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Keywords: tg/ff, tg/f, f/f, oral, pub, exh, mast, ir, shavingAuthor: Brett LynnTitle: The Wonderful Adventures of Miss K: The Best of Both Worlds

This is yet another installment of the pure
pornography that I love to call "The Wonderful
Adventures of Miss K." So far, people have been
loving my over the top sex romps, and I hope you fair
fans love this one too. If you are not legally
permitted to read this work in your legal
jurisdiction, please do not read this. Also, I retain
all commercial and non-electronic rights to this work.
If you want to use this work, just ask. If you wanna
see more, visit So,
without further ado, let's get on with the show.

By Brett Lynn

Miss K reached in her racing jacket and fished out the
card key to her motel room, fast food in hand. She
wore a pair of track pants as a deference partially to
modesty and partially to the cold. When she opened
the door, she saw Tracy sitting up in her bed,
nightshirt keeping her modest, pulling on the dildo in
her mouth by the set of fake balls at the end. Miss
K's eyes remained fixed on her traveling buddy as she
set down the food on the table, wishing that big,
brown thing passing between Tracy's lips was her dick.

"I see you're practicing on your little dildo there,
huh, Trace?"

Tracy pulled the dildo out of her mouth with a loud
pop, then said, "Yeah. After all, when you went out
to get something to eat, I'd figure I'd get some
practice in."

"Good, hun," Miss K said, sitting down, pulling the
Egg McMuffin sandwich out of the bag and laying it out
across from her with a cup of coffee. "That's what I
got it for. That, and the rare occasion that you need
a BIG piece of me, and I can't be of service," she
went on, emphasizing it by rolling her shoulders a

"Like that'll ever happen," Tracy said as she got out
of bed. "Wanna see how much progress I've made, my
wonderful Miss K?"

"Sure, babe. Come show me whatcha got?"

Tracy sashayed over to Miss K, exaggerating the roll
in her hips before lifting up the dildo to Miss K's
eyes and pointing to a spot where the saliva coating
ended 3/4ths of the way down from the tip. "See, I've
made it that far?"

"Impressive," Miss K said with a nod, a few strands of
her curly blonde hair falling over her face. "An inch
of progress with only a day's practice."

"Hey, what can I say?" Tracy said as she sat across
from Miss K. "I'm a hard worker you know." As she
took a sip from her coffee, Miss K slipped off her
sneaker and ran her bare foot up and down Tracy's leg,
stopping just short of her pussy and making Tracy spit
out some coffee in surprise.

"Hey! Don't you ever calm down?"

Miss K looked at Tracy with a cocky smile, nodding her
head a bit, and said, "No."

"Are you that insatiable?" Tracy said as she tried to
wipe up the coffee with the few napkins she had.

"Uh, Tracy, take a good look," Miss K said before
unzipping her jacket, showing off her huge breasts.
"Do I look like a man?"

"No, but you're acting like one!" Tracy said,
snickering between sips of coffee. "Plus, you
DEFINITELY a man between those legs of yours!" she
said before sliding down in her seat and sticking her
small, soft foot up in Miss K's crotch, rubbing the
big dick wit her sole and toes through the nylon pants
and getting it to stir. "It feels like someone's
being a bad girl today, wearing no panties out, huh?"
Tracy said with a pout.

"Yeah, yeah. I was just running to get some food at a
couple of drive-thrus."

"I bet you got hard there, huh?" Tracy said as she
kept rubbing Miss K with her foot.

"A little bit," Miss K said before yanking Tracy's
foot away from her dick. "Though you're doing a good
job of hoisting my sail yourself."

"So what are the plans for the day, my fair
transgendered horn dog."

"Thanks for being PC," Miss K said with a chuckle.
"Anyway, while you were sleeping, I was up looking for
a couple things not too far from here: a gym and a
hair salon."

"Really? Why?"

"Well, I'm a workout junkie. I haven't lifted in a
couple days, and it's getting me stir crazy."

"I'll say! Look at your crotch!"

"That's enough from you, young lady!" Miss K said,
chuckling between bites of her French toast sticks.
"Anyway, then I wanna get this hair style changed.
After all, since we're now in the heartland, maybe
I'll go for something more all-American and less
ghetto fab."

"I feel that. But how…" Tracy said before realizing
how much money her friend had. "OH! I see."

"Yep. Flash some cash in front of some people, and
doors seem to magically open."

"True. Maybe I'll get the same style you'll go for.
But what are you gonna wear to the gym, with your
hookeresque clothes?"

"Watch," Miss K said. She walked over to her
briefcase and pulled out a t-shirt. She pulled her
jacket off, looking at Tracy and showing off her big
store-bought boobies by bouncing them a bit, then
pulled the t-shirt over her head. When Tracy saw what
the snugly fitting shirt read, she fell back in her
chair laughing.

"Trojan Magnum condoms?! With your big ass titties?"

"Yeah, but with what I'm packing, I should have gotten
this shirt in an endorsement deal!"

The two got a good chuckle out of that, then went back
to their food, knowing they had a long day ahead of


"Damn, this is far! How come you didn't tell me where
this place was at?"

"Because this is a road trip, silly Tracy. Besides,
you think it's easy to find a place that allows guests
to pop in on short notice?"

"True," Tracy said as the black SUV turned into the
parking lot and Miss K hunted for a parking space.
The fitness club was fairly packed, replete with the
BMWs and Lexuses that symbolized that they were in
definitely in a tony suburb. After Miss K killed the
ignition, along with the Li'l Bow Wow CD pumping
through the stereo, Miss K and Tracy climbed out the
SUV and grabbed their gym bags. The two walked into
the 2 story stucco building and looked for the front
desk so they could get their guest passes, noting the
lack of melanin among the club's patrons.

