
her gaze looking back at her, like she was looking for

"Hey, Tracy. Can I ask you something?"

"What?" Tracy replied in an annoyed voice.

"Is it just me, or is that girl looking at me funny?"

"It ain't you. I wonder what her drill is? If the
cars on the interstate are any indication, we're in a
White area…"

"…So I can't look familiar to her, unless…"

"Here's your order! That'll be $10.82."

Miss K fished out her wallet, then pulled out a $20
bill to pay for the food. Keeping her gaze up at Miss
K, the clerk took the $20, made change and put the
change in her customer's hand.

"M-may I ask you something?" the clerk asked.

"Sure. What's up?"

"Um, I don't know how to say this but, um, how big are
they, and um, uh, are they…you know, um…"

"They're 40DDD, and they are VERY man-made," Miss K
answered. "Why do you ask?"

"Well, um…"

Then the clerk braced herself, then slid over to the
side of the cashier. She stuck out her chest and
nervously smiled, showing off what made her look so
fat. On such a lean frame, she had an unnaturally
large set of breasts bulging under her shirt.

"Wow! That looks pretty big," Tracy chimed in.

"I know. I just got these a few months ago. They're
34G, you know. I saved up my checks from working

"Not bad," Miss K chimed in. "Not bad at all. But
why did you look at my boobs?"

"Well, it's a small town around here, and not too many
women around here have boob jobs, you know? I had to
go to Philly to get mine done. Since you're the first
person I've seen with them around here, I had to ask."

"Cool, no problem. Why did you get them anyway?"

"Well, none of the boys at school never talked to me,
so I'd figure I'd get these and get some, you know?"

Miss K pulled the food tray towards her on the counter
and looked at the clerk closely. From what she could
see, the girl looked OK, with a pretty face. While
she wasn't her particular type, the girl in front of
her was nothing to sneeze at.

"So how is it working out?"

"Not good. They stare at me some, but they still
won't ask me out, and I'm afraid to ask them. I'm
kinda shy you know."


"C-can I ask you something?"

"Sure, hun. What's up?" answered Miss K, wondering
where all this was going.

"I'm getting off in like a half-hour, and, um, I'm
kind of wondering, well…can I see your boobs, and, you
know, feel them? I'm kinda curious what another
girl's breasts feel like. I got the house to myself.
Mom and Dad are out of town visiting my grandparents,
and I'm home alone."

Miss K looked at her friend and asked, "you wanna go
with this chick to her crib?"

"Sure, why not?"

"OK," Miss K said, finally picking up her food tray
off the counter and walking towards a table. "By the
way, what's your name?"


"Really? That's mine too. But you can call me Miss

"OK, uh…Miss K! See you in a half-hour!"


After finishing their meal and joking about their
already eventful day-long road trip, Kayla met up with
Miss K and Tracy by their table, and the three went to
their respective vehicles. Miss K and Tracy followed
Kayla down the highway in their SUV for about 10
minutes, then followed her into a turn-off for a back
country road. After what seemed an eternity on a
series of darkened country road, they arrived at a
house on a mountainside, looking down on the twinkling
valley below. Once Kayla pulled to a stop in her
driveway and got out the car, Miss K and Tracy
followed suit, looking at their new found friend for
what to do next.

"Hey guys! Did you mind the drive?"

"No, I didn't, unless you don't count the part I was
scared to death from speeding along a dark country
back road," Miss K snapped back.

"Don't worry. You get used to it," Kayla said,
walking up to her front door and turning on the porch
light so she could see to unlock the house. Looking
back at Miss K, her eyes bulged out in shock.

"What's up?" Miss K asked.

"Gee…you're tall. How tall are you?"

"About 6 foot 5, 6 foot 6. Why do you ask?"

Kayla dropped the keys in her hand, surprised at what
she heard, then kneeled down to pick up her keys.
"Wow! H-how is that possible?"

"Well, I grew. What can I say?"

"Will you two stop with the games?" Tracy chimed in.
"It's fucking cold out here!"

With that, Kayla took a deep breath, steeled herself
and opened up the house, letting Miss K and Tracy in.
As Kayla led them through the house, she noticed that
is was a pretty nice place. Eventually, they made it
to Kayla's bedroom, where the night sky twinkled
through the bay window overlooking the valley below.

"Nice place, here, Kayla. Your parents seem to be
doing well."

