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What She Wanted: Part 3 By Looney

EXPLICIT MATERIAL NOT INTENDED FOR MINORS. c 2000 use prohibited without author's consent.

During that week she emailed me several times letting me know that her
ass and pussy was red from scrubbing the marker off. She said she told her
boyfriend that she had a bladder infection, and this helped her hide the
writing. I got her to admit that she was wet and horny every time she took
a shower, because she knew exactly what it said, and she loved being

Thursday night, I emailed her to wear only sweatpants and a simple top
to work on Friday. I emailed her again first thing the next morning and
told her to write me a note, in diary style, about what happened the last
time we met and how she felt.

"This will keep your thoughts on your wet cunt. Have it done by
lunchtime, when you will get another email."

I was sure she did exactly what I asked. She was just one big ball of
horny girl. I then programmed my computer to send an email at exactly
11:45 am. It instructed her to go to lunch alone. I told her to get into
her truck; she has a full size truck with an extended cab, and drive it
across the street from her building and park next to the tree's there. I
also told her to cum 5 times and then she could return to work.

Little did she know, I had already staked out the place and it was
pretty isolated. The trees were out of the way, in the corner, and it
looked like no one ever drove past it. She was sure going to be shocked
when I walk up to the truck and look inside, haha.

Sitting in the parking lot, I watched her get into her truck and drive
across the street. I gave her a few minutes to get situated and watched
her peering around to make sure no one was there. I saw her seat drop back
and knew it was time to go. I walked quickly over to the passenger side of
her truck, closest to the trees, and glanced inside.

She was laying back, no pants on, rubbing her clit and moaning. Her
eyes were closed and her head was rocking back and forth. I watched for a
minute or two and saw her cum. Her hand started rubbing faster and faster
and she arched her back and shuddered. She tried to touch her pussy again,
but apparently it was too sensitive because she jerked her hand back.

When she did this, her eyes just popped open. She looked around
frantically, like she knew she was being watched. When she focused on my
head in the window, she freaked. She grabbed her pants and covered herself
at the same time I pulled the handle up and opened the door. She started
to scream when I shouted her name. She paused and then recognized me and
had a very confused look on her face.

She was certainly not expecting me to be there, two hours from home and
in the middle of the day. She started to speak and I held up my hand and
said "No". As I climbed into the cab, I said, "I was just checking to make
sure my slut was doing exactly what she was told to do. You looked
surprised to see me? Well, let this be a lesson."

I reached out and put my hand on her chest and her heart was beating a
thousand times a second. "Take that top off and get into the back seat." I
watched her lift her shirt and fondled her nipples while she did it. "You
are being very good and not talking, maybe you won't get a spanking after
all. Now, get back there."

She climbed over and sat right in the middle of the bench seat. I
brought a small bag with a few toys in it and I reached in and withdrew two
small pieces of rope. I tied one end to each wrist, and the other to the
handhold loops at the top of the cab by the windows. Once I was sure she
could not get loose, I sat back and admired her, just staring.

"Spread your legs and close your eyes," I said.

She was nervous as hell, and slowly opened her legs. As the minutes
went by, her face seemed to get more and more uncomfortable with me
watching her. The truck was running and I reached over and turned the air
conditioner up a few notches.

Slowly the air got colder and her nipples hardened right up. "Nice,
nice and tight" I said as I rubbed them. "Good firm nipples and a very wet

I slid the front seat up as far as it would go, to give me additional
room. I kneeled on the floor next to her and leaned to her ear. "How many
times have you cum today?"

"Just once, you saw it."

"Then you have 4 orgasms left? Correct?"

"Yes" she said.

I lowered my mouth and sucked on her tit and licked her nipple. She
moaned and pushed her chest out to give me better access. I moved my hand
to her pussy and slid two fingers inside. They sunk right past the
knuckles and I could feel her muscles already contracting. I forcefully
moved them around and when I put my thumb on her clit, her hips started
shaking and she came. My hand was cupped over her pussy and with me
chewing on her nipple and moving my fingers in and out of her cunt, my hand
was soon completely soaked.

When she started to clam down, I removed my hand and wiped it on her
face. "What a nasty little girl you are. Tied down inside her own truck,
her body betraying her, her mind begging for more. You do want more?"

"Oh, yes, yes please, please make me cum again."

"How? How should I make you cum?"

"My ass, please fuck my ass."

"Ok" I said. I took 2 more pieces of rope and tied them behind her
knees and attached the other end to the rope on her wrists. These pulled
her legs up and back, leaving her wide open and making her lean down with
her asshole hanging over the edge of the seat. I reached into the bag and
got a few clothespins. "Watch, watch what I am doing."

She looked down at her pussy and stared as I placed the pins along the
length of her slit. Each time I opened one and placed it over her skin,
she took a deep breath and when I let go she made a low, moaning sound that
came from deep inside. I had put 4 clothespins on each side of her cunt and for grins, I slid one up inside her.

She tried to squirm around but each time it made her back lower and her
ass slide more, making the ropes pull her legs farther apart. I held out
my finger and let her suck on it.

"Get it all nice and wet. I am going to slide it in your ass, nice and

She eagerly sucked and watched as I took my time inching my finger into
her asshole.

"Nice and tight, very nice. Not still sore from last week?"

"Ahh. no, not sore. Ooohhh. that feels good."

"So you like this?" I said pushing in and out of her ass.

"Yes, yes I love it."

"What do you love about it?"

"Being a. a. a nasty slut. I don't know why I do things you say, but
you make me feel soooo good."

"What do you want now?"