"Yo!" Tracy said before tugging on Miss K's arm and
whispering, "There exactly ain't a lot of Black people
around here!"

"Relax. We're here to work out, not move in," Miss K
replied before almost running into the front desk.

"Well, you're right K."

After stating her name and giving the staff a few
bucks, Miss K got the passes, some towels and
directions to the locker room. The two walked into
the locker room, searched for and took lockers right
next to each other. Miss K split up when Tracy needed
to change and walked over to the main weight room,
which was suitably spacious and appointed with the
necessary free weights and machines. Steeling herself
and arming herself with an icy stare, she walked
through the crowd of testosterone-addled men and went
through her routine for free weights. As she looked
at the mirrors surrounding the free weights, she could
feel the sets of eyes bore through her clothes as they
began to soak up sweat. Though she wish she were back
in her old apartment, working out in the nude, the
fact that she couldn't do that, nor avoid the stares
of the men around her got her through the workout with
a force she never knew she had.

Eventually, she got over to the nautilus machine and
started doing some work on the bench press machine.
While she was straining to get that weight up and
down, she got a good look and the balcony that
encircles the main weight room. As the runners
circled past doing their laps, rows of treadmills,
stationary bikes and stair masters peered over the
main floor. Miss K looked up when she saw Tracy
waving at her from the front row of treadmills. Miss
K set her weight her weight, sat up on the bench and
waved back. When Tracy gestured for her to come up,
Miss K looked up in bewilderment.

"Just come on!" Tracy screamed, motioning for Miss K
to come on up.

Miss K got up from the weight machine, then made her
way to the staircase for the balcony. After a little
bit of searching, she found Tracy, glowing from her
effort on the stair master.

"Hey there, Kayla! I saw you working out down there.
How did you manage to keep the guys from harassing
you, working with those weights down there."

"Well," Miss K said with a tone of false intellect.
"I gave them what is colloquially called an 'icy
stare', and protestations of homophobia were heard
when I passed by."

"You mean…"

"Yep! Anyway, why did you call me up here?"

"Well, I have someone up here you might wanna play
with. Meanwhile, I'm going to hit the showers and
have some fun, if it's OK with YOU!" Tracy then shot
a gaze to a girl with cropped blonde hair several
machines down, partially swallowed by her t-shirt,
flashing a bright smile

"Yeah, yeah, Tracy. Have your fun."

"Thank you, mommy!"


As Tracy walked away, Miss K took her position on the
now-empty stairmaster in front of her, programmed in
the settings she wanted and started working out.
She went on working out on the machine, almost
forgetting that she was here in part to meet someone
when that someone made their presence known.

"Hi! So you're that tall friend Tracy was talking

"Hi. Uh, What's your name?"

Miss K looked over to check out the body of her
neighbor, and found something pretty decent. While
her face gave away that she was old enough to be a
soccer mom, her body belong on her daughter, or at
least her older sister. The thong workout leotard fit
perfectly to a nicely sized and shaped pair of
breasts, a firm tummy and a spandex-covered ass that
was no stranger to some hard intense workouts. Her
make-up free face was 'glowing' with sweat and her
dirty blonde hair was plastered down with sweat and
held up with a scrunchie.

"Carol. And yours?"

"Kayla. What brings you here?"

"Well, I'm just doing my usual, working out here after
I drop the kids off at school. And you?"

"I'm just passing through town, actually. I missed my
workout fix, and I decided to swing by."

"Really? Those guess passes aren't cheap."

"I know."

"Listen, did you get a chance to really check out the

"Not really, Carol. Why do you ask?"

"You just HAVE to check out the saunas. They're so
relaxing. That steam does feel nice after a workout."

"Hmmm…maybe I'll give that a shot."

"Good," Carol said before stepping off of the
stairmaster and shaking her limbs out a bit. "Ah,
that felt nice. Hey, do you wanna come with?"

"Well…" Miss K said as her legs pumped away on her
machine. "Gimme 5 minutes. I want to get my time

"No problem, Kayla. Just follow the signs down to the
sauna when you're ready. I already have #3 reserved
for the next 45 minutes."

"OK," Miss K said as she saw Carol walk off to the
staircase. "See you there!"

Miss K kept working out on the stairmaster for a
couple more minutes, giving her new-found friend time
to get into the sauna. "This is going to be fun,"
Miss K thought to herself as a grin crept across her
face. "I've never seduced a soccer mom before. I
gotta thank Tracy for this one."

After giving Carol enough of a head start into the
sauna, Miss K went into the locker room, took off her
t-shirt, took her towel out and it around her breasts,
making sure it hung low enough to cover her crotch.
She pulled a condom, quickly wrote her cell phone
number on it and tucked it in by her armpit, just in
case, then reached under her towel and pulled off her
pants and panties. After tossing her clothes into her
locker and locking it back up, she made her way over
to the saunas. Once she found door #3, she
nonchalantly opened it and walked in.

"Hi! How's it going?"

Miss K turned around and saw Carol laying back in the
sauna naked as the day she was born. Her body glowed
with the moisture, her breasts sat up high on her
chest, looking firm as the rest of her body, and her
pubic hair was shaved to a small spot just above her
labia. "Damn, I wanna eat her out! She looks pretty
nice there. I'd show her what's up," Miss K thought
to herself.