"Yeah, I guess so. I don't know," Kayla said as she
turned on the light to her bedroom. It looked pretty
standard issue, with the requisite boy band posters
and a desk off in one corner. The bed seemed very
plush, with pink comforter half buried by what
appeared to be a mountain of stuffed animals. Tracy
saw the bed and jumped right on, hugging a big stuffed
lion placed on the back corner on the bed.

"Hey, Kayla! This bed is so cute! And all these
stuffed animals. How did you get them?"

"Me?," Kayla said. "Or your friend?"

"You silly. The magnificent Miss K doesn't seem like
the stuffed animal type anyway!" Tracy giggled.

"Oh you two hush," Miss K chimed in. Sitting down on
the bed and looking up at Kayla, she asked, "So when
do you wanna start?"

"Well, um, Miss K, I think whenever you want, I guess.
Let me get the door."

Kayla went and closed her bedroom door, then nervously
sat down on her bed next to Miss K, while Tracy slid
back down on the bed next to the other two to watch.

"S-so, um, when do we start?"

"First of all, let's take off this coat and visor and
let loose that braid of yours. You need to relax
there, girl!"

Miss K unzipped Kayla's jacket and pulled it off of
both her arms, revealing Kayla's work shirt strain
over her breasts. After blindly chucking her coat
into a corner, she took the visor and threw it in the
same direction. Then, she hugged Kayla to her,
pressing their inflated bosoms together as Miss K
reached behind her and pulled loose her French braid.
When she let go of her body, Miss K took a good look
and saw the long, curly brown hair frame the young
girl's hair perfectly.

With a nervous smile, Kayla asked Miss K, "do you like

"Yes, my dear. You look beautiful, there."

"Gee thanks," Kayla replied before breaking into

"Alright, alright. Now, for the moment you've been
waiting for…"

Miss K felt Tracy's gaze over her shoulder as she
looked into Kayla's eyes and began to unzip her
jacket. Once she pulled open her jacket, she
seductively pulled it open, squeezing her boobs up
with her jacket to enhance her cleavage, before
pulling it off and letting her tits show through. She
felt Kayla's eyes gaze in lust at her breasts while
she felt Tracy's lips sucking on the nape of her neck.
She cupped her breasts with her fingers, before gently
pushing Tracy off of her.

"But I wanna play with those big tits of yours, you

"Whoa, there, Trace. You can play with these later,"
said Miss K, before looking back at Kayla.
"Meanwhile, let me let you get a clear gaze at these

Miss K pulled her top over her head and off of her,
leaving her breasts bare to Kayla's gaze. She the
kneeled up on the bed and writhe her hips lustily for
Kayla, subtlely trying to seduce her. She cupped and
squeezed her breasts, pulling on her nipple before
lifting one of her lips and sucking on it. After
tonguing each of her areolas, Miss K brushed off her
cap and shook her hair out, letting it surround her
face perfectly. She smiled sexily, licking her bottom
lip, and stuck her chest out for emphasis, letting her
hips grind into the air and making Kayla's pale skin
flush with lust.

"C-can I ask you something?"

"Sure, hun," Miss K replied. "Go ahead."

"I've always been kinda curious, you know, watching
Showtime late at night, you know?"

"So what do you want hun?" Miss K said, lifting up on
her breasts for Kayla and lightly swatting away
Tracy's grasp as she reached for it.

"Can I suck on your tits, er, breasts?"

"Go ahead, babe. You're more than welcome."

Kayla took the breast that Miss K held up in her hands
then tepidly placed a kiss on top of Miss K's nipple,
making Miss K shiver a bit. Then, as she got more
comfortable, she kissed all around the nipple, making
Miss K moan a bit from the treatment her nipples were
getting, As Kayla tried to lick the chocolate colored
areolas like an ice cream cone, Miss K stroked Kayla's
long curly hair, getting her to look up into her eyes
as she did her best to tend to the breast in her hand.

Too nervous to look back down, Kayla took the nipple
between her lips and sucked as hard as she could,
twisting her head from side to side as she ran her
tongue on the tip of the nipple. She tried to milk
the nipple with her lips as she kept sucking, making
Miss K coo and start to harden under her jeans as she
reached over nervously to flick the other nipple with
her thumb. After she pulled her mouth off of the
nipple and wiped it dry with her thumb, making Miss K
buck her hips, wanting to reveal her big secret, as
she flicked her nail over her nipple, she sucked on
the other breast, kissing her way down until she took
the nipple in her mouth and sucked on it. She felt
her new friend stroke her hair, making her shiver with
the body heat from her hand as she felt her get hot
under her lips. She felt herself get wet as she
inhaled her scent along with the nipple between her
lips, letting the tip of her tongue play along the tip
of her nipple.