"Two what?"

"Two. two fingers, please. Ohh, put more fingers in my ass."

Immediately I pushed another finger inside. She arched with pain, but
relaxed and pushed her ass muscles out and I was sliding two fingers in her
ass as far as I could get them. I rotated my hand and it let me slide my
thumb into her pussy. She had a wild look in her eyes and I could tell she
was ready to cum again.

"Who do you belong to? Who owns this sluts little ass?"

As I used my other hand to touch and move the clothespins, she moaned
louder and louder, "You are, you own me, you can fuck my ass, oh, god, fuck
me, own me, use my asshole. I am your slut!" As she started to cum, I
pulled each of the pins off and rubbed where it had been placed. This
caused her to go over the edge. I was struggling to keep my hand in place.
Her hips and ass were gyrating all over the place.

"BE STILL, Stop moving!" I said, as I stopped also. As slow as I could,
I moved my hand in and out, and started to slap her pussy, right over her
clit. Slap, Slap, Slap, as I then rammed my fingers in her ass as rough
and hard as I could. She froze up and then ejaculated, squirting pussy juice all over the place.

I pulled my hands away and used her hair to wipe them off. I untied her
and let her catch her breath. "Enjoying yourself?"


"Good! Now, turn around and sit on the center console facing me." I
turned and sat in the seat where she was, facing the front of the truck.
Once she was in place, I slid my shorts off and got comfortable.

"Play with your tits. Play with them and make yourself cum, or you will
not get to touch my dick. You should be able to get me hard by being a
nasty slut in while I watch."

She suddenly had a determined look on her face. She got seductive and
started licking her lips and rubbing her tits. Her fingers rolled her
nipples around and got them hard. She pulled and lifted each of them and
grabbed and mauled them abusively. She pushed each of them up and licked
the nipples. It was fun watching her try and get them to her teeth. Once
she finally did, her eyes were turned to watch mine, and she held her
nipple with her teeth, having to bite harder and harder to hold on. She
watched my dick slowly growing larger and I could see tears forming before
she finally let her nipple go. It was red and I could see teeth marks all
around it.

She scootched her butt forward, spread her legs, and placed her arms up
on the back of the seats. This made her chest and tits extend out, hanging

"Slap them! Please slap them until I cum!"

This I was not ready for, but easily complied with her request. I
leaned forward and she watched intently. SLAP. It was a loud sound inside
the truck. SLAP, SLAP, I swung my arm hitting each side. I held onto a
nipple and pulled each tit out and slapped the underside. They were
starting to get red and she was starting to become very aroused. I took my
whole hand and placed it over each of her boobs and grabbed and squeezed
and pulled them like they were a ball of dough. I was leaving fingernail
marks and small finger bruises. I could see she was about to cum, so I
started saying rude and crude things and making her feel like a depraved,
humiliated whore. When I called her a whore, she moaned that deep moan I
heard before and that made me double my efforts with her tits. I started
flicking my fingers and thumping her nipples. This had to hurt like hell,
but she liked it. I took each one and rolled them between my fingers as
hard as I could at the same time saying over and over, "cum for me slut,
cum for me."

She shuddered and slapped her legs closed. Her hands were white from
gripping the headrests but she never let go. Finally, after about 2
minutes of orgasm, she pulled away, unable to take more. Breathing very
hard, she said "Thank you."

I said, "Don't thank me, you still have one more orgasm. But, until
then." and I grabbed her forcefully by the hair and yanked her down to my
crotch. "Start sucking!" I said.

She turned into a kid at the carnival, licking and sucking like a Hoover
vacuum cleaner. She gently licked my balls and pulled each one into her
mouth. It was pure heaven. Her mouth was hot and very wet and she could
take all of me completely down her throat. Each time she did, she would
lightly scratch my balls and it was very hard not to cum.

This went on for a while, and I noticed the lunch hour was coming to and
end. I pulled her up by the hair and she jumped right up. Hitting her
head on the roof, she waited for what was next. While I was sitting on the
seat, I had her squat over me, facing me, holding on to the handles on each
side of the inside of the truck doors. Her pussy was inches above my cock,
and she was eager to put it inside of her. "Your pussy, or your ass?"

Quietly she said, "Ass ass, my ass. Fuck my ass."

I wet my hand by pushing it into her pussy, and rubbed her juice on my
dick. She moved up and lowered herself as I held my cock straight up. The
tip of my dick was barely touching her asshole and I said, "It is up to you

She just plopped down, and my dick rammed right up into her ass. She
ground her hips to get her asshole stretched out, and then started using
the spring in the seat to bounce up and down on my dick. Sorry, but it
seemed that I lasted about 2 seconds. She started to cum immediately and
the tightness of her ass, with her pussy leaking all over my stomach, did
me in. I must have cum buckets. I finally had to pull her off because it
was too sensitive. Women can handle that much better than men.

I held her head down and made her clean me up. "Clean my cock. Use
your mouth and lick and suck me clean." She proceeded to do just that and
she was very thorough. I had her put her sweats and shirt back on and get
into the driver's seat.

"Lunch is over. Go back to work. You can use the restroom, but do not
clean yourself up. You are to smell and feel just like this for the rest
of the day. When you get home after work tonight, remove your clothes and
sit on the couch. Put the crotch of your sweats against your nose and
smell my cum that has been there all afternoon. Reach down and finger
yourself while you smell our sex. cum one time and then take a long hot


"Yes Sir."

I give her a gentle kiss on the cheek.

"And remember, I can always check up on you!" I said as I shut the door.

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