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What She Wanted
By Looney

c 2000 -- Commercial use prohibited without
author's consent.

(MF Dom Hum WS)

Chapter - 2

I was unsure how to next approach her. We had met online one evening and
then met at her house 2 hours later. Not the safest thing in the world, but
certainly adventurous. She emailed me continuously during the days
following our encounter. At first she was mad that I had just left, but after
re-affirming the fact that she was not in control, the tone with her letters

There were a few really fun days where I had her following orders and doing
sexual things. They were really nothing, but having to finger her pussy at
work in her shortest skirt and bra-less top was unheard of. She of course did
these things I dreamed up. She would do anything.

On the following Friday, during her lunch hour, I sent her a list of
instructions. She was to go into the bathroom and remove her panties.
During lunch, I had her sit at her desk, skirt pulled up, and spank her pussy.
To prove she did this, I asked her to use her PC microphone and record the
sounds and email me the file.

"If I get no file, I will not see you again. If I like the sound file enough to get
my dick hard, then I would be at your house promptly at 6PM."

Sure enough, 30 minutes later, I was listening to her spank her pussy and
moan. She was talking and saying she wanted me there to fuck her. She
could not understand why she did these things, "Why, how do you make me
do this? Please, tonight, use me, make me scream with pleasure."

I listened to her ramble for a few more minutes and closed the file. I typed
out a return email and told her what I expected.

1) Do nothing for the rest of the afternoon. Just sit at your desk! No
bathroom, no snack-break, NOTHING! Just think about how you will please
me tonight!
2) Go straight home from work and I will be waiting. Lock your car and go
inside your apartment. Leave the front door open and immediately remove
all your clothes and leave them in a pile by the door.
3) Crawl, on your hands and knees, to the bedroom. Get in the middle of the
bed with your head face down, your ass pushed up in the air.
If these orders are not followed exactly, I will not even enter your house.

This should prove to be a fun time! I was actually salivating at the nasty,
wicked thoughts running through my head. My head, well, brain, was in
overdrive, but certainly not in control, haha.

I sat in the corner of her apartment parking lot, watching as she drove up.
She looked around but could not see me. She hurried up the stairs but I could
not see inside due to the angle of the door. I waited a second and then
proceeded to her place. The door was indeed open with a pile of clothes. It
was kinda messy inside, but she did not know I was coming.

I closed the door and silently walked to her bedroom. I could not hear
anything, so I slowly peered inside. Sure enough! She was face down and
ass high. What a sight she was.

"Close your eyes and do not open them until you are given permission!"

She jumped at the loudness of the quiet room. I went into the kitchen and lit
a couple of candles that I had brought so they would have time to melt. I wet
back into the bedroom and opened the blinds and the big glass sliding door. I
stood behind her and enjoyed the view of her upturned ass. I could see her
pussy lips pushing out all wet and glistening.

"Did you touch your pussy after I instructed you to do nothing else?"


I could tell she was scared as hell, but she was so horny.

"What about in the car?"


"You did not use the bathroom, or drink anything?"


"So, nothing but your thoughts and wet pussy have been between your legs
all day?


I leaned over and put my nose right up to her pussy. I took a big, loud, deep
breath, and smelled her excitement. "Umm. Now that is what fresh
pussy smells like!" I made it sound as nasty and rude as I could.

I still had not touched her so I stuck my tongue out and quickly licked from
her pussy up to her ass and said "Now that is what a good pussy tastes like!"
She shivered when I did this and moaned loudly.

"What did you ask me today on your recording?"

"Umm, I don't. to."

"You asked to be treated like a slut."

I waited. "Well?"

"Please treat me like a slut, Sir. Use me over and over. Anything you want I
will do. Whatever I can."

"Shut up Slut! If you want to talk, I can leave, otherwise, keep your mouth
shut unless I ask you a specific question. Understand?"

"Y Yes, Master."

I could tell she was unsure, just feel the tension in the air. Loudly, so she
could hear, I slowly removed my belt, shoes, and clothes. I let her wait for
each piece. I stood on her bed behind her, pointing my dick right at her
pussy. I just leaned forward and sunk it in to the hilt. It was tight and slick
and there was no resistance.