She pulled her mouth off of Miss K's nipple, then
looked up, hands in her lap, and asked, "do you want
me to do anything else for you?"

"No babe. You're doing fine. You don't have to go
further than you have to."


"But could you take off that shirt for me? I'm
curious what you have there under that shirt."

"And besides," Tracy chimed in from over Miss K's
shoulder. "I want a pair of boobies to play with

"You know, the woman's right. Take off that shirt for


Kayla sat up on the bed, turned to Miss K and Tracy
and pulled her shirt over her head, letting her big
silicone-inflated tits flop out onto her chest. They
stuck out on her small frame, topped with light pink
nipples and casting a bit of a shadow under them, and
made her narrow waist look even smaller. She bounced
up and down to show them off, then smiled at the two
women watching, looking for their reaction.

"What do you think guys?"

Openly licking her lips, Miss K responded, "Damn, they
look delicious. Don't you think so, Tracy?"

"Uh-huh! They look perfect for sucking."

"Let's do it then."

Miss K and Tracy attacked Kayla's tits with abandon,
mauling them with their hands before leading Kayla
down to the bed. Then, the two of them began to use
their mouths on Kayla's breasts. Miss K licked a
trail all over Kayla's breast, teasing her areola with
the tip and batting around her nipple some. Tracy, on
the other hand, went right in for the suck, pulling on
the hard nipple with her mouth as she pulled and
squeezed on her breast.

"Oh GOD that feels nice! Ooooo…"

Kayla wiggled and moaned under the dual assault on
her senses, and she screamed when she felt Miss K suck
powerfully on her nipple. The young girl closed her
eyes and felt her pussy getting wetter and wetter from
the two sets of lips and tongues working over her
nipples. She tried to lift her hips and legs up
against Miss K and Tracy, but was rendered weak with
the stimulation. Slowly, she felt the two mouths on
her body drift closer and closer together, teasing
nerves that she didn't know she had on her body. When
she opened her eyes to figure out what was going on,
she saw that the two girls had twisted their tongues
around each other, licking her breast bone, before
pulling themselves into a long, deep French kiss, the
spit from their lips dripping onto her hot skin.

After gazing at each other, Miss K and Tracy
instinctively went their separate ways on Kayla's
body. While Tracy kissed around Kayla's breasts,
burying her lips into the buoyant flesh, Miss K slowly
licked her way down between Kayla's breasts, wetting
the soft, pale flesh. Miss K rubbed her hand up and
down Kayla's inner thigh, stopping just short of her
pussy, and Kayla mewed as she felt Tracy squeezed her
breasts and pull on her areolas, loving the way her
warm lips felt. As Tracy nuzzled in the girl's
armpit, Miss K sucked on Kayla's belly, running her
tongue on the skin to tease out Kayla's nerves. Tracy
looked up into Kayla's eyes and moved in to kiss her
lips, teasing a hard nipple with her finger.

Kayla saw Tracy slide out of her view to see what she
was feeling – Miss K's lips sucking and tonguing her
navel. She shook as she felt those lips make out with
her belly, feeling some spit collect in her navel and
her ear as Tracy tongued it out. She shivered in
anticipation as Miss K kissed down to just above her
slacks. Miss K licked a strip over the waist band
before slowly blowing it dry to tease the young girl
more. Meanwhile, Tracy took off her jacket, revealing
her own impressive set of breasts, before nuzzling in
next to Kayla, reaching over to idly palm one of her
huge mammaries. Miss K unbuttoned and unzipped
Kayla's slacks before pulling them down over her
knees, along with her white cotton panties.

Kayla looked down over her overheated down between her
legs, nervous as to what the big titted woman between
them was going to do. Shaking visibly with nerves,
she screamed when she felt her plant a kiss on her
vulva. She felt Miss K's hands grab her hips before
feeling the juncture between her hips and thighs get
tongued out, her breath blowing onto her juicy pussy.
She blacked out when she felt Miss K's tongue touch
her inner lips, overwhelmed by the nerves that were
hit as the tongue snaked inside of her. She felt her
nerves couldn't take anymore until she felt someone
lick her clit, and she exploded on her bed, bucking
her hips against their restraint. She felt every
nerve come alive, feeling the cool mountain air and
the touch on her breasts and neck a thousand times
more than before. The sensation from her clit didn't
seem to stop, and she fell in orgasm after orgasm,
every feeling falling into each other until she passed
out, drowning in pleasure.