"Stop staring! We're all women here. Ain't like
you've never seen a naked woman before."

"True," Miss K said as she sat down stiffly in the
sauna, caught off guard by Carol's remark.

"Come on," Carol said as she sat up a bit, letting her
thighs drift open. "You can't relax right all covered


Miss K tugged on her towel under her underarms, hiding
her condom in one of her clenched fists, and let the
towel drift down around her ass. She then pulled her
towel off of her crossed legs, hiding the condom in
its folds, and laid back in the sauna.

"Gee, those are some big breasts you have there,"
Carol said. "Are they yours?"

"Yeah, hun. I paid for them!" Miss K said with a

"I hear that. How big are they?"

"40DDD," Miss K replied, hefting her breasts in her
hands and playfully tweaking her nipples.

"Wow! I was thinking if they make your back hurt, but
you are a big girl. What are you? 6'4"? 6'6"?"

"6'5", ma'am," Miss K said, jiggling her boobs for her
friend's eyes.

"Damn, you're a big girl then. My husband wants me to
give them a shot, but I don't know. How did they work
for you?"

"Well, I didn't have too many problems with them, and
it's been over a year," Miss K said, her gaze looking
at Carol's breasts. "But you don't look like you need
them. Heck, if I had a dick, I'd be all over you
right now."

"Oh really!" Carol said with a laugh. "But could you
check them out and let me know what you think?"

"Sure," Miss K replied as Carol walked over to her.
She looked at Carol's breasts as she looked down at
Miss K, her small, dusky areolas crinkled up with some
excitement. Miss K hefted the breasts in her hands
and gave them a firm squeeze, running her fingers over
her skin. She then ran her thumbs over Carol's
nipples, then pushed down on them to see them bounced
back easily. "God do I wanna suck those tits," Miss K
thought to herself.

"Hey, your breasts feel so firm, and they aren't a bad
size either. I think you don't need them."

"Well thanks hun," Carol said as she sat back down,
laid back and let the steam of the sauna overwhelm her
skin. "It's nice to hear from another woman, you

"Y-yeah, I got you," Miss K said as she looked around
the room.

"Hey, hun! Don't be so nervous. I see you got your
legs crossed there. Why haven't you uncrossed them?"

"Well," Miss K said with fake shyness. "C-can I tell
you a secret?"

"Sure, hun. What is it?"

"You ever seen on tv those men who look like women?"

"Yeah, but you don't mean, I mean you don't say. I
mean, you look feminine enough to me, tall as you

Miss K calmly uncrossed her legs, then spread them
open, letting her long, limp dick hang between her
thighs. She looked up into Carol's eyes as the shock
registered in her face and her breath shortened.

"Yes I am. I am a man, at least where it counts."

Carol took a moment to catch her breath, then said "I
can't believe it! I mean, you look, so, well, but
you're bigger than my husband down there."

Miss K, worried about her new-found friend asked, "Are
you OK?"

"Yeah. It's just unusual, that's all. I guess it's
OK, if you live as a woman. I know lesbians you know.
But one question. How did you get to look like that
and still have…that?"

"Plastic surgery, my fair friend? Plastic surgery."

"Wow," Carol said as she got up and walked over to
Miss K, her eyes glues to Miss K's dick. "I guess
what they say about Black men even goes for the ones
that look like women."

"Thanks," Carol said as she got on her knees. "May I
touch it?"


Carol slid her hand around Miss K's dick and slowly
caressed it in her hands, feeling it stir in her palm.
She took the twitching as an invitation to stroke it
more, feeling it grow thicker and longer in her hands.
She heard Miss K purr as she ran her thumb across the
tip and looked up to see Miss K breathing heavily, her
nipples hard as pebbles as she hefted a breast in one
hand and squeezed it. Too nervous to look down into
her hand, she reached down with her other hand and
started stroking that semi-hard dick, letting the
moisture from the steam and a little bit of dripping
pre-cum lubricate her motions. As she kept stroking,
she saw the woman's huge tits heaving, her head laid
back as she was panting and her hair brushing against
her back. It was then she realized how far her hands
were going as the stroked back and forth. The dick
felt hotter than the air around them, thick as a Coke
can and full of blood. It was then she looked down.

If she didn't see it in her own hands, Carol wouldn't
have believed it herself. The shaft was thicker than
her wrist, and was longer than both of her hands put
together. She felt her pussy cream as she thought of
what that big thing could do between her legs. "Damn,
that dick's big," she said to herself, her hands still
slowly stroking that dick. "I only thought that kind
of dick was reserved for porno movies."

"Kayla?" Carol called out, trying to lure Miss K out
of her reverie. She then reached up to squeeze one of
Miss K's huge breasts, hoping the touch would get her
attention. She squeezed the huge breast, squeezing
the hard nipple between her thumb and forefinger.

"Oh, that feels so good, Carol! Don't stop!"

"I won't," Carol said with some authority. Then, with
a meeker voice, she continued, "I was just trying to
get your attention. Can I suck your dick? You know,
I've never seen anything so big, and I'm just kind of

"Go ahead!" Miss K said, reaching up and squeezing her
hand around the one Carol had on her breast. "Suck my
big dick!"

Carol lifted and steadied the huge shaft with her free
hand, then bent own her head to take the tip into her
mouth. She was shocked as she felt her lips stretch
around the spongy head almost impossibly far and let
her tongue swab around it, hearing Miss K moan in
appreciation. Short of breath, Carol pulled her mouth
off of Miss K's dick and looked up over her huge,
heaving tits into Miss K's dark eyes.