"OOHHHH GOD. OhhHHhhhh. Auug."

I left my dick pushed all the way in and rose up and down moving inside her
pussy. I pulled it all the way out, slowly, relishing the squeezing muscles. It
felt so great. I slammed it back in and pulled it out slow, dripping. I stood
and moved to sit in front of her head and lifted her face up by the hair. She
started to say something and I shoved it in her mouth.

"Suck your cunt juice off my cock, slut."

She struggled and finally got into a good up and down motion. I leaned up
and grabbed her nipples, which were swollen and hard. I pulled roughly on
them and she moaned my dick. The harder I twisted and pulled, the more she
groaned. I pushed her mouth off me and rolled off the bed. I paused to look
and watched her squirm and fidget.

"Get up. Get up and come stand over here."

She got up, unsure of herself while blindfolded.

"Walk over to the balcony, come here. Sit in this chair."

"People will see!" she squeaked.

SMACK I slapped her ass hard. "I said no words unless spoken to. Did you
not understand that?"

"Yes, sorry Master, never again."

"Come here and SIT!"

She walked to the rail, and found the chair and sat in it. I had it facing the
outside and no one could actually see, unless they were just standing there
watching, which was ok too, I guess.

"Spread your legs! Raise your arms, clasp your hands behind your neck.
Good, good girl. I like a slut who follows orders."

I ran my hands over her legs and chest, stopping to play with each of her tits.
Lifting and holding each. sucking on each nipple. Biting them and making
her squirm. "Just gotta get these little guys nice and hard."

"Now. DO NOT move. Do not flinch, and since your neighbors are able to
watch, I would not cum too loudly, unless you want them to hear enough to
come and see what is going on."

I roughly slid two fingers up her pussy and jerked them around until she was
nice and hot. I flicked her nipples with my fingertips until she almost cried
out. I grabbed her elbows and told her to keep them up. "Point that chest out
like a proud slut. Aren't you proud of these tits? Proud of this big, wet


"Yes, yes I am proud."

"Of what?"

"Of... proud of my tits and cunt." She said with despair in her voice.

I stopped touching her and let her sit while I got a drink. I grabbed the
candles when I returned and held them over her chest. I let one drop hit her
and she flinched. Drop two hit the top of her tit and she finally felt the heat.

"Ooaauughhhhh.. that's hot. aauuuu."

I ignored her and kept up a steady drop of wax. I blew on them when it was
too big, and soon she was moaning and pushing her chest out. I got her right
to the edge and then started dripping down her thighs.

"Quiet now, remember the neighbors, UNLESS... you want them to hear."

"No, no, god, ohhh, can I talk. please"

"Yes, what do you want slut?"

"Oh god, what is this. What are you doing. It burns but feels so good. It is
hard to hold my arms up."

"Well, DO IT! Keep them up. I am dripping hot wax on your chest and legs.
(She moaned) I have several candles to go so let everyone know how much
you like it." I chuckled.

I took her by the back of the neck and told her to drop her arms to the chair
arms. "Don't move them, grab on." I took the second candle and dripped
much more wax onto her areola and nipples. She almost screamed until I
moved to the other nipple and she gritted her teeth and held it in. I got both
nipples completely covered with wax and put the last few drops right above
her clit.

"Look, look how wet you are, just dripping out of your cunt. What a slut you
were all along. Here. Do not wipe this off. I want you to smell how much
your nasty cunt likes this!"

I wiped my fingers through her pussy and rubbed it on her mouth and under
her nose. I jiggled her tits and slapped her pussy a few times and just sat and
watched her for about five minutes. She was not sure If I was standing there
or not.

I leaned down and startled her as I spoke directly into her ear.

"Open your eyes and watch your pussy. Do not look anywhere else."

I took a red magic marker from my bag and wrote "SLUT" across the top of
her pussy. She had a tear in her eye as I leaned over and kissed her roughly.

"You wanted nasty, well you certainly look nasty. Your face is all red and
flush, your pussy is dripping onto the floor, your tits are covered in wax. Do
you want more my little sex slave?"

"oh my, my. oh, yes.. please. more, please anything. I really want to
cum, please fuck me until I cum. please.. more."