"You OK?"

"Uh…uh…where am I?"

When Kayla opened her eyes, she saw Miss K's curly
blonde hair and her face hanging over. She felt a
kiss on her forehead, then saw Miss K beam a bright

"You gave me a scare when I sucked your clit. You
were out for a few minutes. And, by the way, you're
in your house."

"Wow! So that's what an orgasm feels like."

"Take it you've never had one before."

"Not like that, anyway."

Miss K motioned for Tracy to clear one side of the
bed, then laid down on her side, her breasts stacking
on top of each other. She rolled a nipple between her
fingers, feeling her dick twitching in between her ass
cheeks, then pouted her lips in Kayla's general

"Kayla, hon, would you like to return the favor?"
asked Miss K. "Besides, I know you haven't been with
anyone before, and I want to feel…everything about

"Sure, I-I guess."

Kayla crawled over to Miss K, then laid down on her
side facing her. She stuck out her hand to touch Miss
K's breasts again, hefting one in her hand. She then
ran her hand along Miss K's arm, feeling out the
muscle tone under them and shivered to though how
strong they were.

"You have some nice arms. Do you work out?"

"Often, my fair Kayla. Anyone tell you you have a
soft touch?"

Running her fingers up and down Miss K's arm, the girl
giggled and smiled nervously, then said, "Gee,

"Move that hand around some, my dear. Feel me out."

Kayla ran her hand over Miss K's hand, then down over
her flat, toned stomach. After sticking her thumb in
Miss K's navel, she ran her fingers just under the
waist of her partner's jeans, moving them around to
her ass. She sat up on her side a bit and squeezed
the big, round ass, surprised at what was back there.

"You have one of those Black girl butts like I see on
TV. Cool."

"Thanks," Miss K responded, letting out a bit of a
laugh. "I am a Black girl, after all."

The white girl pulled her hands out of Miss K's jeans,
then ran a hand up and down her friend's legs, feeling
how strong they felt. Then, Kayla slipped her hand
between Miss K's thighs and stopped just short of her
crotch, making Miss K's nipples tingle.

"May I…"

"Sure. Lemme just unzip my fly so you can feel it."

Kayla looked up into Miss K's eyes for approval and
found Miss K smiling, making a subtle nod between her
legs. Kayla slipped her small hand into the fly and
felt out something big and round and warm to the
touch. Puzzled at what she felt, she tugged on it
just as Miss K spread her legs slightly, resulting in
her limp, thick cock flopping down onto the bed. She
made a quick glance at Miss K's tits, then back at her
dick, then jumped off the bed in shock.


Miss K got up off the bed and wrapped Kayla in her
arms, giving her a kiss on the forehead and nestling
her head between her breasts as she felt her dick
brush against the girl's soft alabaster skin. After
giving her a kiss on the cheek, she lifted Kayla's
head up to look at hers and brushed a stray hair away
from her face. Feeling the girl calm down in her
arms, Miss K began to speak.

"Are you OK?"

"I don't know. I mean, you're really a guy. How come
you didn't tell me?"

"Well, first of all, you didn't ask."


"And besides, you said you had trouble trying to get
with guys, right?"

"Yeah, but…"

"I was hoping if things worked out that I could help
you out with what to do, you know?" Releasing her hug
enough for the white girl to look down at her dick,
she continued, "Besides, I have one of these."

"I guess. Does that thing work?"

Miss K unbuttoned her jeans and replied, "very, very
well." She pulled her jeans down to her ankles, then
kicked off her jeans. "Right, Tracy?"

"Definitely. And boy does it work!" Tracy screamed
out. "But seriously, I can help you out, too. What
do you say?"

"Wow! I didn't know you guys would be so helpful like
this. Showing me another pair of breasts like mine,
and now this. Are you two serial killers?"

"No, except for the dead body in the trunk," Miss K
deadpanned as she sat on the edge of the bed and
spread her legs. She laid back, perched on her
elbows, then asked, "So what do you think? Do you
wanna give it a shot?"