"Man, you're a big girl!" Carol panted out. "How big
are you?"

"12 inches long, 3 inches across, NOW SUCK ME!!" Miss
K said, pulling Carol's head to the base of her dick.

Miss K felt Carol pull her head up as she licked her
way up her dick, taking her hand with her, then plant
a few soft kisses on her tip, taking a bit of pre-cum
on her lips. After licking it up, she was her open
her mouth as wide as she could, then took a deep
breath before swallowing the huge head. She felt her
suck as hard as she could, working her tongue around
the huge tip and hitting every nerve as she felt the
stimulation. She felt the woman's lips work up and
down on her dick, she lips sliding down a couple
inches on her shaft before sliding back up, Carol's
panting making her shiver. She felt the moisture from
the sauna coat her body, tickling her senses even
more, shooting through her skin down to her dick and
back up to her head. She bit her lip and squeezed her
breasts hard when she felt Carol suck hard on her
dick, bucking her hips up uncontrollably as she felt
those soft lips twist around her shaft. She felt
those soft lips pull away, catching and tugging on her
head, then a few kittenish licks in that furrow on the
bottom of her head. Then she left those lips open up,
take the bottom of her tip into her mouth and suck it,
licking her tongue against the sucked-up flesh.

"Stop, honey!"

"W-what?" Carol said, looking up as she pulled away.

"That's enough for now. But first, I wanna get that
pussy ready for my cock. Wouldn't you like to feel
how big this is?"

"Well, I am curious, but I dunno…"

Miss K dug in her towel and pulled out the condom she
hid in there. "I kinda anticipated this might happen,
so I brought this, just in case."

"Huh?" Carol said, realizing what was going on. "How
did you…I mean…"

"You're a challenge. A challenge with a nice ass to

"Why, thank you!" Carol smiled back, looking back down
at that hard, glistening dick. "That is a big thing
you got there, but I don't know."

"Look," Miss K said, sliding over on her seat. "Just
get up here and let me eat your pussy in appreciation.
Just a token of thanks, you know? After all, you
don't have to do anything you don't want to do."

"OK," Carol said as she got up breathing heavily on
unsteady legs, then got up on the bench, lay down,
spread her legs and push her feet back to her ass,
leaving her hairy pussy open.

As Miss K kneeled up on the bench and turned to look
at Carol, she cracked, "I can see you aren't a real

Carol shot back by pointing between Miss K's legs at
her still-hard dick, saying, "And I can see you aren't
a real woman, so…" and punctuating it by sticking her
tongue out like she was a little kid. She felt back
on the bench chuckling away.

"Fair enough. Now just let me get at that sweet

Miss K started by kissing and flicking her tongue at
one of Carol's bent knees, taking in the take of the
woman's sweat and the steam. Then, realizing that she
didn't have that much time, she stuck her tongue out
and licked all the way down Carol's inner thigh,
stopping just short of her pubic hair to suck on her
skin, licking the warm flesh in her mouth.

"You taste pretty nice there, Carol."

"Well, there's more where that came from hun! Lick my
little cunny!"

Miss K stuck her tongue out and snaked it through
Carols black forest, parting the hair on her labia to
lick the bare skin beneath. She licked all around
Carol's labia and she held onto the woman's hips,
holding down her hips for her to better attack that
wet pussy. She kissed the labia, spreading her lips
with each kiss and licking on the inside of her lips,
before sucking on her lips, scrapping out all the
moisture she could from her pussy. She licked back
the hair from Carol's sweet lips and sucked firmly on
each of her labia, then the other. Looking up from
the sweet cunt before going back to eating her pussy
out, she couldn't see Carol's face because her back
was arched, her chest heaving in exhilaration. She
blew a line from her asshole to her clit, then licked
all around her clit, taking great care to avoid the
tip of it as she licked.

Miss K heard Carol's screams ring in her ears as she
kept licking circles around her clit. Then she
finally decided to go in for the kill, planting a firm
kiss on the tip of her clit, then blowing on it. She
pulled her head away, holding Carol's hips firm to the
bench as she arched her back and writhed through her
cum, her pussy dripping down onto the bench. As Carol
started to come down from her orgasm, Miss K slid her
body up over Carol's, her tits and hard nipples making
Carol shake from the contact with her hot, sweat-
covered skin.

She gave one of Carol's nipples a light suck, then
looked up into her flush face and asked, "do you wanna
try my big dick now?"

"Yeah, lemme give that big boy a shot! I think I
could handle that!"

"Don't worry. I won't be long," Miss K said as she
rocked back on her knees and picked up the condom
wrapper. She quickly tore it open, then took a few
seconds to roll it down her hard dick. She stroked
the latex covered dick for a second, then lowered
herself back over Carol, her dick lined up with
Carol's soaked pussy.

"Are you ready?"

"Oh yeah," Carol breathed out. "Fuck me with that big

"Just hold on to my ass, and enjoy the ride, babe."