She was just babbling so I started to pick the wax off her chest. I would take
a small piece and pull it off in strips, slowly. She moaned and squirmed and
gasp when the cold air hit her bare nipple. It was the most fun to remove,
being one big blob of wax. I just lifted it up, higher and higher, until her nipple
pulled out of it. It must have been painful, but she shuddered and I watched her
pussy contracting like there was something in it.

I reached down and slide my middle finger inside as far as it would go.
"Ooouch" she said. My bladder is full, that hurts."

"OK then, lets relieve ourselves."

I stood next to her and started to piss on her. She gasp and tried to get up
when she realized what was happening.


She slumped into the chair and I continued to pee. "Any slut worth her
weight love piss. Loves to drink it, smell it. Nasty, wet fun." She obviously
did not have the same opinion, but it was fun treating her this way!

"Now it is your turn. You have full bladder, I would suggest not holding it
too much longer. You seemed to like peeing on the floor from our last time
together, and you do not have much of a choice anyway. Now, start pissing
or I will lock the door and leave you out here on the balcony."

I sat down and just watched. She did not like this, but I could se her trying to
relax, or strain, or something. Suddenly, a few drops then a flood. She had
been holding it all afternoon and it flowed for several minutes. It ran down
the concrete and watered the plants down below. When she was finished, I
did not dry her, left her wet with my piss all over her, and had her get back on
the bed with her ass in the air.

"Since you have not opened your eyes, and have been a good girl, I won't
punish you for getting out of the chair. I have something else in mind

I opened my bag and put on some latex surgical gloves. I opened a bottle of
sex lube oil and poured it down her ass cheeks. I spread it around with my
hands and then slid a finger in her hole. She yelped and moaned and tried to
pull away. I said "Stop, stay still and relax." I let her relax and then started
sliding my finger in and out of her ass. Stretching it out, using two fingers
and then three. I had to rub her clit to get three fingers in her ass, but after a
few minutes, they were sliding in nice and easy.

I started using my other hand on her pussy. Three fingers went in easily, so I
pushed four inside. She was all slick from the oil and soon I almost had all
five fingers pushed in. She was moaning loudly and pushing back against
my hand. "Fuck me, fuck me hard" was all that was coming out of her

I pointed my fingers together and pushed my whole hand inside her cunt. It
popped over her outer muscles and it was tight. I could not open my fist, but,
once it slid inside her, she stopped moving and took a deep breath. I waited a
second and then wiggled my fingers. I could actually move her cervix
around and then she screamed, very loud, into the pillow. "FUCK
MEMEMEEEE" she yelled over and over so I pulled my fist out and started
to really have some fun.

I would push the whole thing in and out and cram as many fingers into her
ass at the same time as I could. I used both hands and got 8 fingers in her
pussy and used them both on her ass to stretch and pull it open. She was just
cumming over and over, farting and jerking and screaming for more.

I removed the gloves and rubbed some fresh oil on my dick. I mounted her
from behind and slammed my dick into her freshly used ass. She fell
forward so I yanked her hair and pulled her head back. I pounded my cock
into her ass mercilessly and held her hair. "Just like having my own slut ride
at the carnival. Put a little oil in the slot, hang on, and ride as long as you

I shoved her face into the pillows and grabbed her hands. "Hold your ass,
pull those big white cheeks apart so I can fuck you deeper."

She reached back and spread a little wider and I put all my weight on her as I
fucked her. I reached down and stuck fingers in her pussy and pounded her
harder. She was in one big, long, continuous orgasm. I slid my fingers in her
ass while my cock was going in and out. She started to scream and orgasm
again and her ass muscles squeezed my dick so hard that I came. I just stayed
on top of her and let her ass milk me.

Her asshole was big and stretched out, it would not even close. White sperm
oozed out and she rubbed it with her fingers. I used a towel to wipe myself
off and then wiped a spot across her ass. I took the marker and drew an
arrow to her asshole. "This belongs to my Master."

I leaned down to her ear and told her not to let her boyfriend touch her or
have any kind of sex until I ok it. I kissed her gently, softly, and then went
into the other room and got dressed and left.

I had a big grin for days thinking about that evening. I had lots in store for
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