The big breasted white girl thought about it for a
sec, then flopped down on her knees between Miss K's
legs and said "OK!"

"Kiss it."

Kayla bend down pressed her lips to Miss K's tip as if
it were fragile, afraid of what to do. She took a
deep breath, then kissed it again, feeling more
comfortable and getting aroused by the faintly musky
scent. She kissed it yet again, lingering her lips
over the swelling head, feeling a bit uncomfortable
when she felt the tip swell on her lips. Looking up
into Miss K's eyes for approval, she snaked out her
tongue while kissing the hardening shaft, seeing a
pair of small hands squeeze the androgyne's massive
breasts. Kayla barely grasped the twitching shaft,
scared at the heat she felt under the smooth skin.
She parted her lips some, letting the head sell into
her mouth and her tongue taste the bumpy skin, hearing
Miss K moan in response. Curiously to see what she
could do, she slowly rolled her tongue around the tip,
then licked down the head over the ridge. Suddenly,
she felt the shaft slide past her lips and her hand
slide to the base of the hardening shaft as Miss K
bucked her hips in response, her face hidden by her
heaving chest. Thinking that she found out something,
she moved her lips back up to Miss K's tip and flick
her tongue back and forth on the ridge, making her
friend's body freeze as Miss K whimpered in half-pain
from the stimulation.

"STOP!!! STOP!!!" Miss K screamed breathlessly.

"What? What? Did I do something wrong?" Kayla said,
worried that she'd hurt someone with her first

"No you didn't, hun," Miss K said as she sat up and
pulled Tracy's hands off of her breasts. Playfully
mussing up her hair, she continued, "That's just a
sensitive spot for guys, that's all. Kinda like your
clit, but not really."

"I see what you mean."

"You gotta be careful there. Too much stimulation can
be worst than too much, you know?" She flicked her
nipples with her thumbs, then said, "Why don't you try
taking that hard dick in your mouth and suck it."

"Do you want me to swallow it all?" Taking a look at
the hard cock dangling down at a slight angle between
Miss K's legs, she continued, "That thing is huge!
How big is that thing?"

"About twelve inches. Go ahead and touch it like you
were trying to earlier. It won't bite."

"OK," Kayla said, before squeezing the shaft about
midway and stroking her hands up and down the shaft.

"Mmm…that feels nice. Go ahead and suck it while
you're stroking it. And don't squeeze so hard! That
thing is attached to a human, you know."

"OK, OK," said a relaxed Kayla, looking up and smiling
at Miss K before stretching her mouth open to take the
swollen tip in her mouth.

Miss K closed her eyes as she felt Kayla's warm breath
on her tip, before her lips wrapped around under her
head and pulled upwards, making her moan. While she
felt the white girl suck gently on her tip and stroked
her thick shaft in her small hand, she felt Tracy
gently nibbling on the nape of her neck. She felt
Kayla's soft lips stop a third of the way down her
dick, rubbing along her sensitive skin while Tracy
pulled on her nipples, making her hotter and hotter.
She just closed her eyes as the small mouth sucked
firmly on her thick dick, making her want a sweet
release onto those sweet lips. When she felt Kayla
run her tongue around her tip while she sucked on her
huge dick, Miss K rocked her body into Tracy's hands
and Kayla's mouth, enjoying the sensations she was
feeling. She couldn't help but shiver as when Tracy
grinded her shaven pussy into Miss K's side while
licked up the nape of her neck and run her tongue
along the ridges of her ear before kissing it.

"You like the feel of my pussy?" Tracy whispered into
her traveling buddy's ear.

"Mmmhmm. When did you lose the jeans?"

"Don't you worry, my big titted, big dicked slut. So,
when is my turn with her?" Tracy whispered with a

Miss K steeled herself enough to turn to Tracy's ear
and whisper back, "soon, my dear. Very soon." She
sucked in her breath when Kayla felt her balls up with
her other hand, then tongued out Tracy's ear, paying
her back for what she did before. She looked down
into Kayla's face, seeing her lidded eyes content to
suck on the huge member. She brushed aside a stray
hair from her face, running her fingers through her
hair while she enjoyed the way that tongue hit all
those nerves, seemingly pulling the pre-cum out of her
dick by magic. Not wanting to cum in her mouth, she
pushed Kayla's head off of her dick, then got her

"Was I doing OK?"