Miss K guided her huge, hard dick into Carol's wet,
willing pussy, lodging it halfway inside before she
was urged to stop. She then placed Carol's hands on
her soft ass, braced herself on the woman's shoulder
and started to pump her shaft in and out. As the
screams filled her ear, Miss K got hotter with each
pump, with her hot and heavy breasts rubbing against
Carol's, and her dick feeling the slickness through
the thinly stretched latex. She felt that tight quim
milk her hard dick with each pump, pulling her closer
and closer to her own cum. Her curvy, athletic dark
chocolate body pumped her shaft as deep as if could
into Carol as it engulfed the smaller body beneath it,
feeling every sensation in the hot sauna as she kept
fucking. Suddenly, she felt herself getting closer to
cumming and let herself fall over the peak, breathing
heavier and heavier before grunting in Carol's ear,
filling her condom with hot, slick cum. As she pumped
out her orgasm, she felt Carol cum too, milking more
and more of her cum with her slick pussy and
stretching out her own orgasm. She held her dick
inside of Carol and nibbled on her ear as she finished
cumming, then gave her a hug and a kiss on the cheek
when their eyes made contact. Smiling down on the
woman, she gently pulled out of Carol, resisting a
lustful squeeze, before sitting back up on the bench.

"Hey woman! Why'd you squeeze my ass?" Miss K said

"Well, Kayla, it looks like you've managed to get one
of those Black girl butts as well as that legendary
black dick. That was definitely a fun experience."

"Well," Miss K said as she picked up the condom
wrapper. "My number is written on the wrapper if you
want a repeat experience."

"No thanks," Carol said as she sat up and took the
wrapper. "I love my husband too much for that. This
is fun and all, but there's nothing like a loving

"I understand," Miss K said as she wrapped her arm
around Carol's shoulders. "Don't sweat it."

"I'll keep the number, though. I bet some of my
single girlfriend would like the same chance I had."

"Cool." Miss K stood up and wrapped the towel around
her nude body, sticking her dick up between her legs
to conceal it. "I'll let you chill out for the last
few minutes of your sauna time. And thanks for the
recommendation! This is kinda relaxing."

"Yeah, for a workout, this was relaxing!" Carol joked
as she laid back on the sauna bench.

"See ya around, Carol!"


Miss K walked out of the sauna, then back to the
locker room. After relieving herself in the ladies
room and furtively disposing of the condom, she walked
back to her locker and took out the washcloth and soap
she took from her motel room and walked to the
showers. Just as she was walking in, she heard a moan
that made her spent cock twitch coming from one of the
shower stalls. When she peeked over the curtain,
there was Tracy standing under the shower, the water
running over her tight body, the clit being tongued
and her pussy being fingered furiously by the blonde
she'd seen earlier. Based on what she'd seen before,
she was close to yet another orgasm. Miss K smiled at
Tracy, knowing that there was no way she could see
her, then took the empty stall right next to the one
Tracy was in. As she cleaned up her sensitive body,
she heard Tracy gasp into an orgasm, the water from
the shower apparently running into her mouth. She
rubbed her hardening nipples a bit with her lathered-
up washcloth, enjoying the sweet sound of
satisfaction, then let out a chuckle before getting
back to cleaning up.


"Did you enjoy your little girlfriend?!"

"Shut the fuck up!" Tracy said as she playfully
slapped Miss K, just getting out of her nap. "I saw
you watching me, you pervert!"

"Look who's talking!" Miss K cracked. "I wasn't
fucking in public, you know?"

"Well, I know you fucked."

"How can you tell?"

"A woman knows these things," Tracy said with a
chuckle. "Besides, that was kind of the idea when I
introduced you to Carol. And I bet you didn't use
protection, either."

Miss K chuckled, she smiled over at Tracy. "You
little bitch. And I did use protection too."

"Carol and Miss K, sitting in a tree, K-I-S-S-I…"

"Shut up! Besides, that beauty shop is coming up in
like 5 minutes."

"Why so far?" Tracy asked. "Wasn't I asleep like an

"Relax. Besides, don't you just love seeing America
out your window?"

"No. I'm from New York, remember?"

"Fair enough," Miss K acquiesced.

The two women wordilessly made the rest of the drive,
letting the bland 'Urban' pop on the radio fill the
air. Shortly, they came up on a strip mall, where
Miss K easily found a space and parked her SUV. She
opened the door and carefully stepped onto the
pavement with her white tennis shoes, making sure not
to flash her white thong under her short denim skirt.
After locking her door, she walked over at helped
Tracy out the SUV in a gentlemanly way. She was
dressed just as casually to her traveling buddy,
wearing a wrap skirt that flashed peeks at her long,
smooth legs.

"Are you ready to look nice and pretty after working
up all that sweat, my fair Tracy?"

"Sure," said Tracy fixing her hair in the SUV's side
view mirror. "Besides, all that sweat wrecked my
hair." She pulled up her tube top, lifting up her
boobs, then zipped up her coat to strategically frame
her breasts.

The two walked into the beauty shop, then was greeted
by a guy at the front counter who looked like an aging
boomer and whose look seemed to be locked in a line
from her breasts to her crotch, making Miss K a bit
sick to her stomach.

"Hey, I'm Fred. Do you ladies have an appointment?"
the man said as he offered his hand.

"Sure," Miss K countered as she reluctantly shook the
man's hand. "It's under the name Ms. Stanford, and I
mentioned I was bringing along a friend?"

"Ah, yes," Fred said, perfunctorily shaking Tracy's
hand. "You called earlier today, right?"


"OK. I have someone open for you, Ms. Stanford.
Prissy? Your appointment is here!"

Mincing forward in the hubbub of the shop was a guy in
girl's clothing, or at least that was the impression
that came across. Prissy had big sausage curls in her
jet black hair, and her make-up seemed strangely
vampish, especially when you consider that she was
wearing a cute pink belly shirt, a matching pink
pleated skirt, pink knee-highs and a black pair of
Mary Janes. There was something interesting about the
way her clothes fit, giving her a very androgynous

"Hi, Ms. Stanford!" Prissy said with a lisp as she
reached out for a friendly hug. "I hope you'll enjoy
your stay here!" Backing away a bit from Miss K, she
continued, "My, you're a big GIRL! Here, let me take
your coat."

Miss K took her coat off, letting it drop off her arms
into Prissy's hands. Prissy then proceeded to mince
over to the coat rack and hang the coat up, sticking
her ass up in Fred's direction and giving her boss a
wink. She then walked back over to Miss K and stuck
out her hand. "Shall we go, girl!"

Unsure how to react, she took Prissy's hand. "OK,
let's go."

"Walk with me honey!" Prissy said as the two walked
off together, with Miss K vaguely hearing that Tracy
would have to wait a few minutes for her appointment.

Miss K sat down in the salon chair, then Prissy laid
out the smock over her, walking around to figure out
Miss K's look.

"Maybe I ask you a question?"

"Sure, hun! But first, yes I am, and I read you,

"Huh? I mean…"

"Don't worry, honey," Prissy said as she got her stuff
together. "I work with special girls like you all the
time. Besides, with your arms and hands, you're a
dead giveaway. And you don't have a purse, either."

Miss K sat back in her chair, unsure of how to react.
"Well, just as you know, um, I'm not like you, you
know what I mean?"

"I know exactly what you mean! I saw the way you
reacted when Fred was eyeing you over, trying to get a
pretty at your sweet ass and sweeter little clitty,
and I could tell that you like big strong men just as
much as Ellen, honey."

"Yeah, you got that right. I'm like Ellen except that
I can actually tell a funny joke, you big strong man,

"Oh, hush," Prissy chuckled as she laid a hand on the
nape of Miss K's neck and turned her chair around.
"Fred's harmless. As long as he can cop a feel of my
sissy ass and clit, he's OK. After all, he's straight
to bed, like most men. So what do you want to do with
this mess on your head?"

"Well, I was thinking of a more all-American look. I
want to have that bouncy blonde look, you know?"

"Exactly, hun." Running her fingers through Miss K's
hair, she noted, "I see you don't have long enough
hair, but I can fix that, hun! I've worked with a lot
of girls with your problem!"

"OK, Miss K said as she sat back. "Do your best!"


Several hours later, the best Prissy had reflected
back in Miss K's face in the mirror. After getting
her weave pulled out, a new weave put in and having it
died the same color, Miss K's new look showed up, with
full, straight platinum blonde hair hanging down to
the middle of her back.

"Thanks for the new style! Not bad at all!" Miss K
said as she stroked her hair. "I really like this."

"Oh hush! It's just nothing," Prissy said as she
combed down the spot where Miss K stroked her hair and
turning around her chair. As Prissy brushed down the
back of her hair, she felt a wheel bump into her

"Oops! Sorry!"

Miss K looked up and saw a short, stocky White girl
with cornrows in a wheelchair. Standing behind her
was Tracy, with a hairstyle to match hers.

"Nice style, there, Trace."

"Hey. When I saw what you were doing, I decided to
rock with it. You like?" Tracy said as she posed for
Miss K.

"You look like a regular Barbie doll. We look like
twins right now," Miss K said with a chuckle. "So
what's with your non-driving friend here?"

"The name's Marlee, and big as you are, how could I
avoid you, my big sexy thing!"

Miss K leaned back in her chair, chuckling at her
remark and checking out Marlee. Outside of the fact
that she was a White girl with her brown hair in
cornrows and that she was in a wheelchair, she had a
nice sized rack that stood out and sat up like a self
, despite her best efforts to hide them in a baggy t-
shirt. They were so eye catching, she barely noticed
her soft smile. "Flattery will get you everywhere, my
dear friend," she said in her best impression of a
Hollywood starlet.

"Thank you. Anyway, I was here to offer you a shave
of your, um, intimate area? Trust me, you'll like it,
especially since you're as cute as your friend here."

"Sure," Miss K said, enjoying being hit on. "I'm

"Well, come with me, my ladies," Marlee said. Prissy
pulled the smock off of Miss K's body, and Miss K
stood up, dusted herself off out of reflex and
followed Tracy and Marlee back into a back room of the
salon. It was brightly light with pink walls, and had
a couple of dentist style chairs with individual leg
supports extending from them. A table with supplies
and a sink sat between the chairs.

"Go ahead and sit, you two," Marlee said. "Who wants
to go first?"

"Why don't you go on ahead, Tracy," Miss K said, with
a furtive wink in Tracy's direction.

Realizing what her friend had meant, she said "Oh,
OK!" and jumped onto one of the chairs.

"Could you take off your skirt and panties for me?"
Marlee said as she rolled over to the table, getting
her supplies ready.

"Oh, sure," Tracy said, quickly pulling her skirt
open, shucking her panties and tossing both to one
side. Marlee then rolled in between Tracy's legs,
letting a hand lightly caress her inner thigh.

"You have some nice legs there," Marilee said as she
lazily brushed her fingertips back and forth.


Miss K stood back from Tracy as Marlee did her work.
First, she took a steaming hot and wet washcloth and
firmly rubbed Tracy's cunny with a firm touch making
Tracy writhe against the cloth and conceal her moans
with a giggle. After doing that, she took the shaving
cream from the small table, dispensed some onto one of
her hands and rubbed it all over the stubble on
Tracy's pussy, firmly rubbing it on her lips, in the
nooks and crannies and taking care to graze the inside
of each inner lip while she held them straight to get
the shaving cream on them.