"Excellent, my dear. I see some pre-cum on your lips.
Do you like the taste?"

"It's OK. Not exactly what I'd want for breakfast,
lunch and dinner, but doable."

"Alright, babe. Now I got one more thing for ya
before I head off."

Miss K walked over to the jacket in the corner and
fished out a condom from her jacket pocket. She
unwrapped it, then walked back over to the bed where
she slipped the condom on her tip and walked over in
front of Kayla.

"Would you do the honors of rolling this down?"

Kayla looked up in shock, thinking first of losing her
virginity at all, then of losing it to such a strange
guy with such a big dick. She rolled down the condom
with one hand, letting it stretch down to her base
before letting her tongue lick the tip a bit through
the latex.

"You really are…"

"Yes, my dear. I wouldn't be putting this on for
nothing. And trust me, it can fit, and I will be
gentle. Right Tracy?"

"Hells no!" Tracy joked. "But seriously, if he ain't
gentle, I'll take care of that monster myself
tonight," she continued.

"Alright, Miss Bobbitt, scoot over so the girl can lay
down on her bed."

While Tracy kneeled down in a corner of the bed,
bracing herself with a few teddy bears, Kayla slid up
onto her bed, her precious stuffed animals framing her
face. Miss K climbed up onto the bed, then gently
pulled Kayla's feet as wide as possible and slid in
between her legs. She bent down to suck on one of
Kayla's nipples briefly, then placed a light kiss on
her lips.

"Once you're finished with me, hun, you won't have any
trouble dealing with those boys you want to talk to,


"And besides, the average boy is half my size down
there," Miss K joked, trying to ease the White girl's

"OK, if you say so."

Miss K lined up her hard dick with Kayla's lips, then
glanced over at Tracy as she was idly toying with her
lips. She grabbed one of Kayla's hands with her free
hand and squeezed it tight.

"Are you ready?"


Miss K gently eased her swollen head in between
Kayla's pussy lips, then grabbed the girl's hips and
eased her way into the extremely tight passage until
she poked into her hymen. She then bent down and
tongued Kayla's pink, hard nipple before looking up
into her eyes.

"Brace yourself," Miss K said as she reached for
Kayla's free hand and squeezed it. "It's gonna hurt
for a bit, but it will feel better, OK?"


Miss K grabbed Kayla's hip and shoved forward,
resulting in a scream soon muffled by Tracy's lips.
Miss K didn't stop pushing her cock forward until she
reached bottom, a few inches of her huge cock still
outside. She bent down to nibble on the nape of
Kayla's neck and licked up to her ear just as Tracy
pulled her mouth away, allowing a moan to escape.

"Are you ready to get fucked, my little girl?"


Miss K sat back on her knees, lifted Kayla's feet and
placed the soles of her feet on her nipples. She
slowly ground her hips in and out, letting her thick
shaft pull on the girl's lips. As Kayla screamed
against the huge shaft stretching her wet pussy, Miss
K held her feet to her nipples, getting hot from the
soft soles as the tight cunt pulled on her lips.
Tracy sat there and looked at the scene, licking her
lips as she pulled a nipple and scratched her pussy
lips with her nails. Miss K slowly pumped her huge
dick in and out, rendering Kayla stiff with a mini-
orgasm as the soft lips caressed her shaft. She
looked down and saw Kayla arch her body onto her dick,
her hips bucking back and forth on her huge, hard dick
as her eyes and mouth held open with sensory overload.

As Miss K started fucking Kayla harder, her flesh
began to shake, her breasts flopping up and down
deliciously on her chest. Tracy took one of Kayla's
tits in her hand and flicked the nipple with her
thumb. Tracy ran her finger over Kayla's lips as they
screamed through another orgasm and looked up at Miss
K's body, itself gyrating lustily as she began to
drill Kayla's tight pussy into overload. While she
looked at her friend fuck the White girl, her face
glowing in sweat as her breasts and ass shook from the
impact, Tracy slowly straddled Tracy's face and
lowered her pussy onto her lips. She felt Kayla's
mouth press up her tongue in reflex, then relax as she
realized what she was tasting, running her tongue all
over her lips. When Kayla's tongue found her clit,
she pulled and squeezed on her nipple as she exploded
in orgasm, grinding her pussy hard onto the girl's
face. As she came down, she felt herself get wet
looking at Miss K's hot body shaking as she fucked
Kayla into another orgasm, then screams humming across
her lips.

Tracy pulled Kayla's feet off of Miss K's tits, then
tweaked them with her fingers as Kayla licked her
pussy. She gave one a long, deep tongue kiss before
pulling Miss K forward by her nipples. She brushed
aside the long, curly hair from Miss K's ear, then
tongued it as Miss K moaned into her ear.

"Are you gonna cum in this girl? Do you wanna cum in
this little White girl?" whisped Tracy into Miss K's

"Yeah…that sounds so hot!"

"Wouldn't you like to knock her up? Don't you wish
you didn't have that condom on?"

Tracy suddenly pulled Miss K's lips to her and kissed
her hard as Miss K fucked Kayla's as hard as she
could. Tracy took one of Miss K's nipples in between
her nails and pinched, triggering Miss K's cum. Miss
K held her body stiff as her hard dick flooded her
condom with cum pumping load after load into the latex
as her tongue dueled with Tracy's, her screams muffled
by her traveling buddy's mouth.

Miss K pulled her lips away from Tracy's mouth as she
felt the last dribbles of her cum drip into her
condom. As she eased out of Kayla's tight pussy,
making the girl shake yet again as her tip rubbed
against her clit, she noticed that Tracy was sitting
on Kayla's face, with Kayla lightly nibbling on
Tracy's labia.

"Is she cool with that, Trace?" Miss K said as she
offered a bit of cum from the base of her cock on her
fingers. "She's not exactly a pro, you know."

"I doubt it," Tracy said before sliding off of Kayla's
face and seductively sucked the cum off Miss K's
fingers. "Besides, she looked so hot!"

"Hush. I wanna see if this girl's alright. Hey

"Yeah…" Kayla hazily replied.

"Did you mind eating out my friend?"

"Nah, it's cool. A bit of a shock, but cool."

"So you're into chicks now, huh?" Miss K joked before
sliding down to give the White girl a hug and a peck
on the cheek.

"I don't know. I know I wanna try some stuff now."

"Cool. Got a pen and paper handy?"

"Sure. I got a post-it thingy on my desk, and there
are some pens in the desk drawer."

"Thanks," Miss K said before squeezing Kayla in her
arms and getting up to go to the desk. She found the
post-its and a pen, then scribbled down a few things
before giving Kayla a piece of paper.

"What's this?"

"Well, one number is for my cell in case you need
someone to talk to. I know how that goes. Also on
there is a number for my lawyer. If you ever need a
job, call him, mention that I sent you, and you should
be good from there."

"Thanks!" Kayla said before breaking out in giggles
and pointing at Miss K's crotch. Tracy too fell out
laugh staring at Miss K's crotch.

"What?" Then Miss K looked down and saw that her
condom was still on, with cum being screamed all over
her crotch.

"You look like someone hit you with a cream pie down
there, Miss K!" Tracy said before kicking her feet in

"Oh shit! Kayla, where's the bathroom so I can clean

"Out the door, first door on your left."


After Miss K left for the bathroom, Kayla turned to

"Can I ask you something?"

"Sure, go ahead."

"When and where did you meet someone like that? I
mean, weren't you freaked out?"

"Weren't you?"

"No, not really."

"Exactly," Tracy said with a smile. "I just met her a
couple days ago. We're on a bit of a cross-country
road trip."

"Cool. That sounds fun."

"That's why I'm along for the ride."

"One more thing, though."


"Could you refer to, um, it, I mean, him, I mean…"

"As a her? Think about it. Before she showed you her
dick, did she look like anyone other than a girl
that's tall and works out?"



Just then, Miss K walked back in the door and picked
up her clothes. "Let's get dressed, Trace. We don't
want to be a burden on our host, so we gotta go find a

Tracy looked at Miss K a bit disappointed, then said,
"OK." She leaned over to Kayla and gave her a long
kiss while she ran her hands over the girl's silicone-
inflated breasts. Then, she jumped off the bed and
put her clothes back on with Miss K.

After Miss K finished dressing, she went over to the
bed and gave Kayla a peck on the cheek.

"You want me to tuck you in or something?"

"No, I'm OK," Kayla replied, her body glowing with
sex. "I just want to enjoy the moment, you know?"

"Alright. I show ourselves out. Call me if you need
me," said Miss K as she went for the bedroom door.

"Bye there, Kayla!"



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