"Hey, Kayla! This feels nice," Tracy said as she
rolled her hips into Marlee's touch. "She's good."

"I can tell," Miss K said, feeling her nipples harden
up against her shirt and trying to spread her legs as
she felt her dick harden in between her legs. "I wish
I could do that to you."

"Well, Kayla, just keep paying attention. You'll see
what I do best," Marlee said as she looked over her
shoulder at Miss K.

Marlee reached over to select a razor, then got it wet
before she began to work on Tracy's pussy. She
pressed her soft fingers on Tracy's outer lips, subtly
moving them around as she shaved off the hair from
above her lips. When she was done, she caressed the
now-smooth skin, making Tracy coo as she moved her
hand back and forth.

"That feels nice. Do that some more!" Tracy said as
she rolled her hips into Marlee's touch.

"Don't worry. You'll get some more," Marlee said as
she looked up at Tracy with a wide grin and a nod.
She continued shaving Tracy, lightly holding onto her
clit hood as she shaved around it and subtly twisting
the skin as she tightened up the skin for a closer
shave. She then playfully plucked at Tracy's clit,
making her jump as her hard nipples and flushed face
became more apparent. As Miss K lightly groped at her
nipples, Marlee made Tracy's nipples feel harder as
she continued her tease of a shave, pushing her outer
labia flat with her soft hands to shave them bare.
Marlee spread her fingers wide to clean out the excess
cream from the juncture of Tracy's inner thighs,
making her fingers linger longer than necessary to
make Tracy squirm more against her touch. She then
pulled on one inner lip then the other, rubbing them
between her fingers as she got the last stubborn bit
of stubble next to her sensitive lips and feeling the
slick moisture drip onto her fingers. Marlee took one
of her fingertips, then licked Tracy's wetness off
like it was cake batter.

"My, you're a sweet girl Tracy!" Marlee said with a

"Gee, thanks," Tracy replied as she was breathing

Tracy looked over Marlee's shoulder to see Miss K
squeeze her breasts and caress her torso, noticing
that she seemed to be struggling to keep her hands
away from her dick. "I don't blame her," Tracy
thought. "If I were her looking at this scene, I'd
want to touch myself too."

Just then, Tracy's thought was interrupted by the feel
of rough terrycloth brushing against her pussy, drying
off all the wet spots. Then, she saw Marlee pull a
bottle off the table and squeeze some lotion onto her
hand. She saw her put the bottle down, then rub her
hands together to get lotion all over them.

"Now, for the last part, Tracy. Don't want you to get
all sore and itchy from the shave!" Marlee said before
she placed her hands on Tracy's pussy. She moaned as
she felt those hands glide over her pussy, rubbing
every spot of that sensitive skin. She closed her
eyes and pulled on her nipples through her shirt as
she felt Marlee's hands slowly massage each of her
labia, then rub around her clit, making her scream in
pleasure. Then, she felt Marlee insert two fingers
into her pussy, sliding them around her inner walls.

"Wha…What are you doing to me?" Tracy panted

"Just making sure I didn't miss a spot," Marlee said
with a chuckle. She then pressed her finger tips into
the top of her pussy as she slowly pulled them in and
out. Marlee then rolled herself a bit closer to
Tracy's cunny and began to suck on Tracy's clit as she
moved her fingers faster inside her pussy. A few
short moments later, Tracy stiffed up and arched her
back, her wet pussy clenching Marlee's fingers as she
bit her lip and came. As Tracy was riding out her
orgasm, Marlee carefully slipped her fingers out of
her pussy, pleased at her efforts.

Tracy collapsed down against her chair, then smiled as
her eyes focused on Marlee. "That felt nice there!
Thanks for the cum."

"With pleasure. I told you that you would enjoy
this," Marlee said with a wink. Then she looked over
her shoulder at Miss K. "Why don't you jump up in the
other chair there, and I can get started on you."

"No problem," Miss K said as she walked over to the
other chair, placed her legs up on the supports and
waited for Marlee to roll between her legs.

"I see you have nice legs, too," Marlee noted as she
got ready to shave Miss K.

"Thanks," Miss K said with a smile as she looked down
over her huge breasts.

"And by the way, could you take off your panties?"

"Sure," Miss K said as she lifted up the hem of her
skirt to her waist, lifted up her hips and pulled her
panties off, tossing them over Marlee's head as she
looked down at the huge hard dick between her legs.
She saw Marlee reach out and tentatively stroke the
cock as she whispered "Wow" to no one in particular.

"What do you think?" Miss K said with a mischievous

"Well, I can see you don't need a shave," Marlee
chuckled as she lifted the dick in her hands up until
it was pointing up slightly.

"Yeah, I got electrolysis a while back," Miss K said,
shivering against Marlee's touch as she stroked her.
"Anything else?"

"Yeah. I just love big Black dick. I just never
thought I'd find it on a girl as pretty as you."

With that, Marlee stretched her mouth open and took
her inflamed head into her mouth, making Miss K arch
her back and near force her tits out of her top. She
looked up at the ceiling as the wheelchair-bound girl
sucked on her tip, quivering as she felt the saliva
run down her shaft. While Marlee licked up her own
spit from the shaft, rolling her tongue around it,
Miss K pulled at her tits through her shirt before
pulling her shirt over her tits and lifting up a
nipple to her mouth. She tongued both of her nipples
and then let her breasts go, squeezing her fists and
biting her lip as Marlee batted the tip of her tongue
around the tip. She felt Marlee hold on to her shaft
with both hands as she licked back and forth over the
ridge on the top of her head, then felt one of the
hands move away as she took about 2/3rds of her hard
dick into her mouth. Miss K enjoyed Marlee's soft
lips and tongue as they stroked her shaft, loving the
way they teased her tip on the way up. She enjoyed
the slow blowjob she was getting, idly toying with her
nipples as she was getting head, feeling the soft
flesh set her nerves on a slow burn.

After several minutes of this, Marlee pulled her head
off of Miss K's dick, then batted the tip on her soft
lips. "Do you want me to make you cum? Besides, I'll
swallow. After all, you don't want your big secret
getting out, right?" she said, punctuated by a squeeze
of Miss K's shaft and a lick of Miss K's tip.

"Sure, but with one exception," Miss K said. "Tracy!
Where are you?"

"Over here," Tracy said as she was pulled her panties
back up her legs in a back corner. "What do you

Miss K said up, looked at Tracy and said, "Wanna eat
this girl's pussy out for me? I want for us to give
her a tip for her services."

"Sure," Tracy said as she walked over. "How you want
me to do that?"

Miss K got off the chair, her hard dick bobbing in
front of her, then motioned for Tracy to help lift
Marlee out of her chair. The two lifted Marlee out of
the chair, then placed her up on the chair. After
getting a brief stroke from Marlee, Miss K helped
Tracy pull off her jeans and then walked over by
Marlee's head, hitting her lips with her hard shaft.

"Do you like my hard cock?" Miss K said as she was
pulling off her shirt, leaving her naked except for
her shoes.

"Yes," Marlee replied as she felt Tracy plant a light
kiss on her pussy.

"Do you wanna choke, sucking on my big Black cock?"
Miss K continued, batting her tip on Marlee's lips.

"Oh yes," Marlee replied, writhing against Tracy's

"Do you want me to impale…my big Black dick in your
throat?" Miss K said as she rubbed her shaft across
Marlee's lips.


"Do you want your little White throat to be dominated
by my big Black dick?" Miss K went on as she kept
rubbing her shaft across Marlee's lips while pulling
on one of her nipples.

"Oh God yeah!" she replied as she felt Tracy snake her
tongue into her wet pussy.


Miss K held on to Marlee's head and tilted it back
slightly as she opened her mouth, then slipped her
hard dick as far as she could into Marlee's mouth
before she started to gag. She then placed both hands
on Marlee's head and looked down over her heaving tits
into her eyes as she sawed she hard dick through
Marlee's sucking lips. She saw the pure lust in her
pleading eyes as she sucked as hard as she could at
the huge shaft in her mouth, letting out muffled cries
as her tongue snaked around the shaft. As she felt
Marlee's lips work their magic on her hard dick, Miss
K looked with unfocused eyes between Marlee's legs.
As she felt that familiar itch in her shaft that could
only be relieved by Marlee's wet mouth and her nipples
burn with her hot blood, she saw Tracy lapping at
Marlee's hairy pussy like a cat, hungrily licking at
that hairy pie. She saw Tracy spread that cunt open
with her fingers, then licked wildly at those inner
lips before taking one into her mouth and sucking on
it. Miss K felt Marlee moan around her dick as she
stiffened up and came. Turned on by the scene in
front of her, she kept one hand on Marlee's head while
she used the thumb of her free hand to wildly flick at
one of her nipples and pumped her hard dick into that
hot, wet mouth. Thinking about the scene in front of
her, she felt Marlee's tongue hit just the right spot,
then drove her dick as far as she could into Marlee's
mouth. In an instant she felt herself cum, shooting
her hot sperm deep into Marlee's belly as she caressed
her head. As she felt her squirts lessen, Miss K
pulled her tip up into Marlee's mouth, letting the
last of her cum pour into her mouth.

She pulled her tip out of Marlee's mouth, and Marlee
responded by giving Miss K's tip a light, soft kiss.
Miss K bent over, gave Marlee a kiss on the forehead
and said, "Thanks for the blowjob. That felt nice."

"No, thank you," Marlee said as Miss K went to get her

"Why do you say that?" Miss K said as she was pulling
her thong back on and getting her genitalia straight.

"You know, I have this thing for Black men. I love
looking at pictures of them, and especially all the
pornos. However, around these parts, you don't see a
lot of Black men around, so I take advantage whenever
I have the chance. I just never though that the
chance would walk into my job with long legs, long
blonde hair and big boobs."

"True," Miss K replied. She then jiggled her breasts
with her hands and said, "I do like these. I sure
paid enough for them."

Marlee chuckled, then asked, "Could you help me out
with these jeans here? Ain't like I can use my legs."

Before Miss K could get over there, Tracy helped
Marlee get her jeans back on. Once they were on,
Tracy then looked into Marlee's eyes and gave her a
long, deep tongue kiss. Then Miss K and Tracy helped
Marlee back into her chair.

"Are you going to be around town for a while?" Marlee
asked both Tracy and Miss K.

"Nah, just passing through. Got a piece of paper? I
can write down my cell phone number when we get back
out into the main store."

"Sure," Marlee replied. She led Miss K and Tracy back
into the main shop to over where the coats were. Miss
K then fished a pen out of her coat pocket while
Marlee pulled out a sheet of paper. Miss K jotted
down the number, then held Marlee's hand as she placed
the paper in her hand.

"Keep in touch," Miss K said before she and Tracy gave
Marlee a kiss on the cheek.

"See ya later, my handicapped honey!" Miss K said as
she and Tracy pulled on their coats.



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